CrackBerry Contest: Win an exclusive Canadian inspired case for your BlackBerry Q10 or Z10

By Bla1ze on 27 Jun 2014 11:57 am EDT

As we head on into the Canada Day long weekend, we figured it was a good time to go ahead and give away some exclusive Canadian inspired cases we gathered up. What makes them so exclusive? Well, they're only available through the BlackBerry Store and we got a total of six to give away. Some with the black and white Peace Tower graphic for the Q10 and some with the Canadian graffiti graphic for the Z10.

We'll make it easy to win them, just drop a comment below telling us what you like best about Canada and we'll pick out some winners. Be sure to include which device it is you have so that we can make sure we don't send you one for a device you don't have if you win.

Also, don't forget CrackBerry Canada is having a 20% off sale on ALL BlackBerry accessories right up until July 2nd. We'll let this one run right up until Canada Day and pick winners after that. Good luck to all, and stay safe this long weekend!

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CrackBerry Contest: Win an exclusive Canadian inspired case for your BlackBerry Q10 or Z10



You mean, not paid nurses, doctors and everything? Or health care paid in taxes? If second, it's not free.

I rather pay through taxes than have to say I'm sorry kids I can't afford to take you the doctor

Posted via CB10

It's great 8 hours wait time in emergency and 2 years to see specialist doctor, however it is free, but wait it's paid by taxpayers ,half of the tests are not covered, all hospital stuff work for the government, unionized and inefficient, but it is free.
We have a lot to be proud of....

Posted via CB10

It's not always 8 hours of wait time and 2 years to see a specialist. I was in for a really bad "stomach" ache because I didn't know what it was for at that time. I was inside within 20mins and hooked up to IV within 30mins. Found out in less an hour that my appendix was about to burst (and this like 10 in the morning)

Look up the stats online.... Americans pay more per capita in tax for health care. It seems impossible but it's true

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Posted via CB10

I love that we are the home of blackberry and have a lot of people working to make new phones so much better than the others! I could list a lot more reasons but I'm too lazy... Happy Canada Day on Tuesday :)!

A cover for my Z10 would be nice!
Canadian health care FTW! Unless you have the ability to heal yourself quickly and regenerate cells like Wolverine....

Who also happens to be Canadian.
Damn. Gotta love Canada, Bub.

Posted via CB10

In my travels to and from Alaska on the Alcan, I've enjoyed the beauty of the landscape and the people are great.

The best thing about Canada our Beer! We don't use lake water to make it like the American's use in their beer! I own a Z10! :)

I love that Drake is from Canada!!! That's hands down the best thing coming from that country :). I have a BlackBerry q10

Posted via CB10

I love Canada firstly cause BlackBerry is from there, and secondly I live here. So everything about Canada is the greatest. #Z10 for the win.

Posted via CB10

Proud to know we are one of the beat places in the world to live...oh, hockey, beaver, tummies and BlackBerry

Posted via CB10 app & my killer BlackBerry Z30

SCTV! One of the bet shows ever! (Q10)

Posted by twiddling my thumbs on the mighty Qued! - Channel C003DAB77

Canada is a great country - remember one trip I did from Montana / Rocky Mountains to Canada and back ... too many years ago ... seems I'm spending too much time hacking native Cascades apps ;-)

would like the case for Q10

in canada i like your green areas, is one of the countries with less pollution and of course I love that it is the host country of blackberry. I have a Blackberry Z10 Good morning :)

That's beast about Canada? It's not the USA or anywhere else for that matter. Q10 has Canadian pride

Posted via CB10

It is only thru BlackBerry that i got connected with one of my good friend and to be precise the first person from Holman Island..
All of these happened because of the apps candid and bbm...
The more I'm communicating thru him, the more I'm getting astonished. I've never personally been there but as of today i am quite confident that i can describe the place like a local person.. thank you BlackBerry.. btw, i own a Z10 and from India..

Posted via CB10

I live in Québec and I love our free health care, the poutine,the Montréal Canadiens, the Montréal Impact and our cold winters !

Posted via BBQ10

100% Canadian and Proud of it!

I love the uniqueness of us as a people. That even though our culture is changing, it is strengthening at the same time. We are a people that will fight but, on the whole, feel that peace and understanding is the right and preferred way.
We help our fellows in many ways. We become indignant when we see a wrong and try to make it better; without harming others.

We are in love, but not with ourselves. We want more believing that more for everyone will help ourselves.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I love Canada because we are so polite and we are good at apologising... and we're very sorry about that. Thanks for listening. Oh, and the Q10 case would be very nice, just like we are very nice.

Posted with my awesome Z30

Well, as a visitor from south of the 49th I'd say the obvious fact going for Canada is : TIM HORTONS and Blackberry/RIM of course, eh??

Canada has been my home & will always be my home, no other country like it. My Z10 will never look better.

Posted via CB10

Had the best holiday (vacation) EVER on Prince Edward Island back in 2002 with my girlfriend. Log cabin, jacuzzi, cookie dough and endless bottles of moose head beer. Best two weeks of my life. Love Canada, Maple Syrup and my Z10.

I cant imagine living anywhere but in Canada, I like to visit other places but its always good to get back home. Loving my Z10.
Oh and Bla1ze how could we all forget about poutine, i guess its something we take for granted.

Best country on the planet. Things like BlackBerry are produced in it! What a place! Z-10

Posted via CB10

I love the people, the general freedom to do what we want as long as we don't adversely impact others, winter, and the clean air and water. I'm a happy Z10 owner.

I like the opportunity to reach my potential. Through a great public education system and subsidized post secondary education.

Posted via CB10

What's the most I likes from Canada? BlackBerry!!!! I really likes the Canadian outdoors. The Maple Tree, the forest, the mountains.

God Bless You!

Bret Hart "The Hitman", "The Excellence of Execution", "The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be".
Perfect BlackBerry ambassador. ;)

Posted via my Vic20

Canada is a kinder country than the USA is. I love my Z10 and would happily rock a Canadian cover!

I love Canada for the freedoms, the beautiful landscape, and of course, that we gave the world Blackberry. :-) I would love a case for my Z10.

I love the enormous amount of science fiction TV that is produced in this amazing country.


Posted via CB10

Minnesotan here... you guys are great neighbors! I also love the Canadian wilderness. Z10 here.

BlackBerry, health care and hockey! Blaaaaaaaam! Green eggs and hammmmm! And Trailer Park boys!

Sent using my beautiful Q10

Que je puisse parler en français and in English as it is needed or desired to do so. Beauty from coast to coast!

Posted via CB10

Never stay in Canada. Travel to Canada is my dream to know a lot about headquarters of my BlackBerry Z10 company. Thanks

Posted via CB10

Woot thanks for contest!

I love Canada for the fact I can drive 10 minutes and I'm pretty much in pristine wilderness, just to name one thing.

Posted via CB10

I love Canada for the awesome multicultural diversity and because of this, there are all genres of restaurants to experience the cuisines of that culture!

Posted via CB10

What do I like best about Canada? The fact that Canada has equal rights for all couples. Something that the US doesn't have because it is a hypocritical country that allows religious fanatics to enforce their scriptures as law despite supposedly having separation of church and state.

Probably won't win but I have both Z and Q.

Posted via CB10

I like the people over there. They are kind and help each other. Also the places are good. There are sceneries. It is also a best tour place.

I'm using a z10.

Posted via CB10

Best part of canada? The great outdoors! So much beautiful nature to explore and enjoy.

(I really like that q10 case)

Posted via CB10

Things I love about living in Canada where do I start.... good beer, microbreweries in every town and free health care to cover my gashes from the epic tumbling adventures! I'd love the case for my z10!

Posted via CB10

Iike free health care, the niagara falls, I am in the middle of my Canadian tour and I have explored jasper, Banff and niagara, I have also been on the Toronto tours and I am staying in Waterloo! I just love Canada so much and btw I have a z10! I am leaving next week so please give this cool case to me as a farewell souvenir! :D

Posted via CB10

I'm an immigrant to canada! And whatever I have today, is all given by canada! I might be still struggling if I wasn't in canada! Thanks canada! I can't describe what I like about canada! But whatever I'm is just Bcoz of this country! Salute! Oh canada! Oh canada!

Posted via CB10

My experience with Canada is something which is unbelievable. It's worth sharing cause such things happen only in fairy tails. All this will sound like a fairy tail to you!
There's was this beautiful lady who I knew and was going thru a bad phase in my life but like a god sent gift this beautiful lady came in my life and saved me financially from being drowned. She without knowing me or having meet me helped me to a great extent. For me it was like a god sent gift a gift which was never asked but still given.
Till today I am indebted to her n always will till I die for me to tell u what I like the best about Canada would be the Canadian people who are large hearted to a very great extent why else would anyone go out of their way and help someone like me even without knowing me. All she knew me was via yahoo messenger.
No one does this type of a thing for anyone in today's time no one not even ur own bro or sis.
Love canada and Canadian people god bless u.
Love my q10 a bit more.

Posted via CB10

That just about every person I've met from Canada has been extremely nice.

Posted on my Q10 via CB10

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK, I sleep all night and I work all day. I cut down trees, I wear high heels, suspendies and a bra, I wish I'd been a girlie, just like my dear Papaaa....
And apart from that Canada has produced some of the finest musicians, like Neil Young, and of course RUSH!!!
And apart from that it has to offer some of the most beautiful women !
And apart from that is has to offer the best smartphones I've ever had the pleasure to lay my hands on!
And apart from that I own a Q10!
And apart from that, good morning Bla1ze!

It would be a wonderful patriotic addition as a member of the fire service to colour up my Q10

Posted via CB10

Home of BlackBerry and how we always say please, thank you and of course sorry lol. I want the Q10 case!

Posted via CB10

I love Canada because BlackBerry was born there and obviously I love BlackBerry so please let me win for my Z10 here! ;)

Posted via CB10

I went to visit penticton British Columbia. The people were very friendly and had lot of cherry fields. They were amazing. My favorite thing was how green it was and the lake next to the city. Was one of the best memories of my childhood. Blackberry Q10

Posted via CB10

Love how Canadians are loved all over the world when I'm traveling and known for our politeness, I have a Z10

 Love My Z10 

I love being Canadian because of our National Anthem. It's very patriotic. It should make us feel proud! I would love a Canadian themed case for my Z10!

Posted via CB10

What i like about Canada is obviously "Girls "...
:-D.... And also BlackBerry...

Proud owner of BlackBerry Z10...

Posted via CB10

Canada is my home, my passion, and my pride. I love hockey (both as a player and spectator) and am a huge fan of our crack addicted mayor Mr ford!

BlackBerry Strong

I love the fact that blackberry originated in canada, giving us all these sweet devices.

Sent from blackberry z10

Posted via CB10

The best thing about Canada? We have some of the best scenery in the world. We have the mountains, we have the oceans, we have the forests, cottage country with lots of beautiful lakes, big and small cities and the people are polite :)

And the home of the great company, Blackberry!!

Zed10 ftw :)

Z10. There is no better place. Beautiful landscapes, great fishing. I grew up in a small town and people here are more friendly, and caring then I know of anywhere else. And family matters here. And crackberry is based out of Canada of course

Posted via CB10

Where do I begin????
Free health care,
It's geographic beauty from coast to coast,
It's freedom of education (I go to school in Ottawa, best city in the world)
It's agricultural world,
It's passion for helping those in need (I work with Kids Help Phone and have huge support,always)
It's undeniable musical talents, BlackBerry, faithful since my curve in '09

I am a proud, PROUD Canadian!

Posted via CB10

Everything's great about Canada. The beer, the beauty, the people. All of it. Q10 please!

Posted via CB10

I like that my first time to Canada was with my family and we had one of the most memorable trips I will never forget! Not to mention 8 of us cramming into one hotel room was quite the experience too!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

I just love my Canada.........dry ginger ale when I put it in my scotch malt whiskey! ; )

Careful! BlackDroid in action!

Quality of little... and BlackBerry is Canadian! ! z10

Z10 the mighty... until BlackBerry comes out with a 64bit

Just installed a new flag pole to display our Canadian Flag....a new case would certainly complete the package..

Posted via CB10

Tim Hortons, Hockey, freedom and of course, birthplace and home to BLACKBERRY!!
Q10 and Z10,
(so I am not fussy with either one)

I love that there is lots of nature in Canada. Great for camping, hiking, biking, sailing, canoeing, etc.

I have the Z10, and it could use a more patriotic case.

Posted via CB10

Oh btw I like how really nice Canadians are. Somehow they seem friendlier, more eager to strike up a conversation when their southern neighbors would just ignore.

Also as a poor college student universal health care (not free) is extremely appealing

Posted via CB10

A Z10 here! I love Canada because they aren't in the forefront of world politics, and they aren't afraid to adopt Socialist-like programs if they are beneficial for the country. I'd move there in a heartbeat if I could.

Never been to Canada,but I'd love to go! Seen a lot of beautiful pictures!!! Love a case for my Z10

Posted via CB10

Canada is the best! We have such a unique breed of people! From the true north strong and free, Oh Canada! Our winters are long and harsh, our summers are short but sweet. I love Canada. I've gone all over with my BlackBerry Q10

What a great give away! I'm always rocking some Canadian pride on my Z10. I've had a Canadian flag wallpaper on my phone since day 1. I'd love a case to show off my Canadian pride even more! Would love to win it for the Z10!

In my haste, I forgot the most important part of my post...what do I like best about Canada? There is far too much to put into one post, but I will say this: We are a land of some of the most generous and caring people in the entire world. You needn't look any further than the attitude we embody of always helping out a neighbour with a never-say-die attitude. I believe we as Canadians represent some of the finest qualities a person could have! To all of my Canadian brothers and sisters out there, I appreciate each and every one of you and what it is you do to make this country great!