CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to WIN a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The reviews are in, and it's unanimous... the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are the SWEETEST BlackBerry phones yet! So following up our reviews of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 we're giving a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win one, free of charge.

HOW TO ENTER:  Just login to CrackBerry and leave us a comment to this post! In your comment, be sure to tell us which BlackBerry 7 Smartphone you want and why! 

Other Details: Contest is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight ET on August 31st, 2011. Please leave only one comment to this post. We'll announce the winner September 1st here on the blogs.  Good Luck!

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♪ ♬ Wouldn't it be nice if I would win this... ♬ ♪


Why not me? Why not a 9900


I want a brand new BB 9900 with that sweet OS7... It would be a nice upgrade from my 9300... well, more than just a nice upgrade.... it will be a humongous upgrade!!!


Please let me win a new phone with BB7 on it


9860 cause my friend has an iPhone and i wanna teach him a lesson plus i never won anything in my life :(


My faithful 9530 is getting tired, a new Torch 9850 would be fantastic.


9850/60. I had the storm 1, had the storm 2. I dont like my bold 2 (9700). Miss my large screen. Gimme my 4 inch back :(


Would love the Torch 9810 as I have loved the 9800 but would like the faster speeds and new OS and could pass my 9800 on to my daughter.


I would like to replace my Verizon Storm 2 with the nice new Torch 9860. I love my Storm 2 but the new 9860 would be nice with my amazing Playbook.


I want a BB Bold 9900 because of its iconic keyboard, BBM, NFC capability, fast processor, and BB's world famous email function!


I'll take the Bold 9930. Right now I have a 9650 and I'm ready to amp it up with a touch screen display and my reliable keypad. (Plus I know someone in Canada who already has the new Bold and loves it!)

Love me some berries. Long live RIM.


I would love the Bold 9930! CDMA always get everything late! Not this time! It would be awesome to be able to do my daily business on this device!


Blackberry Bold 9900!! I want it because it has that sexy EDOF camera.. lol or maybe the keyboard.


I'd like to have the new Torch 9810 because I've been with my curve for two years and 2 months, that's a lot of time in this market. Pleeeassseeee help me to have the new generation of Blackberry! Thanks for keep us post with everything related to BB. Love u guys <3


I would love to win the 9900 to power up my Playbook internet connection.


I would love to win the Bold 9900. Currently have the Playbook but no blackberry to bridge with, this would be an awesome start


I want the Bold 9900 on ATT for my wife. She loves her Playbook, but her Bold 9700 is getting a bit long in the tooth, so this would be perfect.


I NEED a bold 9900 because I am a CrackBerry addict and it is the best "high" out there. Lol help me get my fix


I am hoping that the Torch 98X0 is a positive when I get hands on it - but honestly will try the Bold 99X0 just to be sure.
Great to have choices - tht is a step up for BB of late ! !

Pilot Prop

Are you serious? I would love to have a Bold 9900....


9900 has the best physical keyboard in the world!! Thanks


I could really handle winning a BlackBerry Torch 9850, thank you


I would love to win a Bold 9900! I bought my 9780 in February, switching from the 8900, so my contract isn't up for another year and a half and I can't afford to buy it off-contract.


BlackBerrh Torch 9860 coz its a BlackBerry with largest screen :)


BlackBerry Torch 9860 because it looks so nice!


My torch is slow and old;
I like the new 9900;
fast and bold;
touch with qwerty;
sweet and pretty.


I eould greatly appreciate the 9930 on Rogers network. It has the super great keyboard and touch and speed. Been with a BB for 8 years and want to keep the good times rollin'.


I cannot wait to get my hands on the Bold 9900! I love everything about it: the marvellous keyboard, the bigger form factor and the improved resolution, the 8GB on board memory, the fast processor, and do I love the touchscreen option. I could talk about this phone as though it were a delicacy. I love it. It caters to everything that I need in a phone only in one little magnificent package.


Blackberry Bold 9930 because to me the bold is the strongest/well adapted blackberry out.


Hard choice for me ;-) Maybe 9900.


I would love a tmobile 9900! All my friends have been harassing me to get on BBM.


Torch 9810. Big Touch Screen for viewing, fast processor, and full keyboard. I love BlackBerry


We all want 9900 cause it's right what we were all waiting for from RIM for sooo long. Thanks CrackBerry for such a chance!


I would luv to win a 9900 as when I first bought my 9700 and heard about 9000's awesome keyboard, have been missing it since then would luv to own a 9900 to actually have a feel of 9000 with the majestic 9900 powerful OS 7.


I would love to win a new OS7 BB :)


Crackberry is so generous and awesome... and I'd love to have a 10% raise for my 9000 (=9900)!


Pinggggg!!!! Would love the Bold 9900. Not eligible for upgrade on Tmobile till Oct 2012 and it would really suck if i bought the phone off contract only for it to become useless for 3G and pseudo4G next year when the Tmobile and ATT merger goes through


I want a Blackberry Bold 9900, because it brings back the success of the past (the Bold 9000), and the promises of the future, all in one slim, RIM package :P


I would love to have bold 9900. Its ultimate blackberry phone to me, much better than iphones. Plus it will be first time for me to own a blackberry phone and i will never go back.


The 9850 will replace my ever so resilient Storm 2!


I would totally love the Blackberry Torch 9810. I have the Torch 9800 and am very happy with it. But the features that the 9810 have kicks everything into high gear.

I am always working on my Torch 9800 and using it in my everyday use. To upgrade to the Torch 9810 would make me a very happy camper. Keep me in mind if you can. I have become a true follower of Blackberry and aim to stay for the rest of my life...


please pick me to win the phone...i have had the bold 9700 for 2 years and i really want the bold touch so please PICK ME!!!


Crackberry team – I’d love to win the 9930… but not for me, for my co-worker. She had to sell her Torch (9800) this past weekend to make ends meet. I think this would be an incredible surprise for what appears to be a horrible month. Cheers!


I would love to win the Bold 9930 because I want a reason to switch back to Blackberry. I loved my 9650 but it just did not perform up to par with the other phones out there. Now that there is a Blackberry that does I want nothing more than to come back!!! HELP ME!!!


I would love to win Bold 9900. I love this form factor with physical keyboard and now with Touchscreen, its like cherry on the top :)
Moreover for my media needs, Playbook is top-notch companion for my blackberry.
Not to sound greedy, I think it would be great to have one contest each for all the new models as all of them look great :)


After going from the Storm 9530 to Storm 2 9550, I found that it just couldn't keep up with me so I went to the iPhone. I'm happy with the iPhone as it does all that I need it to do, but secretly want to switch back to BlackBerry. Seeing all these new OS7 devices come out has had my mouth watering. The Bold 9930 could be the device to help the RIMpire strike back in my household!


I'd love to win the 9900 coz it is both touch screen and qwerty and it keeps that beatiful blackberry traditional look. Love it! Want it! Need it!


I would like to win a BlackBerry 9900, so I can ditch my iPhone 4 without signing a new contract. I should have never left the CrackBerry :( iPhone is the worst.


I would love to have a 9900. This design and form factor is the best out there. I have had many different balckberries but till this day go back to my 9000 on occasion because I just love that feel. To have that feel with and a Touchscreen. This one is a MUST HAVE!!!!


Well From the day it was leaked on internet I always wanted to buy one of Bold 9900's ..
The touch nd keyboard is marvelous , sad its shit expensive .
Great if Crackberry can give it to me for free.. I'll be more than happy...

keepin my fingers crossed !...


I would love to win the BlackBerry Bold 9930 because i dont own a blackberry phone for myself and i have heard that they are AWESOME it would mean alot i won....Thank you. :-)


I would love to have 9900!


I would really really like the 9860.
A full-touch experience on BB, on such a fast device must be something worthwhile and unique. All the strengths of BB OS plus the functionality of a large display and fast connections, not to mention the quick keyboard.

The 9860 has to be the best and most unique BB out there. I love my hardware keyboard, but that screen...please, pick me! (=


Bold 9900 - Best keyboard (as a lawyer I write a lot on the go), and the processing power makes the touchscreen a must have!


I'd love a new 9810


It's such a toss up as to which phone i would love to have. But the winner is the 9850 / 9860!
I love the look of this phone, and this would be my choice of an all touch phone.! That way I can go back to school in style!


I would love a Bold 9930 for Sprint. I had to "use it or lose it" with my upgrade back in April with the change to the Sprint Premier program and ended up with an Android phone. I really miss BB and this would make a good mate for my PlayBook.


9900 or 9930. I'm not sure which carrier I will go with yet, but I definitely want the new bold! I've been waiting for a 9000 - like upgrade for a long time


I would like to win the 9860 and try the new hardware this phones come with.Faster is nice.


I would love to get my hands on a new 9900, i still have the first generation bold the 9000 and i have to say, it is officially time to upgrade!! It would be so perfect to get the new bold 9900!! :)


I could make great use of a 9930 for its excellent processing speed and roomy keyboard. The typing experience on Backberrys in general is like no other. Definitely a prime upgrade from my 9630.


One 9900 please. After having one of the first 9700's and a mid batch 9800, knowing that the 9900 is a good marriage of the two in nearly every way, I firmly believe it would be my next great BlackBerry. Plus my 9800 is well loved and abused, to the point of missing some trim...


Of course. BB9930 - best blackberry to date.


Would LOVE a bold 9900!! It looks amazing


Would love to have the slim and slick 9900!! Thanks Crackberry!


Hi, I would Love to give my Dad the Torch 9810 since I've got the 9900 now. It would be an awesome gift :)


Count me in for the Bold 9900 as I need to replace my 9300 that just isn't cutting the mustard these days.


The BB Bold 9900!! I still have the original 9000 on my hip haha not getting anything but the same form factor again!


I would love to win The BlackBerry Torch 9810 because since the last august I always wanted the Torch 9800 but I couldn't afford it so it'll be amazing if I win besides I like the best of both worlds The big touchscreen and the physical keyboard.. I also I want to win it because the new improvements: 1.2 GHZ Processor, 768 MB of Ram, better graphics and OS 7 which makes this device even better than the old model.!!


First of all, Love the Pic! Lil bit of age on her, and still HOT!! Very nice! chomp, chomp...
I would love to win the BB 9930 baby! If I am the lucky one, I will be replacing my Fassy.
Count me in!! Thanks for having the contest. Again, nice pic!


I would be happy with any of the new BB7 phones.


9900 please. I love the Bold form factor and adding touch screen to it is just icing on the cake.


Oh that would be the Bold 9900 please and thank you


WHICH: I would love to get my hands on the BlackBerry Bold 9900.

WHY: I have - for the most part - loved my BlackBerry Torch 9800 since the day I got it when it was released in Canada.
I am a Fido customer so I couldn't get the Torch from my provider & won't be able to get the Bold 9900 from them either (at least as far as anyone knows right now).
My Torch is already too slow to handle all the things I do on my phone throughout my average day and I need an upgrade but cannot afford the $600 price tag a Bold 9900 would cost me. PLEASE Help me CrackBerry!


Bold 9900 - Have the Torch but with the 9900 will much easier to type. Already turned my brother onto a BB now looking to get my wife away from I-Phone to a BB...wish me luck!!


I would love the Bold 9900. Love the bold keyboard and the new OS looks sweet!


I would love a Bold 9930. I got hooked on the 8830 from VZW and haven't looked back since. Now both my sisters have a BB, my brother-in-law is using my old 9630 and my fiance is eagerly waiting to switch to a 9930 from her HTC Incredible.


This would be fan-friggin-tastic! My old bold dying a slow death. Go to the max!


I'd LOVE a Bold 9900!! I need this keyboard, and the touchscreen is a good addition! It definitely looks like my dream phone!

Just a question: can it be AZERTY? :D


Boy, do I really need a BlackBerry Torch 9860. I am on AT&T, and finally I can get some touchscreen love with a BB, and not feel envious of my iPhone and Android friends! Bring it on!


Ok...count me in for a 9900


would love to try out the torch 9860. I want to see what it is like to have an all touchscreen device. That would be awesome!!!!!!


It would be incredible to win the new Bold Touch from the great folks at!!! Thanks!


Man, I want a 9900 sooo bad. But noooo....AT&T is slow outta the gate with it. But at this point, I'd give my left nut for one. Or maybe a kidney. I'm rocking a Bold 9000 and so used to this form factor! I'd love a Rogers 9900!!!


dear crackberry,
if i win, i would like a bold 9930. why? well, its not for me honestly. its for my wife. she has a 9650, her second one actually. it too is broken. its bulky, slow, reboots, the rack pad barely works. she needs a new blackberry. but we don't have an upgrade. and its our 6month anniversary soon. so please crackberry, let me get my wife the best present in the world!


Blackberry Bold 9930 please! Not sure about the touchscreen on a display of that size, but it's worth trying, and the full qwerty keyboard is a must. Still love my 9650, but hey, got to keep up with technology. And keeping up for free is just that much better.

Thanks CrackBerry!


I would like the BOLD 9900, Because it looks, sounds and feels like the Blackberry That I always thought should exist.


I'd love to win a Blackberry Bold 9900! If it's anything even close to the original Bold 9000 (which I sadly upgraded to the 9800 from) it's going to be an awesome device! Full keyboard with touchscreen and no sliding... it's what I always wanted from a phone, nobody has made it until now! I'd upgrade on my own but I'm not even close to having eligibility for a discount (and $549 is a bit steep right now considering that my fridge stopped working yesterday and needed to be replaced).

I'm ranting. Fingers crossed I win!!


I'm keeping my Tour until the next generation


Well I have a BB 9700 on Mobilicity with 43 apps and some 48MB free Application Space so I could use something a little more snapier. I'm thinking the 9810 as it has the full touch screen and the slider keyboard - nice combo.

Nice contest Crackberry - whoever wins, congrats.


Nothing accessorizes like a 9900 in my hand making a Bold statement!


bold 9900 would be the sweatest phone. larg keyboard nfc compatibility combination of touch screen and keyboard but alos the supposedly HOTSPOT hosting capacities soon to be available


9900. Because I miss the 9000!!!


I'd love to get a Torch 9850 because of the large display and liquid graphics and replace this old and slow blackberry...

Regards :D


I want a BOLD 9900 because it has the GREATEST KEYBOARD ever put into a blackberry + an amazing touch screen with liquid graphics!!!


It would be amazing to win the Bold 9900, because I couldnt give up my qwerty but the touch screen would be awesome too!!


I really would like the Bold 9930 ! I want one b/c all of the major carriers except mine (Alltel] have announced their release date . I've been checking on their website daily nd calling Customer Service asking if they will get the phone but I've been disappointed every call . My 9650's health is slowly declining nd I always dream about having a 9930 in my possession ! I am a very L0YAL BlackBerry user nd N0 other make of smartphone (Android nd iPhone] doesn't come close of satisfying my wireless needs ! PLEASE pick ME ! :)


I would love to win a Verizon 9930! I can't afford to upgrade till I finish school!!! And here is one more exclamation mark for the fun of it!


9930 please , would be sweet,


Make my day, shoot, make my year!!!


bold 9930 on sprint!
i need the power and pure sexiness of this phone lol
*crosses fingers*


Would love to win the Torch 9860. It just looks simply sexy. Love the large touchscreen even if it means losing the traditional BB keypad, it's the wave of the future. :)


I like Blackberry Torch 9810. For me is the best Blackberry smartphone.


I'D love the 9900!!!! the Bold 9000 was my favorite phone EVER and this one is EVEN BETTER!!!! AHHHHHHH I've never won a crackberry contest hook me up guys!


OMG I would love any new BB7 phone. HOOK ME UP!!


9930 please...pick me

epress man

I would love the Torch 2 because I am sick of the storm 2.
BB rules!


Bold 9930 for Sprint. So sick of my Evo's bugs and physical issues. It's falling apart.


9900 - Amazing Keyboard!


Bold 9930. Why? Because my 8530 is crapping out on me, hard crashing, and rebooting. i missed msgs from my kids the other day, and they were rather important. My upgrade option isn't available with Sprint until December and I need a new phone now. Prefer Bold over Torch because of the physical qwerty. Thanks!!!!!


This is a pipe dream! It would never happen to me ... GIVE ME MY PRECIOUS 9900!!!


Would love a Blackberry Bold 9900!!
Have to have the Qwerty keyboard!!!
Am waiting to switch to my first blackberry smartphone. :D


I really need a 9900, because: my 9800 needs and earned it's retirement AND they just won't release that phone here and I want it really bad :)


I would like one of these!


i would like to win a bold 9900. Because i have never had a bb before and i really want one


BlackBerry Torch 9860 Please :)


By Far I would like to get the 9900 BOLD because it has the best keyboard Ive had the pleasure of using, even if it was only for 5 minutes.


BB 9900 please. Good luck everyone


I want the bold 9900 because I had a chance to play with a friends and it blows my oldd 9700 out of the water.


I would LOVE the 9900. After coming back to BlackBerry after 5 miserable months with Android, I think a nice keyboard/touchscreen phone is just what I need right about now, especially with the new amazing BB 7 OS.


I need a retail 9900 because H+ doesn't work on my pre-release unit!


If I won one of these, I could finally test out the bridge function on my PlayBook :)
I'd pick the Torch 9810 for the keyboard, screen and CAMERA.

Technology freak

After spending a couple months with the beloved Sprint Htc Evo 4g ,
there is alot to be said. Android has a lot of work to do with there os battery life is too short
,takes forever to boot , sluggish UI, and mainly poor multitasking experience due to apps getting restarted after switching to them due to not enough memory. BlackBerry is far superior in many ways! First there is the Construction you know what to expect when you buy a BlackBerry, you get a durable device that you can depend on . Second there's Keyboard If you're a person who relies on your handheld for staying on top of your e-mails it's likely that you've already got a BlackBerry, as they are, quite simply, the best in their class. Thats one thing that i really miss about my 9650 i was always connected and didnt have to worry about replying to long emails.Third there is BlackBerry E-Mail BlackBerry e-mail hasn't become the benchmark without good reason. You can set-up up to 10 e-mail accounts to be processed by RIM's own servers, which afford you privacy and security thanks to industry leading encryption. There's no battery-draining sync schedule either as the messages are pushed directly to the device as and when they're received. There is no comparison to the mailing capability of a blackberry and a android phone. Finally is the the community blackberry has one of the best online communities I’ve ever been a part of. There are several websites dedicated specifically to the Blackberry phones. If you ever have a question or need help solving a problem with your phone, the Blackberry community will usually provide you a quick answer. I find this website to be the best site getting help with. All in all this are just some reason why i feel like blackberry is far superior then all the other operating system and why i would love to have a sprint blackberry bold 9930. Thank you


OMG, this is a chance in a lifetime. I wish I will win and I will pick Blackberry 9900 since I love the keyboard, new liquid graphics, processor speed and bigger storage. :) Please let me win! Thank you Crackberry!!! :)


Bold 9900 FTW. The wifey HATES her iPhone 4!


BlackBerry Bold 9900, I cant wait for the snappy processor, touchscreen and all the future possibilities of NFC .Good luck all!


Id like torch 9850 Sprint.
its a nice touch screen.


I would love to win the Bold 9900 because without winning it, my company might make me switch to a iPhone... And I hate the iPhone! Pick me CrackBerry... I will make great use out of a new Bold!


Been waiting for this phone for ages, back when I was rocking a 9530 now a 9780. So closely around 1.5 years now when they named it magnum and dakota.


9930 Bold, so I upgrade my 9650 pwease!


I'd choose a torch 9810 for the bump up internally from the 9800..or the 9850/60 for the full touch experience or even the 9900 for its jaw dropping keyboard and slimness
Anyone of these devices would be great for the bb7 experience :D

big bb

i would go with the 9900 to give to my wife because she likes the size of the keyboard instead of the 9780 keyboard, she currently has the 9000.


It was love at first site with my Bold 9000 so it is only appropriate that I would want the Bold 9900!

If Kevin says he's the #1 BlackBerry fanboy then I am close 2nd :-p this BlackBerry fan isn't going anywhere! Even if I have to rock my Torch for another year BlackBerry will always be a part of my life, work, and passion.

Thank you Crackberry for the contest!



I have the 9650 on Verizon and no new BlackBerry's have come out for me. Unlike GSM where they have had the 9780. Thank you so much CrackBerry!


I would love a bold 9900 to replace my lame curve 8520 -- should have went for the bold last year, help fix my mistake!


I'd like a 9900 cuz of the wide screen. Touchscreen. And the wider keyboard.


I've been using 9000 for over 3 years now and I've experienced low memory for so long!! I wanna use all my apps without having to delete them or do a battery pull :(

I already made a list of all the apps I will install upon upgrade :)

Please pick me!!!


I'd love to win the 9900!


Well, speed and screen that's what I need! 9810 to replace my good but not great 9800 ;-)


I will gladly accept the Touch 9860!
Thank You





would very much like the 9900! fingers crossed.


I would love to win the Torch 9860 for use on AT&T!! I want this phone because i have been waiting for a full touch screen BB since the Storm 9530!


Love the 9800 Torch the perfect combo on a phone the big touch screen, plus full Keyboard make for easy communication, multimedia and gaming so am sure the 9810 with its advanced hardware and OS will make for even better Torch!. So my pic will be the 9810 Torch 2!.


Bold 9900 would be cool...!


my god i sooo wanna win...i want the 9900 BOLD plz.
I love the touch screen and the faster hardware..
thanks CB


ok i have never won anything on this site, but might as well keep trying i would love to update my BB9700 with a brand new BB9860


the bold 9900 please crackberry
come on do you really need to know y just look at it. Great looking phone


I would love to win the Torch 9810. I like the slider feature best, as you get a fullscreen BlackBerry for videos, games and internet browsing, plus the world leading keyboard that BlackBerry phones are known for, but only when you need it. It's a win-win. :)


Bold 9900! How can you go wrong with that touchscreen and keyboard??


9900 because it's the new king of the hill!!


About 2yrs ago, my frnds asked me to describe my dream was the 9900 (not as thin and without NFC though) let me have that please!! Plus it will take forever to be out here :(


I'm not fussy I would take anyone you would want to give me. OH PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!!


I want a Torch 9810 cos I am desperately unhappy with the speed of the torch 1


I want the Torch 9810 because my Torch 9800 could use an upgrade. Plus, I like the processor on the 9810.


BlackBerry Bold 9900
As Im simply broke and im stuck with my 8520.
Which is highly outdated and need an updated one for my business.
Plus I like the Idea of Touch and Qwerty yet still compact.


The Bold 9900 ist great....hope :)


800th !! lol

Just wanna say awesome job on the reviews and updates ( keep em coming ), for me it would must be the luxury which is the bold 9900. Plus it would be a mighty fine upgrade from my pearl flip 8820 ^__^.


Any of them, to start blackberry app development. Im already in the android market and app store, and I want to branch out. Also want something great to go with my playbook.


My nokia e5 sucks :P
I want a Blackberry :)


9810 cause its the torch that should have come out. plus virtual or hardware keyboard depending on mood


Thank you,
I'll take a BB 9930, perfect and best for me.


the 9900 would be wonferful to win, thanks very much!


9900 because it has the best smartphone keyboard ever made! Go RIMPIRE!


I would love to win the 9900 because for me it is the perfect phone. Both touchscreen and qwerty keyboard along with a fast processor and better display. I hope I win!


The 9860 would be a great companion for my lonely PlayBook!


I love my Torch 9800 except for the slow speed. I'd like to win the 9810 since it's so similar. I like the slider feature as well as the large screen. Plus I can switch over my current case & hopefuly swap my 9800 battery door for the ugly 9810 version.


would like to have a torch 9810 white.. With higher rez and hd recording would be nice


Any Blackberry 7 device would be Sah-weet!


I need that BB9900 so I can get up off this Android. C'mon baby "I NEED MY CRACKBERRY'!!!!


Bold 9930 so I can pass my Torch down to my daughter. She has been using my passed down Curve 8520 since I got the Torch.


This is why I love Crackberry!

Blackberry 9900 Please!!!

Full Qwerty/Touchscreen.... what else is there to say....!!


I really really want a Torch 9850 to replace my aging Storm 1 that runs between 0 & 10MB of free memory.


Gotta touch em' keys! Bold 9900 that is!


I would love to win the 9810! I have become a diehard BlackBerry user since getting my curve 8310 back in the day. The 9810 would work great along with my playbook!


Bold 9900 because of HFC!


Would love the Bold 9930. Thinner, wider keyboard, touchscreen, illuminated trackpad, OS7. This BB has it all.


The new Torch Touch....I am not a keyboard guy....


I want a BB 9900.
I had a choice between a bb 9000 and an 8900 and i went with the 8900 because of the better camera and more memory :(
So i'm still rocking my javelin 2 years later and i feel its time to upgrade to the best keyboard on any smartphone.
Hope i win :D


Can't wait for 9900 to hit TMO on 8/31. The keyboard; it's all about the awesome keyboard.


I've been wanting something like a BlackBerry Torch 9850 for years. And, I just happen to waiting for Verizon to drop one. Obviously now would be the perfect time to ship one to me.



9930 because the design Is beautiful and Im getring tired of my iphone4


Can I get a 9900, since I can't afford to buy one :(


A Torch 9850 to replace my original Storm!


I would love to win a Bold 9900! Its the ultimate blackberry.


A lot of entries into this one I see! Not surprised with t-mobile wanting $350 on contract!


I would like the Bold because it is BOLD!


The blackberry 9000 was the best blackberry ill a week ago... so naturally the 9900 is my choice of OS 7 phones


The Bold 9900 (AT&T) would be the perfect Christmas gift for my brother :-)

I'd pick one for me but I can't possibly wait for this contest to be over to pick up a 9930 on Sprint lol


Please give me a Bold 9900, AT&T may never get them!


definatly would love to get my hands on a brand spanking new 9860

hey why are all the other os afraid of OS7.................... because 7 8 9

yea i really want one


May your merciful eyes look down on this poor soul and choose me to be the owner of a Blackberry BOLD 9900!


Double the processing power, altered reality browsing, touch screen, full keyboard, and its a blackberry.

I have to get that Bold 9900.


I want a 9930 so i can finally have a touch screen and a 9810 for work, because i am about to throw my curve through a window today!


I want a bold 9900 because it is the flagship blackberry device! NFC baby! And it's sexy as hell!


The Blackberry 9900 would be my choice please guys, I don't know if i'm suppost to convince you why I would like to win but not every one is giving away a free BlackBerry of their choice. So here it goes.......... I LOVE BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!! I currently own a Torch but crave a 9900 Bold as then I will have the ultimate braging rights.

*It's super thin
*Solid high quality design
*The best keyboard ever and now even has touchscreen

Ultimate thanx guys


Over 800 comments, But maybe I won ?? ^^ Hope so :D
SO HAPPY if i won a Blackberry Bold 9900 :x:x Love it so much !
Thanks Crackberry :)


Had a Torch, it got totaled in a car wreck (along with the car), So I'm rocking my outdated Curve *8520*, Wish I could get another Torch (9810), Would be a nice upgrade for this College kid!..


I wouldn't mind a Torch 9810. Already have the old Torch and I like the screen size plus the keyboard since I have a gimpy thumb.


Blackberry Bold 9930 - I currently have a Tour, and I love it, but the poor thing is over 2 years old and slowing down a bit. It's time to get a little bolder!


9930 please! because well, im on sprint =D


I would love the 9850! The smooth touch screen with awesome graphics!!!


I would love to get a a Blackberry 9900 because the bold 9000 was the pinnacle of comfortable blackberry usage and bringing back that form factor is a dream come true.


The Bold looks nice.


Awesome giveaway! 9330 or 9850!


9900 for me. Need the Bold keyboard.




want a 9900, cause I love its format


I would love the 9930 because my Droid Pro stinks and I need BBM!!


9900 for the keyboard!


—Beam me up Scotty! 9900 please, so I can Boldly go warp 7...


I would like a shot at the 9930 Bold Touch for my wife who is having a wicked tough time since her 9650 is on its last leg....thanks!


Not sure I have any more patience left! My 9800 takes way too long, The 9810 I think would ease my
Thanks CB for another great contest!


this is a contest and i have a chance. the 9900 is rim's chance, their breakthrough. as someone who is very close to their own breakthrough, i want to be able to use a phone that represents me and what i am committed to ultimately achieving. i want to use a 9900.


I would love to have the blackberry 9900 because its just screaming out perfection. The amazing sleek form factor of the bold and the keyboard. I WANT ONE!!!!


I would like to win a bold 9900 to show it to all of my friends and make them jealous of me!


I would LOVE a new 9930


It'll be awesome if I could win the 9900. Love the Bold physical keyboard.


I would love to win the Bold and Beautiful Blackberry 9900.


i love original torch form factor. I would love to upgread it to new version especialy just that i got new battery. I dont raelly need nfc. I kind of like os6 but os 7 is very temptive. Unfortunetly i wan't be able to get new contract for next few years. I always wanted torches to be much faster and have better usebilyte. I use two langages so 50-60 are not suiting me since it takes to long to swap languages. I saw new bold but i actuly like big screens on torch. i also think that this is futer of bb since it want interupt with big touch screen and keyboard.


BB Bold 9930 because my Tour is dying!! and if this was truly a randomized pick, I'd win ;)


I wanna feel the torch with OS7 and spacious memory capacity
Make it happen would ya??
Pleaasee... :)


The 9900 on AT&T would be the one I would want, it would be the perfect replacement for the Bold 9000 that my wife is still using.


Torch 1 is good, but need the speed and keyboard of a Bold 9900.


9900 please dont want to have to pay 3 bills for it on Tmob! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!


I would love to win the 9900 the keyboard looks amazing as well as the the new slim design.


i really need a new vzw blackberry i am a fiend for that torch 9850 i need in my palm im using my PB so i wont have to pull out my 2009 9650 i still love it but the 9850 with my PB OOOOOOOOO WWWEEEEE !!!!!! POWDA OUT


Blackberry Bold 9900! Please and Thank you!


I'll take a 9850 if I win!


9900 for at&t? You bet. I'll replace my slow 9700. Thanks in advance for choosing me.


Would love to get the Torch 9850! Love my Storm2 but she's due for an upgrade.


Yes please, BlackBerry Bold 9900 for at&t.


A 9930 because of the QWERTY keyboard. The Winner!


9900 for Tmobile, please :-)


Buying the 9810 on Sunday...hopefully. I'll take a 9900 though


I would love the BlackBerry Torch 9860!! I have always wanted an iPhone mostly because of the screen size and menu function!! but I have forced myself time after time not to because I am a huge fan of BlackBerry and I would feel like I am betraying myself and the rest of the BlackBerry nation!!! The Torch 9860 have everything I want!! big screen, OS7, and it is A BLACKBERRY!!!!