CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!

Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2011 12:07 pm EDT

OK CrackBerry Nation... here's your FIRST CHANCE to win a FREE BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 (your choice!) from In honor of Research In Motion's official Bold 9900/9930 announcement, we're going to give a lucky reader the chance to win a the phone for FREE along with $100 of free BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Accessories from

To Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you want to dress up your comment a bit, why not tell us what you're loving most about the newest Bold and why you want it. 

Details: Contest open worldwide. Deadline on this earlybird contest is midnight on May 31st, 2011. We'll announce the winner on June 1st. Only one comment per person please. When the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 becomes available for purchase CrackBerry will purchase and send you the phone.

That's it. Good luck everybody. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 First Impressions. It's an awesome device!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!



Wow.. I've been waiting for this phone for a long long time.. I bought a Torch earlier because it was a touch screen blackberry with a big screen, but it did not meet my expectations at all.. This phone looks fantastic, has a much powerful processor, thinner.. I couldn't ask for much more really :) But I hope they improved the battery.. Can't wait to get my hands on one

As much as I love my trusty 9700 I would love a faster touch screen version without having to extend my contract to get my little hands on that new bad boy.

Those phones look beautiful. I've had blackberries for years. Right now I have the blackberry tour and it's horrendous. The antenna signal sucks! I'm going to be leaving for school out of the country and I would love to have a phone that works! Also wouldn't mind a phone with wifi. So winning either of those phones would make my whole year.

Thankyou CB for always providing us wIth these competitions again & again. I would love to win, hopefully I get lucky!

would be nice to win.. would love to get away from my torch that's already falling apart... and what an upgrade it would be!!

Been waiting a long time for this...the wife hates me already! Gonna be watching a lot of videos before this is released over here! Gotta love CB!

I love my torch but miss the form factor of the bold. Would love to have this ; to have and to hold, to cherish, till death do us part. O and not to mention I have personally converted 11 people from apple fan lovin using iphones to blackberry ;).

Loving the New Bold, got the 2 Best things.

Touch and Full Keyboard.

I always wanted a phone like that, Glad RIM is moving forward faster then ever.

Thanks Crackberry for this Contest!

It would be nice to win one.. but its impossible for me to hope.. :) because at the first few hours of this post. its has 876 comments already.. but I congratulate the lucky person who wons the bold touch. :)

I've been waiting to hear this news for the passed few months. I regularly google any rumors I can find on the device and cannot wait for it to come to Sprint. If I won the contest I would do a freaking back-flip!

i need this one! i so want to change from my 8900...i have been a good person, have always left good comments, i derserve this one!

My husband is known as the unofficial representative of RIM to his friends. He is always posting (to Facebook) supporting info on why RIM is not going anywhere and going to be a force to be reckoned with. This would be the perfect gift for him if I were to win it.

I think Rim got it right with this BB 9900. Touch Screen and physical keyboard. Now no one can say they prefer one over the other.

I would love to win this the BB 9900. A great phone that puts RIM back in the game.

I was going to upgrade my 9700 to the 9780. But now that this news is confirmed I'm waiting for the 9900 to be released. What I'm loving about this device is the push for touchscreen usage. Also, as RIM continues to advance their technology I'm appreciating the thinness of this device and cannot wait for it to actually be released to the consumers. To me, this kind of looks like a hybrid of the old 9000.

gotta have it. combines the best of both worlds in the best form factor known to mankind. touch + keys = my new phone

Why do I want the CDMA version of the Blackberry Bold Touch?

Here's Why:

-Better Performance: I run my own business and I need to be able to run it efficiently. My BlackBerry bold 9650 is an extremely important part of my day to day operations. It keeps me connected and organized.
-Better Specs: I used my camera on my current bold quite a bit, bother personally and professionally. Clearer, crisper pictures would make my life awesome.
-Liquid Graphics- I want something beautiful to look at.
-The 9650 is my first BlackeBerry: I am a BlackBerry convert. I'm in love. It's easily the best phone I've had. Even higher than my Palm Centro which was similar. My BB blows that phone out of the water.
-I'm too broke to buy a new BlackBerry- Student loans, Insurance, Rent, Electricity, Food and a terrible economy. I'm living pay check to pay check while trying to run my start up business. It's rough. A new, free BlackBerry would be a gift from the Gods.
-I've never won a contest before- I have entered many, including the lotto and other various online contests. I have yet to win one. I'm not sure if my luck is bad or if fate is waiting to reward me. Winning this contest would be amazing, it'd be the first contest I've won and it would involve one of the sexiest BlackBerries of all time.
-Bragging rights- All of my co-workers and some friends have droids. I'd like to rub it in their face that they no longer have the best of the best. Even with all of their apps and "awesome hardware" they can no longer hate on my BlackBerry. (Not that I've cared before, but having this Bold would shut them up and to be honest, that's AWESOME.)
-I love CrackBerry- I'm on here every day. I can't not look and see what the latest is. I have to discuss my love for BlackBerries and talk about the latest gossip every single day. That's love.
-I'm a tech geek- 'Nuff Said.

heyy the phone just looks so great and i want to win it desperately... i am just a teenager and i have never owned a blackberry before and i so want to now... i just wish this is my 1st blackberry.. the phone looks so awesome... so better than the last two bolds... please please help me win this

heyy the phone just looks so great and i want to win it desperately... i am just a teenager and i have never owned a blackberry before and i so want to now... i just wish this is my 1st blackberry.. the phone looks so awesome... so better than the last two bolds... please please help me win this

heyy the phone just looks so great and i want to win it desperately... i am just a teenager and i have never owned a blackberry before and i so want to now... i just wish this is my 1st blackberry.. the phone looks so awesome... so better than the last two bolds... please please help me win this

WOW! Thats all i have to say. Finally a Touch Screen Bold. This is key for Blackberry to keep up in the smartphone world. I have the Torch 9800, but now that this new Bold is Touch it will be next smartphone. The design looks amazing, and so does Blackberry OS 7. I cant believe how thin it is. Very Excited :)

This is the kind of blackberry I've been waiting for for over a year!! Thank you RIM! :) Best Blackberry ever or to date!

Since I bought my PlayBook I find myself randomly hitting the screen of my Bold 9700. So winning this device would save me from that moment of disappointment that happens when I get no reaction from my non-touchscreen smartphone.

omg again, CB proves to have the BEST contests! I would love to win the Bold Touch!! my dream device!!!

i am so excited about this phone finally a touch screen that looks as though it will work :) bout time rim makes the release official

am in!! this phone is sick!
the specs totally awesome plus the design is pretty sleek!
i must be great if am d lucky one ^^

About time BB. Was waiting for this thing for ever now! Can it get any better?! Have the bold 9780 but mehh...9930 here I come!

This would be a perfect compliment to my new PlayBook. While I love my 9780, I would love to have the touchscreen functionality as well as the faster processor and higher resolution screen the new BlackBerry comes with.

OMG, I soooooooooooooooooo want this! I upgraded to a 9700 but recently had it stolen so for now I am limping along with my old 8330 Curve because my boss won't pay for the hardward upgrade.

this phone looks like it might keep me with berry. after all these years always felt they were a little behind. this should help big time

Very excited about this phone - the 9930 would be a huge upgrade to my 9650 and would be very happy paired to my pb!!

My first smartphone was my beloved Bold 9000. I've since upgraded to the 9780.

It would be SO COOL if Crackberry could help continue the trend.

I would love to replace my 9780. My experience with the 9780 keyboard has been awful and would like a new phone to change that.

I want & will get one eventually, whether I win or not. Nice progression every couple of year for a confirmed BB user. 8310 ... 9700 ... 9900 ... ???? ... !!!!

I'm stoked to hear about the BlackBerry Bold! Its so unique in many ways! I like that its bringing back the OLD BOLD LOOK and that its TOUCH SCREEN now! I like that its bringing the new OS, the overall look on the new BB Bold is just PHENOMENAL. The reason I want the new BB Bold is because I need a new BB, my current BB is messed up there are scratches and scuffs in some places and my camera takes blurry pictures :( just the worst thing to have on your BB. And what other way to win a new BB from my favorite and the best site to go on for the newest and latest info on BB. Hopefully I get picked to win this new BB Bold.

Less than an hour and almost 900 comments. I wonder what it's gonna be at the end of May. Either way i would love to win one =)

I love the original Bold 9000 but the damn trackball kept getting stuck. How awesome it would be to have this and hte Torch!!! Please please please pick me!!

A chance to win the "Bentley" of all blackberries? Stainless steel finish like a Mercedez Benz SLS AMG battery door like the roof on the BMW M3...touchscreen graphics like a Lincoln MKx...1200 horses like the Bugati Veyron...voice recognition like an Acura RL...superb handling like a Porshe 911 Turbo...the BALLS of a Mustang GT 500...electric battery like the Chevrolet Volt...and the super SEXY like the Ferrari 485 Italia. I dont give a damn if I win! I'm a Blackberry BuCedezSheTangVolTalia MxRl 9930 Turbo owner!

The 9930 may be the ultimate Bold ever! I was worried a bit when I saw things going to touch only. But this combination of form, keyboard and touchscreen is the real deal. I like the idea of it being a bit larger than my 9650, the look of it is very cool and official at the same time. This is serious stuff. Im on Verizon so the 9930 is the one for me.

Please hook me up CrackBerry! I currently have an 8530, and I would love the touch screen and full keyboard combo, along with beefed up OS, better processor, and more memory! Plus $100 to fully accessorize my new BB? Yes please!

From Bold 9000 to Bold 9700 to Torch 9800, I just can hardly wait to get my hands on this baby. Best of both worlds, minus the slider. The revival of the legendary Bold 9000 has finally come true! Kudos to RIM and all CrackBerry users and abusers. Our prayers have been answered.

Yess!! I love the form factor. The fact that they bought back the 9000 form factor is for me the best part of these devices!

Need a 9900! What I'm loving most about it is it's what everyone (including me) wanted, a update to the majority of blackberry owners' favorite berry, the bold 9000.

Wowser, a contest already.

Would love to win one for use on FIDO.

Using a Bold 9000 and my wife is complaining that my 9000 look sold and unfashionable hahaha.

Could use a new phone and would be better if I won it :)

Why do I want to win this? Because I am RIM's #1 Fan!!! From the 7100 to the 9900! Yeah that's right, I am thanking you ahead of time for choosing me. No more comments necessary people!

Cant wait to get one, especially that it has both the keyboard (l love) and touch screen and host of other cool features!!!

I am really looking forward to this phone, i am still using a Bold 9000, and have been wanting to upgrade for a while, and have been disapointed with the Bold line. i was afraid that i was not going to be able to find a phone i liked as much as the Bold 9000... i do believe this is the phone that will fill its shoes, i am looking forward to the NFC tech and see what all i will be able to do with this, as well as the rest of the phone. it can not be released soon enough

Good looking device. I am currently in the BOLD family and plan to stay in it. Love the sleekness, thinness, and I would even give the touch screen a try :)

i have been waiting a long time for a BB as powerful as this one..... Perfect device to compliment my playbook. RIM is about to take over.

I like the fact that they made this phone using the fantastic and classic Bold 9000 form factor!!!!!! I love you RIM!!!!!!

I want to win this phone because I want my first BlackBerry phone to be the 9900. It looks great and fits my busy student image. Also, it showcases a touchscreen and versatile QWERTY keypad compacted on a slim goodness that shows the unique BlackBerry experience. Also, if I will win this phone, I will be able to experience the world-renowned BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter for BlackBerry, UberSocial, QuickPull, Tumblr for BlackBerry, Facebook for BlackBerry and the award-winning BlackBerry OS (and its latest version 7) for the first time! For me, this Blackberry 9900 will be great, especially with my busy lifestyle. The 5 Megapixel camera will really give me that crisp photos and HD videos when me and my friends will bond together, or just hangout with my niece. The 1.2 GHz processor will give me that edge of a fast phone for that important school works like research on-the-spot for assignments, etc.

I've been using Android now but I'm unhappy with it. And I think the iOS for me has so many restrictions that I can't stand. I like the BlackBerry OS more than any other OS for mobile smartphones.

I hope I will really win this contest for it will give me a chance to experience that "Blackberry magic" that each and every BlackBerry user loves, especially when I first use my friend's BlackBerry 9300 with Blackberry OS 6... OMG! I fell inlove with its slick, intuitive design and animations! What more if will give me the BlackBerry Bold 9900 with BlackBerry OS 6 upgradable to BlackBerry OS 7! :D

I'm already in love with the BlackBerry OS 6 with its slick interface. What more if I will have a QWERTY/touch phone with BlackBerry OS 7 in it? You will be just give me a piece of heaven and I will be very, very thankful to if you'll choose this comment to this post!

I just saw your post "BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Hands-On Video and First Impressions', and OMG! I think I'm really in love... <3

So please. If you'll let me have this phone as a prize/gift, I will really love it and I will really take care of it!

More power to, and Research in Motion! Thank you so much!! :">

PS: I hope that the BlackBerry 9900 will be available here at the Philippines soon. This will be a great time to release the Bold 9900 here at the Philippines for our cellular network providers just released their own 4G technology on their services. I'm so excited! Thank you sooo much!! :">

One word..... Amazing! I miss my old 9000. The Torch is just not living up to it. I can't wait to receive a 9900 for Rogers Network.

In your face BB haters!!
read it and weep !!
115 x 66 x 10.5 mm, approximately 130 g
2.8" capacitive touch screen display - VGA (640x480), 287 dpi resolution
Ultra-easy QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad
1.2 GHz Processor, 768 MB RAM
8 GB on-board memory, plus microSD slot supporting up to 32 GB cards
NFC technology
5.0 MP camera, supports 720p HD video recording
Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor
Built-in GPS / aGPS
Dual-Band Wi-Fi® - 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz and 802.11 a/n at 5 GHz
Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR support
Wireless Network support:
9930:Dual-BandCDMA/EV-DORev.A,Dual-BandHSPA+,Quad-Band GSM/EDGE
1230 mAh removable, rechargeable battery
BlackBerry 7 OS

The BlackBerry just got beefed up!! and its looking sleek and sexy!!
RIM is on point and so is CB with the updates and latest info.

I would love to win this BB Bold touch!!!!
Ever since it was rumored i have been following everything to do with that device now know as 9900 :D


8 GB on-board memory, plus microSD slot supporting up to 32 GB cards
5.0 MP camera, supports 720p HD video recording
5.0 MP camera, supports 720p HD video recording
Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor
1.2 GHz Processor, 768 MB RAM

The People wanted more and we got more:D yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! def my next phone!!!!
Cant wait, THanks CB for the this awesome COntest!!!

This is the BlackBerry I've been waiting for!!

Forget the other Bold devices they have brought out over the past year or so,this is the one everyone who had a Bold 9000 will want to own

Will be looking forward to seeing more of both new devices shortly


This is the phone I have been waiting for since the first time I used a BlackBerry 4-5 years ago! My contract isn't up for renewal for another year and I NEED this phone! If my fiance sees me drop another $600 on a BlackBerry device, she may not marry me :)

The new BlackBerry Bold has all the specs of the most advanced smartphones in the market. It will be definitely my next BB. :)

Reading the hardware specs and the new features coming to OS7 makes me very excited to get my hands on one of these phones.

OMG..I am so in NEED of this phone. It is not a want, but a NEED. I would give up my beloved torch to win this. :)

Faithful to the Bold legacy! 9000 was the greatest device ever... Got sad when I knew that OS6 wasn't coming to my device... But since the first rumors of a Bold 9000 refresh (this model for being exact), I've been totally eager for this device... It would be really great to win this device and show it off down here in Ecuador... good luck to everyone else!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS PHONE!!! even my boyfriend told me to buy it outright and quit switching between my 4 phones! <3 crackberry!!

I hope I can win this phone. I was planning on buying it any way. But I think I would appreciate it more if I won it. The only contest I won is when crackberry was giving away the fart app for free.

I love the look of the new BB Bold 9900/9930. I have wanted a Bold 9000 size BB with CDMA. The size of the new Bold is approximate the size of the 9000. I loved it, but needed in on Verizon. Now, after all this time, they finally are making one.
I will be switching back to BB from android to enjoy the security and confidence I have in Blackberry! With speed, this will be the greatest BB so far! Can't wait!
Wishing this Bold was here now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to switch back from android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome opportunity! Thank you again Crackberry! Would love to finally get back to the original Bold size and shape (just right), thanks K. Mizzle! :)

Would love a new Bold 9900. I love my bold 9700, the only thing that could make it perfect is having a touch screen! I don't know how many times I've handed my phone to someone and they try to touch the icons on the screen, then I have to say "oh, it's not a touch screen..." So this would be great!! Also I think it would go nicely with the blackberry playbook I plan to buy in a few weeks! Thanks for the contests!

Sweet. I want one of these. I need to upgrade from my Tour 9630. The best of both worlds. Touch screen and full keyboard. Awesome.

I would love to get this baby. The 720p HD-Recording and the Personal Hotspot are two features i'm really excited about.

This phone looks awesome. Would love to win to upgrade from my 9700. Touch screen ................cooooool !

.. I've been preparing SO hard for the upcoming SAT exams (its called abitur in germany, where I come from) and the Bold 9900 would be the best gift after working so hard. The Bold 9000 was the best phone I've ever used .. the form factor, the sturdy hardware and the awesome keyboard was not comparable to any other smartphone on the market ... but now its outdated, software & hardware wise (2mp cam, small ram) .. I'm glad RIM launched the 9900 since it has everything I loved about my 9000 ... the form-factor and the size (but incredibly thin) and added some amazing new features like the touchscreen, HD Video recording, 5MP camera ... etc to it. GREAT device, best looking BlackBerry ever!!

Man! Would I love one of those awesome devices! My Storm2 has been a disappointment after the first month I had it. A new device is definitely in order! Please pick me! :)

the first blackberry product I bought is the Playbook, I am actually planning to wait for the release of "Apollo" the lighter and thinner Blackberry smartphone under curve family, but why wait if the crackberry can give me the bold touch. I am not a fan of Blackberry until september 2010, when mike unveil the playbook. I know that, among the blackberry phones, bold is the most popular, I hope to get one from this contest. Please let me win.

I definitely want to win this contest. I love the new Bold 9900 because it combines touch screen with keyboard without the slide form factor. Also it includes HD video on top of that! I would love one!

I've been waiting months for this day to come. Cannot take my eyes off of this phone! SOMEONE PULL ME AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER, PLEASE!!!

I said I will only update my 8900 when this device will come out...I had a 9700 and a 9780 in the meantime but now, this is it, the perfect combination of touch and type, with a high dpi screen that will leave us woawed, with specs equal to those of fancy smartphones...I can't wait to pair this one with the PB and have the 9000 form factor in hand!

Seriously crackberry make my year complete... Winning this and being able to take HD video of my first kid(abigail) coming into this world would be AWESOME!


Best thing about the new phone is awesome keyboard and touch screen plus you don't have to have a slider phone to get the best of both worlds.

This device is the perfect reason for me to come back to blackberry. I've said it all along that a bb with touch screen is all I ever wanted

i have the torch and would want a touch screen still. this keyboard is like the 9000 and i loved that phone. now its super fast! bring on the bold 9900! hope i win.

Yes, I do. I want one too. A Bold Touch w/BBOS7 sounds like a winner. Thinest BB to date, love the new updated look to the OG Bold

i'm not gonna lie and come up with reasons why i NEED this, cuz a celly is not a necessity even though i would die without my BB, however i would very much like to win this device because, i would be making a mistake if i went and bout this thing and paid my tuition. CONCLUSION: can i just win this thing... please?

Generous CB as always! :) Gd luck to everyone!

I would LOVE one of this because tbh, i'm losing faith in my BB! My Torch isn't doing so good. My favourite BB ever is the 8900.. absolutely incredible form factor. Haven't had a Bold yet, so this would be sweeet...

I would loveeeeeee to win this phone. i like the new touch screen and the better cpu and and and ..... PLEASE PICK ME :D

Its just been a month since i got my new bold 9780,and about 15 days since my playbook....... but i need more...... this new one seems to be a beauty......gimmeeeeee one....

I really would LOVE to have one of these new models! The 9900 looks so awesome!! I'll pray I win the contest :D

I would love this device. It has restored my faith in RIM. The device I have been wanting for years is finally here!

What don't I love about this device? Keyboard is prefect screen is big, and it would just look gr8 in my hands. The touchscreen is a great feature!

Coming from the iPhone, I love the Bold and doubt I will turn to any other phone ever again as long as RIM keeps up the great work! Also, the community is fantastic.


AAAHHHHH the best of both worlds i so want to own this. this is the future in the palm of your hand!!! i want it. i want it. i want it!

Been waiting for this phone for a long while now. Touch, Trackpad, keyboard - all with a 9000 form factor. Perfect.