CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!

Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2011 12:07 pm EDT

OK CrackBerry Nation... here's your FIRST CHANCE to win a FREE BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 (your choice!) from In honor of Research In Motion's official Bold 9900/9930 announcement, we're going to give a lucky reader the chance to win a the phone for FREE along with $100 of free BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Accessories from

To Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you want to dress up your comment a bit, why not tell us what you're loving most about the newest Bold and why you want it. 

Details: Contest open worldwide. Deadline on this earlybird contest is midnight on May 31st, 2011. We'll announce the winner on June 1st. Only one comment per person please. When the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 becomes available for purchase CrackBerry will purchase and send you the phone.

That's it. Good luck everybody. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 First Impressions. It's an awesome device!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!



My gawd is that a sexy phone or what. The last time I was drooling like that was over the 9000 while rocking the 8700!. The brushed metal sides glass woven back super crisp screen 1.2ghz BEAST.

Awesome awesome awesome!

Thanks Crackberry

My first BB experience was with the Bold 9000 and I LOVED it! Now I can get all touchy-feely with a new phone?!? Awesomesauce! Count me in!

I've been a BB user for about 3yrs now. I've went from the 8320/8900/9700 and now 9780. Couldn't imagine using anything else since (despite the iphone/droid hype). Its always given me what I've needed. Never understood what a "crackberry"head meant til I got one. This new bold is the best of both worlds and it would be an HONOR to sport this baby...!

Well first off great looking phone. Second now that I have the PB I can get rid of the Torch, love the web browser and touch screen but the keyboard on it drives me nuts. I have never liked touch screen typing and still rely on the keyboard but the whole sunken keyboard thing just doesn't work for me. I picked up a new 9780 for a coworker and went through the setup with him on it and MAN I miss the Bold keyboard. Can't wait to go back to it and have touch screen. Anything I want to do on a larger screen I use the PB to do.

As the IT manager I can normally "borrow" an upgrade from another phone but I am all out. I don't want to have to pay full pop for this device. No way I can get that by the expense department ;)

I'm still stuck using the almighty Bold 9000, this is definitely the rightful successor, please Crackberry help a guy from the Philippines out.

Thank you so much. My phone is about to die and I am in need of a new phone. I have the Storm 9530. Thank you again.

Let me win this Bold Touch! I'm ready for the updated processor, the touch screen and Bold keyboard, the HD recording, and all the new features of BB7!

Thanks for the awesome contest CB!!!!!!

It's the thinnest BlackBerry I've ever seen ! I would like this phone b/c I'm still w/LAME Alltel nd they're still selling the Bold 9650 ad Verizon just discontinued it ! I know they won't be getting any new BB's anytime soon, and NO I'm NOT INTERESTED in an Android phone nd NEVER WILL BE, Mr/Ms. Alltel Wireless Consultant !

would like the new bold because of the touch screen interface, I would like to be able touch the screen for icons I don't care for a touch keyboard much as I really like the physical keyboard and don't want to have to slide my phone to use it like the torch!!

so pick me!! woooo lol

my BlackBerry Journey was BOLD 9000, CURVE 8900, BOLD 9700, TORCH 9800, Back again to BOLD 9700, BOLD 9780, Back again to BOLD 9700!
so now i still use BOLD 9700 + iPhone 4 combo (cause the BOLD 9700 screen is to small and processor is to weak for multimedia.
if i have this BOLD TOUCH , hopefully i'll be able to carry only 1 device .
so bring it on!!!

I'm pretty sure I need to win this...THEREFORE....

"You're a heartbreaker, dreammaker,
love-taker, don't you mess around with me
You're a heartbreaker, dreammaker,
love-taker, heartbreaker!"

This would be the all time greatest addition to my Playbook! My Storm 2 is just not enough anymore even though I still love it.

I have my Bold for long time and I am still touching the screen, I can not adapt to trackpad only phone! I need new BlackBerry and my carrier just upgraded antennas to HSPA+ so the new Bold is right for me!!

Been waiting two years now to upgrade my 8900. This phone will be the perfect replacement.

And much respect to the US military, the CIA and Seal Team Six for finally eliminating Bin Laden!

To have the latest and greatest shows colleagues and clients you are on top of everything and successful. Let me show them who's got the stuff to do the job right.

Winning this would be amazing! I love how 7.0 looks and the jacked up hardware inside is an even bigger plus!

Looks great!

I haven't had a BB since the Storm 1, but I might just come back for this. YAY for showing off the CDMA version!!!!!

Very nice Gagdet , this is must have blackberry for this year !!! can wait till reach Asia ^_^

Wow, the generosity....Thank you for the opportunity Crackberry and T-Mobile!!! Yeah, I would like this phone very much, can't afford to purchase new phones for myself and my two need of new phones. We all have blackberry's because these are the only phones that will work without roaming constantly where we live. We are 5 minutes from the Canadian border, so their signal overpowers T-Mobile's here. Thank you for considering us as winners of this awesome contest! Peace

why do i want this phone? because i'm a crackberry addict and that is what addicts do. they want the good stuff.

Finally the perfect BlackBerry!! I loved my Bold 9000 but didn't like the trackball... I LOVED the 9700 but thought that it would be great to have a touchscreen... I'm not a fan of the Torch because I don't like the slider... The 9900 is PERFECT! I need to get this phone!!!

I have a Sprint Curve 8330 for over 2yrs now and I need to upgrade and this IS the device I want! GIMMIE the Bold 9930 for Sprint :)

I so want this phone.. When I saw the Moto Pro I was like, please RIM make one like it..Not only did they make it, they made it like the name would imply, BOLD.

Great contest... I'd love to get my hands on a 9900!! It's going to be the best blackberry yet! Why else would anyone want one???

Good luck to all!


OMG this would be a super upgrade from my 8900 I've been waiting for a the newer models and I was on the verge of going to a droid. After seeing the specs for this I knew I wanted to stay with Blackberry please please let me win this. Thanks again for an awesome blog spot

The entire phone is appealing, from the form factor to the OS. I honestly don't know what I like about it the most, but I can't wait to check out that touchscreen.

HOPE I WIN!! ANOTHER AWESOME CRACKBERRY CONTEST I LOVE IT!! I've been bragging to all of my friends about how awesome the 9900/9930 is going to be and how its going to put their androids to shame so i hope i win!

I pray that I am picked to win one of those outstanding BlackBerry devices! Either would make a great addition in the house!!!

Love the new BB Bold Touch. Just a shame it's 2 years late. RIM would of been able to keep its strength in the smartphone business instead of declining. Is it enough to gain or sway BB owners from going to Apple or Android? It's definitely not game changer, but it's step in right direction. Interesting to see what BB OS 7 has to offer and even more so the QNX OS for BB smartphones.

Gone and give me this phone...Thanks in advance...been waiting on this since Palm Treos this is really the best of both worlds

Bold 9900 looks amazingly slick; 1.2GHz processor coupled with Blackberry 7 should be very sleek user experience, all incased in a brilliantly thin stainless steel body. The touch screen interaction will really make the device even more intuitive to use; perfect for keeping track of evolving plans, news and contacts in the art industry. Well done to RIM; looks like a fantastic device!

Winning a new 9900 would be a real joy in my life. If not winning purchase may be in my cards. This phone is a wonder.

The Bold 9000 was my very first BlackBerry, and I loved it. Since then, I've had the 9700 and now the Torch. It's been a long wait, but to get an updated wide form factor Bold, the only TRUE Bold, with the bonus of a touch screen - well that's just the perfect device. Please hook me up.

Count me in for the new Blackberry 9900/9930. This looks to be an outstanding addition to the blackberry lineup. Thanks Crackberry for all the terrific info and the great contest.

I'm a Bold 9000 fan for the size and sound so I'm really looking forward to the 9900 (I'm on Bell so whichever model will operate on their system is the one that I'd like to have if I win). I have a 9780 now but the keyboard is too small for me to use comfortably or accurately so I look forward to moving back up to the original form factor.

The device screams beauty and fierce. My hands are dying to hold that phone. I'm enthusiastic about the 4G capability and the hardware. From the sight of it, it looks stunning and perfect.

Winning the Bold would bring me back to BlackBerry full bore. Would probably even pick up a PlayBook and sell this Xoom on eBay/Craigslist!

Went from a 9700 to a Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) with Android - mostly for the touchscreen - but would gladly go back to BlackBerry for this device!

Me pleaseeeee!!!! My 8900 is soooo outdated and I would love to have this BlackBerry btw CrackBerry rocks it's where I get all my info keep the info coming but I would love if I won, I'm tmobile...

Would love to win this! it'd be my first BB phone, get me off the symbian platform please!! :)

OMG yes!!!! this would be the ultimate as my wife is using an older curve and desperately needs the upgrade, would make her day!

Must have Bold Touch! While I love my playbook, there is nothing like having the world in your hand in the form of a phone, and mixing the Bold with the Touch sounds PERFECT to me!

I would love to have a real keyboard on my BB again. I currently have the Torch but the keyboard is so tight its almost not even worth having.

I am glad this one looks to be back to normal size again! I want it!

Ever since i sold my Bold 9000, I've been in a deep depression with my Bold9700. Thought nothing could ever bring me back out. I tried to buy it back, but that would mean full price. I would sell my soul(maybe not) but to get this new bold. Maybe the depression might just end, and i wont cut my self anymore...Thank you.

The ultimate phone to date - Blackberry's latest OS, physical keyboard, touchscreen navigation, how does it get any better?

This is the ultimate blackberry! Has everything I need and finding out its 4G is amazing! I would looove to get this

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 was BY FAR my favourite smartphone that I have ever owned. Sadly it was subject to a horrific accident and I replaced it with a 9700, my Smartphone experience has never been the same. Im so excited about NFC and augmented reality! WOW. OS 7 looks beautiful and the luquid graphics are enough to sway me toward this baby! 1.2GHz? YES PLEASE!

this phone is keeping my crackberry-faithful!

I'd love to have this phone! My 9780 is my first BlackBerry, and even though I do love it, I feel a little upset that a new one is due to be released just a few months after getting mine. The 9900 would fix the main gripe I have with my current device! Keyboard being too small for my thumbs! And I won't be eligible for an upgrade till 2013! Please send one my way!

The 9900 is the perfect companion for my Playbook. Can't wait to see the summer brings me. :)

Living abroad in France I could definitely do with some of this new Bold action to see in touch with the people at home :)

I would love to have this and see how well it functions with my upcoming PlayBook! Crackberry, you're awesome!

Hello ALL! EVERYONE IN CANADA PLEASE VOTE TODAY. EVERYONE IN THE USA, IM GLAD TO SAY YOU'VE GOT HIM, 1 man dead, for 3000 lives taken is a sad sad thing. Hopefully this helps to avenge the pain and suffering. BUT BACK TO THIS CONTEST??!?!?!?!?. IM CURRENTLY USING A BOLD 9000 and love the size, but it is getting very very difficult to use with this trackball....would love an upgrade! PICK ME???

The Prince got married, Bin Laden was killed & The Bold 9900 was officially announced. Could this bank holiday weekend get any better?

(Only if they announced a UK Date for the PlayBook, ahem, I'm just saying)

Love the Bold 9900 because it combines touch screen with the keyboard without the slide like the 9800. Don't get me wrong, i own a 9800.

But the 9900 is too dame sexy.

I would LOVE to get this awesome new berry! I love my 9700 but having a touch screen to boot would be even better.

I would love to win this phone. I can't wait to see what this phone is really like in person. Anyone have ideas on release date for T-Mobile-


NEW bold LOOKS awesome ! beautiful form factor, a classic look with some new age stuff pushed in. touch + boldy goodness WHO COULD ASK for more.

Can't wait for this bb! EVERYTHING looks awesome! (oh no....I'm starting to sound like an iphone owner).

The speed, specs, size, touchscreen/physical keyboard, design and quality of it truly lives up to the "iconic" (seems like that's the term associated to this 9900 at bbwc) status! Bridge one of these to a playbook with everything working as it should be and there will be one happy camper! Ie. Me =P

Awesome coverage on bbwc team crackberry!

I love the blackberry bold 9000.
It has a nice size and form.
now that the blackberry bold 9900/9930 has been announced i can have that great bold 9000 feeling with a much faster and better phone.
i would love to win that phone.
Sorry for my bad English.

This is the best of both worlds, i am just drooling all over this phone. Now to all those who are always saying BB are ancient, what do you have to say now.

I would definitely love to own one of these new Bolds. My Verizon upgrade is just around the corner and I think this (these?) phones are by far the best hardware/ software combination one could get. Way to go RIM!

I want the new Bold 9900 because it's what I've been waiting for! It goes back to the original 9000 design which we all love, and it adds touch screen capabilities to the screen that looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have this as my new BlackBerry.

I have been waiting for this phone to announce ever since i heard of it. It could possibly be the last phone I ever buy because it has everyone a man could want. great keyboard, touchscreen, and fast as hell. just like a good woman hehehe. j/k ladies. hope i get this phone!

This is one beautiful phone and I hope to win it! Its has "everything" on it and I'm so ready to upgrade from the Tour! this phone!

i love this device b'coz it does have both touchscreen&keypad which is the most desirable combination ;i dont need to have to make special maneuvers ie sliding or flipping for physical keyboard

Well, I recently upgraded my curve to the bold 9700, but this would be a great plus to have. The HSPA+ would be amazing!

What is there not to like about this - keyboard, touchscreen, screamin' processor, booku memory, and BB 7.0!! Armed with this and my Playbook, I could do anything from anywhere....

Now This is so serious!!! Out of my comments all over tech blogs.. these will be the most SERIOUS, pleasing comment EVER that i will make all my life!! THE WINNER WILL BE VERY LUCKY!! GOD BLESS US ALL! GOD BLESS THE WINNER!! God bless me! :D


Did I WIN??? Cause it's all about WINING!!! I want this in a bad way. Switched to the Torch on day one of release and have been missing my Bold ever since... Can't wait to get it back with a new OS!!!

Sorry for my English / BB help Me! :)

I love my BOLDoo7 :)
My story begin in early morning with Alarm Clock from my BOLDoo7, 3 or 4 times I push snoze machine :) maybe I'm lazy ) and after begin my crazy day with my BB :) radio on chicken from BB, eerly morning status from BB, problem solution on BB, calendar evolution on BB, map and destination, reciep, and aviation, sport and motivation I use my bb! Everywere everithink is my right hand )

Thanks BOLDoo7 :)

Ok, this is the first time I've thought about posting.. I don't usually go nuts over winning things from But, I am all in on this one!! I want this phone!! How about it guys, send it my way!!

A very nice device with great features. It links the classic form factor with the innovative touch user experience...
CrackBerry, prepare to send it to Italy, the Country where I live :)

If my husband got this we could have duelling his and her blackberrys. Bold vs. (every so elegant) torch.

I had the Bold 9000. When the technology went to the smaller phones I wasnt happy. Now im back and would love to get this phone. It looks awesome. I have been waiting for a phone with the same size with new technology.

I left my Tour for Android, but I find that I still long for the CRACK! The new Bold is the perfect marriage of the greatest keyboard ever and a touchscreen. Add that, to PlayBook integration, sign me up!

I have fallen in love with the Bold series and this would be an awesome jump from the 9700 I have now... can't wait to get my hands on this one!!!!

The montona/ bold 9900 has finally been released.
Love the new design and the 7.0 os.
Hopefully I win.

Im am most excited for this phone because its the perfect form factor of a Blackberry. Touch screen plus keyboard, there's no beating that. I left my Bold 9700 for my torch, but this would definitely be a good reason to go back.

I'm really looking forward to this phone.. I'm A bes Admin but have been using an iphone since the 3g launched. I've always wanted to go back to to a bb because I've had alot of issues with the iphones over the years.. Currently with my iphone 4 i drop calls, Have reception issues and random crashes.. The only reason that i've never gone back to a Blackberry is because of the web browser.. The Iphone kills the bb at browsing and i tend to use it alot.

Hopefully this New BB lives up to it hype as i might be willing to make the switch back.. Or wait out longer for the Touch edition to launch..

I love my playbook and haven't touch my ipad since i picked up the playbook at launch.

Oh MAN I need this. LOVED the original Bold 9000 format. Me wants this. Not to mention I want the hotspot function. ;-)

I love the new Bold 9900 because it combines touch screen with keyboard without the slide form factor. Also it includes HD video on top of that! I finally see that RIM is starting to step up the technology they decide to use in their phones. Besides NFC, PPI, speed, separate app storage, amazing camera are the best dream ever for who loved BlackBerry

I think I will be chosen to get my dream Bold 9900