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CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!

Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 from CrackBerry.com!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2011 12:07 pm EDT

OK CrackBerry Nation... here's your FIRST CHANCE to win a FREE BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 (your choice!) from CrackBerry.com. In honor of Research In Motion's official Bold 9900/9930 announcement, we're going to give a lucky reader the chance to win a the phone for FREE along with $100 of free BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.

To Enter: Just login to CrackBerry.com and leave a comment to this blog post. If you want to dress up your comment a bit, why not tell us what you're loving most about the newest Bold and why you want it. 

Details: Contest open worldwide. Deadline on this earlybird contest is midnight on May 31st, 2011. We'll announce the winner on June 1st. Only one comment per person please. When the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 becomes available for purchase CrackBerry will purchase and send you the phone.

That's it. Good luck everybody. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 First Impressions. It's an awesome device!


Oh man, this is my dream phone!!!


The 9900 is my husband's dream phone. He's been determinedly hanging on to his 9000 because of the awesome keyboard, but it's starting to show its age. I would love to win this phone for him.


Too good phone to receive it for free.


Best reason to join a forum craze ever.


will dump my 9780 for this one


Finally this thing is coming out!


Just reading about this phone makes me want one now. This would be a great win for anybody. CB always has great gifts along with great reviews for their members.


Please hook me up, I promise I'll never ask for anything ever again...at least until the next great Blackberry is released ;)


Looks like a great piece of kit! :)


I want this phone as my new mobile. Winning it from Crackberry would be even better!

Dr. Peter Lankton

It's a dream and I want it to make my Torch jealous... xD


I've not seen an entrance like this since Milli Vanilli's debut 'Girl you know it's true' back in '88. Put me down for one of these lush Bold 9900's please!


The thing I love about the Bold 9900 is the touchscreen, static physical qwerty keyboard and optical trackpad. This is the BEST of all worlds! The specs are amazing. Next to the Curve lineup, I think the Bold 9900/9930 will be the best selling Blacbkerry to date! Go Blackberry!!!


This is the phone I've been waiting for! Please give it to me! I've been a long time blackberry fan and my favorite device is the 9700. This device makes improvements upon it (larger keyboard + touch screen = winning lol).


looks great ! id love to win it ;p


blows my torch out of the water...will have to buy full retail but from the looks of it this will be well worth it. can't wait.


I think this is a great step towards evening the playing field of bb vs android and iOS. It looks sick I wanna win it!


sicccccckkkk. would love this.


It would be the greatest gift all year round if i won! :)


this new blackberry looks fantastic with its new touch screen and nice finish, with a great exterior finish! This is it!


I was waiting for a good replacement for my bold 9000 and it looks like it has arrived!


OmG I would love to have this!! I would dress my new baby up in a pretty pink skin and keep her warm in my Golla bag :)


This phone looks SICK!!! compared to my pearl 3g... i NEED to win this one!


I keep it blackberry 100% screw the competition !


I really want an IOU for either one! I would even settle for a trade of my iPad 2 for a Playbook!


Would be nice to be the first one in Italy with this smartphone!


Would love to get my hands on one of these.


touch scroll type touch scroll type touch scroll type touch scroll type
I'm already loving it. Wasn't lucky for playbook, god please mercy.


Please? Pretty please? Thank you


I definitely fell in love with the 9900 at first sight. Sign me up!! Thank you!!


Pick me.. I'd love the latest and greatest for once.


I would like this phone


This is great. I love Blackberries. I stated with an 8310 and though it could not get any better. I progressed to the 9530 which I thought it was great (loved the touch keyboard). I am now using a Torch and I got hooked on the touch keyboard even more.

I am looking forward to the new Bold because...you guessed it: the keyboard! =0)


I would love to win this phone!


Pretty awesome. Can't wait for this one. Hoping for a win.


This looks like a good replacement for my storm!!! Might need to pick up a playbook with this...


Want this phone so bad! Having loved my Torch, I sometimes find that having a slide out QWERTY keypad is annoying at time especially when using the phone all the time (still love it though!). I find myself rarely using the touchscreen keyboard, only use the touchscreen for navigation or pointing, therefore I always slide out my kepad while typing. That's why I figured the new Bold might be a better option!


A true successor to the 9000? Hell yes I want one!


This would be an awesome addition to my library of BBs. :)


please let me win this phone!! I enter every contest and never win! Please what better way to win my first contest than to win a new bold touch. Ive been on this site day and night to find out when this is coming out and i cant wait! Will be buying one if I dont win though!


This is the best bb!!!! NFC, slim profile, touchscreen, bb os7 are some of the reasons I want it!!! Big upgrade from my 9300!!!!

phoenix raiden

I am absolutely loving the fact that the bold now has a touchscreen along with its legendary keyboards!! I am loving the size and thickness along with the handset specs!!! I'd love to own one!!


Would love a crackin' Blackberry from CrackBerry!


It is always been BOLD and it is really BEAUTIFUL!!!


i love my old bold 9000 but I need more app space and a better browser. that's why I'd love to win this phone :)


I would love to win this phone!!!!


Just hope my 8530 holds up long enough to get one.


I want this phone! Multi-touch on the Bold is actually gonna make it a browsing-friendly device. Yay!


At least BB is catching the iphone/android..!!


Would love to win this phone...love my Torch, but I hate having to constantly slide it open to use the keyboard!


Great phone, would love to own one :)!


This is the form factor I have been waiting for! I hung onto my 9000 (until very recently) because I was waiting for this form factor update. The 9900 is my DREAM BlackBerry ☺


I will shot 1 year of vlogs daily in HD if ill win =D


Love the contests on this site. Here's to my luck!


woohoo! hook me up please! thanks CB!


Cool !!! I wanna it !!!


Hopefully!!! If the BlackBerry Gods are looking down upon me I'll win this one. Ive entered into a lot of other contests. I REALLY hope I win this one. Wish me luck everyone ;)


Oh yes....I WILL HAVE IT! Can't wait! Add me to the list of "possible winners"!


Well saying my 9700 bold speaker blew so it sounds like im talking on a army radio, i want this! New os can't wait to try it out. Dual band WiFi would work great in my place. 1.2ghz processor and 768 mb of ram *drool*. Just everything about the phone sounds so good.


Love the screen on the bold's. Torch is nice, but needs to be twice the resolution (imho). If RIM's going to stick with the current resolution, then the bold touch is a better screen size. Good luck to all!

Serenity Dawn

I can't wait for this phone to be available. I have been holding onto my upgrade for almost a year... The OS 7, touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard all on one phone makes it the best of all worlds! Please let me be the one to win the contest CrackBerry!


PICKETH ME CUZ I HAVE RIMM STOCK AND AM DEPRESSED plus i love me some blackberry bold touch


Well, I need a darn phone that has OS 7! They've left my Torch high and dry!


Well, this could very well be the Blackberry that woos me back from Android. (I'm not completley naked, I stil use a BB tour for work). I do miss the keyboard the most though, its just not the same sending a text or email on Android device so I'll appreciate the bigger keyboard increased resoloution and the new 1.2GHZ processor.

The new camera and 720p HD recording is a great bonus but the combination touch screen and BB keyboard is a game changer and the phone has good looks too. This is a good indication of what's to follow.

P.S. Need a Beta tester I'll take it!


This phone is a beauty! I'm stuck on a crappy Android phone right now. Help me out! I would love a chance at a BlackBerry. This Bold would make a great replacement for my Android phone!


Count me in for the phone I've waiting all my life for


This is what I was looking for in my Blackberry, I always wanted a touch phone with keyboard.. but i hate touch for typing but the torch was a slider so i didn't fit for me. Now I've a bold 9700 and now the bold touch is what I desire for! Love it that you can handle fast in the home screen by touch en typing with the best keyboard ever brought out for a blackberry and other smartphones. The bb is like a personal computer for me! <3


Nice Phone! Looking for a reason to come back from Android!


OMG this is the form factor ive been waiting for a few years, please pick me. cmon blackberry gods!


just looking for the win.


This phone would be a fantastic upgrade to my current bold 9000!!!


I use a BB for work and the company only gives us the cheapest phones they can find. How jealous would my cubicle-mates be if I came strutting in with this sexy thing at my side?


WIFI!! (I have a 9630) and touchscreen


I can't wait for this phone to come out. Finally, a phone worthy of the name BOLD (since the 9000).

Please pick me!


I would LOVE to get this free!!


This looks fantastic and I might get this even though I have only bought a Torch 9800 in January!


Great design, nice & skinny. A new BB Bold would be GREAT!


New OS, 1.2GHz processor and higher resolution screen have me salivating over this phone. DO WANT!


i want i want...os 7 better processor..win win..awesomeness


woot! I'm loving the form factor WITH a touchscreen. I'm sick of having to pull out the keyboard on my torch all the time, I want it to be RIGHT THERE for me. crackberry rules!


new bold looks awesome


this video make me orgasm...arghhh!!!! i want it so badly...grr~~ xD~


Wow love the features that the phone goin to have. Would love to win this cus I'm getting a little tired of my 9700. :)


Yes Yes Yes, would love to work on NFC and new OS and Would love to have it.


I would to have this phone! I don't know why they didn't have a touch screen on one of these a long time ago. I can't wait to get my hands on one!!! Thanks for the contest.


Oh, yeah. Oh, YEAH!!!

Gotta have me one of these!


Haven't won a CB contest in awhile this is as good a time as any to end it... ;)


A touchscreen Bold is amazing!


BlackBerry 9900/9930 are must haves: Another seemly Bold example of RIM's classic sophistication;o)


I would love to win this!!!!


This phone is SWEET!!! I would love to win it...please!!!


This thing looks nice. Please sign me up!


I need one cause its the most awesome Crackberry I have seen since I got my curve 8900 two years ago an to have the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 an my next Crackberry would be awesome. plus this contest is world wide an I am in Trinidad an would probably be the first caribbean person to own one.


It would be amazing to try it. Bold with touch screen. I've been waiting for it!


awesome!! i want this phone!


It'd be nice to have a replacement for the aging 9700 :)

9900 = awesomeness.


How great would it be if I won this!
My favorite features are the keyboard and form factor.


I really like the larger footprint, a celebratory throw back to the 9000. The physical/touch together is a feature that I have been needing, but lacking with my current Bold


I am by no means a tech head but this phone is exactly what I, as a consumer, need and want. BBM, keyboard, touch screen, 9000 form factor - pretty please can i win?


This phone is the going to be the best thing since sliced bread! And with a touch screen, going to be better than sliced, toasted bread. Would love one


I want this phone, it looks amazing.


count me in!!! please!


Love that they're going back to the Bold 9000 style and I love that it has a touch screen!


I would love to win this phone. I have always loved the Bold 9000, but was on Verizon, so I could not get it. I tried the Tour, but it was just not as polished as the Bold 9000. So now I am stuck with this stupid iPhone 4 and iPad 2. I am planning on getting a Playbook as soon as the Bold 9930 comes out so I can use the BB Bridge feature. Winning this would really help offset my cost, so I only have to shell out $500 rather than $700. The best thing I like about the Bold 9930 is that its the best of both worlds, touch screen and the best keyboard. Gotta so the BB Bridge feature is a big seller for me too.....


I would love a chance to win! I'm still rocking a Tour 9630, but have been looking to switch over to T-mo. Help a guy out with getting rid of the trackball! :)


Another beautiful piece of technology from Blackberry, i'd love one!


Time for Baby to win something pretty!!!


Storm 2 is on it's last breath.........BOLD has it all!!!


Im from Martinique I Hope i'll win this awesome Blackberry
Good Luck Everybody & Me too of course !!!


I'd love to win this!!!!


This BB might bring me back.


I like this one please let me know when i win.....I would like to have the 9930


Another great contest!


Awsome , i may replace my phone with this , :D:D:D

Vote For Crackberry for Prez!!!!


I am stoked as well. I loved my Bold 9000 when I was on AT&T but now on verizon - guess its a 9930 for me!

Average Joe

Man oh man, my iPhone buddies are gonna be pissed when I whip out this bad bay and they see what a phone can be :)


Great device, and worth the (long) wait.


I want the new Blackberry Bold because for the first time in the past few years, I miss the built-in keyboard.

I love my iPhone but because I telecommute now, I use my iPhone for work emails and documents more than ever...and the touch screen/lack of dashboard home screen and need for actual keys is killing me.

I'm planning to switch to a Bold whether I win or not but, it would be so much nicer to win!


I'll take the 9900, Thank you.


Pick me CB... The only reason I upgraded from the 9000 to the 9800 was because I couldn't replace my 9000 with a new one after it was stolen. I love my torch, but am ready for a divorce if I could win the 9900!


Wow ...this phone looks awesome ...thanks for the opportunity to win one.


Please tell me I don't have to keep clinging to this Tour any longer!


The only rightful successor to the royal Bold 9000.


I have had the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and now use the 9700. I can hardly wait to upgrade. I will be pairing this new BlackBerry Bold with the BlackBerry PlayBook. I will never switch to an other brand of smart phone.


trying my luck :D
and yes i need os7


This is a great labor day new!! I woke up and watched my phone checking twitter and facebook trying to get some updates and I found this!
I think this would be the top of all blackberry cellphone devices. I really want at least a try to use it and got it on my own.
I would like to win this phone. I'd call it my dream cellphone. I can't wait to finally get it

Thanks Crackberry!


Everything about this BB is awesome! Please pick me!


Please let me win!! I really want the blackberry bold 9930 because I am sick of team android (have a Motorola droid) and I REALLY want to go back to team blackberry, but I can't until next February! The wait is killing me.


This is just the most thrilling device im looking forward to get!!! The perfect touchscreen/ physical keyboard BB!! Im sick of my Torch... Yay for this stuff.


I would love the bold 9900!!! The 9000 had the best feel, and keyboard. Now with a touchscreen ? Count me in !!!


Man I remember when the bold 9000 came out I left the iPhone with a quickness. This phone I would love to get it cause it remind me of the 9000 but this one is on par with any phone out there right now. Would give the torch to my son 10 years old.


You think this contest will break CrackBerry attendance records? Put me down for several votes!


woah, awesome givewaway!


Oh-my-lawd! The Blackberry Bold Touch is the ultimate phone for me! As a blogger I need something that can keep up with my (all the time) and the power this baby BB has is right up my ally. Plus, my guy rocks an iphone can constantly talks about how "awesome" it is...and how he "can do anything with it" blah, blah...BLAH. My Curve 8900 is dying out hard and I am holding out for this new phone (I actually have to hit my Curve on my knee to make a phone call to re-activate the speakers..pathetic).

SO PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEEEEASSEEE! (Yes I am on my knees begging) I need a new phone and the Blackberry Bold Touch is the only one for me. We are MADE for each other.



I would love one of these!


I have been waiting on this phone. Looking forward to the touch screen, and with crazy finger still having a real keyboard is a plus.


I would love to win this for my wife for our anniversary this month. For Love Sake, please choose me.


Well, the oddsd are going to be looooong, but you can't win if you don't play.

I am looking forward to improved processor and specs most. I am not a touchscreen fan by any means, so this is the best case scenario BB w/a touch screen for my taste.


Free, Brand New, Blackberry? Count me in


come on new BB to to go with my playbook


Can't wait for June 1st.
A new blackberry with OS7..............


I'm in. Would be an awesome replacement for my 8530


This one time, my dad and I, we built a deck. Withouuut any tooools. Therefore, I should paint your chair.


I'm in LOVE with this phone! I need this phone, I don't expect to win this phone..but stranger things have happend!!


I want one! Need a new phone, but can't afford one, this would be great.


This would be great!


Time for new Blackberry!


Crackberry....Kevin....please give me, a simple jamaican blackberry user a chance to win this 9900...help my addiction...i never won anything on here....i missed the playbook, give me a chance for this....Thank you


I need a new BlackBerry to go with my new PlayBook!


I cannot wait for this phone too come out! I want one for sure!


Its amazing! Please this would jst make my world right now. Don't have the money to afford it but it wouldn't hurt to get one right from crackberry!! Love this site. Refresh the page literally almost every other minute to see if there's any new info. Thanks for all the help! A free Bold Touch to top it off would be brilliant!!!


This is the Blackberry I've been waiting for! What an opportunity to win one from my favorite site!


I really need an upgrade. I've been rocking this Curve 8330 for over 2 years now. I need something that will play nice with my Playbook.


Would LOVE to win a Bold Touch 9930!!! I think it's the best BB that RIM has released to date!!! Perfect combination of speed (1.2GHz), usability (touch screen + WIDE keyboard) and looks - best looking BB to date IMO, and wickedly beautiful high pixel density screen!!! WANT!!! ^_^


Finallllyyyy I've been waiting for this, nice if I can win one, I sold my iPhone 4 to get the bold because I hate touchscreen keyboards and liked the bold keyboard so much, but now TOUCH AND KEYBOARD EQUALS PERFECT iPhone 4 killer


This phone is absolutely awesome. I have used quite a few different Blackberries so far and these ones look like they are going to be miles ahead. I can't wait to get my hands on to one of these!!! Please help me with that...


I would LOVE to have the 9900/9930 device. I'm a huge fan of Crackberry.com Please choose me ! ! !


Sweeeet! I want one so bad!


I want to win it!

Any of them, just want to to work on HSPA+ technology or over GSM international carriers as AT&T

I want it because I would love to own an OS7 smartphone with such high quality processor

Please chooose me


Beautiful looking device, for beautiful looking people (blackberry users are beautiful) ;]


Can't wait for this to hit Verizon!


I've been rockin' the bold 9000 waiting for another iteration for so long, my prayers have finally been answered. Just a side note for harry potter fans: today is also the anniversary of the fight at hogwarts just sayin (:


My favorite thing about these phones is the power they'll bring to the BB platform! I'd love one!


Well first of all, I always wanted someone to touch my qwerty. but honestly... I tried android twice, and both times I went back to my tour. I love my berries...berry.
But now with touch screen, and keyboard and trackpad, and high def cam, and more than double my speed, and os 7, and that pink lace bra.... I'm sold like a virgin nerd on prom night! Take me, Blackberry!
Love.....its what makes blackberry.... a blackberry.


My 9650 is feeling jealous right now.


I've been missing the form factor/keyboard from the original Bold 9000. This will suit a little more than my 9650.

However, what's really exciting about this phone are the upgraded specs, and, finally, a touchscreen with the QWERTY keyboard form factor.

This is a must have. I hope I"m lucky enough to finally win something on Crackberry.com. The best source for all things Blackberry on the web!!!



Really, really, really, really, really want one of these phone. This is the BlackBerry that's kept me away from Android so far.


I would like to replace my old and greying phone with this one. ;-)




I hope i win!!!

i love teh touch screen


Oh man I'm dying to get one of these! Loving the whole touch-screen Bold concept they've brought to life here!


Holy monkeys nuts!! This is my dream phone!! I want this Bold more than I've ever wanted a phone. And I change phones every other month or so. The original Bold size with that amazing blackberry keyboard AND a touchscreen!! This phone will be the best phone ever!


This is one sweet looking phone! And a major upgrade from my Curve 8310!


Would make a great birthday present for my girlfriend on june 1st :) she always wanted a Blackberry :D


I would love this phone is the best bb ever.


I'veeen waiting for this phone since it was only a concept!b


About time... A true BOLD!!!


Want. Especially if for free.


I'm a recent fan of BlackBerry thanks to my first BlackBerry 9780 and it would be great have this new one!
Thanks CrackBerry.


I would love this new BlackBerry. Thanks for the contest.


love the form factor and keyboard/touch combo!


Would be awesome to receive a bold, Save me from my crappy droid!


My favorite aspect of this new line of 'Berrys is the power they've got! Finally, some nice zippy processors. Lets hope BB7 is really good! I'd love to win :)


Do I even have to explain why I want this phone??!!


Awesome contest guys! Thanks! This phone looks great! I love the current bold... adding a touchscreen to that makes me feel warm and squishy inside


I would love to win that phone, Good luck to everybody whom posted something.



Good luck to everyone, this looks like a hott phone and I want it soooooooooooooo bad. Crackberry for life!!


I'd love to win the Bold Touch. I'd happily swap to it in no time at all and never look back.


This phone is great!! You can't go wrong with a touch screen and keyboard.


i would love to win this! i'd bear the postage to malaysia if i have to! :)


I would like a Blackberry 9900. Would be great to win one here. Tx


This BB would be perfect for me! Best of all worlds ;)


Gosh, I can sure go for a new Bold.....my Tour is an old man


Looks so much cooler than the 9650, yes please!


great phone.has to be better than iPhone 5


has the large touch screen AND the large physical keyboard = WIN!


My 8900 is getting long in the tooth - this would be awesome!


I would love to get one of these. Every since I 've started using my BB 8530, I've wanted to get something better. G-D willing I'll be lucky and win one :)


Me! me! me !! the look is nice and it looks interesting with new icons, hd recorder, touch .. Me ! me!




Im posting this with my PB, so i have a cool tablet now i need a badass phone.....


A phone with a keyboard sized to fit my big ass hands! Put me down for two!


having keyboard and faster processor with touch is all looking very nice


I never win anything. This would be like hitting the lottery. Woot Woot


Awesome! Sweet lookin phone!


Why i want it ?it's a 1.2ghz blackberry
I hope you'll pick me


i definately want this phone! been watching out for this announcement for MONTHS!


I'm in for a great UI, touch screen and portability of the piece. Thanks for everything!


Would go great with my playbook!


Seems like only yesterday,
The 9700 was unveiled,
I loved it oh soooooo much,
Despite the memory leak. *smh* (FAIL)

Next came the 9780,
It was all I ever wanted it to be and MORE,
Now comes the 'big reveal'- the 9900,
Bold's greatest Encore.

W/a partial Touch screen, more internal memory
And a processor that packs a punch,
That flawless HD resolution
Has me not missing my Torch quite so much.

Built seemingly from all my dreams,
With specs I never thought I'd see,
And didja see the OS on this baby?
*whistles* very, very SEXY!!!! ;)

Beauty AND Brains. Gorgeous inside and out.
Truly elite, sleek and just niiiiiiiiiiiice,
But yet, one question lingers-
'Will Skype be available on THIS device?!'

So perfect it draws a tears,
Liquid happiness leaks from eyes,
Tears of joy now turn to tears of sorrow.
Have ya seen the price tag on this? *cries*

But it's my love and devotion that gets me by,
Dedication of the highest amount!
I'd happily live off Ramon Noodles,
Just to unbox this baby and try her out!

9900 you WILL be MINE!!!!!
I'll scrimp and save until I'm weary,
Of course if I WIN I swear to RIM,
I'll spend forever bloggin my thank-you's to CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!

:) pick me please crackberry, I've been very very good this year and I promise I'll never ever ask for another thing in my whole entire life!!!! (Except for maybe a flash plug-in or 2 *smiles*) :oD


I love this phone soooo much! Been following it since it was rumored on the best site ever- crackbeery.com! keep up the great work!


I like this phone since it's very slim and all the other features pretty much matches a state of the art phone. Wish I can win one.


I want this phone for its size, world capabilities on sprint ,and the new touch screen on the bold opens it up to all sorts of possibilities oh and the faster 1.2 proc. is no doubt gonna speed this phone up. If I win this phone or not it looks more and more likely i will get it.


Love the best of both worlds touch/keyboard and the new slim form factor! Winner for sure. Do I win?


Finally, a Blackberry with a GUI that I can be proud of. If it's anything like the Playbook's OS, then color me impressed with a shade of skepticism. Here's to hoping RIM comes through, would love to upgrade my work Torch to something that I don't dread using to answer my emails.


I want it because I'm still using a pearl!!!


This would be awesome to have!


Crackberry you Rock!!! x's fingers on a win


Would love to have one of these.


Only at crackberry! Let me win my first contest!


I'm amazed on how much RIM has been working on these awesome phones for their users! They know what we want! And finally something worth celebrating for! A Touch Screen BB 9900?! Whoa! A Touch Screen BB 9930?! Whoa!! I love it! And I want it! I want the 9930! Its been long awaited that these 1.2 GHz phones be released especially now with OS7. HD recording!!!! I love it!!! Whoa! Thanks Crackberry for this amazing opportunity! And Thanks RIM for these fabulous phones!!!


Definitely suitable for a Bold successor. The best of many worlds with this smartphone!


June 2 is my 30th birthday. A new blackberry sure would make a great gift from CB!

the brother

I am dyingggggg to win this device!!! I would love to thave the latest device and when Rogers opens up 4G later this year I will be good-to-go!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Crackberry!


I would love to win this phone from you!

I love the full qwerty up front...and the touch screen! It looks like it runs very fluidly and the design is wonderful. It would be perfect for me as a working woman who's gone back to university. Can always use the best in organization and fun. :)


i would like to win this... i need the upgrade asap


This Blackberry looks great. It has both the touchscreen and keyboard combination. Blackberry is original. I would love to get my hands on this sweet device. Blackberry is definitely on it's way back to the top.


OMG! I'd go streaking down my neighbourhood if I won. no lie...will even make a video!


A funny thing I remember about my Bold 9000 is that whenever someone held it, they would immediately start swiping at the screen thinking it was a touch screen haha!


I really want this phone on Rogers network because my current 9700 cannot run OS6 properly. I love the new features of the OS6 and the OS7 is based on OS6 so, it would be great if I can win this for sure.

Please pick me!


It would be nice to be able to upgrade from my Bold 9000 to the new Bold. What better way of upgrading than this :)



The best form factor blackberry ever, now with a touch screen!

Want to win this!!




Wish to win this!!! Will be great to be updated from a Bold 9700 with OS6!!!