CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!



Only 4000 posts so far...I'm loving my chances of some extra OS 2.0 action. I deserve it after loving blackberry so much that I early adapted like a sicker.

Cool. I would love to win one. is the best for blackberry news and I visit the site multiple times per day :)

Mmmm where to start? The mail/contacts app is the best one in the market! The posibility of use your own BlackBerry phone as a remote keyboard, there are soo many things that are good about the Playbook that I don't have the time to write them all.

Please Crackberry! Let me win this one!

I want a PB badly. I've been waiting to buy one but short of money :(
Please....make my dream come have playbook
Thank you

I'm loving the updated Bridge!
But I'm sure there will be lots more to love as I explore more.
Thanks to the Crackberry team for all of the up to date info on 2.0!


The bpb was already awesome... With OS2 I've been re-discovering all the old and new features. Good work RIM and thanks Crackberry

I think BB Play Book is gonna be very useful while traveling. I can do or research my school work on it and not be at a loss of time!
It'd be nice to have one for free

I have played with it for a few hours and I must say that I like the Playbook - its very portable and minimalistic design, its OS, its apps (esp being able to run Android apps), and its very simple and intuitive experience.
I am a very recent Blackberry-convert (less than three weeks) and I'm loving Crackberry. It's my stop for all BB stuff I need to know.

Hardcore Fan of CB and with my 9900 im really looking into a PB.Now that 2.0 is up i badly i want one. wish i could be the one to get it ,would be great if i get the winner all the way to south India. Kevin you are great running CB which gives lot of ppl interact into CB and get things done possible. Thank you so much . hoping for the best :S

i might be moving around for jobs when i finish my degree here in waterloo. i would like to give one to my girlfriend so we can keep in touch!

OS 2.0's much improved browser, remote control via bridge, native email client with sns messaging integration in the unified inbox, and the improved keyboard are the features which have given this tablet a fresh lease of life, and most of those features make PlayBook stand up and above the rest of the pretty similar features toting tablets.

Android is the buzz word now-a-days, and I won't deny saying that when I was on the look-out for a tablet, HTC Flyer was the one I'd set my eyes upon. I hadn't even considered the PlayBook despite owning a BlackBerry Curve 9300 for over a year now. But the recent price slash made me pump out for the PlayBook's 32GB model. And I couldn't have been happier about my purchase. This tablet is a joy to use because of its unique user interface and bezel controls. I've loved my tablet right from the day I unboxed my unit, and it seems like the love affair would continue to grow exponentially after the release of the latest OS. I've been advertising the PlayBook to all those who value my opinion, and have been imploring them to get one for themselves, partly because this tablet deserves all the success, and partly,.so that I could get a few friends to video chat. OS 2.0 gives me a lot more impetus to urge them to get one while the sales last.

I live over a thousand miles away from my parents, and get to meet them once a year at the most. If I do win a PlayBook courtesy of CrackBerry's generosity, I'd like it delivered to my mother (I'd update it later to OS 2.0, when I visit her), so that I could video chat to my parents as soon as possible, thereby, making the best use of another application which has been dramatically improved by RIM. Apart from that, day before yesterday was my birthday, so, a PlayBook would be an extremely dear gift, alongwith the $100 worth of accessories.

Even though I dearly would like to win the PlayBook, and the 100 dollars worth of accessories, too (the one I own does not have a single accessory, I simply couldn't afford any of them so soon after purchasing the tablet. The screen is still hidden beneath the original screen-guard, the one displaying swipe gestures), I feel there maybe far more deserving people in need of a PlayBook. I read a guy was going on a military mission, and intended on using the PlayBook to video chat with his wife, if he was selected by CrackBerry.
Good luck Kevin and the team, it must be a really difficult job selecting people worthy enough.

loving the fact that there's a autocorrect-ish function on the playbook! as well as the numbers row that pops up when you input your password. :)

loving the fact that there's a autocorrect-ish function on the playbook! as well as the numbers row that pops up when you input your password. :)

I need a Playbook for my work. I am on the road three weeks out of the month as a service technician and i do not have a chance to use a computer or watch tv. The playbook will certianally help me keep up to date with the current events.

Wow ,
I would love to win a Blackberry Playbook , my friend has it and it is the greatest tablet I have ever seen , so much better than other tablet out there ,
hope to win this blackberry from crackberry ;)

Crackberry is on the ball with everything that has to do with Blackberry! my one stop place for all news and info as they have it first!

Due to a lack of forethought on the part of a retailer, the wife busting her ankle in four places, having to play mommy - daddy - nurse etc while not being able to work, I have been without my beloved playbook since it died a most heinous death on jan 30th with a screen going completely nuts! Please select me to replace the christmas gift from the wife gone bad.

id love to win my first ever blackberry playbook! this would make me the happiest man on the planet! thanks crackberry, i love you!

Installing OS 2.0 on my Blackberry Playbook as I type awayyyyy...Getting another one just for my pops would blow him away!

Just got the playbook instead of the Ipad because of price and size. My wife and I love the playbook for usability although more apps would put it over the top. I would love to win another playbook so that me and my wife would stop fighting over it while were just lounging around!


I love how shocked people are when I show them what my Playbook can do!

Winning a second one would let me video chat with my bestie!

PlayBook OS 2 is freaking awesome! I absolutely love it, and convincing others about how great it is and to possibly pick up a couple themselves . Definitely my most favorite function is the ability to control the PlayBook via my BlackBerry Bold.

Wow...pb is awesome with its high resolution screen and os2 rocks.awaiting for more android apps.cb is best informative site for BB users :)

Have 4 playbooks, All in good shape. Loving the native email and calender, now I can actually use it for something other than browsing.

My god the Os 2.0 is awesome!!!! I love my blackberry phone and I love my blackberry playbook. I love my playbook before the update. The blackberry playbook is by far the best tablet out there. This thing is so fast and the multitasking is so good it makes the A____e look even more like just a expensive toy, while the play book does it all. So what there aren't that many apps yet it will build in time. All these companies are going to jump on the rim boat to get apps out to us. I'd love to win this prize so I can give it to my daughters to share. They are also hooked on blackberry phones.

Been loving my PlayBook for over a month now. Daily crackberry addict. Good luck to all on the giveaway. OS 2.0 is incredible!

contest entry, i really like the new remote feature. it comes in handy when the playbook is hooked up to my hdtv all the way across the room!

What do I love about 2.0? The fact that it's a lot like 1.8. :)

What do I love about I'll get back to you as soon as this contest is over...

I've been eying a playbook for months now... It'd be absolutely awesome to get one for free from the Blackberry Gods here at Crackberry!!!

Im loving how the the playbook is now a competitor to other tablets!... now it just needs a better app world :)

Well hell yeah crackberry! I found blackberry remote to be very smooth. Taking advantage of those superior blackberry keyboards. Details such as a native file manager, a find function in docs to go, add well to the major upgrades such as the wonderful messages-app. Sending email through playbook and seeing: sent from my blackberry playbook. It just puts a smile on my face.

If I'd win the playbook, I'd totally give it to my mom for her birthday this Friday. She wanted an iPad, but now she's doubting that choice when she sees my playbook.. Rightfully so!

Yesterday was a RESURRECTION for RIM. Hopefully!,,,We all celebrate it..! Actually I still can't download the OS2 due to problem on my WIFI yesterday. And today I have to compete with the whole people in the world and eternity! I still can't go in. So, I'll wait till the dust gone by

Hello, this website is always up to date and I would like to have the RIM tablet to take advantage of the new benefits of OS 2.0. Greetings to all.

Thanks I will say as a new playbook owner, the tips and tricks that I have learned on this forum have been very helpful.

I went from store to store, sometimes 3-4 times, picking up the Playbook, picking up the Iconia, picking up the Galaxy, and I could have easily gone with the obvious and safe "Android" choice, but after watching an HD movie demo on the Playbook, and although seeing all the negative comments about the playbook and what it was lacking, I went ahead an purchased one, the update 2.0 being the sole reason to take a chance.
I totally made the correct call. This IS what a tablet shout be. If I am chosen to win one, I am giving it to my girlfriend, who has a BB phone and this will complete her business hardware.

I realized I forgot to say what I like about the playbook and I really cant find my comment in there...
Anyway, its the portability... 7" is just perfect

With Native Email, Contacts, Calendar and Social Network accounts have integrated. I can view information from multiple sources, merged into one contact card that allows you to easily grab their contact information and recent status updates as well as other benefits. That's so good. But if Playbook 2.0 have native BBM , it'll very nice more than now.

I love my PlayBook and 2.0 makes it so much better. I would love to share all that is great about BlackBerry. Pick me!

I'm a big BlackBerry fan! I just wish there were more users in my area... Any how I love everything BlackBerry! I want to thank for keeping us posted on all the goodies! Hope to win a PlayBook so I can stop sharing mine with my future wife and her 2 year old son... Loving the remote keyboard and mouse with my torch 9850 paired with my 64GB PlayBook!

Hey! Where is my new shiny playbook. I am waiting for it.

P.S. Love new os
Wrighting from my old not very shuny playbook

My favorite part about 2.0 has got to be the newly updated bridge allowing me to control my PB and other devices via my Phone. I also love print2go!

Love to have a free playbook...such a great giveaway Crackberry... thanks guys... My Dad fell in love with my Playbook so I ended up giving it to him.... Best thing I ever did ...It made me feel so great to find something that my Dad actually enjoyed and to be able to give it to him...Now I really need a replacement because I too loved my Playbook....

Love in their ability to keep me informed of everything blackberry. The Playbook is my favorite of two tablets I have, the other being a Touchpad. The size for me is perfect, not too big not too small. I show friends the demo video that comes on the Playbook, and everyone is shocked at how it pops off the screen in such beautiful detail thanks to HD. Now, if we could get skype on Playbook....

i woulld love to win one but i know i never have any luck when it comes to cont
est lol but maybe this one would be different who knows

This time the PLAYBOOK would be mine .............. Blackberry looks more stable OS for me than any other in the market right now ......... I have BB BOLD 9700 and a PLAYBOOK would make the dish more complete .........The only thing i feel sometime's is lack of fancy apps , but to keep in mind that BB is more for a professional than a fancy guy's out there ....I'm loving the BB guys trying hard make the OS look better , their expanison towards the app developers . I'm sure BB will stay upto the expectations

I was so excited the night before and woke up at 3am PST to check if I was able to download the newest update for my playbook. When I pressed the button, it says there is a new update!!! Work up three hours later and YEAH!! Rebooted the playbook!!! I was so excited that I first upgraded my bridge on my phone and it worked!!! Then I set up all my account info and started to browse the web. I have noticed that the bridge on the playbook does not have bridge browsing! I was shocked and said, "oh well". I still love my playbook with my bold. Then I finally realize that it browses the web easily but not the App World. WOW!!! I do not have to browse at two different icon anymore. I could do it all with one iron when bridged or wifi! It either connects or do not connect! The calender is amazing! I love how it integrates really well with each other. I have check all my games and all that good stuff and it works really well. I would love to have another one and dress it up with the accessories!!!

First of all, thanks Kevin for this amazing giveaway. Also, you are nuts when it comes to anything BlackBerry, which I love! :) CrackBerry keeps me up to date on everything that goes on with RIM. Love your tweets too. The PlayBook rocks. The size is perfect, not too heavy or big. OS.2 rocks! More reason to have another one!

I _am_ lovin' my PB. My iPad stays at home because it isn't as portable. And to be honest, Playbook OS is leagues ahead. I've toyed with many an Android tablet as well and there's just nothing like PB OS in terms of intuitiveness and useability (WebOS? but where are they... ;-)

I want a playbook book for several reasons:
1) I don't trust Android/Google
2) Apple is too DANG expensive
3) The Playbook looks good, Blackberry is not "the man", so I don't feel like someone is monitoring my every move!
4) It is a NICE machine!!!

Most of my friends have iPads and Android tablets, none of them have a PlayBook. So it would be awesome if I get to show off my PlayBook to them, that is of course if I win one! So I'm hoping I do! Thanks CB! :)

Oh, what I love about CrackBerry? CB is always there whenever I need help with my BlackBerry. And, of course, who doesn't love contests like this? :P

I don't have a Playbook, but I played with one at a store and absolutely loved it. I'd definitely take advantage of the front-facing camera, it'd be convenient to use BBM on a bigger screen, and I absolutely love the fact that it has Flash support.

CrackBerry is the only reliable BlackBerry source for BBManila - Philippines (a fast emerging BlackBerry market) leading BlackBerry blog.

Playbook is the only thing that is missing on my BlackBerry induced happy life, haven't touched one and i would really love to tinker with it and show the crazed Philippines BlackBerry users how awesome and mind bending it is.

May i have one Playbook my good sir's?


I love the fact that OS2 came out ON TIME!!! RIM was (rightly in many cases) the doting old man, and delivering on time was critical in an iPad crazy world. Overdelivering on some nice knicknacks (like the Swiftkeyboard) says they're serious for once not to just minimally follow through.

Lastly, an extra Playbook for the lady friend for late night...goodnights...would make the business trips a little more restful indeed!

A Year of waiting has gone by, with all the jokes & jibes & pokes about my PB and the update is finally here! through the whole ordeal Crackberry & the Crackberry Nation has kept me going through! I love you guys! Thanks for all the help & support & love from fellow crackberry users

How cool is the Bridge pointer in V2. That and a HDMI cable is a powerful presentation package. This Canadian thinks 2012 is going to be a great year for RIM!

Kudos to CrackBerry for having one of my favorite apps!!

I have been on Crackberry since my first bb pearl, now I have the Torch 9800. I would love to have a Playbook. Free stuffs are always the best. Also checked the news about OS2.0, it's looking nice! Can't wait to win one to try out ;)

Heck Yeah! One for my wife and accessories for all! :) What I love about CrackBerry is that it is THE source for BlackBerry news that's why it is my homepage. And when I feel picked on by all my non-BB loving friends for sticking with RIM I come here and find hope that RIM will rise up and be king again!

I have 2 of the damn things and after the OS upgrade I dare any PAD boy to come on and pad is perfect in the market and RIM does have its limitations, but for pics, vids, berry users and airports its unbeatable.

I Toy around With My bosses "RIM" Devices all the time, but have never had the pleasure to have one of my own. I love the Bridge Capability between the BB9930 and the BB PB, That is one of the many things that sets BB apart from Android and IOS Devices!

i want a playbook,sign me up,choose me..from indonesia :D
playbook is the best tablet i ever try m(from my friend)
also want to try the blackberry remote , bridge 2.0 and of course os 2.0 playbook os

I'm a big fan of BlackBerry, definitely it would be a plus to add this shiny new PlayBook to my arsenal of toys.

I'm a big fan of BlackBerry, definitely it would be a plus to add this shiny new PlayBook to my arsenal of toys.

I love the fact that I can check my email now!! and I am now loving that this is how BB10 Will look!! Can't wait. :D Now I just need to get one so that my partner isn't hogging mine all the time. here is hoping...

The new OS 2.0 is amazing. I love that I can have folders now. My home screen is so clean. I have to admit, I keep coming back to Crackberry at least 4-5 times a day (using the PB Crackberry App of course) to see if anything new shows up that I should know of. Emulators, side loaded apps, rooting, new games, updates, etc. Crackberry is the one stop for all things BlackBerry. I've been rocking my 64GB since launch but I find my girlfriend to be always using it. It's about time I get her one, or win her one *hint hint *wink wink.

Super smooth and slick UI with true multitasking and flash support. Now with native email, contacts, calendar, and android support, what's not to love?!

Keep up in the good work CrackBerry

You know we're like dog's tails (You could try and straighten it but it won't - it just won't)?

No matter how many times we enter a competition and don't win - it never stops us from trying again! :-)

So here's me being a dog's tail! :-). Hope I'll get lucky this time and win the PB with OS 2.0! CB rocks, but if I win, CB will rock 2.0 as hard!

i would love to win a playbook, and i love the site since it helps keep me up to date on all blackberry news as well as getting tips and tricks for making my bb experience that much better

I would love to tell you what's great about the playbook OS 2.0, but I don't have one yet. I love how focused crackberry is on the blackberry scene.

I'm a professional on the move, cannot sustain without my Blackberry. I jump out of a plane, and bam! My email is there, i can resume work, no need for local data plan, etc.
Why do i need a Playbook? Bridge baby!! The PB tablet can streamline my work, I can jump in meetings while rocking the tablet that has the exact right size and weight i need, without the need to look for Wifi or any kindda hassle. I could instantly load any email, open any presentation, and Voila!
If i win a PB, i will stitch slightly bigger pockets in all my jacket, and I will become an inspector gadget style consultant, ready to work anywhere!

I'd like one because my wife's iPad is simply annoying. No flash and a pain to log around (especially if she doesn't like me to lug it around) is a pain. Please.

I Love BB Playbook, it helps me to develop mouth watering apps and BB playbook is solid and fluid multi tasking table in true sense. I want one for my development effor.

Thanks crackberry

I would like to get my hands on another playbook. My sister gave one last Christmas because she knew how much I wanted this awesome tablet. Now she can't stand me always talking about it and she's talking about getting an ipad. Told her that she's missing out if she gets the ipad I stead. So by winning one of the tablet, I will surprise her and give her one and we can do video chat since she lives in north carolina.

I love the new OS2.0........and I know for sure that more good things will come!!! SMILE!!!

moist and meaty -

and I would love to win a new PlayBook. It would really help keep up with my three foster children. I'm a single-dad and I'm always running around with my kids. I can't lug a laptop around constantly. A PlayBook would go great with my Bold 9650.

I am on my 3rd BlackBerry phone & every one has been better than the last. Now with this new OS2, I'm beginning to feel that the PlayBook has way more potential. Finally its matching the phones with the ease of use. The spell check was way overdue. I confess as to not digging into the new features too deeply yet (I've only had it for an hour or so), but I already discovered the new "create folder" function as well as the total personalization of the home screens. I'll be discovering more in the coming days, but the 1st impression is the most important. Good job BlackBerry!

I'm quite new to the smartphone world and the Bold 9900 was my choice for my first smartphone and it's awesome. And since I bought it last year, I'd be checking CrackBerry 24/7 for updates. CrackBerry's da BOMBS!

I've been reading nothing but rave reviews about the PlayBook and the new OS 2.0... so I'd REALLY love to win one! :)

PB OS 2.0 awesome because it out performs all other OS. Would love to get a PB. OS 2.0 sounds pretty good.

What I love about Crackberry? Everything :D together with my italian and swedish newspaper it's what I go and check on my Blackberry whenever I have time!
What I love about the Playbook? Honestly I don't know, I've been considering often if I should buy it or not and seeing the OS 2.0 out now makes me wonder left. For sure it's an amazing tool and I definitely wish to get selected :)

To surf anywhere else for everything Blackberry. Forums, downloads, and of course contests for free giveaways. Hook me up with awesome Playbook.

I'm loving the integrated messages.
Would've loved the BB remote but my work BB had the bridge disable due to security concerns with the playbook.

You know I needed another one, my husband is posted 1500 kilometers away - we could so use that video chat between Halifax and Ottawa! Kids would love to be able to see him....
PRETTY Please!

I love that crackberry is doing this contest! OS 2.0 with native mail client should take the spot.

Playbook sounds too good to be true!

I have a BB PB and I think I should get a free one because I'm just greedy. That's rite, greedy plain and simple. No bs crybaby story like the punks here. Oh and the new OS is garbage. Nowhere near what it should have been. Nice fail RIM.

Phone remote is the best in the uupdate hands down!
It is one feature that works with all new features! (and awesome past ones too :) )
I would love to get one for my jealous wife hehehe

Been hearing greta reviews by my crackberry addicted friend.

I would have a great time with a new Playbook. Keep up with the masses!!


Loyal to bb since the 8830 and currently have the 9930. I'd love to be able to have one of the playbooks. And I can't wait to see what bb 10 will bring us.

Please find attached with my entry:

1 large bribe
1 self-addressed PlayBook-sized envelope.

Thanks ;)

Well, OS 2.0 has been worth the wait. Getting an extra from CrackBerry would make my day!
Select me! :)

Remote control is definitely the best feature on OS2 by far. I'll definitely learnt ake another Playbook. My girl could use one :)

just order today
hope arrived by tomorrow
took me a longtime saving to purchase this

but i wouldn't miss a chance to get another one.. fo free
Hail BB, Hail, Hail Kevin

I want to win the Blackberry Playbook! I'm a die-hard Blackberry fan, and when all my traitor friends jumped ship and switch to (in my opinion the worst device ever) the iPhone I stuck it out with Blackberry. Love them, always have, always will!

I would love to tell you what i love..., but I don't have a playbook yet... After I win, I will be sure to send you an extensive list. Thanks. I Love CB

Please please please, I'd be so honored to win the Playbook. I have been trying to get out for so

long, but I live in Jamaica. Here they sell the Playbook for almost $700 US, & there is no way I can

afford that now. I'm in Dental School so the playbook would be great for me to take along with me

to class. I can have my notes on there & even make notes during class. O please I would really

appreciate this so much Crackberry.

Playbook OS 2 rules. I love my PB anyway and thought it was a perfect tablet for me. It had it faults but I I was happy.

NOW I am happier. When I heard about print to go I honestly thought. I would never use it what a waste of time...... Wrong. It's functionality is great and I can't wait to take it on the road. New keyboard again not a big predictive text user but I am liking this. New and improved Bridge....... Open on Playbook, enough said. Remote control!!!! This gives me a sweet mobile presentation package in my pocket and a bluetooth keyboard which makes typing this even better

Add to all thi. is the fact that I still haven't had a play on bluetooth audio yet. It like unwrapping the pass the parcel all by yourself. Each layer is a new discovery and things keep getting better.

As for team CrackBerry, thanks guys your coverage is spot on, reviews and advice always incisive add to which what a fantastic place, waking up and finding gresat post like how to pair my keyboard to my PS3 is exactly what makes this place great.

Does everything as promised and above that!!!

Trying ti get my Corporate emails, contacts and schedule on it to give it the full available functionality...

But so far... Amazing!!!!

We really glad that RIM Blackberry shows Their gut not like Dell with Their Dell Streak and HP with Their HP Touch Pad. Market has been quite difficult for RIM with Their PlayBook but after They do Their homework, the result is quite good. We already see much improvement on this BB PlayBook especially on unified messages (from contact - calendar - message - e-mail, video chat and social media network) that push the standard quite higher. Congratulation then, dear RIM Blackberry.

just messed around with my friends updated play book yest, and the multi media i would say is the best part about it. Video quality is superb. Would nt mind to own one of them :)

and i e i, will always love you ooh woo ooh woo ooh woo i will always luh o ove rim's blackberry products and accessories!

The Playbook is a great device for work. It's portability and easiness of use help for every tasks.
Unfortunately in France we don't see a lot of ads or commercial campaigns

The new layout and bridge features are great. I think the remote feature is awesome! Works well between my 9810 and husband's PB. I'd love to have a PB of my own, though.