CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!

Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2011 12:07 pm EDT

OK CrackBerry Nation... here's your FIRST CHANCE to win a FREE BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 (your choice!) from In honor of Research In Motion's official Bold 9900/9930 announcement, we're going to give a lucky reader the chance to win a the phone for FREE along with $100 of free BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Accessories from

To Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you want to dress up your comment a bit, why not tell us what you're loving most about the newest Bold and why you want it. 

Details: Contest open worldwide. Deadline on this earlybird contest is midnight on May 31st, 2011. We'll announce the winner on June 1st. Only one comment per person please. When the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 becomes available for purchase CrackBerry will purchase and send you the phone.

That's it. Good luck everybody. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 First Impressions. It's an awesome device!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!



Forget Android and forget iPhone...I want to stick with BlackBerry and this is the perfect replacement for my Tour which after 2 years is still excellent!

Ahhh I want it!
Either way I'm getting this for my next Blackberry, especially since it's being released in the summer. Cannot wait.

I will never forget when I upgraded my curve to my Bold 9000! it was literally the BEST Blackberry out there! I told everyone including RIM on twitter how all you needed was to upgrade the internal memory on the phone and it would be the ULTIMATE blackberry ever made!!!! Glad they finally saw it & added extra features! I would love to win this!!! Thank u! =)

The next step in the evolution of the Blackberry smartphone. I would love to win the 9900 Bold Touch !

Looks Awesome!! totally been waiting for this phone!! Thanks Crackberry for keeping us in the know and giving us awesome contests!!

Finally a BB we can get excited about! Switched to a droid a month ago and switched back to the BB. The hotspot feature is awesome news too!

I've been waiting for this combination of a cellphone to come out forever! 9900 is the perfect phone in my opinion. The major component is the keyboard but it also has the perks of a touch screen! Win!


Sorry. I am not that crazy. I just wanted to stand out. :) And I want the IOU. Really. Bad.

Would be interested in seeing how they improved OS 7 and how well the touchscreen works in this form factor.

this would be awesome. i used my upgrade last year for the 9650 and now i would have to wait a year before i could get this.

please crackberry i am begging you!!!!

Powerful processor combined with superb keypad and touchscreen would make this the best BlackBerry device so far. :D

What I love most about this phone is the return to the best form-factor that BlackBerry has had thus far. The addition of the touch-screen gives an added dimension of control and immersion. I cannot wait until this phone is released. Good luck to everyone.

Was looking forward to this device since the rumor mill started about a Bold with touchscreen and wider form factor than 9700.

I'm in!

Great model! I like a lot the new UI, the new design that it is lighter and thinner. OS7 has a great improvements and is fater. Also the high def vamera gives the phone a plus as an instrument of media.

Yes! This is the Blackberry King! This is the one I want -- Please Crackberry, hook me up with Royalty!!!! :)

I have become addicted to the touch on my Torch. Getting to really like the classic form factor though. Plus BB OS7 looks hot.

Bring one o dem badboys back to Canada for me.

I need this blackberry, ive had 2 in the past and they have both broken. Im broke and i need to feed my addiction for this awesome device.

The bold was the best phone I have owned to date and I decided to switch to a torch a while back to give the touch screen thing a try. I can't help but think with the new bold I'd be getting the best of both worlds and would love to own one! Thanks!

Definitely would love one to replace my White 9700 Bold. Looking to forward to HSPA+ BlackBerry by T-Mobile, especially with mobile hotspot capabilities.

os 7 to be the best. os 5 and 6 will go to rest.
crackberry released the tweet. and now the BOLD will cause defeat.
lovin the new browser. got me sayin wowsaaa.
cant wait till the draw. the bolds releasin without a flaw!!!

Looks like an excellent phone! I am a developer so I am extra excited to write some awesome apps for this thing!

Oh yeah, bring it! I'm particularly excited about the wi-fi hotspot capability. My BB is my home phone, work email, social networking -- pretty much everything except actually talking to another human being face to face!! This one looks yummy!

I would love to win this phone, because i'm stuck with a 8520. not knocking Blackberry but the more up to date phone are well ahead of the rest. So please Crackberry I O ME a new Blackberry. Cheers Guys

Please don't deprive me of this device. This form factor is the perfect blackberry for me, big & beautiful just like the 9000 which I never got to use :(

You know, I would pass on BUYING the 9900... But I will not ignore the change of getting it FREE!!!

That huge screen is something I am really impressed about... Wait a minute... IT IS A 4G PHONE?!

I would loved to win the 9900! Then I would be the first one, in the Netherlands, to have this device. I loved my 9000 and this would bring back the good memories and reliability. Because it was the best Blackberry ever!!! Thanks Crackberry to this offer...!!!

If i get picked for this, i'd would be SO @#$@#%@% AWESOME!!!

The new design = sexy
The touch interface = sexy
The specs = sexy
The OS7 = sexy

Need i say more?

When my college roommate picked up the original 9000 and literally rubbed it in my face, I fell in love with the form factor of the Bold. Ive had the 8830, the Tour (and it's five warranty replacements), the 9650, and three Android devices before I went back to the 9650. The children can clamor over their iPhones and Android devices, but this grown up needs a grown up device.

This is the device I've long waited for!

Finally the Bold series get an awesome specs update,
Love that new 1.2ghz processor and finally 8gb of internal storage. Makes it quite an awesome upgrade from my Bold 9700 which is quite hard to browse websites on OS 6 :(

Thanks for this opportunity CB!

Would love to win this. The touch keyboard on my Storm 2 is starting to act up, so this would be the perfect time to win a new phone; especially one with a qwert keyboard and touch screen.

I thought I was happy with my 9650 until I read this. I would love the touchscreen and extra horsepower. OS7 & the other goodies are icing on the cake!

I'd love it!!!

I've got a torch because of the touch, but the keyboard just doesn't measure up. I used to have a Bold 9000 which I dropped and the speaker broke so it won't ring.

I'd love to return to the AWESOME factor again. PLEASE?

so so sexy. super thin, super fast, perfect pair up for my playbook!

if i got it, i'd be able to give my 9700 to my brother, who's too poor to upgrade his broken down phone.

would love to win this! i was going to put what excited me about this new phone but everything about it completely rocks, your first impressions said it all!

My first BB was the 9000 Bold. Hooked ever since. A few months after getting my current 9700 I said, "this is awesome. The only thing that could ever make a BlackBerry better would be a touchscreen WITH this keypad." The BlackBerry Gods (Balsillie and Lazaridis) were listening. Rock on.

Just loved the thin form factor and stainless steel finish, touchscreen + BB physical keyboard is a win win ! Would love to own this one!

Oooooh! Ooooh! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!! My Bold 9000 is on its last legs of life... If I don't win (which hopefully I will), I at least hope that this device will be released soon and available to AT&T customers.


This is the new BB that is going to replace my trusty 9000 :)

Go First Impressions.
Keep up the good work.

what more someone can ask for. Its the most desirable blackberry it

what more someone can ask for. Its the most desirable blackberry it

i held off getting a new BB & on the PB just so i could pick this one up. it's been a long wait but will be well worth it from what i've seen & read...thanks for having this contest!!

what more someone can ask for. Its the most desirable blackberry it

我很期待9900,不知道在中国什么时候可以买到正品,如果可以,我希望我能收到来自 的礼物.

I AM DROOLING! Especially when I saw that it supports HSPA+!!!! OH HOW I WANT ONE! I was going to hold out till next year for a QNX based BB, but this is just too much to resist! Please let me win! Please! Paired with a BB PB I would be CrackBerry Heaven!

The other day when I first got to experience the BB PB and I paired my BB with it, I kept trying to click the screen to say okay on my BB. It was only a few minutes of using the PB that I got use to having a touch screen. With this new 9900 I wouldn't have to reteach my fingers how to use each device, since both have touch screens. BUT the since the 9900 has the best physical keyboard in our solar system, I won't have to give up my shortcuts and perfect typing experience!

Beside the PBs that CB has given away recently this is probably the best IOU contest EVER! Especially with the additional $100 in accessories!

Thank you CrackBerry! I will look forward to seeing the MORE THAN MAGICAL email in my BlackBerry's inbox saying that I have won! (Yes, that was a dis on Apple!)

P.S. I hope I don't duplicate my post since the CB server was freaking out. When I started writing this post there were about 100 comments, at the end there were nearly 1000 comments in only about 10 minutes or so...

I would love to be rocking this phone on ATT. I love showing people how nice blackberrys can be and I really could rub this in all there faces.

Yes i Will buy One
Yes this is the best BB
Yes iphone and androids go sleep yourselfs now :)

First, running OS6 on my 9700 is laggy and buggy, so clearly having a Bold designed to run the latest OS in all its glory would be a major plus. Not to mention, I can't tell you how many people I hand my phone to while showing them something, and then they tap on the screen; this includes my own children. It appears touch screens feel natural to most people, and I personally would love to be able to keep my qwerty needs satisfied while adding touch. Thanks to CB for a great contest, first out of the gate!

First disappointment when the Bold 9000 was released is that it wasn't on T-MO

Second disappointment was when the 9700 was released, it was the same size as the 8900

I - and others as well - wrote to RIM requesting that they release another Bold with the original form factor along with the upgrades of the 9700/9780 and they heard us and for good measure, they added better hardware along with Touch screen capabilities! Not only that, but now the world has been informed that it will be released to T-MO as their 1st 4G capable Blackberry device.

The world is whole again and win or lose this contest, I will be upgrading to the 9900 immediately upon release. This device will restore RIM's sagging stock because the 9900 will be the pinnacle of business devices. iPhone who??? Android what??? Move over rover, because the Bold 9900/9930 is about to take over!! OH HELL YEAH!

This would be an amazing phone to pair with my PlayBook! Just switched back to by 8530 from a samsung fascinate. I missed you BB!

I'm a fan french of crackberry. I love this new BlackBerry Bold, as it inherits the design of 9000 and he got a touch screen and joystick. the blackberry is perfect for work, play, ... for everything!
This BlackBerry is a leading for world RIM. Because the OS will be 7!!

Yes, finally something to replace my old 8900. Being faithful to BlackBerry looks like its paying off! Would love to win this amazing phone. Thanks Crackberry!!

What an amazing give away. A rockin new BB bold, and $100 of accessories?! So awesome. I hope I can win this one. My poor Tour is on it's last legs and a free replacement would be great.

I didn't think I needed the new Bold until I read the article. I've changed my mind. I'm especially impressed with the styling, the thinner profile.

Amazingly sexy! Thin, 9000 sized keyboard, hardware update, nfc, touch screen like my torch, I think that I could go on and on about the reasons this is an ideal Blackbery. But I could probably go on even longer about how amazing it would be to win one from, of course that is if I am the one winning it

AWESOME PHONE!!!!! It is amazing how every new blackberry model seems to outdo the previous version. I'm loving the housing and thin profile of the phone!!!

Wow, this phone is way better than the bold 9780 and I love blackberry, I wish my dad was alive to see such great technology :(

I want, I want, I want! Oops nearly forgot my manners. PPPPLLLLLLLEEEEAAAAAASSSEEEEE

Edit: Nearly forgot June 2nd is my birthday, if you announce it in the U.S. on June 1st, I'll probably only find out in South Africa on my birthday! What an AWESOME present.

I've been using my 9000 since it came out years ago. I love the keypad and guess thats why I never upgraded. But I'm loving this new blackberry and can't wait to play with it and OS 7. Love me some blackberry

i'm actually ready to make the jump from my 9700, it is really starting to show its age, chugging along with only a few apps installed. the new bold touch looks fresh and very professional imo. hopefully this win has my name on it =D

I reckon when this drops 3 of my 4 lines will upgrade to it. The final line won't be due yet. Help me fill the set!

I hope I win! The hardware on this phone is so sick! Definitely been waiting for a blackberry like this. I would replace my torch with this.

look like geat phones....if i win this ill definitely pay it forward with existing blackberry curve 3G. I am crossing my fingers on this one.

I want this phone, i have a Curve 8520, and i want to change it, i was thinking about buy a 9780, but with this phone, I'M IN LOVE

OMG I Cant feel my arms!! (from swaying them back and forth in excitement) :P

I love BB I started off with a Pearl. After I got that I needed a 3G BB I got my 9700 and fell in love with Bold. I cannot believe that now a 4G Bold will be coming out with all these amazing new features.

4G √
HD Recording √
Awesome Keyboard + Capacitive Touchscreen √
Liquid Graphics √
1.2Ghz Processor √
8GB onboard Mem √
Amazing!! √

Ah man, wouldn't a free one of these be sweet!

And my contract isn't up for a year so this would be mint!

The combination between Qwerty and touchscreen should be amazing!

I wanna it !!!

Come on RIM.....Brings this phone soon to Brazil !

Would love to win this! This looks to be the phone to replace my Curve 8900 now that my 2 year contract is up in June.

8th time is the charm :s..... Loving the new processor, loving the mobile hotspot, and the best keyboard in the business....lets go 9900!!!

The best blackberry so far! and would be great to finally use a BB that Kevin will be rocking, I've had the bold 9000 , curve 8900 , storm 2 and now the torch ! This is going to be a return to the bold 9000 form ! Crack/Blackberry rocks !!

In the last year I've switched devices. 4 times but I think this is the one for me. I've been saying for the longest time that rim should make a device as big as the 9000 & they finally got it right with the 9900 plus it has a trackpad & touch screen so this better be good, or else I'm switching to android !

please CB! make my day/month/year by choosing me! i want this phone so bad but cant afford it as a broke college kid! been dreaming about this combo since my first tour...i have been on the fence about jumping ship, and even tried to use a droid pro for a month but nothing beats BB! i couldnt live without my bbm and push email! nor could i bare to lose my beloved CB forums! haha

my mind is set that this will be my next handset someday.. hopefully we can team up and make that reality sooner than later! then i can give my girlfriend my bold 9650 and she can be welcomed to the world of Bold and OS6 and retire her curve 8530..

ahh im so excited! cant wait to see BB really unleash and take back the throne!

you guys rock! thanks so much for the chance and the coverage on this hot device!

please CB! make my day/month/year by choosing me! i want this phone so bad but cant afford it as a broke college kid! been dreaming about this combo since my first tour...i have been on the fence about jumping ship, and even tried to use a droid pro for a month but nothing beats BB! i couldnt live without my bbm and push email! nor could i bare to lose my beloved CB forums! haha

my mind is set that this will be my next handset someday.. hopefully we can team up and make that reality sooner than later! then i can give my girlfriend my bold 9650 and she can be welcomed to the world of Bold and OS6 and retire her curve 8530..

ahh im so excited! cant wait to see BB really unleash and take back the throne!

you guys rock! thanks so much for the chance and the coverage on this hot device!

Are you kidding me? This is the BlackBerry to rule them all. I'll take the VZW variant. Kthnx. :)

OMG I have been waiting for this one and to know that it will be with my carrier is an even bigger win! I sure hope I win. I never won anything from CrackBerry before so maybe this is it. Good luck to all.

I have been waiting for a phone as powerful as this...... perfect device to compliment my blackberry playbook.

Looks fantastic, Please CB hook me up!!!! Have had the tour and now the bold for VZW. It would be great to finally get the real Bold, the true flagship on Verizon.

This phone looks very promising. I love the 9000-esq look, but with touch and beefed up hardware? Man, I think this phone is really gonna rock. I'm glad to see this device come out as I think it's a step in the right direction for RIM to win over the market again. Would LOOOVE to get my hands on one!! Can I win it please?


I'm looking forward to the super fast processor speed. This is gonna be a GREAT BlackBerry! (PS. I NEVER win anything. PLEASE pick me. THANKS!)

I have a Torch 9800 right now but always loved the feel of my Bold 9000. To mix the 9000 with touch screen is going to be awesome. To win this would be sweet.

Aside from only having one convenience key, this might be the ultimate dream BlackBerry device. Please please please......... Verizon Bold Touch for this guy!

Whats not to love? Finally a Bold that actually looks like a flagship model, seems to have everything in the right proportions (touchscreen and decent sized keyboard without using a slider solution), up to date software and most definitely some great hardware specs:) Greetings from Holland^_^

*edit* Ow and why do i want it? Because i need to own a blackberry that has everything right again:)

I hated giving up my 9000 for the 9700, and now using the Torch. My DREAM phone is here! The form factor of the 9000 with a trackpad AND touch-screen!!! Woo Hoo!!! I hope I win!!

My big thumbs wiLl no longer shame me im my email and sms endeavours finally a 9000 keyboard with a trackpad!!!!!! And the touch screen is a biiiggg plus


This is the first line of bb devices with high hardware specs! Got to get it asap! Older bb are fast becoming primitive device in this age... Have high hopes for the processor which practically doubles in clock speed to the older devices. Hope the new os very responsive and intuitive too.

The 1.2GHz and touchscreen WITH keyboard is the biggest selling point. The performance on this phone is going to be amazing and will be a great rival with other phones as long as BB App World is going to have more apps to compete with Apple and their Apps.

This phone is so so so sexyy!! The Ultimate CrackBerry. I've been waiting with bated breath since January for this phone =D good job RIM!

I want this.... because I was probably one the first people to contemplate "what if my blackberry had a touch screen too, that would be great, because this trackball is killing me!"

I am looking forward to the 9900. I tried the Torch and loved the touch screen, but couldn't get used to the slide out keyboard. I'm back on my 9700 looking forward to the 9900 for the best of both touch and bold style keyboard.