CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!

Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2011 12:07 pm EDT

OK CrackBerry Nation... here's your FIRST CHANCE to win a FREE BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 (your choice!) from In honor of Research In Motion's official Bold 9900/9930 announcement, we're going to give a lucky reader the chance to win a the phone for FREE along with $100 of free BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Accessories from

To Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post. If you want to dress up your comment a bit, why not tell us what you're loving most about the newest Bold and why you want it. 

Details: Contest open worldwide. Deadline on this earlybird contest is midnight on May 31st, 2011. We'll announce the winner on June 1st. Only one comment per person please. When the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 becomes available for purchase CrackBerry will purchase and send you the phone.

That's it. Good luck everybody. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 First Impressions. It's an awesome device!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930!!!



What can I say the bold 9900 is the best blackberry device ever with the full qwerty keyboard, touch screen, hd camera, the list goes on please crackberry I have to own this device. Thank you.

Ever since I Have joined crackberry, I Have been updated on every blackberry stuff. It helped me buy all the blackberry Devices. Now It helped me Buy the devices, It would be Wonderful if Crackberry would gift me one of the devices.

P.S.- Respect crackberry for all hadrwork ever since, You guys have doubled the brand value of Blackberry.




Would Love this device.

Been waiting for the Bold 9000 form factor for a long time now and had to get a new phone cause my contract was up so i went to the iPhone world and have regret it ever since but i must admit i only went to iPhone cause it had a higher resale value.

I will be coming back to the BB world if i win this!!!
If not i will still be coming back to the BB world!!!

Hopefully VZW will get this phone. My contract expires this summer so perfect timing. It would be even better to win one! The thing I would like most about it is a touch screen in addtion to the track pad. awesome!!! all reviewers so far say the keyboard is the best ever from RIM. So, great keyboard, touch, trackpad and superfast processor...who could ask for more.

I had the original Bold 9000 and kept it until the Torch came out. my reasoning was the keyboard on the 9700 was smaller and I have large hands. With this resurrection of the 9000's keyboard, addition of a faster processor/NFC/BB7/etc, and a slimmer form I think this just may hold me over until the new QNX powered phones come out next year.

Ever since I washed my BB 9700 in the washing machine, I have been using an iPhone 3GS as my primary device. I have been waiting for this device to get me out of my mobile doldrums!
Please Crackberry, help me get an early Christmas gift!

i been waiting for a BB like this for a long time and it's finally here! will def pick it up on day 1.

dont let me down Telus lol

I am getting a Playbook in the next two week, but I am currently stuck with an original Storm. The Bold Touch would be awesome.

Cannot wait for the Bold 9900! Added touch screen, more memory and faster processor. The Bold 9900 is going to be the biggest Blackberry smartphone release since the 9000.

Would be awesome to win this!! The new Bold looks amazing!! OS7 is pretty slick, and the hardware is so far superior to anything BB has released to date!

Being the proud owner of a Bold 9700, I can't help but feel that my life would become so much more BOLDER with the Bold9900. Every feature on the new phone makes me writhe inside with pleasure! The experience of it would be absolutely thrilling! I am obsessed with everything BlackBerry and know that I will become even more so, when I start using this phone. It would be lovely and an honour, as well as a privilege to receive this phone from Love and appreciation to all my fellow BlackBerry users!
I keep it BOLD ;)

I am gifting my Bold 9780 to my younger brother on his birthday. I believe I should be getting the new Bold Touch for being such a nice and generous elder brother (A)

I have been enjoying my 9780 but the more I learn about the 9900 the more exited I get. This phone looks just awesome and I cant wait to see a real one up close and personal.

This is the phone to be all excited about.. The specs look amazing.. Hopefully I will win this!! :D

Would love to have this! My Bold feels way too outdated with OS5 (removed OS6 because of some incompatibilities I couldn't do without). This looks amazing, combining touch screen with keyboard, the faster processor, camera, or lose this contest, I want this!

I would drop my old htc hero cdma for this baby any day, definitelly my first BB like my father who also has a BB and loves it for life!

SWEET! I really REALLY want this Bold!! The Touchscreen is something I am very interested in! **FINGERS CROSSED, PRAYING TO THE BLACKBERRY GODS** I hope that Kevin's IOU spends better then most of my friends though!! hahaha

Alrighty welcome 2 my post. This post is one of a kind cause its one of those I'm glad that its being typed on the page cause if this was just sheer talk and u were 2 ask me 2 repeat it. I would b like what huh I wasn't talking that was just the voices in ur head using my vocal cords lmao. And if that was the case ur vocal cords would b telling each and every one crackberry owner that yall agree when I say that the new bold 9900 would b perfect 4 me the maskedmascot. And the reason y is cause besides its sleak outter side its cute and long lasting and great 4 doing all the fun stuff like urs truly lol. And the best reason I can tell yall 4 me is cause the bold number is 9900 and the current model I have now is 9700 so this is how it work. Later this year ill b 29 so if u hold the 1st 9 and subtract the 2nd 2 #s (9-7=2) and finally reverse the # order u get 29 cause in math u don't read the 1st 2 zeros so c. This phone was made 4 me. Isn't that something. Lmao I think so lmao now this concludes the winning post 4 the new BOLD 9900 thank u thank u ill b signing pictures of myself in front of the gift shop in about 1 hour so thank u once again muah!!!!!!!

I love the look of the 9900! From the metal bezel to the keyboard and lit up trackpad :-p I'm drooling! And I can't wait to dress up the new BlackBerry 7 with some themes! :D

I've been wanting a Bold Touch for what seems like forever! I've been stuck on a Storm2 and want a real keyboard finally and this is the best of both worlds!

Sign me up!
The combo of full keyboard and touch screen seems awesome! As a Torch user, I mostly use it with the KB slid out. When I go back to a 9700 or 8900, I am forever tempted to touch the screen..

I didn't switch to touch screen because I need a keyboard Now both in one? With the design of the best BB? I need that.

OMG. r u kidding?? why wouldn't i want this beauty?

it looks great, and has got the awesome bold form factor + touch screen.
please give it to me!

I really like it,this and then a playbook and I would be in,so pick me. I'll take 9930 if you please. I'll be waiting for my named to be called

I need a new phone. Mine currently seems reeeeaaall slooooow. Not sure if it's the phone itself, coverage, or carrier.

Omg awesome contest! I usually win nothing, but at least I can try this contest! This will definitely my next BB! I'd love to own a BlackBerry like this!

I am really loving this device.. Its much faster than any other blackberry and its HSPA+.. That is awesome!! Can't wait for it to be released.

I've always loved the form factor of my Bold 9000. I can't wait to get my hands on a 9900, the touch screen will be an amazing addition to an already outstanding design; not to mention all the new features it's packed with!

Um this is a giant no-duh! A touch-screen bold with a real qwerty keyboard. Best combination of all things possible. YES PLEASE to a 9930!! :)

I would love to have this phone! Been watin a long time for a touch screen with the BB keyboard! Its Beautiful! Maybe just maybe I'll get lucky! Thanks CB!

Please don't make me fly back to Winnipeg and line up like I did for the Playbook..... This is everything a BB should be. I didn't think it could get more efficient after I really started using the keyboard shorcuts, but the touchscreen puts it over the edge. I MUST HAVE ONE!!!

I am so ready for this phone!! I might even get rid of my torch (the whole reason i am a BB addict again) for this phone!!!

Well, Blackberry have been scolded recently, in the news and their quarterly figures because of the "aging" line up of Blackberries. It's a shame that even after the release of the best Blackberry yet (Torch)I saved up for ages to get it and even used my Birthday money. And now there is a new one coming! I would never be able to afford to get it. It looks so innovative! I'd love to win an IOU for one!

I'm sick of eating Apples, and all of androids silly flavors (enough with the ice cream sandwiches already). I'm just craving blackberries so feed me! :)

I've been holding off on getting a new blackberry because i love the size of my trusty Bold 9000, and I've always said my perfect blackberry would be a Bold 9000 with a touch sceen, and im so glad i held out. please pick me !!! :)

I should definitely win the this phone because I rep Blackberry to the fullest even though we currently have lack lustered products, I know because of the battery life and business appeal we will rise above the rest. Like the tortoise and the hare, everyone thought the hare was going to win by a long shot. But the slow and steady Blackberry will triumph. I like that the new Bold will FINALLY bring web browsing to a light in which we have been looking for for ages. Also the addition of the powerful processor will finally avoid the annoying load times I experience on my current bold 9700 with the 6.0OS. The epic size and appeal of the keypad is something I can't wait to put my fingers on. If it wasn't for my unconditional love for the blackberry and the faith they would bring forth a device such as the Bold Touch 9900, I would of God forbid, gone to the dreaded, Droid as much of my bbmites have done so.

this is one of my dream :)),fluid Liquid Graphic and os7 is the best feature,the best superhero(bold 9900/9930) to date :)

BOLD 9900! I miss my 9000. but I love the newer OS of the Torch. I would love to get the New BlackBerry (Cadillac) Crackillac.

It seems like it will be a great smartphone because it combines touchscreen with keyboard in just one and simple panel. It also, have a great processor and internal memory and I don't need to mention the new OS 7. Thanks again crackberry for giving the community this chance to be the first to try this great new phones.Good luck everybody!

I've always been a fan of the form factor of the original bold. To have upgraded specs and touch to boot, it would make a perfect fit for my man hands.

Thanks in advance, CrackBerry for the phone!

Would like to win this one !!!! :)
Why, do you ask?
BECAUSE I OWN A 9780! RIM really disappointed me.. I've always been a gadgets and mobile freak and I wanted to best one out there.. I chose the newest blackberry device; the bold 9780.
Now, like 5 months after, they get a new one out ?! and also a brand new OS we wont be able to use?
I will think twice before I buy my next phone :( If i were to get the new bold it will definitely change my mind //.. .i guess...
also i never won ANY of your contests -_-
and I swear I took part in most of them =(

I would love the new BB bold, does it matter that I'm in the UK ? I'm on my secound BB and I have been impresed by the curve and the Bold 9700 so I'm sure the new bold would impress me and the new OS 7. Fingers crossed.

Please crackberry! My girlfriend is so envious of my blackberry!
I need to save her from the clutches of iPhone, and I need your help along the way!
Make someones day.

A high powered BlackBerry and a pumped up OS! The one which is more in touch to the upcoming modern world with its mobile hotspot, augmented reality and NFC feature.

I've been a loyal BlackBerry user from Jakarta, Indonesia ever since RIM made its debut here. My first BlackBerry was Curve 8310 and never I glance to other communication devices, except BlackBerry.

Hopefully I'll get this Crackberry love! *Touch Bold, be mine!!*

Good day, everyone!

my 1st bb was bold 9k and then i never liked any other phone, but now bold 9.9k would definitely b my next bb

I Love the look of the new phone and its 1.2 GHz processor! Please pick me, my storm2 is dying on me, and it a few weeks back if fell of my bed now the screen is all cracked/broken! Thank You Crackberry!

The Blackberry 9900 will be perfect to replace my aging 9000. Paired with the playbook, this duo will just be a beast of productivity and I'll actually have to work because I'll be out of excuses!

In love with RIM after bringing back the Cadallac of keyboards with the original Bold keyboard. I am the last one in my organization to carry a blackberry and I'd love to rub in their face what they left behind! I love IOU's and!!

I've been waiting for this phone to come out for ever! It would be a most welcome upgrade to my poor old 8900 :-)

I was always envious of ATT subscribers for being able to own the original Bold. This phone reminds me of that one with the slightly wider, roomier design. Being a Verizon subscriber, now I can take advantage of that design.

This would be an EPIC still stuck using Blackberry with a ball :( hook it up!!! money is too tight being in college!

I have to say this blackberry looks AWESOME, big form factor, which means bigger screen and keys. Which I like, even though I have adjusted to my Bold 9650 nicely. By the way, which I bought a few month ago, and is my very first blackberry. This would definitely be a more than nice second one to own.

Would definitely love to win this phone, its my ultimate BB as far as im concerned.

So come on Kevin, im from the UK so would be nice if a foreign crackberry addict won this lovely gorgeous will definitely make a good brother to my playbook.

I must have this phone... because nothing says I love my BB like dirty fingerprints over
the keyboard AND the screen... :)

Really Really Really need to get out of this droid 2 and back into a blackberry! the original bold 9000 was my favorite blackberry i have ever owned and i have owned ALOT!!! (8100, 8300, 8330, 9000, 9700, 9630, 9800...thats not even counting my wifes blackberries) Well anyway a much needed upgrade to this droid 2 would be AWESOME!

This new phone looks awesome, I love current Bold so I think I need to upgrade to the new one when it comes out.

Yes please! Have been holding on to my 8900 just waiting for this. Wanted to jump to the Torch but I don't like the pull out keyboard. I just want to start typing.

Citizens of Crackberry Nation, rejoice!
We have a new Ms Crackberry/Universe - the Bold 9900!
A stunning beauty with sharp intellect, what more can you ask for?
The Bold 9900 lays the smackdown on the competition, really!
[that includes Ms Fruity and Ms Green Robo]

I have been waiting for this since that fateful day that I downgraded to the 9700 from the 9000. since then no phone has compared to the 9000. I'd love the chance to get over the 9000 with this new blackberry. Kevin, Crackberry, i would LOVE to WIN this device

I would really love this BB. I should get it for no other reason than the fact that I spotted the spigot in the Playbook screenshot thread :P

| |
| |

Or Maybe some Ascii art will help?

This phone is amazing and I can't wait will its out! The raw power of phone and the "liquid graphics" are what i'm looking forward to the most. Unfortunately I'm broke ( like most college students ) and still working off my slow 9530 :(

Its a touch screen with keyboard !! Enough said! Sadly I still have the first Storm for personal use. Tour (no camera) for business use. Been holding out for a new BlkBerry on Verizon for almost 3 years. Cannot wait for this phone to get released.

WHAT DO I LOVE ABOUT THE DEVICE?!!!!!!! Its Sexy for the most part, Powerful, Fluid, Snappy, Amazingly Showstopping(IMO) and Resembles one of the best Blackberrys that ever lived(Bold 9000). Thank you for this miraculous contest Crackberry, I am and will always be a *CRACK*berry addict.

I would love to have one!I wish this phone came out when I upgraded my contract from t-mobile! Oh well I still love my 9780. Lol

Would love a 9900 from Tmobile to replace my 9700 and free would be awesome. Also would save my wife from my crying until my contract is up.

This is the Ultimate Blackberry. Have to say I still havent upgraded from my 9000 and i really cant wait to get my hands on this one. Best form factor, best keyboard on the market, and we get a thinner cell with awesome looking touchscreen and new OS7, whats not to love about this one! Count me in!

I am a current bb user, and im so freaking excited for bold 9900 and 9930 to come out.. however, why in the hell rim did not put a front face camera,??? Anyway cant wait to these babies ... i can guaranteed Blackberry will be On top once again.

I must win this! I tried to hold out on my dying 8330 for ATT to get the 9780. They never did and my 8330 met its inevitable death. I was forced to temporarily take a hand-me-down iPhone 3g and I cannot last another day on it. I want to come back to BlackBerry so badly and THIS is the phone that will allow me to do it! The dream form factor, up to date hardware; I'm willing to bet I'd be working this phone into the ground for the entirety of a two year contract and more.


We've all known the reasons to stick with RIM above Android and iOS but as far as fancy visual features go it's been hard to show off. This new offering from RIM will change the ways I can access all the features of my phone.

No more scrolling issues to select small checkboxes (touchscreen), no more waiting for the OS to update on screen (1.2 ghz!), no more squinting to read small text (pinch to zoom combined with high DPI).

This could finally be the Blackberry for everyone!

Hot new processor, physical keyboard, and touch screen? Heck yeah I'm leaving a comment to win one! Go me!

Expiriencing a new model of BlackBerry is like expiriencing the advance of a whole world.....because thats what our blackberrys provide us!!..a whole world...our facebook world just in a click....twitter and news just in a simple enter!!! we keep comunicated with lots of people and we receive all kind of info in order to maintain our daily life advanced!!! this is definitely a super elegant and beautiful model of RIM.....its perfect for active people who loves elegancy and also it has a perfect OS its simply but really advanced, faster and easier to has a super great camera....hd touch screen that makes us to enter in it by just using it......WHAT A GREAT MODEL!!!! CONGRATS RIM

This would be a perfect upgrade to my 9000. I love the keyboard on it, and the other bolds don't seem to feel right.

Very nice stylish. I just wished RIM would have released this phone by the end of last year or early this year. They would have been in a much better position now. Nevertheless, very impressive and very promising.

Can't wait for this phone as well. Hope Rogers gets it asap. Looking forward to a bigger screen, better keyboard and faster connection compared to my 8900. *understatement*

I am currently using the second hand beat up 8330 curve, even though it was my first blackberry as I upgraded from a Windows Mobile phone.
Now I have a Blackberry PlayBook and would love to have an up to date phone to go with it! Thanks for the contest!

I AM DROOLING! Especially when I saw that it supports HSPA+!!!! OH HOW I WANT ONE! I was going to hold out till next year for a QNX based BB, but this is just too much to resist! Please let me win! Please! Paired with a BB PB I would be CrackBerry Heaven!

The other day when I first got to experience the BB PB and I paired my BB with it, I kept trying to click the screen to say okay on my BB. It was only a few minutes of using the PB that I got use to having a touch screen. With this new 9900 I wouldn't have to reteach my fingers how to use each device, since both have touch screens. BUT the since the 9900 has the best physical keyboard in our solar system, I won't have to give up my shortcuts and perfect typing experience!

Beside the PBs that CB has given away recently this is probably the best IOU contest EVER! Especially with the additional $100 in accessories!

Thank you CrackBerry! I will look forward to seeing the MORE THAN MAGICAL email in my BlackBerry's inbox saying that I have won! (Yes, that was a dis on Apple!)

OMG what a great way to start the week. Dropped my torch in the lake this weekend had to go back to my curve. This would be great.
Thanks CB for another awesome contest.

I would love to win that one. But i guess its impossible couse yout site is US and i`am from the Netherlands. But still worth trying:)

This is the phone that'll release me from the iPhone spell that I'm under. Let this be the phone that brings me back to Blackberry!

I'm on my second TORCH, I am desperate to move back to this form factor, but can't afford full price. Keeping fingers crossed.

So, the rumors were definitely true! This is by far the sleekest BB phone ever made. I llike how they tweaked the original bold. I would love to win this!!

The keyboard, form factor and the fact it's a world phone. Oh and it better support BB OS8 (QNX) when it comes out.

Fingers crossed on a full featured mail client.

Crackberry you are my only hope. The sith lord Steve Jobs lured me in with the power of the dark side (iPhone 4)... HaHa I can't keep that going any longer...

Thanks Guys, Goodluck everyone,

I need to get this new BB, I loved my old Bold, and miss it dearly. The torch just isnt doing the same

Personally, I would benefit for what the Bold 9900 has to offer. Since I'm always on the go and I depend a lot on my BlackBerry. I currently have the Bold 9700 running on OS 6 from T-Mobile and it gets me through my day. But now since the announcement of the Bold 9900 I'm excited that soon I will upgrade to this device and it will kick droid's and iPhone's behind because of the latest technology from the Bold. I can't wait I want this phone now...

simply fallen in love with the 9780 that I received as a gift.
And the 9900 will only get better. Will love to win it from Crackberry :D

I am soooooo glad this version of the Bold is coming back. I was very disappointed when the 9700 came out, nice pone but too small for my hands. I am using the Torch for now but will switch to the new Bold weather I win it or not. Winning would be nice, I have Tiger blood....

First,the qwerty keyboard is killing me because it is convenient . We can type the words of sms/e-mail fast.Second, the new touch mon is good also.We can use the apps which need the touch mon and control the phone with different ways.Third,the phone's design is awesome . I will die for it. Camera can take photos quickly and upload to internet to share with friends.

Why I want it? Blackberry can communicate with others.Facebook, call , sms , mms , e-mail , msn. Although most of the phones can do these stuff , the security , push mail , design , function opf Blackberry are good.

Lastly , Sorry for my poor English and good luck.

This phone resembles my lovely BlackBerry Bold 9000. I lost that phone few months back and was unable to get another one because it has been discontinued. It was a very sad moment, not because I lost my Bold 9000 but because I knew that I can't get something like that anymore.

Even the BlackBerry Bold 9700 & 9780 did not impress me. I was hoping that RIM will bring again something similar to the Bold 9000 and finally my dream came true.


I would like a 9900 so I could LAZA around and RIDIS blog on it. Also, I hear it's got a great MIKE, so I could give my friend, Jim a call. I hope there isn't too much BAS on it because that deep sound can make me feel ILLIE sometimes. Then again, without enough BAS, it might just sound like the tinkle of WATER in the LOO. So far though, I've been largely impressed, but I've always been a devoted pilgRIM for the Blackberry cause. Anyways, hope my name gets entered into the TAT for the draw! (I know there's no QNX here, but they're part of the family now, c'mon!)

Cheers, have a good one Crackberry!

After upgrading from the bold 9000 to the torch, I've missed the bold form factor. Glad to see it back in a more modern incarnation.

Sweet! More power on its way, love the cpu and gpu!
I really want this one as an upgrade to my old Bold ;D

Ok, ever since the Bold 9000 I have loved it. So much I still have it and have shot down all the other newer BlackBerry smartphones. I have been big on getting the successor ever since. Especially knowing of the possibility of there being the touchscreen which we, at least I did, try to touch the screen while browsing on the internet. I would love a BlackBerry Bold 9900 for at&t. I have had the 9000 for 3 years and been waiting for this since the news broke out about it being a possibility. I really can't wait for this release. Hopefully I can win this one. Thanks CB for yet another chance to win something big.

P.S. I hope the killing of Osama Bin Laden has helped bring some kind of closure to all that was affected by it. Being a veteran myself, I have fought there overseas because of him and us Americans have lost so many due to the wars that he has caused. May all the ones who were killed by the sick acts of this madman R.I.P.

I would love to win this.. it would be my FIRST BlackBerry phone.. and it would replace my current iPhone 4 :) Thanks!