CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!

Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2011 12:07 pm EDT

OK CrackBerry Nation... here's your FIRST CHANCE to win a FREE BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 (your choice!) from In honor of Research In Motion's official Bold 9900/9930 announcement, we're going to give a lucky reader the chance to win a the phone for FREE along with $100 of free BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Accessories from

To Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you want to dress up your comment a bit, why not tell us what you're loving most about the newest Bold and why you want it. 

Details: Contest open worldwide. Deadline on this earlybird contest is midnight on May 31st, 2011. We'll announce the winner on June 1st. Only one comment per person please. When the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 becomes available for purchase CrackBerry will purchase and send you the phone.

That's it. Good luck everybody. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 First Impressions. It's an awesome device!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!



I tell you RIM has done a wonderful job regarding this phone! ...I'm certainly excited for the future of RIM's products! ...I definitely want this device! ...It looks great, having the combination of touch and physical keys - a wide screen and light - cool! ...I WANT IT!!!

Now, just to say in praise of the Crackberry team, that their approach to comment with constructive criticism to help RIM get better - I think is working. Not to mention, how helpful you all are on the team in displaying instructive guides on your website about every device! Just wanted to thank you guys for what u do. ...I'm certainly addicted to Crackberry and Blackberry! ...Blackberry is King of the smartphone in my book!

I fell in love with the Bold touch ever since the first day the rumours came out. I would looove to win this!!! =D

I have been waiting for this form factor with a touch screen. Bring it on I need this in my life...bad....

it would be soo awesome to win this phone! ive been following this blackberry ever since it was first rumored! this would be my first blackberry, and i love everything about the phone, especially the touchscreen/keyboard experience! i cannot wait for it to come out and i really hope i am picked! :)

This Phone is a Marking ston for Research in Motion and i would like to be apart of it. Im rather new to Blackberry as of this year..but never the less..the phone would make any cellphone user crave it.

This looks great. I've been itching to upgrade my Bold 9700 since the letter "o" key started repeating twice or three times with a single key press. My 2-yr contract goes until NOV/DEC though, so I'd have to bite the bullet on price - but WINNING the 9900/9930 Bold would wipe out that concern! I've thought about the Torch as an upgrade, but worry about the durability of the slider and while I like touch screens, I'm not 100% sold on touchscreen keyboards. This alleviates THAT concern as well. My primary use of the BB is for email and I do a lot of typing on it, so that's no small consideration for me.

I've also had the exact experience of handing my Bold 9700 to a relative and having them try to use the screen with their finger PLUS, after using my iPod Touch and my new Playbook, I've done the same thing myself. Swiping at the Bold 9700 screen a split-second before the "D'oh!" moment of realization.

Oh, and 4G capability? Yes! Would love to win this.

Lovin this device i cant wait im lovin the touchscreen and keyboard combo only rim can pull this off motorola couldnt haha and i want this phone so bad because ive been craving a touchscreen and now i can have the both of worlds :)

I would love to win this awesome new phone; ever since I got the playbook I've been trying to press the screen on my 9780 when trying to navigate around :)

Woow! I've never won anything here but I'm hoping I win this! This is the best phone by RIM for a long time and the 100 accessories make it the whole package!

Hello, thank you for the contest. I would like to win a Blackberry 9900. From my point of view, It has and excellent keyboard, bigger screen and a better processor than the one I already have(Bold 9780).

Blackberry is awesome now I'm regretting leaving for Android. Everyday I'm telling someone how much I miss my BB 8900 and my white 8500 with their great keyboards.People ask me why but I can't explain.Even though Android has apps I still crave my beloved Crackberry. This new Bold is a huge step for Rim besides the Playbook. Both are some awesome devices. I predict BB in my future but it would happen faster if I win it from Crackberry the #1 site for Blackberry users and abusers.

My reason why i would want this phone is because of the combination of Touch and the physical keyboard. I find myself using the Torch physical keyboard more than the onscreen keyboard. Im weighing my option between this phone and the all touch phone and the downfall for me in the all touch phone is no physical keyboard to fall back on. So as of right now this phone is my top choice. I'll see what the all touch is offering once info is released.

If i can win this phone tho, I will still be a very happy camper. Wish me luck guys....

Love the look of this blackberry. Sexy, light and running BB OS 7. What more can you ask for, well one thing more, touch and qwerty. Can RiM produce a better phone, I think not! Well done BB!

Looking at the Bold 9900/9930 and then down at my 9650...I'm really wondering how I'll be able to wait another year without upgrading.

(raising hand, straining to stay seated @ my desk...) oooooh, ooooh! Me! Me! Me! Please...Please! Pick Me! Ooooh, Oooh, MEEEEE!!! (lol!)

Lets Go Crackberry, Here in Jamaica, I wanna be the first person living in Jamaica to win something from :O)

8310 to Bold 9000 to Torch 9800. Best smart phones for my usage. Fully appreciated Bold 9000 form factor. 9800 is OK, but 9900/9930 would be best. Thanks for opportunity.

I want it to be one ahead of my co worker. He's always trying to best me and I'd love to see his face when I whip this out.

I want BlackBerry 9900 'cause it's like the best Blackberry ever but even better. Besides, at this time of worldwide iPhone slavery I just wanna have something that makes me a free person. ;)))))))

I have never owned a flagship RIM device, I want this, with my Playbook, to put me over the top in the latest RIM has to offer. I am loving the power of this device.

Touch screen action, but still a keyboard (my preference for typing). Sounds great! Thanks CrackBerry!

I solemnly swear to scream like a little girl if I win this phone. I need this Bold sitting in my hands. And I'm from South Africa, worldwide PR ahoy :)

I had the Bold 9000 and I loved it, but it was underpowered so I got the Torch the first day it came out. I still have it but I'll admit that I miss my Bold. Winning a new one would be perfect. Thanks!

wondering how much i love blackberry? i think the fact my girlfriend wishes i talked about her curves as much as my torch speaks for itself. Got my eye on that 9900. baby ur gonna be MINE!

Just enough to pull me away from android. Thanks RIM. All I needed was a decent browser!Good luck everyone. Whoever whens this is a lucky man/woman!

If only CTRL + B worked when I was writing this comment. This phone with a front facing camera would be my FINAL phone in my whole life.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! i love the fact that it is a bold with a touchscreen!! i have been waiting for this for years!! i love the fact that i can now record in HD and the fast processing speeds! my blackberry is currently dying i need one soo bad! pleasee help out! PJ

I would die if I won this phone!...I'm one of the biggest blackberry fans...I've converted most of froms from iphones to BB's!

I curently own a Motorola Krzr and i would love to win this Blackberry because i will be switching to blackberry this summer anyways! My favourite part of this blackberry is being able to use the touch screen for quick navigation, but also has the trademark full keyboard! Id love to have this device! - Kyle Percy

I've always been a lover of the same form factor as the Bold 9000. I have felt that no other Blackberry has done be justice since the 9000. The 9930 and 9900 are defiantly the powerful and technology crammed devices that we've all been after.

I am in love with the blackberry 9900, I've been obsessed with the 9000 since it came out and this is obviously the most perfect phone in the world. I've been following its release since it was just a whisp of a rumour. It crave it like crack-berry. Also, the screen on my 9700 just went up, tmobile says its a pressure break but I have no idea how it happened. Cmon crackberry I need the 9900!!!

Uhhhhh....can we say sexy!?!?!?! Touch screen and the BB keyboard...what more could one want??

I guess some CrackBerry accessories to dress it sweet is that!!!

The design is super cool and not mention the weight after the video clip is even better... As for the new OS, even sicker.....I wanna win this soooo badly....Im a gsm phone user....

Thank you thank you, the perfect combination of touch and keyboard and perfect size. A perfect belated birthday gift for me.
You rock Crackberry

I'd love to win this to replace my Torch! I've always thought the Bold needed to come back with a touch screen and a Bold 9000 form factor. The Bold 9000 had the best form factor of any BlackBerry, and this one looks like it'll finally take the crown!

uh... only the best bb ever? touch screen, qwerty keypad, trackpad, faster processor yadda yadda yadda... freaking awesome

When the rumors started to fly about this phone I knew I had to get one-and comin to tmobile too OMG, this is my dream phone!!!!
Please pick me please......: )

I would love to win the 9930, I've been waiting to upgrade my sprint 9650, ok...I'm gonna upgrade to it even if I don't win! The power, speed and flexibility are what I've been waiting for...can't wait

I would love to get the chance of winning this giveaway.
Two features that I'm really looking forward to from BlackBerry 9900 are its 'liquid graphics' technology and its QWERTY keyboard that is said to be like BlackBerry 9000 but better.
This BlackBerry 9900 would once again become RIM's masterpiece besides BlackBerry 9700.

Looks like an amazing phone! The only thing that could possibly make a great blackberry better, is to get it for FREE from You guys!

Definatly count me in on this contest, would love to win the 9930, love the fact that it is not a slider and is touch screen and keyboard combo, very excited to own one of these!!!!!!!!! Thanks Crackberry I do love all the contests that you guys have, now pick me for once please.

I'd love to try a BlackBerry. Old school quick text user right now...would love to try a Smartphone finally!

Love the look, especially the back and the silver banding, very classy.

This is the phone to replace my Tour. I've had the SAME Tour since there has been a Tour. Same PIN for 2 Years. Haven't lost it, haven't Broke it, still going Strong. And the Bold 9930 is the Proper phone to replace My Tour. It's the BlackBerry I've been waiting for for 2 years.

and......I'm going to comment again. The way I see it, the only fair and objective way to do this would be to pull a number randomly and then pick that number for which the comment came in. If not i hope my comment is elaborate enough to get some attention. PICK MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive never won anything in my LIFE!!

What a great new device. I've been looking at upgrading for some time but haven't found anything I like til now with the Bold Touch. My solid 8330 is still getting it done but would be nice to win this. With the Bold touch's great key pad, track pad, & touch screen plus its internal hardware what's not to love.

been waiting for a RIM product like this for the longest, looking forward to that 1.2Ghz processor!


The inclusion of NFC in these new phones is awesome! It opens up a new realm for smart accessories and mobile payments. Suck it iPhone! Also, this would be an awesome upgrade from my 9700!

Count me in.
For me the best blackberry ever was the 9000! I beleive the 9900 will take its place... The 9700, 9780 or 9800 didn't do it for me! I hope I win this!
Take care,
Ilan Dabara

Bought a Torch, used it for a couple of months and went back to my outdated, but trusty Bold 9000. Time for a new Modern Bold. Thanks Blackberry.

Had an BlackBerry 9000 but could not upgrade because any of the newer devices, their keyboards were too small. Made a terrible mistake and got an iPhone 4. I soo want to got back to a blackberry and this will take me there...

My 3G Curve 9330 is nice but the Bold 9930 makes wonder why I didn't wait. What a perfect match for the Playbook.

Je pense qu'il faut que vous me choisissiez car je serai à Montréal l'aout 2011 jusqu'à 2013. :-) Vive le Canada!

I think you ought to pick me because I'll be in Montréal August 2011-2013. :-) Long live Canada!

Seems like just yesterday,
The 9700 was unveiled,
I loved this Bold device so much,
Despite the memory leak! (FAIL)

Next came the 9780,
It was all I ever wanted it to be and more,
Now the 'big reveal' the 9900,
Bold's greatest encore...

With a partial Touch Screen and mass memory on board,
A Processor that packs a punch!
And an HD resolution,
That doesn't make me miss the Torch... THAT much!

Seemingly built straight from my dreams,
With specs I thought I'd NEVER see,
And didja see the OS on that one?
*whispers* So very, very SEXY!

Brains AND beauty, she has it all!
Truly elite, sleek and just niiiiiiiiiice!
Yet one question still remains:
'Will Skype be available for THIS device?!'

So beautiful it draws a tear,
Liquid happiness leaks from eyes,
Now tears of joy turn to tears of sorrow,
Did you see the price tag on it? *cries*

But it's my love and devotion that gets me by,
Dedication of the highest amount!
I'd happily live off Ramon Noodles,
Just to unbox this baby and try her out!

9900 you WILL be mine!!!!!
I'll scrimp and save until I'm weary!
But IF I win, I swear to RIM,
I'll spend FOREVER blogging my love and thanks to CRACKBERRY!!!!

Please pick me CrackBerry! :) I have been good alllll year and I promise I'll never ask for another thing ever again in my whole entire life!!! (Except for maybe a plug-in or 2 for the device ;oP) lol

I love that RIM is going back to the original Bold form factor this phone may keep me from leaving the Blackberry world!! Thanks CRACKBERRY!!

The awaited device and the most important iphone's enemy is finally here. The new Bold 9900 with all these features became into the real iphone 4 killer!

I'll get it as soon as posible!

I love my 9700, but will get this the day it hits T-Mobile. Favorite things are: 1. bigger keyboard 2. more memory 3. faster processor 4. new OS. Can't wait to pare it with my PB.

Nothing would make me happier than winning a 9900, CrackBerry is the best! Goodluck to everyone. BlackBerry for life!

I've been waiting for this phone for two years, u have the best of both worlds with the touch screen and the full keyboard. I'm a BB fanatic and i would love to have this phone. if i win it would be a plus, but if i guess ill just have to buy one. so please pick me crackberry i visit your site at least 7 to 10 time a day. keep up the great work,

RIM has stepped up to the plate and got the winning Grand Slam.. Idk about others but I give this phone a hard core 10! In my personal opinion its the iphone/droid killer. Perfect for those who get annoyed with just a touch screen phone. You can now have the best of both worlds.. I'm definitely getting this phone. Kudos for RIM

This phone reminds me of the 9000 *tear* I LOVED my 9000 when I had it, went through 6 swaps because of software issues but still..that was my baaaby!!! Been waiting to drop my 9700 and for something worth loving again LOL! Not a fan of the torch but the added touch screen to the classic Bold look *muah!* Loves it!

Seems like just yesterday,
The 9700 was unveiled,
I loved this Bold device so much,
Despite the memory leak! (FAIL)
Next came the 9780,
It was all I ever wanted it to be and more,
Now the 'big reveal' the 9900,
Bold's greatest encore...
With a partial Touch Screen and mass memory on board,
A Processor that packs a punch!
And an HD resolution,
That doesn't make me miss the Torch... THAT much!
Seemingly built straight from my dreams,
With specs I thought I'd NEVER see,
And didja see the OS on that one?
*whispers* So very, very SEXY!
Brains AND beauty, she has it all!
Truly elite, sleek and just niiiiiiiiiice!
Yet one question still remains:
'Will Skype be available for THIS device?!'
So beautiful it draws a tear,
Liquid happiness leaks from eyes,
Now tears of joy turn to tears of sorrow,
Did you see the price tag on it? *cries*
But it's my love and devotion that gets me by,
Dedication of the highest amount!
I'd happily live off Ramon Noodles,
Just to unbox this baby and try her out!
9900 you WILL be mine!!!!!
I'll scrimp and save until I'm weary!
But IF I win, I swear to RIM,
I'll spend FOREVER blogging my love and thanks to CRACKBERRY!

Want this BlackBerry. Mainly 'cause I love the touch screen, but hate how the Torch touch is so flimsy

Man this phone will be awsome. I'm digging the BB os 7 and the thinness of this phone. This thing looks awsome!! Crackberry Nation!!!!

Finally the 9000 update I've been waiting for:
The 9700 couldn't replace you..
The dell streak couldn't change you..
The iphone 4 couldn't compare to you..
The 9800 couldn't replace your keyboard..
All these I gave up and its finally here!
Bold me!

I've loved the Bold line since I first picked one up. My luck seems to be limited to functioning on a daily basis and I never win anything, but it would absolutely make my year to win this. I could sell my Torch and my 9780 and have the best of both worlds... Or better.

This rock-a-fella phone should be named as "PERFECT" instead of Bold!
This GENIUS-phone is like a flawless combination between Blackberry Onyx 2 + Blackberry Torch!
Zuper Fast! Qwerty! Touch! No stupid track-ass-ball *duh*! BOOYAH!

So,scoot off Mr.Onyx 2 & Mr. Torch , u are about to be beat off by this Mr.Perfect Bold! He is a Baldly Bold device,I tell ya! Hands up! ;)

Blackberry bold touch
New touch screen and full keyboard
Fingers orgasm

I really hope I can get this phone soon!

I plan to get this phone for my wife. I'm more a big-screen guy (I have a Torch, almost for sure next one is a Torch 2) but my wife loves her 9700. The only "flaw" she found on the phone was that it wasn't touchscreen (he had a Treo in the past, she loved it).

So this is the best of both worlds for her. Looks great.

My dream phone has finally been announced!!! I only wish I waited to get it :( too bad the rumor mill wasn't so positive back in November when I got the Torch....I hope I win this!!! Thanks Crackberry!!!

The best of both worlds a physical keyboard and a touch screen with great resolution. What more can you ask for? Plus 1.2 Ghz! Are you kidding me? That is awesome.


I would love to win this phone.

Blackberry has been so focussed on the Playbook that I despaired that they would ever get around to releasing a competitive smartphone. This one puts them back in the game! The specs are up to date (except no Flash?), and it leaves them room to integrate QNX into the OS.

I was a hair's breadth from jumping ship to Android, but I guess I'll wait and see if RIM can increase interest in Blackberry App World to get more apps available in order to truly compete with the other smartphone platforms.

Long live the QWERTY's!!!

I love the look and wonder how many time people will be bashing RIM based on its another old design.

This would look sweet paired with my PlayBook that is to arrive today.


I'm a happy owner of a Blackberry 9700, and i'd like to win this brand new Blackberry Bold :D wish me luck!!!!!!!!

Curious about a touch screen but not willing to give up physical keypad. This device is perfect for me.


So there I was posting my response back when there were only 3 pages... I looked to search for it ...and it apparently never posted. Not cool guys. Meanwhile there are clowns posting the same thing 3 times.

Anywho, here's hoping to me being able to win this one out.

WOW! This phone really shows RIM stepping up their game even more! First the torch now this beast! Would absolutely love to get my hands on one ><

I'm a new BB convert, and I would love to get something a little more advanced than my 9700. I'd accept a Torch 2, methinks, if you'd rather give me that one. ;)

I specially like the steel styling on the sides, and touch screen and physical keyboard.

I would like to win please.....wonder when will vodafone UK will get this?

Why I want one? Easy! Because it's THE BlackBerry I've been dreaming of for years! I've been using an iPhone 3GS for roughly two years now, so I need a new phone anyway and the 9900 looks just perfect for me! =)

I would LOVE to win this phone. It's solid and sleek with all the features a Crack/Black [sic] addict needs!!!

I would love to win one of these, now that my 9650 is old news. Its either this or a iphone. You help me decide. Thanks! Love Crackberry!

Hey Crackberry, I am not going to say nice things to you just to win a cell phone. Matter of fact if you don't pick me to win this cell phone I will not visit for one whole day.

This is it ;)
This is the BlackBerry I have been wanting ever since I got my 8100 i have been wishing every BlackBerry i got was this phone and it never could fulfill my wish.
This will be the best BlackBerry ever.
I am so glad I did not get the Storm or Torch this is the one in my dreams.
I knew if i waited long enough it would get here.
Please CrackBerry send me this device to fill that empty spot I have.

I love crackberry, I love blackberry, and I've always wanted the original bold. So i'm STOKED for this crazy upgrade. GIMMMMEEEE PLEASSEEE =)

OMG, its like getting my precious 9000 back but better, faster, and sexier. PS. The old 9000 overheated and shuts off after 5 mins.

I've had my BB Curves over the years, still loving my 8900 and I've been waiting patiently for a super-phone like the 9900 to come from BB. I am super excited to use the new OS and get BB Balance worked in. I really hope I win.

I definitely want the new Blackberry Bold Touch! RIM has did a great job at designing this smartphone.
What I love about this device so far is the touchscreen which makes it easier to select what you want quicker and also the new higher resolution screen!

These phones look amazing and this contest is a great idea. I'm really impressed with the 8GB of local memory included in the phones.

The original Bold form factor with touch is what I've been waiting for to switch back to a Blackberry.

i am a big blackberry user and ive had almost every blackberry out there
i am very excited to see what this device can do! just reading about it gets me excited

The other day I was taking a Tour in a Blackberry field when I could see a Storm on the horizon. The wizard said it wouldn't rain for hours but being wet just isnt my Style. I decided it would be best to take the left Curve on the trail and head for higher grounds. Little did I know the Pearls of wisdom that would be left behind. So feeling Bold I pulled out my Playbook and asked

**RIM Shot!**

I would love to hold my new Bold Touch up at the cash register, and pay. No wallet. That would be totally rockin. Hook me up man!

After just reading that OS 7 won't be available on my Torch (which is less that a year old) I would to love to win a new Bold.


Old bold was the best thing that ever happened to me, the NEW bold would be the best thing to ever happen to my playbook!

Still using my beloved 9000 for the sake of its wonderful keypad. And Kevin says the 9900 keypad is even better! Definitely must have one.

I would love to win this BB because it's the perfect combo of, size, weight, touchscreen, and Bold keyboard. Perfect for any situation you may encounter with the same great blackberry familiarity.