CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!



I really enjoy BlackBerry products and have wanted a PlayBook since day one. The new features in OS 2.0 make the PlayBook so much sweeter of a deal! Thank you for all you do, CrackBerry!

A friend's birthday is coming up and this would make my gift better than anyone else's. haha

I like most the new keyboard features and the fast browsing...

So please send the PlayBook to Austria ;)

Man I would like to win this time!! My wife gave me a choice between a bold 9900 or playbook..I decided to get the bold so I can improve my productivity..I would like to win so I can have a tablet to give my 2 sons(unborn and 8 mos) this will be a great gift for our family..

The new bridge features - they really make a difference. Should I win I would convert my wife to a playbook user. She already got my TORCH when I switched to the 9900. So long story short, pick me please! For my wife's sake!

What a great idea! I'd really love to have a Playbook but being unemployed it won't happen unless I am one of the lucky winners.........

Please add me to the list and I'll hope for the best!

Thanks!!!! :)

Watching the 2.0 videos makes me want to have a PB for work, now with the social integration it would be perfect for me.

I love my playbook, and if I won one my wife could love one just as much... Well that and my son would quit stealing my to play NFS on the TV (via HDMI).

My playbook is way better than any other tablets for multitasking!! and easier to carry with my small bag!! With new OS 2.0, playbook stole my time...I cannot leave my playbook alone...playing with playbook is sooooo awesome...I realized why the name is Playbook~!!

Woweeeey.......Blackberry - was my first smartphone - totally enjoyed that experience - quality - top notch - BB just speaks for itself. Crackberry - absolutely one of a few of my favorite sites to visit - learn - research on - and enter contests on - top notch site!!! - have purchased from this site, and have been always extremely satisfied with product, shipping, and customer service - top notch!!! Thank you to all for this contest, and good luck to my competition ;- ), but I'm gonna win!!!

Hi guys!
I don't have a PB but i have been really considering getting one with the recent price cuts so I can't really say much about PB OS 2.0.I am also an aspiring BB developer so it would be very helpful if I had a PB. However,I can say that I love your site!! helped me alot when I was looking for a mobile phone to purchase.I also love the constant reviews and the contests.Keep it up guys.

Love the smart keyboard layout, how it keeps the numbers on top and the predictive text as well. Just awesome.

Thanks CB...I'll be the happiest guy in the world if I won one...OS 2 just makes the Playbook that much makes Blackberry that much better.

Cheers Guys

Awesome prize, I am doing the update, so excited for OS 2, RIM has some tricks up their sleeves, they just need to get back to their target markets!

I like the faster browser and the remote feature that I use from my phone. I also like the aesthetics of os2.0 VERY PRETTTYYY(Homer Simpson Voice)! Great Job RIM

Loving BB Bridge 2.0, remote features, yes calendar/contacts/email, more Stable browser, can't wait for BBM.

Yes I want a PlayBook for my family! Please!

It would be a major blessing to win a new Playbook. I would rather have that than the iPad. Definitely not a fan of Apple and would rather keep it going Blackberry. Long live RIM!!!

OS2.0 is excellent. I like the contact-calendar-mail integration. This is great.
Other stuff are good also : remote, new android apps, print to go...

i am just loving the remote feature as well as the integrated calendar/email client. cant wait for some new apps to arrive as well! i like the new layout too

The Android Player seems to be faster, but is not stable enough. I had to restart Playbook twice in couple of hours just because android part stopped responding. RIM should at least give option to restart android player alone - something like respring in iOS devices.

Social integration of Callendar and mail apps is rather poor - 99% of my coworkers have Facebook account, none is recognized. But I'm really glad the mail app and callendar are finally here.

I like how CrackBerry stays up on updates. When there's an update they give all of the info, the change logs and even a picture of the update.

I was nervous about RIM being able to pull it off, but they did! 2.0 is great and the bridge 2.0 was an unexpected surprise! Only wish my PB didn't have a big crack in the screen.

i woke up this morning at 5am and headed straight for my PB.. checked if the upgrade was available yet..started the upgrade and headed for the shower..when it was finished the first change i saw was the new keyboard.. cant wait to get home to start testing it.. thats if i can get it away from my 2 yr old daughter

i would luv to have a playbook to use in conjunction with my 9900... non profit worker over here... so you know im in need...:)

BB loyalist!! definitely would love for the PB to be my Tablet so i dont have to go to an android or apple device!!! pllllzzzzzz pick me... lol ;-)

Well, I entered to the BB world two months ago, my dad gave me a bold 9900, I was an iPhone user, but God!!!!! bb is amazing for chatting, messaging, mail (not to mention bb messenger, is the best messaging service in the whole world) now I use my old iphone 3gs to play and the bold is my main phone (gosh I love this keyboard!!!!) I'm in love with the playbook (unfortunately I can't afford it) reading the posts and watching some videos about OS 2.0 just made me desire a pb so badddd, the features I like the most in the new OS are:
swiftkey (woooow), finally native email, calendar and contacts, and, is it true that I can use my 9900 keyboard to write on the pb???? please, please, please I want that pb, hopefully I'll be the winner :)

any os upgrade is like having a brand new device... thanx to crackberry to let me know any time the latest news and new amazing apps...

Please give it to me so that my average price goes down (300 + 0 / 2 = 150$)! lol ;-)
Keep on the good work, I didn't know this site before getting a Playbook.

Im loving the new OS 2.0 because of the built-in email features and also loving crackberry for keeping us updated with all the latest playbook news!

I think the Playbook is awesome and to add one for my daughter so we can do the video chat when I'm away on business would be fantastic. I'd love it .

I love the remote feature plus the ability to organize the icons into a folder. Having issues with native email but hopefully that will get resolved soon. I would love to win a playbook for my wife.

Count me in please. Every one in my family has a tablet, smartphone, or some other device and I don't have any. I feel left out.

I have to say that I love all the BIG NEWS coming on Being that I don't own a PlayBook (yet), I have to rely on CrackBerry for the newest updates on my Bold 9930.

Thank you for all of your support Kevin, as well as the Crackberry staff. We're loving the strong support and connection you have to RIM in Waterloo. Keep the connection strong. =)

Indeed...the RIMpire is Striking Back! ;-)

Would love to give PB's to my family cause its simply just amazing and it would score brownie points hehehe

The new OS is awesome, love the email, love the auto complete, and love the redesigned interface. Got to admit the keyboard is a bit buggy, so hopefully the fix that. Surprisingly, the auto complete isn't that useful since I can type faster than trying to use the auto complete. Still, a great feature.

I cant afford a PB but would love to have one, OS2 seems like it is awesome. I am a loyal blackberry user. Thank you in advance.

Love the remote control feature.
New virtual keyboard and predictive text are also nice.
Am traveling so not much chance to check out other stuff.

Got the PlayBook in December my one and only gift to myself having a great time with it and an excellent time with it now thank to the OS 2.0 it rocks. Or as in BSG Frackin!!! Incredible. Been enjoying Crackberry, the forum and the site have very helpful in my education of the PlayBook. After I replace my cellphone with the Bold 9700 never looked back. Back then I had a choice BB or iphone well you know what I chose, looking to eventually up grade to the Bold 9900 someday.

Playbook remote control from my phone is definitely the best feature. I can put it down, and I might get fired, so I new playbook, and some cash are in order.

I was about to buy the playbook since I heard OS2 is coming.

If you can give me one, that would be a godsend gift.

The OS 2 is awesome and makes the Playbook a great option in a market filled with duds. Great price point and great functionality. Definitely recommend one or two for the family!!!

The OS 2 is awesome and makes the Playbook a great option in a market filled with duds. Great price point and great functionality. Definitely recommend one or two for the family!!!

I got my wife addicted to "Blackberries" all she needs now is a Playbook! and i can't wait to install the New OS 2.0 on mine!!!! YEAH!!!

OS 2.0 is awesome, esp the native email and contact. Thanks to RIM for this update. I hope we see Skype for playbook soon.

Thank you to Kevin, & BB for the oppurtunity at to win! Great site, great community, great company, and great tablet!

Crossing the fingers.

thanks Kev! I've wanted a Playbook since day one but never pulled the trigger... I got close when the dingleberry came out but I'm definitely loving the updates in OS 2.0... the whole contact integration with video on top of the remote control features.... I mean I started drooling this morning after reading so many great things... I'd really like the opportunity to get one of these Playbooks in my hand!

thanks to crackberry I showed my sister,cousin and boyfriend all the amazing thinks a playbook has, and because of that they bought one!! i cant aford one yet but i would really really love to own one! im the one teaching them how to use it, ....thanks to CRACKBERRRRRY!!!!!!

I Probably dont deserve to win.
looking at the ammount of posts already in, its going to be about 1 in 1000 chance of winning. im not that Lucky.
So congratulations to the 4 Lucky Winners. Long Live Crackberry, and Long Live the Playbook!!!!!!!!

I love trying to win free stuff!!! I got a bold and want a PlayBook to go with it! Word! I'm on this site all the time! And would love to win something!

I could go on with a comments about how I NEED a second PlayBook as the one I bout keeps crashing on me; or so I could talk to my OTL when I join the military (what does that mean: I have the intention of eventually joining the army and when I am assigned to combat I can take my PlayBook with me??) or kiss your collective asses and say that you Rock and are the Best!!

I could talk about the great features that you have been reviewing all day and previewing for the better part of two months. The integrated social aspects of the Contacts; the new video chat or video store; the Android apps; etc. I could talk about how smooth the interface is, the new app world, or the speed that my PlayBook seems to now have.

I could mention that it is the best hardware out there and makes the iPad and all Android challengers look like a joke when you compare the specs. Or when I go to fix the problems with my dad's iPad (and it really can get buggy!!) I find Apple's dream machine to be slow, clunky and not as stylish as my PB. I could mention the looks that I get from people when I pull my PB out of my jacket pocket and how everyone wants one when they have finished playing with mine.

I could go on for hours about all of these and many more features, but the reality is the best thing about the PlayBook, OS2.0 and CrackBerry are that all three are here, now, today. Apple made a huge turnaround for itself with the marketing of software and hardware being parts of a bigger whole (remember those commercials iTunes + iPod??). Well what I love about this is it's the next evolution of that formula.

The PlayBook is the best hardware out there, but would be nothing without amazing software. OS2.0 is the amazing software that can only exist on the PB hardware. And none of it would be accessible to Luddites like me with out CrackBerry. Not RIM, or any other site offers the comprehensive information that can be found here.

What is the best thing about the PlayBook, OS2.0 or CrackBerry?? That they all represent the best at what they do and they all do it seamlessly together.

Please pick me! I read the CB forums often and can't afford a PB. I got a 9930 a couple of months ago and have been loving it, thanks mostly because of the forums! Daily CB reader! Pick me, I would love to experience the PB with the new 2.0!

This is going to be awesome. I am tempted to get a playbook because of 2.0. Maybe I'll wait to see if I can win this. Wish me luck!!! :)

I love the size of the Playbook and would love to be trying out OS 2.0. I would love to be given the opportunity to be able to experience it. Thanks from Canada :)

you guys rock, taking on all naysayers, sometimes maintaining a very brave front in the face of a juggernaut of negativity... well done. lets hope this is the climb out for our favourite technology company.

so yes, i would like another playbook (for my wife, already own one and bought my kid one), what do i love about 2.0? so much to love... the remote app holds a lot of promise; inbox looks very good too. i am loving the added flexibility of managing icons. love print to go... using it already in preparation for my trip to barcelona at the end of this week.

kevin, are you going to be in barcelona? wanna go out for a beer?

because Kevin Michaluks' would look absolutely sexy on the new 2.0 BB Playbook... saved as a HD wallpaper on that little Playbook... seriously, blackberry was meant for me, i would never, and have not backed down from my opinion of RIM. they have always delivered high standards. I love my 9850... and i can't wait to be an owner of this amazing Playbook. Thank You for the chance. ;)

Thank you dear Team for latest news you do for us-users.

Greeting from Ukraine!
I try to visit your blog every day, because i am user of old blackberry bold 9000)
Funny thing is that here, in Ukraine, Blackberry is really rare thing, especially things like PlayBook.
I don't think i'll be able to win BB Playbook, but..well... i need to try ^_^.
I'm happy to say that i was "proud" user of Iphone before, but after moving to the 9000 i think it's really awesome.
Also, i try to collect some money now to buy a tablet PC, too bad it's hard to collect them for student, even thus Tablet is really must have for me.

First of all i would like to say, that i can't really tell anything about PlayBook, because i had no opportunity to try it, and after release of OS 2.0, with a lot of AWESOME feaures, and (!!!) Android app's integration, i want this playbook so sickly))
Thank you team for providing us with latest new's in BB world. I'm so impressed to watch you'r conference's with RIM's CEO. That's so great. Because i can't imaging seeng guy like Steve Jobs(RIP) or Tim Cook in conference with fan-site crew))
I'm also glad that you do it for users, and not for commerce or money.

And last thing i want to say is that, even that i dont have a lot of comment's, i visit your site everyday, and even when i won't win BB PlayBook, ill keep visiting it)

Thank's for everything.
Your's Solymr

WE LOVE YOU CRACKBERRY..!!! MAY I PLEAASEEE HAVE A PLAYBOOK .. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CRACKBERRY!!!!! PLEAAAASSEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YA P.S Am in college and need one to keep in touch with my parents who each have one.. PLEAAASEEEEEE!!!!!! I LOVE U CRACKBERRYYY <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I don't have a PlayBook yet but have been dying to get one and test out the whole bridge thing and I love crackberry for keeping the rimpire alive haha

I've got a playbook already, but I'd love to win one for my mom so that we can video chat together. Thanks!

Please count me in. I love the vast improvments with the playbook. It has come a long way since the launch and have yet to get my hands on one. The OS 2.0 looks promising.

Me please! I would love to show all my co-workers how Blackberry beats Apple every time! Blackberry email and BBM ROCKS!

just downloading update now. We will see. So far after 2 weeks, my impressions with the PB are so/so.

I like the form factor
Seems like browser is slower than my iPhone's though despite early reviews last year saying it was fast. I also find the browser will prematurely close my keyboard often - not sure if I'm hitting some key by mistake but I don't think so.
Lack of a decent iTunes (or media center) remote is a serious deficiency. 3rd party app is not very good.
Lack of native email of course a huge deficiency but should be fixed soon.
Inability to find an app to browse PC file system is really frustrating me. (reverse direction works fine though)
Haven't been able to find a text message app, such as Textnow or Textplus. That's a pain as that means I have to pull out my iPhone to text someone. Would like to be able to control my phone and not have to have a BB phone and/or have texting and phone service on my PB. I have a trial copy of Comdev's ePhone but that doesnt' have SMS.
No native Skype.
Music browser not as good as Apple's.
Seems like good h/w but s/w still needs some work, and need more apps. To be honest, Apple sets the bar pretty high.
I think in a few more months the PB could be a really good product. I hope they can hang on.

loving the new calendar and contacts... the remote is very useful for me... and the video store is a pleasant surprise

I predict that today, 2-21-12, will be the day people look back and say, "That's the day RIM put fears of its demise to rest for good." RIM delivered on its promises for OS2.0 100%, and it's just as awesome as I had anticipated.

Now let's get those System 10 phones out so I can upgrade!

Well I cannot afford a PlayBook cause I'm a college student but I love Blackberry and I have a somewhat cheap 8520 Curve.
I came here to Crackberry everyday because this website keeps me informed about all the Blackberry world, it is the very best source of information about BlackBerry on all the internet including websites about Blackberry in another languages.

I would love to have this Playbook and I hope I really win because I never win something. :(

I love having a calendar! That is one of the 3 core functions of what I need in a tablet when I am in the field and do not have access to WiFi. As for Crackberry, you guys have the best contests and do a great job keeping us in the loop about what is happening in Waterloo. Keep the good stuff coming guys!

This would be a nice toy to play with i might be a 50 plus male but still love playing with the Blackberry toys.
Please sir can i have this one? lol

I like the native email, and the "View on Playbook" option with bridge. Only thing is to use the View on Playbook for emails, the email portion of bridge needs to be enabled. I had disabled it after loading OS 2 so that I wasnt getting double "new email" notifications.

Tried to find a way to disable bridge email notifications, but haven't stumbled across it yet.

I have a 64 gb PB for myself and a 32 gb PB for my wife.. on the edge for buying a coupe 16 gb for the kids. The OS2 is the Blackberry I knew. OS1 was primitive. I'm glad OS2 surpassed the OS on my 9810. I went out of my way to rub my OS2 into my friends' faces this morning. Slapping their Ipad2/Galaxy 10/Xoom in the face sure feels good. To those of you who think Blackberry is dying.. get off your band wagons and put your money where quality is. Even my Apple loving brother is telling his friends about the Playbook.. SCORE!! GO RIM!

CrackBerry has been my home for new apps, phone reviews/info.
Having a BlackBerry PlayBook would make it easier for me to read CrackBerry on!!!!

Would be an awesome gift for my girlfriend!!!
No, Video-chat will not have been abused for something weired! ;-D

OS 2.0 so far so good.

Still some glitches, but hopefully they will be corrected !!!

As couple other comments, my girl friend will love to have it's own one !!!

Good luck top everyone !!!


Hook me up!

If I win I will record a video on the Playbook saying how amazing CrackBerry is!

2.0 is GREAT!! Although it took a long time, I am just glad to download it first thing this morning. I kicked off the update before my foot touched the ground this morning.

I love the fact that I can connect the PB to my TV with HDMI, and I can remote control it with my BBTorch!
I love the print-to-go, and it has a very modernize look to it (TAT implementation I suppose?). It's convenient too! The best thing is, I use the PB to read statistic documents in Words and the symbols doesn't display properly. However, they are being displayed perfectly at this point!

Please let me win a Playbook so my fiancé and I can video chat while we're 400km away most of the week!!
Thanks for this great contest

Love the new os 2.0 the video chat is unreal!!! Love all of the new features and bridge options that are available. Overall very impressed with RIM and what they have done with the playbook. The playbook is definitely one of the best tablets out there. Apple beware! Lol.

Current IPhone User > Previous Droid User and Current Playbook user - I had to buy a playbook to do some testing on the device and was extreamly impressed with hardware and fluid software - Way better experience over Samsung Galaxy 7" tablet - Size is way better than the IPad 10" - I was disappointed that the playbook did not have a native E-mail/calendar app - Now with it? SUPERB - very easily connected to email/calendar- solid product - really pulling for RIM to make this tab prime time - New to the BB world but have been impressed so far! Oh - as for Crackberry? just found it a couple weeks ago and enjoy the site - looking forward to buying some accessories for my playbook !!

For me, the PlayBook has really the best OS out there. Sure, a lot of people is a fan of iOS, but for me, the ability to watch a movie, browse the web and play a nice game, multitasking is something everyone loves to do.
Sure, it isn't as well-known as other tablets, but for being a really new OS, it has lots of potential hidden inside.
Now let's add with OS 2.0 some nice Android apps, a better keyboard, an improved messages app and a native calendar... this tablet just rocks!

Bb Remote
Organizing programs
New app world look
Loved the PlayBook before this is just the icing to make it the best

Loving the Bridge Remote in 2.0 along with the folders... Finally we have FOLDERS!!!

Good luck to everyone that enters, including me!

I just one- upped my coworker. He rants way too much about his iPad. Literally, this dude talked thirty minutes straight the other day. I showed him a playbook one day. After staring in amazement for about ten minutes, he shut his mouth, and hasn't said a word since.

Cuz im a ballah, and a playa, it only seemed right to get myself a BLACKberry Play(A)book and now with 2.0 i can keep my ballah status even longer, werd up!!

Need to video chat with my family. No one else I know has a PlayBook. :( Loving the email integration though.

Please pick me! Please it would make a great gift for my brother in the hospital who was shot in afghanistan it would definitely make his day. he's an avid bb user as well. :)

Thanks for the contest CB! I don't own a PlayBook so I can't talk about what I love about it, but I can say that I love CB for the continued enthusiasm for all things Blackberry. It's hard to find that on the internet these days where everyone seems to prefer to be snarky or cynical.

Pick me! Pick me! My parents are going away for 6 months and they need a way to videochat with the grandkids! Thanks for the opportunity!

I thought good and hard about whether or not I deserve to win this. I came up with probably not anymore then anyone else but probably not any less. So please enter me :-)

Love crackberry because it has everything from news to rumors. Love playbook because of it's size and UI. Love to get another playbook so that I can give it to my sister.

i love the new remote control on the blackberry bridge, being able to scroll and type just using you black is a great feature!!!

OS 2.0 is terrific! The PlayBook is finally living up to its potential!! I'd love to win this one!!!

I would love love LOVE to have one!!!!!!!!

"Tragedy is when i cut my finger. Comedy is when a man falls into an open sewer and dies." -Mel Brooks.

At this moment I'm loving the remote control to the playbook, why? Simple I normally use it for powerpoint presentation, and my videos on hdmi mode, normaly have to keep my play to the maximum that the cable can give me 6 feets, but now this make a huge change. I can wait to take my play to worl tomorrow and literally play with it hahahaha, algo features like i can see pictures from my 9900 on my play and also the music, and I emails o emails, with all my contacts, awesomeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!, and this new feat of print to go wow!.

But all the things that I can do with the remote, awesomee!!!!!

The upgrade is amazing, the remote feature with our BB phones, video chat notification, all a nice package. It can only go from great to amazing!

Today I updated my wife's playbook to version 2 of the OS and let me say that it lived up to my expectations. Hope I get to have one also so I don't have to steel hers :)
Just don't keep us waiting so long for the next update.

I'm lovin the new App Store with the Android apps in it!!! Plus I know someone who thinks CB Kevin is hot!

I love the dedication that CrackBerry has on everything Blackberry. It's a shining beacon in these grim times of RIM (that rhymes lol). Kudos to Kevin and the whole CB team!

Loving the remote feature on the playbook, could use another one to use the playbooks as a baby monitor!!

It would be awesome to win this as the 29th of February is my 20th anniversary with my wife. Can you say anniversary

I don't own a PlayBook. Would love 1. I love crackberry because there is no other site which informs u abt a BlackBerry. The best site
I wanna win this PlayBook.

I've had the PB for a while now and I fount it to be a great device, but OS 2.0 rocks. So many new features and action to details, from spell check to the new keyboards, now to mentions the new PIN features and the new bridge remote.
I strongly feel RIM is on the right track now.
By the way, I need a new PB for my wife, so she'll finally mine alone, and also to video chat. With her.
Thanks RIM

Im in! I love how this thing has the best browser hands down!! Not to mention i love this website and visit it over ten times a day from my blackberry or other wireless handsets. I think ive refered and recommended over 100 new people to visit CB. Love you guys.

Im loving my Blackberry Playbook!! now with OS 2.0 it will be a blast playing with my playbook everyday :D!!! i can do my homework and connect to my friends!! Love Blackberry and Crackberry for keeping me updated with everything related to blackberry!! u guys rock!!

I love crackberry by far the best site for mobile phone news, no other website is near as in depth as well as honest about phones, companies or carriers. I wont lie in a way Crackberry just makes my love of Blackberry and my Bold 9930 even stronger, and I cant wait to get my Blackberry 10 device although it will be hard to outdo my Bold.

I looooove it!Love the new bridge! Haha, I can control it from my 9930, omfg its awesome! Crackberry you guys rock with these promos!

P.S: Video chatting with the fam! Im here in Switzerland and theyre in the States. Amaaazingly awesome. Screw skype this is better :D

Thank you Kevin. Thank you for being blessed with the same awesome first name as me. You are a lucky man. No seriously... you are. Poof!

It would be nice that after years of checking CB religiously I could win this contest. Since its inception there is nothing I have wanted more then a playbook, and 2.0 is just the icing on the cake

Pick me! Because I don't have one yet, spent all my money on my phone/bill, and to get my GF one, and we both need one!!

playbook was useful for me before 2.0, very happy with everything now that its here, especially the folders and ability to manage apps

Sign me up. I love my playbook, right size great function. Love the bb as a remote go bridge!!! Now pick me cause I need a new playbook!!!

Best contest EVER!!!!!! This new is the best. Especially since I left my phone at home today (idiot) and I usually check my appointment requests emails on my 9900. A new PB would be awesome since I got mine when it was first launched and its a little beat up now. I HOPE I WIN!!!!!!

He CB,
What a like about CrackBerry is that there still BlackBerry freaks in the world. Here in Holland everybody is calling me crazy still having a BlackBerry after 4 years, but next week I will get my new BB 9790, because I can't do without my good old fashioned qwerty and my e-mail.

So if i could get a PlayBook my friends will call me double crazy, but i'm loving it, or as Apple calls it: ''think different'' :)

Cheers, YB

YES! This is probably the only way for me to get a Playbook anyway. The Playbook has what I think most people would want and need in a tablet. Now of course that is debatable because there are mac people and android people, and people who don't need to be hip, or in a clic, or want to fight the power, but want to use a straight forward platform that makes sense and is user friendly;) This of course is my fun opinion and not an attack on any individual or group. Poke, poke. I would love to complement my mobile devise of choice with a tablet. It only makes sense to do it this way, and both on one platform is a smart choice if thta choice works for you. It does for me.

As for Crackberry........ Are you kidding this is the best Blackberry site ever. I can find any answer i need, toutorials, acessories, apps themes, phones, updates, links to everythingn. Now that it is part of Mobile Nations it is cross platform linked (should I need anything for my wifes DInc. Yes those links have always been there at the bottom, just more visible now. You guys give away alot too(plus). Its also a living site.... not only does the entire community connect through Crackberry, but everyone who works for Crackberry partisipates and responds. This is not an automated site run by people who don't care, but a site operated by a team with passion.

Thanks as always for the opportunity and everything you do.

Great contest. Thanks :)
Gestures on the playbook are so intuitive, beats ui of android and ios imo.

Well I would love a playbook cause it has all the capabilties for a student like me, including the word to go, wich is awesome btw! & now with OS 2,0 its going to be even better with the native email application witch I'm looking forward to, so yeah would love to have it in my hands :3?

Since Crackberry is the best website in the world, it should give me a brand new Playbook to video chat with my parents and my girlfriend !!

I have never lost faith in the excellent hardware of the playbook, and now it has excellent software to compliment it! Kudos to RIM on this.

My fav feature so far is the remote control from my Blackberry.

It seems like only yesterday that playbook was the new kid on the block... now we are to os 2.0... my how we've changed.

Have had my pb for a while and love it! This morning I downloaded the new os and will likely do nothing but explore what's new -- that and read Crackberry forums, of course!


Just downloaded 2.0
Pairing bluetooth keyboard and mouse is much better now.
Makes for a killer portable Remote Desktop device.
Great contest

I love playbook for its support to actual parallel processing, it's impressive hardware specs and now with playbook OS2.0, it's gonna rock!