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CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!

Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 from CrackBerry.com!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2011 12:07 pm EDT

OK CrackBerry Nation... here's your FIRST CHANCE to win a FREE BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 (your choice!) from CrackBerry.com. In honor of Research In Motion's official Bold 9900/9930 announcement, we're going to give a lucky reader the chance to win a the phone for FREE along with $100 of free BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.

To Enter: Just login to CrackBerry.com and leave a comment to this blog post. If you want to dress up your comment a bit, why not tell us what you're loving most about the newest Bold and why you want it. 

Details: Contest open worldwide. Deadline on this earlybird contest is midnight on May 31st, 2011. We'll announce the winner on June 1st. Only one comment per person please. When the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 becomes available for purchase CrackBerry will purchase and send you the phone.

That's it. Good luck everybody. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 First Impressions. It's an awesome device!


I want to get my hands on the 9900. That and the Torch2


Sick phone!!!!!!!! Gotta have it!!!


Cannot wait, things are looking up for RIM


Count me in. I cant wait for this phone!


i love everything about this phone man i had the first bold 9000 and ive jus been waiting for them to upgrade it like the 9900/9930 its like a dream come true for all the original bold 9000 fans man i would love this phone...plz crackberry can i win this??!!!!


I'll happily take one :)


I would LOVE to win the new Bold! First, I never win contests. Second, it is a really sleek Berry! I love the processor speed, the slim lines of the phone and the chrome bezel. The fluidity of the os is spectacular! This baby really needs to come live with me!


Put me in!! That would be the best CrackBerry contest win ever!!!


I'm longing to this phone,I really love it <3


RIM's Berry's Black,
CrackBerry's GOLD,
I'm broke and outta upgrades,
So PLEASE let me WIN this Bold?!

Eddie Esq

Love the combination of a touch screen and the original bold's big keyboard!


I' d Love to have that phone....been waiting Forever and been saving!!! Touch +keyboard, Dreams come true!!


Rim is just full of awesomeness!!! Can't wait for it to be released.


After several months back and forth with my carrier to get a 9780 that actually works, doesn't have build issues, this phone gets announced for a summer release.
Just can't win lol!

Might have to sell the two week old 9780 much earlier than expected!


Best BB phone to date! I can't wait!!


The ultimate Blackberry! Been waiting a long time for this phone....


me me me me me (please) :)


Bold touch, be mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


i'd like to win this


This looks like a suped up 9000! Can't wait to try it out. Please enter me, thanks CrackBerry.com you ROCK!!


Cannot wait until this phone comes out.....PB and this phone are THE perfect combo....way to go RIM and Crackberry! :)


what's not to love? This is what I've been waiting for from RIM, way to step it up! Cant wait till it comes out, here's good luck to me!


First of all, it's awesome that Crackberry is doing this, and second point is that the 9900 Bold Touch is AMAZING it's the best of both worlds! the touch based interaction with the screen and the amazing physical keyboard!! LOVE this new phone!! :)


This would be such a nice upgrade from my 8130!!!


really excited about this phone. its going to be amazing because its thin..going to be rocking the new OS 7 and touch screen...pick me plz guys!!


My 9650 is my old reliable wife, I want this hot new mistress!!


I have been waiting for this one all this while & now that's its been announced... I can't wait for this anymore.
But alas I'll hv to wait more till it releases in India. How I wish they wud release it here @ the same time.
The best thing about this BB is it has all the features that I can think of... A touch screen... A qwerty keypad... Hi-def video recording with loads of memory...
Please choose me crackberry!!!!


I was given a BB Bold 9000 about a year ago from my sister who inherited it from a friend who died. She was going to throw it in the trash and (fortunately) I saved it from such a cruel fate. I had never had a BB before and was curious about them. I was immediately taken by its graceful form, beauty of flow, the ease of use of the QWERTY keyboard (I have big fingers), the crystal clear display, and just its sense of "class." Needless to say, after almost a year's worth of use I must confess that I am now an official "Blackberry addict" and Crackberry.com is one of my highlighted bookmarks.

Over the last few months I had often wondered what it would be like to have this Bold 9000 with a trackpad and touchscreen so you can imagine my joy (not to mention the adrenaline rush!) when I first read the news that RIM was going to make the Bold "Touch", or 9900 as it is officially known as now, available. I must confess that my excitement level has (as many others) risen to a fever pitch.

And now it is here! This long-anticipated beautiful machine will shortly be in our hands. I have already touched based with AT&T to see if they will be offering this phone soon but .... not yet. Soon, though....soon....

.............I will have one for my own.


I love it, a real bold with the utility of the touch screen and the convenience of qwerty keyboard


This phone looks amazing, really!

One question, is there any posibility to
Lock or disable the touch screen?

Don't get me wrong but if there is any who
Doesn't like touch screen or maybe if I get
Bored myself with it, but like the form factor at the same time, can I will disable it?

Hope I win this phone :)


Ready to check this thang oot!


please choose me to win this phone...ive been a blackberry bold fanatic for tmobile for about 2 years and also a huge fan of crackberry.com...i can not got through a day with both...the only feature ive been waiting for the bold to have was also a touchscreen and now they do...only issue is im a broke medical student so please help me...i wont even care about the accessories...all i would like is the phone itself...please pick me!!!!


the 9900 may just convert me to a bb-user


Count me in for this one...the Tour is starting to show its age ;)


I need to have this phone.....big screen and keyboard. Im in!!


WOW!!!! So stoked for this phone...looks even better than the original 9000. I love the new look and can't wait for the touch screen. Finally the touch screen device RIM should have been building a long.


Please, pick me. Time for a new BB.


This phone will help level the playing field a little bit with the competition. RIM sticking with its bread and butter form factor. Boom!


Can't wait for this phone when it comes out especially since t-mobile are going to have it available


I can't wait for this phone to come out. Please please please come to AT&T this summer.


I will be more than happy if I win


I need this, you don't :) Hook a brotha up!!


I def. wanna win either or. I current have the 9000 and will not let that go, the design is similar but implementing with the touch feature will be icing on the cake!


I have been faithfull to Blackberry since my first phone. throught out my experiences both personal and professional and as well as when it comes to cell phone wireless devices, Blackberry has been there. Either to lend me a hand to take that special person out to the nearest movie theater to helping me out achieve my professional goals. As I see throught the most perfect reviews coming always from Crackberry.com, this seems to be one of the most stylish, professional, personal devices that will represent you and give you as person an image of importance. Excellent phone!!!!!! I wish I can get my hands into this baby...


Oh wow I would love to win this. Everything about the phone looks amazing.


that's the phone i have been waiting for.


I was trying to browse Amazon last night to order a new Bold 9780-- I need to replace my moto android since I have to carry a extra battery everyday and that's annoying!
And today I see the news of Bold 9900 from everywhere -- Okay, I will postpone replacing plan and wait for the brand new 9900. Good JOB RIM.


Crackberry I Demand you give me this phone! :)


I have been getting some massive smartphone jealousy recently, and I really think this would help that significantly.

I would love on!


Beautiful piece of machinery !! I need it !

Really nice of you to make the contest worldwide ! =)



IOU CrackBerry.com!!!


I think the best part of this device is the increase in power. Add in the touch screen with a keypad and you have the ultimate phone.


Thanks for giving cb members an opportunity to win this, I love this bold touch cos of it's processor, and oh my God! It's blackberry 7, smooth interface, i wish cb members best of luck,and lest I forget, more Grease to Crackberry's elbow


CrackBerry is so great. You always give chance for us to feel new tech. Thank you Crackberry. Thank you so much. And by the way, Blackberry is my love... :)


BBB! Ninety-nine Thirty is the blackberry for that Tangerine360! Super thin and even lighter is great for me.


Gotta get this device. Need the 1.2 GHz processor! Looks like a great form factor, too. Here's hoping to win.


Love this phone. I had a Bold 9000 and a Bold 2 9700, they were the best blackberry's i have owned. i now have a torch and it is awesome but miss the bold. would be great to get it from the blackberry kings themselves.


My curve just crashed! I need the Bold - Have mercy!


RIM's Berry is BLACK,
I'm broke AND outta upgrades,
So PLEASE pick ME to win this BOLD?


Wow I would love to win this phone, it will be a modern reboot of the 9700 which I love


This would pair nicely with my PlayBook - I want one!


and the 9930 would be the perfect replacement. BB reliability. Touch. OS7. What more do I need?


I giving up my iphone to go back to the BB family, this will be a great start! Thanks CRACKBERRY! :)


Yeeewoza this is the new phone for me. Been waiting for this since the Bold 9000. I gotta have it


Glad to see the screen resolution has being increased. I love my 9700, this will be a great leap forward. I cannot really see using the touch screen very much.


would love to have this


I think i'm going to actually pray this time. i need this phone so bad! i will use it to end world hunger! ( or at least my hunger for this blackberry!) june first baby!


Unlike Charlie Sheen, Im losing, so please let me get on his level, I want to be winning.

Blackberry 7.x.x.xxx =)


Fingers crossed, hoping to win this! :)


perhaps i am the 2000th post ! Winner winner chicken dinner!


This is a dream device that I've been waiting for!


looks like a great device


I have a Blackberry Bold 9650 right now and would love to win this one. This will be my next phone.


This and my Playbook>>>>>>Winning!


me too!! include me too! haha.. this would be a great prize to win.


I would love to have it!!


I want to win this phone


Would love to have this, slimmer, wide keyboard and touchscreen.


Oh wow... that phone is AWESOME!


Can't wait! Toch screen will be a welcome edition!


i SOOOO want this phone!!


I'd love to win any of these phones! Good luck all!!


This is my ideal BB phone. Few years back when I got my bold I wish it had a touch screen and finally RIM is pulling though.


Could I be a bit of a cheek, and ask for a CrackBerry sticker, as well as the phone.
Ta ever so much!


Can't wait for these phones to finally come out! It would be amazing to win one from crackberry and add it to the rest of my blackberry collection


I would love to win this phone!


Do I really have to explain why I want it? Just give it to me please! :D


This phone would be a nice addition to my Playbook. Pleae crackberry pick me, I never win anything!!!


A very slick phone. Best of both worlds put into one. Would pair up perfectly with my new playbook too. Good luck to all!


I got my first blackberry last August and I never thought that the Blackberry OS was for me, surprisingly I love it! The only thing I wished for was a touchscreen with key board that is not a slider (coming from Android and my ideal phone has touchscreen & keyboard duality). Blackberry has finally brought it, I have the 8530 and wish it had better browsing, a touch screen and for the phone to be faster and this is exactly what I hoped for. I've been checking out Crackberry for about 4 or 5 months and now that 9900 is here I am a member. I would love to win this phone I LOVE the touch screen, better browsing and that its faster its EXACTLY what I want in a phone!


i love it, original bold is the best berry ever, style and awesomeness all in one, can i have one pleaseeeeee


I can't stand OS6 Panes and since 7 wont be making it to the 9780 I guess i'll be upgrading to the 9900 cant wait!


This would be a great update for me!


What is not to like about the 9900/9930, besides the thinner design, the better graphics, the faster processor, the newest OS, HD video, 4G network speed and Near Field Communications (and all its possibilities). Add to that the touch screen capabilities and this is one nice BlackBerry!


Finally I see a blackberry smart phone that I can relate to I love the fact that RIM made the keypad big enough for better typing and the fact that it is slimmer than the 9700.
However the screen is the most amazing feature about the phone (y)..and the light around the track pad was a nice touch
The 9900 will be a great way to communicate with my mother.....simply splendid


looking forward to this one!!!


I will have had my Bold 9000 for almost 3 years by the time the new one comes out.. Anxiously awaiting its release.


I cannot wait for this device to be released. I was going to hold out until 2012 to upgrade to a new Blackberry, but this is a MUST HAVE ASAP!!!


Still rockin' the Blackberry Tour. I def. need a new phone!


I would love this fantastic phone!

Thanks for the chance CB!!!

Jay D



Seeing as my 21st birthday was yesterday, and I'm rocking a Droid X at the moment, this would be a great way to get back into the Berry fold! :)


Would love, love love to have this race horse of a phone from Rim. Everything we have wanted and promise of more to come!!!


This will be the perfect replacement for my Torch! I Love the bold 9000 so much that i still have it and use it as an extra line. Finally, another blackberry similar to the 9000, I would Love to own this new 9900 0r 9930!!!


I would switch from my Torch for this phone.


Looks awesome. I can wait till it comes out!!


I want one! Thanks CB!


Looks like a great phone!


Commenting this right now! Would love to win this awesome phone!


I've had a bb Bold 9000 since 2009 and I would absolutely love to upgrade to Bold Touch + PlayBook.
Please CrackBerry help me out, I dunno when the'll be available in Italy :-(

Brian Scheirer

I got engaged the day this was annouced... Is that a sign?


Wow! Very generous of you guys! Sign me up for a 9900!!!!!


I need to get out of my BB Storm blues!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!


Sign me up and pick me........ to copy a termfrom another user,I am having a "berry-gasim" and drooling over this sweet and sexy device that I can't wait to hold and to love.


Awesome - hope I win! :)


Its simple really........

Q. whats better than a blackberry????

A. a free brand new blackberry.

So fingers crossed i win.

Cheers Crackberry


I've been waiting for this phone for years! None of the other contests ever really phased me but this is the one thing that I would LOOOOVE to win!


cmon, can't I just win something!


Crackberry is the best!


Nice campaign. Thanks Crackberry.


Crackberry is BOSSSS!! Would be wicked to receive the latest and greatest blackberry to date from you guys!!!

l ll llll l l ll

The prophecy has come true!! I WILL own one of these! (with the help of CB? :) )


At this point the Bold 9900/9930 is at the top of my new devices to get list next to the PlayBook. It brings together the bold qwerty that I know and love, and adds that sweet touch screen. Crackberry, please hook a brother up cos I'm a Crackberry Abuser for life!


candy bar form+Touchsreen+physical keyboard= perfection!


I have always thought that a touchscreen on my Bold 9650 would make it the best phone. Would love a 9930!


My wife and I have been waiting to replace our dinosaur 9630. We're with Sprint network and we're waiting to see what Sprint will offer this summer. We're done with our contract so we're just waiting to see what RIM and Sprint will have to offer. We're about to give up with BB / RIM because of lack of apps in their OS. I'm hoping with the new OS for BB it will bring something new and make it more useable for BB owners like me and my wife. Send it this way.


Looks Great, never thought I would see the 9000 keyboard again!


Spec. is very good, RIM is playing good this time :)

Jan Petras

I love the Bold 9900 because I've been expecting it since 2008. I still use my Bold 9000 because I love it, I love how it looks, big, impressive and feels good in the hand. It's still in perfect condition because I changed it's case one time, the trackball, the battery and what else was needed. Anyway it still looks like day 1 and works like day 1 too !

I love the new 9900 because it looks almost the same with my 9000. I don't really care much about the touchscreen :) I just love the form factor.


Please. I need this in my life. No please....


RIM's Berry is BLACK,
I'm broke and outta ugrades :(
So please let ME win this BOLD?!


Looks so beautiful. Future of RIM looks really bright. Definitely plan on getting this as soon as I can. Good luck everyone!


This will definitely be my next phone. Love my 9700, but this blows it out of the water.


Would love an upgrade from the 8530, Work has me in the Yukon and CDMA is the only network in the Territory outside of Whitehorse.
Pick me!! Pick me!!


Another great contest from Crackberry. Maybe I can finally win this one!


wpwowowowo!jifosadjf;alsfksdfa i like how powerful it is and it would be perfect for me i'm going to start college this august! wish me luck in the contest and in college :P


BOLD???? I'm in! BB forever!!!


I have seen and played with the phone thanks to a friend. Now I would really love to have one for myself!


OH man! I think I'm dreaming!! I'd love this device. Even if I don't win I'll be one of the firs people out to buy it! This is the beginning to a greatline up of BlackBerries! And to think, RIM listened to everyone about keeping the original Bold's shape and keyboad... AND THEY ADDED A TOUCH SCREEN!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Would love a new Bold!


this is the phone that will finally make me lay my iphone down to rest!


I love the bolds and thought when I first got the 9700 it would perfect with a touch screen! So yes I would love one.


I love my 9650, but it is time for an upgrade. I would love to get my hands on this new Bold ASAP. Thanks for this opportunity.


I have a feeling that i will win this time! EITHER WAY, the announcement of the 9900 is money in the bank right there! Finally after years and years, we're finally getting what we asked for!


I just got a 9780 2 months ago beccause although I wanted aa touch screen desperately, I loved my 9000 and didn't like the Torche's slide. This is my dream BB!


This combines the best of both worlds, a full qwerty keyboard with the perfect size and a touchsreen. I need it asap :)


Can't wait for this phone!!


I'm looking forward to getting back into the Bold form factor (Torch now), and the specs on the 9900 look awesome! Hope I win!


Nice contest, I love the new BB to be release.


If I win, I'll finally be able to test out Blackberry Bridge with my new Playbook.


I want it so baaaaaaad.


I have been waiting for a long time to get a new blackberry and I always wanted that my next blackberry should be touchscreen but I never wanted to give up the keyboard. I was waiting for RIM to make a blazing fast device with loads of processor speed and include other options other phones in the market have so that I can show everyone that blackberry is not dead and I have a blackberry that can all their phone can do. So I want this phone and it would be awesome that I win this phone from crackberry.com, the best source for crackberry nation.
Congrats RIM on the new devices!!


been checking on this BB on crackberry for ages already, want it so badly


i would LOVE to win this phone. it has a touch screen and a physical keyboard without it being a slide!!!! it looks super nice and the specs are up there! (fingers crossed)


the best of boht worl! the qwerty kpad and the touch screen! I cant wait for it


I've been waiting for this phone FOREVER! Still using my dying Bold 9000...just can't let go of it though it doesn't scroll and types accents randomly!


i've never won anything in my life. please pick me. and what do i love about the blackberry 9900? hm, EVERYTHING?!


sure would love to win this cool phone!!!!


i just dreamed about the new bold it.s mine


I need one of these for the wifey, to finally get her to join the blackberry ranks


Lets keep it fresh, i would love to get a new rig ;)


Hey!! That would be the perfect gift for my 20th birthday (that's tomorow). Hope I'll win it!! Thank you for the chance.


I have been a huge fan of the 9000. It was my first blackberry as far as I'm concerned one of the best. I moved past the bold 2 to a torch cause I just live the wide keys and bigger display and have dreamed rim would release a BB with similar dimensions as the 9000. Now here it is. I would live to win one of these


No brainer, who wouldn't want it? Keyboard + Touch screen = AWESOME!!!

Sign me up!


Who wouldn't want one of these. The best of both worlds, touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard. This is what I have been waiting for.


I want the new BB. I currently own the 9700 and love the battery life and quick search abilities as brought forth from OS6. This feature has kept me from moving over to the iPhone.


Finally something decent to get me out of this Evo.


Hey CB its my first time leaving a comment for a competition... I guess I really want the Bold 9900. Always been a sucker for touchscreens having used the Storm 1 and 2.

The increased memory, screen quality and power are already a thoughtful delight. It would be awesome to get the phone from CB!

BB OS 7 would be freaking awesome too... hope I win this.


I have been rocking my Bold 9700 since launch. I have been enjoying every minute of it. I think it is time for an upgrade though. What device could be better than the new 9900/9930!! Help me out Crackberry!! :)


Would pair nicely with my new PB ;) ;)




I'll take a 9900 for AT&T. Thanks. :-)


i REALLY want this phone please!!


I didn't win the Playbook but I will win this one !!! *evil laugh*


i neeeeeeeedddd this :D


PS Rocker

This looks GREAT! As a current Torch user, I kind of feel like the new Bold Touch is what the Torch SHOULD have been. All is well though if win! :-D


if you want something..you have to reinforce the ideia , so why dont you bold it???
i guess all the features are the best that tecnology can offer...please sent it to me....:p


Way back before I ever got my first BlackBerry, I had a Palm Treo 700. While huge, I absolutely LOVED the form factor: candy bar styled touch screen with a full QWERTY keyboard. The Torch was a great step towards this, but the Bold 9900 is the IDEAL form factor for me. PERFECTION!


Would love this phone as an upgrade. The side and touchscreen would rock!


As a salesman is definitely the device to own. It will proudly replace the actual 'hero': 9700.


I need to replace my 9700 and the 9900 is the only phone i will replace it with!! I'll buy one the day it comes out even if don't win this contest!


My 9700 has way too many scratches. Could use a replacement :)




I would like to win this device!

smooches to my blackberry

I love the fact that this new bold has gone back to the classic design of the bold (with the exception of the trackball) I would love to own it because I have wanted a bold since it first came out I also think it would be an upgrade to my current Blackberry.


Lol can't blame a guy for trying! Seriously though this device looks amazing can't wait to try one out.


I am so happy they finally annouced this!!!!!!! Features im looking forward to the most. Qwerty AND touch screen. I also wonder what new capatabilities it will have my PlayBook!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!


This will be such an upgrade from my Curve 8310. I've missed many of the clogged-up changes RIM has put into their devices. This jump to BB7 is what I'm most looking forward to. Heck, I'm going to need a WEEK to just get caught up to speed with the newest technology.

...better start putting in my vacation days now.... =)

Thank you once again Kevin for an awesome contest. Hope I can finally win my 1st ever CrackBerry.com contest (Heck, I can't even win the mass copy theme contests...not much luck for me on your site).

Excellent work Kevin. Crossin' my fingers for Bettman to bring your Jets back to Winnipeg.


woot another new blackberry for ppl to drool over... hopefully not literally lol i want one :) please let me win....


I'm in! Can't wait for this phone...

I want it now! (c)Queen


New Touch Bold!! I'm in!


My phone is a little dated so would love a change.


This will be my next phone if I win or not. Hopefully I win!


I am a fan of Blackberry. This one is the next one.


Bit hook line and sinker for Bold 9650 (as I was suffering with curve-itis) and now I get laggy BB6 action. Gonna plunge in for the 9930 but would be stoked to get it from crackberry instead of full retail (no new in 2) from VZW... kinda maxing out my tech budget with a playbook purchase.


Good luck to all. Let's see if I win :)


1.2 GHz processor
touch screen
signature keypad
thin and light
very Bold

pick me.


So excited for this phone, touch, plus full QWERTY, PLUS you don't have to deal with sliding up and down. Best of both worlds, would be even better if I could get it free!


I would love to get a Bold 9900 because finally we have a BB with some serious processing power, and I love the combination physical keyboard/touchscreen.

About the only thing I'm disappointed with it, is the 1230mAh battery compared to my Bold 9700's 1500mAh...I think they could have given it a higher capacity battery, but whatever, it looks sweet anyways!


I was always a big fan of the original bold 9000 form factor. I'm glad this is going to be very similar in size.


Best Form Factor Ever!!!! I've been waiting for this phone to become a reality ever since the rumor mill starting running on this one! Good luck Everyone!


As long as the battery life is up to scratch then this phone is perfect in every way for my needs! :)


YES!!! I need a new phone!! My bold 9000 is almost dead! :-(


I would love to get my hands on this phone. Crackberry, you guys are the best!!!


I have always loved me Bold 9000 and wished that it had touchscreen capability and a trackpad. This 9900 has the best keyboard hands down, touchscreen, new OS, and a trackpad=AWESOME DEVICE!!! With the same screen size and better processor, I would take this over my Torch 9800 any day. Hope to win this IOU its worth waiting for.


This would be an awesome win. It is exactly the right type of blackberry, the right screen, right keyboard and touch screen. And Blackberry 9900 would look great on the cradle. Blackberry bringing back the old with cool! Blackberry bold has to be the classic designs for RIM. It has to be their version of Corolla for phones; classic, works right all the time, reliable etc etc etc.
I would love to win Blackberry Bold 9900 so I can give it to my wife. :-)


CB &  BB for life!!!! BOLD!!!




I really like the profile view on this phone. The slideout keyboard on the Torch didn't work for me I still prefer my current 9650 keyboard. This update along with the other new BB phones this summer should help position RIM until QNX versions become available.


I hope sprint carries this phone, but would be super dope to win it from crackberry :]

Tony in Phoenix

Oh, how I would love to own this phone. Come on Crackberry! :)


Touchscreen, keyboard, OS 7! Me, please! :)


In a year I've had 4 Blackberries (curve 8520, bold 9700, torch 9800 and now bold 9780), so that pretty much says I'm addicted to Blackberry!! I love the new Bold, it`s absolutely beatiful and I would be thrilled to have it (so I can continue with my genealogical Blackberry tree)!! CB rocks!


I'd love to win this. I started with the 9000, stepped up to the 9800, but the 9900 has what I like about each combined into one phone.


RIM as always shows they are not behind the times but are right on pace. Sign me up please!


I've groaned in anticipation waiting for JUST THIS DEVICE! Suffered thru 9700 BB6 leaks and official releases. Lived with OS re-installs every week - hoping, beyond hope that they would develop a "stable" OS. My contract renewal came up and then I had to choose.... Torch with "sliding???" Keyboard or the 9780. Of course many people love touch screens, myself included, but while Kevin has "Thumbs of Steel" I've got Tree-Trunk Thumbs (T3 - ha, just coined a new one :P). I have an Anuerysm if I'm forced to type on a touchscreen :P. The 9000 form-factor we all loved, is back, with more power and memory to spare! :D


Pick ME!!!! i want one!


Amazing...I have never owned a blackberry but I havee always desired (actually craved one). I constantly check crackberry.com to check out the best new berry coming out. I've waited forever to find a perfect phone and this new blackberry bold touch 9900/9930 is it! Please pick me! It would mean so much to me.

A lot of these posters have had the newest berries over the past few months but I'm still on a flip phone haha. This would mean a lot to me.



love to win this for my wife!


Please let me win...


Well, might as well drop my comment too! Still on a 9700 right now, really excited about this model, it strikes me as the true successor to the ol' Cadillac! Hasn't been a BB that was as stylish as that! Here's to hoping!


the new Bold is AWESOME! The screen size+resolution is amazing! it's thinness is awesome! and carbon fiber is my turn on.. to me, this is the phone i've always wanted!