CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to WIN a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Aug 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The reviews are in, and it's unanimous... the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are the SWEETEST BlackBerry phones yet! So following up our reviews of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 we're giving a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win one, free of charge.

HOW TO ENTER:  Just login to CrackBerry and leave us a comment to this post! In your comment, be sure to tell us which BlackBerry 7 Smartphone you want and why! 

Other Details: Contest is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight ET on August 31st, 2011. Please leave only one comment to this post. We'll announce the winner September 1st here on the blogs.  Good Luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win your choice of FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone!



I would love a BlackBerry Bold 9930 because of its perfect design and new features innovates on what we loved and made it into a new top of the line product that delivers on what we NEED.. my 9650 (sprint) is starting to fail on me, and yet it still delivers like the day i purchased it. I live for this phone for my college life, personal life, and even gives me motivation to pursue my future in business.. i dont know where i would be without my Berry but i do see myself with a new 9930.. the continuation of an amazing friendship me and my BB! :)

I totally agree. I left Crackberry a comment informing them on how I emailed RIM fours years ago and asked them to make a BB with a form factor something like Palm. Palm has the touch screen with the keyboard...the best of both words. I am highly business professional and I would love to go back to BB but not until I can get my hands on the best form factor made BB in the world right now.....BB9930 baby.

Upon first hearing about the PlayBook, my wife stated that she feared she may have competition in our home. When given reluctant permission to purchase one on release day, I was ecstatic. With every update I fell deeper in love with my PlayBook whom my wife now calls my "mistress." Now I've come to find out that my PlayBook is with child and will be giving birth to her perfect companion, The Bold 9900! I need this phone and cannot wait until the tentative release date in November (AT&T).

Andrew Cross of GooseChase has stated, "Already a pretty intense mission, “Albaajy” took it to the next level by shaving and drawing a heart around the logo. If that’s not a true BlackBerry fan, I don’t know what is."

I started that contest on Thurs and ended up in 9th place. I would deeply love to win this phone as the 9000 was already near perfect. Since I didn't win in that one, I would love to try this one. Thank you for the opportunity once more.

Man, I don't own any playbook with any carrier, but man you sure made me want a RIM Playbook. I am with you on the BB with keyboard and touchscreen....bump the other BB7 devices....PEOPLE ARE DYING TO HAVE A BB WITH A TOUCHSCREEN AND KEYBOARD. I told crackberry that I would come back to RIM if I got my hands on a BB9930.

I want a Blackberry Torch 9810 because of the full sized touch screen and qwerty keyboard. I don't want a touch screen only as I always love the feel of the Blackberry keyboards.

I message a lot as well as do all of my emails via Blackberry and it would be perfect to upgrade from the 9700!

I message a lot too and get very fustrated when I am trying to text on this Motorola Atrix,,,ugh...Android is not paying attention to people wanting the best of both worlds...hence keyboard and touchscreen. They keep producing these ginormous phones with all touchscreen...looking like you have a tablet next to your ear. No thank you...give me a BB with a keyboard and touchscreen and I am happy as a camper's first camping trip.

I want blackberry torch 9810 because i like touchscreen with keyboard and with OS 7 is gonna be great.

The all new Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 got the best of both world, fine keyboard & touch screen, super light, super handing on hands, super fast web browsing experience, super thin blackberry ever made, I'll call it super blackberry phone! ^_^

I've had a Torch for a while now and I love the form bigger screen, but my 9700 was way more comfortable to carry! Missing the Bold!

I would love the 9860...I'm a big fan of the touchscreen. It Would be a sweet pairing with my PlayBook. I only just discovered after I purchased my PB. This site has been a wealth of information and my BB addiction has gotten worse......a new phone may help this :^D

I absolutely agree! Ive been waiting for this combo in a blackberry and can't wait to win one so I can fulfill my crack berry fantasies :)

I want blackberry bold 9930...I wanted to get a new blackberry to replace my old blackberry...I love my old one but I think the new bold is a lot better....

This contest is AWESOME! I want a BB Bold 9900/9930 so I can make the switch back from IPhone 4. I've been waiting for a phone with the qwerty keyboard and touch from BB without the slide and this one is it! Now, I'll go back and stay there!! Good luck to everyone!!

I would love to get a Blackberry Torch 9860. The form factor with a great screen resolution is great for my movie watching. And I love movies. And it's fast? Yes, Blackberry is stepping up! :-)

I concur with the above stated remarks....please meeeee! Love my BlackBerry and am on Crackberry at least 3 times a day :)

I want a BlackBerry Bold 9900 because it just reminds me of my old Bold 9000 and with the addition of the touch screen it just makes the Bold 9900 the best of both worlds; the best keypad on a smartphone and touch screen is just awesome.

I would like a Bold 9900 because my 8330 with hacked os5 firmware just doesn't cut it with my new Playbook, and my company is too cheap to get anything better.

I would like to get a blackberry torch 9810 because it is 1 of the best blackberries out there and everyone in my class has one and i am being harrassed everyday about it and there really expensive and I really need a phone right now so please I hope I could win.

I'm with Solitaire on this one, I want the 9810 so badly.. I went into a store to look at it and the sales person tried to sell me on the 9900, but i just don't get shrinking the screen to avoid the slide... I would like the full-screen touch but I don't want to leave the keyboard behind, so how does this (9810) touch not make sense? That is the device I would love to win! :)
Thanks for the opportunity CB!

9900 or 9860 would be a great replacement for my torch, I really love the design of the 9900 and the screen on the 9860....would be hard to choose but i guess the 9900 is better...fingers crossed :)

BB 9900. Why?

It is The Best BlackBerry Ever!
Everything's perfect.

I would like to get a 9900 on AT&T so that I can stop complaining in the forums. Win-Win, if you ask me.

I need to replace this 8330m and I'm going to be traveling internationally a lot. The Sprint 9930 is the one for me! Thanks, CrackBerry!

I would like the 9930 because I'm a panda and we get what we want by being cute and cuddly. oh, and the 9930 is awesome, and my 8330 is pretty old by now.

Pick me! Pick me! I would love the Bold 9900! After the last pod cast I'm covinced I would like it better than the 9810.

I worked through all the Storm 1 Issues, graduated to Storm 2 via early upgrade, and have patiently waited for its successor. Now I want the Torch 9850 to appease my gentile suffering.

P.S. please.

Still using my original Storm 1... Yesterday I dropped it and cracked the screen... I prefer all touch so am waiting for the 8650 on Verizon... Come on Crackberry, show me some love...

I need to replace my 8310 and think the 9900 is the answer. The only problem: I'm off contract with Rogers and now I have to figure out how to leverage that into a sweet voice/data deal!

I would LOVE to win the 9900. Why? Because I had a 9000 back in the day. You know exactly why I want the 9900, now don't you?!

Another great contest from CB!! I'm a Verizon person so, I would have to say the Torch 9850 (if they ever announce it) or the Bold 9900 of course!

I'd would like to have the second generation Torch seeing as it's [obviously] my favourite device. =^.^=

Don't get me wrong, I love the first generation Torch...I just think the second generation is a pretty stellar upgrade.

I would love this beauty as I'm still rocking the bold 9000 and I'm getting the itch to toss the dinosaur! Please!!

I'll go for the 9810 since I have the 9800 and really like the large screen and the physical keyboard plus it has auto focus camera and HD video recording.

Bought the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from Rogers on launch day for myself, signed up the wife on a new account. She said she would continue using her Pearl 3G but now she loves my Bold 9900 I am going to have to give it to her. I would like a BlackBerry 9860 from CrackBerry please! Thank you!

9900 for T-Mo. Winning one would give me the opportunity to silence any RIM doubters I meet now. Otherwise I'm stuck waiting a few months for Amazon to put it on sale. Good luck to EVERYONE!

I'd love a 9930 - touch screen and a keyboard - best of both BB worlds! It would be great to replace my Tour...

BlackBerry Bold 9900 rocking badboy OS 7 on Rogers Wireless please :o) I need a phone .. last one went boom no bb no other device whahhh

I'd love to win a free BB7 phone because my current provider still sells the 9700 AND the 8820. Not even the 9780!

Like hell I'll get a spiffy new BB7 before the QNX ones are out! <3

the device is wayne, the bb7 is the important thing but I like the bolt because its a classical bb with a touchscreen

I'd want a Blackberry Bold 9930 because I have an old beat up 8900 and the 9930 is the BlackBerry I've been dreaming about for a few years.

Blackberry 9900, it would be my first blackberry! So for me it would be like RIM got it right from the first time!

Bold 9900 Please! I had the very first bold 9000, had a lot of issues and went through 3 refurbushed replacement phones. On my third phone i thought perfect this is awesome. But then 3 months after warrenty the phone over heated and would not turn on. Rogers of course gave me a run around and would not let me get a replacement. So I want to stick it to Rogers and not pay them under their new upgrade plan.

Will- I need the BlackBerry Bold 9930 for sprint so bad it hurts! I am currently rocking the Curve 3g and I love it don't get me wrong, but man would I love to shove this amazing new Bold in all my droid buddy's faces and show them what a real SMART phone is! Competitive Browsing, best keyboard ever known to man, and sexier then Megan Fox..if Megan Fox was a phone that is.
Hook me up! Please!

Help a girl replace an outdated Katana Eclipse X with the Sprint Bold 9930! Thanks Crackberry, your the best thing since sliced bread!

I'd love the Bold 9900! I am a loyal Blackberry user! I love the keyboard plus the keyboard make this the perfect device! I have never won one of your contest and I would so love to get my hands on a bold 9900!

I would love to win the Grand daddy of them all! The Bold 9930 for it's ultimate keyboard and touchscreen experience! Not to mention the NFC capabilities that are soon to be prevalent.

PLEASE PICK ME! I would love to win the 9900!!!...actually, who am I kidding, I would love any of them. Thanks CB!

I would love to Win a new Blackberry. Being poor , i am still using my Blackberry 8703e from Telus. I do not have a contract anymore that's why I am staying with that device. Not being able to use any features but BBM and Emails onto the device, I truly believe that I am due for an upgrade :)

I would love to have the Bold 9900 since I would be able to play music, use facebook, twitter and any other applications. I would like to be able to actually use all the features available on the phone. It's a hot device.

Will you give me the chance to be that winner?

9860 because I want to try something new... I recently bought a PlayBook which is awesome and I think another touch device would go great with it :)

Would love a Torch 9860! I'm a new app developer and can't afford to buy the phone but would love to test my apps on the actual device first. The huge screen is perfect for the apps I'm working on.

Bold 9900 just because the bold 9000 was the best old blackberry, huge keyboard, nice screen and now its reloaded, what more can I ask for.

I think the 9900 would be the best gift ever to win. It's the best BB to date hands down. That NFC looks pretty cool with all the other high specs. I loved the 9000 and the 9900 would be like the 9000, but on roids! :)

Blackberry Torch 9850... because I have never owned a full touch phone and think this one just rocks! Please and thank you!!

9860 Because my contract ran out, and I've been due for an upgrade from an 8520. Besides, the 9860 has a touch screen. How can you go wrong?

I would love a 9900... The 9000 was my favorite phone of all time and I need this update, and my playbook needs a new friend to play with thats just a little faster when swapping info


I want that camera with autofocus and I think I'm ready to give the all touch screen device a chance. Please!

I would absolutely kill to win a 9930! I've been rocking my Bold 9650 for quite some time now and I think it's time for an upgrade. Thanks CB, great giveaway as usual! PICK ME!!!!!

9930 never had a bold before and I have one dumbphone left on my account and they cannot upgrade until late next year. I would give them my 9330 and rock out on the 9930!


This is why I love Crackberry. It seems as if you guys give away a prize every week, and your prizes aren't things that nobody wants. I really want the Bold 9930 for Sprint because that's my carrier, and it is probably going to be the best blackberry smartphone ever made to date.

I'd love to win the Blackberry Bold 9930. My Torch 9800 rocks, but I miss the wonderful keyboard my old Bold 9000 had. And I don't need the large screen any more thanks to my PlayBook.

I'm crossing my fingers!

I would love to win the 9900. I played with all the phones at BB7FanNight and I guess i'm just a classic BB kind of guy. I need the full qwerty keyboard, and having a new touch screen is just perfect for me. Thanks!

I would LOVE to win the 9900 for my friend! She still rocks the 9000 and its been giving her a lot of grief over the last couple months! this would be perfect for her as she doesn't have the money to buy it out right. Thanks CB for having this contest!

I need a 9810 to make up for carrying all 4 tonnes of the 9800 for the last year with it being good but not the one.

The 9900 is the phone that I've needed in my life for ages. Improved browsing over OS 6, unparalleled messaging capabilities and speedy interface... sounds like the holy trinity to me.

Blackberry Bold 9900 - Why? Because it is the best device that Blackberry has delivered to date. It has everything a Blackberry fan wants: best keyboard, faster processor, more internal storage, and with the added NFC support, how can you lose? I'm a huge fan of Blackberry, and I will cherish any product that I have from RIM. I've never purchased a single Apple product. I'm a PC/Blackberry guy all the way! Long live Blackberry!!!

I would absolutely LOVE a 9900 (the kind that would work on AT&T). Best keyboard EVER - that does the trick for me!!

Blackberry Bold 9900
Why I want it? My 9700 has died and I'm now stuck with a six year old sony ericsson.

My bday is the 17th of September and boy a 9900(I'm on tmobile) would be nice. My daughter Abigail is 4 weeks old and that 720p video recorder would come in handy. I congratulate whoever wins in advance... But boy I do want to win! Come on crackberry I have faith in you.

Bold. 9930. World Phone. I need that in my life!!! But I'm also interested in trying the touchscreen phones. I've had Blackberrys since the track wheel, and while the all the touchscreen devices (Torch series) are new to me...I'm willing to give it a shot.

I have messed up/abused my 9800 over the last year, like a true BB addict would, and with each passing day, it gets slower and slower (Angry Farm refuses to work)..

Need a new upgrade and would love the 9810 to replace it


Would love to have another 9900...the gf is jealous of the BB

Happy wife, happy life. Right boys?

I would Love a BlackBerry Bold 9900 because it has the best keyboard and a big touch screen and the newest OS7 from blackberry --> BEST SMARTPHONE!! Good luck for All

I would very much enjoy winning a 9900! As for why? I've been on a 9550 for a while now; while I do love it, it's time to move onto a new device, one that is the true BlackBerry experience!

I would love to win the Torch 9860 because I had a bad experience with my Storm I and I wanna feel a real touchscreen device

Torch 9860 all the way. I'm a Die Hard Storm 2 user and virtual keyboards are my life and the only way for future phones.

I would absolutely LOVE to have a 9900!!!!!! This will most likely be my only opportunity to get one of the new BB7 devices before mid-2012 since my country (Venezuela) won't be able to bring them for quite a long time, and when they do they'll be ridiculously inaccessible and expensive. So I REALLY hope I win one of the 9900!!!! :) good luck to all!! (and I have a valid US address so you could save on shipping! LOL).

I want the 9810 because I'm a fan of slider phones and when the first Torch came out, it was basically what I've always wanted from a BlackBerry. (I'm already on AT&T too!)

I'd love a Bold 9900! It's been a while since I made the mistake and moved away from Blackberry but I've been waiting patiently to come back. That touchscreen AND keyboard? WOW.

My Droid Incredible died, and I have to rock my Storm (yes, original not the sequel) again. A 9930 would be a dream come true!

9900. Because it's bold. And it's The Bold. Successor of 9000, the prettiest BlackBerry. Before 9900.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY would LOVE to win the new Blackberry Bold 9900. Its THE ULTIMATE Blackberry phone. Touchscreen + Excellent Keyboard + OS 7 + Push Email + Security + Long battery life + Blinky notification light (lol) = THE ULTIMATE phone EVER!!! I've been following this phone since its rumored days!

#9900 or the #9930, touchscreen + physical keys + Bold = pure #win #bestbbever. I've been waiting for this phone for ages!

Bold 9900 please! Because I've been wanting for this since the first time I laid hands on the beautiful Bold 9000 and touched the screen to no avail.

it is my birthday on the 25th of August. last year i do believe i missed out on a torch from you guys, maybe this year you'll give me the best birthday ever!...of course i want the 9900 (sexiest blackberry EVER)

I would love a 9850 great for media, why becasue im a crackberry crazy. Ill be buying my 9900 on Friday and I'd love to get my gf a BB also she thinks she likes Ipone and thinking about waitting for the iphone 5 (that was a bad choice) lol thanks guys you rock.

The bold 9900 because I love the bold ( still rockin the 9000) and I need a new one because my trackball doesn't work and I would love to be able to use the trackpad and touchscreen

I want the Blackberry Bold 9900 for AT&T. Unfortunately, I am upgrading my AT&T phone but can't get the Bold because it won't come out till later. Please give me one.

The bold touch. My thumbs needs new stimulation. The gentle mixture of button and screen. That sounds nice. I imagine it will feel better. So for my thumbs sake, please crackberry. Please.

I would like to win the the BlackBerry Bold 9900 because i would trade the device like a lady!

Been using full touch screens (Storm/Torch) for years now but I'm drawn to that Bold 9900. The playbook can make up for the lost screen real estate. Thanks.

I would LOVE to win the 9900 for my friend! She still rocks the 9000 and its been giving her a lot of grief over the last couple months! this would be perfect for her as she doesn't have the money to buy it out right. This would make for a great birthday present for her!

I would absolutely love to have the Torch 9850 because I have been tortured with this Tour for way too long!

9930 Please!! Because I have a Style and People laugh at me. :(
Oh, and because Sprint finally has one of the newest, coolest phones. :)

Please I would love to win the 9900 aka the Gretzky! I share the same birthday as Gretzky so it would only be fitting!

Having the same birthday got me out of a traffic ticket once please make it win me a free phone!!

PLEASE pick me to win my new BOLD 9900!! I want this beauty because a the original BOLD style with a touchscreen is GENIUS!! been waiting forever for a phone like this to be released!!!

I'd be crazy not to enter because I am planning to upgrade from my albeit still-functioning-well Alltel 8330 in about a month.

The larger keyboard and sharper display are my primary motivations to help my aging eyes, although the touchscreen, added speed and new features are certainly welcome.

So, put me in the hat for a Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930!

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. . . XXXXX^XXXXXXX . . .

I'd love to win the 9900.
simply because i've been waiting for so long for this device, i love that it has a touchscreen and appearantly the best keyboard ever (have to try it !!)
i love the new design, the new hardware, new os 7 features, just about everything
i read every article, review, post there is about the 9900, watched every video and image..

yup : )

It would be awesome to win a bold 9900! I never owned or used the original bold 9000 so ive never experienced the keyboard and that along side with how sexy the 9900 is, is reason why thats that one id want......then i could stop dreaming about it.....literally lol

9930 please because it's the best of both worlds it has the full qwerty and a touch screen i been waiting for the next upgrade tot he bold 9650 from vzw and now that time has come around for it what better time then for my bday which is on the 18th of this month to know that i will be getting a 9930....