CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!



I would love one but can't afford one = ( I think the face chat feature is nice have family all over and in the military so I think I'd probably use that the most!!! Thanks and congrats to whoever wins!!!!

Yes please, CrackBerry, hook a brotha up! Hauling my Playbook around campus would be way easier than my laptop, plus it would allow me to leave my laptop at home. I could use my Torch 9850 and Playbook power for good on campus....or...evil....whichever will get me a free playbook! Thank you!

I'd like a free PlayBook to try out the new native email. The rich text support looks cool and is something I haven't seen on any other mobile platform. RIM should promote that more.

Loving how everyone at crackberry was waiting with their eyes peeled waiting for OS 2.0 and was ready to dish out reviews asap. Keeping up with blackberry news thanks to the community here :) GO CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!

Playbooks look so awesome. Going through a tough time right now a playbook would definitly make it a lot easier. I'm sure it would be great winning something I couldn't otherwise afford. Love the site!

Playing around with my wife PlayBook last night, a tune keep popping in my head. From the late,great Peter Tosh "don't watch my size because I'm dangerous "

I love the size of the pb. So easy to take w me wherever. I love the bridging so I can use my bb data plan when I'm on the road. I am very happy w the pb.

Hi! Would love to win a Playbook! It rocks because of the perfect (for me) form factor and OS 2.0 really has some terrific features!

Crackberry news feeds is what i check every morning when i get up, rss synced right into my bold 9930. new playbook OS 2.0 is amazing, much as i like to own one, i can't afford one :(

I've been wanting a PlayBook ever since it was released, but just couldn't manage to buy one...please pick me! Help me show up all my Kindle Fire friends with our superior PlayBook.

After I read what change in PB os 2.0 I really want to try PB. It seems os 2.0 really good and perfect for me and my 9850
So plz give that PB to me :D

I want a playbook!! I think it's really nice and the ipad is too mainstream already! I have a 9300 and I'm planning to buy a 9790 over the weekend and it would be nice to have a playbook to sync it with! :-) Hope I win this! :-)

Icheck Crackberry first thing every morning when I get to work to see qhat's new and exciting. Was thinking of getting a Playbook to go with my torch. Would love to win one!

Am and will always be Blackberry/Crackberry fan...Love your daily website update on what is going on with the blackberry!!!Will also love to see RIM calling itself Blackberry someday!!

5,000+ posts! Impressive. Starting to think OS2.0 may be finally what the playbook was originally cracked up to be

So, here's the thing. I have a ps3 that I use as my primary home entertainment device though I must say that I'm in no way a "gamer". The browser on the ps3 sucks and the supported video formats are limited. With a Blackberry Playbook(and some useful accessories), I'd be able to replace that ps3 as RIM is currently building out its entertainment ecosystem. The features that comes with OS 2.0 seems very impressive and I would gladly take the opportunity to own one of the Playbooks that you are giving away. Five of my friends have ps3 in their homes now because I got one. I'm thinking the same trend will follow if I got a Playbook.
Ps. I'm from Jamaica

As a guy from Cyprus, having a tablet is like a dream. Everything is so expensive here..
Keep up the good work CB Team, updating us for anything new!

The Playbook has come alive with the new OS. Things that were like running in mud are smooth and slick now. Of course there are always things we would like added; nothing is perfect, but this is a nice leap forward in the development of the PB. I'm looking forward to what they will do for the NEXT update!

For me the PB is an extension of my BB. As a former (and rabid) Palm user for years, I always thought that something I could plug my Palm into to give me a bigger and more manageable view was a good idea. I converted to BB and then along came the PB. My dream has come true!

As for Crackberry, I am a relatively new member, but from what I see so far, there is great information on what's happening in the world of BB.

I've been setting these up left, right and centre at my office for other people and am starting to get hooked on it. The android devices I've been using have been good, but they just don't seem to cut it - plus I've NEVER been an Apple-guy and can't fathom spending $500 on a device just to look cool at a $6 per drink coffee shop ;).

With the new features in OS 2 and the native flash support, I think the Playbook is going to be a major contender in the tablet market this year!!

Oh, and kudo's to - you guys have always been there when I've needed REAL tech support on bb's. You and your members are the backbone to the blackberry support resources on the internet!

I'm loving the different calendar and email apps for bridge and native to playbook. Really shows off the integration!

i have had my playbook for 4 months now and i love it!! im excited about the 2.0!!!! everyone around me constantly knocks on blackberry. but being a solid fan with my 8350 and not being able to bridge my phone to my playbook.(im hopefully getting a new phone soon.) things are finally coming together. GO RIM!!

to make it simple:
i own an ipad2 and open it 2 times only in a month
i own a playbook and work with it every day so why ??? because all in playbook seem better than my ipad
i love it

Crackberry Team... My son who just turned 10 and has been asking for an iPad for Christmas for the last two years said to me, "Could you PLEASE WIN ME A PLAYBOOK LIKE YOURS?!" I mean, seriously... This family needs another PlayBook!!!

Dueling Tablets would be way cool!!!


I'm loving being able to organize my apps in folders and Overdrive!! That was one of the main things I was waiting for!!

2.0 is fantastic. Ideally this is the tablet they should have launched but it was worth the wait. The new native Messages, Calendar and Contacts are an amazing user experience, Print to Go is a great way to quickly get files onto your PB. This update has me very very excited for the BB10 phones now. I wasn't keen on them before now, but now I can't wait to get one. I think my 9900 might meet an early demise so I can get an upgrade from work at launch.

All this hype about OS 2.0 makes me want a PB so bad going to have to look into purchasing one. It sounds so more the complete package now

I would LOVE to have a PB!>

Got the 8900, 9900 and 9360, 9900 for my gal. Now to complete the ensemble, WE NEED A PLAYBOOK!!!!

The ability to use our BlackBerry device as a trackpas to navigate on the PlayBook definitely is awesome! OS 2.0 rocks!!!

Lovin my 9810, and the playbook just rocks. How great would it be to have a second one for my family to video chat with me while Im away.

Contact integration is amazing! Can't wait to see more and more TAT goodness! Would love a 2nd playbook for a dev environment - as I missed the app submission deadline :(

Ever since my new Bold 9939 came into my life I've been wanting to team it up and now may be my chance! That would be a dream come true: first my new Bold and (hopefully) a new and updated playbook! Thanks Crackberry for the chance!

I downloaded the new 2.0 after running the beta for several months. I am impressed especially with the native email, contact, and calendar. I have office365 for my home email and a corporate exchange server for work email. it set up both without a hitch. I also setup a account without any issues as well.

I will be playing with it more tonight. It looks like I will have to use a webapp for my Kindle books but that is ok. I couldn't find skype. Does anyone know if video chat is compatible?

I'm mostly using my Playbook as a music box for Slacker. The interface is great. Still waiting for Fusion to see if we can get these running in the enterprise.

Have always been a fan of the PB, since day one. 2.0 just adds fuel to that fire! The size is perfect for me and it's multitasking abilities are best in market. Would love to have a 2nd one (so the girlfriend can leave mine alone!).

Thanks CB.

If I win this, it would be the first time I win a competition & better yet my first tablet, & how awesome it would be to have a playbook at age 17 #ChooseMePlease love #CB

Would love to get that free playbook, count me in! All my friends are on ipad and android tablets and I'd definitely love to stand out amongst our group sporting that shiny new playbook with OS 2.0. Perfect pair for my 9930! Thanks CB!

I want the BB playbook with OS2.0, esp the native email app...I am going to have to save for it on my own so please pick me for one and I will spend the savings on apps and accessories for it.. thanks CB

In Charleston Heston's famous words, "from my cold dead hands" will the ios and android users be able to separate my blackberry curve 8900 from me. As a businessman, no device fulfills my requirements for a communication device that has the keyboard, that has the security, that has the stability, that has the build quality, that does NOT require a fancy cover to correct any antenna problems, than my 2G blackberry curve. We are upgrading to the new Bolds, not because our curves are outdated, in fact we are doing so because we need the playbook, which works better tethered to a 3g phone.

A Playbook would be great for me right now. My laptop is on its way out, so the timing is perfect.

Been a fan of Blackberry for years. Was working early morning and watching for OS2 to show up. It was like being 5 and waiting for Christmas. I was attending a conference with colleagues 2 weeks ago and who said no one uses Blackberrys. Over 80% in the room were using them. I have a 9860 and most didn't know that BB were selling a touch screen only.
Oh yeah, Playbook. I have a 64GB and enjoy using it. Remote control and tethering are my favorite parts as well as the integrated messages. Sweet. Nice to see the file manager and print to go. Go Blackberry go. Nice to see the positive attitude instead of the doom and gloom. You have good products and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Man I sound like a suck up. Sorry.

I have been following the playbook news and forum since the day it was announced. I have been really facinated by what this little playbook can do. Would really love to have one.

CrackBerry is THE source for all that is BlackBerry. From tips and tricks, to news & rumours, this is the only place you need to go to get it all.

Great contests too!

I'm debating on getting either android, ipad or playbook... I do currently have a Blackbery Bold 9930 & am very satisfied with device. I was about to jump ship to the iphone4 but was blown out by the new bold after playing around with one @ the verizon store. I'm yet to play around with the Playbook but if it's like the new bold... My decision is already made... Hope to get this one from crackberry

I love PlayBook's size, moreover Its compatible with android's app so its a ver good choice. I love it

Blackberry "playbook" from sweet to my ears!
Blackberry "playbook" in my hands makes my dream come true.!
Blackberry "playbook" makes RIM go up in the sky!

Thank you for picking me!

Well I would love to win the Blackberry Playbook because I don't have one yet and it's just amazing, the OS 2 the design just everything!! Crackberry is just my daily #1 blog I have to read, about the news and stuff because I'm an absolutely BB Freak since years!! :D I hope U guys gonna pick me!! :D

Wow Crackberry you guys ROCK!!!

I love my playbook and and so excited to learn more about playbook 2.0

I am on your site multiple times a day and love it.

Thanks Kevin.


I love the coverage that CrackBerry does on all things RIM, and it's not just the good they report on either! This is a fair and balanced site like no other. I make it a habit to stop by daily to read the latest! Thanks, CrackBerry, for all you do!

Count me in!!! I love Crackberry for the latest news and of course who doesn't love Crackberry contests!!!


Awesome giveaway!! What I love of the PB is the smooth UI, portability and the REAL multitasking, and what I love of Crackberry is the team!! Love you guys!!!

I love my BlackBerry and I want to discover all the features that Playbook can offers!

Pleeeease! I want this PlayBook!!!

Love the playbook more and more with os 2.0 and with you get to know the playbook better and better every day! toghether they are great! and they get greater! xD

I am very impressed with the Bridge 2.0 features. Also the tablet seems more stable and that internet connection problem so many of us were having is no longer there. Paired with my Blackberry Curve 3g my Playbook is untouchable. I also want to thank Crackberry for keeping us all in the loop. This site is my first stop for information concerning all things Blackberry!! I dont even go to the official Blackberry site anymore. Keep up the good work!!

Size, features, quality, look, and feel make the Playbook the best product out there! As for Crackberry, it's everything us Berry Addicts could ask for!!!

I haven't upgraded to the new OS yet but will soon. Winning a playbook would be awesome. My wife could have her own and would stop stealing mine!


I would like one Because I Been telling my Husband i'm going to buy him one but we have a 18mo old to take care of. and it would make a very nice father day gift. 2.0 i read Crackberry news on my viigo app and follow my boy Kevin On Twitter So I love reading my Technology NEWS
Let Goooooo 2.0000000

I'm loving that you can load android apps. Cause lets face it what good is a tabet if you can't waste time on angry birds! Also way to go crackberry for the outstanding reviews and coverage. I feel like I already own the device

I WANT IT...Gosh, this is awesome. i've been trying to decide if i wanted a PB or Ipad and this must be the answer for me!!!! I'm from a large family & this would be a gift for me only!!!! Please pick me!!!! #crackberryfan

I love BlackBerry's in general. I'm an Network Administrator and was forced to move to the iPhone at work and do not like it as much as my trusty BlackBerry. My wife will not let me purchase a Playbook right now, but she wants an iPad. I know if I could get a Playbook with OS 2.0 in her hands she will want it. I have been following the Playbook since it came out and really want one.

Things I Love:

-It's a BlackBerry
-Email (Active Sync)
-Video Chat
-Social Everywhere
-Web Browser
-BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 - PS3 Integration and BB Integration
-Hi-Def Audio
-HDMI out
-Presentation software and using a BB as a remote
-New Home Screen (ORGANIZATION)
-App Catalog
-Mobile Fusion
-Media Content
-Documents to Go

I Love Kevin's "Sexy and I Know It" video!!


I would love to have PB but couldn't afford one with my medical bills. If I win one then I will have something to do while I cannot afford gasoline to go anywhere!

Now we are talking Kevin......a free Playbook? I'm up for that.
Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!

OK. I've been sitting on the sidelines long enough. I really want one of these.

And thank you, CrackBerry, for having this contest (along with all the wonderful tips and reviews that you provide)!

Although there has been much hype surrounding the release of the BlackBerry Playbook's latest OS, I still haven't gone out to purchase one of my own. "But, why?", you ask. My answer is simple: I have not been convinced that it is THE product that I MUST have. I currently own a BlackBerry Bold 9700 running OS 6 but have yet to decide on which tablet I should go with.

I would love the option to extend the features of my BB onto a playbook to provide me with many more options of utilizing BlackBerry.

1 in 5000 chance of winning, I like those odds! ;)

What I love about the Playbook is the amazing browser, it's miles ahead of the internet experience on my android device.

What I love about 2.0 are the android apps coming to the playbook, the playbook experience + lots more apps = awesome

What I love about Crackberry is getting me all hyped up about the Playbook. I went here for the 1st time 2 days ago as an android user, and now I am excited with what blackberry has to offer thanks to this site!

I've had my PlayBook for several months now, and am very pleased with OS2 so far. I'd love to have another PlayBook for my wife to use. Thanks for everything you do to improve my knowledge and understanding of everything BlackBerry!

Ever since I bought my PB I haven't put it down and now my girlfriend wants. I love how PB OS2.0 let's me to organize all my apps into folders. is the only source for BlackBerry news and info I use. Pick me my girlfriend would love a PlayBook

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

Feels like a brand new machine in my hands. A beautiful, revamped, awesome, powerful tablet. Where do I start with what I love about it? Swiftkey rocks, PIN apps are awesome and beautifully designed, email interface supports rich text formatting, my app tray is no longer 5 miles long thanks to folders! Haha! Showed it off to my friend today, he has an ipad 2...i showed it off using the remote function. WIN.

I havent won anything from crackberry yet , But how cool will it be to win the ipad killer to start off. Team Blackberry!!!

At last I achieved my DREAM with OS 2!!!! Business at office, Entertainment at home... business and entertainment never were the same before...))))

I love Crackberry because I'm new to the BlackBerry world and Crackberry allows me to get up to speed quickly and save me a lot of experimentation as to how to use my device efficiently.

I’m love the new OS update. OS 2.0 is great.

I was hoping that RIM would have place a better filter in app world to make it easier to find what you need.

Crackberry is the best! i like the fact that you guys update us all the way. I was glue to the site every day from Jan.

Over all, I thing the playbook is a really good device.


Finally native email and contacts. Makes it the best tablet on the market. I pledge allegiance to BlackBerry/Crackberry

crackberry u r da best ! So much playbook stuff around thanks for aggregating all of it and making it available to me everyday Blackberry playbook = hands down the best tablet ps:only if apps keep coming and yeah sw updates too :)

I love CrackBerry. I am completely new to the BlackBerry world. I am a sales associate for AT&T and sadly they don't let me use any BlackBerrys for play. So I was off on my own mission. I purchased a Curve and sold my iPhone to get a Storm or Torch. I landed a Storm and began unlocking it. It took awhile to get full features but I now have full function, thanks to the one and only CrackBerry and its great users. I have quickly realized how much I love BlackBerrys. Today I get to play with a friend of mines PlayBook to test out 2.0 should be great fun!

So I ordered two and received none. Hopefully with four weeks and four PB, maybe I'll win one!!! It'll go great with my 9900.

I love It provides the most updated news to the BB community. Those of use who smartphones are both business and personal communication device, appreciate the easy how-to's, along with the device and accessory reviews. By far the best blackberry site on the Internet! Kevin knowledge and writing skills kept all of berry addicts well informed. Love to win a Playbook and with the update to 2.0, it will be a match made in Crackberry heaven!!!

i realy realy like the playbook os 2 because you have native email and kalander and i realy love it that QNX on the playbook the most secure and powerful OS is of al time and the flash player of the playbook browser realy rocks because of the flash player. and i tink that crackberry is the best tech site because the comunity is nice and whe always have the latest RIM related news.

sorry for bad english :(
and i realy neet to whin this tabled zo i dont neet to use my to heavy notebook on school any more

Well, I'm in love with the remote control feature. It'd totally be cool to have a separate playbook permanently hooked up to my 40inch tv. Good luck all.

Been reading all the posts here on the new OS - will be upgrading tonight.
I usually hold off upgrading right away until all the upgrade kinks are taken care of.
One note, I am pleased with the way the PB has been working, so anything new to me is an improvement.

I love that BlackBerry is not only a force in the smartphone arena, but the Tablet arena as well. I also love the BlackBerry bridge and the portability of the Playbook. Better apps are also an added plus. All this and I'm sure more are why I want one so bad. It's a fine example of the RIM and BlackBerry innovation that has made BlackBerry a big deal in the phone industry.

Browser seems faster, interface is smooth, and I can't wait to play with more Android apps - Oh, and Crackberry has all the answers....

PB rocks! I hate that people keep talking bs about RIM.
OS2 will kick everybody's a.....

I would love to win one, it would be a great late Xmas Gift if I did, you gotta Love CrackBerry for always have these contest!!

I have always wanted a Blackberry Playbook, after I had the chance to try one out, I would utalize all the aspecs of it with my sales clients. OS 2.0 looks great. I really want to win one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love my Blackberry Playbook ever since I bought it. Working at staples every day I have people come in that don't know a thing about the playbook but after I demo it for them they say wow I didn't know it was this nice and buy it.

I would love a Playbook. I love everything about it and now that OS 2 has come out, the impossible has happened: it became twice as good as before. I've always wanted one because it would make my school life easier

I swear one of the reasons I want a Playbook is so I can read Crackberry on my bed every night. And Singapore is selling it at S$668, it would have been a no-brainer if they sold it below S$300 here.

Maybe my comment wasn't submitted correctly, I can't find it.
Well, what I hate about Playbook is that I do not have one, Telcos in Bolivia neither sell them.

I am astonished by RIM's blackberry smarthphones/playbook.
Crackberry Thank you for the oportunity! to many comments to read.

I would love to have the new Playbook with OS 2.0. I saw the CBC story and I am really psyched about it.

Playbook is my bragging right. My friends, who happen to be iPad owners and lovers, are dying to buy this Playbook. I myself did not regret any single peso to buy this one! I just couldn't say more.

I like Crackberry as a portal of Blackberry. Here you can find everything about Blackberry, from user help, app and device reviews to app market. I visit it everyday.

What do I love about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!?!??!! There is simply not enough space here for me to list it all!

Because of the CrackBerry community in the first place i bought my first BB device.
Its well organised, good looking and well informed ;)
My favorite thing on Playbook in general is bezel swipe and all the rest is just one big satisfaction....I simply love everything about BlackBerry OS appearance and settings.
Cheers and good luck

I just registered on, and the notifications popped up faster on my Playbook; when I received the registration emails.
My laptop got OWNED!!!

ps. The complimentary games timed with 2.0 release were nice too!

mmmmmmm... Canadian bacon...

been trying to convince my wife to buy me one and she wont do it! lol. Hoping that I will a PB because I'm excited for the new OS 2.0 update!

Ahhh, this would be soo sweet! My girlfirend just broke the screen on mine before I got to taste the 2.0 goodness..... I'm feelin lucky, thanks!!

I got a ipad from work but will gladly chuck it for a Playbook to compliment my Tmo 9900. Every morning, the first site I check is crackberry for the latest news/releases regarding RIM. #Blackberry4Life

I still use the BB Bridge b/c I have all of my messages, contacts, calendar, and tasks stored securely on my BlackBerry, I refuse to move my information to another platform, it would not be in my best interest or the interest of others whose information I hold. Other than that the update solves a lot of utility situations of the past.

I love because... it's the only place to go if you want to get honest BB news & reviews from people who really have an appreciation for RIM's unique suite of communication products, but do not manifest a salesperson's effusive faux love. P.S. I would love a PlayBook, thanks.

Favorite feature so far is ability to copy and paste formulas over a range in excel to go. Been able to do that for a long time on my BB handset.

Like many others, I have procrastinated about getting a Playbook - not that I don't love Blackberry, but because the Playbook in its initial release was very disappointing to say the least. At the same time, some of the misteps that RIM has made over the past six months have kept me from going "all in" on the Playbook. I would love to get a new Playbook and to have it change my opinion about RIM and its direction. I want to be a believer once again!

I got the 8530( waiting for BB10 phone) and a playbook. My wife has the 9650( waiting for the BB10) SHE NEEDS A PLAYBOOK. I don't have anyone to video chat with. 2.0 is awesome. Got almost everything synced and set up.

I've wanted to buy a Playbook since the "dawn of time", but haven't found the oportunity. I hope to win one to showcase it to my android tablet friends.

I'm loving the fact that overnight, my Playbook became more useful, and not just a place to play games. All of a sudden, I am dragging it around with me rather than my HP TouchPad, which is a pretty rockin device (with all things considered)
Im loving the fact that, it is now, finally my work device, that I can take out on the road with me and be fully connected. Thanks RIM... It was a long time coming, but well worth the wait...

Loving the playbook and OS2.0...Bought my wife one and could do with another for the daughter...its awful having to share my lovely kit with a snotty 6 year old. The email and android compatibility are superb and its now getting close to what it should have been... The email implementation is truly magnificent :)

Here in Holland we know nothing about the Playbook! Hope you give me the opportunity to get used to this innovative device!

Count me in!!


I just switched from iPhone an iPad to a BlackBerry phone (loving every bits of it!) since I started reading and I believe the Playbook will be the perfect companion to complete my switch! I hope I get it!

Greetz from Germany! I want the Playbook so hard, its very awesome... If i get a PB then i throw my Christmas gift (Wondermedia WM 8650 Android China Tablet, yes please google it!!!) from the Windturbine where i work! With the new OS 2.0 its really hot...

New to the Blackberry world and loving Crackberry for being one of the best site that i found! Got the Blackberry Bold 9900 today and already loving it, and am in love with the idea of the possibility of rockin' my experience with the PlayBook in the mix! ;)

Seen a ton of the PlayBook demos and i just love how it ties in with your Blackberry device and works with it seamlessly. Not to mention the phone acting as the mouse and keyboard!?! Can someone say "SWEEEEETTT!"

Whoo would love to win one so I can try out the new 2.0 I love how smooth this tablet works better then most tablet on the market

I sure would like to have a playbook. I would like it even more now that I am allowed to have OS 2.0

I own several tablets (iPad, TouchPad and a budget Android) and think the PlayBook beats them all. For one it played all my videos ootb, plus the form factor is perfect for me. I also like the different development options that are available. I will definitely try to find the time to create a cool app. Just installed 2.0 and really like the fact that I can run Android apps. Managed to get WordFeud and WhatsApp running, but still need to see if these work ok. Sure hope I win something!

Would love, love, love being able go present the Mrs. With her own PB. She has the Kindle fire but just doesn't get that the PB is a computer in your hands! Thanks for the contest Crackberry!

I guess in order to qualify to win a PlayBook I need to answer the question. It seems everyone else on here already owns a PlayBook, so I think the fact that I don't own one should give me priority ;)

Thanks CrackBerry for giving out these prizes over the next 4 weeks. I hope to be the lucky winner so I can give the PlayBook a test drive.

Long time Crackberry lurker from Australia and this is my first post. Bought my first Playbook from US when first released, now the wife wants one after seeing OS2!

Still waiting for BB 9900 7.1 official release in Canada so I can have mobile wifi to take advantage of 2.0 features. Most not applicable unless in wifi zone...unless I'm missing something. Can see huge improvements in so many areas though. Excellent job with release itself..amazing.

Can I subscribe to Playboy on a Playbook? Can I also purchase accessories like a protective screen cover? If so, please consider me when giving away the free Playbook.

I don't currently own a BB or PB but would love to try it out! I do follow CB regularly though because I love the constant updates they have and inside interviews with RIM personnel.

Using your phone keyboard and touchscreen to navigate is a pretty cool addition. Time will tell if it is more gimmicky than real world applicable.

Me pls!!!

I own a playbook but would love to have another one for my wife, she likes to play web-based flash game :)

Go CrackBerry go ~

Thanks for the awesome job you are doing providing all details on PB. PB OS2 is great, way better than was it.

I would love another Playbook to give to my wife. OS 2.0 has really brought the Playbook up to par and a much better foundation for the future.

Great giveaway - which I will be doing if I win one...someone in my family would be very luck!

Love my PlayBook running OS 2...!

Crackberry is were I turn for info. Sure there are a zillion sites that offer the news and updates about blackberry but they can't touch this site. OK...I have entered tons of contests on crackberry and have yet to win. With that said I would kill for a playbook. I'm sending this from from my friends and to have to give it back after checking out the new update really sucks. Guess I will keep my fingers crossed... Hell l'll even keep my eyes crossed if you think it will help. Take care ;)

Interesting that the price has dropped again, though maybe that is due to pressure from other tablet makers recent price drops. It's still tempting me, though if I get one for free I may be inclined to buy a second one anyway. Thanks.

OS 2.0 comes in like Jerry Lin but can it take them to the championship? I'm glad the PB works with my 9700 Bold but I'm still looking for some tweaks that makes this the dynamic duo. That said, remote control rocks! If they can acquire more apps then I can see a comeback. Its all about the apps! If you get them, they will come.

The goods:

- Native e-mail App
- Better browser
- Better interface

The bads:

- No Bluetooth API, so no way to access a printer directly or access my phone apps on the road.
- Skype is missing, even if video chat is terrific.

But I think that everything will come at a time..

A playbook would make my life as college student so much more convenient! Thanks again crackberry for always having these contests, and keep the updates coming

I love the native apps like calendar and messages in the new OS 2.0. Thank you Crackberry team for putting this contest together.