CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!



great contest Crackberry, with OS 2 it finally has what everyone needed in a playbook. All the things look and sound just what the playbook should have been out of the gate.

My son is autistic, but responds well to computers and touchscreens. A PlayBook would be excellent for us both, since he already has games he plays on his mom's Droid 2. Android app player would come in handy!

Me, I'm just a CrackBerry addict!

blackberry rules on their production of the playbook this is a sacred relic to many people hopefully i get chosen to win a playbook on crackberry RIM RULES

I've had a Playbook since they first were generally available. I've watched the prices drop since but still felt I got the value for what I paid. Now with OS 2.0 there's no doubt about it!

Love the new update. It has everything I wanted from the start. Now my wife wants one. Better yet I want one since I can't seem to get mine back from my wife.

Thanks to CrackBerry i really LOVE and KNOW what the Playbook is all about, Blogs and videos im a PRO at the playbook, sad thing about it, I dont own one yet! Hope i get to win it! OH! best of all the new videos of the 2.0 update!!!! IM LOVING IT! cant wait to have one in my hands!

I've been trying to come up with an idea for an app so I can score a 2nd playbook that way.

I'm impressed, so far, with the integration in OS 2.0 and have only scratched the surface of playing around with it. Can't wait to try out the Remote Control feature in the new bridge, and see what the potential of that is.

My BlackBerry is glued to me all day 24/7 and my wife say, she knows when the OS 2.O Native -Email app is out, i will beglued to my PlayBook as well and boy oh boy, how right on the money she is. this OS 2.0 is wicked and am loving it. BB FOR LIFE

I would really, really, REALLY, love a playbook! I love the new remote feature as well as the integrated calendar and email on the new OS 2.0.
Please Crackberry, pick me!!...I want one so badly!

What do I love about CrackBerry? I'm glad to see the enthusiasm for the PlayBook and os2.0...CBK and the gang have definitely done their best to keep us in the loop with the many rumours and tips on the improvements in the release and all of it came true! My BBM contacts and Groups all agree that this is the #1 blog for all things BlackBerry. Great job - so far you have made 2012 a reason to be excited about RIM again. Thanks.

Wow.. i stayed up late last nite for my brother's playbook upgrade...its amazing.. its like learning all over again.. i hope to get a playbook soon..but i'm tired from reading and learning the new features...playbook is amazing.. i wish they would get skype and pandora and netflix apps on here and it will be a perfect device.. i hope they have them when i get a new playbook.. awesome job to RIM for there upgrade.. from texas

I'm fairly new to the Playbook, but I must say, for the little I seen of the previous OS version, this one seems like a fantastic upgrade!

Besides messages and contacts, honestly, the thing that I am digging the most right now is BlackBerry Bridge and the 'Open on PlayBook' function. It so smooth to be browsing around CrackBerry and then deciding to check out a video of all the new functionality and be able to just fire it up on the PlayBook and continue to browse on my phone. Also to send picture to the TV last night was cool. Looking forward to renting a video tonight from the video store and playing on the TV. As far as winning, I would love to give this to my son. Being able to hook him up would be awesome! Thanks!

2.0 finally here - now let's get the bugs worked out - get an error message anout an unexpected error when tryin gto open previously openable excell and word docs. Also seeing a slower system and difficulty with WIFI internet.

Lovin' the OS 2.0. Wish it was still "my" Playbook. My darling daughter has mostly taken it over... So, I need a replacement. (Please.)

As to CB, This is my first stop for all that is Blackberry. I belong to a few forums, but CB scoops them all -- almost every time. I also love the humor in your blogs & posts... Learn & laugh at the same time.

Thanks CB.

I'd love to win a PB so that my kids could video chat with their grandparents. The new OS is fantastic and my parents wouldn't have any trouble using it.

Go Crackberry!

playbook is amazing to see but itmust be more amazing to actially have it i really please Crackberry

I really cannot afford a playbook. But seems to be the pest tablet by far and would love to own one. Please pick me

I would love to win. The PlayBook is the premier tablet in today's tablet market, It's the perfect size and power combination

OS2 is the start of the turn around. I've been here throughout, would love to celebrate along with RIM and Crackberry

me. me. because reading comments and reviews about the Playbook is no fun... it will be funner when i have the Playbook... *rub in your face moments is whats its all about* :) ok. so not too much. But i am a complete BB Addict. ((BB Torch 9850))

I am loving the remote features! It make it so simple to use a television (using the HDMI port) as a slide show presenter when there is no computer around .

I also see myself using it to stream the videos I make with the camera. 1080p looks soooooo good on an HD television when you are sitting on the couch with friends!

‘Lovin’ the options and design of the new OS and CrackBerry has some really great ‘First Looks’ already. I just wonder if this will set a new record for comments on a CrackBerry contest?

Don't have the playbook but love being updated about it on if I don't win one I will go out and buy one should be awesome either way!

I would love a BlackBerry PlayBook - not for myself, but for my grandma so we can video chat together. As for the accessories - that's all mine :D I will hold off on it (if possible) for the upcoming bluetooth keyboard case.

What I love about the new OS? What's not to love! Native email is by far the best thing about the update. Facebook integration is also fantastic, and push notifications work like a dream. I love the changes to the keyboard (numbers on top when typing passwords, auto correct, predictive text), folders (though I've been using them in the 2.0.x beta), Print To Go (I don't have data on my phone, so using this for directions is perfect), and...well, pretty much everything else. I'm totally in love with the tablet and would love to share it with my grandparents back in Europe.

this tablet looks out of this world with the new os 2.0 and the well integrated native apps life is now easy with blackberry as my friends say as they have playbooks hope i get one too to join my friends

Nice offer! I love my playbook, but my sister needs one desperately. She just doesn't know it yet! OS2 is awesome.

I'm looking forward to my first playbook and use it to assist me with coaching basketball. It will be my very own electronic basketball playbook with the abiltiy to use it during practice times and during timeouts and halftime when the game is on the line! I can hardly wait...thank you Crackberry! Alex

I need another playbook! Now that we have native email the wife is goinng to need one of her own!

This would make a great BlackBerry Birthday Gift for me PLEEEEEEEEEESE! I've had to go all day to wait for my 2.0 download. My wifi went down at home and had to wait till after work to get to a wifi connection. I've been thru he!! Waiting on this all day.

I like the new email, calendar, contacts etc. but hoped for an easier setup for emails and more signs of apps . But overall fairly happy.

Wow! 2007 comments already. No worries. What I love about the update is that it's an update long waited for. I love the layout now and the fact I can folder my apps. Not really related to OS 2 but is, is the new Bridge. Awesome app to remote control. I love it! As a IT Admin this will make it easier to push to my users. Especially now with Exchange ActiveSync.

Crackberry is the best place on the web to fill your Blackberry needs.

-Student that want's a Playbook!

Love my 2.0 on my PlayBook because not only did they add the new features to both PlayBook and Bridge but everything under the hood is running faster and smoother then ever before. Thanks RIM

I love PlayBook because it is wonderful
I love OS 2.0 because it is the top
I love CrackBerry because it is the most interesting daily reading

OOOhhh very nice..would like if i can get one of these in next four weeks..very best reason is that no chance for me to buy it here in this award will be something special to me...wish wish...

I love all the features of the new OS 2.0, especially getting access to overdrive and youversion. Also Crackberry you have been awesome through this whole process!!!!!

keeping my fingers crossed. my favorite features on os2 are the native email, auto correct and the ability to customize folders.

i cannot begin to tell how much knowledge i have gotten from the crackberry community so much so that it's to a point where i went from having no knowledge of app development to having 4 apps and multiple themes to my name

Pick Me!!! Pick Me!! I have my hand raised SUPER high and I am bouncing frantically in my seat. Seriously, there is now way you can pass me by!!

I love the typing on the PlayBook now. Also the contacts and social integration.

And of course crackberry in the place for all the news. :)

What's not to love about 2.0?!!

But if I had to choose my favorites? Remote, Mail, Improved Network Connectivity, Improved Browser Stability and App Folders!

Ok so not being able to answer and make phone calls and respond to SMS is annoying, but as a day one early adopter, I have no regrets about my purchase. Love the phone as remote feature and the new inbox is great as well. Oh, and I love swiftkey, great addition to the os.

Yes please! The new 2.0 OS update looks really good, would really like to get my hands on one of these playbooks.

I don't own a playbook :( I hope this would be a chance to finally hold one in my big o'l hands. I want to be a critic too, lol. Reviews are done, I have seen it and its time to win one :). Lets berry out this book and get my playbook swag on.

Your #247 Crackberry fan :)

Unfortunately I do not have a Playbook but Crackberry is #1 in my daily viewed sites because of the information, cool contests and up to date news on RIM products, software and accesories!

I pray this is my chance to own a Playbook!


The playbook is becoming my best friend and OS 2.0 is like that best friend getting an amazing Lego set for Christmas... Never have I been more excited to own a BlackBerry product. I think its so amazing that I can control my PlayBook or a computer with my BlackBerry. I think its amazing that even though I'm syncing 3 email accounts, a twitter account and a Facebook account I don't end up with a million duplicate entries of Contacts, all their information is in the same place! I think its amazing that I can run Android apps so beautifully.

Crackberry has kept me informed, updated and educated the whole way through this journey. I don't think BlackBerry or the end user experience would be the same without you guys!

I'm really enjoying the new features from the Bridge remote on my phone, the native calendar, emails, contacts all syncing into one profile. The browser speed has improve greatly. The updates to Facebook and App World is nice. The additional stuff on Docs2Go and Print2Go is awesome! There's so much goodness that the tablet is even better than some of the tablets out today and I can't wait for what else they'll add down the road!

Now just waiting patiently for some of the Android apps to be ported over. =)

By far, I need a DLNA, Netflix and HULU services on my Playbook. Shortly after Skype and/or stable generic VoIP client. That's a game changer for my son to use it. Also, Remote to do a list swipe in Android Player, and faster Android implementation. Currently the sound of my android app does not tunnel to hdmi to watch it on my TV

I would love to win a playbook so I could show my know-it-all teenager that its a million times better than an ipad!

Crackberry has been giving me good info since I had my Pearl Flip, and still continues to this day with great infor for my 9930 and PlayBook. With that being said I do have a 16 GB playbook but would be willing to pass the PlayBook on to a non believer and convert him/her to a BlackBerry fan because after 2.0 the Playbook is now complete and can stand toe to toe with the competition and even surpass in some areas. Thanks Crackberry for being so awesome all these years.

My 15 year old son has a playbook and it is much faster than his netbook for doing homework. I am sure he is updating as I type. I would love to win one :)

not a lot of people have actually followed your instructions to tell their favorite os2.0 features... so if I do as told, maybe my odds of winning will improve?!

I think the best new features have to be the native email/calendar and A2DP update.

Thanks for the contest CB and all the great info!

OS2.0 is the like the icing on the cake :)
All the ingredients have been put in place from start, with layers been added on every now and then, along with valuable help from member's here at Crackberry making the Playbook experience one of its kind.
Playbook was always awesome, now its out of the charts with the release of OS2.0.

I'd love a Playbook! Is it true that the Crackberry Special Throwback Edition includes a scroll wheel on the right-hand side??

Who cares if it does many things better than the previous OS. The Playbook rocks. The first OS was great, but the press swiftboated it. You can have the best tablet, but if you tell no one about it, if you let the press trash it, people will think it is lacking. There are two Reality Distortion Fields here. Those that believe every thing that comes from Apple is great and those that think that a superior product will market itself.
Cellcom Empoloyee

I used my bold 9900 as a remote to give a presentation through HDMI on my PB 2.0. The Apple fanboys in the room were quietly impressed. If I winn the PlayBook, I'm giving it to our office tech coordinator so I can prove to my teams once and for all that we have superior technology.

Welcome back RIM!

I sold my play book to get an ipad, now playbook 2.0 was born and i soo badly want a playbook.
Lets see if luck favours me this time ... :)

Hook a uncle up . dun meh hanging mang :) heheh
super awesome CrackBerry ROCKS!!!!

Stuff I love about Playbook 2.0 Social Every where Feeling!!
and the connected feel that doesn't stop!

The Seamless way everything just works! and the Video Chat too!!!

I have had a PlayBook since day 1. I LOVE it, and I am so looking forward to what OS 2.0 will bring. I haven't had much time to play with it today, but what I've seen so far is great. Can't wait to see some of the great new apps that the Android Player and RIMs incentives will bring.

Bring on Kindle, Netflix and Skype and my world will be pretty much complete. At that point, my PB is level with my husband's Fire....and mine will work when we can't get Wifi :)

Crackberry, OS 2.0 and Playbook has given me the opportunity to take part in my first every BBM slumber party! That was great, and met some awesome people. Would love another Playbook so I could try the Video chat option.

I love the playbook because i discovered, thanks to her, the best Blackberry Site ever, Crackberry!. Always up to date, wiht a lot of awesome giveaways. The OS 2.0 make me come here every day, since the day when i receive my PlayBok. And i love to have another one to Play with my wife, and show everyone arround here without a playbook, all the fun that they are missing. And that is not all, but i do not want to be excessively romantic. Btw. Sorry if i type some mistakes, i'm just learning english and i'm try to be bold. ;)

Why do I love my Blackberry Playbook?
The answer is so simple: it's currently the best tablet on the market with the new OS2 update.
New calendar, native mail, MORE APPS!, Print To Go ---> OMG There's so much things =D
My favorite is the new Video Chat update :)

I love that Crackberry believes!! Never gives up, always giving us who have been faithful to bb devices. For that hope someday we will have the ultimate device in hand!!!

I'm pretty sure that Redtube works like a charm on the NEW BPB OS 2.0 - sorry but I need one to find out...

It would be sweet to have another Playbook with OS 2 on it so I don't have to share mine. I ordered my current Playbook on the day they went on sale at Best Buy and absolutely love it. It was tough being an early adopter but starting to pay off (well, I'm not going to say how much it cost for the 64 GB PB back on day 1...) Ouch!

Loving the new bridge function! This is the best 2.0 release of any software manufacturer.

I would love to be one of the lucky 4 who wins this because BlackBerry has been the first phone I had and the only phone I've ever used my entire life and this PlayBook will definitely continue that tradition of RIM devices for this student :) #BlackBerry4Life !..

I don't own a playbook. However I do own a blackberry Style, I love the Blackberry user Interface, I think its the best there is.....

The problem is their lack of memory power. However the Hype definitely make me check out the Playbook.
The chance to win is also enticing.


I would give this to my oldest daughter. She is the last of a family of 6 to have a Playbook. She's 1 month pregnant and it would be a fabulous gift.

I'm leaving this comment because I don't have a PlayBook, hence I can't talk about it, and I really want one!!! in three words about Crackberry: It's my bible (when it comes to blackberry).
Thanks for the work you guys do! (note that the last line is real but I wrote it because I badly want a Playbook, so choose meeeee)!

Hey! I'm an engineering student from Mexico and i loove my playbook. Everyone here at the university has an iPad but when they saw my PB, they were like... SHUT UP and take my money!

Well not everyone said that ¬¬, some of them thought that if it doesnt receive mails and FB and Twitter notifications and stuff, it isnt a Blackberry... or they were showing off their fancy appstore AND NOW ! I FEEL THE POWER !!! And now who's showing off iPad owner!!!

True Story.... So I'd like to win another PB so my friends could follow my lead and have one! Please. :)

I love my playbook. I do love the 2.0 update as well, especially the messaging. What I like to see is the nook app back, and hulu and netflix support.

I love my PLAYBOOK so dose my 4 year old son i NEVER get to use it.
My 4 year old son loves youtube and Angry Birds and now Plants vs zombies on MY PLAYBOOK well i should say HIS PLAYBOOK now that I never get to use it anymore ,hanging out to use the new Video store if i ever get back from my 4 year old i think i need another PLAYBOOK i think i need to win another PLAYBOOK lol i want my PLAYBOOK back

This is awesome, let hope the new o.s will pump up the play book sales and help reborn the blackberry name.

I love my playbook and my wife wants one also.

I hate OS2 because I left my playbook at home this morning.

Is that Tuesday/Wednesday at midnight or Wednesday/Thursday at midnight?

Midnight is actually the next day so just wondering. And no it isn't 12:01.

I'm lovin Crackberry for all the contest, helpful and informative forms and blogs, keeping up to date all all the latest Blackberry news.
I've wanted a Playbook since the first rumors popped up in the blogs. Saving up for one now. But to win one would be Great!

The new OS2.0 will make my PB64 better. My wife thinks she needs an iPad. Wish I had another PB to give to her.

the os2.0 is very stable updated my 32gig runs smoother than crackberry on a chute lol hope they just get better and better

Thanks CB for keeping me up-to-date, informed, and excited about all things Blackberry! I would love to get my grimy mitts on a new Playbook. I would even wash them first.

Couldn't get my hands on the 32GB Playbook for $150. Waited on the 16GB Playbook for $150 to drop in price and now its back up to $199! :(

Really appreciate you guys at CrackBerry for giving us the chance to get our hands on a Playbook! Thank you so much! :)

Best thing about 2.0 is easily the updated bridge remote. Now I can surf CrackBerry on my big screen!

With OS 2 finally here, I am ready to take the PlayBook plunge. If I get as addicted to that device as I am to my BB smartphone, I may never log off of!!

Make me a PlayBook owner!!!!!

I love the push email and the ability to multi-task! I will be able to use the Playbook during my lectures in class! Would love to have a Playbook to give to a family member or friend who needs a tablet. I could also use the accessories as well.

This is my chance to get a hold of one of the most versatile Blackberry hardware till this day. Thank you CrackBerry :)

These updates have been awesome so far!! Maybe its that time RIM takes back its throne!! I need a playbook!! :)

I'd love to get my hands on a Playbook! Awesome contest!

2.0 seems to be a much needed update for the Playbook, though I haven't had the benefit of owning one to speak of the difference.

With some good luck, perhaps that will change. ;)

Playbook is the best tablet so far what I used. And now we have os 2.0 with more features.
Ow and CrackBerry is the best site where you can collect all your information if it be to blackberry phone or playbook

thanks for everything


I'm loving the fact that Crackberry keeps doing awesome giveaways! I mean, I haven't won one yet, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Maybe this time? :D

Love it all, since day 1, mainly the size, screen and potential - just got better today. Thanks for all the latest Crackberry. Cheers.

I got an iPad last year and was not 100% happy with it, picked up a PB in Dec and within two weeks had to get one for the wife... Now my oldest has given in to the Dark Side giving up her Driod for a BB and is also asking if she can have a PB....................

Really need a Playbook for myself as the 2.0 update has meant my missus has taken hers back now!

In it to win it. Cheers.

Finally, OS 2.0 supporting email. Tested my co-workers BBPB, why doesn't the apostrophe appear on the main keyboard?!?!

Here's hoping I win one.

Many thanks to Kevin and the crew for keeping the faith and keeping Crackberry Nation informed.. I ran IBM's OS/2 for years, now I would like to run RIM's Playbook OS 2.0!

Can't say I'm fourtunate enough to own a playbook (that's why I'm entering the contest) so I can't answer what I love about the playbook or os 2.0 bui I can tell you what I love about crackberry. This site has held me down for the last 4 or 5 years when it comes to information, rumors, help/tips, and os upgrades for my beloved blackberries I've had over the years.

holy smokes, when there is something to win the comments are insane..
seriously!!! anyways have fun all and hope your the lucky one to win it.

I have a small business and we all use blackberries! Having a playbook would make creating our to-do's and calender for the company easier plus the new native email would be great!!!

What do I love about playbook 2.0?
My friend who is an Android tablet user saying " dude! Now I'm getting jealous!"

It felt gooooooddd!!!!

Now give me one of those playbooks so I can spread the jealousy between others....

I could use one! I'm going back to school in September and I could defintely use it! The new native email app would help me, and social calendar would keep me organized!