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CrackBerry coverage goes to the hometown of BlackBerry this week... Hello Waterloo!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jul 2011 11:00 pm EDT

Yep, that's right. After all these years of covering the BlackBerry beat, I finally made the voyage today and am now in Waterloo, Ontario, the hometown of Research In Motion. You'll definitely want to check out the video above where I say hello from in front of RIM Building #1!!

I only have two main goals right now... attend the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on Tuesday night and try my best not to get arrested before I leave (seriously, knowing there's likely BlackBerry Bold 9900's behind those RIM walls has me thinking thoughts I'd best not act on!). That said, I'm *sure* I'll find a whole bunch of other BlackBerry-related things to do while here, so keep it locked to CrackBerry as we report back with more live-on-location stories this week. I can feel The Force is strong here!



Can't wait to see what you have for us! Thank you guys!!


Awesome. Look forward to the coverage.


love the scrolling text...very funny. Should be an interesting couple of days for ya...and for us. Keep us posted.


Hopefully you get your hands on a 9810 or 9900! looking forward to it!


I dig the shirt!

So... the next video will be Kevin running from RIM security with a Bold9900 in his hand?


LOL! Had the same thoughts in my head.


That would be pretty BOLD of him... But seriously, that would be hilarious!


Get some Bold 9900 info for us CrackBerryers Kev :)


Get some Bold 9900 info for us CrackBerryers Kev :)


Hey Kevin ..... Welcome to Waterloo ..... hope that you have a great time here.
I'm quite sure that you will get to see a 9900 .... you beter! You are the leader of The RIMpire.

Are you planning on wearing that shirt at the meeting?



Hey Kevin,

If you want to see some Bold 9900's, go to any restaurant near RIM (like the Tim's on Albert St.) around lunchtime or in the morning and just wait. I guarantee you'll see one within 15 minutes. And who knows, introduce yourself and maybe someone will be feeling generous!


Cool! Hope you bought a poncho for all the egg throwing... :-)


While you're in town you should organize a CrackBerry reader meetup! Maybe some free CrackBerry swag? ;)


I second that... but preferably while you're in Toronto. :p How about a whole "CrackBerry Tour of Duty". Cruise around Canada/US handing out CB swag. I bet the folks at RIM marketing would sponsor that eh?


+1 to that! My office is right down the street from there. Love the shirt! Classic!!


Just say the word, Kev. I'll have my Canadian contacts ready and waiting with an escape car.


Heyyyy I used to work on that Street when I went to Laurier... Spent many late nights grabbing food at the McDonalds on Columbia West..


I want to buy one of those shirts!!! Go Kev!


CRACKBERRY KEVIN! I'm in waterloo too! Please contact me or add me on bbm: 25F39E9D


Damn you go Girl!!!! I guess there will be no productivity for me at work this week being on Crackberry all day to get the latest!


Thanks for the update Kevin! I assure you many of us are passionate for RIM too! Love the t-shirt and the intro text. Try to snag a video of some 9860 action as well! Be Bold, thou leader of the RIMPIRE!


Kevin, I'll give you my first born child if you can snag me a 9900 (since I'm giving her away, I don't believe any international laws are being broken). :-) Plus, I have been waiting patiently a little too long. If you can't grab a 9900, I hope you at least get an official release date while you are there.


I'll give you mnhockeycoach99's second born child if you grab me a 9860.


Wait a minute! The founder of CrackBerry nation has a Rolex but can't afford a cordless mic?


kev! demand they enable folder creation and icon hiding on the PlayBook at the shareholder's meeting! also that shirt is hawt.

go forth fearless leader, your presence there represents the millions of consumers, i hope the treat you accordingly.


anyone have any bb groups i can join. Huge bb fanboy.. comments have been dormant buy i follow crackberry everyday!

bbm 229696ab


Don't get arrested! But do bring back tons of videos :D

-the root, he watches and reads crackberry daily. @rootbrian_ is his twitter...


awesome intro!! looking forward to some interesting news.


Say hello to the two leaders of the RIM Empire, Darth Sidious and Lord Vader!



Good luck in Waterloo Kevin!!!!!!!!!


Kevin, if the 2 CEO's are clever enough, they should setup a meeting with you in order to restore trust on all the disappointed fans..
They should understand that you represent almost the majority of BB users, so, they better be "friend" with you and give you one of each new phones (Torch2, Torch Touch, 9900) for you the test them and give us desire to buy.

On my side, I moved to the SGS2 two months ago but I'm sooooo ready to come back and the Torch 9860 looks really like the one that will make me jump back......

C'mon Kevin, step inside and ask for a meeting with Mike & Jim!!!!


I second this! What more do you need, Kevin?!


Kevin's To do List:

1. Buy a wireless microphone
2. Buy a tripod / Hire a new cameraman
3. Put up the rimpire tshirts in the crackberry shop (used/new)


+1 for number 3. We need those shirts. Use the proceeds from selling shirts and build a better mobile site for


i disagree. kevin is not a 'reporter' hes a blogger... it'll be all boring ifhe stood still.. :P go watch the news or stare at stills of kevin if u want.. but its a video lol... he should be free to mvoe


The "Rimpire" shirt would be complete by having pictures of the new OS7 devices on the back in Star Wars themed battle with iPhones, Android devices, WP7's, ect.


Love the opening txt. Hopefully we will learn something, but more importantly, hopefully RIM will learn something from your visit to Waterloo.


hehehe nice ! this is the kind of coverage I dig from cb hahah luv it


Kevin....a couple of suggestions for your next video......

1) Stand still dammit. Your rocking back and forth is likely to cause me to vomit!

2) Get either a wireless mike or invest in some form of mic for your camera-person that is good enough to capture your audio without you having to hold a mic.

The old style wired mic seems way too old school....not an image we should project.


When do the T-Shirts go on sale?????


T-shirts do need to go on sale. I'd definitely buy a couple in different colors.


May the BOLD be with you. Have a great time at RIM headquarters and look forward to the updates.


I love it! Great intro. Kevin. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us over the next several days. Have a great time up there.


Unfortunately there's not much to do, other than hang out at Waterloo U or drink beer.

Kitchener/Waterloo is a very ethnically German town and has the world's largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany. So Kevin should be able to find the many beer gardens to his liking.

Prost !!


It'd be pretty cool if they gave a special edition of the Bold 9900, say in CrackBerry orange.


can't hear anything, was the audio recorded with a blackberry :/


I think RIM is the last company in the world with loyal customers. People are too fickle and impatient. Instead of waiting for a quality product from RIM they run over to Futureshop and buy whatever shiny gadget they can get their hands on. I guess for some, having the latest tech today is better than having durable or reliable tech but I'm old fashioned. I want it to work and I want it to last. That's why I love RIM and I hope that the Rimpire does, in fact, strike back! Good luck Kevin :)


Kevin should be wearing some Jedi clothing!!!!


Don't worry Kevin!
If you get thrown in jail CrackBerry Nation will file and pay for bail.


Kevin's voice definitely doesn't match up to his face/body lol...



Check out...

PI (and the Balsillie School) and the QNC building on UW Campus (the Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum Nano Center)

IQC (heavily funded by Mike L) is far up in the North Campus right now, but their new home will be almost right in the middle of UW's campus.

As well, check out Kick-Off sports bar in the University Shops II plaza. RIM types hang out there, and the beer selection is the best in the entire city.


Hey Kevin. This is a invite to stop by Martini's Restaurant in Kitchener for a free pint, or one of our signature Blackberry Martini's. We host to a ton of RIM employee's and on occasion have seen both CEO's as well. We are right beside the Radisson Hotel as well as the Holiday Inn. Tell them Dave A sent you for a freebie to support the "Rimpire".

Martini's Restaurant

2980 King Street East
Kitchener, ON Canada
N2A 1A9

GPS Coordinates 43.42892+-80.43349


Take courage! Whilst there, be sure to ask for a 'tour" of the compound (if you need to, 'storm' in at night) The 'torch' will be will be your guide as you 'touch' all their products in their labs. Be sure to do it in 'style'. For the love of god, don't show us your 'curves'.

As stated by another user, may the 'Bold' be with you!


Now THIS is proper fanboy/girl-ism!

This is the kind of fun videos I'd like to see for BlackBerry fans.