CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to WIN a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The reviews are in, and it's unanimous... the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are the SWEETEST BlackBerry phones yet! So following up our reviews of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 we're giving a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win one, free of charge.

HOW TO ENTER:  Just login to CrackBerry and leave us a comment to this post! In your comment, be sure to tell us which BlackBerry 7 Smartphone you want and why! 

Other Details: Contest is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight ET on August 31st, 2011. Please leave only one comment to this post. We'll announce the winner September 1st here on the blogs.  Good Luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!



What a contest! I would have to say the Torch 9850 so I could say I have the BB with the biggest screen I can get

If I win, could I please get the Torch 9860, since it's not coming to T-Mobile it would be nice to have one.

Definitely the Emperors most Boldiest Slickest and Phenomenal Bold 9900!
And if I win,the Force will be a part of me,For Sure. ;);););)

I really need this phone blackberry is my fav. My blackberry 8520 broke at the same time i lost my job at bjs whosale club. i didnt have the money to get a new or used black berry. i had to buy a phone from my friend. It is a used tmobile dash phone, the worst phone ever. The battery life sucks, trying to read my emails sucks, turning on the phone sucks, texting suck and trying to get my missed calls or voicemail from youmail does not work on it. i had it with this phone. please if possible, you guys can help me out very much with a new phone.

9860, Love the touch screen and multi tasking abilities! And I need an upgrade as in yesterday...this 8520 just isn't cutting it! Lol

Heck with the blackberry how about the woman in the picture. Shes hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would be nice to win though. The bb that is.

Roger's 9900! Always thought since the 9000 that the bold should have a touch screen. Finally its here and I can't afford it! I recently upgraded my contract so thats out of the question as well sadly:(
Thanks to CB I now have a chance to own one. It would be an awesome opportunity to finally win something from this amazing website!



i have my eye on the Torch 9810 -- i've always thought that the physical qwerty keyboard was one of the superior features of the Bberry family of products and coupling this with a large form factor, high quality touchscreen seems like a killer combination.

i can scarcely wait for my contract to expire at the end of the year so i can justify upgrading!!!

Hell just in time I need to replace my tour and what better way then with the newest and cool bb's

I love the Bold form Factor+Full Keyboard. Touchscreen is great on it. So i really want to win a Bold 9900. :-)

I would like the Blackberry Bold 9900 just because of the new software. The touchscreen doesn't really standout to me, but it would definitely be an added plus. I got my Blackberry Pearl 8100 from ebay for two years now. As soon as I held it, it just felt right. I'm due for an upgrade soon and the 9900 is exactly what I'm looking for, but money is problem so lets hope i win. (=D

I need a new hot girlfriend, Bold 9900 will be my best bet! So much love i have for her!

A new 9930 would would make the the king among my droid friends who are unhappy with their phones. Ahhhh, to be king!

Blackberry Bold 9930. I just don't have the funds now to buy a new phone so I am still stuck with my Tour that the speaker no longer works. If I do not hear or feel the vibration I miss the call.

I walk hand in hand with my friends and their iPhone and Android, each one. Me and my friends we are different but equal. I embrace my world with my love...
So i will go ahead well renovate with the new OS7 ... if do not steal before. :

I've had my Bold 9000 for a while now, I get the spinning hourglass at least 4 times a day forcing a battery pull each time. The limited 128mb of memory doesn't go very far with apps and I'm tired of having to uninstall apps to make room for updates of other apps. I rely on my phone heavily as I do a lot of work with social media. So this phone just doesn't cut it and yet I'm not due for an upgrade for another year.

I would love to have a 9790. But since it won't be available in the next decade, I'd love to have a 9900, mostly for work. The touch screen would come in handy when I'm working in the rain or I'm covered in cocncrete, good screen protector and saves the trackpad from getting scratched. Anyway. Pick me :) lol

I volunteer for a couple of recscues that save dogs and cats. Comminications are done almost exclusively by email and web. I could really use a more current BB :)

I Want The New BLACKBERRY BOLD 9930 So I Can Rub It In All The iPhones Users Faces How Much Better Of A Phone It Is ...

I want a Torch 9850 from Sprint because its world phone capabilities would REALLY help me with my job (which involves a lot of travel) and getting things done.

I have just recently fell in love with Blackberry as of September 12, 2010, before the news of the Blackberry 7 devices even surfaced. On September 12, 2010 I purchased the best phone device ever, in my opinion, which was the Blackberry Torch 9800. Specs include 5MP camera, 624 mhz processor, 360 x 480 resolution, 512MB of RAM, and 4G of internal memory with expandable mcroSD slot to supported up to an extra 32G. Reading rumors of new Blackberry devices possibly released in 3Q of 2011 made me feel like my phone was already outdated. Getting closer to the 3Q of 2011 more and more solid information surfaced as to what new devices were going to be released by Blackberry. As soon as they announced the Bold 9900/9930 which had a processor almost twice as fast, liquid graphics which allowed a clearer resolution on the screen, and twice as much internal memory, just to name a few specs, made me feel like I had to get it. Once rumors about a possible Torch 2 were clarified, it was definitely a "must have" for me. The phone I would LOVE to have in my possession would be the Blackberry Torch 9810. The quite impressive 1.2 ghz processor doubles the speed of the Blackberry 9800. Other specs of the Blackberry Torch 9810 includes: Blackberry 7 OS, 768MB of RAM, 8G of internal with expandable microSD slot to support up to 36G of memory, 720 HD video recording, HSPA+ high speeds to support up to 14.4 mbs (which is TRUE 4G), voice activated search, and 720 x 640 screen resolution. Quite a leap from the original Blackberry Torch 9800 which set the bar for Blackberrys' combination of the QWERTY keyboard and the touch screen experience. While keeping the innovative slider screen from the Torch 9800, the Torch 9810 is proven to be a spectacle once released.

9900 is my choice!
The device is snappy with all those hardware parts, BlackBerry7 with its new features. The smrtphone itself is an art piece: the full, augmented keyboard, the bigger screen, capacitive touch to turn the whole user experience into a new concept for BlackBerry users... Simply, love it!

I have 2 Androids, one personal, one for work .......they will, repeat WILL be replaced by 2 of the new Blackberries, wish I had never left the Blackberry family ..........enough said

Torch 2 9860 GSM/HSPA+ is the must have mobile phone. It has all features that a business person needs at a glance. While the other players are looking for entertainment, RIM continues to focus on more productive, business-driven interface and performance. The built-in NFC in is the water divisor and comes to show who plays as business tool provider. For those waiting for QNX on further BB phones, forget it. Look at Playbook, oh please, QNX comes to show what mobility is running on a true multitasking platform. Wait the Andoid Player to come out and imagine iOS player!? The platform is capable to virtualize anything and full supports Flash, make the Internet experience seamlessly as you were on your desktop. I'm a software engineer for long time and as the Torch 2 is available I will be the first in line. Thanks!

9900 Bold Touch... Simply a fantastic device :) Or so i've heard :( The touch screen, the physical keyboard, the original bold form factor... everything just done right!!!!! I would LOVE to own my very own... And i'm hoping that this is my chance to do just that... *praying*

This has to be the best contest ever. Being a current 9800 owner, I have to go with the 9810. I like options. Suretype virtual keyboard in portrait, full QWERTY in landscape, or if all else fails, QWERTY physical keyboard. Gotta love it!

I would love to win a 9810 for helping me perform in all aspects of life. Including college, business, and personal...

Id love to have a Blackberry torch 9680. Why? Well because my iphone sucks and id love this as a replacement. Thanks and pick me please!

I would like a blackberry 9930. I would like it because your offering it for free. Ive always been a BB fan since about 2005 but wasn't able to afford one. I got in the BB game with a curve 8330 then moved all the way up to my current 9650. Even during the hard times when everyone abandoned Rim for apple and android ive stayed faithful like many users and have just been waiting for rim to put out the next latest and greatest. I really would appreciate receiving a BB 9930( Sprint) and it would help me in my future business when it takes off.

I would love to win the Bold 9900 because i was fortunate enough to get a test drive of a friend's phone, and let me tell you SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. It is THE BEST blackberry to date. When other "so called" blackberryians switched to other brand phones because they got caught up in the hype, i remained true to blackberry with my countless pearls, curves and most recent bold 9700. I love my phone but being the technologically hungry person that i am, i just have to upgrade. Having said that, is also one of the sites that i MUST visit daily. So please pick me :)

AT&T(Rogers) Bold 9900. Sleek, Sexy, and Fast. Have never owned a blackberry before and in all reality it was joining this site some months ago that helped make my decision. Both the crackberry team and just the regular crackberry fans are to thank for that. Thanks by the way. Weather I win one or have to wait the Bold 9900 will be my next phone. P.S. The Samsung Rugby is getting a little old.

I would love a Blackberry Bold 9900 for at&t because, as I have said multiple times before, I have waited for this device for years. I have stuck to my Bold 9000 since it came out and have held out through the rough times to stay close to the greatest keyboard ever made. I text everything and hearing that the Bold 9900's keyboard is even better, I must have it. The Keyboard is a big factor in what phones I use. Now it's successor is FINALLY out and with the touchscreen added on which I have hoped for, I must have this device in my hands. It has been a dream come true but has also been dragged along and hearing at&t won't be until November is a killer :/. I am crossing my fingers for this one.

BOLD 9900 all the way, don't even know why RIM decided to make any other devices. Full keyboard, touchscreen, superfast, OS7 and back to that beautiful design. Would love to win one since my 9700 is getting pretty banged up and the wife would kill me if I went out and bought another "toy".

Best of luck to everyoner that enters.....

Woohoo this is my time. Hopefully I win so I can pretend I'm considering anything but the 9900!!

Good luck, though, everyone!!!

i had a 8700g blackberry,blackberry curve and now 9700 bold i really want 9850/9860 for the reason is better for my eyes to view. i love my 9700 but screen is to small

This would be a tough decision, gotta have a real keyboard, i love my torch, but ..... i think i want to give the new bold 9900 a go yeah thats my pick the 9900

I think the Bold 9900 to replace my iPhone 3G, which is shite btw.

Unfortunately cannot afford a new phone due to life circumstances, so fingers crossed!

I'm from Malaysia, BlackBerry is produced here and Indonesia is the first to get Bold 9900! Malaysian opposition need to do some emergency sitting on parliament whay this happen!

I want the BlackBerry Bold 9900 because of its amazing keyboard and combined touch screen -- and all the other features it brings! Thanks!

I would like to win the bold 9900 mainly because it delivers both the touch screen and keyboard experience without a thick body. The design is versatile and reminds me of the original Bold 9000, which I loved. Thanks!

i would like a 9900. i own a 9530 and its been my first bb. i'd like to actually get the full bb experience and finally be able to type on a keyboard. if i win, i will be doing my happy dance and will be sending some of the cb crew digital daps via twitter. promise!

BlackBerry Torch 9850 - I love a full touch screen, i can see everything and read emails quicker when viewing them. Also much more fun for watching movies. Loved the Storm2, so here is to hoping that i will love the BlackBerry Torch 9850 just as much.

I want the Bold 9900 because it hase the most awesome keyboard. I currently own the torch 1 but I would love a non-slide-up phone yet has an easy navigating touch screen.

Please CrackBerry would you give this awesome phone for me birthday and early Christmas gift? :)

I need a Torch 9850! I have a Storm 1 and this thing resets if I do anything but text on it. After the reboot, my battery is completely drained. An BB7 upgrade is GREATLY needed!

*sigh* i know i won't win but its worth a shot......bb9930 cuz it's the premire phone of all displayed and cuz i live in trinidad

Thank you soooooooo much crackberry, I know that you would present this opportunity to me in my time of need, I was a nokia fanboy until I held my first Blackberry then it was all over, I am hooked (or high....get it crackberry LMAO) anyway, I now have the Torch 9800, this phone has been perfect.....but over time i have felt as though something was missing, maybe an upgrade was needed, then I started hearing rumors of the Torch 9810 which has all the features of the phone I fell inlove with but now has everything else that it was missing.

Soooo, may I please have a TORCH 9810, another perfect device to add to my addiction.

Bold 9900! Because it's the best thing to come out of RIM to date... and ! need something to hold me over till the QNX based OS comes out!

Well I am from Serbia,and here we will get new BB for Christmas,so let me be the first in country to have bold 9900!!! :)

blackberry torch tough, do you know how hard it is to live in Waterloo, Ontario when everyone who works at RIM is walking around with a brand new sexy device and I as a non RIM person walks around with a crappy 9700.

Man its tough!

I would love to win a Blackberry 9930! What better way to accessorize the latest fall fashions than with this gorgeous phone?!

I need that Sprint 9900 Bold! Because the keyboard is wider and easier to type on!! The touch screen adds functionality so I can get things done faster! The bigger screen will do wonders for my fingers and also help over the curve I'm currently using. That 1.2 ghz processor will be great because I have 10 email active accounts (and they all of different purposes) close to 100 bbm and patients texting me all the time; I need for my new bb to be as fast as I am.

Somebody offerend me an Android and, I must admit I did test it; but after poor batter life, several force closes, and an app store that has tons of unorganized applications i gave up. I tried to find one single application and did a search for it and it was at the bottom of the list. Who does that? I need my email fast, please I need to win this. Thank you!!!

My wife needs a new phone. Her Moto flip phone is about 5 years old with a cracked screen and is on its last leg. A new Bold 9930 would be perfect.

I'm going for the 9850/60 just 2 show "those other" touchscreen makers that the storm was a test run. 9850/60 here I come!!!

I really can't choose between the Torch 9810 or the Bold 9900 yet! I'd love to upgrade from my 9800 since I love it so much, but man that 9900 is so frickin beautiful!

Please pick me! I love you CrackBerry team (and store)! :D

Okay, I keep just drooling over the Bold 9900 reviews on CrackBerry, so I am going to have to say that that baby would be my choice if I am lucky enough to win!

Amazing Hardware, even cooler design than what went in to the iPhone4, "the best keyboard ever", and a processor/OS that I would die for in a BB! PICK ME! :)

Awesome Contest!!!! I would pick the Torch 9860 as I am in need of a true full touchscreen from RIM

I want a 9810 because it's only going to be released in October in the UK and because I gave my 9900 to my mum.

A Blackberry Torch 9810 would definitely rock my world, I want that awesome baby cos the super improved specs of the torch are AWEsome & it got me droooooooling!

I think I should get the new blackberry bold because im ginger and people should take pity on me :( also my cats ginger too so if I don't win he will hunt down those responsible and make them pay muhahahaaaaaaa :)

I'd like the Bold 9900 cause is the best blackberry in the world, for a RIM purist like me this keyboard will fill all my necessities. hope u crackberry guys can give me the opportunity of having a piece of art like this. good luck to all u guys but i'm gonna get it.

I would definitely would choose for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. I have been loyal to the Bold series since introduction of the BB 9000 which i still own, replaced by the BB 9700, and now the BB 9900 is just a dream Blackberry combining the best of the touch and non-touch world. Miss the wide body frame with more comfortable typing experience. :) Hope i win :)

And our Digicel network here is going 4G soon and gotta have a BB that is able to go 4G :)

My fiance is sick & tired of her bold 9700. Just the other day, while we were talking, her BB 9700 dropped the call on AT&T's network, had an error, and restarted itself. Her phone also rings regardless of whether the phone is on silent, vibrate, or otherwise. Not sure what is up with the BB 9700 but she HATES it. Another 16 months on the contract is too long to wait & we do not have enough cash to buy a new one out of contract. A FREE phone from, the best site for all things BlackBerry, would be a life saver!! Please send my fiance the BB Torch 9810 to get her back on track loving her BB.

Would love a Gretzky. I've owned a pearl flip and a torch. I want the ultimate blackberry experience with the new bold.

I want a Bold 9900 because its the best blackberry!
best keyboard, best touchscreen, best design and the best hardware!

I have tmobile & I just had a fist fight with a guy over blackberry being the best this morning. I knocked him out of course lol so winning the 9900 would be GREAT especially since I can't afford to buy it!!!!! BLACKBERRY or DIE

Hmm....A new BB 9900 would suffice! Sick of the lack of keyboard on my 9105 3G :(

Still a great phone though, I also dropped a hot-rock on the screen (!) so it's marked for life...

Would love a Bold 9900. I am on AT&T and my first and current blackberry is 9900. I would love a bigger screen and great keyboard. I would be coming from OS5 so I can appreciate OS 7's perks such as a better browser and of course touch screen. I hope I win. And thank you for the contest.

I wouldn't accept a Blackberry Bold 9930 if you and your beautiful model gave it to me personally.

Wait... what?... I'VE BEEN HACKED!!!!

I want the 9900, love the form factor of the 9000, souped up under the hood with the turbo charged specs!

I want the blackberry 9900 because I get to act all smug to my friends who also has blackberries without touchscreen and I have one with a touchscreen. and get them to upgrade to blackberry 9900. Already convinced one person and have another 3 to convince.

I want the blackberry 9900 because I get to act all smug to my friends who also has blackberries without touchscreen and I have one with a touchscreen. and get them to upgrade to blackberry 9900. Already convinced one person and have another 3 to convince.

Count me in! time to rejoin the Blackberry community :-D Had the Tour on Sprint for a while and i think the 9930 would be a nice upgrade, esp. from my Evo 4G

i wish i could have the 9900 or 9930! they are too expensivee though!!.. I want it because it seems to be the best phone out there, and after watching the crackberry reviews i have confirmed that! Thanks CB!!!

I want the Bold 9900 because it is the perfect phone for me, and since my carrier, T-Mobile will be releasing it on the 31st, it'll be like getting one on the first day of release! It wouldn't get any better than that!

Well I know I will never win this contest lol I never even win contests anywhow. Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping us updated with all the information leaks and new stuff. If I were able to win I would want the 9850 haha.



9810! I need the battery life and autofocus. I can't afford to sacrifice either one. Otherwise it would be the 9900 all the way!

I'm with Verizon so, I would love to get my hands on the 9850 as I've never had a touch screen phone before and would love to give one a try. Even the 9930 would be nice. If I was lucky enough to win, the last thing I would be is picky LOL!

Hi 9930 please! i have yet to upgrade my 9530 =*( and i need a full physical qwerty keyboard i've heard soooo much good things about this keyboard.

I would like to win the Torch 9850/60 ( I don't know which is for Verizon ). The why, I want to win it so I can rub it in my sisters face since she's been rubbing her LG Revolution in my face for the last month. Hahaha!!!

I would like a bold 9900 because its reminds me of the bold 9000 which was my first blackberry, and I believe that design its still the best of all blackberry,big, thick and bold.

I want a Torch 9860, but I'm with mobilicity so I'm not sure If it will work on their frequency. If not I would surely get a bold 9900.

Bold 9900. Love the size of the keyboard. Been running a 9000 since 2009 and cant wait to experience the speed and improvements. Also, my carrier here in OZ probably won't be releasing it till nov/dec. Awesome site, guys.

I would love the Bold 9900 its such a sweat phone. I love the touch screen and the speed. Please picks me. I could use it so much!

I would like the Blackberry 9900 touch it is something I always wanted being able to have both the touch and qwerty it looks amazing. I am crossing my fingers and hope my dream come true keep up the good work RIM.

I like the way people jump into getting free stuff....I am in for one too!!!!

Blackberry Bold 9900 is what I want because of its boldness both in incorporating the best touch and keyboard

First things first Android may be great and I do have a fondness for my Htc Evo shift it is by no means a blackberry for multiple reasons. First I find the user system on Blackberries to be amazing, and while blackberry may not have the number of apps android or apple has blackberry keeps the apps concise and precise to what most users will ever need without being watered down with 100 variations of the same app. Secondly and while this is may not matter to some the durability of the phone and battery life for exceed my current android device. And lastly hey we in North America need to show some love to our brothers and sisters to the North GO CANADA. A sprint version of the BOLD 9930 would be awesome.

I really like the Torch 9850. One, because it will be Verizon and two, it looks like it can compete fairly close with Android and iPhone, plus it's a BB!

I'm still partially torn between the 9900 and the 9860 to replace my 9780 but I'd probably choose the 9900 for the familiarity and the added speed. The optiion for using NFC at some point in the future is nice too.

Without where would I be??? Thank you Kevin and your super team!
I would love one of the torches to experience a blackberry without a keyboard (sounds strange even when I type it!!).

I would LOVE a Bold 9900!!!!

I'm currently squeaking by with a 9700, but the speed and battery cover constantly sliding off are really starting to irritate me.

I need my faith in RIM renewed, and I think this phone might be the one that could do it :-)

You guys are friggin awesome!! Thanks CB!

I would love that 9900 !

I BBM and Text a lot so having a big juicy comfortable keyboard to type on would be amazing. And plus, the touchscreen will come in handy too! Oh and that camera. Oh and OS 7.0. Oh and almost everything the phone has to offer!

Big upgrade from my 8520 :)

Good luck guys !

I want to win BB Bold 9900 cause it's the best of all BB OS7 smartphones....It has the best keyboard in market with a powerful proccesor also....Good luck all of you....

9860 please! I love the longer all touch screen. I'm pretty excited to see all the new capabilities of OS 7! I am with ATT

blackberry bold 9900 would be a sweet replacement for my 9700 thats been a work horse but looks like it needs to be "put down" very soon

You can't crack a blackberry, but you can get crackberry inform about it, you can't fly on your blackberry but for sure you can fly your ideas with a bird call twitter, you can't find your friends in the yellow pages, use your facebook, you can't stop believing beacuse you are bold enough to know that a Blackberry Bold is on your way. The news can fly, by twitter, by facebook, hell yes by Bbm, whoever says that blackberry will die more soon than later, just remmember that Blackberry is Bold enough to keep going and showing why it is preffered by millions worldwide. Keep your Torch alive, news always come, with the shine of a Pearl, with the Curve of emotions that you get by receiving a new Blackberry device, and make your way more Bold enough to show your BBM pride, so PING me the news that the BOLD 9900 is on is way home. To a Blackberry Crackberry addict.

Blackberry Bold 9900!!!!!!!! Love the original Bold, loved the 9650 bold. But nothing is or was better than the 9000. Until NOW!!!!!!!! 9900!!!!!!!!

Good luck to all who enter!!!!

I want the BB 9900 because I have had every BB since 2007 until the release of the iphone 4 and haven't been convinenced till now that BB has finally put the os and pieces together to keep me away from the world of Apple.

I WANT ßlackßerry™ 9860 !!

IT's DEFINITELY the new BlackBerry® 7 OS with A 1.2GHz processor powers & 768 MB RAM memory !!

multimedia marvel with Liquid Graphics,also 720p HD video.Smooth & stunning touchscreen for a super Fast browser w/ a built-in digital compass

SO please CRACKBERRY™ give me one of them ßlackßerry™ 9860 !!


Oh Baby!!! I want the girl in the picture to hand me my phone I win.

9900 all the way. Thanks for the awesome reviews on the new phone.

Wow you guys know how to impress a lady. I'll take the 9900 because I want the feeling of a touch screen without Android or iphone, which I seriously cannot operate due to low voltage in my body. Those things are not possible for me. I can't even turn on automatic water faucets and have to ask the person at the next sink to start them for me.Laugh if you must. I can always fall back on the track pad when necessary.

I've been looking at this site religiously waiting on the release date for the 9900 on At&t please hook me up :)

Please Kevin pick me! Im an at&t customer and i was injured on the job and cant return to work. Two big reasons why I deserve to win. Oh and I have never won anything on here and I post pretty much on every contest there is.

The Bold 9900 is the one I'd choose, qwerty keyboard, touchscreen and the brand new internals looks great

I would LOVE to win the BlackBerry Bold 9900!
I worked all summer for the Bold and sadly spent all my money on things I didn't need!
Now I'm struggling to buy the 9900 for

In the beginning i had the Bold 9000 and kept that for 2 years. Then i bought the Bold 9780 that phone broke on me this summer, and i have been stuck with an Android phone since. When i heard the Bold 9900 was released i was in shock. Please pick me, I LOVE BLACKBERRY!!! I NEED ONE PRONTO.

thank you,

I am definitely due for an upgrade still stuck with this old 8900 which i love until i laid eyes on the 9900 please help

Bold 9900 for me, please! Never had a BlackBerry phone before, but I do have the PlayBook! I think the new Bold would be a very good first BB phone because of its iconic look, fast processor, touchscreen, glowing reviews on the keyboard—I'm there! I'm so ready to ditch my Palm Pre, which is why I'm passing on the 9810. I originally got the Pre because I thought it'd be a good hybrid of an iPhone (which was what I had prior to the Pre) and BB. When I heard that typing on the 9900 keyboard is like typing on "clouds" or "air," I'm super excited to try it out! xD

I'm on AT&T and would love to replace my 9800 with the 9810. It sounds like it is what I wanted the original Torch to be.

I bought a 9700 and I thought it was a wonder ... but I bought a 9800 because I wanted a bigger screen :) .... That's why I want a BlackBerry Bold 9810 because that is what the owners of 9800 should have had from the beginning.

PS. CrackBerry.Com FTW !

I would LOVE to win the BlackBerry Bold 9900!
I worked all summer for the Bold and sadly spent all my money on things I didn't need! Now I'm strugling to buy the 9900 for full price!
I don't know how many contests I've entered!
I hope I'm the lucky one!

A BOLD 9900 will look great with my new PlayBook. They can make wonderful BlackBerry cobler together!

I'd love a BlackBerry Bold 9900. The 9000 was my first BlackBerry, and I've missed ever since I (for some reason) decided to try other phones, including the Torch 9800.

I'm getting a 9900, just have to wait for AT&T to get their asses in gear...

Since the Bold 9000 is THE best BB i've ever had, and the 9700(80) does not has quite te same typing exprerience, the 9900 is the best BB as far as I'm consurned!

I would love the 9900. It might be the greatest phone ever made! Plus being a BES admin for multiple clients, I need to be on the cutting edge. ;-)

I would love a BlackBerry Bold 9900. The superb processor, keyboard, luxury Blackberry family, thin, touchscreen, se7en OS and it's the best Blackberry i've ever see.. Perfect for me.. Cheers

Thanks for another great contest... If I'm ever so lucky to be picked for this, I choose the Bold 9900 because The original Bold was my favorite BB. Thanks folks.

Blackberries have always been number one in buisness and communication.with a new bb 7 device I would go straight to heaven,don't be fooled by these other bloggers claiming too love bb,send me my bb 9900 cause without one,life is not worth living.

I want a torch 9860! I Have now a BlackBerry 9800! I want more speeeeeed. I love my BB9800 but sometimes I want to smash it =P The design and the screen on the 9860 are just wow... I hope I can get one :D

Blackberry bold 9900 because i've been waiting for so long to get a blackberry, and finally what i wanted is out, a bold with touch screen and also they came back with the 9000 model!

Would love the Torch 9810 for the upgraded processor!!! My 9800 is awesome love the form factor - large enough screen plus a full qwerty keyboard - would love to get the upgraded Torch!!!

I just tried the 9900 at BestBuy and Kevin isn't exaggerating about the keyboard. You really have to try it. I'm getting a 9900 one way or another...but it'd be nice if someone else paid for it. ;)

Although the 9900 looks awesome, I gotta stick with the torch. Love the screen size and the option of a physical keyboard.

A T-Mobile Bold 9900 would be SWEET--then I can retire my 9700(ok, my 15 yr old daughter is waiting very impatiently for it :P) To WIN one would be great....I love my crackberry!

I need a replacement 9810 to replace my slow Torch. Otherwise I hav eto wait for QNX next year and of course we all like to have the latest.

I have been pretty lucky when I made the decision to switch from a Samsung that gave me nothing but problems to my 9650. I will never forget the sales person at Best Buy trying to talk me out of the BB for the "new" Android phones. I had never used a BB before but I knew that battery life trumphs the Android hands down and for my job I could connect to BES. As my 9650 has stood up to the test of a restaurant manager lifestyle since its release, the time has come to upgrade. The problem is as the economy has stagnated and business has slowed, so has the ability to purchase another phone. My daughter has also just had 14 stints recently which has also caused a financial issue.I know all of this sounds like a SOB story,but my BB Bold has been there and has gotten me through some tough times. These days with the faster processors of the newer devices my BB doesn't keep up with the basic web browser expierence without an hour glass effect. My phone has been apart of me for awhile now but its time for some more horse power to get the job my fingers would just Love a bigger keyboard! So with that said I would love a new BB Bold to move foward with the next generation of BBs.

I would love the Blackberry Bold 9900, because... i like the design and the keyboard is one of the best in the market. I love the dual wi-fi band 2.4 and 5GhZ. The divice light and feel good.

Must have the new Torch 9810, It's so FAST! I'd give my current torch to my girlfriend so she can stop gawking at me and the amount of time I spend on the website lol

I would love the Blackberry Bold 9900, because... i like the design and the keyboard is one of the best in the market. I love the dual wi-fi band 2.4 and 5GhZ. The divice light and feel good.

I would love to have the Torch the 9850 ad reason being is because I a new father of twins and even thought they are My first and only kids I am kinda on a tight budget and probably wont be able to purchase one and not to metion I've been trying to win a contest for sometime now.

Wow.... I'm still torn between the 9900 and the 9810. Lets go with the 9810... i just like the screen size better.

Dear Crackberry

I enjoy this site and visit it on a daily basis because i am a blackberry addict. Helping me win the legendary the BOLD 9900 would make me the happiest man alive. please help.

Thank you

I love CB website and love this contest. I will love it more if I can win a 9900! The best BB ever!

I really need this phone. From the first time I seen it I know blackberry on was on its way back. This phone would be perfect to fix the nasty taste the tour left and convert my wife back to blackberry.

wow... this contest got a lot of posts very quickly! lol...
I'm so torn between the 9900/30 and the 9650/60. That being said... i think the 9900/30 is too iconic to pass up :)

I would like to win the 9900 series so I can see for myself what the BEST blackberry keyboard is all about. Previous phone was the 8330 and currently on 8530. So the curve keyboard is all I know.

I also want to save my upgrade(11/1/11) for qnx... xP

On a side note, i love my playbook!