CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to WIN a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The reviews are in, and it's unanimous... the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are the SWEETEST BlackBerry phones yet! So following up our reviews of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 we're giving a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win one, free of charge.

HOW TO ENTER:  Just login to CrackBerry and leave us a comment to this post! In your comment, be sure to tell us which BlackBerry 7 Smartphone you want and why! 

Other Details: Contest is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight ET on August 31st, 2011. Please leave only one comment to this post. We'll announce the winner September 1st here on the blogs.  Good Luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!



I read crackberry everyday but havent been able to upgrad to a blackberry yet. The 9900 sounds like the perfect phone.

I want the 9900, I think the keyboard will be perfect for my big hands and the touchscreen will be an welcome feature

Miss the keyboard! and now with the 1.2 ghz processor I can do everything i did on my Storm2 even faster!

I would be very pleased to win either of the new devices, SELECT ME!!!!
Because I'm not picky when it comes to BB7 phones. lol lol

Thank you CrackBerry for this amazing chance :)
I would choose the 9900, i am the typical Bold guy, i love a biiig qwerty keyboard and that combined with a touchscreen is like my all times dream comes true!
If i would win I could save myself a lot of money, cause i am not eligible for an upgrade :(

Hey Team CrackBerry,

I would love to have a BlackBerry Bold 9900...Its the device I've been waiting on for centuries. I currently have a 9780 on T-mobile and have been a BlackBerry user since 2003 on T-Mobile with the 8700g and I have upgraded ever since.

I will definitely stay tuned to see who the lucky winner is, however i hope its myself.

Garry out!

I Love my BlackBerry

I would greatly appreciate the 9900. It would be an amazing gift and I promise I won't wash it in the washing machine this time!

Would love a 9810, yummy! Wanted a torch as my first BB after I got bored of my iPhone. Been holding on for a 9810 for ages. os7 looks frickin sweet!

I would absolutely love to win one of these phones.
9900 with T-Mobile USA 3G Bands.
8100-8320-8900-9700 and hopefully now a 9900!

Thanks Crackberry

Bold 9900-I want the new operating system, the big touch screen with a FULL querty keyboard and the better quality camera so that I can continue to take pictures of my beeautiful family!

Since my birthday is this month (FRI, AUG 19), I would love to win a Bold 9900! (The first release date I read was FOR August 19; but now AT&T is holding out on me until November. Lame!)

I've been wanting a 9900 since I first read about it here. I love the touch screen addition but I'm not ready to go virtual/screen keyboard yet. I type a ton of email on my Bold 9700 and my limited use of the iPod Touch keyboard convinces me I would get impatient using a virtual keyboard to type all that email. Touch screen with physical keyboard is best of both worlds to me. Plus, since my OS6 upgrade, my 9700 is always running way too low on system memory. I *need* to upgrade.

Thanks for the contest!

I want/need the BlackBerry Bold 9930 on Sprint b/c I don't have a lot of money and I been looking for things to sell of mine to buy it full price LOL. No lie.

I would punch a baby, just to win a Blackberry Bold 9900. After seeing all the videos here on Crackberry how could you not fall in LOVE with the freaking device. It is the perfect blend between the Bold 9000 and Bold 9700, with even MORE enhance performances and add-ons. It would be amazing to win this device.


I'd like a phone that works, is the securest in the world, big touch screen and a physical keyboard, it's gotta be a torch 9810

I'm dying to get the 9900!!! I need to upgrade my 8900 and a touchscreen with the best keyboard ever is purely genius!!!!

I would LOVE the Blackberry Bold 9900 for AT&T because I've had my fair share of way too many Blackberrys that don't live up to the hype. I'm a DIEHARD Blackberry fanatic and Crackberry fanatic. Time for me to REALLY experience a TRUE Blackberry. #Blackberry7

9930 for me. After I dumped my 9650 for a few months to await the release of the 9930 on sprint I realized I was having CrackBerry withdrawal symptoms. Miss my Berry plus 9/10 reviews cant seem to say anything other than 9900/9930 "Best Blackberry ever"

The new Bold 9900 would be my choice. I had the 9700 when it first came out and it was by far my favorite phone. I unfortunately left it on top of my car and got on the freeway. I heard it rattle a bit and then watched it fly while looking through my rearview mirror. Sickest feeling I've ever had. I have a Torch right now but I miss the Bold. Best typing experience ever.

I want a Bold 9930 because I have always wanted a BlackBerry with the full keyboard and a touch screen. I currently have a Curve 8330 and am constantly touching the screen wishing it was a touch screen. I can't stand full touch screen phones. I need my BlackBerry portrait keyboard.

I will love you if you choose me to win the Bold 9900, I need the physical keyboard, I need the touchscreen, I need NFC, so my device is all the way the Bold 9900

You guys are awesome!! I bought a Storm 2 and seem to be the only person that doesn't hate it, even though it's getting quirky now. I still believe RIM will produce a killer touch screen so I'm asking for the Torch 9860 because my faith doesn't waiver. Stay cracky.

About time I changed my Storm 9530. No doubt that I love my phone...its just that the screen has started to give some issues now...and also that I am in need of some real SPEED. Please gimme a torch 9860...plisss...plisssssss.....plisssssssssssssss :D

The Bold 9900 is the winner for me. I'm flying on my old Curve Javelin keyboard imagine what I can do with the new 9900 keyboard. It'll be an all-around upgrade for me: better keyboard, better OS, better browser, better trackpad, better look, bigger and better screen.
Then perhaps I could change my screen name from IMCURVED to IMBOLDTOUCH or something like that. :-)

I would be ecstatic if I could get a BlackBerry Torch 9850 for Verizon if it becomes available if not then I would greatly appreciate a BlackBerry Bold 9930!

i would like the torch 9850...only seems rt since i have been touch screen BB since storm1 & icurrently rock the storm2 :D

I'd like a 9930 since my 9650 is falling apart and I need a new one. One too many bounces on the ground I guess. Then I wouldn't have to go and buy a new one from Verizon!

Would love a Bold 9900 its the perfect size, thinnest blackberry and utilizes both touch screen an the best mobile keyboard ever. I could go on..

I want a 9930!!! The device looks absolutely amazing! A great replacement for my dying 9650. PLEEAASSE!!!! It make for one awesome birthday present!

I would love to have the 9930 because i just got my first blackberry a few months ago and am completely in love with it and ive been waiting for the 9930 ever since

Guys, Ive been a fan and supporter of Blackberry's and of Crackberry for well over 4 years...My first Blackberry was a 7100i, then got a 8830, then a 9700....I'm currently using an iPhone 4 but the newly released Blackberry 7 devices have literally got me sprung. Specifically the 9900. I live in West Virginia which is a long way from major cities and especially Canada so other than the ones I've found online for sale (which our outrageously priced) I haven't come across a decent enough buy to make the purchase. I've really been missing my keyboard lately and if you guys give me some consideration for this prize I would appreciate it. If you could hook up a loyal follower and enthusiast I would be forever greatful. So 9900 would be the one, Please!!!

I want the bold 9930, I need a new phone mine is allready scratched beyond belief and the bold 9930 is amazing in every aspect! I would be so honored to win the bold 9930.

Please make sure the contest results in my winning a Bold 9930 for the Verizon network.
I will now read "The Secret" three times without blinking. How is this possible? I will read it in braille with my eyes closed the whole time.
Thank you for understanding.

I would want a bb bold 9900 because it is a slicker more eivolved bold. 9000 which I still use . Plus it has a touchscreen n an amazing keybored. You can't go wrong with that combo

I would love the 9900. I miss my 9000's keyboard. This way I get the best of both worlds. 9900 keyboard + touchscreen!

i would love to have a new Bold 9900. I am a Bold 9780 user today and love the phone in tandem with a PlayBook. The 9900 would improve upon all major features of the phone that I love. Thanks for the great contests. Keep them coming!

I'm posting this from work, i could get fired. But if that happens, it was worth it just for the chance to win a 9900.A while ago, my Bold 9000 fell in a pool. My mom asked me to just upgrade to newer bold. I just bought another 9000 with the explanation that the phone was perfect, and I had no reason to upgrade it....Until NOW!

I want to win the 9900. My torch is great, but I prefer the keyboard on the 9900 - I have fat thumbs :(

Hi I really really want a BlackBerry Torch 9810. Why??? Simple, I have a 9800 and I love it, so this new Torch most be the greatest phone ever!!! PICK ME!!!

I Would love to try the 9850/60 ... i have the 9900 and i want to see what the all touch screen experience is about with the new and faster devices

My wife said no, so maybe crackberry will say yes? :)
Would love to win a bold 9900 for AT&T. The traditional blackberry keyboard combined with the touchscreen is the perfect smartphone.

I need the BlackBerry Bold 9930 to replace my Tour, enough said. Plus it would get me through to the QNX bases OS next year.

I would like to win the torch 9860 for my wife.

She got an iphone 3gs when they first came out as a replacement for her curve 8310. She instantly missed the blackberry but didn't want to give up the touch screen of her iphone. I almost get her a torch 9800 but she didn't want the slider. She greatly dislikes her iphone and really wants an all touch screen blackberry. She was excited when the rumors for the 9860 hit the web and keeps asking me when it out. It would be awesome to say I won it on crackberry! And it would gelp bring another one back to BB land.

Good luck to everyone in this contest!

BlackBerry Bold 9930 please. I want to win one to keep CDMA alive and stick it to the man who thinks it is a dead technology!

i need bb 9900 because if you are a true crackberry user and abuser like King Kevin u know that its a necessity to b BOLD. BB means BigBusiness

9900 (T-Mo version for use with Mobilicity in Canada) is the one I want!
Hi-res touchscreen with the best BB keyboard, can't beat that!

Whoooaaa.... so sweet...
Love the 9900 so much..
so hard to find it in Indonesia..
9900 already sell @some store, but the price is >$900.. >,<
official press release says late september..
huaaaaa its too long.. i can't wait to get hands on my 9900.. >,<
want to be the first have this BBeries..
Wish me Luck...

Thanks a Lot 'CB'

Please give me a 9900 because it's pure beauty on the outside, beast on the inside! A true BABB (bad a** blackberry).

Thank you CrackBerry for giving me the chance to win a BlackBerry 7 smartphone!
If I win this contest, I would definitely choose the BlackBerry Bold 9900. The reason is simple: the last BlackBerry I owned was the BlackBerry Curve 8900. Recently, however, the bezel fell off and it came apart. I was heartbroken. My brother let me use his BlackBerry Bold 9780 while he's away. I love the Bold series in general because of the design. The Bold 9900 brings the best of both worlds: a good keyboard and a beautiful touchscreen display.
Thanks and good luck to all!

i want the 9900 because i wanted a touch screen on this form factor and it would be great to get my hands on one with out the new contract..

Wow, awesome contest. Currently I think I'd have to go with a current Torch is awesome, but the OS7 model looks much faster.

Sprint 9930. I currently have a Tour 9630 with them and really want the upgrade.
Also, unlimited data plan!!

I would like to own a BlackBerry bold 9900 because it's simply the best qwerty phone in the world - with a 'touch' of sexy!

I would like to win the BlackBerry Torch 9810. I love the new sexy operating system, the faster processor, and storage space!

Another amazing Crackberry Give away :)
It would have to be the 9900 because of the mix of the fluent touch screen and keyboard :)

Another amazing Crackberry Give away :)
It would have to be the 9900 because of the mix of the fluent touch screen and keyboard :)

I would love 9930 or one of the torch's. I'm sick of my old phone and long for something a little updated that my IT guys know how to work with too.

I would be the happiest person if Crackberry choose me as the winner of the all new Blackberry Bold 9900. I love 9900 simply because of its original design, keyboard. Thanks Crackberry

I want the new Blackberry Torch 9860. I like the all touch screen without keyboard. I think that now RIM is making history with this type of devices.

Please Kevin send one for Argentina!!

I would love a Torch 9810! I'm in love with the first one, because of the keyboard and the big touchscreen, but it's too slow! I really want the 2nd one!

Come on RIMPIRE! Tts time to strike back! Would love to upgrade my BB9700 to the new 9900, Why? Because its a BOLD! Enough said.

9900/9930 Bold for Verizon. After using a Tour, Droid, and iPhone, my conclusion is that a blackberry is the best all-around phone both in the US and internationally

the 9900 winks at me every time I take a look at it, it wants me make the bold's wish come true CB

The 9850 please. I'm thinking i'll go to the IP5 until QNX comes out, but winning this may head me off going to the evil empire.

i want a blackberry 9900 becasue my 9780 is double typing and tmobile wont replace it. I dont want to shell out $500 for a smartphone considering this is fairly new. i really want to stay with blackberry but I cannot afford to pay that ridiculous price for a 9900 on tmobile

i'll love to have the 9860 cause a big screen plus a mad browser and an awesome virtual keyboard = love in everyway. indeed. :)

Would love to win a Blackberry Bold 9900! Hopefully I win so that I can toss my 8310 (which doesn't support new apps anymore) and so I can use the 9900, which won't be sluggish compared to my 8310. Good luck to all!

If I won the Bold 9900, I would video tape me freaking out over winning the contest. I'd even send the video to Crackberry so they can show it to the public. :-)

my father used to have the old 9000, back when i knew nothing about blackberries, and i want the new 9900 so i can show him just what the newer generation carries. THANKS crackberry!

The Bold 9900. It seems to be RIM's flagship device, so why not own it if I can get it for free?

Bold 9900. Why? My first BB was Bold 9000 and before switching to Torch I said that the best follower wouldn't be Onyx but BB of Bold 9000 size with trackpad and touch screen. Now the dreamdevice is here and waiting for me ;-)

I would love to win the 9900!

I always had a keyboard phone (HTC TyTN, HTC Touch Pro2) until I went to the iPhone.

And wow that was a mistake!

For years I've been waiting for RIM to release a masterpiece of a phone and the 9900 is just that! Its sexy! And its been reviewed as the BEST BlackBerry EVER! Winning this would really make me so happy, please CrackBerry! Let this be a dream come true! Thanks for such an incredible contest!

I'd like a shiny new Blackberry Bold 9930! I have tried Android (Evo & Epic 4G)...great OS but the battery life sucks...if the battery is dead it can't do anything!!! I'm sorry for leaving you my beloved, trusty, crusty Blackberry, I will never go astray again...Now won't you please come home with me BB Bold 9930?!


Sign me up for a Sprint BlackBerry 9930. I want it because although I love the keyboard on my 9650, it often feels a little sluggish. I need those 9930 liquid graphics. Also because the 9930 is awesome, duh.

I would greatly appreciate having a bold 9900. I want this phone becuase it clearly meets my needs and wants in a smartphone. Good luck to all, and I think this phone would be useful because I really think it is time to replace my Motorola Rokr. :)

Dear Bla1ze and Kevin:

The Reason I want a BlackBerry 7 smartphone is because I got my BlackBerry 9800 last year and then a few months later found out a new one was coming, we all know how that feels. My Torch despite it being better than my Curve 8900 by a long shot, has been the best BlackBerry I've had so far. I've altogether had the Curve 8530, Curve 8900 and the Torch 9800 and I'm hoping my next will be the 9810. I've had an iPhone, got pissed off at itunes too many times, I've had an android, while not being better than my 8530 it still had a slide out keyboard and a note pad. I've also toyed with the Galaxy S II and while it was fast, it died equally fast and crazed twice as much as my 3 year older android phone then I had a windows phone, don't get me started there because I get lost in that OS way too easily.

Why the 9810:

Screen Resolution: on my 8900 and 9800 reading manga (Japanese comic) was and still is nearly impossible. I was at the store playing with a 9810 and when I did I was blown away with the crisp images and how easy It was to read the Manga. This also worked for anime reading subtitles as well as reading CrackBerry which was the first site I tested on the 9810. I did play with a 9900 and decided to test a very data heavy site ( But most of all I enjoyed the screen size, not to big like the mini tablets, but not too small like the 8900 and 8530 and that wretched telus fliphone I had.

Speed: "POW! Right in the kisser" that's what the browser speed was like when I testes both the 9900 and the 9800 in Rogers. That right there is one of the reasons I like the 9810 over my current 9800. It also booted up in like 1 minute, bonus. The os just overall is faster and way more responsive than the current OS6 machines. It actually does what you want to when you want it to. I couldn't test out many apps on the 9810 due to no sim card but the native ones loaded instantly. Sites like and and even crackberry loaded in a quarter the time it took to load on my torch and about 300 percent faster then my 8530 and 8900.

Looks: Yup, I'm really digging the silver finish, even the battery door, my rubberized 9800 one looks good on it. Smoother slider too if I might say, or my 9800 one is just lagging and on the verge of death. Otherwise if I got one, my otterbox would go right on it or I'd purchase one from the crackberry store. There is however one problem I have with it, they should have made that lock button less sensitive, nothing my otterbox doesn't fix though.

So that's why I want a new Rogers, 9810.

I'd love a Bold 9900 as I think the combination of keyboard and touchscreen, along with super fast processor is a top combination!

I would really appreciate if I won the Blackberry Bold 9930. Why? Because I just recently got and paid full for the Bold 9780...then a month later it dropped from my pocket at a train station...on the train... I never got it back and now I HAVE to use the Storm 9530 (because I LOVE Blackberry that much that I would sink to use the Storm), using Rogers...who doesn't support the Storm. So, not only am I stuck with an OLD Blackberry, but also using EDGE...Not even 3G...

I just...I just can't take the storm anymore....please...

i think u mean a 9900. and yes....i vote for this one to get a 9900. i use a storm myself and its bad enough that its on the proper network. can't imagine the horror that she goes thru on a daily with only edge coverage! help her out crackberry team!

I would like to have the bold 9930 because I've only used the curve 8530, which is what I'm currently using, and only operates on os5 :(

I want to win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 so I can replace my dying phone so I can put the money saved towards gas then use the money saved on gas to buy a new car.

The torch 9860 (I think that's the GSM/T-Mobile one, right?)

As much as I love the keyboard, I want to try a touchscreen for the next few years

I have a blackberry torch which was my first blackberry and loved it.But would love to try a bold 9900 just to understand what it is like to have the best blackberry phone to date

9930 for Sprint!!! Kevin you know its my turn, ha. If I don't win I would at least want the pins for Kevin, Blaize and Adam for when I get my own. I'll take the pins even if I do win ha.

I would really appreciate if I won the Blackberry Bold 9930. Why? Because I just recently got and paid full for the Bold 9780...then a month later it dropped from my pocket at a train station...on the train... I never got it back and now I HAVE to use the Storm 9530 (because I LOVE Blackberry that much that I would sink to use the Storm), using Rogers...who doesn't support the Storm. So, not only am I stuck with an OLD Blackberry, but also using EDGE...Not even 3G...

I just...I just can't take the storm anymore....please...

would like bb9900 as this bold model combined with display and sleekness added with speed. would be great model to have

i would like a bold 9900 because:

ive tried touch screen and qwerty phones and the bold seems to be the best of both worlds.

The fact that it keeps the best things about blackberry then improves on it baffles me

and its a damn good phone :p

The 9900 will be my next phone for a very long time. I can see myself with this phone until at least the second gen of QNX. If something works this well, why change it, esp that silky smooth keyboard. Peace eveyone

I want the Bold 9900 because it has the best keyboard in the market and because my phone is falling apart :(
so please crackberry!! I need help!!

I would love a new Blackberry Bold 9930 from Verizon. I've been a huge Blackberry fan and promoter for years. My Bold 9650 is getting a little long in tooth. The new Bold looks amazing!

I would LOVE a 9930. With the faster/bigger processor, touch screen, bigger keyboard, and liquid graphics, what else do I need?


I just LOVE IT ... because bolds have the best keyboard on a phone and top that up with a touch screen... i will be UNSTOPPABLE !!!

I would love to win the 9900! My Torch is not doing well right now and constantly freezes. I really love the high quality design and thinness of the bold! Anyway it would way cool to win! :)

I could really use a new Blackberry, my 8700 was getting melted alive by hot metal chips. A 9900 would be perfect.

9810 would be great because it comes with a magnetometer which is something I use in my work, but on a slightly larger scale.

I have put on a few pounds surfing the internet every night on my Playbook. Need the thinnest blackberry possible to carry in my front pocket. Afraid i might break my 9650! Bold 9930 me!

The Torch 9860. Why you say? Because it would be different from the vintage keyboard and I'm all for trying somrthing new.

P.S - it looks friggin awesome!!

I need a Torch 9850 to replace my well aged Tour that I got the day it came out! Oh and this is my second post ever so it would be really cool to win an amazing BB7 Torch 9850! :-D

I would love to have the Blackberry 9900!! I need a replacement for my 9700 and 9900 would be the perfect replacement!!

Bold 9900 please. For my fiancee. She's on her 9700 constantly and the bigger keyboard would be a big help for all the bbm'ing she does.

Blackberry Bold 9900, please. Boyfriend switched to iPhone and wants me too as well. But I'm holding out. Being a loyal Blackberry/Crackberry fan even though AT&T is NOT helping with such a late release date. Seriously!!!!!!! pretty please. :-)

I would love the 9810 because I originally want the 9800 but since this one has OS7, it's the better choice.

Had the bb storm and was disappointed with it. There are features that BB has that i miss. I would love to win a 9930 and give BB a try again

For me the BB Bold 9900 or 9930 would be my cup of tea. Its my Bold 9700 built harder, better, faster, stronger...

Lets get these OS7 devices into the hands of millions!

I would love the Torch 9860. Why? Because I have been practicing using only the virtual keyboard on my 9800 and I wouldn't want that to end up being a waste of time. Plus, u think the 9860 looks pretty cool. ROCKS! Great source of the latest info for all things Blackberry! I'll be happy to win a Bold 9900 to replace my ever-aging Bold 9000. The 9000 has been a powerful device for me, and the 9900 should be at least 900 times better!

the BlackBerry torch 9860 is the phone of choice because i love the beauty of the full touch screen features. The big 3.7 screen will be big enough to see every inch of detail of thinngs i want to see weather its a document, videos, games, or the internet. The i love how the sculting of the device looks wounderful and diffrent to any other device.

give me the Torch 9850 .

I've had the storm series since day one love the phones but need something better.
This torch will do it.

I would love the 9900 such a perfect phone qwerty keyboard and a touch screen what more could a person want plus i could pass my bold 9700 down to my GF who is running an 8220

please can i have the bold 9930, AMAZING phone with everything you could ask for, for e.g. qwerty keypad
blackberry app world
everything you could ask for.
i am in love with this phone tbh!!!!!!!!<3

Awesome contest once again CrackBerry! If I'm lucky enough to win I'd like to win a BlackBerry Bold CDMA 9930. I've been a Bold fan since I bought the 9000.

I hope I win. I want the 9900 for T-Mobile! Even without UMA, the touch screen looks sweet. Being a tad bigger than the 9700 can't hurt either.........