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CrackBerry Contest: Win an Unlocked T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 From BlackBerry Emporium And CrackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 6 Nov 2009 11:27 am EST
BlackBerry Bold 9700 Giveaway!

With the BlackBerry Bold 9700 getting set to launch on a whole lot more carriers around the world, we've taken the time to team up with BlackBerry Emporium in order to being you a contest you are sure to love. Up for grabs is a brand new, unlocked T-Mobile branded BlackBerry 9700 Smartphone as soon as the device becomes readily available. The contest is simple. Leave a comment here on this post stating why you feel as though the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is better then any of the other BlackBerry smartphones released and we'll pick a winner. BIG Thanks to BlackBerry Emporium for offering this up for our readers! Be sure to check their new website out.

[ Contest will run until the T-Mobile 9700 becomes officially available via the T-Mobile website, then a winner will be chosen shortly after. Enter once, duplicate entries will be ignored ]

Topics: Contests


win win win :)

well the reason would be that the 9700 encompasses all the
parts and intuitive features required by people these days.

for ex: on the 9000

you have 3G, but its too big
on the curve you dont have 3G
but its compact. and easy to use

The trackpad is by far the biggest reason and change for
the BlackBerry Bold 9700. By eliminating the moving parts
(trackball) and the ability to have a stable long lasting hardware device.

The stylish design and the nicely hidden
sd card slot is jazzy too.

The fact that its very handy and pocketable

You automatically when carrying this new device
feel, a sense of empowerment and superiority over
other devices in its class due to these reasons

Blackberry :

Push Email second to none

Acceptional OS Intuitiveness v 5.0x .321

Address Book and style

Long Battery Life

1 way Data Encryption

Blackberry Culture is awesome
and this just adds to its awesomeness

Speed with Double Ram and Processor in one unit

New Covered Buttons, keep out the dirt and protect
your device.

its a one stop shop for your life style, go BB 9700
and empower your life. In ways you never knew was possible!@


diggin' that new trackpad!
3G speeds would be awesome!
faster proc!
nice design!

Yeah, best one yet. Please pick me!


k so i was gonna leave my rant....but then i saw this guys schpeal, and at the realization that i probably can't do any better than that, my votes for THIS GUY!!! lol
good luck!

FINE i'll giver a go...its better cuz i'm ugly and my mother never loved me and maybe with a sexy phone she'll call me once in a while
...pick me..seriously...


Pick me! I just want a BB with buttons again. I'm done with the Storm.


I can't tell you why I think the 9700 is better. I haven't used one (yet). But, let me win this one and I will tell you how it compares!


Track pad, OS 5.0, More Memory, WiFi AND 3G.... need I say more?!?!?


Sexiest BlackBerry ever created!


Its just awesome!! got everything! trackpad, full keyboard, WiFi!!! i would love to get it


better, faster, stronger, sexier, enough said!


It's like the review said yesterday...the 9700 has all the best bits of the Blackberrys released so far.


I could go on and on about the features with the 9700 and how great the phone is but all I really want is a phone that completes me..... And you know something, with everything that the 9700 offers its a device that does just that..........


i totally agree with the above poster. how woudl we know if its better than any other BB while there is no 9700 out there for us to play/test? BUT since its a BB, am sure its gona rock! :)


This particular 9700 is better than other blackberries because it's FREE.


1) trackpad!
3) sheer Beauty
4) perfect size
5) excellent performance
6) hopefully less bugs

this seems to be the best berry release yet, I definitly want to pick one of these up.. i didnt like the bold because of its sizem, the curve 8900 seemed to lack a few features, and the curve 8520/30 seemed too basic.. this is the ultimate berry in my opinion


Bold 9700 ROCKS!!!. More powerful than my current Bold 9000 in a smaller package. What else can I ask for?


The trackpad is nice, high rez screen, wifi, additional memory and the keyboard is smooth.


The first no-compromise Blackberry!


Most waited bb in whole year 3g wi fi trackpad how could you go wrong with this


The trackpad and WiFi make this an awesome phone

Shay D. Life

I don't want it for myself, I want it for my daughter. This is a BB household. Thanks Crackberry. You guys rock.


Let me tell you a little something about this headache called a trackball. It will no longer exsist with the Wonderful 9700. Cant wait and of course the weight and size reduction. How can you beat that!!!


Everything in life has its trade-offs... except the 9700!


This phone is better than any other Blackberry because it is converting me to a BB user from my iPhone that I've had since launch.


I hate my storm and need something with a keyboard.


For me, the most important spec for a cellphone is size. I currently have the 8900. The size is perfect. The 8900 is a near perfect phone. But the 9700 is the perfect phone. My 8900 has no grip while the 9700 has the leather back cover. (I do not like skins or cases for my phones). The 9700 has the better feeling flat keys on the keyboard. I hate edge, and the 9700 has 3g. The optical trackpad is my favorite feature on the 9700. I want it bad.


Bold = Top of the line.
The bar has been set once again with the 9700


Uh...Because it is the latest and with every new device RIM releases, things just get better!


you should pick me because i had to reply to a coment becuase the mobile site is not set up right


Like a brand new top of the line sports car it has all the great gadgets and gismos put into one incredible device.

Trackpad, 3G speeds, Wi-Fi, Memory, FAST processor!



Track pad, WIFI, 3G, looks so wonderful...this phone would improve my life...Give me the Bold please!


It is the best for just one reason. I can load so many more apps on it from Crackberry.com!!! Need i say more?


The trackpad, keyboard, and screen make it the best BlackBerry yet.


Because its the latest and greatest... my 8900 works great but I just need that shiny new toy! Capitalism at it's finest! Can't wait for the 9700.


please send me my 9700 asap...yeah and can you come in to work on saturday as well...yyyyeah and did you get those TPS reports done? I am going to need you to come in on Sunday as well if those arent done


Even though this phone is comparable to the 8900 Curve, I see some great improvements.

The trackpad is what grabs my attention. My Wife has a Curve 8520 and the trackpad is AWSOME! No more trackball malfunctions! Also the trackpad makes the device feel more "like a mini laptop" than an actual cellphone.

Also, having OS 5.0 is so much better than previous OS versions and I'm sure this device will have BBM 5.0 as well which rounds out the package.

IMO......the Bold 9700 from T-Mo will be the best Blackberry so far!


I need it!

The BlackBerry 9700 is the Bold the people actually want.

-Smaller form factor
-Same awesome camera the 8900 has
-New trackpad
-All the radios people want - 3G, Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth
-Sturdier, not to mention better looking

...and hello! OS 5.0! Bring on the AWESOME!


As a Bold 9000 owner and one who "upgrades" OS's regularly, I've come to really like it's capabilities. However, it's the little upgrades that aren't readily available by download (like size, memory, track pad, camera, looks, etc.) that makes me want to take the next step to the 9700. Thanks for the opportunity!


IT would be so much better than my S1!!!!

Gorgeous keyboard
Awesome Camera
Sexy trackpad


latest is always the best!


Can I use it on Verizon?


Trackpad is full of win!!!!!


I love blackberry, just want to make sure we are on the same page.
My first blackberry was a 8100 Pearl and we can say the love affair started there.
I then upgraded to T-mobile's Curve 8900 and I gotta say, i don't know what i would do without it. Recently i had to wait 3 business days until T-mobile sent me an exchange phone because my 8900 just shut off on me. I then, through the crackberry forums, learned that the 8900 has "memory issues" which might have triggered my "dead berry"

I love the fact that the 9700 will be t-mobile's first 3g blackberry, and that is something that these days one can't live without.

The biggest updgrade or upside i can see on the 9700 is the trackpad. Now, i love the trackball, it's blackberry's signature, but the trackpad takes the 9700 to a whole different level that everyone needs to be at these days.

So that's why and so much more, i believe i would absolutely blessed to upgrade to the 9700.



It's the FIRST Blackberry WITH 3G on the T-Mobile network (in the US) :)


Well its got an optical trackpad instead of the trackball, more memory then the phone its replacing, more included micro sd card memory, a really slick leather back, a better camera, a better fit a finish that appeals to both men and women instead of just appealing to more of a male audience (which is good for sales goals) and the phone is running 5.0 flawless. I would love to own one, but unless I win it, it will not happen.

Thank you


I have a BB Tour but I'd love to win a 9700. It's sexy!


1) Better Hardware Specs
3) Georgeous device
4) Size is good
5) Trackpad

Just a damned good looking BB!


It takes the best features of every blackberry and combines them into one super blackberry. It's like when optimus prime took parts from that old transformer in transformers 2 and then kicked the crap out of megatron. It's basically like that but in blackberry form.

you've got the sweet 9000/tour keyboard.
it's compact, and has UMA like the 8900
The screen is top notch like the tour
They've added a sexy track pad like the 8520
and it has wifi like the storm2

it's the optimus prime of the blackberries. Blackberries, roll out..and send one to my house please :)


It's like THE Blackberry. I looks very business like but still very cool, it has the characteristic keyboard, the new awesome touchpad. And honestly if I were a cell phone I would want to have sex with the Bold 9700.


3G, Wi-Fi, Trackpad, Best Keyboard, lots of Memory, fast processor, Visual Voicemail on Tmo finally. Plus more, just makes it top notch


Well the Bold 9000 Is one of the best black berry out up to now. That being said this one is smaller, faster, track pad, wifi, sexy ass rear batter door...not to mention you pull that thing out at a bar and you are def. going home with some lil blond ok or ok and/or brunette. And the with the economy that its been lately and being able to buy girls..its very much needed.


With 3G, wifi, faster processor and 5.0, this is the device i want for Christmas


sexy...and with WiFi!
regretting my Tour now... (my 5th Tour,to be exact..)


Using 8900 now, interested to see Tmobiles first 3g blackberry!!!


because it doesn't have a trackball and has more memory.


Track pad, OS 5.0, More Memory, WiFi AND 3G, better camera, and more user friendly feel ( smaller than Bold 9000) truly, the best of the BB world....and of course better than any other smart phone available!! What more needs to be said?


i have an old curve that isn't working so smooth, i've been upgrading the os to keep it though. it's been very good to me! i love my crackberry! but a 9700 would be fantastic!!!! :D


It is SOOO much better then any other BB! Finally RIM has packed all of the things we want into one kick butt phone. I love my 8900 curve, but if I could have that phone with 3g AND a track pad that wont get all gummed up like my track ball, I would be in heaven.


I have a blackberry bold 9000 and I really prefer blackberries non-touchscreen... This new blackberry is perfect, with a better resolution screen, better camera, more flash memory and is smaller and lighter. Thank you for this contest, I hope I win!!! :-)


9700 is what the bold should have been in the beginning. smaller package with all the bells and whistles. i've also heard great things about the trackpad. it's interesting that RIM only just introduced 3G to their line up with the first Bold. being the premier smartphone company out there, i thought there would have been a plethora of 3G phones. the bold was my first blackberry, but it did feel big. and the memory leak issues were a pain. the 9700 looks like the answers to those problems.


The 9700 Bold takes all the elements of current blackberrys and mashes them together: the vibrant screen of the 9000, the trackpad on the 8520, the size of the 8900, wifi, and adds a nice 3.2 mp camera (probably tons of other stuff I forgot to mention also). Basically this phone is going to be awesome.


Best phone because it's a bold, have the trackpad, and it's smaller than the 9000:)

tony bag o donuts

I would leave Verizon and sign up with Tmobile in a second...ETF be damned.....the device just looks clean, design wise. It screams of luxury BB....Almost as if it should be displayed as a work of art.....I am extremely impressed with this device!


I think the new Blackberry Bold is better than any other Blackberry smartphone because of the trackpad, 3g, processor, WIFI, and screen resolution.

Compare the specifications and its obvious.


Is this better than an iPhone?



I'll take another hit of the crackberry


Oh where to start. The Bold 9700 has the fastest processor, trackpad, more memory, and the most comfortable form factor of all the BlackBerry devices... Need I say more. I would love to replace my Bold 9000 with an unlocked Bold 9700!!!


Well, I got the Tour on release and there has been nothing but problems with it. #1, the trackball. The 9700 has a trackpad which I would love to try out. #2, WIFI!!! Once again, a feature the Tour lacks. The battery door looks amazing on the 9700 compared to the loose and crappy one on the Tour. Oh yeah, this 9700 will be unlocked!

Help out a college student, Crackberry. Thanks!


The 9700 is better because.....because......because we love blackberries and we can not say otherwise!


It's the first 3G Blackberry for Tmobile and it's sexy!


Blackberry 9700 = Real Gentleman!

Right Size!
Right Shape!
Right POWER!

It Have everything what one Real Gentleman Need!


At this time I have a BlackBerry 8310 been a true and faithful companion for the past few years, but in cell phone years my companion is starting to show her age and desires to retire in grace. She feels that I should step up to the next level in cell BlackBerry phone technologies that will last me many more happy years. Pleases consider me for the 97000 for I wish to go to:

"Black Berry Nirvana".


This phone has everything RIM is.

The best connection (3G, WiFi)
The best screen resolution
The best navigation input (Storm lovers may argue..)
Nice size but still very sleek and stylish.

The best of what Waterloo does.


i have been berryless for a while now and i am freaking out!


This phone has everything RIM is.

The best connection (3G, WiFi)
The best screen resolution
The best navigation input (Storm lovers may argue..)
Nice size but still very sleek and stylish.

The best of what Waterloo does.


9700 is "greater than" 9630. Simple arithmetic!


The trackball is finally gone and got replace by the touchpad, its like being blind and suddenly being able to see. And everything one loves about his/her BB is combined in this cell phone. Its like a cell phone orgasm. If I were a cell phone, I would have sex with the Bold 9700.


I was saving up karmically to win this drawing! :D

I'm definitely ready to swap the 1GB internal storage of my Bold for the extra 128MB of app memory. New camera destroys the one in my Bold too, and I'm definitely drooling over the touchpad. Takes all my favorite things about my Bold and makes 'em nicer. I just hope the smaller form factor doesn't make it too hard to type. I'm sure I'll get used to it though!


A Bold for a Bold person =)I like all the specs of the Bold and even though I have and love my 8900, I need more memory and a faster processor for what I'm doing in my business world. I would love to win one, but if I dont I will end up buying one in due time. I love the slick desgin of it, seems like a lot of work went into it and I love what RIM is doing with the new track pads. They went from side scrolls, to track balls, to finding a winner in track pads.


It's like the 9000 and 8900 got together and had a love child...the best of both, with some little mutations that make it better than the parents.


The 9700 is better because it's a sign Research in Motion is listening. They've taken the requests of their customers and responded with a device that is:

As powerful as the 9000, but smaller in every way.
Running 5.0 out of the box.
better on battery than it's predecessors (we hope).
and sexy and small as a curve but powerful as it's grandfather the bold.

I'd just love one and can't afford it right now!


becuase is the big d*ck! on blackberry nation!... it has it all you need and beyond!


Wi-Fi, 3G, the trackpad... What's not to love about it?



I can tell you why it's better than my 8330 I'm currently rocking:

1. better screen
2. runs more apps at same time without bogging down processor
3. wifi
4. 3g
5. better keyboard.

This would be a slick phone to land...


best looking blackberry, best functioning blackberry, 3G!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in other words, its AMAZING!!!!
would very much like to have one :)


this blackberry has just what you need. 3G and Wifi. Awesome!


This phone has the best parts of all the current berries out right now.. Which is why I want one *G*


I would love to win this crackbold 9700. Ah, crackberry, youre the best.


this is me winning a 9700


Can't wait until this comes out.


well from the name to the specs this device definitely has it all. "BOLD" it has such a power name to it and the phone's specs should follow suit. 3G, wifi, trackpad, plenty memory, sexy feel and look, ships with 5.0 and best of all the processor should be amazing but my favorite of all is the trackpad. i have a feeling this should last forever unlike the trackball that has to be changed way to often (at least in my case). So yes please crackberry hook me up with one of these beauty's :-)


Keypad- what more can I say


Pleace crackberry and BlackBerry Emporium.....I need a new phone...Lol...Can I get a whiff of this?


It's better because it combines all the best features in both the curve 8900 and the bold 9000. It has the keypad of the 9000 and the 3g capabilities, etc. but has the form factor of the curve. How much better can you get?!?!


I feel that the new Bold 9700 is the best new smartphone because it has all of best new features offered by RIM. With the optical trackpad you don't have all those trackball issues that everyone who's ever used one knows suck! After reading some of the reviews, the claim is that this trackpad is even more responsive than the 8520's. Of course it beats out the Tour with WiFi. Although the 9000 may have the better keyboard and they share the same processor, how can you argue with the 9700's 256MB app memory and 3.2MP auto-focus digi cam? I know it has been debated that the battery cover is not attractive, but I personally LOVE it. I can't afford to buy a 9700 now, but I would love to own one!

So thanks BlackBerry Emporium and CrackBerry for an opportunity to win one of my very own!!!


the new blackberry bold is like the Lamborghini, its fast and probably one of the best blackberry out there. Which is why i want that phone:)


...simple. The Bold 9700 is exactly what every blackberry user wants. The previous versions, of any blackberry for that matter, lacked just one thing that wasn't quite fulfilling. The 9700 has it. This product = customer satisfaction.


The fastest processor of any BlackBerry, large internal memory, 3.2 MP camera with flash, 480x360 resolution screen, full QWERTY keyboard, the Trackpad instead of the trackball, 2GB microSD card supplied with the phone, 3.5 mm headphone jack, OS 5.0, GPS, 3G AND Wi-fi/UMA calling!? The 9700 has it all, what DOESN'T it have!? Who needs a touch screen anyways!


Well, besides being the new flagship fused with the best features of any blackberry that has come before it...

Onyx comes from a Greek word meaning "claw" or "fingernail" and thus, will perfectly attach to my hands for unparalleled messaging capabilities.


could really use an upgrade to my pearl flip!!




GSM means I can travel with it. The trackpad means I can travel with it in my pocket.


First BB to have 3G on T-Mo!


The 9700 is the best Blackberry ever, because it takes every great feature from every other Blackberry, and mashes them all into one... I'll say it.... SUPER BLACKBERRY!


The pinnacle of blackberry design and functionality.


Is it from Ted Sheckler's Blackberry Emporium?


All the best bits together in one small package

BB Gooch

3G and wifi best of both worlds trackpad which is latest technology and its a crackberry enough said plus auto upgrade to os 5.0 yaaaaaaahhhhh


I think that the Bold 9700 is better because well, I don't have it yet, and in the mold of a true gadget hound and early adopter, what is new and that I don't have is ALWAYS better. Thanks for the opportunity!


It is faster and it is the first 3G device provided on T-Mobiles network. I like it because it is like the 9000 but much more compact.


Just to name a few:
Optical Trackpad
624MHz processor
Perfect (IMO) physical keyboard
Love the look (leather battery cover)
Large, high-res screen

I'd know more with some hands on...

Hook it up???


Trackpad is a wonderful addition
Best Camera I have seen so far


track pad
body lines
screen res

I want one!!


This may be the 'perfect' phone. Love my Bold 9000, but with the 9700 you get smaller form factor, better camera, TOUCHPAD, and some more memory to boost performance. Wonderful! Another awesome contest from Crackberry!


Track pad
Its a bold
OS 5.0
Bigger memory
Bigger rom
3G wifi
Faster processor
And it would just be nice to have a good change of luck!


this new phone! :)

let me winnn


To use it on the biggest 3G Network!

I'm locked in my contract with Big Red. I have the original Storm... and I don't have the $500+ to get a new phone! Reluctance to leave Big Red (plus early termination fees) to a new carrier has me trapped for more than a year!

Help me out! The reliability and speed of the 9700 will be a life saver!


Why? Because it comprises the best of every current BB line. It's the Javelin form factor with the Bold keys and a trackpad rather than a trackball to get dirty and nonresponsive. It has a great screen, too!


First off, it's not a touch screen. I feel majority of the industry is going touchscreen, and that's great for those who like it, but I consider myself an OG, one who likes his Hip-Hop with a little Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay Z...not "Weezy" or "T-Pain". Someone who likes his rock a bit Guns and Roses, Rolling Stones, not "Seether", or "Kings of Leon"(although they are the only really happening in Rock these days)

The point I'm making is I don't need a touch screen. I'm more than enough with a regular smart phone with full QWERTY and all the personal and professional style and handling that the BlackBerry line offers.

Also, I'm tired of trackballs. They were so cool on regular PC's, that we had to hide them under a mouse. A trackpad looks, and feels much better, Responds much better, and probably stays a tad bit more reliable and cleaner than the trackball. It's outdated and about time for the trackpad. The 9700 has that, and it adds to it's appeal.


I think the Bold 9700 is better than any other BlackBerry because, c'mon now? Do I really need to give an answer for that quesiton? Eh? Eh? It's a BlackBerry PERIOD.


Billy Mays here to tell you about an exciting new product!!

The Blackberry Bold 9700
Its got the best battery door of all time. Its super secure and it will leave you cursing for hours! If you ever drop this thing, you wont have batteries and sim cards flying everywhere. Just simply pick it up and move on. Its just that easy.


I need this BlackBerry in my hands and in my life. I won't ask any one for anything.


I would love to win this crackbold 9700 because its just darn sexy. no other phone can touch the bold 9700 right now.


I just don't know why its better than any other Blackberry but, if you give me one, I' ll be sure to let you know :)


Better OS
higher resolution screen
small keyboard
curve shap on top so led can be seen from the top (when on your belt)

Detective M Downs

I think its the best because, it has what everyone wants in their BB; Bright and colorful screen, WiFi, Trackpad and Keyboard thats great to bang-out quick emails and sms.... Oh, and, of course it is a BB, which is the best phone, period!


simply put, the highest number means the baddest device


As a deaf person who relies very HEAVILY on SMS, Emails, IMs, and all that other bonus stuff, the 9700 being 3G and having a fast processor, and very updated with the OS and things, it will come in very handy. I will never be out of the loop when everyone else seems to be in the loop. Now that is sweet!


I'll take one of those!!!!


The Tmo Bold 9700 is the best BB because it will have a trackpad (+1 on reliability), it's more compact than the Bold 9000 (+1), it's got the fastest processor of all BB's and it now has the best screen. What's not to love?


Well, from the perspective of a Tmo customer (ME) it's better cuz it's their first 3G Blackberry. Oh and the trackpad looks slick too!


3G baby!! And it just looks great.




the 9700 = BB Jesus

plain and simple all the goodness you need that you've always asked for to add the awesomeness of your lifestyle for sure!


wining would be awsome !!!


This blackberry is like the best of

Keyboard similar to the bold (which is still awesome imo!)
Trackpad similar to the 8520 but improved upon.
It is running os 5.0
Smaller form factor and overall stylish update.
Then there is the 3g, improved memory and faster speed
It just is the Frankenberry of Blackberries! All the best parts compiled into one sweet device.

That being said I need this device so pick me!!!


I think this one is the best because of the keyboard, wifi, and the trackpad. I would love to have it!


I always wanted to try the Bold. This is a good time too.




Because it's all the BBs put together, it has everything!!!! /drool

PS: i need to get rid of my 8700! lol!


I want a new Blackberry that has a full keyboard!


Well lets see. The bold has it all. 3G speeds, Wi-Fi capability. It is sleek and compact and is using the new track pad which will keep me from having to change track balls when they get dirty. What more could you want in a blackberry phone.


because it's bolder than any other blackberry.


Coming from a 9000, it'd be the memory and the trackpad.


Because the 9700 is 1000 times (points, really) better than the 8700. Oooooofff, stupid work phone.


The specifications have been listed on Crackberry's website and it has better features than any other Blackberry currently on the market.

Sure the Storm 2 is nice, but real 7-7'ers need a physical QWERTY keyboard.

Gristle baby.... pure gristle.

( I just moved to NYC and my new company says I have to buy a blackberry for email security reasons. The Bold 9700 would be perfect.)


It takes all the best features of every blackberry that's already out on the market (minus the touch from the storm but I was never a fan of that anyway) and puts them into one body. And it's not an oversized bulky phone like the original bold, but a sleek, compact, smaller version much like the 8900, only better.

The 9700, to date, is the best blackberry device that RIM has designed and offered to it's customers. I cannot wait to get ahold of one; hopefully T-Mobile launches them soon!


Its a new edition to rim!! And who doesn't love the newest phones rim comes out with?! Trackpad! 3g! bold keypad! Hmmm let me continue. It has everything everything a phone needs far as the people who want a non touch screen phone! Wait wait wait one more. BOLD 9700<-- the damn name itself says why its better!! Hahaha I love it!


why Kevin M. luvs the 9700 so much! Pick me please!


Why is it better/best yet - its not the OG Storm, need I say more. The STORM failed at glamorizing blackberry in general. Yet glamour is not the aspect of the blackberry people want. I want a rock solid device that can be nerdy enough for me and straight forward enough for my wife.


This device combines the best features of all the other Blackberry phones on the market today. Feature rich, and all the applications you need and love. I would love to get my hands on one of these devices!!


I think I deserve the blackberry because it's a new blackberry.


For Free!

However, is it the best Blackberry? NO! The one thing it is missing is the Quad-band GSM for worldwide travel. Now if the 9700 had that, it would be the best (It would also be called the Tour2).


Its the power of the bold, with the sleekness of the tour. Its like crouching tour, hidden bold. And wifi and trackpad are a much needed bonus that all smartphones should come standard with.

Cheers to Crackberry and Blackberry Emporium!


i have the storm1 and was looking for a blackberry with an actual keypad. i want wifi, the trackpad, and the beautiful keypad and screen. i would really like to replace my storm1 with the Bold 9700


I have always loved the Bold, but on Verizon network. This new one is even better yet ! But still on Verizon. This would be the ticket !


This will definetly be the best BlackBerry released. The size is great, smaller and thinner than the oringinal Bold. THe memory for apps is great too, more apps more fun!!! The camera has that stable no blurr thing which is great, unfortinalty i dont have a steady hand. The removal of the trackball should be interesting, I cant wait to see how that will work. With all these great additions and changes this is sure to be the best Blackberry yet!


I feel the speed of the processor will greatly improve this phone over all others. Not to mention the storage size available via micro SD card. The 3g will be a huge plus as well. I liked the bold but simply think it was too big for me. Using the curve 8900 now and feel that this new Bold will bring the best of both worlds together.


Faster Processor, 3g, wifi, and OS 5.0 for sure. I would love to get rid of my Curve 8310.


I believe the BlackBerry Bold is better than any other Berry because it's the one device I WANT - but CAN'T have because it's GSM and I'm hooked with Verizon.

The original Bold is the first phone that turned my head from all other devices to Berry's - and the improved 9700 builds on it's successor and makes it one of the sexiest smart phones ever!


I want one. Looks awesome!


...it's a BlackBerry (apparent) &it's being released by one of the most affordable carriers on the market today. In today's economy (cliche), that's a win-win right there hah. Also hope I get it because my 8320 is kinda sorta obsolete.


It is the only Blackberry that is Bold and Beautiful!!!!!


Trackpad and Wifi with an unlocked 9700 on Verizon would be all that one could ask for.


The Bold 9700 has everything you need and want in any Blackberry. This Bold brought all of the feature that were available in other Blackberry such as a great screen, optical track pad, and the 3.2 megapixel camera into a sleek form factor. This is the Blackberry that everyone should run out and get. Now if they improve the Web Browser I would be speechless!


What more features could you want, it has it all: 3g (with Project Dark/Black T-mobile), track pad, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, High res camera w/ video, high resolution screen, The best smartphone management package on the market even better with 5.0!, And has the looks Darth Vader would love. Simply Perfect.


I can't wait for this device to come out! The new apps will keep me busy for hours. It's a must have.


There is one reason and one reason only and it makes your argument invalid... It's not an IPhone enough said!!!

RIM you have won our hearts over with this device.


Has trackpad, keyboard, and wifi....

now if it also had a touchscreen it would be perfect, but this is pretty darn close!


The blackberry 9700 is definetly better than the Storm1. the track pad will definetly change how many of my fellow blackberry users navigate. Aside from the trackpad, the resolution is better and is much and the OS is much more user friendly than the Storm1. As I said in my subject, "I'm not sure if I'll win but..." if I don't I'll still get the 9700. I'll just have to save up for it :-( I just upgraded my contract to get the 8900 with T-Mobile so I'm positive I'll have to pay full price to get it... Ugh..


I would love to get my hand on this device, finally 3G on T-Mobile cant wait till it comes out. waiting...waiting....wainting...uhm coffee good, ooh and waiting.....


Combining the superb featureset of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 with the compact size and more balanced look of the BalckBerry Curve, the new Blackberry Bold 9700 ups the standard of modern smartphones. Increased memory, greatly improved camera, trackpad and even greater support of the newest video and audio codecs makes the new Bold a must-have smartphone.


Easy, it has the most current technology and components.


God let me win this.


Against all odds - this would rock man ;)


well beyond the trackpad and wifi, it looks and smells kinda like a tour but its way better because it's the latest and greatest.....hook it up!


Please let this be my first!


Much improved over the 9000 with smaller size and new trackpad!


Having had most all of the Blackberrys. I can honestly say this looks to be the best. I love the size, the keyboard looks amazing, and who doesn't love the optical trackball?? 3.2 camera with led flash makes for not having to carry a camera. With 3G, its the best of all the blackberrys rolled into a neat little package. Oh, of course having the 5.0 firmware also makes it awesome. It just calls out to me saying "YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME."

Midnight Q

the reason is because it isnt a 9530.


the Bold 9000 was a winner for me, but had to replace because of the roller ball. Track pad might the game breaker, along with the smaller foot print. I'd like to use it for a year to see.


The 9700 is INCREDIBLE! it's sleek, its sexy, and it has an optical track pad! Most importantly it is the FIRST 3G BLACKBERRY FOR T-MOBILE! I've been following this Ice Cold phone for months and I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on it!


Size (LxWxD) Approximately 109 mm x 60 mm x14.1
Weight (battery included)
122 g / 4.28 oz
256 MB internal flash memory
Expandable Memory
Supports up to 32GB microSD card
1500 mAhr removable/rechargeable cryptographic lithium cell
Battery Life
GSM Talk Time: 6 hours; GSM Standby Time: 19 days
UMTS Talk Time: 6 hours; UMTS Standby Time: 15 days
35 key backlit QWERTY
High-resolution 480 X 360 pixel color display
Transmissive TFT LCD supports over 65,000 colors
2.44" (diagonally measured)
3.2 MP camera with auto focus, image stabilization, flash and 2X digital zoom
Video Camera
Normal Mode: 480 x 352 pixels
MMS Mode: 176 x 144 pixels
Voice Input/Output
Integrated speaker and microphone, hands-free headset
capable, Bluetooth headset capable, integrated hands-free speakerphone
32 polyphonic - MIDI, SP-MDI, MP3, WAV
Integrated GPS with A-GPS (assisted GPS) ready
Media Player
Video format support: DivX 4, DivX 5/6 partially supported, XviD partially supported, H.263, H.264, WMV3, MPEG4, Sorenson Spark and On2 VP6 (Flash support)
Audio format support: 3GP, MP3, WMA9 (.wma/.asf), WMA9 Pro/WMA 10, MIDI, AMR-NB, Professional AAC/AAC+/eAAC+
Bluetooth v2.1; Mono/Stereo Headset, Hands-free, Serial Port Profile, Bluetooth Stereo Audio (A2DP/AVCRP) and Bluetooth SIM Access Profile supported
3.5mm stereo headset capable
Power Adapter
+5V DC/500 mA AC power adapter, with interchangeable location-specific plugs
2100/1900/850/800 MHz (Bands 1, 2, 5/6),
2100/1700/900 MHz (Bands 1, 4, 8)
1900/1800/900/850 MHz

Stay in Touch

Based on optical technology, the track pad helps you easily scroll through the information you need, with an experience similar to the track pad on a laptop computer.
Wi-Fi Support (UMA/GAN)
Added Wi-Fi connectivity makes accessing to your BlackBerry® data services in Wi-Fi hotspots or other areas with Wi-Fi connectivity
convenient and easy.
Full-featured phone Have the features of a desktop phone with you when you're between appointments or running late.
Bluetooth-enabled (v2.1) The BlackBerry® Bold 9700 smartphone is Bluetooth-enabled,7 so you can keep your hands free to focus on other tasks at hand.
3G (HSDPA) Compatible Designed to take advantage of the speeds available on 3G networks.
Send and receive text and picture messages (SMS & MMS) Keep in better touch with contacts who prefer text2 and picture messaging.
Enhanced Web Mail Chat from just about anywhere using Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ apps built specifically for BlackBerry smartphones.
Edit Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint Files Whether you use Gmail®, AOL® Mail, Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo!® Mail, you can enjoy on-the-go access to your favorite
supported web mail
Instant Messaging Chat from just about anywhere using Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant Messenger or ICQ® apps built specifically for BlackBerry smartphones.
Social networking for BlackBerry
smartphones Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones, Flickr Photo Uploader for BlackBerry® smartphones and MySpace® for BlackBerry® smartphones.

Entertainment on the Go


Media Player
Watch your videos and listen to your music with all the excellent visual and sound quality you expect from a BlackBerry smartphone.
Take photos wherever the inspiration hits you with a 3.2 MP camera with image stabilization, auto flash, auto focus and zoom.
Video Recording
When you need sound and action to help you tell the story, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone comes through with
built-in video recording.
BlackBerry Media Sync
BlackBerry® Media Sync lets you sync your desktop iTunes or Windows Media® Player music files with your BlackBerry smartphone. In just a few easy steps, you can take your tunes on the go, wherever you go.
Mobile Streaming
Access videos, music or even sports and news clips from web sites built for mobile streaming.

Browse, Shop and Buy

Pre-installed BlackBerry App World storefront Personalize your BlackBerry smartphone with apps from the BlackBerry App World storefront and discover how to put more of your life on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Instant Information

GPS Capabilities and BlackBerry Maps Designed to work with BlackBerry Maps and other location based software, use it to help determine where you are and how to get where you need to be.
HTML browsing A dynamic browsing experience, to help you get the information you need, when you need it. With the BlackBerry® Browser, you have easy access to the Internet with web pages that are easy to navigate and read.
Business Ready For small to medium-sized businesses, Hosted BlackBerry® services and BlackBerry® Professional Software are designed to offer affordable solution options. For large organizations, BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution is designed to provide advanced security features and enterprise-grade functionality..


Dude!! All you did was Copy and paste!!! That shouldn't count. LOL


It's the best because of the track pad, OS 5.0, and it's the first 3G Blackberry on T-mobile.


I want this Bold 9700 because it is simply awesome! It is better than other blackberry's because of the new trackpad and the look of it! It is amazing and I hope I win this! :)


WiFi, Trackpad, processor...all of which make this the best smartphone on the market


Because its battery door doesn't wiggle.


in one word.... TRACKPAD. =)

I love the trackpad it comes with. Got a chance to try it and it is truly awesome.


Love the contests :D hope I win this one :P


Its simple! Perfect form factor!


Looks good, would love to upgrade to this.


I will tell you once I win one!


I am really going to say why the blackberry berry bold is the best of all blackberries ever released.
First to start off the blackberry bold 9700 is now a true BLACKBERRY ON STEROIDS or simply put as THE OFFICIAL CRACKBERRY. With this new blackberry bold 9700 RIM has stepped up their game completely for both the leisure and the business world activities and consumers and have put together aspects of all previous blackberries into this one resulting in the best and a true handheld machine. With this blackberry I MUST say first that it operates on the 3G NETWORK which is big!! Also, you have more control and can do more than ever especially with the ultra accurate new trackpad,the new classier and more sleek design, great keyboard, new 5.0 software and new sms style and softer touch with the software, and also a better web browser and a better camera. Overall this is the best blackberry yet even better than the Storm 2 and the BB tour and has a lot more capabilities and the best to date with the most attractive appearance.


Plain and simple, best 'berry ever! All the features anyone could want, packed into a gorgeous package!


That's easy!

- perfect form factor
- awesome keyboard
- reliable trackpad
- beautiful screen
- OS 5.0
- wifi
- more memory
- faster processor
- build quality

From everything I've read, the 9700 is rock solid! No gimmicky touch screen & no (potentially) problematic trackball.


OMG - The contest of my dreams.

I have the 9000 and absolutely love it. The 9700 is the best of the best with improvements all around - trackpad, camera, memory, fast, easier to hold, good looking.

Thank you for having this contest!!


Best size, best performance, 3G, WiFi, Super Resolution Screen, Replacement of trackball with optical pad, Keyboard layout/size. Best specs of any BlackBerry ever produced.
I deserve a win!!


3G, Wi-Fi, Trackpad, double the original BOLD memory - can't wait to get this in my grubby little paws!


trackpad and 3g need i say more?? I NEED THIS PHONE!!

Cowboy Fan

I think the original Bold was by far the best BB to date! Now they
Have raised the bar! Keeping it stylish they made it a bit more compact
Like the 8900 but keeping that awesome speed. I believe Bold is
And will be the measuring stick for all blackberries! Trackpad is
Is just sweet!!!! More memory than the 9000?? This IS the BB to own
Bless me with one and it will go to the best home and have the
Best life any BB could have! Pick me pick me!!!!


It is the most feature full and fastest querty BB you can get. Also, my 9000 needs a replacement!


Best blackberry out there cause it has the trackpad, not the ball and still has the Bolds awesome keyboard!


3g duh :: flips hair::
sexy exterior :: grabs crotch::
trackpad :: panties drop::


better camera for my twitpics! what?! new trackpad so no more sticky trackball! what?! i can't wait!


I feel that the BlackBerry 9700, is one of the best BlackBerry to date. Where the 3G and Wifi on one device, creates one of the most advanced devices to date. With the contour edges on the screen, are beautiful, where it flows with the bezel. The new technology with the trackpad is a lot better then the trackball, where you can use your phone in any condition and don have to worry about the trackpad failing on you. The memory on the device is the largest to date. I feel that wining this masterpiece would set everything apart the thought of wining and recieving a free 9700 would make me feel like a fat kid in a candy store.


It's better because it's a newer Blackberry. Period. Please let me win!!!!!


This is ultimate blackberry , and I really would like to have it.


every blackberry should have 3G, i need 3G


on a number line 9700 is greater than all the rest.
i.e 9700 > 8900, 9700> 9000, etc.


I think the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is better than any other BlackBerry smartphone because CrackBerry told me so.


The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the better than any other because of these reasons. Has a far better trackpad that will ensure longer use. Has WIFI and 5.0 OS. It is the perfect size, not too small yet not that big and bulky. Plus this phone would look glorious in my hand or next to my ear. This phone would be the perfect fix for my BlackBerry addiction!


I am really going to say why the blackberry berry bold is the best of all blackberries ever releases.
First to start off the blackberry bold 9700 is now a true BLACKBERRY ON STEROIDS or simply put as THE OFFICIAL CRACKBERRY. With this new blackberry bold 9700 RIM has stepped up their game completely for both the leisure and the business world activities and consumers and have put together aspects of all previous blackberries into this one resulting in the best and a true handheld machine. With this blackberry I MUST say first that it operates on the 3G NETWORK which is big!! Also, you have more control and can do more than ever especially with the ultra accurate new trackpad,the new classier and more sleek design, great keyboard, new 5.0 software and new sms style and softer touch with the software, and also a better web browser and a better camera. Overall this is the best blackberry yet even better than the Storm 2 and the BB tour and has a lot more capabilities and the best to date with the most attractive appearance.


I want this phone because it's the thinnest/lightest full featured blackberry. Plus it says BOLD on the back in case you forget what it's called.


Well duh, it's the offspring of the 9000! My only concern is if it’s as awesome as everyone says it is, I am so not getting work done during the day. I hope I don't get fired :)


This phone does it all. Pick me. :-)


The 9700 is better because it has a perfect blend of brute processing power, sexy design, and feature set all in one device!


I have a BlackBerry, but it's old and clunky. I can't get over how wild this new one looks. I love my BlackBerry, but I'm the kid on the block who always get to look at the other kids with their BigWheels and trampolines but never gets to take it for a spin or learn to do a summersult.
It's always wait, wait, wait... Well I don't want to wait! I want a NEW BLACKBERRY AND I WANT ONE NOW!!!! please?


You know the really sad thing is that I just bought my first Blackberry this last July. I am so hooked. And then I saw that BB was releasing the Bold 9700 and fell in love. And what's not to love?! 3G, faster, more beautiful, gorgeous keyboard. Somebody grab a towel because I'm drooling! Anyway, I would be thrilled beyond belief to win a 9700. Even though my current phone is amazing, it doesn't have 3G. Plus I could give the one I bought in July to my partner who has serious phone envy. Voila! You'll have another Crackberry customer! Thanks for your consideration.


I currently use an 8900 with T-Mobile and when dealing with Tech calls that send me emails I need to hangup with the user to receive their emails then call them back. With the new 3G that will fix that problem and allow me to stay with customers on the line.

Looking at people using the trackpad and using the trackpad on a display unit has me hooked! It just works. Many times I catch myself having to fool around with the trackball instead of accomplishing what I set out to do. Very frustrating! I end up inadvertently giving bad advertisement to BlackBerry when clients see me messing with the trackball trying to run something or show them something.
Those are my two reasons I would love the new 9700.(I'm sure I would find more after using the device.) Winning this contest would be a blessing that would help come Christmas time.


It's everything the Tour should've been with a faster processor, 5.0OS, Trackpad, and Wifi... and that means I want one :)



I would love to get to try one of these out. I think its better because its a replacement to the bold and has the same awesome rep as the bold


win win win :)

well the reason would be that the 9700 encompasses all the
parts and intuitive features required by people these days.

for ex: on the 9000

you have 3G, but its too big
on the curve you dont have 3G
but its compact. and easy to use

The trackpad is by far the biggest reason and change for
the BlackBerry Bold 9700. By eliminating the moving parts
(trackball) and the ability to have a stable long lasting hardware device.

The stylish design and the nicely hidden
sd card slot is jazzy too.

The fact that its very handy and pocketable

You automatically when carrying this new device
feel, a sense of empowerment and superiority over
other devices in its class due to these reasons

Blackberry :

Push Email second to none

Acceptional OS Intuitiveness v 5.0x .321

Address Book and style

Long Battery Life

1 way Data Encryption

Blackberry Culture is awesome
and this just adds to its awesomeness

Speed with Double Ram and Processor in one unit

New Covered Buttons, keep out the dirt and protect
your device.

its a one stop shop for your life style, go BB 9700
and empower your life. In ways you never knew was possible!@


First off internally it has the fastest CPU! That right there is very important to me for multitasking and handling the strenuous tasks that I preform day to day on my blackberry. Wifi for UMA calling. Not to mention the physical cues it takes from other blackberry's to be combined into a Supreme Blackberry. The awesome 480x360 Res Screen, optical track pad and keyboard that is between the Curve 8300 and Tour. I myself love the sleek new size as well! Small package packs a huge punch!!!


read on and find out why owning one would make a difference in my life:

The OS...cos faster's always better and it'll calm my bitchy ways
The size...it'll reduce my hip pain...don't ask
The trackpad...that would do my thumb good
The wifi...that would do my wallet good
The high res screen...cos I'm blind as a bat
The memory...cos my memory ain't what it used to be
The coolness...cos I can always use a boost to my coolness quotient


Have been using 8320 & 8820 for a while and looking forward to the first 3G TMO Blackberry.


Best BlackBerry Specs ever. Trackpad. 3G. Best Screen Resolution.
I think I posted a comment in the wrong place. This is just in case....


Bold 9700 has a trackpad that better than Curve 8520,and the same screen size as curve 8900.The style of keyboard looks like Bold 9000 and even though it's smaller than 9000,I think the typing speed will be the same as bold or better.It also has 3G and wifi,faster connection speed,better than curve series.The new 5.0 OS is running faster than 4.X and has a better vision style.In Bold series,a 320Mpix camera with AF is also much better than 9000.
In conclusion,Bold 9700 is the best choice if anyone wants to buy an blackberry smartphone.


I've got an 8900 right now and the 9700 has everything I want in spades.
3G for my excessive browsing and downloading.
The smaller form factor that attracted me to the 8900 over the 9000 in the first place.
Added to that how sleek and smooth the shape and design of the 9700 is; from the rubber buttons to the leather backing that gives it the "Bold" status we all know and love.


the bold 9700 is better than all other blackberrys! its eve bolder than the bold!!! trackballs are soon 2005!!!! Bring on the trackpads!!




Colin Chapman would be proud of the new BlackBerry Bold 9700.
His motto "Light is right" reflects perfectly what the 9700 stands for: more functions, smaller size, more power, more style.
Just like Lotus cars, BlackBerry may not be the 1st name on your list but once you use it, you never go back to anything else!


thanks! would be great!


Hopefully this will be my lucky contest


Love my 8900 but I would love a 9700 even more.


OS 5.0, Awesome browser improvements, Compact Form, 2GB on board storage memory, 256MB flash memory, 3G, WiFi, Gorgeous Screen, Wonderful Speaker Phone, Trackpad, Dedicated Media Keys, Excellent Battery Life......Did I mention a beautiful design :)

Hope I Win


Well for starters it has 3G on it this is a first T-mobile Blackberry with 3G second the design is incredible nice job RIM for the progress and turning the trackball into a trackpad and last OS 5.0 so far officially only two blackberries have that the Storm and the BOLD 9700!


trackpad, 3G capability

I would love to win.


I think the fact that it is the first 3G blackberry available for T-Mobile is reason enough for it to be the best Blackberry out!


As Dave Chappelle has said, "Cause it makes my doodie twinkle."