CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!



Comment 1 - It needs to be a 64 GB playbook and not a 16 GB. C'mon...put your money where your heart is! PB is a real, bona-fide tool and 2.0 promises to make it even more so...more connect and perform than "fart app" and maps of the fjords. As for Crackberry, I wouldn't have gotten through the 2.0 launch without you guys! Rock on.

I like the direction playbook is going and would love to use my bold 9930 as a remote for it. Perfect Combo.

Love that 2.0 plays android apps!! It just goes to show how a real platform should integrate the best of everything.

p.s. I want one!!!

I am loving the remote control feature of OS2.0 for my PB, but need one to give as a birthday gift next month to the young girl that lives next door to me who tragically lost her mother last week and and needs something to occupy her time and her mind. BTW, her new puppy given to her by her mother for Christmas died over the weekend, this story needs a happier ending. I swear the story is completely true, you cannot make this stuff up, I had to live it. Thanks CB.

I use my Bold 9000 more as computer so time for a blackbook playberry, better way to support Crackberry site, the best berry site at the internet. with a PB OS2.0 i never wil use my pc anymore, give it away to my son.
a berry playbook is awesome to win and i can give my bold 9000 to my wife, one price 3 people very happy.

Good luck

I would give my PlayBook to my girlfriend. She uses mine none stop. But with os2 she's gonna hate me for a bit lol.

I'm so glad the new OS is up and running, I LOVE the email integration and video store! As for CRACKBERRY - much LOVE. I was having trouble syncing my email accounts and found the much needed info from a fellow CRACKBERRY-loving member!!!!!!!!

I would be ecstatic to win one! I have been trying for MONTHS to get one!! I LOVE BlackBerry and I'm also trying REALLY hard to get a Bold 9930 to retire my 9650. I love the playbook. It's sleek and sexy. The perfect size and I love OS 2.0. My favorite part is a tie... between everything!! I love the new home screen and the Messages app is KICK BUT!

You guys rock and I love the site... It is constantly open on my computer.

Yes please!!! AND $100 in do you pass this one up?? I really hope this is the contest that I win!!!

I'm loving the new bridge. I haven't had too much time to play around with the rest of the update but it seems pretty awesome so far.

I have one for me....for work :) but would love to get one for my wife for her birthday......she says I don't have to but I know she wants one....

Believe it or not I love the folder creation and ability to move folders to the top of the home screen or leave them below. I'm a little bit of an organization freak. Love the native email/calendar integration, newer keyboard, additions to Settings; Hell, I just love my PB and this new OS is icing on the cake.

The update fixed my video chat and wow to the contact manager. Loving the Print to Go as well. Very fast and simple.

I'm starting to get tired of Android....Will RIM pull me back in? The playbook just might do the trick!

Everything about 2.0 sounds great. I dont have a playbook... and Im still rocking OS6 (Im holding out for BB10 to upgrade my phone) So all my blackberry fixes come from CrackBerry and Crew. Keep up the great work guys. Heres hopin I win.

OS 2.0 has fixed all my problems.... no more browser crashes, great keyboard, more apps, smooth interface, calender sync social media, email and calender loving loving loving it please can i have another one! ;)

I love Crackberry because of the impact it has on the web. Also, congrats on breaking a record today at 11:10 AM for most user online in the forums... 17,859!!!

Girlfriend is moving across the country for work, a PB for her would help us keep in touch. I only have my mom and dad to vid chat with so far.

Another PlayBook would be great. One thing I love about OS2.0 is that the Overdrive Media Console App is now available....can a Kindle App be far behind?

LOVE THE NEW OS, Unified mail, slick, slick, slick
Knew it was coming but the influx of Android apps makes it overwhelming and excess "Crapapps"!
Congrats RIM

the OS 2.0 in my playbook is awesome, fast, organized and fun

crackberry thanks you for keeping me on top of the news,

I love my Playbook

I am loving the Playbook because it is a professional tablet that is being itself and not trying to be an iplaybook and the os update has cemented that fact which bodes well for Blackberry's (RIM) future and I always keep it tuned to cackberry where else would I go for my bb news... I don't even own a RIM product and never had but I am hoping for a blackberry for my 19th birthday :P

Cause you got everithin I'm interested in: Blackberrys!!!!, thank you for given us the chance to win a PlayBook, but to be honest I want it for my self...;)


hey man i been a hugeeeeeeeeeeeee fan and obsolute love blackberry!!!!!! RIMM ALL DAYY!!! but my birthday is comming very soon and would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to win a playbook you have no idea how happy i will be :D

i always wanted to buy one but since am a poor guy i never have money to buy one :/ but with this opportunity i might have a chance to have it :D

am just tired to go to staples or office depot or best buy to try it out n leave wit no playbook :/

but i hope i win

thanks man CRACKBERRYYYYYYY BEST SITE EVER!!!! always gotta be on my first tab when i get online lol

finally after weeks and months of speculation and so many funny crackberry forum posts. blackberry playbook os 2.0 is finally ready for download. the download was fast and very easy. i love now that the playbook has a flashing red light when turned on. i love the seamless flow of the messages app. in which u can see all your messages together from twitter, facebook, linked in, and any e-mail carrier. i use hotmail or windows live.
The calender app is very useful and i'm already using it with a busy day a window pops up on the playbook when an event is scheduled. but my favorite thing about the playbook is the new look to the app world. very cool. looks like android market in the app world. lots of free and paid apps. good for u rim.
I can't wait to HOPEFULLY WIN my new playbook so i can try videochat and the new 2.0 upgrade to the video chat app!

the messages app looks amazing in 2.0. I bet it Beats the competitors hands down. Multi tab inboxes on a tablet, TAKE THAT, HUAH~! (Psst... I would really love to try one hands on)

All the extras BlackBerry has added are the best & want to see how iPad will compeat with this now. Let me win one Plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Very great new OS tight,smooth & crisp nice job RIM. Thanks to I will get all the news on how to use it. Chef Jeff

What I like about hm... nearly everything! but in the last few months I especially enjoyed the enthusiasm which was spreaded into the mobile-world, unlike the "RIM is going out of business" of some other blogs^^
I really like the playbook, but as a student it was already hard enough for me to save money for the blackberry itself (so far I don't regret) - so a PB is somehow out of my money-range ;-) Would be great to win one! :-)
Keep up the good work on
best regards from germany

Posting to enter!!! :D

I love my Playbook, it's awesome!!!

Even persuaded my friend to buy one just for OS 2.0.

*Challenge Completed*

Thank you Crackberry! You guys are the best! I have to say that I am loving the remote feature and the predictive text. More than anything else, predictive text is what I needed on my pb! Thanks again! You guys rock!

Choose me , OS 2 rocks.... pick me, pick me , pick me....ah and by the way ..........pick me...... and now the kiss ass section....

You guys rock.... you are the best....awesome you are.....marvelous people....crackberry gods....

still please pick me......

I love my BBPBK........ok bye and pick me.....


The Playbook certainly looks like it is coming into its own, too bad that it only has ActiveSync integration though and not BES...

I would love another PlayBook! One for work and one for home lol...I won the last $100 accessory contest (thanks solo much, btw) and could use another charging dock for my wife's PlayBook too! Thanks crackberry!

Been driving me nuts all day waiting to get home from work. GOTTA PLAY WITH 2.0!!! Really love the ease of browsing/video playback...looking forward to calendar/email/contacts...

I love simply the way the messages work on 2.0. It's such a simple design yet so powerful we will all take for granted. I see many new playbook owners coming in the near future. Go RIM and go blackberry playbook!

I want i want.... i need i need! GIVE ME!! i don't have a playbook so i cant tell u what i love about 2.0, so I'll love crackberry even more by giving a playbook to me. After that i can tell u what i love the most about it!

The best feature i feel was the one that wasn't anticipated nor even discussed - BLACKBERRY REMOTE! How awesome is it to use your Torch's touch screen/trackpad as a mouse or even your Bold/Curve's keyboard to type messages? Never saw it coming, can't wait to experience the rest of the update. Send me a new one so I can video chat with someone!

I honestly was not a fan of the Playbook, until now. With the release of OS 2.0 and the new functionality it adds to the Playbook, I am excited about its potential. I only hope to see this grow and that they add more products to the Playbook line. Thank you Crackberry for keeping us to date on important information about RIM, Playbook and a variety of apps and products!

Would not mind winning a Playbook now!

Ok Kev, I am in on this one. Hellz Yes I will rock the playbook with my 9930. WIth the OS2 update, I am in Technolust.Whats not to like with the updates?

OS 2.0 is making my life a lot easier. On Delta Gogo inflight wifi cranking out work. Email, calendar and contact apps are superb. Typing is a whole lot easier/quicker. Love the new OS. Work is a breeze. Overall speed seems to be greatly improved. Go get yours!!!

I absolutely love how smooth OS2 is and the fact that a lot of the bugs from 1.0 have been ironed out.

The native apps are great, especially for users who don't own BlackBerry smartphones.

PlayBook is truly a world class professional tablet for everyone!

I'm loving everything about the PlayBook OS 2.0. It's doing everything it said it would so. I'm so happy and proud to be a BlackBerry user. Keep up the good work, RIM!! CHEERS!!!

My PlayBook is flexible as it need to be. I had always one companion - my Blackberry. Now two! Wherever I go they are with me. The size is perfect for every pocket and every task.
With the OS 2 it's quite easier to work and combine both devices. And not to forget the new Bridge which makes the bundle just AWESOME!
And that is why I love my PlayBook

I woke up at 5:30 am Panama Time to download OS 2.0 and have been learning all about it for the entire day. Even though I've been using 2.0 Beta since inception, I can tell you this build rocks!

BB PB OS 2.0 is giving me more of what I want. We have a trial device around work and I just had to have it last night so I could get the new OS as soon as the rest of the world caught up to Feb 21st. Loving the wifi connection at 65Mbps instead of 11.

The new OS 2.0 looks sweeet !
Unfortunately, I do not own a Playbook to mess with it but I really want one after seeing the OS 2.0 videos posted on CrackBerry !!

CrackBerry is really an awesome place to see the latest BlackBerry tech and tools, and that is, even when you don't own them. After those videos, it really makes someone want to buy the Playbook ! Great marketing :P
Love discussing new features on new OS updates on Crackberry's forums, the experience is simply unique and exciting.

Thank you for this opportunity CrackBerry !

Playbook looks awesome, was planning on buying an ipad but just changed my mind. Blackberry won me over, now only if I coukd just get one for free...

Just got my Playbook last week, because it was the cheapest, but also the most intuitive tablet I tried. With OS2, I'm loving the native mail and calendar apps, and the GTD app I downloaded today.

Just got my Playbook last week, because it was the cheapest, but also the most intuitive tablet I tried. With OS2, I'm loving the native mail and calendar apps, and the GTD app I downloaded today.

Lets see, why do I want a Blackberry Playbook? Hmmmm....well I am the Blackberry Hitman, and what better why to bring down that evil fruit company than to have a Blackberry Playbook in my arsenal! Let the Blackberry Revolution begin!

I love my pb because...
-it's just the right size and weight to carry everywhere
-the screen resolution is the best I've seen and I can connect the pb to my TV
-now that I've found an OK epub reader, I tend to use my pb more often than my Kobo
-when I find a decent bluetooth keyboard (logitech android 3+ is a nice one but doesn't work on pb) I'll use the pb to write (rather than my netbook or pc).
-there's nothing I don't like about my pb -- though I do have some complaints about some software out there, I don't blame the pb.
Enough for now.

I want to rock a Playbook for my company! We are all about relationships and this could change entirely how we do business! It will also get rid of my iPad!

Love Blackberry!!

A new playbook with OS 2.0 would be extremely nice and very generous of Crackberry & Kevin! Good Luck Everyone! :)

I love because it gives me all the blackberry news I need! Plus all the awesome contests.

I love it so much I want another playbook!!!! I'm totally addicted!!! I want to spread the addiction love to others when I win this playbook!!!! Love, most awesome users in the forums!!!! Please enhance my addiction!

Trying to convince old college buddies to buy the playbook instead of an ipad. OS 2 is really helping my case, especially now that the apprentice world is opening up.

Thanks team crackberry!!

I love how the Messages app and the Browser use the bridge when out of wifi. Totally did not expect that. That Rocks so much. Was a loyal Crackberry user and then had a short romance with Iphone4, but the 9900/Playbook combo is too awesome. Tools not toys!

I woke up at 5:30 am Panama Time to download OS 2.0 and have been learning all about it for the entire day. Even though I've been using 2.0 Beta since inception, I can tell you this build rocks!

I know I won't be picked.. but hey... why not! Would love a second PB for the wife! Thanks CB!

I would give this to a friend for his birthday who just left BB for Iphone 4s when BB10 was delayed. Hope this will help bring him back to the fold.

I read the site everyday and would love to be reading it on the playbook. Big love to Kevin and the gang from the uk :)

Love the social integration, never knew just how many people I was connected to and in the ways I was connected to them

I want the PlayBook!

I love the Compression in OS2 I can run many apps now with much more memory left! Also the Messaging Rocks!

Until recently I've been a silent member of the Crackberry Nation. Doing so has allowed me to become more knowledgeable about my BB and do my best to contribute to the community. My brother used to be a berry addict until he jumped on the Apple bandwagon. He even recently had the nerve to defend his choice and tell me how Blackberry will be dead in a year because its no longer seen as a viable investment. I want NEED TO WIN! Not just for myself and the pride I have in my BB but so I can make him eat his words.

Thanks for a shot at an awesome product.



i like definately the mail client and also the video chat thing which automatically searches contacts with video ability

I would love to give one to my mom. What i like best about OS2 is the improved browser experience, it is just so fricken fast!

I am a new convert to BB making the switch in December, and I am in LOVE with BB. I desperately want a Play Book, so please pick me!

This would answer all my free time prayers as I'm set to deploy overseas soon. The HD goodness. Taking my music with me. Pictures to remind me of home. Keeping a journal and emailing and videoing my wife. What is not to love especially with Crackberry hooking it up with 100 dollars so I'd also be able to buy it a case to keep it all safe and sound :)

man id love to have a tablet as an ereader for college! and im sure loving the look of that new os2.0...sure makes me want a playbook!! pick me crackberry!! please!?

ZOMG. Want SOOOO badly.
I've been following EVERY SINGLE post about the PlayBook 2.0 update and got so excited for it... but being a university student, I just can't afford it!!! I can find so many awesome uses for it tho...

PLEASE let me win this.

Chris out!

Sign me up!

The best thing about OS2 is probably the hype it's generating. I just hope a little is generated in the real world beyond CB.

Thanks for the chance at a free PB!

Thanks for the opportunity for a PlayBook. I would love one, especially with OS 2.0!
I learn something every day from Crackberry. Thanks, Kevin.

What isn't there to love about BB. And to have crackberry for some help it doesn't get better than that. Thanks BB and thanks CB. Keep up the good work.

Playbook os 2.0 is awesome. Loving the remote feature. Can Never have too many playbooks. is my one and only place for BlackBerry News.

My wife and I need another PB so she can video chat with my son and me while she travels for work. Please pick us Crackberry!

Haven't upgraded yet! Will do so when I get home. They don't allow "personal" stuff here at work! Work like a slave! Pick me!

I have looked at all the tablets,and PB is the the best I have seen,would love to take one on the road for Dr visits,as I am disabled,I want to get a torch to go with it.....

BB has won me over......

yes a long time....
But its true 2.0 yeah I like it!

Let me win;-) and I have a good reason.

Because my Wife and Kiddie want every time play tetris and something else.

Why did I let my kid take my Playbook on his 34 day trip to Australia? I'm going though withdrawal. It's like I can taste the OS 2.0. Maybe I should just go buy a 16 gig to get me though until Mar 10th.........................

I want one so bad! I just bought a torch 9810 and what a better combination? OS2 seems awesome! It would be great to win one! I'm a loyal blackberrry fan and would love to rock a playbook with OS2

Crackberry! I am Batman. My Bold 9930 is my utility belt. It goes with me everywhere and provides me with all the tools I need to run Wayne Enterprises. I am missing a Batmobile. Playbook with OS 2.0 is just the tool I need. Sleek and elegant design with the powerful and future thinking QNX operating system. I would love to be able to control my batmobile away from the device using the Bold 9930's remote control feature. I hope you see the good that can come of arming me with such a device. Gotham depends on you!

New bridge with remote owns them all
Social integration and contact list linking clearly simplifies contact management across all networks

Print to playbook adds one more layer of best in class (maybe industry) file sharing and transfer tools so far.. Especially with app multitasking ...what good is copy and paste if u cant copy to other apps right? Apples and oranges ;) Only windows 8 shows this promise but looks like RIM was first this round

And best of all Video chat is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to name a few, im sure i have other bests in there

OS2 with email support in 7 inches screen, that will make my life whole lot easier than using my 9700 to read and reply email.

I always stood strong even when blackberry were seen as doomed. Fought with all my courage against droids and apples and now with os2 we can fight back :) and with bb10 in the near future I'll be on the front line fighting for my beloved blackberry. BlackBerry and ftw :)

I would have to say the contacts list and the video chat that goes with it, I would love one to give to my wife so we can stay in touch when I work out of town

I loved my playbook with the old os and now I defiantly love the playbook with this young 2.0 running in it! I woke up at 6 am (central time) to download this new os and I haven't put it down since!!! My wife keeps yelling at me to put it down but i keep blocking her out lmao!! Great os rim!!! If blackberry plans to put an os like this on the new phones we are going to be on the top again!!!!

I'm liking OS 2.0 cause it's like have a all new playbook to play with, loving 2.0 long live RIM

#2636 ROCKS!
I have been a member for a couple of years now and this is the place to be if you are BB!
Any BB info you need, news and always leading edge with BB insider info!

PlayBook with OS2 for me, PLEASE.

I love my PlayBook for being the perfect e.Reader size. I totally don't mind winning one for my family to use. :)

So far I am loving the remote control since it opens up a whole new experience from the couch. I recently used my PlayBook to present to 50 people at a conference and it worked without a hitch. Using the Bold as a remote would have been even more cool. Loving the new look and feel. Was hoping for the YouVersion Bible app and was pleasantly surprised to see it. PIN apps are very good. If my employer (major financial corporation)will now approve the PlayBook with all the enhancements and Balance, I will be ecstatic.

Bold 9700 on AT&T
Playbook 64 GB

Just loaded the OS 2 I slimply lov the new update I own a playbook and my hunsband a BB phone now I can use my mail on it So great !!!!!!!

All the new apps and the promise of more! Also would love a 2nd playbook so I can video chat with my wife and new baby girl when I'm on the road.
But don't get cocky rim, your pdf reader still needs a LOT of work!

All the new apps and the promise of more! Also would love a 2nd playbook so I can video chat with my wife and new baby girl when I'm on the road.
But don't get cocky rim, your pdf reader still needs a LOT of work!

This would make a lovely gift for my parents so we could keep in contact with each other through video!

Please let me win this!

Everyone I know has an apple this that and the other, I am trying to keep all Blackberry connected but I cannot afford the Playbook as it is so much in the UK

I've loved the Playbook since it was first rumoured and the updated OS has just made my dream complete!!!


I don't have a Playbook (yet?), but I love how much easier it is to take the Playbook places. The iPad is bigger so it's a hassle to carry something like that around, and with the Playbook the small size is better. I'm excited to see the new layout and corrections that have been made because of OS 2. I can't wait to try out the video chat. Crackberry is so hopeful to me because it provides new information and a place for people to provide information. I came to Crackberry to get themes for my BB Curve 3G, info on the BB Torch 9800, and now my current phone the BB Bold 9900. I first heard of the 9900 here in the forums and I learned so much about it before I decided to purchase it.

I am already using mail like crazy, but was happier to see a calendar as for work I use it everyday! What a nice job RIM did on all the apps though, I really appreciate the small details all the way down to allowing you to slide on the left the date to what time you want to set! Very slick! Now I need my wife to get one for organizing her business life! Would LOVE to get her a PlayBook for an anniversary gift! :) did I suck up enough? Lol I love the update! And thank you for all the coverage crackberry! We all appreciate it and made OS2 that much more exciting!

Love RIM, love this website, I would love a PlayBook. It's hard to surf the web on just a phone!

If i win the Playbook i will re-give-away to someone else since i don't need two Playbook.
But would like to keepthe $100 in free PlayBook accessories to spend on crackberry shop lol

PlayBok os2 is nice a small step upgrade.
Was expecting to see more Apps in the APPworld.
Remote + Presentation Mode is really nice touch to everything.
I am looking forward to get a 9900 to up the experience :)

There is this feature that auto-completes you contact details with their linked in profiles. I manually added a contact on the playbook, after saving it, and it updated the contacts linked in details. Thats wao..... You can also install android apk converted to .bar file on your playbook. I installed an angry birds .bar file and am loving it.
I really wish i can be the winner of the playbook so i can give it to my wife for us to do video chat...

would love to win this n show my fellow other tablet users...aka my friends who all blab about how hip n new n amazing their tablets are....what the playbook really can do..n why its the ultimate multitasking kingpin tablet..:) make my day crackberry..:)

Sure, I would like to see what all the fuss is about the playbook. Waiting for iPad 3, but I may just drop the iPad all together if the PB does work out at the end with OS2.0. Too bad the discounts are gone. Hopefully I will win one :)


I love for its awesome, timely BB content/reviews, etc. Don't have a Playbook, but would love to try one!