CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!




I'm a loyal BB user and big time promoter always fighting for RIM against my friends and family who say BB is dead, everyone we meet I come prepared with few new tricks that they can't do with their ipads and iphones!! Tough crowd those applebees, but I always get them to say something good or find something really cool about the new OS and features :) (without any torture I swear) lol!!

If I pick me, I will be able to give it to my mother who lives overseas so we can keep in touch through video chat!!!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Awesome deal, hope someone deserving wins... Of course a second one for myself isn't such a bad idea either :-)

Hi !

I am really pleased about OS2 too !

Hopefully, android apps will be a lot more stable soon ;)


I love the new keyboard!! its a big step forward from the 1.X OS. ITs much more comfortable and ergonomic. I also notice that the browser is much more responsive, and the multitasking is a lot smoother. :) THank BB for finally releasing OS2

I want a BlackBerry Playbook, because now, with the new release of the OS and the support of Android apps this thing is a nice, neat companion for everywhere, a tablet without being a real tablet :)

Loving my pb because os2 finally brings predictive text, email and calendar. Aaaaand they finally fixed the auto caps when you're typing :)

I would love one of these! I need a tablet because my home computer is dead. It gets annoying checking e-mails at work and on my Torch!! Thanks for the opportunity to win four of these CB, great idea!!!!
Good luck everyone

I need this. I just paid full price for a 9930 to switch back to BB from android. A playbook would make it a perfect pair.

wow, very excited to win one. I have used one from previous work and loved it and would love to win and have one. I have used my friend's with new OS 2.0 and loved it.


Wot !! Does that look like Skype to you???

Ahh, no.... maybe if I could get a PB then there will be??

i dont have PB, cant afford.. but from what i saw on those videos about PB OS2 is awesome. i hope i win this contest so i can feel the experience. :)

I love CrackBerry, it's the best site out there! Also, the BlackBerry PlayBook is in my opinion the best tablet out there!!! Recieving a PlayBook with OS 2 would be the best!!!!!!!!!!!....

i would do anything to get a bb playbook :(
even if i wud be the owner of playboy mansion i wud give it up just to get a bb playbook os2!
i think am gonna faint...pleeeeeeeeeeeease let it be meeeeeeeeee

I love the PlayBook OS 2.0 because it is the best platform for developers! I can use everything from lowest level C native code to Qt library, Java with the android runtime, HTML5 including WebGL, Flash technologies... There are no limits on this platform and it's future proof.

Cool Android app for OS 2.0: search for Facts About Me in the App World.

The bridge remote feature is awesome. I thought this was a gimic I wouldn't care for, but it ended up being intuitive and awesome. Also much snappier response time for swipes on apps.

I am currently serving in the US Military and having a Playbook whenever I am out on the field is such a great advantage. With the bridge feature, I can check my email and go online to find resources.

Thank you Crackberry for keeping us all up to date in the Blackberry world.

Hey, there! This is a great contest, I'd love to have a Playbook, as here in Hungary it is hard to get one :(
No official selling from the providers of course so hoping to win one!

I really like the new OS, still learning all the new things. I really like the remote control option, I can't wait to use my PB for my next Powerpoint. I do have an issue with all my mail and notifications now going to the BB, the PB email and the Bridge email, it is a bit of overkill. Still a die-hard RIM fan, been with BB since it was a dot-matrix pager (950!). Cheers.

Loving the updated OS 2.0, the features on spreadsheet to go make using it that much easier. I initially thought the folders option was going to be by far my most exciting feature, turns out it's this awesome keyboard! Also, overall look of the PlayBook is by far sleeker and cleaner. No more predetermined tabs. I had heard a rumour regarding text messaging being able to sync from phone to tablet with the new OS, any truth to that rumour? I realise there's an app for this feature available in app world, but was wondering if that were still the only option.

Keep up the great work CB.

2.0 would be perfect to replace my GF's iPad which she keeps dropping because it's too big!

I'm loving the upgrade, and wouldn't have managed it without the forum's help - my PB bricked yesterday before 2.0 was released, and CB had the solution. Phew!

Love is like PlayBook, OS 2.0, I don`t have PlayBook, OS 2.0 too ;-)

Seriously, I don`t have enough money for PlayBook (and OS 2.0), because in Poland PlayBook cost equivalent 300$ (I have only 700 per month to live and pretty much of it I spend for rent (approximately 350$) and food ).

I want PlayBook for GPS (I don`t have it in my 8520), for skype and pfd reader ;]



With all the tablet market going crazy this is the best moment to show the world who's the best.

I think the Playbook its the one who will prevail. Despite the comments, BB make products to last forever.

I definitively want a Playbook!!!

It will look great next to my 9800 or even better to the new 9810!!!!

G.B.Y. all GUY's

Messages and Social Network Integration with Calendar and Contacts. I would love to have "Text Wrapping" in browser. I can use dolphin browser for that feature.

Should be really awesomely tasty to have some of PlayBook delight with the OS 2.0 splendid flavor plus a sensation of my BlackBerry Bold 9900.. It going to be supremely desirable by all the CrackBerry Nations.. Its like a dream come true..
Until BB10 is announce let us enjoy this!! LOVE #CrackBerry Nations #RIM

I knew Crackberry and Rim wouldn't let us down! Giving me a chance at free playbook...Nothing but love for ya! Thanks

I am in love.......with my Playbook........and with my Playbook OS 2.0......smooth and polished OS...................everything is perfect.............i love its easily comes in my for playingg HD games and browsing......LOVE YOU PLAYBOOK!!!!

Would love to win one! I love the form factor of the playbook as it is very portable. Now with OS2, the playbook is now even more awesome.

What I love the most so far (and I haven't really played around with it), is that when I receive pictures as email attachments I'm able to view all 4 pictures within the email itself.



Now my PB has the OS 2.0 and I am happy with it. I know that I have to learn a lot to take advantage of all the possibilities and that's where Crackberry comes in.
All the best from the Netherlands

Here is what I think about my playbook post update to 2.0. The update went smooth without any issues from the beta version.

- Email client is awesome. It was pretty easy to setup personal and office mail.
- New swift keyboard has the features that I always wanted.
- Predictive auto complete/correction features
- Excellent contact app

- No skype yet (I dont mind paying for it). Built in video chat client is not having practical use for me.
- Lack of good free apps (I am hoping angry birds will come with ads on android player)

Overall I am loving my playbook. Looking forward for further such impressive updates :-)

My first post. The blackberry playbook with ver 2.0 looks like a major step forward. I like the new messaging, contacts and calendar apps and with the Android app addition, it is sure to be a success.
Thanks for letting me contribute.

I let my parents and my girlfriend use my PlayBook and they all enjoyed it. The OS is so intuitive they could immediately use it. Now they all want one... :p

Love my Playbook even more with OS 2, works great with my new 9900. RFFR
{RIM forever,forever RIM}

The only problem I have with the new OS coming out is setting my Playbook down long enough to get the battery charged! I do foresee another possible issue on the horizon, however, and that would be using up the available storage. For that reason alone I would love to win a second device (preferably in 64GB. Thanks in advance!).

I would also get a kick out of giving one to my son so we could video chat, since he lives with his mother many miles away.

I am in Singapore. I have convinced two of my friends buy a 16GB playbook since Dec last year! (of course I have one! :D)
when i said PLAYBOOK is NO.1 tablet in the world ,they did not such believe .
Thanks to OS 2!! they are now a hard fan of playbook and Crackberry!
The amazing control from BB and more!
Now my friends all love to take it to class and show off the cool features!
We are now enjoy to cool video chat from our different rooms!!
RIM !Keep it up!
Crackberry! Always Be The NO.1!!
Best wishes to All PBERs!!

I just traded my iPhone 4 for a Bold 9900 and still have an iPad lying around. I am sure that one could make place for this Playbook ;-)

Lovin os2, love the keyboard and predictive text, my bluetooth headphones now connect (and work fantastic), love the email, all the extra apps, the bridge remote feature,the list goes on and on and still finding more cool s**t making this the best tablet by far!
Blown away!!!
Now I need another one for the kids, pretty please Crackberry???

I could really use a playbook so i can video chat with myself cause without a playbook you have no friends.

Hey, to all of you out there: I need to win! My mother wants a PlayBook but I sure as hell won't give her mine :D

Let me speak from my heart :)))

Now really. I'll tell you why i love CrackBerry.
It's simple. CrackBerry is the RIMempire for all of us.

I love my 9800 more than my other berries, I love my playbook even more (if that's possible) hahahaha, and I love Crackberry as I am a CrackBerryAddict! I would love to win another playbook for my daughter so we can use the video chat....she doesn't have a computer:(
Thank you,
Your loyal CrackBerryAddict!

I would love a Playbook. 2.0 seems to bring much more to the table with more traditional BB user experience. This would be INSANE if I could get one

I love the playbook formfactor. And maybe, just maybe i like it a little bit because its not an ipad;)

waaaaaaa, CB is awesome! My playbook now really turns into a playboy thanks to the OS2.0!!!...and, for this contest, I'm sure I'll be the lucky boy :) Cheers, every PBers!!!

my bro owns a 32 gb playbook. he installed the new os yesterday as soon as it was out.
i love the native apps RIM has given in the new os.
i used the bridge , the remote function simply rocks, the way you can use it as a mouse, scroll, presentation mode..simply mind blowing.

crackberry, i wish to have a playbook too.


I am a very recent PB owner, I am NOT a BB phone user, I am an ex-BB user who went to the dark side and became an Android phone user. Now I have the best of both Worlds, but I am moving back in the direction of the BB side..... I LOVE MY PB! And what is all the fuss about apps, who needs apps with the PB Browser all I can say is AWESOME!!!!! Think I need to upgrade my phone back to BB.... Definitely a Crackberry Head!

Integration with Facebook into the address book to create single contacts is amazing. Print to go is pretty awesome as well.

What I love so much is you can finally create folders on the new o's! Winner winner chicken dinner! Now I can finally look into getting a PlayBook! Oh and pick me cause I'm Canadian ;)

I love crackberry cause it's gives all updates in BlackBerry ... And help me a lot especially when
I don't know what to do, I just go to the forum area and read ...

I'm BlackBerry addict and I wish the I'm the one who will choosen to have playbook :)
That will be a perfect gift on my birthday :) thaaanks!

Crackberry is #1 with info, helpful support and contests....even though I have never won many have and that's all good :))

it would be nice to snag a playbook for my first contest win

OMG! 2.0 Rocks. My PB runs so much faster. I love APP World. I've downloaded so many new apps. Email was a breeze to set up. AND I'm not a tekky. Love it so far.

Well I liked my playbook just fine because it was perfectly suited for myself and my blackberry but now my wife stole it from me so I need a replacement for myself :)

Crackberry also rocks too :)

PlayBook OS is awesome the new UI is cool the new app world also, the bridge also, that feature of using your phone as a remote mouse and keyboard really works for me I really like this new OS and I'll abuse of it

I have had the same Blackberry (Curve 8320) since it was first released! I know I am a bit outdated but it has been an awesome smart phone and when it dies I will definitely be getting another Blackberry to replace it. I have found to be the best website on the net for not only help with my own Blackberry, but help with my friends Blackberries when they run into problems or just want to know how to do something. This is by far the most useful and well updated Blackberry community on the web. I love! I myself don't own a Playbook, but my girlfriend has one and I love hers. I can see why people than don't own a Blackberry found the Playbook a little lacking, but my girlfriend has a Blackberry (Tourch 9810) and the bridge makes the experience, that I've seen so far, quiet enjoyable. We watch movies on it when we're taking trips, we play games on it, and she has basically stopped using her laptop since she got her Playbook. When I first met her she wanted an iPhone and an iPad to go with it. After seeing my old Blackberry she wasn't 100% sold because it wasn't a touch screen. I showed her the Torch and she bought it. Shortly after Playbooks went on sale and she got one too. She loves her Blackberry and her Playbook and says that she would never switch. Today I updated her Playbook with OS 2.0 and it is pretty kick-ass. I have already downloaded several highly functional Android apps, linked her email, contacts, and calendar! So far I haven't run into any problems with OS 2.0 and I am loving it. I love all things RIM and

I have been a blackberry fanatic for a decade and have resisted the temptation to go to the fruity side. Would love a playbook to share with my wife and daughter. You guys rock!!!

Would love another PB. I haven't had time to play with OS2.0 a lot yet, but I found the ability to create and manage folders pretty cool. I also love the remote through my 9810. Native email/calendar/contacts are all pretty cool too, but I have to spend more time with them to understand how I can make full use of them.

OMG, The BlackBerry PlayBook is the BOMB!!!, & CrackBerry is the ish for keeping me up to date with everything BlackBerry. I can't really afford one now & would love to own one to go with my BlackBerry Torch 9800 {even tho I would have loved it with a Bold Touch :)}. Would love to stand out among my friends.

Here is why I really like my Playbook and now even more than before with the new OS 2.0. My wife uses one too.

It was a charm to use before and now with the addition of the following it's top notch.

With Integrated email client with a unified inbox so I can consolidates all my messages in one place.

Full Social Integration with Calendar and Contacts apps.

Contacts are dynamically populated with updated information from my social networks.

Updated document editing functions.

increased control and manageability of corporate data with BlackBerry® Balance ™ allow me to get more out of my PlayBook every day.

Enhanced web browsing capabilities

Thousands of new apps have been added

oooh! a free playbook :D
I'll tell you why i bought playbook and why i'm loving it so much more from yesterday! :D
when i got to know OS 2.0 is coming on playbook which has an inbuilt android player, i put up an ad on internet to sell my android phone so that I'd buy a playbook. but thanks to my parents they bought me a 64 gb one and I still have my phone. :D
i know people have been trashing os 2.0. i didn't want to root my playbook because of the warranty issues. BUT since now OS 2.0 has in built android player, i can sideload the apps from my pc without rooting.

I'd so love it if i could win this free one for my little sister.

I have just moved jobs and am back in the world of Blackberry since they provide devices and don't support personal devices like most companies do now days. A new Playbook would be a perfect companion to my Curve.

My playbook is a good tool for the internet and OS 2.0 just adds to that.
Crackberry is my sorce for knowledge about my playbook and OS 2.0

It took almost an extra year, but it's been worth it! Now, if only BBM and Blackberry Traffic could work on the PlayBook!!!!!!! Awesome!

Worth the wait. Great updates. Can't wait for more apps to roll out ie video editing please. The only problem now is wrestling it out of my kids hands. Long live crackberry. Thank you rim

I had a 64gb one for a short while when I they first came out. Then I tried to use Blackberry Bridge with my AT&T carrier and they wouldnt allow Web Browsing through the Playbook. That part Im somewhat fine with but when you are at home on wifi, I dont see what the big deal is. I use my BB all the time to access internal websites in our company that can only be accessed if you are on the network or VPN'ed in. This is where the BB will always shine. Ive tried a droid and iphone but its pointless when you cant browse your own internal network without vpn'ing in on the phone itself.

With BB 2.0 OS out on the playbook, Im thinking I want back in (sold it out of frustration that I couldnt access my company network) and this time I will just have my company add the tethering plan to my BB 9900. Its so much more productive to be sitting at an airport or at home and using the wifi hotspot or wifi and just complete work off the company intranet sites.


Failover from WiFi to Bridge connectivity is much better in OS2, as are the page loads over bridge. It took me a couple minutes of browsing this morning to realize that I wasn't on WiFi.

Playbook 2.0 is beyond my expectations. I can now watch youtube on HD TV by remote controlling from my blackberry!

love cb and my 9900! great resource and troubleshooter. im a college student who would love a pb!

CB i have wanted a Playbook since they came out.. Love that the OS has changed for the better. i need to see it myself ;)

I checked all the news from the comfort of my Pb in its cradle, while I moved using my 9700!!!
Like the Print to Go feature, just wish for the reverse....a Go to Print!!!! (Print from Pb to printer).

Hello, I'm new to BB and, really got into it when all the bad press came out regarding BB's bad sales last year and all the pressure from random analysts telling them to sell. Really ticked me off, BB has got the potential to bring it all back and then some and I'm looking forward to the next gen stuff in the works!!

I want the playbook!!

Btw, since this contest has come up, the site has been very slow responding for me. I guess heavy posting traffic will do that!

I', just loving the whole intergration of contacts from different social medias. Provided you keep them organized, it will be easy to find people.

I also love the new feature for Video Chat that shows if your contact is even online so know if it's even worth a try.

I finally upgraded from the Tour to the Bold... Would love to upgrade my tablet from nothing to a PB!!!!

Just back from Spain with mine. Previously updated to OS2 Beta. Having navigated to Granada using MapDroyd used it to capture fantastic photos of the Alhambra which I viewed on my HD TV last night. Downloaded and converted to PDF some guidebook information before I left the UK. Used it daily for email and web searches. Kept in touch with breaking news and Facebooked the family. Oh yes and I read some books on Kobo too sitting on the beach. I love everything about this bit of kit. Problem is that my lady keeps "borrowing" it, meaning I have to do without it. Please help restore marital harmony.

It will be nice to win a Blackberry: I will give it to my 15 years son who is always in his room and will use Video Chat on mine to see him grow !

Woo hoo! Love Crackberry the best Blackberry site on the web, and would love to with a Playbook!

I love the remote features provided by bridge and I LOVE the browser!! I LOOOOVVE crackberry becuase without you i would be lost! Like for real! I NEED another playbook for medical school!

Love blackberry, love the PlayBook and crackberry rocks! Would love to win this! Have a pb already and would love another so we don't fight over it, lol.

Damn you CrackBerry. Now I'm going to be glued to your rss feed until the winners are announced! Hopefully with my name.

Would love to make my other friends jealous with this little playbook. I haven't won anything on Crackberry yet, so hoping this one will be a wopping first! :)

Got the opportunity to use one for bit. The size power and sleekness of it is impressive. I would love to be able to have one of my own.

If I won the PlayBook, I'd walk around with it all day showing the iPhone/iPad fans that are in the office exactly what they are missing by not being part of the BlackBerry family.

(Plus I would really, really, really, really love to have a PlayBook :-) )

I love everything about my PB though I do have a couple things on my wish list. Thanks so much for this incredible opportunity.

I wish I was Loving playbook and OS2, but alas, I cannot afford to buy a playbook.
Help me obi-wan kenobi (er uh, Kevin) you're my only hope.

My first post here, been following CB ever since I got a Bold 9780. Really like the Playbook, great UI and very portable, hoping to win one thru this contest.

My children's arts and athletic activities have trumped my gadget list thirst, thus I'm still Playbook-less. However, I'm quite impressed with the device and its capabilities, especially now with the 2.0 update, and will continue to hold out for the Playbook over any of the so called competitors.. Fingers crossed.

It is awesome now with 2.0 !!! I even could install Catch Notes , I am a happy camper!
Can't wait to get another brand new shiny Playbook !!!!

Crackberry.Com..................You guys are amazing

I had the playbook, but my nephew got his hands on it and let's just say its no longer in working condition. But when i had it, it was a great tablet, perfect size and the blackberry bridge is amazing. #TeamBlackberry for life

First time responding to a contest. But I really do want another PlayBook for my GF :P

BB Storm 2 + 32GB PlayBook
(where's my QNX phone?!)

Love crackberry for all the hints, reviews and tricks. Don't yet have a playbook but what would be a better way than to win one.

Thanks Crackberry

ME TOOOOOOO!! I love the new OS2 - remote control has to be the coolest feature - add presenter mode and this becomes a real multimedia business tool!

I wants a playbook as i refuse to follow the Steve Jobs sheep. My only chance is playing with one at Best Buy - an excellent device <3

I don't have a blackberry playbook but I do have a blackberry and I love having all my social networking and its the best phone I think!

Got my PlayBook for Christmas and love it.

Blackberry tablets are easy to use -
The fantastic graphics do surely amuse.
Hours of work, fun and play
all done with great speed and little delay.
Pairs to my torch with the greatest of ease.
Playbooks without a doubt are guaranteed to please!

I was never the biggest fan of BlackBerry products until I tried out the PlayBook. At first, I wasn't too sold on it because my interest was on the iPad and Android tablets at the time. However, I gave the PlayBook another look and was impressed by what it can do (especially how it handles Flash on the browser better than any of the Android tablets and using Blackberry Bridge to sync notes and calendar from my BlackBerry 9930) and so, I ended up getting my first 64GB PlayBook online when it was on sale. Ever since then, I've been loving the PlayBook and using it more than ever.

Just yesterday, I upgraded my PlayBook to OS 2.0 and I was amazed at the new features that were added, including the newly updated App World application. My favorite part of using OS 2.0 is Print To Go and the Remote Control feature on my BlackBerry 9930. Print To Go was easy to setup and I was amazed at how quickly it transferred documents to my PlayBook without having to use the USB cable or Wi-Fi sharing. The Remote Control feature works really good on OS 2.0 and using my BlackBerry 9930 to control the PlayBook is just ingenious. has been my favorite site when it comes to BlackBerry related news and I love the fact that there's always new things to learn about BlackBerry. The site was my first stop when I got my new PlayBook and my favorite part of CrackBerry is the forums because there's so many things that people are doing with the PlayBook that it amazes me to no end. Bonus: After reading comments about the CrackBerry app on PlayBook, I decided to install it from App World and I came away impressed. Keep up the good work on this site.

Overall, PlayBook + OS 2.0 + CrackBerry = Winning combination.

I've always been a fan of crackberry. Visit it everyday since this is where all the good stuffs about blackberry is! The only thing I can't find from this site is my name as the winner of every contest ever held here. JF, just trying to Be Bold!

Would love to get my hands on the playbook. Love the portability and the speed of the PlayBook! With all the latest updates and what OS2.0 brings. It looks more and more promising!