CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to WIN a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The reviews are in, and it's unanimous... the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are the SWEETEST BlackBerry phones yet! So following up our reviews of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 we're giving a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win one, free of charge.

HOW TO ENTER:  Just login to CrackBerry and leave us a comment to this post! In your comment, be sure to tell us which BlackBerry 7 Smartphone you want and why! 

Other Details: Contest is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight ET on August 31st, 2011. Please leave only one comment to this post. We'll announce the winner September 1st here on the blogs.  Good Luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!



Torch 9860. I'm on AT&T, and I'm getting older and need a bigger screen and don't want to have to go to iphone!

I'll be taking a plunge with the 9860! I havn't owned a BB before. but I'm pretty excited. There were other smart phones but you need a Data. I'm looking to be able just email for now for business and perhaps leave it open later for a data plan.
But I really like how BB are setup for the business person, rather then a media toy.
I do a lot of illustration and storyboard work. And the big screen for the 9860 would be perfect to display porfolio for potential clients/network at a moments notice.
All I need is a release date for the 9860.... woot! excited

We both had BB Pearls and I recently upgraded to a Bold 9780 and her upgrade is for November, 2011. She likes my Bold and was looking at the new 9900, but I think she would like the Torch 9860 better.

Being in the public's eye all day, i purchased the PB first day, and promoted it to all my colleagues and doctors to invest in one. If i can get a BB 9900 to show case the power of bridge, i might just get my whole team to switch to BB and PB combo...Blackberry and Peanut Butter;) lol sounds good to me!

Hi ! I wish I could have Bold 9900. It's amazing phone - big keyboard, touchscreen, new OS 7..perfect ! Thanks :)

I would be very appreciative to win a Bold 9930 for Verizon. I really want to replace my Iphone and this would be the perfect device to do it.

omg I love crackberry you guys have the best contest ever!!! I need to win this phone b/c I desperately want a the new 9930. Please pick me!!!

definitely a bold 9900,

I wanted this thing when it was rumored 2 years ago, plus thinnest bb ever (not that that is something that matters to me, but bragging rights are bragging rights) also, although people seem to be bashing the all-focus camera, i'd actuallt like to give it a try. it be nice not to slide up my screen to reply to a msg. (not a virtual keyboard type of guy)

also, posting a comment is easier than going on a "wild goose chase" lol.

Man I love the new phones. I have had a 8900 for a couple a years and it's been a work horse but its been white screening on me now so a new phone is what I need now.

Started with a Motorola StarTac, then an Ericson, Nokia, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericson, Samsung, HTC and now on a Nokia N900. You know what they say, you leave the best to last - Blackberry. And my opinion, the best of the best is the new Torch 9810.

I want one! I have entered so many contest on crackberry and won nothing, maybe this is the one?? Let's just hope that I will have my new Bold Touch 9900...

I need a blackberry..
Any Blackberry for my sister...
I wanna give her a phone
and She will be happy if she will have one
we can talk everytime without wastin too much money


The Bold 9900 - Because I'm still using a Bold 9000 and I want the great keyboard with upgraded specs!

I've never won anything in my life *terrible luck* and the 9900 would be a great start.. on my knees CRACKBERRY

I would like to have a 9930 so I have something to look forward too when I get back from my deployment :D

US Air Force Huah!

Torch 9860 - I really want to try jumping into the all-touch world and forsake my trusty keyboard for all that screen real-estate!

I m in for this contest to win the last BlackBerry Torch 9810. In my opinion this is the most versatile device produced by RIM ! Rather larger screen for web browsing, nice hard keyboard, and a cool design.

I hope it will be mine :)

I would love to have the 9900. The specs are awesome and I like how the design reminds me of my old Blackberry Bold 9000; my first love... <3

I'd LOVE a Bold 9900 to replace my SO OLD Sony Ericsson K750i !! The bold looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm too poor to afford a new one! i need this crackberry! :P

4G bridge with my PB! At long last a keyboard to satisfy my nostalgia for my 8820! And the touch screen as a cherry on top!?!?! Whats not to love!? Blackberry 9900 over here! Thanks Crackberry!!!!!!

i hope i win this time after so many times i entered crackberry contest.. so give me my blackberry bold 9900 because i WANT IT!!!!

The 9850/60 would be excellent and I'd rather that be my first all touchscreen device than anything else :)

Looking for a 9810. Sexy touchscreen, keyboard... Best of both worlds! I'd want it to give to my lovely wife to be!

I would appreciate winning a Blackberry Bold 9930, well, because it's the world's greatest phone/hockey player! Need to replace this 9000...

I want a 9900, because of its sweet keyboard, its amazing touch and it just looks sweet!!! I love the metal trim around the phone.

What more do you want!!!!

Would love to win a 9850/60. Been waiting semi-patiently for a true touch screen BB.

Thanks for the chance!


I'd really like to have a 9900. I'd been using a 9000 since it first came out and swore by it and was awaiting its full size replacement. Unfortunately my firm consolidated our accounts under Bell and gave us 9780s - way too small for my meat hook hands. I need to get back to a real Bold.

i would love to win the 9930(?) for sprint. little disappointed in them for changing my upgrade date from July of this year to May of next. Finances have also been pretty tough. I love my 9650 but I think I'm starting to wear it out. Thanks for letting me give it a try.

i would love the bold 9930, I had a tour and switched to the thunderbolt and I hate it, want to get back to a blackberry so i can give my mother my thunderbolt and get her off of her htc 6900 with stylus.

I would love the new 9900 because i have always been up to date on every blackberry bold made thus far! I also loooove that they have gone back to the original bold 9000 look. This looks like the best BB made so far. I would love to get to use one!

I need a new 9900 because I travel all over the world with my Bold 9700. My 9700 is slowly falling apart and eventually will give out, starting with the keyboard due to overuse and "abuse"
I don't want to renew my t_mobile contract to get the new Bold 9900.

I would love to have a BB 9900, because of the keyboard, form factor and touchscreen. The new Bold exudes luxury and is the new standard in performance innthe BB line-up. Please, OH PLEASE!!!!! Let me win this device! Thanks CB Team!

I want the 9930 because it has a keyboard and touchscreen!!! I'm not a fan of all touch phones, and HAVE TO have a physical keyboard....VZW won't support a Torch 9810, so the Bold would be awesome!!!!

i would love love love love love LOVE to win the bb 9900 to use with tmobile! its my absolute dream blackberry! thanks for another awesome contest!!!

I'd have to go for the 9930 for Verizon. It sounds like the keyboard can't be beat and the addition of a touchscreen would make navigation super easy. My 8530 is reaching its limits!

Been rocking the 9000 since it came out and even though I've had the iPhone 4, various Android and Nokia phones, I still go back to the original Bold. Would love to win its successor!

I would love a new 9930 Blackberry. My first Blackberry was a 957 and I've been a fan ever since. I love the increased memory in the 9930 (3rd party apps junkie) and the touch screen with keyboard looks great!

As a beggar, I will not be choosey. Whichever phone will work on Sprint. I'll be happy to accept it with a smile and pleasant "Thank You"

Awesome contest :D I would love a Blackberry Bold 9900 because it is the best Blackberry yet and I have been keeping up with it for a long time! I even felt a model of the phone and it feels amazing haha even though so many people bash on blackberry I am still very loyal to blackberry :D keep up the good work!

Let's see android and iphone compete with this one! Count me in to prove the skeptics wrong! Rim is running strong!

I would love a Live BB especially a 9930 its the perfect business tool along with the ability to customize it to your preferences awesome Job RIM.

Please please please I want a Bold 9900! I want it because it is the BEST BlackBerry ever. Its spacious QWERTY keyboard and 2.8'' touch screen make the iPhone look like a toy. With best-in-class communication capabilities, including BBM 6.0, it is for people who mean business (me).

I want a BlackBerry Bold 9900 because it is the king of BlackBerry's with a perfect combination of touch and keyboard! :)

I would love a new Bold because I am currently using an unlocked t-mobile branded 9780 on AT&T and cannot get 3g because the two networks use different bands. I also think OS 6 has been fairly buggy throughout and am ready to try OS 7!

This just might be the longest response thread ever!

I'm in and could totally use a new 9900. The original Bold is the best form factor ever especially for my fat sausage fingers!!

I would love to win a BlackBerry Bold 9900, I want that keyboard I don't want to use the 9780 or 9800 keyboard anymore at least for now. The touch screen is nice for certain tasks and I just have to have BB 7. I hope I win.

OMO! I would love to win a BB 9900! I was planning on jumping ship and going to i5 but if I were to win a 9900...

Torch 9810

OMG... I have wanted a speedier torch since mine came out. I am sick of all the captivate users giving me crap at work because my phone is slower than theirs.

Not to mention that I could really use the new hardware features for the application development I am working on.

Hey guys!! I would LOVE to win the Torch 9860. I owned the Storm and it was a little than....ok. I upgraded to the Storm 2 and loved it. Now I'm waiting for the next generation but since they did away with the Storm family, the Torch will give me my BB Tochscreen fix! Plus my birthday is on Aug. 20th and this would be a great present for a Blackberry lover!! Thanks!!

I would love a new Bold Touch 9900! A touchscreen and a physical keyboard; the best combination for ANY smartphone!

I'm still using an original Storm. I think its time for an upgrade. I have absolutely no use for a physical keyboard so I would be more than happy with a 9850/9860!

I would love a get a bold 9900 for the awesome keyboard and touchscreen! My torch 9800 is seriously going to die soon!!!! :(

I need the Bold 9900 in my busy work life. I work my crackberry to the fullest and my 9800 can't keep up & the keyboard is too cramped. The Blackberry Gods have delivered a masterpiece which is a must in my life

I would LOVE Winning a Bold 9900,
because 2011 has been one of the best year I've lived so far, except for the one area that I can't control... money...
Everything in my life seems to get to the better except this area (but I'm still very optimistic about it and keeping in mind that everything happens for a GOOD reason), and right now affording a new factory unlocked Blackberry is quite impossible.
The 9900 is my favorite device in between the latest Blackberry since, I don't think that it can ever get any better than having a touch-screen, BB7, and a fast processor, all packed in the Blackberry classic design.
Keeping my finger crossed!!
And last but not least, Thanks Crackberry for making the dreams of many people who are in a situation such as mine come true :D

I would really like any of the new bb 7 smart phones but after having my 9800 I would love to stick with the same sort of device so I would prefer the 9810!

I would love Blackberry bold 9900 because I think its just pure genius and I need to get rid of my 8520 but the problem is I live on a small island in the caribbean a we only get new devices a year after its release and the prices are through the roof ....I ended up paying 500 us dollars for my curve and I really can't afford a new blackberry and ppl who have used the 8520 know that after 2 years the hardware of the device start to deteriorate. I have buttons on the side. So that means I can't adjust the volume while playing music and the dedicated music keys on the top of The device arte quickly begining to take on that trend .. Please pick me I'm in dire need for a new blackberry and even beTer the device of my dreams........ :))

Want that screen real estate and autofocus camera for an awesome media experience but can't live without a keyboard so slider it is!

The bold 9900 would be the best device for me!
Really love the bold series used the 9000 and have the 9700 at the moment.
I love them! The only thing lacking is a touch-screen. It is ideal to use navigating the menus, en use it in the browser.

Bold form-factor and keyboard + a touchscreen = The best combination!

Good luck everyone! =) I want the new 9930 to complement my Playbook! Physical keyboard and swipe touchscreen goodness is a perfect match!

I would love either AT&T bb. I had the 9700 which I loved but it got wet and had a wonky
couple of keys so I updated to the Torch 9800 in white because it was cheap and I always
wanted a hot white phone!! Within a couple of weeks of getting my Torch they announced
7 series of blackberries!! Now i don't need a new phone but I sure would LOVE a faster

Absolutely the BB Bold 9900 as i like my BB devices with no movable parts. Its form factor is fantastic and its just down ride sexy. Here's trying my luck at getting one with this post.

I would love to have new bold 9900!
My firs BB was 8100 then 8900 then 9700 and right now 9780!
Would be nice to have 9900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been an avid Blackberry user for about 5 years now. I started with the Nextel 7100i back in 2006. I then started working for Sprint and moved to the Pearl later in the year. After that I enjoyed the 8820. Then Motorola kicked out a Windows device that I tried for 30 days. NEVER AGAIN!!. I went back to my Sprint Blackberry and had that until 2009. I moved network providers and went with the AT&T 8310 and then to the Blackberry 9700 for the 3G capability. I have been waiting for the first 4G Blackberry to arrive and now can't wait to get one. I always have the latest software installed on my device and look forward to trying the OS 7. I hope that with this contest I will get to share my experience with everyone on Crackberry. Thanks for reading!!

I would love to win the Blackberry Bold 9900 and let me tell you why. I love and it would be fruitless for me to get on 100 times a day if I did not own a Blackberry!!!!!

i want a bold 9930 so i can rub it in the faces of all my iphoney friends and be like "yeah thats right" all david putty like..

A Torch 9810, please. I'd like to have the great BB keyboard but also a larger screen. Thanks! I'll be waiting to hear.

If I win do I have to choose from the currently released ones or can I request to wait for the rumoured 9790. I would love this for my wife. If not she can have the 9900.

Moldova, my country is always late with BBs, so I would love to use the brand new BB9970 beside my epic Bold:) hope this time I'll be the winner:) cheers!


I'm still using the Bold 9000 because its simply the best qwerty keyboard in the world. I have not been temped to buy the previous bolds 9700, 9780 because I didn't like how RIM went to a smaller size. It didn't seem "BOLD" to me. The screen got smaller and the qwerty keys were more cramp and i just didn't like that. Those bolds weren't "man" phones anymore. I have been always upgrading my bold 9000 with each OS5 software that came out over the past years because its a great commuication device fore email,text and of course bbm. My 9000 is still going strong and is in great condition! The Bold 9900 is the dream BB phone I've been waiting all these years because of the 6% wider keyboard, a 2.8 touch screen which is bigger than the classic bold 9000, and all the OS7 bells&whistles. And even though the NFC has been out for a couple of years, its going to sweet to try it on a Blackberry!

Please hit me up with a 9900 cause it totally kicks but and I'm sure the ladies will go wild over it!

I would love to have the new 9900/9930. It will take a while to get it here in Germany. The 9900 is the perfect combination of a QWERTZ and a touchscreen. I think it's the best phone on the market right now - if you want to be productive!

This is my time to WIN, this is my last chance to get on top like RIM! 9900..... after considering it and reconsidering it.... being pissed off and still wanting it! reading reviews... seeing the negatives and the positives! The weaker camera, the lower memory, battery complaints vs. the most amazing keyboard on a smartphone ever, touch screen, super fast and oh soo beautiful! The best BlackBerry ever, and after everything i still want this phone over anything else and want to continue being a Blackberry/Crackberry follower! I still believe in RIM. Its a love hate relationship that hopefully the good comes on top in the end! 9900 it is for me! I have never won anything on Crackberry... lately i have just been venting my anger and hoping someone gives me the positive feedback i need to carry on... but no luck! Just a little has been given! I'm still fighting the negatives that are mostly overcome by the positives! I was going to sell my two classics to get this phone, so maybe this too can be my attempt at winning the 9900 and having luxury of keeping my 9700 and 9650 as collectors items just as i have my 8320 and 7290! This is my time to WIN! Make me a winner crackberry team... Consider it! I've been losing a lot here lately, so this might be my time to get on top as RIM is doing with the new phones! With my new Bold 9900 i can continue doing what i do best, converting family members and friends into Blackberry fans and owners... as well as attacking the Dark Side (android and iPhone owners and users) about what the best smartphone is! Blackberrys all the way! Lately i have become depressed with everything and the Dark Side is tempting me.... If Crackberry cares enough about the RIMPIRE they are creating... time to keep one of their own Berry Jedis in it! Long Live RIM...

I would LOVE a brand new BlackBerry Bold 9900!

This would be the first blackberry I've owned and having this as my first would be a great experience! I'm looking forward to getting this new phone and to experience BlackBerry for the first time.

I'd love to get my hands on the BB 9900 as I've had enough of my I4 and I'm convinced that the 9900 is a higher quality communication device for calling/messaging as a primary service and secondarily using the phone as a toy, for example apps and such.

Plus with the new 9900 my GF will be able to get in touch with me at all times, whereas with the I4 I sometimes miss calls as the reception is subpar and then I get questioned as to why I didn't answer her calls ! :)


I no no no......correction, I neeeeeeeeed an OS7 Crackberry! Can I haz one plz? Pretty plz? lol

I would love a new BlackBerry Torch 9810 Im hardcore addicted!! more speed and more room for apps!! yes please b'y

I want a Torch 9810. Simply because it's what should've been released the first time around, and it's a luxury that was only in my head, until now!

I forgot to mention that I have the 9670, style...the STYLE. If there is any phone that didn't get much love it is that one. PLEASE help a latino brotha out.

P.S. 9930 for Sprint Please.

I'd love a BlackBerry Bold 9900 because CrackBerry says it's the best BlackBerry to date!!

Thanks CB!

I could post a million reasons why i NEED the Bold 9930... One of those reasons would be because I'm currently the owner of a Curve 3g and as you know the Curve 3g has a very cheap feeling to it and I definitely need to know what the Luxury of the new BOLD 9930 is like... Also I've never had a Bold (always wanted one) so what better way to start than with the Gretsky!!

I would love a 9900 because this torch keyboard just isn't cutting it, best keyboard ever plus a touchscreen? Yes please.

l would like to win a 9930. So I will not have listen to my wife cry about me having my new phone.

I'd LOVE a Bold 9900 because it is the best BB ever, and probably the best BB to be a legacy device before QNX devices start showing up.

I've had the same BlackBerry Tour 9630 for 2 years (same PIN, same phone) and it is time to retire Ol' Reliable. The BlackBerry Bold 9930 would be the Ultimate Replacement for my current phone.

My vision is poor, I am almost blind in my right eye and need the Torch 9850 so that I can see the screen. Please consider me to win this phone.

I want the Blackberry 9900! I currently use the 9700 with OS 6 and want the 9900 because I am tired of the hourglassing on my 9700!!!

i would like the blackberry torch 9850 for verizon. i currently have the storm 2 and the wife wont let me get a new device for another few years.

The 9860, or whatever version Verizon will have, would be great for many reasons:

- I have a Storm 2, so I will never see an OS 6 update, let alone OS 7. No one develops for it anymore, including RIM and Verizon.

- I work at a university and it would be great to get an OS 7 device right off the bat so I can be ready to support the users here who might come in with one.

- I also want to see how it connects up to a BESx. :)

I want the iPhone 5 because it includes the new iOS and... No, wait! D: (What the..!? Why did i write that? Nooo, i'll get banned frome here and won't get my smarthphone T.T And now Kevin will sent Terminator to kill me for having said something so profane in!) I mean, umm i want the Torch 9810 because it's amazing :D and... (Uh? O_o What are you doing here Arnold Swarzen...~BANG!~BROOOOOOM!~..... X_X

Oh 9900 you are the berry for me,
So sweet and beautiful everyone can see
Your owners become enviable among men,
Why? Push email, flawless design and of course, bbm!

As usual Kevin, you really know how to bring'em in. I would love to add a 9850 to my collection of awesome BB's. I was up in the air on which one to get and the 9850 lost, but here's a chance to get it. Love the site...

i used to use a blackberry 8830,then i lost my job in 2008,and it took me 3years to get a job in this recession,i finally got one last week (started on june the 5th,but i was working through a temp agency,now im on permanent after just a month rather than the usual 3 months,now that i can afford a cellphone bill,i would like to get the 9860 for free,rather than paying the the $500+ for it,so i can get it on lunch day without saving up for months months and months

I would LOVE to get a bold 9900 - I follow the blackberry world via for years now.
It's high time to stop only beeing a fan - and start hands-on with the best communication machine ever!

I would definitely love to win the Bold 9900. They keyboard and the overall design is just AMAZING. Even people who aren't RIM fans have to appreciate just how amazing this phone is!

I would like the Bold 9930. I'm not currently a Blackberry user, but I plan on making the 9930 my next phone. A full keyboard and a touchscreen combination is right up my alley—my current smartphone has that combination, but is a slider. The Bold has a wonderful form factor and just has that Blackberry sex appeal! I just started grad school, and being able to manage my email from anywhere in a system that screams excellence in that domain would be a boon. And one of the best keyboards in the business? A texter's dream!—and I'm a huge texter.

Thanks for the great opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

The new Blackberry 7 Smartphone I would love to receive would, without a doubt, be the Bold 9900. Ever since the original Bold 9000 was released in May 08, I was one of the first to get it among my friends, and no matter all the jokes and comments, I have stated loyal to it! To this day, I am still using it, because I just love the keyboard and everything of it. However, I feel the time to upgrade is imminent.

When I heard that the Bold 9900 was being released, I knew the KING was coming back to reclaim it's throne as the BEST Blackberry smartphone. I've read every review, watched all the hands-on videos, and I know that should be my next phone. I am with Fido, and since they are not offering it, this would be perfect for me.

The combination of the new keyboard and touch is something I dreamed of back in 2008. I would always tell my friends that once that phone comes out, people will stop questioning the power of RIM's devices. I contemplated many times if I should have wrote a letter to RIM, perhaps just giving them a little indication as to what phone would be, to be honest, LEGIT.

Little did I know that dream would come true. Now, I hope one more dream of mine can.

I would absolutely love a 9930 to replace my 9650! I have a need for the speed of the 9930 running OS 7! Thank you and may the force be with all of us as "The RIMpire Strikes Back"!! Darth Vader only wishes he had a force so strong!

My dinosaur 9700 is on its last legs, please help me replace it with a shiny new 9900! Big screen, big keyboard, beautiful styling...who cares about QNX? This is the BlackBerry I've been waiting for!

I want, no, NEED, the new Blackberry Bold 9930:

A). My parents will NOT let me buy a phone over $200, unless it's free.
B). Touch Screen + QWERTY Keyboard = AWESOMENESS ( Which Apple hasn't thought of... Yet)

There's probably a 1/376274468365983598359857.004645 chance of me winning, but hey :D

I would absolutely love to win a bold 9900! I've been using my torch so much its falling apart!! I need the best made blackberry to date so it will last me a while!

Blackberry 9810 all the way. Finally the dream machine that I have been waiting for. Keyboard and touchscreen and CPU upgrade to my 9800. Have been waiting for another player to create this form factor - and the Dell Venue pro is really the only one that came close - but they botched it.

Not sure why everyone does not love this form factor - I think that it is the best ever.

Bold 9900 for me, please. Actually, it's for the wife, but it will make my life a lot easier since I won't have to listen to her constant complaining about her 'old, useless' phone.

I like the Bold 9900 for the following reasons:
1) the superior QWERTY keyboard
2) The new touch screen
3) the new BB OS 7
4) the excellent processors and hardware
5) Mostly because BB smartphones offers what matters: connectivity, productivity, security and a quality solid technology.


Blackberry 9930 because it is my last chance with RIM and Sprint before I give in to the iPhone. Hopefully, the 9930 will change my mind. A BB qwerty and touchscreen with the Bold's form factor (I can't stand the Torch's slider) is what I've been waiting for.

I want a curve 9370 because although it is not 'officially' announced yet, it would be my first Blackberry and i was so disappointed when it wasn't announced with the other bb7 devices (however this could be for a important reason ;) ). On top of this the curve keyboard in my opinion has a nicer feel to it. Furthermore an all improved camera and 800MHz processor might make this the best value for money smartphone yet.

I would love to win the BlackBerry Torch 9810 because if its the closest to melding BlackBerry with The Matrix and their now legendary slider phones...

Its a good thing Neo didnt have a BlsckBerry during The Matrix otherwise he'd be too busy BBM'ing to save the world!!

Wow ... I would love a Bold 9900 because it's thin and looks much faster then the Bold 9700 that I am currently using.
I've always been a BB user, and never had one of those 'other' phones.


I would love to have the new 9930 to replace my 9650 -- the keyboard looks wonderful, and the touchscreen looks amazing with those liquid graphics. Woot!

Count me in for the contest! If I had the honor of being the lucky recipient to my chose of BlackBerry OS 7 I would choose the Tourch 9850, that way I would have two OS 7 devices the other of course being the OS 7 Bold.

I had the orignal Bold 9000 & was disapointed when they released the curve style 9700 vs the upscale original Bold design. This is my dream berry.

i would really really really love a bold 9900 to replace my curve 8520 its been faithful but right now its falling apart slowly. i do love me a blackberry :)

I would love to get back to rocking a BlackBerry again with a 9930. That phone from everything I've seen looks total BA. Really hope I win so I can get back on the crack...berry. :)

As I type this on my iPod touch, I would love to have a bold 9930 but I can't afford it! Sprint Bold touch is $249 and that's a whole lot of money I don't have.. Plus on top of that I don't have an upgrade til sept 2012.. :-(

Bold 9900 please! The only reason I want a series 7 is because my sister has a 9900 and I need something that's just as good as hers. Technically it would be better because it would be free. hahahaha "Sibling Rivalry"

I would love to take home a new 9900!....My 9550 has been through a lot including 2 screens...and I'm stuck in 2003 with only EDGE data speeds while bridged to my PlayBook with t-mobile :(.

Would luv the torch 9810 to replace my 9800 - use, live and love my blackberry for work, home and play and just LOVE it soooooooo much, the need for speed and the extra features of the torch 2 would be SOOOOOOOO sweet :)

I would really love a 9900! I currently have 9700 which I can't live without. A 9900 would simply be awesome! Crossing my fingers that I win :)

Please pick me! I loved to have the New Blackberry Bold 9900. With its great processor and huge amount of internal memory, plus the sleek design, it is definitely the must have blackberry device at the moment. Crackberry should give me one :)

After going from a Razr to a Torch 9800, I would love to move up to a 9810. The move to Blackberry was one of the great technology decisions I have made. Messed around with my Husbands Android device and that just wasn't for me.

I'd love a new bold 9900. I have had every bold and the original bold is by far my favorite and I am excited to see that form come back and revamped.

This would be sweet to win anything especially a new phone. I already have a new Bold 9900, so I want to win one to give to my girlfriend, she's still rocking her 8100. This would be a nice surprise for her if I won :D. Good luck to all!

Count me in but which to choose? I'm torn on a 9860 or a 9930. Love the screen on the Torch but like the NFC possibilities with the Bold.

OMG I've been waiting for years to get the Bold 9930! Ever since the Storm came out I've wanted a touch screen Blackberry but didn't want to sacrifice the keyboard. Then my dream phone, the Torch, came out but only on AT&T's sucky network. So the Bold 9930 will finally be my new phone once it comes out in Verizon stores next week!

The Bold 9900 because it is a indication that RIM has realized what it is and has stopped trying to be something it is not.

"Never forget who you are, for surely the world won’t. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you." – Tyrion Lannister

i would love a Torch 9810! because i want to change my torch 9800!! pleaseeee....give it to meeeee! i am argentinian..