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CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.


This would be so cool!!!


Would love to give one to my mom who is across the states. She loves using mine when in town. Good luck to all. Go 2.0!


Crackberry has the best integrity when it comes to review.


Loving the new calendar application the most. The remote control is pretty cool as well.


I love the new navigation!!!!


I love the playbook, and its multitasking, I dont need apps, I would love to have more


I loved the 2.0 slumber party the best : )


My company is heading to that iOther tablet. Long live BlackBerry and I want a PlayBook to stay true.


I reallyyy need me a PlayBook!! OS 2.0 looks like a sweet update and I'm def #TeamBlackBerry for life :)


Dear God, please oh please. My heart longeth for one.


Sweet! Pick me!

As for 2.0 - except for some weirdness, absolutely digging the remote control of Bridge 2.0. OS 2.0... integrated inbox is actually pretty cool. As expected, though, it's a bit irritating to get notified twice of everything.


Great contest, thanks Crackberry!

I'll be trying OS2 tonight and the biggest new feature for me will be e-mail support as I can't login to my webmail with the OS1 browser.


Only got to test Playbook 2.0 for a little bit before work, It is SOOOO Awesome!!

I would love to get one of the free Playbooks to give to my mom so we can video chat. It would make communicating so much easier and since I can't afford to buy her one a free one would be sweet!

Thanks to the Crackberry Team for all the OS 2.0 Information! I can't wait to get home!


I'm loving the fact that the Playbook is such a great device. And I love crackberry for having a contest like this. I really really really hope I win.


To win would be awesome


May be this time. I wait it for long time.
I can't stand anymore my father's tablet


I love the PlayBook for its size and potential. I love CrackBerry for the awesome articles and the community.


I love the new embedded email even if it is not working for me yet. Oh I so want another playbook for work use. Please.


I am loving the new OS - emails, bridge remote and everything else. I am going to be showing the PB off to as many people as I can. I could sure use a second PB in case I wear the first one out!!!


OS2 personally has made life easier organizing contacts, messages and events in my professional life. OS2 answers to the Playbook's shortcomings and allows it to shine like the amazing tablet that it is capable of being. I look forward to all of the ingenious apps and further updates that will come to supplement the new Playbook experience and feel lucky to have been an early adopter.


Giddy up! Count me in.


Don't think my first comment went through. 2nd attempt. I want a playbook! It'll be my 1st tablet-like device!!!


Oh Ya! I'll take a new Playbook with 2.0 :)


This comment has everything it needs to win. Help me jump my Android ship, Crackberry!


I'm really digging OS 2.0's new app store and the social networking. I'm really hating the lack of mac compatibility for print to go. Overall, OS 2.0 looks real sharp! Good going RIM!


I'm loving the Predictive text but sometimes I wonder what its thinking


Crackberry is the best!! Yeah Buddy!!! Giddy Up!!!


I stayed up all night last night, & it was a fun experience. The integration between video chat & contacts is amazing


One new PlayBook please and thank you! :D


couldn't feel the time, couldn't do any work... just trying all OS 2.0 awesome features...! PB Rocks!


I haven't played with the PlayBook yet, so I'll have to tell you what I like about Crackberry. How about EVERYTHING? You guys always have the latest BlackBerry news as well as tons of tips and tricks. I don't even have to peruse the news (hey, that rhymes!) because if it's to do with BlackBerry, it's going to show up here very soon.
Thanks for keeping this site up and running!


Would love to get my hands on one of these PlayBooks. Hook me up CrackBerry...


I would love a new Playbook but I have to say that I was never a fan of Blackberry or RIM until lately a friend of mine has the Playbook and I totally fell in love with it, and then his Blackberry 9900 which is the most incredible phone I've ever used! He also turned me onto this site which has made me fall even more in love with Blackberries! I cannot wait until my contract is eligible for a change! Would love the chance though to win a Playbook!


17xx already?! Do i stand a chance???
Anyways I want one. I have a potential for loving this.... I mean when it is free lol


17xx already?! Do i stand a chance???
Anyways I want one. I have a potential for loving this.... I mean when it is free lol


what a great gesture! thanks crackberry!


It would be the perfect partner to my 9810. Thanks!


Crackberry does a great job keeping on top of all Blackberry news. The idea of winning a Playbook is pretty nice too :)


I would love a PlayBook from CrackBerry


Really love the new keyboard!


2.0 will be the game changer for Rim in the tablet world. Native Email was all that the PB needed to get noticed. Hook me up!


I don't have a playbook but i've followed this to the very second like I had one from my humble curve 3G. The cascade navigation is off the hook so is the remote connection to other wireless HID devices. I couldn't even imagine i could win in here with the number of post already but i've just got to say this OS2 update does look really good.


I would like to have one with my Torch 9860 to develop applications to Blackberry.


The new OS looks really good. Between stand-alone PIM and updated PIM, it definitely is back in the game. I've always liked the multitasking capabilities.

I would love to have a Playbook (currently don't have one), and hope to upgrade my 9630 soon. I'm so in the BlackBerry dark ages (at least I'm still not on my 8830) - winning will bring me towards being back on the BlackBerry forefront!


would love a new playbook


I'm iiiiiiiiiin! So exciting! It's just the best tablet ever!!!!!


Finally! Its been a long "2 months" for native email on my PB! Love it, love it, love it!
But we could still use skype!


A most welcome contest! Thank you!! Email, Calendar and Folders in OS 2, oh my!


I love the new OS 2.0... Although I do not own a Playbook the new features look great... the integrated contacts, the calendar etc. Most of all, I like how all native apps are integrated with each other and with social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin. Great update! I would love to have a Playbook to try it!


I love the new OS 2.0... Although I do not own a Playbook the new features look great... the integrated contacts, the calendar etc. Most of all, I like how all native apps are integrated with each other and with social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin. Great update! I would love to have a Playbook to try it!


Without a doubt its the email client and contacts apps. Not only were they needed, but what RIM came up with for 2.0 is amazing!


This would be a great graduation gift for my daughter. And a great way to keep in touch (video chat) when she's away at college.


Always gotta throw my hat into the ol' CB contests :)


I want it please!! I love synchronization with BB Bold 9900. But I think it's gonna be difficult to send it to Argentina haha!!! Anyway... thanks for the opportunity and I hope it's me who gets it!! Byeeee!!!!


Loving 2.0 so far! I would love to win one for my brother! Thanks.


I Love the Bluetooth upgrade! cause my Bluetooth gear finally works! not to mention all the awesome app updates!


I would like to give my wife one so can put her dam ipad down!!!


Would my wife super happy.


Wow, free playbook!! :)


Love the native email and faster web browsing!


I'm liking the contact integration and the new video chat interface... found more PB users via my Facebook account.


1/1800 chance right now LOL


Put my name in for sure =)


OS 2.0 is a great update! Hope to see more of this from Blackberry! :)


My wife is crazy about the PB ! Now that the OS2 is out and pack full of goodies i believe she will loe a PB of her own!
Thank you RIM for the good work! I love OS2!!!!

Today was like Xmass all over again!


What i'm loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 well, now that it has native email and calendar makes the unit much more efficient + with all the new apps the sky's the limit and well I just love CrackBerry!

Thanks CB TEAM !!!


OS 2.0 downloaded - Check
Bridge 2.0 downloaded - Check
Time to configure and test it out - In Progress


Rock in Roll RIM in 2012!


I want a playbook so bad! I love crackberry for news on leaks!


I get an iPad 2 from some offer in my city. After two weeks i really get dissapointed by this big screen gadget. My BlackBerry Torch 9860 is much better, and i'm trying to changue my non used iPad from one Playbook but no one haves one.

That's why i want to get this BlackBerry Playbook.



loving the new UI and be able to create folder!
hope I get a free one :)


Played with a friend's BP (beta 2.0), loved it! Hope I can win one here!


I wish I could afford one of these! I am student and I work also. This could really help me out with my studies!! Please please please pick me =)


So far so good, smooth operation and my wireless internet seems to connect much faster and is more stable.
Thanks RIM


Something I love about the Playbook is the possibility to send video to it while it's in standby mode. I think about installing one for the kids in the car, and fill it with movies (from the comfort of the house, via wifi) before we hit the road. If I win this contest, the new playbook will be perfect for that! (maybe I'll try to find a small hdmi monitor to share the display! :))


LED notification...yeah!


Help. I have had trouble keeping the wife from pinching mine. Now with OS2, it is even harder. I NEED another......


Thank you CrackBerry! You're always having the best giveaways!


Typing this comment on my Blackberry keyboard with my new PlayBook Bridge remote. I love that RIM delivered on the new OS and made PlayBook more of what it should be. :D


Great tool for both regular and corporate use. sleek, smart and Solid. Cant wait to see it succeed.


Love the "blackberry flow" between contacts, calendar & social media communcation! Very cool contest...hopefully I'm one of the lucky four!


I just love the whole QNX/PlayBook way of doing things - it's so much more intuitive than my iPad, or indeed my iPhone. Having been an Apple fan for many years and never having been tempted by any of Blackberry's previous offerings, I can say that if the BB10 phones are as good as the PlayBook in terms of navigation, slickness etc, I may possibly jump ship in the future.


When I first heard of the remote feature of the bridge, I thought "sounds ok, but I doubt I'll really use it." Wrong. I can't quit using it. Great feature. Already tried out Print To Go also great feature. Found a couple of android apps I was hoping would be there. Very pleased with 2.0.


Liking the remote control app and the new look of the App World!


Like to spread the word ahhm PlayBook here in Germany.


I love it!!! The open on feature is pretty sweet. So many new features.


Before: A device used for web browsing.
Post 2.0: a fully functional tablet that I can use.


I would love a playbook! :D My 9900 crapped out on me, and now I'm aching for a 9810! It would go GREAT with the 9810! :D Please please PLEASEEEE!!!! Ohh! And I love CB, it has been the greatest BB community EVER! :D


I would love a playbook, that way I could check my mail when my BB is dead.. :-D


Ever since I bought my BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB, people thought I was nuts at the time when RIM was in the doldrums, delayed OS updates, etc but one thing they don't have is...


It turned out that the OS 2.0 is finally here and I am so glad to see this. Basically, like all the other posters here, I am LOVIN' IT!

One thing I noticed is that I am STILL not bored of PlayBook. Every time I look at an iPad2, I get tired of iOS and all that.

PlayBook ROCKS! CrackBerry ROCKS! RIM ROCKS!


Traded mine today for a ps vita, but would like another to give to my folks.


Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Gotta get one for the wifey!

Even though it's bridge related, I love the remote...can't wait to get home tonight, connect the PB to the TV, sit my ass on the couch and surf!!


Of course, I'm in. Always need a spare! Nice job CB!!


Come to me! 9930 awaits you!!


I like the new keyboard and predictive text.
Native email with multiple accounts
Waiting for more Android Apps!


i'll take one if im lucky enough. the better half is pissed that she does not have one. maybe i can video conference with her then.


I am loving the speed of the new OS and the new Print to Go feature. Let me win a playbook so that I can give one to my girlfriend for her 2nd grade classroom please.


I don't have a tablet and would love for my first one to be the playbook and I'm sure the new 2.0 update will be amazing


OS2 is incredibly amazing!! Can't stop using the remote feature! Too cool!!


CrackBerry is still the #1 place to get information on all things related to BlackBerry.


Very impressed by 2.0 so far. I think it is a real game changer. I'd love a second PB so my wife and I could video chat. 8^)


I hope you see this threw the 1800 people but wow it would be so amazing to win this playbook - I have a old jacked laptop and is a fossil lol and I'm getting started in the modeling/acting industry and it would be great to have a fast reliable place to hold my portfolio photos and resumes etc... I Hope I win :)


Everyone NEEDS a PlayBook. Thanks guys for the contest. I hope everyone can win :)


I am loving the unified unbox. And the ability to organize apps the way I want with folders. The send to playbook feature is also cool have used it for work a few times now. Now this is what the playbook is about. GO RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay Crackberry !!!!!!!


realtorgs loves Crackberry


Would be an awesome contest to win. Love that the playbook can now use android apps.


I love Crackberry for the information and the COOLEST give-aways! I'd love to rock a Playbook since the rest of my office is hardcore iPeeps!


Seriously?! Wow! As if the OS2.0 excitement wasn't enough!


I would LOVE another one so I can give it to my wife so we can keep in touch using video chat PLEASE!!!! :)


one word. folders. OMG so tidy now lol! :D


The new message application in 2.0 is super, but discovering custom folders on the desktop was great! Love the PlayBook with 2.0.


Kevin! "Rock'n and Roll'n This" 9000 with my PB. OS2 is pretty sweet. Would another PB for the wife!

big jay#CB

I love the bezel gestures, and the fact that this could replace my netbook with OS 2.0 installed for all my business. I'd love to have one to go with my 9900!


I'm just playing with this new OS. I'm wondering where I can submit my thoughts, suggestions and bug reports. Any ideas anyone?

I'm pretty stoked with it so far!


I live tweet Montreal Canadiens games to my followers and I love the fact that while I tweet from my Blackberry I can use my buddy's Playbook to look up stats or answers to questions my followers have for me. It would make things much simpler if I had my own Playbook.


Thanks Crackberry for my brand new PlayBook! ;)))


I would love to show it of to all the apple-fanatics in my world... Just letting them know that Blackberry is not dead, but it's back on the rise...

mig 007

I love the PlayBook and its features. Pick me!


Love how CB is always up-to-date with berry info! Can't wait to go OS2, but forgot to charge my PB and it doesn't seem to want to charge now, FML.


Does it come with that photo of the new slimmed down Kevin??? LOL!


os2 completes the playbook. love it! better performance and productivity


Let me see, i love my PhoeBee because it is a PlayBook. I love PlayBook because its a BlackBerry, do i need to say more what are the things that BlackBerry can do, It would be redundant right?

Why I love Crackberry? Because I would be lost out there in the cyberspace if crackberry didn't exist. And this is the only site where I have found my BBM friends when i first owned a 8900 along with 8700 then upgraded it to 9000, now with the 9900 and most of those friends i have found here is still with me.

And for those reasons I am very very very grateful that RIM has launched the blackberry for an average consumer like me :)


OS2 is great and definitely moving in the right direction.

1 The calendar is awesome.
2 Contact is amazing.
3 The text selection is much much more precise.
4. PPT edit is welcomed (But it would be fab if we can create it.)
5. Stand By

However these things are still outstanding:
1 keyboard: swype and IME
2 The folders s ems to be a bit buggy. I created a folder right this morning and it completely vaporized (I want my "games" folder back! It is still installed, but just no way of opening the app.)
3 It still lacks a messaging client that will communicate with the rest of the world. (msn, gtalk, Skype-out, ...etc)
4 Only wish RIM will let me bridge with nonBB phones or send/recieve files via BT
5 The email client will not let me archive gmail's

1. GPS
2. Folders view in File Manager and Docs to Go (as opposed to searching or scrolling through everything)
3. "Delete" button on keyboard (or shift backspace)
4. Keyboard gestures (shipping on on a key will cap of it, swipe left for backspace,... Just like swiping down is enter)


I have a 32 GB PB, and just upgraded to the 2.0 OS. Would want to gift my 20-year old brother so we can keep in touch. Thanks!


Crackberry is awesome for giving away a PlayBook! I want one to give to my wife!


I love CB and my new PB. The web browser is oh so fast and typing with my 9930 is dreamy. Keep up the good work with keeping crackberry nation informed!


Yeah a chance to get a Playbook! Been trying to get one for months but Best Buy shenanigans and life issues have kept that dream from coming true. Would be awesome if ya picked me though. Just say in :-)


I love how fun a playbook is and how much better OS 2.0 has made the playbook for me :D It is a great investment!


YES! OS2 in my Pb and new BB Bridge :D


I love you guys at Crackberry as I get all my most updated info about BlackBerry here everyday! Thanks.


"ENJOY THE SILENCE" and v2.0 of PB !!!

thanks crackberry, you ROCK!


what i love?? i love the size
i love the os
i love the integration with my phone
i love all


Count me in! Loving the remote control features!


I love everything about OS 2, but most of all the Speed!


Best thing about os2 is the spelling check so give me the PlayBook please!


Oh man I'm so happy with my Xmas purchase..what a deal and what a piece of hardware ! And affordable! Anyone paying more for less is a drone! I don't have a blackberry phone but I use my HTC no probs with the tether and its pretty damn fast surfing with just 3g.

Been waiting for the OS2 update..needed it for a free android epub reader I like and LOVE the new calender and contacts, pretty f'n sweet. Thanks BlackBery!

Wish you nothing but the best.


It's a toss up between the messaging app and app world. Both are humongous improvements over what was previously available.


Hhmmm. Keyboard seems the same. set up in preferences. no change. hmm. maybe ill see if its just in the browser....


I hate my iPad and really, reaaly need a PB to complement my 9800.


The best. Tablet there is and defenetly need another one for video chat.


!!!!em kcip esaelP !eno evah ot evol dluow I


This would be a great addition in our home. My wife is taking mine when I set it down,and my daughter is guilty, too. It would be nice to have a playbook for my wife and her 9860.

Good luck to everyone who entered.


Everything about it is great


Well, first of all...that BB Bridge is awesome and using your phone as a remote controller it's just crazy. The unified inbox looks great too and, not to mention that sweet SwiftKey...gorgeous. Love you CrackBerry for bringing me the news every day and of course....that tablet, that PlayBook....I love it, I don't love it...I love it, I don't love it....I love it, I don't love it....I LOVE IT, of course I LOVE IT....God...Je....maaaaan..... Love you guys, keep up and.....I'll have that PB :D. Thanks.


Suuuuuweeet! Could use one :)


I was up working late last night and as the launch time for OS 2.0 neared, the excitement that the new OS would help turn the tide for the PB kept me working until and past 5am. I downloaded & installed the upgrade before I went to sleep around 6am! The final reboot took a while, but when the new home screen came up, it was like a whole new tablet in my hands.

Hope to familiarize myself with the new features in the next few days. Could always use a 2nd PB in the family.


Great prize. I'd love one!


I'm ready to be a new owner of a PlayBook.. Com'on Kev - -> Hook a brutha up!!!!



OS 2 its great, I love it



I will feel so complete with it. I have been a blackberry fan since the first time i had one ( back in 2005)


Installed 2.0 first thing this morning and everything works great including being able to use my old 8330 as a remote pointing device. Graphics, new apps and overall functionality are impressive.
Have not tested the improved battery life claims yet, but I've never really had a complaint. Well worth the wait with hopefully more improvements and additions to come including Skype and Netflix.


This would be an awesome gift to me, so when I win I can give my wife my ipad, which I don't use nearly as much as she does and can get off my back about spending money on electronic toys!
Since it will be paired or Bridged to my 9930 it would be a win-win situation for us all!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry, and RIM advisor to the CEO, Kevin Michaluk!


It looks like they've finally nailed this platform. I would love one!


Are there any ladies who are loving the experience thus far?
I know I am - I am so excited!! - woke up at 4:35am this morning...waited patiently, and voila!
Perfecto timing - I was able to download, and ready to roll with setting up email etc!
I am loving-it-up! Could use one for work only! productivity all the way!


bbm lets me stay connected with my girlfriend and my family who are spread out over the world. Apple my have the tactile user interface down to a key but it just cannot compete with the functionality and security of a bb. Cannot wait for bb10 to come out, if its anything like the playbook os experience it should help rim stay on top (in the uk) and maybe win back a few droid loving yanks.

count me in for this free playbook though, im a poor uni student and cant afford one :(


bbm lets me stay connected with my girlfriend and my family who are spread out over the world. Apple my have the tactile user interface down to a key but it just cannot compete with the functionality and security of a bb. Cannot wait for bb10 to come out, if its anything like the playbook os experience it should help rim stay on top (in the uk) and maybe win back a few droid loving yanks.

count me in for this free playbook though, im a poor uni student and cant afford one :(


Love the playbook awesome tool/toy.


great contest! id like to have a playbook!


What i love most about the new OS2.0, is that it has improved web browser and HTML5, and now i can play with andriod apps and of course all of that on the best 7" tablet currently on the market :D wish everyone luck :)


BB Playbook is a best tablet all over the world. This is my opinion and I think whole crackberry users think the same way as I do. What I like most about playbook is the DESIGN that fit in your hands. Now with the new released of OS 2.0, the bb playbook are more than just a tablet. With native email, more integrations, and richer UI experiences it combined our works, play, life, and learn even more! Great job BlackBerry!

And the best things is crackberry are most kind of all others, because of non-stop competitions!

Website that I never miss to open everyday! Thanks ;p


I would love to win!!!


Loving the 'Remote Control' feature. Hope I win ;)


Still using my trusty bold 9700, can't seem even switch. I'm really digging the ui and the enhancements on OS 2.0. It would be nice to have one. Thanks for the chance to win one of these bad boys!


I'd love to win a playbook. I ended up returning mine after buying it shortly after release last year because of all the issues and bugs.

I have a few friends that work at RIM & I got to play with the new OS today. It looks like RIM is fixing itself up. Lots of stuff to do, but Heins should be able to crack the whip a few times and get things back on track.

Here's my official contest entry. proper info probably isnt regged with my account, so please contact me via direct message @asecord if by chance, I win!

Allan in T.Dot

I can't wait to see how the reviews for 2.0 hold up. I might be getting two of these suckers and a 9900 for my wife if everything works out smoothly!


I would love to get a PB for my son!


"Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!"
I'm loving everything about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 and CrackBerry. Always have, always will. #Rim4life


I eat, sleep and breath BlackBerry! has been the homepage on my personal computers and all my BlackBerry devices for 5+ years. Falling in love with my 8330 then deeper with my 8530, to the 9650 and now the 9930. Now that my PlayBook is fully loaded and my 9930 is a keyboard/mouse for PlayBook and PS3 I have accepted the fact that I will NEVER overcome this addiction. And..... I'm absolutely OK with that. :D


I would like a BlackBerry PlayBook, especially now that OS 2.0 is out!


I need a playbook! It would help a lot with medical school!


Ooooo pick me! Pick me!!! I REALLY want a PlayBook special Please pick me!!!


Dude- I obviously love you guys and BlackBerrys.

I am on here 24/7. I tweet Crackberry Kevin, Adam and Bla1ze all day- @adam_sahli

I want a playbook so bad but I am so damn poor (student loans) that I just can't afford that OR a new OS 7 phone for verizon.

Either way, rockin picture. BB4L


Crackberry always has the best contests around!


It was like Christmas morning all over again. I woke up at 5:14 am checked my Playbook and it was there!
2.0 is Great!


awsome love the remote


Email. Enough said. :)


Nirvana attained!!! Go 2.0!!!


Oh please can I have one?


I absolutely love the size and OS 2.0! I want a Playbook not just watch reviews! lol


I'm loving the new clean interface of 2.0 and would LOVE to give my husband one so he can play his own NFS Undercover! :-)


I want one so bad but no $$$


Love the android player as well as the up to date news this site always offers.


I used to dream about being a stuntman, now all i want is a playbook! Crackberry keep kicking it and Rim gets a high five for delivering. Thanks!


Now that 2.0 is finally out, I really want one of these PBs.


I desperately need another place to put OS2. If you could help me out with that I will be ever so grateful.


I was part of the slumber party last night and am lovin my problem free 2.0 experience!!! I'd say I'm happiest about phone remote support and mkv capability. The two features I was hoping to see in 2.0.

All in all I need more Playbooks to feed this family's growing love affair!



I love the PB !!! smooth, professional, slim, and very powerful tablet ! I like the new OS 2 features, especially the email client , the keyboard and the RED led ! :D


I love how it's portable and lovely to hold!


As allways excited with this contest!!!

Thanks CrackBerry World!!! :-)


Would love to have another PB!


I love the browser & multitasking on the PB trouble is so does the wife so a 2nd PB would mean I get to spend more time on it!


Please let me win as I already have one but the wife keeps steeling it from me


I would love to win a Playbook. A great gift for the whole family. Since I never win any contest, I’m sure crackberry will be my first time winning!


If it weren't for CrackBerry, I wouldn't have the chance to own a BB Playbook c/w accessories, so PLEASE, choose me. I would do anything for one (almost). Then I could check out what's happening on CrackBerry, without straining these eyes on a Torch! What a combo - a Torch a BB Playbook OS 2.0 & Crackberry.


I would be lost without my BB so a playbook would enhance the experience tremendosly


GO 2.0! I'm in for a free Playbook!


I would love to replace my son's iPad with one of these (he would too!)


Playbook 2.O OS attract me much.. It like more powerful than ipad n android tablet..I wish to have 1 for this.. :)


I would love to have a playbook to check out the new 2.0 software! I have been wanting a tablet!


A year ago I bought my first BlackBerry, and after this year I really can not live without it anymore. A PlayBook to make my life even more BlackBerry would be awesome!


Love that email app.

Fernando Almeida

The playbook LIGHTBERRY 24 Houres, it will be a good name for that Crakberry show us .
We are in touch all time with last news . We learn and we are update all time .
Thank you team Crackberry.
I hope to be winner one PLAYBOOK for share with my relationship.


Clearly biggest feature in my 0.02 is native email/calendar, though the potential additions to the app ecosystem (and that they are seemless, without being "an android" app) is a close second! Would love to win!


I'd love to win just for the accessories package, and to give the extra PlayBook to a family member to prevent the iOS pandemic which is sweeping through the household.

Typed on the new OS 2 keyboard with predictive text. Finally, a virtual keyboard worth typing seriously with!


I have a 64G but my wife needs a PB.

Updated to OS2 this am.... And now I'm rockin it with a BB9900 picked up this AM. What a keewwwllll day!!!


I'd love to win just for the accessories package, and to give the extra PlayBook to a family member to prevent the iOS pandemic which is sweeping through the household.

Typed on the new OS 2 keyboard with predictive text. Finally, a virtual keyboard worth typing seriously with!


I have a 16GB Playbook and would like to get one for my wife.
She travels for work. Video chat, Facebook and native email for her would be great.

I use mine mainly for watching videos while travelling. Now with the improvements of OS 2.0 I use it for personal email. I have a Torch for work email.


I loved my Playbook before os2. Now its just fantastic.

And to top that, once Magellan Compass does their update, it will be as GPS as well.

So for me great deal I have a camera, an HD video camera, a full GPS, tons of games to play, can stay in contact with friends and family via many different apps, can watch videos or play music.

Who needs a laptop anymore?

And Crackberry has taught me a zillion things I didn't even know I cold do with this tablet.

Playbook rocks!


I saw my friend had o's 2.0 and I really want to be able to try it out as well.


blackberry have now exceeded its expectations with its customers with th new os version 2.0 as i heard i would love a blackberry playbook


I don't have a playbook so I cannot say what I love about the playbook or OS2. I can, however, say that I love because of the wealth of knowledge that is housed within the site. The participants also are always willing to share their insight and feedback and that enhances the value of the site and helps users make more informed decisions.


Pick Me! Fav part of OS2 is Email and Calendar!


Gotta have a PlayBook to mount in the bathroom and use the remote feature when on the "throne" :p


New OS seems to be everything that is was advertised to be. Would love a Playbook for my wife.


Love the cleaner interface. Email with calendar intigration. Remote phone function. More apps!


I would love a second one!!!


Count me in! I love crackberry because i need tools, not toys for productivity and portability. Bb4life!


Rimm has worked so hard to get it right. And today when they finally got it right with the release of PB 2.0 there stock price is in the red. Wall street greed!

BA Baracus

OS 2.0 is great! the new video chat - works great with mobile hotspot on my 9900 - everything that was added makes the playbook better than it already was!


I love crackberry 'cos it has no cracks but tastes like a berry.


Pick me!!! I'm in Australia so we have missed out on all the Playbook discounts. Also my username is cool cos it has a number in it. I rest my case.


What I love about crackberry is you guys keep me pumped up about a product I already love. Crack-Berry is right ;)

Aiden - D

Im 12 years old and im a HUGE fan of blackberry (i know im kinda a geek :P) and i reeeaaalllllyyyy want a new playbook. My moms bday is coming up and it would be epic if i could give it to her for her birthday. So anyways, onto the question....

My favourite thing about the new OS 2.0 is the new keyboard (its way easier the use) , the thing at the top where i can put all my favourite games, the new app store, and i like the new facebook email thing, so i can talk to my friends using it instead of the crappy app. All in all i love everything, im hoping tthat blackberry can get back on track and start fresh.

BYE! :)


The OS 2 goods are AWESOME! I would have liked seeing the panels be able to be labeled! It was a hope of mine. I like the folder options! The remote control feature is absolutely a nice feature to this successfully update! The fluidity is outstanding! I really like the new keyboard options and customization I can select! RIM and the CB nation cannot be thanked enough!

If I win one of our the four I will be pleased, Thanks in advance for this opportunity! LETS ROCK & ROLL THIS!


The OS 2 goods are AWESOME! I would have liked seeing the panels be able to be labeled! It was a hope of mine. I like the folder options! The remote control feature is absolutely a nice feature to this successfully update! The fluidity is outstanding! I really like the new keyboard options and customization I can select! RIM and the CB nation cannot be thanked enough!

If I win one of our the four I will be pleased, Thanks in advance for this opportunity! LETS ROCK & ROLL THIS!


gonna give it a shot would love one! can't afford one due to my head injury on the job but I know this would help me keep all my appointments and everything else in order especially now that 2.0 is out! I know prob not going to win because I always leave comments on every contest and still haven't won! maybe this will be my lucky day!!!!!


Cant comment on OS2.0 yet, but after winning a playbook, i'll ccertainly have a good go


Love to have one to go with my bold 9900

love the new 2.0 OS and using the touchscreen on the 9900 as a remote for the Playbook looks awsome..

Best of luck everyone