CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to WIN a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The reviews are in, and it's unanimous... the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are the SWEETEST BlackBerry phones yet! So following up our reviews of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 we're giving a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win one, free of charge.

HOW TO ENTER:  Just login to CrackBerry and leave us a comment to this post! In your comment, be sure to tell us which BlackBerry 7 Smartphone you want and why! 

Other Details: Contest is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight ET on August 31st, 2011. Please leave only one comment to this post. We'll announce the winner September 1st here on the blogs.  Good Luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!



My choice would have to be the 9900! Other than the loss of autofocus, this is one sweet BB. Thanks for the contest and keep up the great work CB. Good luck to everyone.

I would prefer the Torch 9850 and below is why:

1. I have been a Sprint customer for over ten years and this is the first touchscreen BB.
2. I have been using a BlackBerry since 2003 and have become a crackberry addict
3. I need speed on a BlackBerry so the 1.2 GHZ processor will get me where I need to go
4. I also don't use BlackBerry forums anymore because you guys here have the best BB forums with the latest information and I love it.
5. CrackBerry forever!

I'm lucky that I got to keep my teaching job... But no raises in pay, benefits, or anything else doesn't help!! However, a new BB Torch 9850 sure would make back to school sweeter!!! Thanks!

I want a Bold 9930 because my Curve 8330M is on life support! I need a Blackberry with something better than OS 4.5, and I want the best!

I would take the BB Bold 990, I feel like a Caveman banging to rocks together with my BB Curve 8520 wifi. Please welcome me into the 21st Century with 4G. P.S. No offense to the Geico Cavemen.

I'd love to be rocking a Bold 9900 with it's OS7 goodness! The keyboard and touchscreen combo would be awesome!
Pick me! Please!

I want a 9900 to replace my 9800 because of the fast processing,excellent liquid display, HD video recording and also the NFC the touchscreen and 4G!!just pure awsomeness!!

I want a BlackBerry Torch 9810 because I have always wanted a great touch screen experience with a big screen but it's always nice to have that awesome keyboard to fall back on!

Hardest decision I will have to make (optimist) Currently have Torch 9800 and the increased power would be ideal for my daily power use...but Bold 9000 was my 1st true BB love and that form factor of keyboard size, and touch screen...oh my oh my, which to choose. At least I have until August 31st to finalise. Either way, I would love to win either one. Thanks CrackBerry for this great contest.

I want a 9900 please!!!! I can't be without a BlackBerry keyboard, believe me I have tried. I have been waiting for this phone since it was first rumored!! I can't wait to have that svelte sweet 9900(bold touch) in my shaking hands!! Please pick me!!!!!! Long Live RIMPIRE !!!!

I love Blackberry and cant wait to go play with the new ones at Sprint so I can choose what one I want!!! WIsh we were getting the Torch slider!!

I would like the 9900 because of the keyboard! And now that it has a touch screen too that makes it even better! :) oh yeah and the double the CPU power!

Common on CB! Make my year! :)

BlackBerry Bold 9930, the BEST BlackBerry on the BEST network sounds like winning to me :D The 9930 would go to my Dad which would blow his 8830 out of the water!

I have NEVER owned a Blackberry device. I was a Palm device owner...went to HTC for a little while...then went back to Palm for the Pre which is my current device (...I know, I know...) -__- *sigh*

I've told family and friends for years that once Blackberry came out with a touch screen/qwerty keyboard device (non-slide) I would jump on board. And FINALLY, that day has arrived. I've been teased about holding on to my Palm Pre for the past 2 years...but I knew what I wanted (and I'm obviously pretty patient)...the Bold 9930 was created FOR ME! :-)

I would love a Blackberry Bold 9930 because I currently own an unlocked blackberry torch and some buttons no longer work on it. Im on T-Mobile and they are charging $350 for a new bold! I have school loans and a newborn and can not afford a new one. I also do not wanna leave blackberry for another lame phone i.e. an android, or windows phone so please help and let me win one! Thanks crackberry!!

i really want a new Bold 9930, the concept of the keyboard with a touchscreen has been an idea that i have had for a while and I have been waiting for a company to produce it. Droid tried to make it with the Pro, but I couldn't buy a droid, Blackberry all the way!!!! Finally Blackberry has made the phone of my dreams and I need to get it!

I would like to replace my OLD 9700 with a new 9900. I tried the 9800 but I did not like the slider keyboard. I am a puriest and need traditional BB keyboard.

The handle says it all...."Bolderholder"

Go bold, or go home!

A Bold 9900 for my beautiful and deserving wife would be great so she could stop playing with mine ;o)


I want 9900 because heard about how the phone is well developed and the os7 is better than ever including the screen tourch it is more smotter and the durability of the battery is something i fancy most of all and not excluding the shape of the phone... I will be more than happy if i can get it...

I want a bold 9900. Its beautiful and combines the best qwerty keyboard with touchscreen. LOVE IT!!!

got an upgrade coming at end of year had a curve got a torch would have had another torch but after reading your review its got to be a bold


Why I want it:

1. I love this form factor.
2. I am on Verizon Wireless.
3. This phone is sexy.
4. I am too poor to even think about buying it (fresh out of college.)
5. I love BlackBerrys.
6. I love CrackBerry.
7. It would be awesome to win this phone from CrackBerry because I am on here every single day!!!!

I would take the 9900 because your review said it's the best BB yet, so it must be a pretty darn good phone.

9900 please.

No really....


My wife killed my 9700 and I am forced to use her old iphone 3GS.


I would love to win the BlackBerry Bold2 9900 I am from South Africa and the phone hasn't even launched here on South African soil yet, and would love to actually brag,boost to everyone that I am a loyal #TeamBlackBerry supporter look at my new BlackBerry Bold 2 9900 :) Don't touch, you can drool over it but that is about it ;)

If you make me win you can throw in a CrackBerry T-shirt and I won't ever take it off :) Only time when I have to wash it :)

I would choose the 9900, because the best keyboard with the best notification system in class would be perfect.


Kevin, i'd love to win a 9900...why? Because i've always been a fan of the 9000's form factor and keyboard so seeing it on a 9900 is just awesome....and i'd really love to replace my 8520 as i have so many keyboard probs and it has made me phoneless at the moment....and i'm dreading the dumbphone suggestion.....Plus a guy from Jamaica has NEVER won anything major in a Crackberry contest....i've entered the playbook, 9700, and torch contests and never i'd love to even win something big like this once.....Thank you!

I would love to win a torch 9810.

Ever sinds the Torch came out, I loved the idea of having a 'big' touchscreen and still being able to use the superior keyboard that Blackberry has.
The only problem was that the first Torch wasn't powerful enough. But they have solved that with the second Torch!

Hmmm, eenni, meeni, miini, mo... go for a Torch or ask for Bold... this is hard..... lol! but I'd say Bold 9900. I've been wanting to upgrade from my 9550 for a while now and decided to hold out past OS6. Now OS7 dont think i can wait on the "Colt"

So Crackberry make it happen!! 9900 for me!!!!!

I would love a 9900 so i could get my brother so stop gloating about how much better his 9900 is than my 9700. Every day he has something new to show me that I can't do on my 9700 lol

BlackBerry of Choice: 9860
Reason? I've never had the pleasure of a full-touch device, ever. I couldn't afford to purchase a new device, I'm barely a year into my Canadian 3 year contract, so upgrading is still very cost prohibitive. I have a feeling that having this device would rekindle my love for everything BlackBerry.

Id love to win a 9860 because of its shear beauty. Very sleek device. id also love to win something from crackberry and kevin himself!

A huge droid fan, but when my droid messed up I got a BB Curve 8330 and I love it far. Would be awesome to win any new BB 7 phone! Edit: Might help to follow guideline for entering.....Verizon BB Bold 9930 ftw.

Lady Luck please be with me and send me a free Bold 9900.
This would be a great replacement for my 9700.

cannot stand my current phone, had so many issues, now i cant even make a phone call :(
i am desperate for a new phone... the 9900 sounds like it is going to be an awesome phone!

Please please please gimme the 9900, I've always thought my 9000 would have been the best smartphone ever with a trackpad, touchscreen and the best physical keyboard EVER! I waited 2+ years for BB to make one. However, the good ol' 9000 broke a few months back and I had to get into a 9800. Needless to say I'm committed to the 9800 for the next 2 years unless I win! Not saying that there's anything wrong with a 9800, but nothing compares with the 9900!!

I want a 9930, cause its what the first blackberry should have always been and need it bad to replace this 9630!

It would be great to get me a 9860 and reason for that is I've been a Storm 1 and 2 owner and would love to rock this new touch screen device. Crackberry you guys are doing a great job on the reviews of the new BB7 devices. Keep up the great work.

What: BlackBerry Bold 9930!

Why: Why not? :D

=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

I'd love a Torch 9810. As great as Apple and the iPhone is (I've owned the 2nd gen, 3G, and 3GS), time and time again, I've come back to Blackberry trying to make up for breaking its heart. At the end of the day all smartphones are not made equal, but BBs are and always will be one of a kind.

I would like to win the Blackberry Bold 9900!!! The Bold 9000 was my previous favorite Blackberry device and the Bold 9900 is the next evolution that brings power, ease of use, and functionality. I love the keyboard on the 9900 which I don't have today in my Torch 9800 who's keyboard feels a bit cramped. I'm a road warrior and create and read 99% of my emails from my Blackberry device.

signed up 3 months ago for a 2 year contract on BOLD9780,which was the best,at the's not fair,don't make me wait 2 years Kev,...give me the 9900 and I will love you for ever.....Pete.XX

I want the new bold 9930, because it is everything i've every wanted in a phone. touch screen, qwerty keyboard, trackpad, slim design, without compromising the size of the screen or keyboard. This phone is a dream come true. Gotta have it!

I would love either the 9810 or the 9900. I want to upgrade my Torch to the Torch 2 or make the switch over to the best form factor BB to date.

I would LOVE a new bold 9900, why? Because it is the greatest blackberry to date, and I have a NEED to always have the best blackberry out there

Please! I need to get back the Blackberry with OS 7 from my shitty iPhone! Please Crackberry, I'm begging! I need the Blackberry experience again! I made a wrong choice and I'm willing to admit I shouldn't have left, please!

9900 as it would be my first BB. The keyboard is a need for me due to some problems and heard it's the best keyboard ever. Been following it for months (always wanted a blackberry) and it would be a significant upgrade to my current phone. This would help cut down my costs since I have school. Most of my friends have a BB and I'd love to bbm them. Hope to be the lucky winner!

I would love to have the BlackBerry Torch 9860! My husband is after me to get a BlackBerry but I just don't think I could pull myself away from my full touch android. Please CB pick me as I would like to try my hand with BlackBerry.

I want a 9900 because remembering me to my first  ßlackßerry® Bold™ 9000. Great keyboard on history  ßlackßerry®

Hope I can win this one :)

Glad CrackBerry always does this with new devices. I would be ecstatic to win a 9900, especially after T-Mobile announcing such a high price and lack of UMA :(

The 9900 is the Cadillac; the QEII, the Secretariat, the Everest, the Excalibur of the current BlackBerry world, and I want it. I want to do naughty things on its spacious keyboard. QWERTY got BACK!

Too much? I never know...

I'd like to get the new Bold Touch 9900 (ROGERS). As I'm a huge fan of the Bold lineup! The Bold 9000 was the very first BB that I use to have. A real cadillac, good keyboard. But seeing now the new Bold 9900, I seriously want to put my hands on. My birthday is coming soon so that might be a great presence. Just saying!

I want the BlackBerry 9900!! touch screen+1.2GHz. the new BB7 with wide large QWERTY keyboard and NFC!!!! the thinnest BB ever!!!

If I'm graced with a free )S7 phone, let it be a full touchscreen Torch (GSM).

I can't be impressed enough over the smoothness of the OS and the incredible screen.

Besides. I sure could use some "wow"s from the guys rocking iPhones and Androids here... I can do it with my 9780 (which has been giving me a hard time on contact sync), imagine with THAT thing!

I will eat the Bold 9900 with pleasure! Here in Belgium we will have to wait a lot to have such device, so please, choose me!

I deserve to win because I waited so long for one of these devices without bailing to iPhone or Android.

I would loooovvvveee the bold 9900 it is a perfect phone!! I'm such a huge fan of the bold and would love to upgrade to the 9900! :)

a 9900 would be awesome! would be great to work with my playbook plus a touchscreen and keyboard has been my dream bb phone for the longest time :)

BLACKBERRY BOLD 9900 Most amazing stuff every made by RIM... I have only one word for this AWESOME :)
i want it coz its the best thing to have coz of its
Size -115 x 66 x 10.5 mm, approximately 130g
Display - 2.8" capacitive touch screen display - VGA (640x480), 287 dpi resolution
CPU - 1.2 GHz Processor
Memory - 768 MB RAM; 8 GB on-board memory, plus microSD slot supporting up to 32 GB cards
Camera - 5.0 MP camera, supports 720p HD video recording
Accelerometer/Magnetometer - Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor


Operating System BlackBerry 7 OS

Kelvin ur dam lucky boy.... to get all these handsets first.... m so freaking jealous....

Currently m using a torch 9800 still m not happy with it... I WANT A BOLD 9900
I JUST LOVE IT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dear CrackBerry,

I would love to win a Bold 9900 to give to my girlfriend as a gift for a number of reasons:
1) I just got my 9900 and I'm absolutely loving it. I can't keep my eyes and hands off of it.
2) My girlfriend is mad at me (see reason #1)
3) she is graduating from university this fall (excellent gift)
4) Her birthday is in Nov (also excellent gift)
5) I'm a loyal CrackBerry and BlackBerry fan
6) I have purchased (and will purchase more soon) products from the CrackBerry store (the sponsor of the contest)
7) It would be AWESOME!

Thanks a lot!

I am unfortunately stuck on Android, which I found out too late is inferior to Blackberry, and I don't have the money for a Blackberry until my Sprint Contract is up. Therefor I would like a Torch 9860 on Sprint so I can ditch Android.

Torch 9860 for me plz! keyboards are over-rated. The storm was the best idea out of Canada, too bad they gave up on it but I still love my big touchscreen. So from 9530->9950-> hopefully 9860....

I would love a 9900. I got the torch on the Canadian launch day and I've liked it but I loved the 9000. The size the keyboard everything about it. 9900 = new hardware, new software and back to the best keyboard ever put on a phone. That's why I want it.

I would love to win a BlackBerry Bold 9900!

The best BB for me. Touch screen and keybord... Wouahou!
And he's very very fast, best design of all the Bolds!

Anything that will work on TmO and AT&T both before and after the proposed merge is fine with me. I'm still on an ancient curve 8320!!! 9900, 9860, 9810? Anything is better than a fossil!!!

Beautiful Lovely Amazing Challenging Known Best Exceptional Rational Ravishing Yearning to be mine BLACKBERRY bold 9900 :)

Good LORD JESSUS i need to get off this 8900.....cant take it no more. Ya'll can go ahead and toss me that good ole 9900 and i'll be one happy camper :)

Mainly because I love qwerty blackberries and I've always wanted a bold :)

Plus I feel like my curve 8530 is about to die soon and I don't have a backup phone :o

Hopefully I win a bold I would appreciate it

I would like the Torch 9860. Because I'm tired of having my Storm 2 lag where it shouldn't, stay stuck in a specific orientation, or the spontaneous reboots! I could receive a message of any kind or just unlocking my phone and it does this. It will freeze, screen goes black, and then reboots. And since its OS 5, the reboot time takes almost ten minutes! All these issues impede me from really enjoying the 'Blackberry experience" Kevin mentions so often. And so I know that with the Torch 9860 it will be a much more satisfying user experience than what i have right now.

I saw Kevin's video about 9780 vs 9930 at BlackBerry event that he throw his 9780 on table few months ago and I fell in love with 9930 at 1st sight...if I won 1 of these device I would like to choice 9930...thanks(^_^)

I would love to win this contest ........ I would take the phones in this order -Blackberry Bold 9900, Blackberry Torch 9850, and last but not least Blackberry Torch 9810. But in the end any of them would fit nice in my hands! Thanks for the contest Crackberry!

I would love to win a Bold 9900 b/c I loved the original Bold 9000, that was my first ever BlackBerry, and my world has not been the same since, this would bring my journey full circle... I would gladly buy one but my carrier AT&T seems to love to stick it to us BB fans....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me!!!!

Currently using 9700. Having 40+ apps the phone is running out of memory (15-25mb). The new Bold Touch will certainly help!

I had a dream in which I received a package from my favorite site, CrackBerry of course, and inside it was a brand spanking new BlackBerry Bold 9900. It was a sweet dream let me tell you. I was jumping and all. That's when my wife woke me up and ruined my dream.

I really need a 9850 when VZW finally releases it.
I still use a Storm.
The first version.
And my battery over-charged and bloated so it only works for about a 20-minute call then needs plugging in.
And it randomly reboots if I'm watching a video or something else that has a heavy pull on the battery.
While I'd love to run out and buy a new device, I'm in the middle of selling & buying a house and every penny in the budget counts.
And I've been here on Crackberry for a long time; I seem to remember I was within the first 1,500.
Please, for the love of all that's good and cracky, help me out.

I would love the new Bold 9930. I miss having a physical keyboard and from all the reviews the keyboard on the 9900/9930 rocks!

I would absoluely love to win a's simply the best device I've ever seen & drooled over many times at the various video clips that have been posted here. I don't want to have to wait 8 months using my old 9700 & seeing people using the 9900 would just feel like people rubbing my nose in it!!

I want to have a 9900 now!!

I want the BlackBerry Torch 9810. Previously I owned BlackBerry Storm & Bold 9000. Now I want to get the experience of both touchscreen & physical qwerty keyboard. OS7 is added benefit!

BlackBerry 9900! Because on the moment i saw this device i found my purpose in this world, my life now has meaning. Sooo bring it onnn! :D

Ok if I could have the 9930, I would come back to Blackberry. I am a physical keyboard fan and would never want to give it up for a full touchscreen (I still cant type on a touchscreen).

I want 9900 because heard about how the phone is well developed and the os7 is better than ever including the screen tourch it is more smotter and the durability of the battery is something i fancy most of all and not excluding the shape of the phone... I will be more than happy if i can get it...

I would love to win a Sprint 9930, there's no way I can afford one with school, rent, and taking paying for all the kid stuff you have to buy (my son just turned a year old, and my wife and I just found out we're having another one :) !)
So winning one would be awesome. I love my 9650, it helps me a ton with my classes, but I would love something with twice the processing power, I've been hourglassed several times when I needed my phone to do something important at school!

I desperately need to replace my flailing 8530. The screen space would be awesome. I have been upgrade eligible for 12 months but have been waiting for a better BlackBerry. Now I just need $ to buy one or better yet...WIN ONE!

I'd take the 9860 because its slick and its something different then my 9800. Would love to take one for a spin!!!

Please I would really like a new Bold 9900... My 9700 feels so inferior after playing with a cooworker's shiny new 9900. The new Bold 9900 is stylish, the screen is crisp and bright, the new touch screen is very responsive, best keyboard on any phone virtual or physical hands down, and the new OS7 is FAST!

I'd like to have Bold 9900 ! I liked 9000's appearance, which similar to Bold 9900;and I love the track pad from 9700. Bold 9900 has OS7, touch screen, HD video recording... I just love how Bold 9900 looks and its features!!! plz! me!!

i want the bold 9930 because i have been a blackberry owner for years and the larger keyboard..thin design is the best phone i have seen out there

A chance to win a new BlackBerry device? Why not?

My choice would be the 9930 as an upgrade from my 9650. A bold keyboard with touchscreen? Sounds interesting.

It would be a super gift to win the 9860. i think it gives the best of all worlds.

1. Has the largest display to date in the blackberry family, perfect for your media playback and if you are a power user its good for reading notes,email,e-books and instructional videos on the go.
2. The virtual keyboard is just as good as the physical one, given the right learning curve making it just as effective in texting as the standard qwerty devices RIM has to offer.
3. And now with OS7 the user interface coupled with the on-board hardware makes any use of the device a pleasure.
4. With the improve processor and RAM, using the device at work or if you are out on the town is seamless.
5. The sleek design will make you STAND OUT and gives you "notice ability"
Blackberry for life!!!! LETS GO RIM!!!!!

What a great contest! Thanks Crackberry! I would like to win an OS7 Blackberry and the 9900 Bold would be my pick. I has the best of both worlds with a touch screen and a 9000ish keyboard that we all loved! :)

I love to have a Blackberry Bold 9860 because a BB with touchscreen would be very very fine for me :-)) greetings from italy!

Well I've never owned a BlackBerry before but If i win, i'd give it to my son in law. I know he's big into that stuff It'll be my way of thanking him for everything that he does. Please put him down for a 9900, i think.

I'm all about the T-Mobile 9900.

To me a BlackBerry is first and foremost a messaging device, and the keyboard is paramount. Everything else is just gravy

Thanks for the opportunity, i would love to win the the Bold 9900, because it has the best keyboard along with a touch screen, thanks again!

I want a blackberry torch 9860!!! I want me some crazy screen real estate! Dammit i want to win so bad!

I want to win the new Torch 8910, my current torch has a shattered screen and the ear speaker on it currently doesn't work. my next upgrade isn't in 2 years so I'm stuck with it. thank you RIM and CrackBerry for making this contest possible for all of us eager blackberry/smartphone users.

I would like to win a 9300 because my old sprint blackberry tour is old enough to qualify for social security. Its already a AARP member.

Hey, I'm from Belgium and i had my Bold 9000 for ages now! It is really time to upgrade to this fantastic 9900 with finally the touch screen we all have been waiting for, a great design, a fast processor. I just need this Bold 9900, it is THE phone I have been waiting for!
Thanks in advance :)
Great website, and great reviews by the way!