CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to WIN a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The reviews are in, and it's unanimous... the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are the SWEETEST BlackBerry phones yet! So following up our reviews of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 we're giving a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win one, free of charge.

HOW TO ENTER:  Just login to CrackBerry and leave us a comment to this post! In your comment, be sure to tell us which BlackBerry 7 Smartphone you want and why! 

Other Details: Contest is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight ET on August 31st, 2011. Please leave only one comment to this post. We'll announce the winner September 1st here on the blogs.  Good Luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!



I would love to have a Torch 9850... my Storm is about to die finally and have been waiting for this phone ever since it was announced!!! Money is really tight and don't think I can get it otherwise.

How can you argue with the best BlackBerry EVER!

Ever since I got my first BlackBerry (8900), I have been saying to my friends that my ideal phone would have a fast processor, good camera, bbos, AND a physical keyboard + a touch screen! I said that 2.5 years ago!

Now that RIM has made that a reality, I definitely would LOVE the BlackBerry Bold 9900!

I would like to have a 9930 simply because It has an 8 gig internal storage and 768MB RAM. SUPER!

As much as I love my Blackberry Style 9670, I would like to upgrade to the Blackberry Torch 9850. Sprint wants to charge me $10 more a month just to swap to another phone, so getting it for free would be awesome! My style was a nice upgrade from the tour, which was an upgrade from the bad keyboard on my original blackberry flip... but the 9850 would allow me to actually use the web browser for more than on a need-to-know basis. Even on wifi my style doesnt handle the web easy. Im also hoping that the 9850 would work better with my playbook via the bbridge.

...and if it comes down to it I'll happily take the 9930 because dropping that lovely bb keyboard is going to be tough on me!~

If i win i would reaaaly like a 9810 :) if i win i will give yu a big hug from the UK ! i have to live with the bb curve 8520 for 2 yrs with my contract. Please put me out of my misery and give me the 9810.

i love the new bold 9900...the best keypad in the business,touch screen is what i always wanted with a steady keypad... it would be great to bridge with my playbook...

BB9900. Why? The perfect keyboard, larger screen than my 9700 and BB7 with a touch screen sounds like bliss. Yes please and thank you!

Still rocking the 9530 Storm and in dire need of an upgrade! Looking for a little 9850 love in all the right places.

I want a Sprint 9930 because if I get one more hour glass on this 9650 it is going through the window!!!!!! :)

OH MY GOOD ! ! !


The NEW BlackBerry Bold 9900 is my next BlackBerry 7 Smartphone ! ! !

WHY? Because it's the best combination between keyboard and touchscreen smartphone ! ! !

Once a BlackBerry, always a Blackberry ! ! !


I would love the new Bold. I started off with a 9000 model and it was fantasic. The size was great, the weight was great. It had meat to it! It was the best unit I've used, thus far. When trackpads and touch screens started appearing on Blackberries, I thought that the Bold line would certainly benefit from them and eliminate the trackball. I'm a Torch user, now, and it's a great Blackberry as well. But, my heart's with the Bold, hands down. I would love to have one again. I'd be able to use BBM with my wife when we're apart since her phone is a dinky LG Neon. The Bold's form factor, alone, makes it my favorite. I'll stay from Android after my contract runs out should I win a Bold. The only reason I'd go to an Android would be to use a particular app that's not available on Blackberries at all. A new bold would well worth that sacrifice.

9810 please! Why, because it is newer than my 9800. Is there a better reason for 'berry addicts?
In all seriousness, the 9900 that my buddy has is a lovely looking phone with the best keyboard ever but I've gotten use to having a large screen with a keyboard when i need it and don't mind the size and weight of the Torches. But I don't have enough faith that I can operate without the full keyboard so I'm not prepared to jump the 9850/9860.

I would go for the 9930 so that I can switch carriers and check out some of that touch screen/keyboard combo action.

I would really like to have BB 9900... It is just simply the best and has the best rating. So pleaseeee pick me! :)

I would love to win the Torch 9310 since I really like the keypad. Love my curve but ready for an update.

I would love to win the Torch 9850/60. I love the physical key but to be able to have a blackberry full touch screen would be an awe inspiring time.

Good luck to all.


I want the new Blackberry BOLD 9900 because of the new keyboard and liquid graphics. This will be the pinnacle Blackberry!

BLACKBERRY kicks ass. Rocking the 9700 as we speak. Love for a new one to come my way. Please guys, hook me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ciao for now

My bold 9000 trackball doesn't work. So I've been using almost the oldest blackberry out there. The 8800. Please save me and send me the blackberry bold 9850/60 (whichever is for gsm rogers)

My bold 9000 trackball doesn't work. So I've been using almost the oldest blackberry out there. The 8800. Please save me and send me the blackberry bold 9850/60 (whichever is for gsm rogers)

Storm 1 to a Tour to a Storm2 - A 9930 would be a great compliment my Playbook and retire my Storm2. And to give my iphone and galaxy phone carrying kids a huge case of BlackBerry envy... Best BlackBerry ever!

Because the 9800 isn't what it could be. New one looks like Speedy Gonzalez!! Me likey, epa epa, handale give me one!!

I really like these reviews for the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones. I think the 9860 should be revamped a little though, let Blaze commit to that review a bit :) Anyways, Good job guys. Keep up the good work! I read this blog every hour to check for updates.

- BlackBerry Torch 9860 / Storm 3 (Forever Calling it a Storm Model)

I've been a faithful user of Blackberry Smartphones since the inception of the Bold 9000. Unfortunately, my phone has been experiencing so many issues and it has impacted my business GREATLY. I would really appreciate a Torch 9810. Choose meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =)....please :)

My bold 9000 trackball doesn't work. So I've been using almost the oldest blackberry out there. The 8800. Please save me and send me the blackberry bold 9850/60 (whichever is for gsm rogers)

My bold 9000 trackball doesn't work. So I've been using almost the oldest blackberry out there. The 8800. Please save me and send me the blackberry bold 9850/60 (whichever is for gsm rogers)

I want a Bold 9900 because i finally come to realize that i need a real phone, right now I'm using a Nexus S coming from a iPhone 3GS. While both platforms are great, but when you look at the 9900. It just says WINNER. I've long waited for a touchscreen classic style BB, being a former Palm Treo user i was giddy when it was announced. It is the perfect BlackBerry and I'm now more than willing to switch over to the BB world. The iOS & Android hoopla is good and all, but i want a phone that gets down to business and does it right. I'm also on AT&T, and if the release date are true. It will be a while till i can get my hands on one. So i might as well try to win one.

I would love the new Torch 9860. I am a huge fan of the full touch screen experience and while my playbook has helped satisfy my 'no hardware buttons needed' jones, this would make the perfect partner to my favorite tablet!!!!

As always, Crackberry, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!

I would absolutely love to win the Bold 9930. I just upgraded to the 9650 before it EOLed and now it has problems but Verizon doesn't wanna do anything about it, especially since it EOLed. I'd have to wait two years before I can upgrade and it's really difficult for me (I'd have to downgrade to my Storm 1 which is...well, a Storm 1 :( ). I've been in a long distance relationship now for 3.5 years and I rely on my Blackberry for e-mails and Skype to keep in contact when I'm on the go but my 9650 is just causing headaches and making it difficult. The 9930 would be an amazing thing to have.
Thanks for holding a contest!

9930 is amazing, if I win, i'd pick the 9930, and give it back to crackberry to run another contest!

I would like the Verizon 9930 because I'm about to throw my 9650 out the window if it randomly reboots on me again. If that happens I will be stuck with a broken phone until my next upgrade... in 2012.

I would love to win the 9860. I've been wanting a full touch screen blackberry to use on T-mobile for a long time. So I can see my pictures, videos and games on a much bigger screen like the other smartphones which I won't name here!!

The BlackBerry smartphone that I want is definitely the Torch 9860. Without question, it is the most intriguing of the bunch, and it is - by far -the best of the bunch in providing the rich multimedia experience that BlackBerry Storm/Torch fans have been desiring for many years now.

The most sleek design a BlackBerry has ever had.
The highest resolution screen provides an amazing look.
An extremely fast processor executes super smooth transitions without fail via Liquid Graphics.
Improved virtual keyboard.
720p HD recording with the 5mp autofocus camera.

There's so much to love about the BlackBerry Torch 9860.


Bb phone must have a keyboard.Touch screen and kboard in a bb 7 should b the best phone ever

Now please let me know when I can retrieve this phone? XD

I would like the newest version of the Bold... The 9900, very nice phone, fast, physical keyboard and even touchscreen...

Blackberry Bold 9900 all the way!!

I want a BB Torch 9810 because it is finally the device the 9800 should have been and I want the best of both worlds.

Winning the Bold 9900 would be the COOLEST thing in the world! Can't wait to get my hands on the new BBs either way!

Bold 9900 because it is the SICKEST Blackberry to date and because I deserve it DAMNIT! CRACKBERRY FOR LIFE!!

The 9930 is enough phone to get me to switch to Blackberry, and I am currently an Evo owner, loving the new design and software! Goodbye Android! Hello BB 9930!!!

Oooh, oooh, the 9900 please! I love the classic BB style, and now with a touch screen and faster processor, it makes me fall in love all over again.

Sprint bold 9930 my evo 4g just isn't cuttin it anymore. In need of an upgrade. was gonna try and get a evo 3d but this BB is just too awesome!

I previously switched to Android from BlackBerry for many obvious reasons, but I've always missed my BB Keyboard. The new 9900 looks fast and has an amazing keyboard. Hook me up so I can switch back to BB PLEASE!

I would love to have a 9900 to replace my beloved 9000. The keyboard is just awesome, tried the 9700 and the 9800 for a while, but went back to my 9000.

i NEED the BlackBerry 9900! it would be an amazing upgrade from my 9000. the trackball is slowly getting worse & worse! so a 9900 PRETTY PLEASE !! :D

i would like the new 9810 cause i just finished running over my 9800 less than 5 minutes ago :(. i am soo bummed now. cause i am gonna have to use my old pearl now. glad i found this contest. so please pick me crackberry!!

honestly, any one of these new blackberries would be awesome. i desperately need to replace my 8900, and i could have a long time ago, but even though the trackball has stopped working for 2 years, it's still so much better than any other phone!

trackpad/touchscreen me up crackberry :) please? whee!

If I had my choice of ANY phone it would be the Bold 9930, because Sprint has it and it's the Mac Daddy of smartphones. Ever since I played with a friends Bold 9000 a few years back I've wanted this keyboard.

Would love to have a torch 9860 , blackberry deserves another chance at full touch media devices, and this their nice shot at it.... Sleek super sexy full touch screen torch 'I love it' ....

DAMN I'm late to the party!!!!!!
I'd rock that 9850 on VZW ALL DAY!!!! might have to hit: SHOP.CRACKBERRY.COM, to get some extra batteries and charger!!!!!
C'MON crackberry gods PICK ME!!!!!!!!

My choice: the bold 9900 because I love the new touchscreen feature and the augmented reality!
Thanks for giving us all the opportunity of getting a blackberry 7!

I would have to get my hands on the new Torch 9860! My fingers are too big to type on a blackberry keyboard so the touchscreen works much better for mE!

9900 for me please, i love the BOLD form factor compared to the 9700 (which i currently have), I need that OS7 speed. I would have to get used to a touch screen but that shudnt be too hard

I would LOVE to win the 9900! Why? It combines everything a BlackBerry user/fan used to beg for into one incredible package - a touchscreen with amazing full QWERTY keyboard, all wrapped in a thin, attractive package.

I'm a 100% keyboard guy. I just can't get used to typing on a glass plate. Therefore it's only logical that I want the best keyboard-phone on the planet: the BlackBerry Bold 9930. I'd LOVE to win one.

I would love to win the 9900 since my 9800 broke and now I have a BB 8520. The 9900 looks absolutely wonderful with amazing features. Most of my friends have it so it would be great for me to also have one.

I need one! My 9650 is WORE out! I've rubbed the top off the touchpad and its beat all to hell... Even some of the numbers are missing.... PLEASE PICK ME!!

I would love the Bold 9900 pleaseee. I think it has an iconic design and one of the few devices that doesn't strive to be an iPhone like most android devices these days.

I always wanted a touchscreen BB since the Storm I. Actually, I have a Torch, great device, but underpowered. I want a 9860.

I have the old torch and I'm so tired of the hour glass and my battery doesn't make it thru the day, 10 months old.

Winning a BB Torch would make us a complete family of finatic BB'ry users, only one member left to complete our family of BB's! :0)

I would really love the new Blackberry Bold 9900. It is the pinnacle of Blackberry's and the rise of RIM again. The keyboard and liquid graphics are what attracts me.

i would love the 9860.. i have the 9550 but its SLOW.. love the touch screen
please please please
need a new BB

Even though i adore my Blackberry 9700, i would love to get the new Blackberry 9900 and the OS7!! I'm ready to show off the new devices to Iphone and droid users and show them why BB's are still the best smartphones in the market!!!

I am hopefully getting a 9900 tomorrow but if I were to win another one then I would give it to my wife as she is currently using a 8520.

Bold 9930 or Torch 9850. It is about time for me to replace my curve 8530. The new berries are sweet and getting them for free would be even sweeter !!!

I would like a 9930. The reason being, is that I am on sprint and the 9900 wouldn't work. Haha. Plus this will be my first Blackberry. The first one I ever wanted was the Tour. Have never owned one because of the lack of a touch screen. That is going to change with this new bold. I'm going to buy one Sunday when the Sprint store is supposed to start selling them. But having one to give to my wife on our 5 year anniversary come September 1st would be awesome.
Long Live the RIMpire!

The Bold 9930, a must have..the speed, touch screen, easy to use keyboard, a/b/g/n wifi, nfc... it's a no brainer definitely the 9930

I would really like the torch 9860. The first BlackBerry that I ever bought was the Storm 9530. Needless to say, I feel like I didn't quite get my money's worth. I held out for as long as I could but by the time i got to the 2 year mark of my contract i had to upgrade. I'm a fan of the touchscreen and the BlackBerry virtual keyboard so i reluctantly switched to the Torch 9800. My dad was in the hospital and i was running his business. I couldn't afford to miss emergency calls at 3am because of low memory... The Torch 9800 is leaps and bounds ahead of the original Storm in the way of user experience but I didn't want it. Not when i was beginning to see rumours of the "Storm 3" floating around. And so now here I am, 1 year into my newly signed 3 year contract. Carrying a device i didn't really want. What i REALLY wanted was the device that is now known as the Torch 9860. If you guys pick me, you'd be doing me a HUUUUUUGE favour. I can't afford to buy this device outright. So please, help me out here. I thank you in advance.

A new 9930 would be the cat's meow.

I've tried the full touchscreen thing. I just need a good keyboard...

I am anxiously waiting for ATT to release the 9900. I was able to play with a 9930 and it feels awesome in hand. I will say the Torch 9860 interests me though.

Its amazing smartphone with a complete fiture inside and stylish,hope i get this phone to keep connected to people around the world :)

I used to be a CrackBerry addict when the Bold 9000 first came out. Seeing the 9930 reborn was the CrackBerry gods calling me back from Android. Because once you go black(berry), you'll always go back. The BEST QWERTY ever designed on a mobile device is just too good to pass up. Apps are on every platform now and there's only so many you can use on a daily basis, but having a physical keyboard as opposed to a touchscreen keyboard is night and day for daily use and I don't want to be another statistic complaining about how hard it is to type on a touchscreen.

I will be happily giving up my touch screen Android phone. I have an iPhone, but it's mainly utilized as an iPod. I know where my heart and roots are. :D

Phone: Blackberry Bold 9900
Reason: I've followed it's development from the moment of conception, i'm a humble geek.

I'll upgrade my 9800 to 9810 since I'm with ATT and I can't wait for the latest and greatest. However, a 9900 with a playbook? That's my goal!

Bold 9930
Because I fell in love with the keyboard even from the curve generation.
Appearantly this is the "best keyboard on a phone period" I can't imagine how great this is.

I'd like to say 9810, but I've muted too many calls and started music playing in too many meetings to buy another Torch. Real pity because I love the form factor otherwise; I just wish they'd relocate those two buttons,or make them stiffer.

9900, please.

I love the Bold 9900! Perfect design and best keyboard ever to exist on this planet!!! I am dying waiting for AT&T to release it. Havn't even seen it in person yet. :(

9900 for sure.......touchscreen with the 9000 form factor is the best collaboration hands down. also need to replace my 9700 that got run over recently.

I would like to have the BB 9810 because it gives me the best of both worlds: a fluid touchscreen and the unmatched best keyboard in the industry.

The Bold 9930 for me. My Curve 3G just isn't cutting it and I'm not up for a new phone with Verizon for a year! I can't wait that long!!

I would like to win the 9900 Bold so that I can give it to one of my close friends. They are locked in a contract and won't be able to renew for at least 2 years. After seeing my 9900 they I could see how much they wanted one and it would be nice if they could experience what - am right now.

I need a new bb soo badly mine is on its last legs, and i keep having to choose rent and bills over buying a new one :( id love to win the torch 9850 that would help me alot!!!

As much as the 9930 is clearly AFRICKINMAZING!!!, autofocus in the camera is very important to me, so I'm going for the Torch 9850 for Verizon, and I'm quite comfortable with a touchscreen. :)

A BOLD 9900 please to replace my [sniff :( ] faithful 9000 whom i've been with for 3 years.I need the extra device memory for apps, as well as that awesome touch screen. Too many features i love to mention.

This is the perfect post!!
I would love the BB 9900. I've been a loyal Curve 8900 user since its release over 2 years ago but i think i'm missing too many good things, that's why 9900 would be the best device :D

I want a BB 9900 for various reasons:

1) I have a curve 8900, 2 years old, incredible phone, but outdated, never damaged
2) The bold 9900 is an evolutionary step towards the resurgence of RIM as a kickass company
3) BB 9900 is one hell of a phone - fast, responsive, well designed, best features-.
4)I love RIM and if I want a new smartphone, it should be a RIM BB
5) I want that phone a lot, and I mean A LOT!

Winning a BB'ry Torch would make us a complete family of BB'ry fanatics!!! We are one member short of completing the circle!!! :O)

I am really excited about the chance to win a BlackBerry Torch on the Verizon network. I would love to see the new messaging functionality and super app innovation that comes with this new phone.

I'd love to have a Bold 9930 for Sprint. I have a Bold 9650 which I've really enjoyed, but being a Sprint customer, I've never had the opportunity to use a Bold with the big beautiful ample keyboard. Aside from the screaming specs, I'd love a Bold with the 9930's awesome keyboard and form factor.

I'd love to win the 9900 because I've had the opportunity to try out the keyboard and it's amazing, the best keyboard ever and I love the tradtional form factor that's back with a touchscreen. I'm just in love with this phone and would very much like to win it! :D -fingers crossed-!

Winning a BB'ry Torch would make us a complete family of BB'ry fanatics!!! We are one member short of completing the circle!!! :O)

My 9700 just broke and it is time to renew my contract. Since ATT decided to wait as long as possible to release the 9900, I may need to buy an android. I do not want to do that so please help me out and get me a 9900!

The 9900 would be my ideal phone since I would finally be able to enter the smartphone world but most importantly, the Blackberry World! Reading CB everyday makes me want to own a BlackBerry more and more, finally being able to BBM with everyone.

Id like a 9930 please, I had the original storm followed by a 9650, then I received and iPhone 4 as a gift but I miss my blackberrys and can't afford one at the moment

I've been waiting for this contest! Thanks Crackberry!

When you pick my entry, you can make my 2011 with a spanking, beautiful Blackberry Torch 9860! I know you all don't think it's the best of the OS7 devices, but I was lured away from Blackberry for a season by the MyTouch 4G and now the HTC Sensation 4G and have been prostituting myself with the full touchscreen and beautiful displays of these Android devices for the past 6 months. PLEASE bring me back home! A GSM Torch 9860 running HSPA+ with those beautiful liquid graphics and OS7 would pry the filthy Android device from my sinful fingers and would allow me to find redemption and restoration in the promised land!

Save me Crackberry!! :)


Win the Bold 9900 for Tmobile, it is the perfect synthesis of all I want in my device (though I love my 9780), touch and physical qwerty is a dream come true. Plus I could get rid of my bug plagued G2x that I basically keep for media and browsing, thereby embracing BlackBerry more completely than ever before. I also sell phones in retail, and would talk my 9900 up to everyone, to steer them from ios and Android's clutches, all the while spreading the CrackBerry gospel.

P.S. It would just be nice to win something too. Viva La BlackBerry. Long live the Rimpire.

The 9900, why you ask? Because its the best traditional blackberry ever built (per the reviews) and being a traditional loving blackberry fan this device gets no better. My need for this device has grown watching ever video and hearing all of the guys here at CB talk about it.

I need a 9930 Verizon version to lure me back and have BlackBerry back under my thumb oh girl! Lol really though I miss the physical keyboard. CrackBerry please I know you know I need my baby back so let's make it happen. Thanks Kevin, Bla1ze, Adam and Craig oh and to all the newer faces thank you guys too for hanging in there.

I would love a 9900. Why? It's the new Cadillac of BlackBerry. That and I really cant afford a new BlackBerry off contract for the next two years. Would be a nice upgrade from the Storm 2.

I will DIE to have a torch 9810. Why? Because this is the best smartfone off all! I am a physical keyboard lover. Love touchscreen and the trackpad. And with the new OS, I will definitley die with one of these in my hand. Thank You CrackBerry!

9900 all the way! i am stuck with my old bb's that i'm switching over, now using my old trusty 9000. i'd love to win, since the lauch will be sooo delayed, as usual, here in Romania.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE the new all touch Torch, mines on its last legs and no one ever wins from the Uk..

Me me me me me me me Cuz my Storm 2 locked up and I'm not sure if my previous comment posted!!!!!!!

I've tried the iPhone 4, HTC Inspire and here I am back to my trusty 9000! Best device around and the 9900 will only be better!

Thanks in advance for my 9900!

PLEASE let me win the full touch torch for verizon!!!!!
HELP ME get away from droid and come back home!
I am lost in a google world and can't even sleep not having my blackberry!
you think i'm kidding just ask my fiance!!!
i am literally in withdrawals!!! i need to get rid of this and back to BB asap!!!
please help me i beg you!!!

Please pick me! I would like the Bold 9900 because it will help me with my everyday life... I will even tip all the homeless people and give random people rides home. I love you crackberry!

i'd love to win the bold 9900 i would then gave the one i bought to my pastor whoes blackberry just broke and he had the 9000, he would love to try the 9900 and BB7

i would like a 9900 please cause atm im using my 9780 and everyone has one and the 9900 is just beast wohoo crackberry ftw!!!

i love my bb 9700, but no more OS upgrades for it. if i win the 9900, i would be super happy. no win/no problem! i'm still getting one!

I would love a Bold 9900, the touchscreen and keyboard combo is amazing...a great replacement for my current 9000! :) Great contest guys

i want a 9900, it's just perfect, the touch screen, the keyboard, can't wait to try and see what i can use the nfc for... the graphics, the camera, the browser, so yeah i want it because it's perfect...

I got my 9930 yesterday and my wife fell in love with it! If I do not get one for her soon I may never see my BB or my wife ever again..... Seriously, she loves the keyboard, big screen, well just everything, she has a BB Curve 8530 and I am giving her my 9650 to keep her somewhat satisfied, once she saw OS7...she was in heaven.

I'd love a 9900 for an upgrade over my 9700. I love it, but the browser is a bit sluggish and I'd love a higher resolution screen too. The bigger keyboard will make me even faster at typing on it too.

Like Blackberry has the biggest launch of its Best Handsets made ever, this Contest is the biggest and for the Best Handsets ever....

All the Best, everyone!

If I win, i would want to have Bold 9900, why because its the best phone which truly holds to the phrase : "RIMMPIRE STRIKES BACK"

I would like the BB 9900. I consider it a tribute to the original BB 9000 witch I own and use with real pleasure. Thanks.

I came back to a blackberry from android to a torch and think it is brilliant. Has to be the new 9810 torch for me. OS7 looks brilliant and everything else looks really speedy. I would be tempted by the 9900 though.

Well, if I ever needed to win a CB contest, it would be this one and NOW. An alcoholic beverage was spilled on my workhorse of a phone the 8900.. It is INOP. I am currently stuck using my 7105t, which at first was kind of nostalgic, but now it's just pathetic. I need to get myself a 9900, help me out CB!!