CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!



Me want:)
I mostly use my PB to checkout if I win I can then start video chat with wife
Thanks Crackberry

OK, sign me up for the contest. I love the predictive typing feature. It is very easy to use. I didn't have to type more than a few letters for this entire post!

what i love about the playbook is it's small form factor looks like a tablet I can actually carry in my pocket. Albeit Jacket Pocket. With the integration of HTML5 and flash, the full web browsing experience is awesome.

I have just finished spending over six hours with the kind PB tech team staff to work on my flickering Bridge Messages screen. My Storm I is now very clean, updated and functions much better, but still bricks whenever it wants. The good news is that with PB v.2 uploaded, the flickering issue is resolved and the PB has entered a new era. .:)

For Crackberry:
kevin. and his updates and blog posts which certainly help people to come closer and make this crackberry as a community site. helpful articles for new bees. Some unbiased device details and unboxing. the way kevin loves blackberry certainly it reflects in his blogs and wall posts.
and dont forget now he is very very close to CEO of rim... so be prepared for some good insider tips.

About PB OS 2.0.
intuitive and better late than never. Complete Dessert for tablet owners

Would have been great if it comes out early but yes up to the marks and good ground work for the future new model releases. Great GUI and embedded OS with integration of fb, twitter and gist.... remote feature work as a charm. but its good only when in presentation otherwise it is a fad. email integration is awsome and way i compose in new mail and go back is ultimate.

Some thing i want to say to RIM, kevin please see into this. i dont want a free playbook but i want my voice to be heard as a die hard bb fan.

As a market analyst i must say, dont hurry up on new model. just deliver BB10 devices and then come with a pb model before RIM is about to launch BB10 mobiles. it will reflect ecosystem in company, make fewer models and operate on single OS like apple or android does and for god sake.. stick with ur delivery date and time.

i saw Kevin crackberry GUI of BB10. one suggestion. if u planning to have windows in home screen just like mango. then make it as a 3D Box type where box rotates and show apps inside it. if u move it rotates slow it shows app icon. and if rotates fast a window open up with a folder with horizontal and vertical alignment of apps inside folder. TAT are u listing....????

Blackberry addict
bb bold 9900 + 32 gb playbook.
Previous devices: Iphone 3gs-bold 9000- bold 9700.

I would love a PB! They are quite difficult and expensive over here in Tokyo.

CB is great for keeping up with the latest OSs and Apps! :D

Just updated to 2.0 a couple hours ago - looks good, feels good... Looking forward to learning this one too! After seeing mine, my wife would love to get her hands on a new PlayBook!!!

Great work guys.

The thing i like about the Playbook what i like is that it takes away alot of my un-used productive time.

Please give me a playbook, so i can give it to my girlfriend and use video chat!!!

So far my experience with OS 2, has been good, i noticed the browser is a bit faster, as far as the native email, i dont care, since i already used bridge. I like the video store, i just bought the last two episodes from the walking dead. I really like the remote control feature, it's awesome, i really dont know where are the new apps, i really dont need netflix, to be honest netflix suckss, very old movies, and lacks variety in my opinion. i would like to see skype to be honest, that front camera needs more action, than taking self shots, hahah. It sucks that everybody wants apple just because it's the " thing " to be " cool ". Hope RIM keeps bringing more good news for the sake of the company and their price per share.

Good luck. Give me a playbook.

I originally was a blackberry curve 8330 user and then got the 8530 before android got popular then made the switch and no matter what I stayed because of the apps and insane screens until it got out of control.posted my phone up on craigslist and had an offer to trade for the bold 9900 and yes it was very different at first and very hard to get used to.had the 9900 for about 5 days and bam I type emails in like no time and text messages are a breeze.I'm not a fan of apps I just want a phone to work when I want to and boy I love blackberry keyboard.and I never really had a chance to play around on a playbook but I hear a lot about if you have a blackberry device it can do to search it up and what not.anywho crackberry is on my rss feed!!!

One for my Daughter, she's always using my Playbook.

Love the size & now love the email!!!!

Good Luck

I am so excited for all of you who have playbook and 2.0. I hope skype will be available very soon.

I always dream to have this unique Playbook!!!

Count me in, baby!!

Compact size, design and great screen, email client (2.0), calendar (2.0) and possibility to use my 9900 as a keyboard / trackpad for PB - that's what I love about my PB 2.0 :)

I think the best is the new calendar app I love have the opportunity to have a better centralized and interactive Calendar. The true is that I sucks organizing my life, and the playbook is my personal helper to see light at the end of the tunnel.

I love being able to type with my blackberry into my tablet. Now write docs on the way is faster and easier.

I think the new android app is going to open thousands of new opportunities to Blackberry that was a first steep, now they have to make them not only transform their apps, but make natives ones 100% toughs to be used in BBP.

I like also that finally we are getting better reader apps for the playbook...

Anyone noticed that the Playbook now seems to connect easier to WiFi. Since the OS 2.0 update mine certainly has which now means the battery is lasting longer. No more seraching and dropping connections!!
Hey Kevin - thanks for this awsome giveaway. Dont forget us down here in deapest darkest Africa. Hope to be the one and only winner from RSA!!

The PlayBook is the best tablet I've ever used! I just feel terrible that my last one's been in RMA for the last FOUR months now - and with no relief in sight! :-( I would love to have a new PlayBook to play with OS 2.0!

Hello everyone,

I test the Playbook for my company and tried a bit of everything with it. i'm suprised how well it bahaves and how well the gestures are well.. natural !
I'd love to have a another one for my wife and the kids so I could tchat in vidéo with them. It would be excellent as i am often on the Go :)

Let's hope I'll win !

Tanks Crackberry, one of the best web site and ressource site for the Blackberry !

A new blackberry convert because of playbook now I know what I was missing in the androids tabs and iFads.Playbook with is 2.0 is great add my name in the contest.

I've had my PB so long...just got another one for my brother yesterday. I would like the free one for my Mom :D

Hi, i'm new to blackberry and just got a storm 2. I never realized that blackberry would be such a perfect phone for all ages. I love the push email system :). My favorite thing about CrackBerry is that since i'm just learning about blackberry phones and terminology you guys make it easier to understand what different things mean. Especially how you guys have general forms, phone related forms, and other misc. forms. I have been using CrackBerry for over a month now, but only just signed up because i only read topics and didn't have the need to post anything. If I do win, I would appreciate that beautiful shining BB PlayBook. Thank You all of for even making this a possibility for me and i hope I WIN !!!

since Playbook Launched i really want To have it, Now I wish I could be a winner of this 2.0 Playbook..
Playbok OS 2.0 Is not available here In my Country yet and I was not be able to downloaded it.
I Like the Email Setting, and The option Of email Setting in the corner due of Kevin"s video on Previous Post..
Since I often work by email, and Writing Presentation by office Application, Playbook 2.0 will be right for me, bc It would have capability and Long Battery Life.
And Smoother than Previous OS,
I wish I could Have chance to try and Be winner of one 2.0 playbook

Thanks :)
always love RIm and Blackberry..

I have a playbook updated it to OS2.0 at work yesterday and i love it everything just seems better with it.
but pick me my wife always using my playbook and it's crazy cause the battery is never charged when i want to use it and it's not put back in it's case so i'd love to win that way she has her own mine stays charged for use at work and the world will be in balence again (with the exception of my bad spelling)

convenient, small, practical, versatile, black, phone pair capabilities, supports flash, multitasking, goes will with my bold 9900. better than an ipad.! these are my reasons.

I would like to thank everyone at Crackberry, and those on the forums. I started liking Blackberry at 15-16(I'm now 19), and I have been upgrading my phones since then. 9530>9550>9900. Without the forums I would never know about Hybrid OS, or any of the other technical things about Blackberries and their software. And, I check this site faithfully everyday. /rant

Like all the other Blackberry fans, I am addicted to Blackberry phones. My contract ends in about a month, and I literally have trouble sleeping at night, because I'm so excited to get a new Blackberry phone running on OS7. I check the Crackberry website ALL the time. I'm never not on this site. Constantly refreshing. I love you CRACKBERRY "5ever" (it's pretty much a bigger deal than forever, I'm just saying). Keep the site great as always!

PB OS 2.0 is exactly what the doctor ordered and patients wanted.
I'm so excited with + Playbook OS 2.0 combo.
All thanks to Crazkberry because all these updates and upgrades were tracked from here. :)

Now, can I win a Playbook please? :P

Please let me have another playbook for my husband. He keeps taking mine to basketball practice with him. He loves the coaching apps and has downloaded them all.

they made adding and viewing your contact list pretty easy. and the way you can tell which of your contact has a playbook attached to them is really neat. Also, they added a few more codec support for mkv files. Loving my playbook!!!

The PB just have an awesome hardware. Easily pocketable and dockable. And what to say for the new software upgrade..... Mind blowing! The new 2.0 have embedded e-mail clients and better video chat experience. I'm just crazy about it when I saw my friend bagging out all new PB. Now I'm jealous of him. I too want it! But sometimes the software lags at GPS connectivity. Tell is there is any solution. But again rocks!!!!

Why I like Playbook 2.0 and Crackberry? Because Crackberry are giving them away for free!

Gimme Gimme Gimme! :)

WOW, please let it be me, i need a new PB soooo bad, (mine is that good my girlfriend stole it :-( )

Proud to be BB
Torch 9860
Playbook 16GB

If it makes sense it just makes sense

I love the new 2.0.
It took a while buy 2.0 is a new way of using the Playbook.
The sync between Gmail and the Playbook is also very nice.
And finally I can use my email form work MS Exchange.

2.0 is on!!!!!

I would like to know if I will be able to stream netflix movies to the playbook. And will a nook app be available for the playbook.

Im dying to try my blackberry as a remote for my mac...
But apparently the blackberry bridge won't let me use its remote...
Unless it is paired with the playbook for initial set up...
So please let me win this... :)

What I love most about the PlayBook is it's portability & now with OS 2.0, built-in email & improved Video Chat just puts the cherry on top the cake!!!


I joined CrackBerry because of Kevin's genuine and unabashed love for BlackBerry. His enthusiasm is infectious. I just started my own business (as a result of not being able to find a job) and am getting a 9900 tomorrow. A playbook would be the perfect companion piece.

Let's Rock & Roll this!!!

I like the playbook coz it is awesome. A super genius tablet :) multi tasking at full speed. Full flash support like pc but more portable than pc and now os2 is in it plus android apps that are useful and entertaining. What more can you ask? -Just 1 thing a free playbook! :) And thank you crackberry making me drool once again for a playbook. Hehehe..

PLEEEEZ! Choose me! I'd love to have a PLAYBOOK! I think it rivals or even tops any tablet on the market now that OS 2.0 has been released! ....jus sayin!

Let me tell you a little bit about my personal relationship (ie. obsession) with Blackberry:

The very first smartphone I ever had was an old used blackberry 8130. The keypad was all worn-out; chipping off the edges, the number decals were completely off, half the screen was cracked and the entire phone frame looked as if it went through heck & back...yet I was still amazed at the quality the phone still provided. I came about this website years ago while trying to search for some info about the phone that I have and I was amazed at how well informed this site is. Day & Night I would check the site for new infos about Blackberry Phones, as well as, news pertaining to BLACKBERRY. As a token of my appreciation I actually created a custom wallpaper and posted/donated it in here for members to enjoy (it was for a Blackberry Storm; the wallpaper was a RYAN MATHEWS/SAN DIEGO CHARGERS Wallpaper).I decided to switch it up a bit because I was intrigued at this new device I've been hearing about; Blackberry Bold 9650. I've been lookin' over many details over here on CRACKBERRY.COM about the phone going through the many threads and reading through many info that truly raised my interests and was facinated & intrigued. The threads were very informative and helpful to my decision in a future purchase of the Bold 9650. When details surfaced on the date the phone would be released, immediately I jumped on it and went directly to Verizon and was the very first customer in the valley (Palm Springs CA) to every purchase and use the Blackberry Bold 9650 (even the manager was amazed at how I knew when they had first shipped the phones). Since then, my Blackberry Bold 9650 has been a life-saver both personal/business wise. I have been able to receive e-mails faster, receive phone-calls/txt compared to other smartphones that I've heard about. Its been 4 years now and I still have my beloved Blackberry Bold 9650 and continues to performs better than ever; as if I first purchased the phone. Now, lately I've been hesitant to switch to the newest Blackberry phones that have recently been released due to the fact that I have a grand-fathered Unlimited Data Plan and by choosing to switch/renew to a new phone it will end my TRUE Unlimited Data Plan which I do not want to happen. But if Blackberry does come out with a phone that is truly worth risking my Unlimited Data Plan then I am all for it; as long as it is with a Blackberry Phone. I continue to follow this site and will always do because of the many people like myself who loves their Blackberry Phone. Last year, I posted a thread about inquiring anyone willing to sell/help me find a Blackberry Playbook. But unfortunately, I didnt know the rules about such threads and was immediately notified kindly about it; which I truly understand and apologize for. Times are hard as of late and I have not been able to find a Blackberry Playbook. Yet I still go through the Blackberry Playbook Forum Section and read through many updated information about the tablet and continue to be amazed at what it would be like to actually own one! Even if I do not win this contest, I just wanted to share my personal experience and both my respect and love for this device, as well as, the CRACKBERRY community as everyone here has helped me become more informative everyday. Thank you and hope whomever wins, comes to love and enjoy such a device as I look forward to sharing my own experience with the Blackberry Playbook once I am able to purchase one in the future. ----R.O.

I've been addicted to Blackberry since first 8700, then 8800 and 9700. From the very beginning of playing with Blackberry, is my favorite BB info center and 1st hand BB news.

Kevin is cool and I really appreciate your work to the whole community.

An Hello from me to the whole community. BB rocks!!!

With OS 2.0 we have everything to compete and even defeat the iPad.
1) the QNX Is a more powerful software and reliable which is now supporting OS 2
2) We have a video store in addition of a music store so we have everything that iTunes can offer.
3) Sophisticated intergration which is offered by the Playbook and your Blackberry smartphone is something that will never happen between an iPhone and an iPad. iPad is just an iPhone with a large screen..
3) With Native e-mail app RIM Has stepped down and given a punch to all those reviewers who weren't happy with this device when it launched. Also that, many tech bloggers who aren't biased are loving this new OS and taking a playbook like never before.
4) Awesome resolution screen, 5megapixel cam and it's portable. Why would anyone not want it ? ;)

Getting upped right on 5AM EST!!! Being in India i thought i would get it late!!! BUT RIM ROCKS!!!
Thanks Kevin & Team for the entire support on all forums & Videos!!

I would love to win this one!!!!

Thanks all!!! Cheers

I'm on 4560 place, so there is a chance for Playbook after 1140 months ;), that means 95 years ;) HA, HA, HA. Do playbook was still going to be Kev?

I've wanted the playbook since day one! Can't afford one. My friends are all leaving bb and rocking iphones! I want one so I can show them what they"re missing out on. Blackberry will stay alive!!!

Just got mine yesterday in time for OS2 and loving it so far. Thanks Crackberry for helping me decide to go for the PB after reading the blogs.

I love the new remote control feature. The only thing that would make it better is if you could see the PlayBook screen on you BB.

Please send me a lovely new Playbook to give to my wife to wein her off her iPad. We go away a fair bit and she leaves her big heavy unwieldy iPad at home. If she gets a Playbook, she won't be jealous of mine when we go away.

I could really put my new playbook to work. (that's if i win it of course)
OS 2.0 is one of the best things since sliced bread, the remote feature in the bridge app is amazing, Rim really stepped it up and delivered, i just want to thank Crackberry and Rim for making this possible. Okay..............I'm ready for the

The Playbook is a great device - as I just dont like Android and iOS seems to be to closed down to me I quite like the possibility to have Android Apps running but on a far superior OS.


Me and BB9900 OS 7 plus PlayBook OS 2 fits my everyday life just perfect.

Can someone else imagine one day without RIMs additive constant?

Me neither!

Thx and keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left andoid for Blackberry!!!! Please help a poor un-employed man out??!?!? Maybe a late b-day gift from the wicked good people @ crackberry ?? :)

What I love about is...contests like this one.
But joking aside (though I'm dead serious, above), what I love about Crackberry is how it's truly a community. Where else could you get a slumber party for OS 2.0? It's crazy and wonderful!
As for what I like about Playbook...watching videos, multi-tasking, browser...bridge!
Bold 9000, Bold 9780

Hi...for me playbook is the real tablet and real multitasking... and now the os 2.0 prove that RIM build many different than before. The os 2.0 was so awesome i dont care about people who think that playbook is failed product and for me i think they should learn a lot about playbook before they justify. Thanks to RIM and Crackberry you give us what we need :) Thankyou all

I was able to see a full demo, one on one at CES at the BB booth of the Playbook running 2.0 and wanted one since then. I need tools not toys for my business and I need a Playbook please help me!!!! I love how both the phone and playbook work together, I have the phone just need the Playbook... ; ) Thanks Kev you rock!

BlackBerry Playbook and Playbook OS 2.0 - a killer combination to end all tablet wars. The new features of the OS just kills off the competition. I especially love the functionality and look of the new PIM additions.

How I wish I could have one...

The OS 2.0 is amazing! I want to have more integrations like the one we are seeing with native emails, contacts and calendar, this is really nice!

OS2.0 is amazing, the thing i love the most is the BlackBerry Remote!

makes life so much easier than having a 10m HDMI cable!

i wish i could win one.....

Me please
I love crackberry for how imformative and detailed about blackberry's
And the awesome gifts they affor us readers..

And i love the blaybook my got one last month its really awesome specially with the blackberry bridge i want this it will really help me alout + the size of the playbook and how powerfull it is its really awesome

Thanks crackberry
And good luck everyone :)

Welll i recently bought blackberry 8830 and i am really amazed by the things it could do... would love to have the advanced 'playbook' i dont know a thing about it though...


Oh I absolutely want in on this one! I'm no tablet guy so far, but the polish and functionality of the Playbook and OS 2.0 may just get to me! =)

Well I'm Very happy with OS2.0 since I've been a Beta User I must Say even I'm shocked How the new features have been packed in Good times For RIM and Playbook owners and yes I would love the free give away ..does anyone here in England actually win anything from crackberry just curious?

If I were to say everything that I love about the Playbook, OS 2.0 and a Crackberry I'd write an essay. Still, I'd love to win one so I'll write the essential. Out of all the tablets that came out in the last few years, I wasn't interested in any of them until the Playbook was announced. I read everything about it and I loved the interface, the hardware and everything actually. When it finally came out, I thought I'd be able to afford it but it was too expensive, especially since I live in a country where everything is 4 times more expensive just because they can do that. Recently, I've been looking at all the videos showing what OS 2.0 can do and it looked amazing. The message applications, the calendar, and all the newly released applications for OS 2.0 make it the best tablet for a student there can be. Although it provides lots of entertainment, the work related capabilities are perfect. I'd love to win one and I'm grateful to CB for providing such an opportunity. I'm an avid reader, even if I don't comment too often. I hope I get to finally use one, the closest thing to a Playbook I had was the emulator I downloaded before the Playbook came out.

This PB is the best PB since P/B(peanut butter and jelly)...and I would love to get a BB PB!!!!!!!!!

If I were to say everything that I love about the Playbook, OS 2.0 and a Crackberry I'd write an essay. Still, I'd love to win one so I'll write the essential. Out of all the tablets that came out in the last few years, I wasn't interested in any of them until the Playbook was announced. I read everything about it and I loved the interface, the hardware and everything actually. When it finally came out, I thought I'd be able to afford it but it was too expensive, especially since I live in a country where everything is 4 times more expensive just because they can do that. Recently, I've been looking at all the videos showing what OS 2.0 can do and it looked amazing. The message applications, the calendar, and all the newly released applications for OS 2.0 make it the best tablet for a student there can be. Although it provides lots of entertainment, the work related capabilities are perfect. I'd love to win one and I'm grateful to CB for providing such an opportunity. I'm an avid reader, even if I don't comment too often. I hope I get to finally use one, the closest thing to a Playbook I had was the emulator I downloaded before the Playbook came out.

My son loves watching videos on the PB, but he is in holidays and he left with. So I cannot test OS2 before he returns.
It would be nice if I had a second PB to let me test next upgrade BB10 perhaps :)

I'm in as well. Owning this PB would be the final bit to complete my love for anything Blackberry labeled. Thanks CB for yet another great contest and opportunity.

Loving the new folder and messaging features. Now really really want to spread the love to the family!

I have been a huge BlackBerry fan for 5 years now and now have incorporated my BlackBerry into my dj business. The remote feature and the social integration in the contacts, email and calendar. It would be nice to see more apps for djs. Thanks for all the wonderful information blots that you provide

OS2 is ace!

thought i was good before now its better than all the rest!

ps love Crackberry to!

Hi Blaze! Please be kind and choose me!

I would like to play with it with my old 9700! Contacts, calendar, apps... it's just what my bold need to extend its life! I will definitively keep a way out all those **pads..

I WANT A PLAYBOOOK! They're just so expensive in Europe compared to the US and as a student i can not really afford one :(

Winning this one would be a dream come true and it would make all the other times i didnt get picked sooo worth the wait. Thanks for the great contests guys!

The PlayBook is THE best tablet. Plan to pair it with my will be amazing.
Now with OS2, bridge is unbeatable with the Remote Control.

the OS 2 is amazing, fluent n now loaded with features, love the bridge features,. Gracias to crackberry for the updated info n reviews, just miss the appworld over here x_x

I already have a 32GB Playbook. Now that it has a proper email client, it became very usable indeed. In fact, we're fighting over who will use it in my household. It's a great little tablet, beautifully designed and built.

Liked the new OS, but sad to see absence of BBM. I was expecting access to complete android market, which hasn't happened. Thanks Crackberry for keeping us informed about all the happenings before and after the OS release. I am now a fan of yours.

I've loved the playbook ever since my uncle got his, and I've always wished I could have one, but sadly I can't afford one :( The OS2 looks sweet, and I really do love the Blackberry/QNX interface. I would love if I could win this contest. And I would LOVE to rub it in the face of all those android and apple loving friends of mine :D P.S. I bet it would look great paired with my 9900 ;)

I'm going to love the native email, calendar and contacts in PB 2.0... oh and video chats with Kevin if he let's me win this contest :)

Loving Playbook OS2.0, totally cool, cant try the new video chat tho - soooo need another Playbook please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow! could this an opportunity for me to own a Blackberry playbook? lol well lets see, fingers crossed!

Please...please...I am a desparate wife won't let me buy ANY electronic gizmos. This is my only chance to get a Playbook....

The thing that makes me very happy is the Bridge Remote app. It's just amazing how simple and useful that application is.

I would love to have a Blackberry Playbook. I need something like this to use for work. I have to carry my laptop around with me all the time because i have to check my emails. I use to have a Blackberry but it kept freezing up on me. So, i had to get a new phone.

I had to return my Playbook due to a defective rear camera that tech support for some reason failed to repair or replace when I sent it back. Still...I find myself longing for it. I went to Office Depot last night to look at their demo but they had failed to update to 2.0 yet.

This update was well anticipated. Been looking forward to it since my purchase back in August. Which ducked because I paid three times as much as my brother did for his, but what I am loving about 2.0 is the contacts. I was surprised to find everyone I know updated and in there. Now I can video chat with almost anyone and I am looking forward to trying that out as soon as the sun comes up. You see I am in the hospital and just had a large cancer removed from my leg and looking forward to sharing the good news that they got it all! I just love 2.0 dearly.

Out of every tablet on the market, the PlayBook is the most underrated but most powerful tablet! And what better accessory for the PlayBook than - who needs anything else?! I'd love to win this contest, just to have more of a chance to spread more of the PlayBook awesomeness around.

I am using blackberry from last 4 years... but my friendship with comes last year and i am really happy to find such a great website for blackberry resources..
i am currently using BB9380, and hope and wish i win Blackberry Playbook as i love to play on it.
Bilal Ahmad

Loving the new o's 2.0. Really noticeable improvements in the browser, great remote feature, and. Really cool UI. Just beautiful and addictive.

i wonder if they actually read all these comments...or if it's just like some big hat with almost 5000 other people's names in it.

I'm loving crackberry! I check every morning and night for new posts. Keeps me up to date with what's happening on my bb and my playbook. Thanks for everything you do!

This is the winning comment.

(Seriously, I'd love a playbook. Been wanting one since it was announced)

I am living in japan and my playbook is my only means of keeping my crackberry addiction at bay. i need another one to get the wife off my back


On the first day of 2.0 use on my PB, it fell off my desk (while not in my case) and the screen shattered. I could really use a new playbook. And my 2 1/2 yr old is very upset as well.


I like Playbook for:

> size
> form factor
> ease of data transfer on and from it
> Flash
> easy usage of multiple accounts (Work E-mail, Personal E-mail, LinkedIn, Facebook)

> the bridge between phone and Playbook

I would use day to day as my organizer and multimedia device (movies, music, videos, news etc)

Thanks Crackberry! My job has lent me a (gasp!) iPad for trial use and will be taking it back March 1. Not a fan of the iPad, but now like the idea of having a tablet. What better to go with my 9930 than a Playbook! Woohoo!

I love how CrackBerry keeps giving away stuff !
I cannot go a day without visiting this page. Its become a part of my daily schedule.
And as far as the Playbook is concerned. I would Love to have it !
I recently updated my 9360 to 7.1 And having the playbook would be perfect.

We've been waiting for the OS 2.0 for quite a while. And now that its finally here. It's hard to believe it. I want it !!

Cheers to Kevin and Team Crackberry. You guys are doing a great job.

CB has got to be simply the best resource out there, thank you for making this competition, I imagine it will be very popular :)

I love the Video Call feature between Playbook user. Need to use this feature for communicating with my family abroad.
Please give me Playbook with coolest OS v2.0

Although I'm not sure, because I don't have a PB, but the thing I like about it is the briding with BB phones. That just sounds awesome to me. So I'm in!

What I love best so far is the ActiveSync email! My company uses IBM Domino/Notes instead of Exchange/Outlook for mail. We do not have a BES server, and I have always had trouble getting my email sync'ed with IMAP on my BlackBerry with our email system. It was getting to the point where I was thinking about leaving my beloved BlackBerry for an Android phone. But the ActiveSync setup for Mail, Calendar, and Contacts on the Playbook 2.0 works absolutely lovely with Domino Traveler! I am so stoked! I can finally show all the iPad snobs in my office that the Playbook is the better business tablet! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE BB10 PHONES TO COME OUT!

You guys are awesome!! Keep up up with that great work! A free Playbook would be awesome. All the great new features of OS 2.0 would make my life a bit more fun :)

I really wold love to have one! is fantastic! and it would work perfectly with my old 9700 :P I think that OS 2 is the right way for the playbook, and improve it a lot. Thanks for the oportunity Crakberry!


The pose that your pulling on here Kevin looks like I do when the wife wants to borrow the PB and has to beat it out of my hands. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm if only she could have her own PB, may be this could solve the problem and help our marriage flourish (not only personally but Blackberryly (I know its not a word but..).

All the best and Be Bold

Finally!!!!!! Really would love a playbook. Would be thrilled to be part of the RIMPIRE when the tech press finally have to eat crow and humble pie. The updates look great. Long Live BlackBerry!

Bridge update is wonderful, folder organization is great and well wanted. I'm surprised at how happy I am with the native email. I thought that I did not require it since all my email addresses go through my BBs, but I'm liking it a lot. The new contacts is sweet as well.

I got my playbook the day it came out last year and there was never a worry that I would stick with it.

Love my wife's playbook, and it would be great to have my own to store my Dungeons and Dragons documents on rather than carting a pile of books to every gaming session

its all I-pads where I work at uni.....wouldn't it be great to deliver my lectures using a playbook?
that would be one in the eye for the mac heads !!!
great compo, crack people.

I LOVE the OS 2 update, did my wife's & mine both yesterday. She has the technical skills of a fruit bat, and set up her Email account in the first 5 minutes. Great Job RIM

# 3 should also be another 64 gig......

Finally I can work while sitting on the throne I call "The Shrine of Brown Friends"! I'm sorry it's gross, but come on, the playbook is the best toilet gadget to ever exist! The email client is amazing and a free playbook would be cool as well! My girlfriend keeps stealing mine! :(

CrackBerry rocks! New to the forum but have always enjoyed the cutting edge info posted here. I cant wait for BBX on the new upcoming phone. My torch 9550 has been going strong for over a year and a half. I dont know where all the complaints come from with the devices. I view BB phones as grown up phones not toys! I beleive this is where most of the issues come from. Dont expect the device to do more then it is intended for. Keep up the great work CB crew!

They say work hard play hard.... In office blackberry bold makes me work hard.. Now I need a playbook to play hard.

You guys ROCK!! Thanks to you guys, I've rooted, cracked, dingled, usb-dongled, ddpb'd, winscp'd, androidmarketed and whatnotted my berrythingie. Now if you get me a brand spanking new one, I can do it all over again!

At last, users without a Blackberry phone can use email, contacts and calendar. Lets hope the userbase expands now :)

Just upgraded myself and love the new bridge remote control and view on playbook options. looking forward to reading my Kindle books on the android app too.

Thanks RIM ^_^

I unfortunately bought a iPad right before the playbook release I have always loved blackberry I use a bold 9900 and I have always wanted a playbook but could never afford it

Been meaning to get a Playbook for awhile, since a buddy of mine brought his over. By what I've read the new OS really steps up things up with emaila and some of the apps such as Facebook.