CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!



I've always wanted a BB Playbook. Would love to win one from Crackberry. The new update has me really curious about the PB and it's capabilities. Currently rocking my Bold 9930. A PB addition would be LOVELY! Been perusing the PB forum to get more info. Pick me!

The new PIM apps are really unique. I like how the contacts app integrates all the social networks you add to it. It would be nice to filter those down by account type (Facebook, Twitter, etc). The "open on Playbook" options through Bridge are awesome as well as remote control from my BB. Just need more apps like Netflix and Skype.

The best thing in PB is its incredible build quality. Very nice device, but the OS and the App Store will need some time to get better.

My first cell phone, 30 minutes of talk time on a Motorola Tac in the 80's, expensive and chunky, taking up three quarters of real estate no matter where you put it down. Dating myself and also sharing my appreciation for the advances in technology. Every cell phone I owned after that monster came with many nice upgrades in talk time and features. They also cost me a small fortune from breakage. Everything from the antennae, number pad, screen, to the flipper. Then came the Blackberry Curve smartphone, a mono-chrome screen but I was in love and so was my pocketbook. Rock solid inside and out, I owned that phone for 4 years with only one trackball change out that cost me $5.00. I've been fortunate to use a few Blackberry models, mostly because of upgrade changes at work. The only negative comment I can think of is good riddance to the little ball and hello trackpad!

Last fall I upgraded to the Torch. Smartphone touch, color screen and real keyboard hiding underneath in a rock solid Blackberry, my love for you grows deeper. I checked out the tablets while I was there but there wasn't a Playbook. I went home and surfed the web and found I didn't know the website existed because I never had an issue or need with my original Blackberry Curve. Who knew there was a plethora of information here! My love is overflowing ;-). Great to see so many like minded and loyal BB users too! really helped me learn more Blackberry but I was still hesitant to buy the Playbook after all the negative media. In the end, my friends and family convinced me to get the iPad instead.

I was initially really impressed with the iPad and it was fun. After three months I was bored to death with it. If you wanted to do anything productive you had to spend more money for the apps. The worst part for me though, the klutz that I am (note all the breakage in the aforementioned phones), I forked out another $80 to get a protective case. Now it looks like one of those Toughbooks you take to a construction site. Total damage, had I also purchased the apps I needed, around $750.00 and that's only the 16GB version. Not impressed.

January 2012 the price dropped again on the Playbook. All models $300.00 even the 64GB! Unfortunately, the negative media kept flowing so I was still hesitant. I came back to because you can actually read valuable information on everything Blackberry, from functionality, variety of apps, accessories, news updates (not just negative ones), user comments, and the relationship Crackberry has with the folks at Blackberry, good to see. I gave my noggin a couple of smacks for buying that iPad and went out and bought the Playbook.

Blackberry Playbook is the only tablet a person should buy. Rock solid inside and out. It has a tough exterior (duh, should have known this), professional look and yes, pretty too. Productivity apps included for FREE!, Adobe Flash (tough nuggies iPad!!), fun (oh ya) more apps than a person knows what to do with, graphics are stunning, multitasking heaven, HDMI port, the bridge and tethering to my BB Torch, ingenious! Blackberry has always impressed me putting a lot of thought into the ergonomic needs of the user. The size and shape are perfect. I bought a $15.00 cover just to keep the dust off ;-). keeps me pumped and up to date on the new OS 2.0 and all the other websites, news feeds, and reviews can just suck it! Love the calendar, new jazzing desktop, email and social media convergence. I have to go read and play some more. My PB and you will be spending a lot of time together, thanks for the website!

As for my family and friends that gave me bad advice; I've invited them to join my Blackberry (") lovefest. I have 2 confirmed attending :-)

I've always wanted a PlayBook. But now with 2.0, I want more even more. Crackberry, Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Pick Me! Pick Me!
Can't wait to get mine and take advantage of all the great things the Playbook has to offer.
Blackberry rocks!

New to the forum but long time reader and BB user. Thanks to all those who made the contest possible and good luck to everyone who enters.

Count me in, I really need a playbook!

Regarding what I love about Crackberry? I love the people and information available; this site helped me make the swtich to a blackberry (9900) when I was looking for a new phone. Once I win the playbook I will tell you everything I love about it also.

This is awesome. so smooth. some options missing but still great. It would be wicked if i win. never won anything from a website before. Again this is awesome

I want one more :D, just to give it to my wife to have a video chat. I am all alone with my playbook.

Lovin' the email. Finally a use for the indicator light! Syncs so easily with my gmail.. couldn't ask for more. Now if only the market had skype now and the pdf reader could open multiple documents at the same time.

I need a tablet I think I'll go for the playbook because I'm using a blackberry mobile phone and I think the operation system is friendly and easy to use

I really do love The OS. QNX definitely gives you more freedom without having to hack anything. That's why I love Playbook. (And I want of course. =D )

The Good or the Bad? Which should I post? Well I could write a novel with the good list. As for the bad list, its more of a 'I did not get my wish list, but I can see the path and I like where it's going'. Since this is the post for 'How much I love OS2', then I will go with the good...the short list not the novel, lol.

The messages app for email rocks. Added my personal, work, and charity emails. Then I added my twitter and facebook accounts. Thats when I realized I have too many people as 'friends' facebook. Time for some house cleaning. As my work uses exchange, as soon as I setup my work email it replicated my contacts from my exchange account *sweet*.

Contacts and Calendar are also as much as I expected, and more. Testing the Print to go and video store. I like being able to watch my video as it's downloading *WOW*. Video chat with my kids (they each got a PB for xmas, gotta love that santa guy) was nice, now even nicer.

Folders/Grouping for apps is a great addition. Really helps to organize the apps. Though it would have been nice if they kept the tabs instead of the quick launchbar. Now it is too much like an Apple device and a pain when you have 9 pages of apps you have to flip through. So, dump the quick launch and put the tabs back :).

As always, the hardware is rock solid. It was great to see that, in my view, the performance increased with OS2, not decreased.

Yes, that was the short list. Try asking me a 5 second question once...I'll give you a 30 minute response. :)

PlayBook - Its the modern day Rome. Not built in a day, but well thought out and becoming more powerful as it goes.

What? Didn't like that one? How about this one: iPAD = Rabbit, PlayBook = Turtle; The rabbit may have been fast at the start, but in the end the turtle won the race.

Ok, I'm done......for now. Cheers and Rock your BBPB..

As a new playbook owner I am amazed every day how much I love my playbook. I was looking for an inexpensive but "nice" tablet. I was in Best Buy when the price dropped and purchased my playbook. The next day I bought 3 more for my daughter and grandchildren. We love our playbooks.

I have both a PB and iPad and much prefer the PB head and shoulders above the iPad. With 2.0, it's even moreso becomming my device of choice. I would love another PB.

My wife loved Playbook OS 2.0 so much that now she's claimed ownership of my BB Playbook 16GB and taken it from me. So, I need a new one for myself, pretty please Crackberry guys!!!

I'm always on a mission spreading BlackBerry love... winning a PlayBook would sure help! Looking forward to using the Bridge Remote, coolest OS 2.0 feature!

I was away on vacation from last friday and didnt take my PB along. It was a disconnected no-tech vacation! I just came home and the first thing I did even before removing my shoes was take my PB and pressed the update button!

I am loving OS 2.0 so much! RIM-pire strikes back....

I absolutely LOVE I mean seriously I need this site in my life for all the updates, News and Rumours keeps me up to date and looking forward to the great things coming out for blackberry users. Just Logging on i was able to visit blackberry beta Zone and download twitter for blackberry 3.0 and facebook 3.0........Seriously i think RIM needs to hire you guys to consulr on their marketing plan to help get there market share up in the US.

Pick me to Win the playbook i definitely need one in my life :)

I couldn't wait for the day RIM makes a comeback. This is definately a stepforward. If I win a playbook I'd love to share it with a love one. :) Long live RIM and Crackberry!

Pleeeeease oh pleeeeeease....??? CrackBerry has given me outstanding support for, and knowledge about each of my BB's since day one. I could never afford a PlayBook, but would absolutely love to own one.

Hello Crackberry!

I am visiting this website now for a very long time - actually since I bought my BlackBerry and I want to take the time to thank you for the great news-stories (esp the weekly video which sums up what happened the last week). Thumbs up for this entertaining and informational news!

Long bla bla - I of course also want to win a Playbook :) I was thinking about getting one anyway (eventhough I think they will release a new one very soon!)...



Hey Crackberry!

I just wrote a comment but somehow it did not show up.

I am visiting this page now for a very long time (since I bought my B9700, I think) and I have to say you're doing a great job at creating a friendly and helpfull BB community.

I mostly like the video which sums up all the things happened a week before, this is always fun watching.

I of course also want to win a Playbook. I was thinking about getting one for a few months (eventhough I think there's a new one coming out soon!). So this would be great :-)

Thanks! Br!

I would so love to have a PB to go with my Torch. I really enjoy my blackberry and know a PB would make it so much more useful...especially with OS 2.0. Please pick me!!!!

I think blackberry/RIM have finally woken up to the real world (smelled the coffee etc.) and made a smart move. As they say "better late than never."

The OS2 certainly goes a long way in alleviating the very real deficiencies of their first attempt. It's the right direction and I'm finally glad we have good new news and cheers in the blackberry camp after much gloom and doom.

Having had my blackberry PB since launch, I was the butt of my other half's jokes who is an ipad user that even my kids loved. So the PB was truly orphaned. Glad it's of some 'real' use now and I will get to pressure test it on my business trips. The last few attempts were a real task with the blackberry bridge, which really didn't feel right as email forms the cornerstone of the BB brand and what I love most about it.

Well done on the release of the proper OS2. That said, RIM still need to keep pushing the envelope. We loyal users expect nothing less.

Onwards and upwards!

I really love the fact that OS 2.0 has integrated Android apps. Makes up for the fact that BB world doesn't have the best selection.

Hoping to buy a PB in the future, and I hope to see a RIM come back.

Im loving the fact the CB keeps me informed about the latest and greatest going on with Rim i don't leave alot of post's but i check often to see whats up along with imore. Would love to win a playbook to see what all the hype is about. From the forums it must be crazy!!

( I just finished reading Oedipus and it was enjoyable >:) )

Wanting a Playbook to use next year when I qualify as a teacher. The possibilities for PB use in the classroom are endless!

I have a Playbook 32gb and Torch 9800, the new 2.0 is great, I'm loving being able to sync all my accounts, Appworld is better with more Apps and games. Thanks Crackberry for keeping everyone up to date on OS releases. I am also and original FULL price Playbook buyer, so a free one will make me feel a little better. LOL!!

I like is 2.0. I use the calender feature a lot now. The remote bridge feature is just awesome. Practice doing a presentation on my flat screen and it slick. Working on the Print To Go feature now to see how well it works. I do real estate and every agent uses the ipad but I'm telling you this fits in your pocket and easier to use on small restaurant tables and blazing fast. Everyone I pull the playbook out it turns heads. Great job rim! Auto correct is anoying

would love to get my hands on the playbook.. OS 2.0 is awesome, - android apps, the new design and native email.. love it!!!

I have and love my 64GB PB. Therefore, I would like to see it go to hard working college student. Perhaps a single parent. Let's give a deserving person a really nice perk!!!

I have already used mine to respond to weekly online course discussions, even though the home page identifies my PB as Version 535.8 Platform BB and tells me its browser is not supported which it identifies as Safari and works regardless.

Online banking - √
eBay - √
Checked in for my Flt today Via BB Bridge connection 9360- √
Store important docs I e-mail out regularly - √
Concur Solutions Travel and Expenses - √ (some note about a mobile app you can use - perhaps for people without Real Internet on their mobile devices???) I'm just guessing.
Multiple e-mail clients - √
In-flight movies - √

There were somethings I read you couldn't do? But for the life of me, they have escaped me at the moment. The new OS 2.0 seems to have made the PB New all over again.
OhmΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ -Perfect Harmony.

I would want another one so I can give it to my mom.. And show my friends that playbook is waaayyyy better than ipad2.. And got even better with os2.0!!

rj a.k.a. jay
san diego, california
blackberry curve 8900 & blackberry playbook 16g

It says to leave a comment about what you love about. The playbook.... Not how much you wanna brown nose Kevin...... I wonder if he's really gonna read all these post lol.... Hmmm the predictive text isn't bad except I can type way faster than the predictive text can pop up.... nice addition but not too useful UNLESS you don't know the spelling of a word lol.. Over all pretty impressed by 2.0--especially the phone remote it really helps click the tiny things on the browser. Not impressed with the android apps however. I doubt its the fault of the android player, I think it's the scrub developers that just wanted the free PB so they crapped out these terrible quality apps. Well done overall RIM.

It says to leave a comment about what you love about. The playbook.... Not how much you wanna brown nose Kevin...... I wonder if he's really gonna read all these post lol.... Hmmm the predictive text isn't bad except I can type way faster than the predictive text can pop up.... nice addition but not too useful UNLESS you don't know the spelling of a word lol.. Over all pretty impressed by 2.0--especially the phone remote it really helps click the tiny things on the browser. Not impressed with the android apps however. I doubt its the fault of the android player, I think it's the scrub developers that just wanted the free PB so they crapped out these terrible quality apps. Well done overall RIM.

Loving os 2.0 Missing a few key apps but in the words of Neil Armstrong "that's one small step for playbook, one giant leap for RIM". Keep up the good work!

P.S. Would love to win a playbook for my wife.

Thank CB for giving us a chance to own PlayBook. Love everything from RIM, and now I wanna try PlayBook with OS 2.0. It will be great and I will have a great couple: 9930 and PlayBook. Once again, thank you so much.

Hey Kevin,
I have my sexy blackberry bold 9900 but i really want a playbook to use the blackberry bridge functionality. And with OS 2.0 i am sure it is going to be a blast.
Money is short on my side, so getting this playbook would really enlightened my life.
Hope I win, and good luck on the fitness challenge!

To the tune of America the Beautiful:

O beautiful for spacious keys,
For a touchscreen as well,
For red blinking LEDS
Above the navigation pad!
Blackberry! Blackberry!
How I really need thee,
And crown thy work with playbook
From Crackberry to me!

My sister and I owns a blackberry phone. And we will be a CERTIFIED blackberry user if will have a blackberry playbook. Make our dream come true!

What I love about the PlayBook: everything.

What I love most about the new OS 2.0: Swiftkey (and everything else that's new.)

What I love most about Crackberry: Reading up on all the blackberry rumors and news.

What I would love about winning a 16GB PlayBook and $100 worth of accessories: completing my PlayBook collection (I have a 64 and a 32GB), and buying more bling for my precious(es).

Crackberry my number one site for Blackberry news, without you i would be no where in the smartphone world. First i started with a BB curve, it was great, but then i decided to get and iphone then a droid,. yeah they all suck., i with a BB Bold now thanks to Crackberries great reviews. All i need is a PB so please pick me. =] TEAM OS 2.0

Sweet!!!!! This would so help me decide. Buy a Playbook to go with my Torch or an iphone to go with my ipad?

just been amazing playing with the calendar and contacts! an absolute love from social communications standpoint

I like how the PB, UI is simplify. Emails when they come in create a blinking red light so you know somethings up.

I would love to have a Playbook, We need one, now even more with the OS 2.0, we need that professional tablet, hope I win one.

Thanks CB for the chance

Love the new Messages application and the whole UI. I can say it's much faster than before. Would love to get the 3G model.

Just got my PB about a week ago, I was fortunate to get the 2.0 update pretty quick! Loving the PB so far, I'd love to have another one so I can video chat with my family when I travel. I plan on using my PB as my laptop replacement on the road! Video chatting with the kids would be awesome!!!!!

Long time fan of CB! Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately I don't own a PlayBook, but would love to! My 9850 is so lonely all by itself (2 iPhones in the house). One of the many things I love about CrackBerry is the great contests. I especially appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to win a PlayBook. I would hardly ever use my desktop if I were to win. This would make life much easier since I have to battle others in the house to use it. Keep up the great work on covering our beloved BlackBerry and I will start working on my acceptance speech.

I've been wanting a Playbook for awhile. I'm excited that the Playbook finally received native email, that's one of my favorite features on Blackberrys and I think the Blackberry Remote will come in handy.

Holy cow, please pick me. Crackberry is the reason why I bought my first BB back in August and my life has changed because of how much more efficient my work life has been and Im never switching platforms. PLEASE PICK ME

Llllloooooovvveeee it... However, I was expecting an easy sync between my BB and PB for emails, contacts etc... Dont understand why we cant go through BES

dont have a PB (hopefully that will change with a win!!) but i love the fact that crackberry keeps me up to date on everything i need to know about my BB!!!!!

Words cannot express how much I would LOVE to win the OS 2.0 for my husband. He has been wanting one so badly but will not spend money on himself. It would help him out so much at work and be so much easier to travel with for his job. Thank you for the chance. I am hoping so very much to win.

I know someone I'd like to give this to, I am already on my second 32GB Playbook after the first was water damaged and I LOVE it!

While many of my friends have been lauding iOS and Android tablets and phones, I decided to stick with RIM and bought a Bold 9900. I have been waiting for PB OS2 to take. A serious look at tablet options. I like what I've seen here on CrackBerry! Would love to show off the PB to my friends. Especially like that OS2 seems so tweekable!

I have never had a blackberry. but i have touched my friends blackberries! and boooooy are they awesome sauce! id love to have my own

Huge supporter of Blackberry with the blackberry 9900 bold. I'm hoping to win this to add to the RIM family for myself.

I'm wearing my PB out! I need another one to leave on my motorcycle. Thanks!
"If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong"

I'm wearing my PB out! I need another one to leave on my motorcycle. Thanks!
"If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong"

I Just switched from Iphone to my FIRST blackberry 9900 2weeks ago. never really had a blackberry product before but so far i dont regret it. my friend has been talking about the Playbook 2.0 for like 2nights now i got a chance to play with it today. The one thing that caught my attention was the ability to have all the emails from different social networks on one inbox.the integrated email wasnt really a big deal because it should have been a feature standard in all tablets.also the Social Integration with Calendar and Contacts apps and the virtual keyboard was a feature i like on the new update. the updated BB bridge made me pair my phone with his playbook and was able to use it as a keyboard & mouse.thats pretty cool too!

i dont really have a playbook & cant afford one but wining one would be the BEST gift with my 9900. especially with the 2.0.

Pls & Thank you!! :)..

May I have a playbook. It looks really fun and want to buy one really bad, but dont have the money right now. Man it would be awesome to Rock a blackTab. They rock the World!!! :)Plus I love how has information on all the latest detail of the new Blackberrys.

i cant say much about the playbook cause i dont own one and i wont buy one certainly because I live in India and here it costs Rs. 13490 (something like $280 !!!!!) so its very expensive compared to US and UK. Hope i win this contest. fingers crossed.

As for the crackberry I love everything:

the forum which have great members who are always ready to help others and they are damn smart considering all the hacks and hybrid os they have developed !

the crackberry shop where you can buy anything and everything that has anything to do with any bb model !

the blog where you get all the info in the world about all things bb / rim.

But the best thing i like about this site is the fact that it was started out of passion for something that you love. in this case blackberry smart phones. one again it has been proved that in order to succeed online you must not run after money but rather after your passion and money / fame will follow. hats off to this spirit.

Love the OS .2.0 up date. But then, my needs are simple - all I really needed were message integration and a functional Google Map. The rest are just gravy.

With over 5 thousand comments I really feel that its impossible for me to win but I still have a little bit of hope that's why am putting my luck against all those people's lucks who commented here.
The best thing I like about PB is that even without ever using it, I am in love with it because of all the comments I read about it. Planned to bought it but guess what? Am still not rich enough to afford one. Hopefully if I win, I will make a crazy video about it for CB.
Other than that about CB, actually CB is the reason which made me brave enough to buy my first BB ever and since then I never imagined about leaving BB. It was CB who gave me confidence to install unofficial OS as a very first thing after opening BB Bold box. Doesn't matter I win or not but I would like to thanks a lot CB for all the knowledge I gained and still gaining from this site every single day. Now I know way more about BBs compare to all my friends who were using BBs for more than 2 years.

Sorry to my poor english, hope you understand.

I got the playbook since last June in 2011, i am in love with it. I use the Torch 9800, it was so good that i can either bridge or tethering with my playbook. I was waiting and waiting, and finally, OS 2.0 is here.

The reason i love the playbook, because it is good size to carry on, it is so easy to carry with my jacket or some of my pants. It is hard believe the video quality is HDMI 1080, and i love to upload some movie and watch it with playbook. Also it support true flash, and i can go visit every website i want. As some of my friends are die hard blackberry user, and we love to use video chat all the time. Pair up with my torch to get internet, it is a surprise that speed was great, so i can use playbook all time during my bus ride or at the mall when i do shopping with my girlfriend. In a mean time, i can receive BBM message while i am using playbook, it is so great that, i do not need to pull out my phone while i am using playbook.

The reason i love the OS 2.0, it is such a amazing os for playbook, it is finally i can set up email account on playbook, no need to pair with my torch to receive email, this can save me a lot of time when i am out side using my playbook, so i can easily reply to my customer. with the new keyboard with words correction, it is easy for me to choose the word i want but no need to spell it all out. The new app world is fantastic, because more option and this could help me faster to find what i want.

The reason I love crackberry, i was using this website for many year, since i was using bold 9000, this site help me so much and keep me update with blackberry products, sometime the great deal wither on apps, themes or accessories, it is just great. the news on the site, i can get to know the detail on new stuff and keep me in post of the update, so I don;t miss any action with blackberry. also when i need help, i can easily come here to look for answer. it is for sure a site for blackberry user.

This is all what i like about, cheers

I love the OS 2.0 so much...!! Besides all the awesome features like the native apps, calendars, and contacts, the downloading and waiting experience for the OS 2.0 was so memorable... ohhh the moment when i clicked "update software" and bamm the 2.0 software is available was right in my face... i wanted to scream with joy but it was pretty early in the morning lol.. Also, just looking at everyone's anticipation whether they were from Switzerland, Philippines, or anywhere else was sooo epic.. it was definitely a memorable moment in my life literally.. ! I love BlackBerry so much ever since my brother went to University of Waterloo! :D

The best feature that I like is the remote control and keyboard. Best party trick, no other phone tablet combo does it as well and the bonus fact that it can now control my ps3. I don't think any one say that coming, what I really need is a new bb phone with a touch screen, I have a 9700 right now :(.

Finally the update I've been waiting for. Now to get work to buy me one and mock my co-workers with iPads that have to VPN in for email!

Playbook fits in my coat pocket. Has excellent screen and the best speakers I have found on a tablet. Its QNX operating system has nifty features, including multitasking and use of bezel gestures. It wastes less of the screen compared to Android, which is important on a 7" tablet.

For me the biggest improvement is the native email. That and the playbook being the right size it is perfect for portability.

The only tablet that beats the BBPB OS 2.0 is a "FREE" BBPB with OS 2.0. Here's hopping I win....but good luck to all..


Loving the new OS 2.0...
The one thing missing, is that I travel alot, and my wife doesn't have one yet, so we cannot Video Chat :(
So, count me in for this ;)))))


I like it
I love it
I want some more of it!!!!!!!
(plus, my wife wants one! )
Throw me a bone! (I know what you're thinking - stop that! )

Crackberry- I put that s#!t on everything!

PlayBook AND $100 of accessories?!?! Dang! Whats contest 2, 3 & 4 gonna have for prizes?? Guess we'll find out in the weeks to come!!!

Hey Crackberry!

I just wrote a comment but somehow it did not show up.

I am visiting this page now for a very long time (since I bought my B9700, I think) and I have to say you're doing a great job at creating a friendly and helpfull BB community.

I mostly like the video which sums up all the things happened a week before, this is always fun watching.

I of course also want to win a Playbook. I was thinking about getting one for a few months (eventhough I think there's a new one coming out soon!). So this would be great :-)

Thanks! Br!

Loving the new update. Wish it intergrated phone and PlayBook a little bit more but hug step foward. Great contest love crackberry

Everything, i just love blackberry playbook and im dying to hqve one :D
suoer awesome.. os1 is great but seeing os2 can handle emails.. cool qppstore ancan run android apps whoah!! its pretty super duper mega cool. (drooling)

I love the fact that I can bridge my blackberry with the playbook, as this will keep data charges to a minimum, and will save me a whole lot of money.

I have the 64gb playbook and I want 1 for my wife. I love Blackberry phones, still somehow disappointed about OS2 update, but hoping RIM will fix the things and be again the same as before with their phones. Crackberry? Yes, we love you all, you are only 1 reasonable source of BB information for us.

My friends have PB's and I love something I don't have yet ... One of these free PB's would go nice with my Torch.... Crackberry always has the answers that's why I'm a Crackberry addict !!!!

Thanks Cracberry

Initially I loved the multitasking experience on the playbook and now its a cherry on the cake with OS 2.0 with the native e-mail and all, or should I say berry on the cake!
With OS 2.0 Playbook got more Playful! I would love to have one!!


WOW 5400+ comments already! That's like 0.00018% percent chance to win this PlayBook... Would love to win, though! Here goes nothing:

From the Netherlands, please count me in :)

Very Impressed...Went To Starbucks And 4 People were working on their PlayBook! Keep up the Great Work....

Take Care,

Hi! First of all, what I like about Crackberry is how it is able to give its members/visitors the ability to know what is new on the Blackberry Universe..
Well, what I love and is the reason why I really really wanted and dying to have a Playbook is that it is undeniably one of the most powerful tablets in the market. I also love its versatility and ability to give you everything you want! EVERYTHING in just a small tablet!

Hope I win, I am here in the Philippines and as a regular student... there is no way I can afford a Playbook and I believe that it will be a great help in finishing my degree. I believe that if I win this thing, all essential apps that I will need in order to understand all the lessons taught at school will be very handy. There is no amount of words that can say how much I really need a playbook :)
Thanks! Hope I win!

Thanks Kevin for being our fearless leader in the Crackberry world! I love this site because it ignores the viral hatred towards Blackberry that is in the media and instead focuses on churning out article after article about the great things RIM is accomplishing with Blackberry. You're enthusiasm had kept me looking forward with anticipation to see what products RIM will next come out with.

Thanks for the chance!

I would love to be able to make use of the new OS 2.
I am in the process of developing medical checklists and doing so on the playbook would just make it so much simpler and quicker.
Also, the new integrated communication would make it a lot faster and more fun to collaborate with others.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Great wifi reception with OS2 the browser is faster everything is more responsive, when is Netflix coming??

BB 9900 & PlayBook 32g

Loving OS2 and want one for my mother so we can video chat across Canada! Thanks for all your great articles Crackberry. The only drawback, is trying to get any work done now! Hahaha

I really like and appreciate the content that CrackBerry provides. Very informative. Keep it up!

I want one please, tried my coworkers today, its super smooth... 2.0 is crazyy nice...better than android tablet!!!

Boy, I love OS 2. I was so eagerly waiting for the native e-mail. Side loaded android apps (Kindle and hand rite) with the help of CrackBerry. Download the two free games compliments of RIM. I am crazy now. Crackberry Rockz!! RIM Rockz!!Thank you Guys!!!!

I love how I am fully and automatically integrated in terms of my 3 email accounts, contacts, and calendar with my desktop, BB phone, and BB playbook. If I win one it will go to my spouse.

The application loads faster with PlayBook, OS 2.0. Very smooth navigation, no lag!!! Fast & Efficient product. Thanks to Crackberry, we can purchases all PlayBook accessories @ a reasonable price online.

I've never had a BlackBerry anything, or even a real Smartphone for that matter, but my new Playbook and the OS2 update have me here so I must be a CrackBerry convert at some level. I would LOVE another so my wife and kids will leave mine alone. ;)

OS2 while not "complete" or "perfect" is a great improvement for me and I hope they keep listening to their customers and improving the PlayBook and its functionality.

I have mine in a Ballistic case which is great; it makes it very portable and well protected so I'm not afraid to bring it with me.

The Bluetooth now pairs with my S9 headset which is good and the prospect of android apps to expand functionality is sounding good for the future. I just hope the developers get the incentives they need to port their android apps to the PlayBook.

If they keep improving the Playbook I see no reason it wouldn't become the (insert rotten fruit) alternative it should have been.

WHAT -- FREE PB!!! I would love a PB... Love my BB phone, so I'm sure I would love the PB.

I love my Playbook and traveling with it is so convenient instead of taking a laptop. I also like the new remote option using my BB while sitting at home on my couch. I would love to have a 2nd playbook for the kids.

Playbooks are awesome and is the best on the market! Crackberry pick me! Pleasseeeee! Pick someone who doesn't have one already and doesn't have a new blackberry so we can enjoy the new rim products and how great they are!

I love everything except I'd like a way to mark multiple messages as read at once...for some reason my Hotmail has all my items listed as new so I have 5000+ emails to mark as read!

CB HELP! My wife has infected our BB home with an iThingy!! I really need to win the Playbook so she will put the iThingy in a drawer and forget it. I have spent a long time pushing her into the BB world and finally a little over a year ago, was able to get her into a Torch 9800 and now we are moving to the 9850 which should be here shortly. I love my 32GB playbook and need my spouse to understand the 9850 + playbook is the real deal.I only allowed the iThingy in because she won it. So, CB please help restore my BB home to a clean and disinfected condition.

Really would like to win a Playbook to give to my granddaughter so we can video chat with each other.

The Ability to run certain android apps while still being able to use the stable QNX os really draws me the playbook. tried it out in OS 2 beta and loved it but im sure release is much better than beta. In summary i would really love a blackberry playbook

Super high chances on this one I'm sure. I like the smoothness of the OS, the implementation of contacts and email were both very nice. Documents to go is also very nice and should be the standard for all file management on the playbook. I like the remote control a lot, even if it is wanting in a few aspects.

Using a Playbook at work to see what capabilities it brings to help at work. Updated it to 2.0 and am loving the new email client. I prefer it to the Bridge email client to be honest. Have it synched to our Exchange server and it works perfectly. Like the new folders as well, a bit nicer to organize data.

All in all, it seems to be a successful update. Love the playbook, use it every day! Loving it even more now! Wouldn't mind getting a personal one now.

I have been a long time BB user and CB follower, just don't post much. Last year, I just could not wait for the PB to hit the market and I broke down and bought a Xoom. While I like a lot of things about Android, it just isn't a BB device. Even with all the negative press, when I upgraded my phone last month I stuck with RIM and got the new Bold 9930. It is truly the best BB device I have ever used. I have been looking at the PB for a couple of months and really thinking about getting one, but just can't justify it after a $600 Xoom purchase. I would love a PB to take advantage of the full RIM ecosystem.

I like PB because it works great with my BB phone. I use PB at work. I find it highly portable and powerful. Awesome tool in my line of work plus my son loves watching cartoons on it ! As to and why I like it. Well this is one of the few oasis on the internet that are still supporting RIM. Keep up good work and keep spreading good word about RIM and its products !

I like the android player and the fast way i bei informed by crackberry about news.


From Germany

its always worth a try at these, but congrats to whoever wins one.

I must say i was skeptical when i used my first blackberry but ever since i never regretted it.

To win a playbook would be for lack of a better word AWESOME. I don't necessarily have the extra cash to buy one atm as everything is going into the baby's funds right now.

Crackberry on the other hand, has been a great achievement. Having just about everything you need to know about blackberry, if not more. Even stuff that should be covered by RIM's websites and forums but aren't you can find here.

Once again. All the best in this contest!

To win a playbook would be great - that way, I can have mine back - and my husband can have his own. We are a Blackberry household!!!!

This would be wonderful my husband never gets off of his long enough for me to enjoy it. :(
sent from my olskool os5

The Playbook has moved up to the top of my shopping list. The only thing missing is to be able to add or switch additional memory on the fly, i.e. microsd card.

Print to Go is Excellent. Need more, example. Need to be able to email that print, need to be able to covert it to an editable files also! Need it on my 9810 smart phone also.

ever since the blackberry started their phones i have been a tremendous fan. every advices me to buy an i phone or an android but i have been a real loyal to RIM. os ver 2.0 rocks beyond words. gives me full access to my email accounts, integrates my socila network sites to the contacts directly and meeting schduled are more fun. carrying a playbook along with me has a sense of pride and confidence. crackberry has been the most effective and awsm site till date. not only it teaches u ins and outs of blackberry but you a PRO at it. thank you so much for giving me the oppurtunity to thank you and your developers working day and night to diliver the maximum to its cnsumers.

Awesome contest! I am a proud owner of a (almost antique) 8330 and a Playbook believer long before 2.0. Now the Playbook truly meets all of my requirements. Even my wife who has an iPad 2 digs the Playbook. Hope this post gets me another one to share with my family!

Thanks to Crackberry i love the PB so much and know alot about it but gotta say i received
mine 3weeks ago and havent been able to use it until today. It wont go past the initial update and gives a cannot connect to server error (2011). Not giving up until i get it going and each day is a mission hehehe.. now trying with DM... RIM all the way for me.

While I purchased a Playbook right before Christmas, I hadn't had too much time to play with it. However since the 2.0 update, I've been sneaking in time at work (shhhhhh, don't tell anyone) and loving what I have been seeing so far. Thanks for the Walkthrough, it's giving me inspiration to sneak in more forbidden time.

PB OS 2.0 is like the tough comeback kid that rises to the occasion when some people already had it written off. Kudos to RIM for their latest effort. I want one so I can show those iPxx folks what the PB is capable of !

I enjoy that RIM is thinking of their customers and trying to deliver them quality products and pushing into the future for every client needs. I am using their product and I am satisfied. But there is much to work cause there is a great competition in this domain. The Playbook Os 2 is a nice upgrade but there is much to work still in the future. I enjoy this release of OS and will enjoy future releases and upgrades. The company has a huge potential and a very exciting future if RIM will keep working on customers needs and desires for the future( lot of needs, desires for each tips of clients). There are lots of opportunities in the near future and hope that BLACKBERRY will take chances and surprises us with quality future releases and hope to see their name in front of the competition.
Good luck RIM and thank you.

OHH MY! I WOULD LOVE ONE OF THESE! I adore blackberry products. i have never had any other phone besides a blackberry. they have saved my life.... best by far! i bought an iPad and returned it the next day because i couldn't adapt to it as well as i can with my blackberry. i hope to win this playbook because i love blackberry!!! BEST IV EVER HAD!

O.S 2.0 reaffirms Blackberry's novelty! With RIM's resiliency and innovation, I will forever love and support my Blackberry products. :) It would be absolutely phenomenal to be able to control a playbook using my Torch!

I have looked at a playbook in the past and I was thinking about purchasing one in the near future. Getting one for free would make my playbook experience that much more enjoyable. Here is to hoping! :D

Please CB pick me. My laptop screen has died and now I need a computer for school. Help me be a good student and give that beautifully awesome tablet.