CrackBerry Contests Reminder... Enter Now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jul 2009 11:27 am EDT


If you visit CrackBerry often, you've probably noticed we've upped the volume of our contest posts. There is nothing we like better than to give stuff away for free! What you may not have noticed though is that we've sort of set a standard at typically having our contests end at Sunday Midnight PST. That means there's still some time to enter this week's set of contests - just follow the links below and leave a comment on each respective post. And to all the developers / companies out there, if you want to run a contest on CrackBerry just shoot us an email to editorial @ and we'll hook it up.

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CrackBerry Contests Reminder... Enter Now!


With tons of wallpapers I really need this program so I dont spend 15 minutes each day deciding which one I PLEASE!!!!!

I am PRAYING I win something! I just got out of the hospital after being there a month AND I missed my 20th birthday. Hopefully I can win something to cheer me up!!

been coming to the site a long time now enjoying there news on new leaks for the storm and all. now i finally joined :D took me too long but im part of the crackberry peeps now lol

Great phone,however if you are switching from storm to tour you will have difficulties adjusting to the track ball and smaller screen.

I've entered just about every contest & give away
never won.

Please Pick Me, I'm not a picky person and will be more than happy to win any of the prizes.

Thank You

I love Crackberry and all affiliates this site and info here is very useful and is alot of fun!!!!! I reccomend this site to alot of people!!!!! I hope I win!!!!!

Just found out about this program! So I had to put it on my new tour! thanks mediafly! YOU ROCK!!

I'm off to play....

Pick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick mePick me

You cannot be serious?!?!?!? People, this blog post cannot get you entered into the draw. Just the other blog posts! follow them on the links below!

So many contests so many members....
chances of winning here is even less for Sweepstakers...
Well it's a complicated juncture if u r lucky u may end up winner