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CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.


can't afford a playbook or a new blackberry, but cb always keeps me updated on everything blackberry, and sometimes other tech, so it helps me live vicariously through everyone that experiences playbook joy.


I would love a second Playbook. Thanks Crackberry


Love Crackberry! You guys always have the answer to my question and some awesome contests! Having a dedicated site for my love of all things Blackberry makes me happy!


love these contest's and love the crackberry ! would love a playbook!


Could sure make good use of a playbook..


Thanks CB! While Apple and Samsung waste time suing each other and apple gets held up in Germany and China, RIM gets its act back together and puts out another world class product. Let the haters hate, BB & RIM aren't going anywhere, and thanks to the likes of CB et al us "users" are always up to date. Good work on all counts. I/we appreciate it!

NOW, could sure use a new PB for the BB7 or BB10 device I'm going to upgrade to when my contract comes up later this year...;)


Out at my cabin and no internet to update the playbook. But a new one would rock.


Oh guys you're awesome I just got a Bold 9900 and with a PlayBook I'll become the greatest venezuelan BlackBerry FanBoy :)


Uh what do I like about OS 2.0? Remote control! Native Email! New keyboard rocks! Bluetooth A2DP! Open on...! Print to Go!


I hope I will win the playbook. Good luck to everybody.


I bought a Playbook over the holidays and love the multitasking for my schoolwork. I can't wait to use Print to Go and the new integrated messages and calendar app for school and work. I'd love to win a PB to spread the BlackBerry love, probably give it to my girlfriend as she enters the professional workforce. One of my best purchases in a long time, I use it everyday!


Loving everything about crackberry. And OS 2 is awesome. Great Bday for me. Why not win this contest to put the cherry on top.


I love 2.0 simply because of the native pim apps.


Would love to win!! Plus OS 2.0 really looks awesome!!!


This is awesome. Another xcellent giveaway thanks to crackberry. If your a BB lover & arent tuned in to crackberry, uve gotta be way to busy doing crack :P

As for this contest, i love all three, the playbook, OS 2.0 & Crackberrry, so it would be amazing to win :)


WOW! Could I use one of these!


What feature I like in OS 2.0 is everything!


Can't wait to experience the new unified messaging


I would be nice to win a Playbook :)


i love OS 2.0 because it did not get delayed as much as diablo 3


Blackberry has definitely regained alot of respect in my household. With the new updates and bridge updates. I think i might have just convinced my girlfriend to leave andriod and get the new BB10 once they come out. Woo hoo!!


I need one for my daughter!!! She really loves mine but really needs her own! Pick me!


PB OS 2.0 will change how the world looks at tablets }:~) and I'm still using my Bold 9650 till my upgrade is available then i'm getting BB 10/X phone or 9930 what ever comes first. I just hope that BB 10/X will have Flash on the browser. And it would be nice to finally win something nice, so please chose m3 !


Plzz give me the PlayBook its so awesome, I'm from dutch and everyone is hating on me because I love the PlayBook so much, I follow all the os2 news, all my friends are saying that I have to buy a Samsung galaxy tab, but I want a PlayBook but I don't have enough money, kinda pore...

Plzz...!! :D


Supporting and selling only the best products to the AT&T customers.


Plzz give me the PlayBook its so awesome, I'm from dutch and everyone is hating on me because I love the PlayBook so much, I follow all the os2 news, all my friends are saying that I have to buy a Samsung galaxy tab, but I want a PlayBook but I don't have enough money, kinda pore...

Plzz...!! :D


Plzz give me the PlayBook its so awesome, I'm from dutch and everyone is hating on me because I love the PlayBook so much, I follow all the os2 news, all my friends are saying that I have to buy a Samsung galaxy tab, but I want a PlayBook but I don't have enough money, kinda pore...

Plzz...!! :D


Much better than the iPad! OS 2 wasnt my favorite though!


It would be nice to own a Blackberry playbook as I can't afford one. I hope I have a chance at becoming an owner of this device. Thanks Rim.


Thanks for the chance to win a new BB Playbook! And here I thought CB was going to be my one stop shop for just BB news and rumors...its a heck of a lot more! You guys rock!


I'm sure I'm bringing up the tail end of these comments but I truly need a new playbook for work and they are too cheap to shell out any $$ for one...I have used a friends and fell in love immediately...Please pick me!! (on my knees begging)

CrackBerry Nation!!

Thanks Team CrackBerry!


Without Blackberry, life is nothing!!!! Cant believe that Crackberry will give away 4 free playbooks to us!!! Really rockkkkkkkkkk! Let's rock and roll with the new os2.0!! Can't wait for BB10 as well!!! :):):):):):))):):)


I would love a playbook, hopefully I can use to help turn the tide of everyone else in the corporation from wanting to switch to android based phones and tablets.


I love tablets but don't have even one. I love BlackBerry and always give them a chance. And finally I love CrackBerry because Kevin makes me smile!

Cheers from Poland! ^^


Os 2.0 is awesome! I am loving the email app and the predictive text. Enter me!


Can't wait to download 2.0 ! Darn thing called work is preventing me from doing so. Maybe a free Playbook would lessen the sting?


Would love another one... the BEST


Wow! It really sounds good.
I would feel myself lucky I am winning any Playbook. I love Playbook. It is amazing and uncompromised tablet.
I just downloaded OS2 so Just exploring it and definately will tell you guys about what I like in it. ;)


I LOVE and all their giveaways!! GL to everybody who enters!


Native email client is what I was waiting for and it's good.


Native email client is what I was waiting for and it's good.




I'm loving the Crackberry forums! I've learned so much about my BB devices!!


Pick me or someone that looks just like me!!


Ok a tablet would be really cool. Can I pleasee pleasee pretty please???


Count me in! I don't have a PB, but I do own the 9930 from the IP4. Would love to win one! Thanks CB. BB and Mr. CBn Kevin! Good luck to all! 2.0 looks sweet from the videos.


Would like a second PB so my son will leave mine alone. He spends more quality time with the PB than I do!


Would like a second PB so my son will leave mine alone. He spends more quality time with the PB than I do!


I love mine so much, I'm sure my hubby would too!


I freaking love the new remote app, the giant, awkward, touchscreen keyboard that took up the whole screen was the real problem when typing more than a web search, and now I don't need it! Now all I need is a case to make it stand up on its own.....


I got my boss following Crackberry on twitter. Its awesome how Crackberry can appeal to both somebody who loves hacking away at their devices and someone who only trusts official releases.


Loving the playbook and loving os2, thank you crackberry for keeping me up to date with all the latest blackberry news!


Crackberry's been there for me since day 1 of my addiction.

It has been a conscious choice.

But today is really special.

The sun is shining.

It is time to go out and PLAY with the newest, and the best (finally) :)

Much love to CrackBerry and to My New Playbook!

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)


really love the folders option. now its easy to get the playbook neat and organized with little to no clutter.
Also we now have the best communications system in the tablet or computer world with everything seamlessly tied together under messages its a complete contacts ,calender,mail,organizer option.
Tried out the use your phone as a remote keyboard/mouse option and it's amazing.
Only one tiny complaint, still no Bluetooth head set support (Motorola s9)..
If the bb10 phones are like this the Rimpire will be back.


Having a PlayBook now would entice me to purchase a 9900 or 9930 and get back to business with a Blackberry Phone once again! The PB would be the icing on the cake!!!!

I need a business tool . . .not an Android "toy"; but I need's help!


Crackberry!!! I need to fuel my addiction!


I need Playbook to make sexy time


So far this year the blackberry's are taking over, and now competing with the ipad, and in my opinion winning they are just doing a terrific job! with it being light fast and just having all the basic components that help us go through the day, I'm just speechless, BLACKBERRY USER 4 LIFE :P jajajajaja


I LOVE OS 2 because it's finally brought to me what i've wanted on it since launch day, and now it can knock over the iPad! :)


I love the fact that you can have all your contacts in one convenient place!!!


I would love another playbook in the family


I love RIM not only because they are Canadian, but also because they've really made an amazing tablet! I mean they've really made something amazing here.


Maybe I'll win this one!


Remote and email are so sweet.


I could video chat with mom :)


I love that this is what it is, nothing more nothing less. Far too often people over hype their devices, glad to see things work amazingly and properly.


This will make a great weapon in my ongoing war against my Iphone & Android friends. Please help me shut them up. Thank You


As minor as it is I am so happy to be able to see my notification LED flashing!


OS 2.0 has all the goods! Bring on Skype, and no other tablet can stand in the way! Long live the RIMPIRE!!!


Count me in for the contest. The native PIM apps look great!


I was going to hold out till a 4G LTE version comes out, but who would say no to a free PB?


Holy crap!! You guys are off the hook!!!


Agggghhh this is awesome, i would lovvvee to get playbook so i can smash it in my roommates face who have the ipad for always talking down about blackberry!!!!


I have a Playbook and love it! Best tablet ever! The fact you can bridge with your own phone and 0S 2.0 is just absolutely sick!!!!!.... Unfortunately my own playbook is slight defected -__- battery lasts for about 5 hours max. I don't know why....


Have always wanted one, hope i win.


Placing my entry... Good luck to me!!


I love the bridge feature and also the ability to use my bb as remote keyboard and mouse of playbook


I will comment on what I love about OS 2.0 after I win a Playbook!


i would love a playbook!!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to win a playbook, I have used one before and it was awesome. I bet even more so now with 2.0 out


My dad could use a Playbook. He's not very tech-savvy, but he has no problem using my BlackBerry Playbook, because it's so intuitive to use! And so portable! And so lovely!
A big thanks to Crackberry! So informative and entertaining.


My dad could use a Playbook. He's not very tech-savvy, but he has no problem using my BlackBerry Playbook, because it's so intuitive to use! And so portable! And so lovely!
A big thanks to Crackberry! So informative and entertaining.


What the????? I am totally in love with the PlayBook. Even more today. Yay


I'd like to experience OS 2.0 but since I can't afford a playbook. I can't. So if In case I do win I'll have my first tablet in my whole life and will be able to use 2.0 Thanks!


I love having the predictive text and the new layout and intragration of contacts and calendars... Only thing I wish is that I could sync from my phone to my playbook I don't like having all my contacts on Gmail or hotmail... Give me another one for developing. On please


This is all I do to enter right?


I've wanted one since they came out.... One for me please :)
(Maybe I'll even switch back from iPhone to BB!!)


this would be an awesome gift for my mother (bday gift mind you). she and my sister would get a chance to video chat with me which would be so cool.


Count me in! The $100 Add-on is really nice.


I feel for the person sorting through these comments and deciding who wins...
To you my friend... Your in my thoughts...

To all BB users... This ones mine... Lol...
From being the most anti BB person there Eva was to who I am today... My life without my BB... Is like going into rehab... Never been there & don't wanna...

Univers (crackberry) I want a playbook... Make it mine...


Oh dear god... Please let me win. I really want a playbook. I'll never sin and touch an apple again. :)


I have been thinking about getting a PlayBook for some time now. It would really help with my productivity at work and at play. I hope I'm one of the lucky winners!


hi crackberry ,
its an honor to post a comment on your site :)

i love everything about os 2 but especially the capability for it to be able to run android apps.
i also like the remote control feature - its amazing :D

i've been saving up for a bold 9900 for a while and would love a playbook as the ultimate accessory .
thank you


Yes Please before i buy the ipad, pls help change my mind with a playbook


Would love to get my hands on this!! Still stuck with the Style 9670, so maybe this will take my mind off of the new QNX phones for a little while :)


About time we can get our personal email accounts on the PlayBook. Now we can work and play.

jesus marion joseph

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!!!!!!


Day 1: Absolutely head-over-heels in love with PlayBook OS 2.0! I think the coolest think--along with the Bridge 2.0 update--is the remote control feature. Now this is the RIM I know and love!!


I would LOVE to win a PlayBook. I currently don't own a tablet and could use this so much for work, considering how awesome the OS 2.0 update is especially with e-mail!!! Thanks CrackBerry!!


I hereby proclaim this day to be CrackBerry Day!

A day where all Blackberry Crackheads shall be face down in their Playbooks and Phones sniffing out all the 2.0 goodness.

My Playbook and Torch 9800 are having a ball together.

'nuff said.

Dj Teknision

I love my playbook, but I can use another one for my wife!!


There are other phones and tablets that might work but there is only one BlackBerry. Once you are seduced by a BlackBerry you never want to let it go.


HI CrackBerry

My name is Kevin just like our CrackBerry fearless leader Kevin Michaluk.

Here are some reasons why I love PB, PB OS2.0 and CB.

The PlayBook is a tablet that helps me get organized in my school/work. Especially with OS2.0, we now have a calendar and contacts. It's amazing how it gets all my phone contacts from gmail. I am also here to say that the PlayBook is a GREAT entertaining device. I use it weekly on my TV through HDMI and watch my favorite movies and episodes.

Last but not least, CrackBerry has also helped me stay on track with the latest BlackBerry news. It's amazing how you guys are always first to come up with the info. I literally check CrackBerry every hour. I like also how you guys have some contacts directly from RIM that provides us with info and new. CrackBerry is reliable and trustable.

Don't want to make this too long ! So I hope I will win this to offer it to my mom that always wanted it in her purse !




I love the community at Crackberry and the amazing people that help make this an amazing place to get the latest news for Blackberry products. Would love a Playbook for university to type up my notes (using a bluetooth keyboard of course)!


Want! I love the browser on the Playbook, and I love that I can find everything BlackBerry related right here at Crackberry!


Need 1for the wife. Thanks Crackberry for all the support


btw I don't want the 100 UDS in accesories, I just want the Playbook!!


me me me..i never win. native email client on OS 2.0 and bridge will be awesome with 9930!


Bridge and using my phone as a remote. Ability to not store any e-mails on the PlayBook incase it is stolen!!


Having native email support is what I love most about the new OS2. I will now use my PB a lot more.


The best thing about Playbook is beeing bold.


This is a great contest.
OS 2.0 is more than I was expecting, fast, smooth and smart!
Count me in!


I'm old school, and I LOVE the now functioning LED light on the PlayBook! Would love to win one for my dad, count me in!


like the tv ads says: I want a tool not a toy.

new bridge functionality looks great and the addition of some adroid apps is encouraging.

not to mention NATIVE calendar and message apps!


What's better than a playbook with 2.0? 2 Playbooks with 2.0 :)


This is what I was missing all along. All the little things that didn't work like bluetooth stereo now is works like a charm. This is the best buy tablet among all the rest.


yeah, would love one please!


I love the new OS2 browser feature: Reader Mode.


I Win!!!!! :)

You will not find 11 men willing to die for a lie


I would love to win one, especially since I just got my wife's PlayBook updated and running smooth. Now I could have one to actually play with. Thanks guys!


Would love to get a PB!


Love the new browser!


I love the messages app, calendar, contacts, print to go, ....oh wait...I should stop describing how awesome os2.0 is and just say I love everything about 2.0. Best OS ever!!!


I love Blackberry Playbook, and i would like to try the new OS 2.0.

All i want is Bridge baby! :D


Besides the fact I like the black hardware because all of my gadgets are sleek black, i love the size because i often travel overseas and i do notttt want a giant iPad. Just used my 9930 in Japan :D phone bill sucked but it was nice having it. Playbook please!! I would never put that thing down... especially if i got the pimp chain for it.


Another playbook would be perfect, I have an aunt that has wanted one every since I got mine in March. So this would be for her, and for the best Os 2 feature i would have to say is the native email. I hate going on the mobile version of hotmail and they really did a good job on it.


Loving OS 2.0 thus far! Hoping for Skype and Netflix app to come out for it too.


Im really liking the blackberry remote function. Hope i win to use this feature.


2.0 is amazing! After using the Android native email on the 2.0 beta, I was shocked at just how good the native email for playbook is! Android is depressing looking, but the new email is gorgeous! I think if I got a new pb I'd give it to someone in my family... or just keep it, and have ALL THE PLAYBOOKS! but probably that first thing... :P


Well, what can i say, i love the new interfaz, the native email and the android aplication is a plus, but i think the fusion are the best thing...

Im in!


Already have a Playbook. Would love one for my wife!




Sweeeeeeeet DEAL Crackies! - Been following the updates for OS2.0 and BB10 ... can't wait !

The best thing about Crackberry is you guys are PRO BB!!! KEEP doing your thing =] very for Playbook ... too awesome - #1 business oriented tablet, especially the new features of os2.0 being able to control the playbook with the 9900 while browsing as a mouse and keyboard!!!!! WHO DOES THAT!!!!!


the best thing about a blackberry device is the led notification light!


Yet again another Give-Away that tops them all. Way to go Crackberry. I would love my Playbook with 2.0. The only thing that would make it better is having a second one so I can video chat with my 3 year old, that loves playing with my playbook, while I'm on trips for work.


Count me in. I would love another PB!


Thankyou for the contest and the opportunity to win a BlackBerry Playbook.

I'm a BlackBerry adict and it would be my first tablet in case a I win the contest.


Pablo A. Giménez
Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA


Count me in. I would love another PB!


Even though i dont have a playbook due to the fact that im in Lebanon where this is not considered as gd selling merchandise(unlike some other "tablet") i have been drewling over playbook for a while now so hopefully u will gimme one and ill be the blackberry preacher over here!! win win for everybody :)


I love you, I love PB!


Cuz ROCKS!!!!



Things I like about OS2.0
-Print to Go is great
- <3 new cascade effects
-Unified contacts is way cooler than i realized it would be... i love that PB Video chat pulls all users emails from any of your contacts... I found like 5 friends on Facebook with PlayBooks that i did not know about
-new bridge icons are cool
-html email rendering in messages is snappy and sharp.
-bluetooth connectivity improvements
-Browser rendering and speed!

But the biggest thing i like about PlayBook OS 2.0!!!!!

Remote Control for Bridge (yes i realize its not really part of OS 2.0 But it is amazing!)


Interested to see how remote control of PB using a blackberry mobile works!


PlayBook + 2.0 for me please!!


Four chances at a playbook! I love it. Would love to have one in the house.


God Himself owns a Playbook with OS 2.0 and he said unto me that must have one or i will go to hell. so you see, i must win a Playbook with OS 2.0 sometime during one of these 4 weeks.


I'm just happy that the native email client will update when the phone is connected in bridge mode. This was something that wasn't documented very well and I would have been disappointed if it was included.


So far impressed. Definitely optomistic abour the future of BlackBerry!


IloveeverythingaboutBlackBerry! :)


Me, me me!!!

I am loving the new OS - so smooth and crisp.

Why I love CrackBerry? Well...cause you guys give free stuff! =P


I think this contest is made for me; I am not (yet) either a Playbook or BB user, but I would like to become one. My partner has a Playbook and he loves it, and has been looking forward to the OS 2.0 upgrade. I would love to own a Playbook so that I didn't have to carry my Dell laptop around with me. It's heavy, slow and basically a pain in the you-know-what. So having a Playbook would certainly make my computing and communicating life easier. I plan to go BB on my next phone purchase too (currently Android smartphone is what I have). Thanks for this opportunity!


May the PlayBook be alway with us!!

Now the wait is finally over, and the wait of OS3 begin!!


My partner needs one so I can actually use Video Chat!


I love the look of the icons and the BBY Remote!


This would be such a godsend.


I am throwing my bb glove wearing hand into the mix.


Please pick me!!! I could so use this for school. And my name, Journey, is Awesome!!!


you know what's better than one playbook?

two of them! (so i can let my Ipad-using friends borrow a decent tablet!)


I've had my eye on this for a while. Just can't pry the $$ from my wife's purse. Good luck to everyone!!


Might as well try, what are the odds?


It's seems the playbook is more attractive now, the price-benefit ratio has increased with this new update.


How about me, am I worthy?


hey crackberry! i am in!


Would love one - I'm poor!!


The new OS makes my PlayBook 300% better! Love the Swiftkey keyboard. I have been using it on my Android HTC for ever. It's way cool! Still exploring the new OS. Good job BlackBerry!


i love the blackberry cell phone keyboard and mouse tether. i dont own a laptop and its very hard to type on the playbook itself. So with combining my blackberry keyboard, i am able to use the playbook everyday in class! please hook me up. i need a playbook for class!!!!


I took a chance and bought a Playbook despite all of the negative news floating around about RIM and touting the company's demise. I was attracted to it because of it's smaller size rather than most of the competition's.
As a senior citizen on a limited income I am glad I took the big step and bought one. I am very new to all of this technology but what I have seen so far I am extremely impressed and I can't wait to become more involved in its uses as a way of managing the care of my mother who suffers from Alzeheimer's.
If I could win a second Playbook it would be a wonderful way to have my husband connect as well because I know he would love how easy it is to use and would introduce him into the world of technology.
This is also a wonderful site to learn all about this little device. I am so glad I discovered it.
Thank you!


Been on this site since the early Pearl days. Love it because I find everything I need to fix/work my BB's. Awesome site!!!


Can say if I love it as I don't have it yet but difinitely would be glad to get one. Thank you


Since I already own a PB and don't need a second, Murphy would suggest that I actually win this one.


I have loved my playbook from day one and now love it even more with OS2 now official! The remote control keyboard/mouse using my 9810 Torch rocks! Winning one would make up for being one of the people who paid full price for itwhen it first came out.


I would love one for my husband! Thank you very much!


I would love to get one, specially with the native email now. Would do wanders for me


I'm LOVING - ABSOLUTELY LOVING - the Open On feature - aside from it's practicality, it's so awesome to show it off in front of friends! :D


I know its a long shot, but I would love to get a PB. I left BB when I switched jobs (my new employer uses a different platform), but I really miss the BB experience.


I want a PlayBook! Pleeeeease?


would love the playbook 2.0 along with my BB9900 :)


Just what my new 9810 needs to pair and use remotely. Please send some love this way to a Realtor in need of some high tech and impress the customers!


I love my playbook for note taking in school and stuff, now with android apps, i can start playing some awesome games too!


Playbook is just awesome, I have an IPad but I cannot do anything with it anymore. My BB 9900 does more than the stupid IPad can. -_- And now that I can remote control Playbook with my BB 9900 it would be so much butter when I will be watching movies or so, The Calendar app seems amazing along with the other new apps. The app market's look is just too good. I love this offer and would love to win one! Sign me up!!! :)


Moving five hours away. I would love to win one so I can give it to my parents. They would then be able to see their grandkids using the Video Chat. I love my playbook and would love to give one to my parents. OS 2.0 is awesome!!!


again. thanks crackberry for the things you've done to us blackberry users....


The is what the playbook should've been from the start. I'm definitely interested.

P.S. This is the only site I visit for blackberry news! Continue the good work.


In like Flynn...thanks for the cool contests CrackBerry!!


thanks call me if i am going to be a winner. thanks Crackberry


I'm all about a free Playbook.


There is so much I love from OS 2.0, unified inbox, android apps... the new streamlined UI... this is a HUGE improvement!!

I want another Playbook for my wife!!


Please. I need 1 more for development.


I love to be special!


My company uses Blackberry phones, so the playbook was a natural to integrate work and pleasure. Love the upgrade which allows me to more fully realize the integration of the two devices.


I'm commenting on my playbook,but would love to win one for my daughter.


I want one cause this is definitely THE best tablet as of right now, yet underestimated but I guess with OS 2.0 things can & will be even better! So count me in! And I like Crackberry too because first they do lots of contests/giveaways & this is definitely the best website around to get news for BBs!


I've loved CrackBerry since I became a BlackBerry addict a few years ago. With all the useful information, I've gained enough skills to master BlackBerries. Now that the PlayBook has an official update, I'd love to get my hands on one; since it's debut, I've always wanted to get my hands on one, but couldn't afford it. With major upgrades and competition against the iPad, I think BlackBerry will come back with a stronger force in the market with their new BlackBerry phones and the PlayBook. I've never won anything in any contest (including here on CB), and it would be amazing if I won!


Love how smooth the OS is! Also remote feature!


New OS, free new Playbook, & free money. Crackberry rocks.


If I won, I'd give it to my Mom so we could voice chat. I have a Playbook. She lives in CA, and I live in KY.


Need a PlayBook for my Mother.


yes!! please and thank you!


What a great giveaway....I would love to win a Playbook to give to my daughter so I could do face video and also see my grandchildren!!!! The Playbook is so wonderful, it is so easy to use and so many great features. I use mine for everything I do at work and at home. I especially love being able to listen to music whenever I want . It also takes awesome pictures that I can show the girls at work. I am very happy to have such a great product. Thank you for the chance to win!!!!!!


Amazing support of RIM, I'm in, let's get this done!


Sweet. Loving Remote more than anything. Look for the competition to emulate.


Pick me. Thanks CB. The Playbook 2.0. Is the best! Way to go RIM...


I'd like to win! Thanks!


OS 2.0 makes me want a playbook even more than before, would be quite useful for me. But of course, just my luck as usual, i can't buy it in this country... RIM, why, in the name of the lord, have you not allowed the playbook to be marketed in Switzerland!!? I mean are we all supposed to buy Ipads and become Apple fan boys!? I have had blackberries for 5 years ( currently a 9900 on the latest leaked 7.1) and I want to have a tablet made by the same company as my phone. Plus, on top of that, the functionalities available between both devices via the bridge look great. So, anyway, you can probably understand how i feel, so i have two choices; either I convince RIM to sell the playbook here, or i get a plane ticket and go off to england for the day and buy one for £264 (64 GB version in pc world). Saddly, both solutions seem pretty far fetched for numerous reasons; so I will probably never get one in the end. Of course, there is one last way and that is where this little competition can help me.
P.S. In exchange i'll even send you guys some swiss chocolate! That is an offer you cannot refuse!


Omg yes I would love to win this!!! You guys rock! =]


I am loving the fact that with the OS 2.0 I have a whole new reason to ignore my Wife and Kids...... j/k It will keep me busy learning it, all new again


Lets go CB. Born winner right here.


Yes please!!! I'd love to have another one!


Loving the PB OS 2.0 update! First thing I did was do a video chat call, as I had kept the 2.0 beta (without video chat) for so long...


Good Golly miss Molly, I really want one. I so missed out when they were on sale.


If you need to pick one, ME!.....Never won anything, make this the first time :).


I love the bridge, the remote control and that I don't need to pay for 2 data plans!!!, btw I need a new PB because my wife wants mine!!!!!


love the OS2 and free playbook


Would love to get another PlayBook so I can video chat with my wife and son when away. I wrote this comment using the swiftkey keyboard. Man I am loving this new OS2. Come on lucky 7, daddy needs a new PlayBook. :-)


Loving the new integrated messages with all email accounts, facebook, twitter, linkedin. Awesome! Hope I win!


Will it really be wifi? Sneak us out a 3g!
Regardless, as i had one but my mother-in-law liked it so much she took it back to Russia i really need another!

Like the native email, newstand, and fact that my sideloaded Kindle still works
As a PB owner since they were released I can finally give RIM kudos for getting the product out nearly as promised YEAH


I want my MTV.... On sorry 80s flashback ME ME ME ME I want a playbook. Plz.


Love Crackberry, keeps me informed on everything there is to know about my Blackberry.


Could definitely use a playbook to take on the everyday task and projects for college instead of an over sized Ipad.


This would be so cool! Thanks for the giveaway!


I hope it's me! OS 2.0 has me pretty excited and I can't quite afford one yet....


Tee Hee!! I'm having fun already side loaded Angry Birds and working on finding a working Netflix bar.....


What do I love about the new BlackBerry platform? True multitasking! Can't touch that with any other system. Crackberry for life! ;)


love it ,it's always on my bed table


Because I never, never gave up hope on my PlayBook! Go RIM, you are being BOLD now!!


I check crackberry daily and can't go a day without knowing about all the blackberry related news :) I can only wish for a playbook as I can't afford one, this would be an amazing contest to win. Thank You


I'm loving everything about 2.0 except that my love in Texas doesn't have a PB so we can video chat.


Playbook is just awesome.


Its a way of life.

I've spent more time in my workday on here than working, waiting for new rom releases and information about future products.

It sure would be a lot easier doing that from a PlayBook ;)


Oh my lord! I am loving this playbook OS2 so much! If I could have another, that would be so fantastic!


I liked my playbook, last night..... Now love it! OS2 will quiet the naysayers!!