CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to WIN a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The reviews are in, and it's unanimous... the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are the SWEETEST BlackBerry phones yet! So following up our reviews of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 we're giving a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win one, free of charge.

HOW TO ENTER:  Just login to CrackBerry and leave us a comment to this post! In your comment, be sure to tell us which BlackBerry 7 Smartphone you want and why! 

Other Details: Contest is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight ET on August 31st, 2011. Please leave only one comment to this post. We'll announce the winner September 1st here on the blogs.  Good Luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!



I love my current Blackberry Torch. To think that I could have the Torch 9810, which adds greater speed and a new operating system would be icing on the cake!

The blackberry 9900 is the single greatest BB to date. Thin, beautiful screen, super-charged, i would love to get my hands on one!

I would like the BlackBerry Torch 9850, because I'm cheap and don't wanna pay for one :D plus it would allow me, as a BlackBerry developer, to start creating apps for a BlackBerry 7 device (cus I will have an actual device to test them on)
also my I think it's time to move on from my Storm 2 (9520) even though I love it (unlike most owners)

Wow! This thread is filling up FAST! Gotta get my choice of a 9930 in now. I need the 9930 to fill the gaping hole the lack of one has caused in my life. Gaping. Lotsa gape. You should see the gape. Actually, you may be impressed.

I would like to win a blackberry 9900.
I think it's the best phone there is now. It's fast, easy, touch AND qwerty keyboard... in 1 word: Best!

I like this site because you have lots of changes to win!

From Holland!

I almost got electrocuted by my VERY beat up 9800!
I need a new phone
I want a 9900:)


Sprint Bold 9930 with a *real* keyboard for me please! Blazing fast liquid graphics with no checkboarding and superfast messaging capabilities FTW! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!! :D

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is one of the best phones I've seen in this line up. It's thin and the qwerty keyboard looks really good. While most phones tend to hit the shock and awe out of consumers the BlackBerry tends to be on the simple side, which is probably the reason their phones have unmatched e-mail capabilities. Simple never seemed so good.

The Bold 9900 has style, a professional look to it, and the body of a model! Flat.

I need a Torch 2 9810 to show it my customers. So I could sell more of the Torches. Problem is, that people who never had an BlackBerry can't see the perfect combination of a Touch and a Full QWERTY Keyboard in form of an Slider;

So I could change my BlackBerry Bold 9700 to the new Torch and sell more of them here in Austria.

My BlackBerry history is from 7100v to Curve 8310 to Storm 9500 to Bold 9000 then Bold 9700 and I hope soon to the new Torch 2 9810...
Only question is, when will it arrive in Austria (unbranded)? :(
7100v, 8310, Bold 9700 I could show; the Storm has been given to my sister-in-law and the Bold 9000 has been destroyed when I've been at an Car Accident (Red Cross) and it felt into a water-puddle. That was a very bad and sad day...

But I've found at my Red Cross agency many new BlackBerry lovers and they are still getting more and more. The new devices are ideal for the Red Cross. They are thinking of iPhones or BlackBerrys, but I'm hardly trying to take the BlackBerrys because of the secure data files.

So thanks for reading and good luck to us all :)

I'm still a volunteer at the Red Cross from Austria and now I'm working at a Mobile Phone shop. But in my spare time I'm very happy at the Red Cross :)

Regards from Austria and sorry for my not so good english :)

I would love To Win a bold 9900. I've never won anything in My whole life and a BlackBerry would be The greatest Win EVER!
My friends Are allways fascinated of how I'm in love with BlackBerry and Most of Them Are now also BlackBerry addicted. If i would have one of These perfect new. Phones i'm Sure The Rest of Them will get one too.
I would offer My Torch To My girlfriend, She is very jealous because She doesnt Has a BlackBerry and She would be Freaking out if i would give her My Torch As a gift.
So you See, many people would be very happy if you will make me happy!! =D

I want the new 9860. I already owned the Torch 9800, so I don't want the 9810. I also had the Bold 9000 (my first BB), and I was never a true fan of its wide styling. The Torch 9860 I think would fit just right.

I've spent a lot of time on the forums and have dedicated a lot of time to helping out around here in a lot of ways. It would be nice to win one of these phones!

I've been using Blackberrys for more than 10 years now, they just keep getting better. The Bold 9900 is for me. My 9700 is fantastic but its time for a new one.

I would like to have one of the new BB-7, blackberry either the torch 9810, 9860, or 9850. I love the touch screen feature as I now have a storm 2 and would like to keep the touch screen side of things but may be like to try the combo of touch screen and key board as well. Oh well I just hope I win one.

I love to have the Blackberry Torch 9810. I think it's the sleekest looking ever. You get the best of both worlds !!!! Best Phone Ever !!!

Please choose me!!!! I'd love a new Torch 9810! I love my torch 9800 but the new version would be so great!!! Crackberry you're the best!!

I would LOVE the Bold 9900. Im on Bell Canada, purchased a 9700 last year in February, its a great phone I love the form factor and love the keyboard. RIM makes the best hardware keyboard EVER, add in OS 7 and the nice shiny new touch screen and the awesome looking back... who can complain?

Good luck everyone! I would want a 9930 please, so it can complement my Playbook! Physical keyboard and swipe touchscreen goodness is a perfect match! It'll be a great upgrade from my Storm 1 which I still use and its on its last leg.

I need a replacement for my old n' rusty bold 9000, 'cause it doesn't perform well when bridged to BB Playbook. BB 9900 is in my dream, because i've already fallen in love with the Bold experience to do my daily business stuffs, but i still expect some more from my Bold.

I would want the sprint 9930. I am very excited short three bff chip and hope that google wallet will be coming to blackberry soon.that will be funny when more blackberries than android have google wallet.

Please I'd love a chance for a bold 9900 for my wife. Please....I love the os7. The bold has such a great keyboard. Go Rimpire.

The Bold 9900 would be a great present for me! That's the best reason I can come up with. I have the 9780 so I'm not hurting TOO bad :-) T-Mobile has priced this so high! If I don't win, I'll have to wait till prices drop! That would be months!!
Thank you Crackberry!

I don't want the 9850 or 9860 as I switched back to BlackBerry for a QWERTY keyboard. I don't wan the 9810 as sliding phones are just a turnoff. I DO want either the 9900 or 9930 since the combination of OS7, a full QWERTY keyboard, and a touch screen when I want it is just pure genius.

I'm getting a 64 GB PlayBook Friday, a 9900 would put me over the top. OTA bridge will be the first thing I install on the the new Gretzki. That and bookmarking Thanks, CB, you rock.

My uncle was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, stage 4 meaning it has spread to other parts of the body. He is accepting donations to pay for treatments as his insurance doesn't pay for time missed at work. I would love to be able to donate but I am attending college in the Spring and have to save for that. If I could win a BlackBerry, I would sell it, and donate the money to his Cancer treatment fund. Any BlackBerry model would be great.
Thank you for reading my Uncles story.

i want a bold 9930!...please!...i turned my back on blackberry and got an iphone, and now i regret it more than anything! i'm so sorry, dear blackberry. i need you back in my life!!!

I want the Bold 9900 and BB OS 7 so I can get things done faster and more efficiently. I loved my old Bold 9000 until it died on me with its massive keyboard. Until the new 9900 there hasn't been a BB with the same keyboard. I have been a BB user and abuser since I first picked up the original Pearl which revolutionized the blackberry with the trackball.

9900 please. I'm still rocking a crusty 9000... It has taken a beating over the years, but still works. Of course the only original parts at this point are the logic board and the screen.

Had a palm pre, that had issues. Now have an HTC Wildfire S, android doesn't really seem to agree with me too well. So a Blackberry Bold 9900 would be a good change of pace :)

KEVIN !!!! I'm a converter i bring android and ios users to life (meaning to BB)with the torch 9850 on vzw ill be loving life

I want to win the bold 9900 because I love touch screen and keyboard. I wanna change from my torch. Love the NFC and the wikitide browser

I would love to have a new 9930, because i have a 9700 now and i just love it and i really would want to know if the new 9930 will be the better bold! :D

I want any of these phones either 4 Verizon or Att.....I'm not picky lol!! Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please!!!!! Crackberry ROCKS!!!!!!!!

A 9860 would be brilliant ! I have a 9800 now, next to never use it's physical keyboard. My first BB was a Storm, I am just used to virtual keyboard.

Hi!!! By the way, my choice is the Blackberry 9900!!! Though I have never ever won anything, that's a nice try!!!

Congrats for the website! The best Crackberry Site ever!!!

i would love a new bold 9900 because as a premed student i cant afford one but it would be dynamite to have one!

A 9930! Life can't get any better. As a Loyal BB user I had many chances to move over to another platform. But I'm holding on to my BB waiting for this new generation of BB phones. Also the perfect addition to my great Playbook.

I want to win the bold 9900 because I love touch screen and keyboard. I wanna change from my torch. Love the NFC and the wikitide browser

I'm 53 years old and I've been a crack berry addict for about three years now. I recently bought an Evo 4g only because the Internet is a better experience than my Curve 9330. I want the new Bold for Sprint because I believe the new 0S7 will be a game changer that will keep RIM on top where they belong! Pick me pick me please!

I recently sold my Blackberry. With school starting back up (I'm a teacher) nothing helps me communicate more efficiently than a physical keyboard. I really miss my BB. I have a Nokia N8, but Nokia is dropping Symbian here in the US so it is time for a new phone. I'd love to win a 9900.

i'd love the torch 9860! the storm just seems so irrelevant on this site, would be great to upgrade to new hardware, and go up two versions of software as well!

I want a Bold 9900 so bad. I've been following every single info about it for more than 3 months now. I just can't live without a keyboard, so this is the best phone out there for me. Plus, it will be my first BB!!

i would love a Blackberry Bold 9900 because of its much improved Qualcomm Scorpion MSM 8655 processor that greatly improves performance compared to the one in my still awesome Blackberry Bold 9780. I think the touchy touch screen and keyboard combination is ingenious. The added plus of 'liquid graphics' had me at liquid. I'm sold. Send me my Blackberry Bold 9900 now.

I would love to receive a BB 9930! Everything about it seems to be like a dream smartphone. At least my dream phone. The touchscreen, the great slim design, the BB 7 OS, and of course the best thing of it all the KEYBOARD!!!

BlackBerry Bold 9900.
Why? One can only tolerate the particular major GSM network for so long? So what do you do? You let them continue reminding you have an upgrade but you refuse because you don't want to sign a new contract.
Putting that grudge aside, I would just like a new Bold, rocking the 9000 since release is not the greatest feeling when the thing starts to screech.

I need the Torch 2, I love my current torch but need the speed factor. I need a key board and love the touch screen for everything else. I will never conform to just touch screen. HELP ME PLEASE!

Bold 9900 Please! I'm not gonna repeat what Kevin said in his review about the device. Basically, the touch screen addition and the proper hardware, the improved physical keyboard (which is basically a BlackBerry's soul), the lighting track pad and steel/glass look.. 'these are a few of my favorite things' :). Superlative eye candy device.. I'd Love one!

I would looooove to have a bold 9900! I'm on my 9700 now and already I find myself tapping the screen at times as if the screen was touch enabled. Been dreaming and craving for a blackberry like the 9900 since I first saw the 9000. Besides, I'm in singapore, which means it will take forever before I can lay my hands on one if I don't win one!

I live, breathe, breed, love!!! I wish i could sell my soul for them!!!


But no seriously lmao i love this site and its knowledge as a whole and winning a contest like this would beee efffffin fantastic!! LoL sooo pick me

I would LOVE to win the 9900 because my current 8900 is on its way out and the new bold is EXACTLY what ive been looking for in a phone

I would LOVE a new Blackberry 9900 to replace my 9870. Wonderful keyboard. Touchscreen. Super thin. High screen resolution. How could anyone not want the GREATEST BLACKBERRY EVER CREATED?!

Please a new 9900! Then I'll need a skin case, charging cradle, new apps ...

9900 hands down. the 9000 was, by far, the best 'Berry. bigger screen, EPIC keyboard, good size, wicked signal, solid design.
9900 is exactly the same, but every little bit is just a little bit better.
making a brilliant smartphone? nah, they made a PERFECT smartphone
and i want it :)

I'd love to have the Torch 9810.
Why? Well, first of all - the new OS 7 devices are all awesome, and I'd like to have one of these as my first BB device. Second - I love the screen size of the touch screen devices, but the virtual keyboard is quite annoying, so the combination of a full-size screen with a physical keyboard is the best thing to have. Not to mention its other great features.
So, in short: I'd like to have my own first BB device, with the great OS 7 and the best combination ever of a full-size touch screen and physical keyboard.
Thank you.

BB 9900 of course !!!!!!

BlackBerry feverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hoooooo yeahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

I have been wanting a torch, but waited until the Os7 devices came out. PLEASE, gimme that torch 9810 (or @ the least the bold 9900)!

I want a 9900 sooooo bad!!!!

I usually run out and buy new blackberry's on launch day, but I just don't have the cash right now :(

That said, if I win.. I will donate my 9800 to someone in need!

Please Please Please pick me!!!!!!!!!

i want BlackBerry Bold 9900.. because i really wanted it :'( it was my dream.. i wish i could buy it :( i have a bold 2 which hangs alot n i wanted 9900 to replace it..i really wanted dis phn it was all i used to dream about... upto my knowledge its the best BlackBerry Phone available.. i wish to win one from you people if I win I'd be really happy :) n would tell all my friends about this site and the bold 4 please pick meeeee :) Thanks!

Bold 9900. . . Why well my 9700 is getting a bit old and showing it's age, not to mention that i just lost my job and my wife and I are almost homeless. Sucks to live in an old RV next to some friends who are being nice enough to help us out. Would be nice to have to help with running the websites I have and hopefully expand them.

I would love to win the Torch 9810! I currently have the 9800, and I love it and having the 9810 would be the best yet!

I would love the Blackberry Bold 9930. My reason is just because I've got an old 8520 that's on it's last legs and I wanna experience a better camera and OS instead of the old OS5! Thanks!

OMG!! Now, THIS is a contest - ha! I would love to win a new BB9900 so I can experience the new platform & touchscreen. Thanks!!!

I need a Verizon 9930 to retire this Iphone4 I currently have. Can't wait to get back to the BB platform!!

I want the Bold 9930 because it talks to me man! I hear it calling my name all the way from the Verizon warehouses! If I happen to win the phone *crosses fingers, toes & eyes* just keep in mind I will be on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean on 9/1 & I won't be able to respond to your "YOU WIN!" email for a few days lmao.

Seriously it's one of the best BBs out & I need that in my life...

Torch 9850 for VZW!!! I have been waiting for an ALL TOUCH (non-storm) Blackberry for a couple years. I tried the Incredible but couldn't stand Android - I had to have BB, so I replaced my 8310 with the Bold 9650. My only complaint on the 9650 is the horrible browser and tiny screen. So, it would be with great pleasure and non-stop praise for Crackberry, that I would gratefully except a brand new 9850 from CB. Thank you for the amazing contest - you are a very generous site!

I have the worst luck ever but I doesn't hurt to try, after all this is the best blog about blackberries in the universe!!!

I'm moving to Montréal next week and I could use a FREE BlackBerry! It would make my university studies more productive and enjoyable! Especially a white Torch 9810! Thank you and pick me!

Je déménage à Montréal la semaine prochaine et j'ai besoin d'un BlackBerry gratuit!!!! Ça ferait mes études universitaires beaucoup plus efficaces et agréables! Surtout la Torch 9810 blanche! Merci et choisissez moi!

I would really like the new Bold 9930. Because I have an Droid X and it SUCKS!!....I miss blackberry!!!...Please Hook it up

This giveaway surprised me! :P Well, I'd love to win a BB 9900 because my 9800 is dying and I really don't want to buy any other type of smartphone out there. I love BBs :/ and if a new 9800 at full price is expensive let alone any BB7 phone... I'm inclined onto the 9900 because of the keyboard. I loved the 9800 physical keyboard (can type pretty fast) but the bigger keyboard on the 9900 would make me get the best out of my 4 email accounts and also for doing any work from university I rarely **cross out rarely** miss. Pleassee! :$

Love a BB 9900 please......... I've wanted it ever since the rumor of this device surfaced nearly two years ago. Thanks for the contest!

I will be getting my new 9810 on Friday!!!! I will still enter the contest though, if I win I will share the love and give it to my mom, get her upgraded from her 8330!

I have an itch. Doctors can't figure it out. Ointments don't work. And the Thunderbolt I'm using now only dulls it for a little while. That itch? The Blackberry Itch. I'm sure many of my fellow CBers have had that itch, and I can see that in the replies that a lot of you are scratching a lot lately. I haven't used a BB in over a year, and it's been a tough year to say the least.

Long story short: the Bold 9930 for VZW is the cure for my BB Itch, and I would be in heaven if it were prescribed to me.

I want a 9900 for Verizon!! I miss my 9000 size and the touchscreen is sweet!! I just got the 9650 and I wish I waited because now I'm not available for an upgrade until 2012! Will the world even exist then?! lol PLEASE!

After reading the excellent review of the Blackberry Bold 9900, I decided it must be my next Blackberry.

Let me be the first Venezuelan to win a Blackberry Bold 9900 from! Otherwise I would have to wait years for carriers sell it in my country

I want to feel that great keyboard in my hands and a powerful processor running my apps!

Hey Kevin, give me a chance! Please!


I need to win the 9860 to replace my storm. I do marketing and a big screen is ideal for that...please help me by picking me. Thanks

I want to win!!!!
Currently using a Dell Venue Pro with WP7 but the phone is to bulky and heavy for my taste.
I want to come back to the BB light side!

I had the bold 1, and am currently using the bold 2... I cannot wait to get the bold 3... to me the Bold is the truest experience for a blackberry user! and now we get touch woo!

I really need a 9930 to replace the curve i got second hand, due to having to cut back and sell my bold 9650, due to loss of income. The curve is beat up and about ready to go to the cell phone graveyard. I have fat fingers and need a big keyboard to type on. Thanks for your consideration. I really hope I win !!!!!!!!!!!!

i'd love a 9900 Blackberry because my 9000 is oooold but i want to stick w/ a Blackberry

I need the new BB BOLD 9900 because my wifes LG Shine has to go. Shhhhh. She gets my Torch 9800. I get the new sexy, sweet, can't keep my hands off it BB Bold 9900 ; )

A Blackberry a day keeps the crazy away. Blackberries ROCK!

I would love to win a new Blackberry Bold 9930, its really bold, fast, and reliable, os7 ... its really a perfect balance !!!

omar mohammad

I would go full touch screen. It's the kind of device I've wanted for a while, but could never stomach the idea of giving up all that makes a BB so great (and no, I also couldn't stomach using a Storm).

winwinwinwin 9900! hy? its the form factor of my 9000. I have refused to upgrade for 3 years, this is the one i've been waiting for :)

Blackberry 9900, Because it exudes sophistication, style, intuitiveness, intelligence. It is the bestp hone useable.

Would love to get that 9900 with the new nfc capabilities and liquid graphics. Need to replace my bold 9700 soon and it would be great to get this new phone because I need a physical keyboard but also wouldn't mind a touchscreen. All hail the Rimpire! Got my fingers crossed come on!

I want a Torch 9850, I prefer a touch screen phone and I am stuck with the original Storm model, which I have been having trouble with lately. A lot of battery pulls. It would be great to pair a new blackberry phone with os7 with my Playbook and finally have a phone with wifi capabilities.

I'm currently using the BlackBerry Storm 9500 (pity me) it keeps freezing and is soon to die yet i am still a MASSIVE BlackBerry fan! The idea of the best keyboard ever produced combined with a responsive touchscreen on the Bold 9900 sounds absolutely brilliant!! I'm longing for a fast handset and OS 7 seems like the software I've been waiting for! Pleeeeeeeeaaassseeee let me win this time, I genuinely need the Bold 9900!

I really want the Torch 9810 as the combination of a large touch screen with better resolution, faster processor, keyboard and HSPA+ connectivity is the ultimate dream for a Torch lover.

It is a Bold, Torchy and stormy ride, and even if bad apple is on my way, i will wish to have the 9860 and wipe out all the bad apples.....

I would lovvvvveee the new bold for sprint! My birthday is coming up and unfortunately i can't afford a new phone but it would be great if I win. Good luck everyone

Hello Crackberry, longtime fan keep up the good work.

I am using the Storm 9530... I think that is all the reason I need in asking that you consider me for one of the new Blackberry 7 phones.

I actually like the Storm and use it for everything it just takes a long time and I have to do 3 or 4 battery pulls per day to keep it running.

As to the phone I would want I have to say that I may stay with the full touch screen interface. The Torch 9810 is slightly higher on my list that the Torch 9860/50 only after hearing that the screen on the 9860/50 is made of plastic rather than glass but I will have to hold both and play with them to know.

Thanks again and good luck to everyone.

Ok, so here's my submission... I'd love to win one here because I could really put one to good use and I can't express that in only 7 words. ;)

I want the 9930! I need the phone that says "he means business", literally. Trying to start some business ideas soon and I need a phone that will help out. Plus, the idea of the touch+keyboard I like on the BlackBerry 9930.

I know it's not perfect but I'd love a Torch 9850, finally an upgrade option for my poor old Storm 2!

I would LOVE a new BlackBerry Bold 9900 (tmobile is my carrier). My 8900 is soo outdated and I think I would love this phone. I think the tuchscreen and keyboard would be perfect for me. Also it has such a good processor and BlackBerry 7 looks awesome!

a 9900 please I can not wait for bb7 to rock our world thanks crackberry for the chance to win such a great choice of phones

Would be a dream come true to win a 9990 as would be able to use the benefits of the touch screen as well as OS7 considering I am still on OS5 because my Bold 9700 runs OS6 too slow :(

I would really like to win the Bold 9900 because I still have the original Bold 9000. I love the form factor and the keyboard and exterior design and all functions of the old but the new one would be loads better with all the new bells and whistles!

Looking forward to the 9810. I like the screen real estate combined with the physical keyboard. Too bad the keyboard isn't 9900 awesome but the screen size ends up winning for me.

I would love a Torch 9850/9860 (whichever works on Rogers). I replaced my 9800 with an iPhone 4 and I'd like to replace my iPhone 4 with a sweet full on touch Berry.

i got the playbook without a bb.

unlike other ppl who got a pb BECAUSE they have a bb. I am looking to get a 9900 BECAUSE i have a pb.

-message sent using my pb

Well here's hoping. my 9700's power circuitry is fried so it now thinks 95% battery is empty and powers off.... time to replace it with a bold 9900!

I want the BOLD 9900 because I love the new trackpad with light! Hehe, nah, I love the BOLD models and I have my hands on the 9780, I want more speed please! I'm from Argentina and I have it before new models arrive here, because it is far from that!

Gotta replace my storm 1. Please help me by renewing my faith in blackberry touchscreen phones. Need a 9860.

I would love a Bold 9930 because it is the most handsome device out there. And I want to become one of the rank-and-file Crackberry addicts!

Just come back from Canada (Quebec and Nova Scotia), and I discovered a magnificent Country!
I'd like to have a Bold Touch 9900 because I dreamt of it while I was in Canada.......


I'd like the Blackberry 9900 because it's a perfect update to my 9700. Sometimes I'd just like to touch the screen...

I would love to win a Bold 9900 because that is the BB I wanted them to make two years ago after using the one and only original Bold. Better processor, more memory, touch screen, AND full keyboard. Like my Torch, but it may be starting to die. Will LOVE the new Bold.

I want the Bold 9900 because I love the Blackberry keyboard and my Torch just never quite did it for me like the Bold 9000 did, so I figure the Bold 9900 will sweep me off my feet! I LOVE BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!

I'd love a new BlackBerry 9930 for Verizon, as my 9630 seems bent on perpetually displaying the dreaded timer of death. The 9930 seems to be the solution to this problem and I've been waiting for the proper phone to upgrade to for six months. I even gave my personal upgrade to my sister because I wasn't ready, and hers isn't available for another few months! Please CrackBerry, save me from lag and every-other-day battery pulls!

I want the Torch 9860 so I can for the first time, experience an all-touch blackberry :)

I'd love a Bold 9900, I just picked one up and now my wife is nagging me to get her one, Surely you understand the relentless nature of a nagging wife, Please hook me up and save our marriage. Without this phone I'm destined for divorce, Living alone in a trailer park eating cold beans straight from the can, sitting in soiled underwear cause I'm to damn depressed to leave the couch for anything, my only joy being my Bold 9900 but also my curse as it serves as a constant reminder as to why I'm alone, malnourished, and reeking of urine. Please Crackberry! Help a brother out!

The Blackberry Bold 9900 would complete me!! I hear it in my dreams, its now time to turn it into a reality!


Torch 9860....I love my 9800, but almost never use the physical keyboard so I might as well go all touchscreen, but was highly unimpressed by Storm. Might as well try something new, especially if I'm lucky enough to win it!

hey so i would love to win the torch 9810 as i love the design of being able to use the touchscreen and then flip out the keyboard for me this is great especially since my 9800 is already feeling outdated compared to other blackberrys :)

I'd love to win a Torch 9810. My 9800 is just too slow, but I can't justify the expense of a new one.

It's all about getting the best of the best, so I would be all kinds of happy to get a BlackBerry Bold 9900. Why? Because it would seem kind of silly to pine for a 9780 now, even though that phone would make me happy. :)

would be awesome! Never owned a BB and am addicted to this site over the last few months! Now I NEED one and it's not released yet on my network!!!

the torch 9860, I would like to see the full touch screen action on a blackberry 7 and compare it to my torch that I have now. Plus I think that it is the best one that is coming out.

Blackberry 9900 please and thank you, its time to move forward to the ultimate blackberry touchscreen and legendary keyboard

I would love to have my hands on a new BB 9900. The look and feel of it sound amazing. I never had a chance to use a 9000 and im ready to kick it up a notch from my 9780. I hear many great things about this new Blackberry.

I want that new Bold! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! I use and need my BlackBerry in my day to day law enforcement duties. It keeps my meetings, training and operations on time and in order. Not to mention, it wakes me every morning and musically sings me to sleep at night lol.

Blackberry. The original, smartest phone.

The Blackberry is back berry.
But who ever said it was gone?
Those critics are so wrong.
Making the phone perfect, thin as a dime.
RIM isn't stupid like HTC releasing phones ALL THE TIME.
Touchscreen and "The best keyboard ever" reviews say.
The Blackberry is stronger than ever today.
But to be true I like every mobile OS
Every other one gives me a reason to stress
Androids on screen keyboard makes me cry.
And I said to my iPhone "Goodbye"
When they announced the phones in May.
I dropped my iPhone to the ground and yelled "Hooray"
Back to the Curve I went.
Best time I have spent
Now it's time to upgrade
RIM will never fade.
The new Bold is so very exciting.
For the Bold 9900 this rap I'm writing.

If you didn't get, I would be honored to use a Bold 9900

Cheers to RIM and their great work. Put everyone else to shame :)

I absolutely love my Bold 9930 from Verizon. So much so I want to upgrade my wifes current Bold. Her birthday is right around the corner so this contest is perfect timing.
I upgraded from an S2 and I don't miss the all touch one bit. I have the best of both worlds!!!

I would like to win the Bold9900 please as I really never had something this beautiful before. And it would be a honor if I could win this.

A 9850. I would like one so that finally I can end the argument in my house. I want show my wife why her Android sucks and Blackberry rocks.

I have a Torch 1 and would love a Bold 9900 to replace it. The original Torch is good but I have a need for speed and would like a bigger keyboard. Plus, adding a touchscreen and NFC on top of all that? It's a no-brainer :D

Ha Ha. Won't it be great for me to get this new BB 9900 now ( salivating after reading Kevin's review!) instead of waiting for another year for my Telus sentence to be shortened lol

I'm stuck with an iPhone, I'm tempted with a blackberry bold 9900, It would be amazing if you give the me the opportunity to convert.. :)

Hey I want the bold 9900!! I'm currently using a bold 9000 and I need the upgrade. Just to know that the keyboard on the 9900 is even better than the 9000 makes me drool. Bold 9000 form factor with a touch screen is extremely awesome. The high resolution screen and memory is totally outstanding. My bold 9000 128mb can't compare. Thank you crackberry for this one in a million chance to win a Blackberry phone.
P.S Blackberries rock!! And crackberry rocks even more!!!

I WOULD LOVE A BOLD 9900!!! i switched to android early this year and im coming back to BB JUST for this model!!

i would love a torch 9860, because it would be a really great replacement for my pearl flip, and it would be great with my playbook!

The 9900 for sure its the best BlackBerry ever in my opinion. Has the best of both worlds in a form factor that was the favorite of all time!

I NEED to win a BlackBerry Bold 9900! Why? It's so thin, sleek and sexy that my hands are dying to get a hold of it! It also doesn't hurt that it has OS 7, liquid graphics, NFC, a magnetometer, a rapid browser, a touch screen AND a QWERTY keyboard! Please pick me and give my hands the opportunity to hold this beauty for the rest of my days! I never win anything from Crackberry, so let us change that!

I never win any of these contests. Been following you guys since the beginning. Hook me up with a bold pls!

A Bold 9930 (sprint) please!

Im a college student paying with loans taken out in my name (johns hopkins is expensive!!!) I have a curve 9330 but its broken and most of the keys dont work! Ive had about 12 defective tours and curves, no upgrade till next december!!!! Plus the phone is pure. sex.


Just what I've been waiting for! A bold 1 re-incarnate with everything we wished for. Slimmer design, trackpad, better camera and that lovely and spacious keyboard we have come to love. I'd definitely ascend to heaven if I get a bold touch on my hands!!

Great Contest! I would like to try out the Blackberry Bold 9900 for At&t. Reason being that I have an iphone and have been very please with the new features of the new blackberry. I've never been a fanboy of any phone. I've had Android and iPhone and now I am interested in trying Blackberry and BBM

I would love to have a Blackberry bold 9930. I have just ordered one for me on my 2 year upgrade, switching from a Motorola Droid. The phone wouldn't be for me but for my lovely wife who has been an avid blackberry user for 4 years. right now she is sporting the curve 9330, but really wanted the torch when it came out, but we are not on AT&T, so when the 9930 came out I showed it to her and she fell in love. I wanted to give her my upgrade but I just couldn't handle the droid anymore, I am so ready to get back to the superior product of a Blackberry!!!

I would love a torch 9810 because I have a torch 9800 now, and it feels so underpowered and I always get the spinning clock! I have realized that I could get so much more done if I had 9810. No more spinning clock, and I could do everything the second I tap the screen. Plus, I get to keep the best part about the torch, and that's the slide out keyboard! Also, I could keep the auto focus camera. All in all, I could get things done so much faster with the new 9810, so I am PRAYING that sends one my way! Thank you crackberry for all the great news and contests you host. It's because of you that I am such a big fan of RIM and my Blackberry!

i thought about a 9900 after reading your review but i think i prefer a larger screen and i prefer the physical keyboard so 9810 it is!!

I will like to win a BB Torch 9850 because of the big screen. My eyes are not as good as they used to be. Love how you can zoom the scren on the full touch screen. I don't care if Adam doesn't like the virtual keyboard (refer to his review yesterday) LOL......
I've been waiting for this phone for the longest time, I'm not lying. Go and ask the reps at my local Sprint Store here in Orlando FL.

Would be great to have a Torch 9810, virtual and real key board, large touch screen, the most secure OS out there, what more could you ask for?

The 9900 because I have it and its just the best phone on the martket right now. I want a free one to give to my wife, she is a Iphone user and I need to convert her :D

pick me!!!!
I made the mistake of switching to an iPhone and I regret it so much.

I want a bold 9900 to bring back the blackberry awesome keyboard and bbm to my life!!
help me out crackberry!

I find the Bold 9900 to be the best looking Blackberry, even compared to all the new Blackberry 7 phones. Featuring both the best qwerty keyboard created by the Gods combined to a very responsive touch screen. Crackberry Kevin is right by giving it a 9/10 on his review which is a better grade than any other bb 7 one. So I really wish I could get my hands on my own Bold 9900 on Rogers.
Thanks CB !

Hey, I'm game! I'd like to see how the 9860 compares to my Torch1 and Storm2. Besides, if I Win I just may shut up about the PlayBook. Maybe.

A Bold 9930 (specifically for Sprint) would be the bee's knees. I've got a non-BB smartphone. I feel spectacularly deprived because of three things:

-The keyboard on this phone couldn't type its way out of a wet paper bag.
-My emails just kind of sit in the ether for up to 6 hours before being answered because I can't set to check any more often than that due to the awful, awful battery life.
-The manufacturer (and Sprint) has basically pulled all support for this OS and left me with no hope for updates. I've got a year left on my contract and I'm stuck with a phone that won't even get minor bug fixes ever again.

So, really, you'd be doing a good deed for some random jerk on the internet. I've been lusting after that phone since I first saw rumblings that it was coming to Sprint (on this site, no less).

Some people may ask what you would do for a Klondike Bar. Screw a Klondike Bar, I want a Bold.

pick me!!!! because im not paying $300 for a 2 year agreement with the colt right around the corner!

I would love a Bold 9900 because my 9000 is sooo outdated and slow. Thank you Crackberry for the upgrade.