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BlackBerry PlayBook OS support officially ends this April

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BlackBerry PlayBook updated to OS

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60% of BlackBerry PlayBook owners are still perfectly happy using their tablets

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BlackBerry still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, Bridge update now available

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What features would your ultimate BlackBerry PlayBook 2 have?

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View phone call notifications on the PlayBook with the latest update to BlackBerry Bridge

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CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.


I'm LOVING the new OS Messages App!! It's fantastic!


My turn to win! I love the playbook, and if I won I wouldn't be able to sneer at people who use tablets anymore...


I'd love to win a PlayBook!


Kevin I've been begging you for one on twitter, now am here begging again pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee pick me #BeBold


I'm dying at work to go home and do the OS update...

Would love another PB to gift to someone so they can enjoy all it has to offer as well.. also, have some nice accessories in mind!


What makes the playbook the best tablet so far, paired with a blackberry smartphone is just awesome. With it's 7in it fits in my side pocket.
Now with OS2, bridge is unbeatable with the Remote Control, i will defenitly use it to make presentations while controlling the playbook wirelessly and being able to move in the room.

Playbook and OS2 FTW :)


I would love a free Playbook. I would love to buy one if I could afford it!


I would love to own a playbook ! Thanks crackberry!@


Been testing this for months, very happy to see the updates....lving the new keyboard - yeah for numbers and @ sign showing up , and symbols showing up when you hit shift key - like my keyboard on laptop.

took me a few to figure out where to change settings so only received messages are shown - had to pul doewn settings menu to adjust, and to highlight/select multiple emails to delete at one.

Should be able to select multiple emails without going through a menu option.


OS 2.0.

It made a smooth, fluid OS even more smooth and fluid. HOWS THAT POSSIBLE??

and the contact integration. that was seamless.


Oh oh pick me pick me oh oh (*raises hand*)


OS 2.0 is amazing, just what I asked for when I bought the Playbook. It was a though decision between the ipad (my mom already owns one, I used it all the time for a local newspaper app and to read comics) and the playbook, which I didn't know but I really wanted to bridge with my 9700. I made the right choice. Love from a mexican PB/BB user :)


Having another PB would be like having another wife. Can't live with it, but can't live without it. Go Crackberry!


I would love a playbook for school. Hope I win one.


I love my blackberry crackbook!! Remote!!!!!!!!


Love the playbook. Love it even more today with OS 2.0. Would certainly love to grab another one for the family and pimp it up with 100$ worth of cool accessories from Shop Crackberry!


Yo quiero una, I want one!


Native email is great. But overall this PB is fantastic in all aspects. Would love to have one. Yes please. Thanks.


I overlike the flow of native apps ... so much, me and my 9900 are a bit jealous :)


Thank Crackberry, love your site and a new PB would be awesome.


I love playbook!! I won't even look at other tablets. As a junior safety officer, this would be an awesome tool!



Would love to win one and experience 2.0


woohooo ..... you needs a PC anymore.... Playbook rocks!! Email, Calender, Contacts ...... Fantastic


Loving the new browser. Lightning fast.


I don't have a playbook or ipad or anything else like that would love to have the blackberry. I have the 9800 and love the blackberry.


Bridge with my 9900 and a Playbook...Simply Beautiful!


I need me a playbook! They've always been too expencive even with the price drop ...




LOVE YOU CRACKBERRY!!! get me one......


"I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him and I will give him security! And I will keep him warm like a mother hen, so he will never feel rejected or lack for love." - Hugo the Abominable Snowman


These things have android apps right


I just received my bold 9930 and would love to be able to bridge the two devices together. REALLY want to try the keyboard function.

Pick me!


What I love the most from Crackberry is that I can always have the latest news. I live in Colombia, and ever since I discovered it has become my favorite webpage for news and all about Blackberry.
Speaking of OS2 I love all about it, even knowing that I dont have a PB I stood up until 3 am EST waiting and hoping that os2 come out.
Please give me the PB it will be really usefull for me as a University Student.
Thank you :D


Love the new OS! Browser is a lot faster! I'm looking fwd to trying the Remote feature on my PS3, so far it works great on the Playbook from my Torch. Everything looks great and I've barely tried 20% of it. Fantastic job by RIM!


I lve ever since he's born..admire..
Always wanna buy it but.. HH first..
No money!!! Expensive much for me as Indonesian :D
So..please!!! Gimme the playbk!!!


been a long time since I won a contest, been a long lonely time....


Getting one of these would be like Christmas all over again.


Blackberry Bridge has got to be the coolest feature yet! and it works with other Products! (PS3, PC, Laptops)

This is awesome! Just when everyone was ready to strike RIM out....they HIT a home run with this one!!!


Crackberry's integration with the Crackberry nation is over the top!


The playbook is the perfect size and now with os 2.0 it does everything you could ever want in a tablet.....


Go OS2.0, playbook for me please.


I'm loving OS 2.0! And Bridge 2.0!
But most of all, loved staying up till 4 in the morning (CST) on the crackberry forums!! Best BB community in the world!!

Piiccckk meeee!!


What do I love about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!?!??!! There is simply not enough space here for me to list it all! Bridge, and using my BB to interface not only my PB, but my PS3 as well! The new 2.0 look and interface. Integration of social media sources in one message app. Never missing a beat thanks to CB. The list goes on... and on... and on...

Too much sexy for just one post!


can we spam? hahaha OS2 baby


Woot woot set me up I need another!


I would like one, that way my Family can stop stealing mine.


Roll Up the Rim from Tim's and a Playbook giveaway. Great day!


Native email & bridge remote are just so great :)


With the new PlayBook OS, i use it more and more, but never Less.


I've had Blackberries since 2006 and just joined today. A new Playbook would be a great "welcome to Crackberry" present! Come on, Kevin, i was out yesterday looking for one to demo and couldn't find any!


What is there not to love about Crackberry,Kevin and the community. This is an awesome site for BB users and abusers. Now about os 2.0 AWESOME WOW! email,calender and more.
This contest is Blackberry licious I need a playbook for my wife PICK ME!


What is there not to love about today? OS2, and now a Playbook contest?!?

I don't know how today could get any better. Well, if I won of course, but I'll take a belated win for the Playbook to make today the best ever.

(Christopher Walkin voice) It's better then Christmas I tell ya! It's crazy! Today, is the best.....ever!


I want a more mobile computer, but do not want a laptop so a Blackberry Playbook would be perfect!


OS2 is great so far, really made for a more orderly home screen for me. That results in faster navigation, thus faster Playbook. Thanks RIM...


Another PB to rock 2.0 with the one I have??? I'll take it!


This this would be a nice gift for my grandma to be honest. computer's aren't her thing, but this seems simple enough she could use. I friggen love the email of 2.0!


sounds pretty sweet, can't wait to check it out


One comment deposited.


The all in one email box is the best new feature.

Please consider and pick me!


Its a great tablet ... so much better than my android


I really like the Playbook but could not live with the missing features. But hopefully 2.0 addresses those problems.


Loving it. Hoping for more soon though. Keeps getting better.


Would be great to win a PB and show folks how great RIM's products really are.



I don't mind an extra PlayBook :-)


Lovin the new homescreen folders feature. Now just move that idea to the browser bookmarks!?! PLEASE!


Omg wtf bb pb os2.0 ftw!!!!!!!!


I'm diggin' the remote, native apps, and smooth interface improvements! I want to video chat with my wife and show her the joy that is PlayBook! :)

itr themes

Just started messing around with far so good!


Would love to win a playbook!! Needed this update since the launch! Good luck for all btw!!


Love to get a playbook, OS2 looks like a huge improvement!!


Can you feel the RIM luv? Man! OS 2.0 is so Hot! go ahead and "make my day",...'cause I'm feeling lucky!!

JMD,...have BB 9810 and PB will travel!


Free PB for me? Thanks


I love crackberry and the playbook. Pick me


I need one for me mum!!


You were supposed to say why you like it. For example I really like the multitasking!


I am loving the remote control feature! My buddy who sits next to me at work has an android tab, and when he wasn't looking i totally connected my bridge to his tab. Once he got back i started messing with him! He was freaking out thinking his tab had been hack through his wifi! OMG! SOOOO FUNNY!!!


I like the remote feature and integrated mail


- I love the LED that notifies me of new pushed content.
- I love the Messages app that scans through all my email and social media accounts.
- I love the way the day numbers grow the busier the day gets in the Calendar app.
- I love the 7" screen which isn't too small or too big.
- I love the great sound quality coming out of the stereo speakers.
- I love the dual HD cameras.
- I love my BlackBerry PlayBook.


I love everything about the playbook especially the size. It fits in all of my purses and I change them like I change my outifits. The main thing about 2.0 that i love is the native email...CB always keeps me up to date with blackberry news. I view the website daily and follow on twitter!


Loving OS2.0, the remote app, and the inbox complete integration is awesome.

My wife is an iPad user, and though from time to time she borrows my PB (mostly its usually some website that just won't display correctly on safari). She likes it a lot but can't justify purchasing one, even though she has a bold 9650, so she can take advantage of the bridge she still won't do it. This might be the only way to get this darn ipad out of my house!!!


Oh man, this is sweet, I am loving the new 2.0 and all the functionality of the new updated apps. I love the fact that I now have all my contacts linked in one place and the new UI for the email is off the meat rack, I have not done any work today at all....lls


I can't wait to win this Playbook. And what a day for it too. Thanks Crackberry :P


The Playbook is affordable, cool to use, and allows you to use Flash, unlike other tablets. GO PLAYBOOK!!


would love a playbook as i dont have any tablet of any kind in my household. :(


Wow!!!! Crackberry is the greatest


Could do with another PB;)


I have a playbook already so you're okay. I just wanted to comment on your moustache really Kevin. Not a good look. Beards are really the way forward. Moustaches are so 0S1.


I've had the Playbook since day 1. I have loved every minute of it! This update has made it seem like a brand new device......I'm in love all over again!


Kev, I would like to give this to my daughter for her birthday gift. I did not have any money to
get her a gift and she would love this. that way she can stop playing mine and smearing it with
finger prints. Rimpire always!


I love CrackBerry! This community is a REAL BlackBerry enthusiast site, and I've come here for years to get help and answers with my devices, not to mention to stay up well informed on all things BlackBerry! I'm def a CB addict, I come here at least 5x a day!! Oh, and choose me for the PB giveaway!!!


I'm in, for a Playbook in my life


I watched Kevins work out video and my eyesight just came back. Please reward me with a Playbook for all the pain and suffering. Crackberry Rocks.


I will be happy to tell you all about the Playbook features I love, once I am the lucky winner of one! Been wanting to get one for some time now, but haven't had the funds. Print To Go sounds like a great feature


I ever so desperately want one but don't have the cash! I would love if I happened to win one!


this is a great device, would love to get one with all these new features


2.0 is so awesome! and you can never have to many playbooks. pick me !


I stayed up all night for this update!!!! And that it's here I fell like my life is complete hahaha

Callin dibbs on that playbook- mine


wow weeee i love my playbook


I would love to win one. I had a BlackBerry Playbook went from 16gb to 32gb but only to return it cause I lost my job a week after and I need the money. This would be a blessing as I loved my PB and miss it dearly.

I constantly look at the photos I took when I bought it. Playbook will always be in my heart and I need one soon as I am missing out on great stuff like PB 2.0.


Lovin the new Remote on os2...


Would love to have a 16gb PlayBook in my possession, sir. I'm most excited about native email, and unified inbox.


I need this new OS of playbook. It's'so amazing for a blackberry. Please please.


I want a playbook... I've been away so long.. Work got me a crappy Windows phone and now an iPhone... miss my Blackberry..


"Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!"

Well, what's not to love. I love it all...OS2.0 is fan-freakin-tastic! I can't wait to see what comes next from RIM.


Leave a comment? That's all?
ok! here it is!


The PlayBook's UI is reaaaaaly nice.


The PlayBook is the reason that I am a proud owner of a BlackBerry Bold 9930. If I hadn't gotten it during Christmas this year I wouldn't have fallen back in love with the BlackBerry experience I had long ago forgotten when I turned on my 8830 for the last time. I've grown up since then, and so has RIM, and so has CrackBerry. I love that there is a dedicated staff of BlackBerry lovers out there who understand all of the benefits and all of the criticism one gets from owning a BlackBerry.

I know exactly what I'd do if I got a PlayBook as well. I'd give it to my brother, an Android user who has seen the joy I get from my BlackBerry products and has become curious. I'm sure he can be converted to a happy Bold or Torch user with just a little coaxing. So that's why I should get it, so that I can bring yet another CrackBerry addict into the fold.

Thanks Guys, Keep up the good work!


+100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 for OS 2.0.


As I posted on Twitter "Today the worlds first enterprise tablet is [finally] released"


What? A chance for a free blackberry? Im in


Would love to win one for the wife.


Count me in; would love a PlayBook for the wife. I think the best feature of OS2 is the integration between the PIM apps; love how contacts, messages and calendar work so well together.


Enjoy the informative posts, news, and forums. They have all been very helpful. Thanks!!


Well looks like a great device to have!
- i was gunna buy one when they first came out, but then price raised :(
i like the idea of bridging it to my bb9900, i got like 600+(bbm'ers) so this would be great to own!,
i would say this would be great for in your vehicle :) (GPS,music,etc)
haha anyways goodluck on the contest everyone!


This would be so awesome for me!! I want one so I can more easily talk to my bf when he is gone for military stuff. I love my BB phone and it would be perfect to get a playbook too!!


Yes please. Lovin' OS 2.0!!!!


Been waiting for 2.0 to come out, this would be great timing! Thanks, Kev!


LOVE my Playbook, especially since the 2.0 upgrade! As a musician, I can read some of my music electronically, use available music apps in rehearsal (like metronome), contact my musicians through BBM, and Crackberry keeps me up to date on my devices. With another Playbook, I could dedicate it to just my music - awesome!


Bridging between a 9900 and a Playbook would be absolutely awesome! What I love about Crackberry is that there's always something in it for everyone. From newbies to experts,Crackberry makes sure to have something to pique everyone's interest! :)

CB,I'd very much love owning a Playbook. Please send one over! :)


My company are a bunch of cheap a$$e$.....need a PB to conquer the world. Please. Thanks.


I'm your BB Juggernaut!!!


Crackberry's tweets are my number source for updates! :)


crackberry is your one stop shop for every thing blackberry :-)


Here's my entry for the contest... Will be so happy to win! Good luck everyone! OK, so what am I loving about the Playbook OS 2.0 and Crackberry...

Well firstly, Crackberry keeps me up to date on all sorts of cool stuff, for example the fact that Asphalt 6 and Modern Combat are FREE to download! AWESOME!! How would I have known that unless I heard it from Crackberry FIRST!

Secondly, OS 2.0 and bridge lets me now use my phone as a remote when I am doing presentations. So cool! Playbook overall rocks, even with the old OS I was doing tons of stuff on it. The new OS is only going to make things 100x better!


OS 2.0 looks great and the Playbook is very cool!


I need a Playbook to make my Crackberry addiction even worse!


Who doesn't want a new playbook?


Great promo- I'd like to throw my name in the hat to be drawn...


Forgot to mention the ability to create folders in the new OS 2.0----- People like me that download tons of apps this will help to keep them organised!!!! Big up PB
Please get me a PB!!!!


I can use another PB.


im crazy about blackberry!!!

the playbook is great!!


I'll take one :) Would be great to have another...haha


No better time than the present to win my first CB contest!


I don't have one so I'm not really sure what is my favorite thing about it but the demos look really nice! If I win I promise I'll let you know what I like about it.


BlackBerry Forerver!!!! Long live Blackberry!!! Awesome PlayBook!!! Awesome Remote!!! Awesome Bridge!!! Bring it on!!!!!!


Sometimes the simple things are the most useful: the addition of the numbers row to the virtual keyboard takes some of the pain out of typing passwords.


I love my Torch 9850 and my Bold 9930 and my 64 gb PlayBook. I loved them all BEFORE 2.0,, and I love them even more now! I want to give this one to a friend who loves her BB and needs a. PB.


Would love a Playbook for the wife. OS2 is awesome!


Love the Playbook and the new 2.0 OS! Hope I win so I can give a friend of mine one to enjoy too!


Wow, I'd very much like to have the Playbook! Please?


I use my PlayBook for school a lot. I usually record the entire lectures (voice notes) with my PB and then upload it to my computer for future reference.Now with 2.0 out, its going to be so much easier for me to email my professor and class mates, especially since 80% of my professors don't allow cell phones. Eventhough I just downloaded 2.0, I already installed the Print To Go driver on my laptop and 'printed' my lecture notes from my laptop to my PB so I could follow along in class. It's the small things that make the the calender :D..I've just finished updating my calender with important dates for class (major projects, exams, presentations). Heck, I've even been ranting on about how 2.0 was coming out today to my family who have PBs.

I would love to have another PB so I could give it to my girlfriend. She goes to a different university than me which requires her to live on campus. We probably get to see eachother 3 or 4 times a month. (We can't skype either...I have a VERY old laptop :( lol). So with this PB I could give it to her so we could video chat, and not only that, with 2.0 out I'm more than certain she would use it in her everyday life for school and stuff like than. (She's a BlackBerry fanatic like I am..what a keeper :D )

So I'd love one for my girlfriend! Thanks CrackBerry!


OOOOOOOOH, PICK MEEEEEEEEE! C.B is the #1 bookmarked website on my computer and 9850 phone. I visit several times a day for usefull info on BB!


Let Me Make It Short , Sweet And Simple For Ya'll ROCKS. It's a One Stop Destination For Everything You Need To Know About 'Blackberry' (Y)
ThankYou and Keep Up The Good Work :D


this time CrackBerry Kevin please....


print to go no love for the Mac???
Sync from Bridge to Playbook native???
come on RIM !!!
about the same chance as winning a Playbook.


Nice to finally have native e-mail, contacts, and calendar!


playbook 2.0 FTW !!!!


I need more PB in my life. I love the new Video Chat app that automagically finds other users from my contact list. I want to spread the PB LOOOOOOOOVVVE!


I need another playbook so my 10 month son could use his own tablet.

OS2 is reeeeally good, remote control and PIN is working great


I would trade in my Ipad for this....

No joke.


Yes please!!!

Loving the new contacts app.


Playbooks look so awesome. Going through a tough time right now a playbook would definitly make it a lot easier. I'm sure it would be great winning something I couldn't otherwise afford. Love the site!


I just got my first ever blackberry about 3 weeks ago. I opted to go with the 9900 and honestly, i don't know how i survived life w/o a blackberry prior to this. has been a great resource for tips, news and general info re: my 9900. has been a great compliment to my phone. Keep doing what you guys do!!!!!!! Thanks for everything.


The messages interface is so fluid and unified, this almost close to the blackberry dream package only thing left is the BBM :)


The speed on bridge and the browser


The remote feature is absolutely amazing, I don't even have to take my playbook out of my car on sales calls to make notes in docs 2 go. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im a scruffy student and i could really use a free playbook


JRAYCV - i like playbook and crackberry because things are getting better and better... Amusing, Amazing, and Active.


Great contest as usual, keep them coming!


Post a comment to win??? Sign me up!!!


>>>>>>>College Student Could Use a PLAYBOOK<<<<<<<<<

I'm a college student and would love a Playbook!
The Blackberry Playbook was the first tablet that had a front and back facing camera! Apple got intimidated and had to bust out with the ipad 2! Can you say lame?! Lol
Also, the Crackberry website is awesome! You can do so much on here and find new things to do or add to your current BB. The contests on here are a PLUS! :D

>>>>>>>PICK ME<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


I want another playbook that way i can video call myself


Yes, a second one would be great for my wife! (hands off mine!)


Sign me up! My kids are always playing on mine and it would be great to have an extra.


I must admit I was a little skeptical about the whole BP 2.0 release - I sat in my car at 6 a.m. this morning in the parking lot of a local McDonald's for their Wi-Fi so I could download the update. I'm really happy I did because now I am the happiest human on the face of the earth and am proud to stand behind my Playbook! Of course I have Crackberry to thank for making me a believer :-)



The Bluetooth tethering between the PlayBook and a BlackBerry smartphone lets users access and view email and other data from the smartphone in a larger format for suited for productivity.




Finally Email for the Playbook…Love it!


Have not had much time to test PBOS 2.0 (stupid work...d'oh!) but so far,it is the remote function. Hands down. With the HDMI cable it now replaces my media player.


NICE!!!! One for work one for play


OS2.0 yeaaaaaaah! Playbook me please!


I'm loving the updated video chat feature and if i win another one i can video chat with myself


Contact book & email !!!!

Cant wait for the andorid apps !!


Love the PB my favorite tool for taking notes in class! Can't wait to find some wifi to DL the update!


What I'm loving most about 2.0 os is all the features keeps revealing to us, and so fast at that! So far my favorite is the remote tho. I have it hooked up wtih an hdmi cable to the tv. Nothing like the 42 inch monitor and the 2.0 web browser on!


Now I want one but can't afford it! Make us a blackberry family!!!!


Need m0ar playbooks.


Thanks Crackberry for keeping us updated with the 2.0 release. Your forum has been more than helpful and everything that I wanted to know was already there.

I bought my first playbook a couple of weeks ago by working extra hours shift at work (I'm on a minimum wage) and loved every second of it. Sadly I had to sell my playbook because of some family financial issues. Wish I knew what the 2.0 update felt like but I'm sure you all must be super excited with all those cool features.

Keep rocking guys! All the best, remember your website and kind moderators have definitely converted me for life!


Sweet. The PlayBook is awesome.


Whats not to Love! But I Really Love the new remote connect. Using my 9900 as a mouse and keybord is Awesome!!! Rock on Crackberry.


Need a 3rd in the house!!!!!!!


I would love for my wife to have one. Please let me win, I have never one any thing before.


My first Blackberry experience is with the playbook and I'm impressed with it! My kids are even more impressed. They're constantly making movies, playing games, surfing with it, you name it. They sure could use their own!!


wowwww what is up with Crackberry and these awesome contests?! I SOOOO want one


Hot damn, i know chances are slim but crackberry rocks and I would like to soon rock a playbook :)


If I won a playbook, I would give it to my wife. Maybe, she would leave mine alone if she had her own.


Would love to win one, then my wife can stop stealing mine when I get home from work. I have been saving up to get her one. This would make an awesome bday present for her.


Loving the Playbook 2.0 new features..... loving the coverage from crackberry Keep it up


i think os2 is pretty much what i expected. don't know why some douches are crying.

but i have a huge problem with my videochat. i cannot chat with anyone.
i tried everything: checking the network, firewalls, setting up the playbook again and again. but all my attempts just kept failing...

then - after quite some time - i had this sneaking suspicion: is it possible that one has got to have playbook-friends to use videochat?! YES IT IS!

all i need now, is another playbook which i could give my brother. then we could chat together ...


When I thought the only way I could get a playbook was to win one. Then with the price cuts and a gift cert from Best Buy, I was able to pick one up for 50 bucks. Now that I don't really need one, maybe I'll win one? Let's find out!


Loving OS 2.0, but I could use another PB since my wife keeps stealing mine!


I'm loving the remote bridge , video store, and the contacts application. :)


LOVE the idea of using my 9780 as a bluetooth remote for my, as of right now, non-existent PlayBook. Oh yea! the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps and Print To Go aren't bad features either.


I want another PB!!
OS 2.0 Native email was worth waiting for.


Man...I'm loving the OS 2.0 especially the remote control feature paired with my Torch 9850.

This update is VERY NICE!!!



GySgt213 @crackberry rocks!


Native email, print to go and so wicked sick remote.....
With this features....... I'm already a winner.....
But I could still use an additional PB just incase....... ;)


I would really like that.


OS 2.0 has so far been great. Sure it isn't perfect, but what OS is? I really enjoy the Print to Go feature and I know this will come in handy in the future.


OMG! This would be the best birthday present EVER if I win!!!

The 411


Keep on Cracking!!! :)


Loving OS2 and would love another PB


I like the form factor, the speed and the multi-tasking of the Playbook. I have yet to fit one into the budget but if I don't win one I'll be fitting one in at some point in the future. Winning one would certainly be easier. :)


To win this as I would give it to my wife, she always has mine and I want it back!


I'm loving OS2 so far ...


Having fun with the update. Now I am creating folders on my Playbook


I have been looking at one of these since launch but cannot afford one with my newborn coming. So I would love to be chosen to win one. Thank you for your consideration.


We finally got what we always wanted from the Playbook. Now it's time for RIM to take it beyond our expectations. Oh and another great contest from CB. :0)


Crackberry is the BEST site for blackberry/mobile information. I would love to use 2.0!


I really like the ability to make folders in os 2.0!!! Makes finding icons much easier... Pick me?! :-D


Count me in guys..
A PlayBook will make me very happy


The beefed up contacts app is ridiculously connected. I love it. Set up all the links for your contacts if it wasn't already populated and it's a one-stop shop communication center.

It's fantastic. CrackBerry addiction (with the help of that fabulous LED) refueled! Seriously.


I would love to win one mainly so I can rub all the goodness of PB and OS2 to my brother inlaw and his friends who are ipad this ipad that.

Pick me please.


I love the new remote feature! Its added a whole new element to the PB & BB phone combo!!


Crackberry rocks and the Playbook is an essential tool to keep occupied on cold Winterpeg days........... :)



Saves paper and trees

Looks savvy :D!


Okay, let's get real. With the OS 2.0 update, is there really a better tablet out there? That was a rhetorical question, btw.


Everything....pick me, please!


*Fingers crossed!!! * let's see if I finally leap into the blackberry world!!


Cant wait to try out the new OS.


I want one!!! I love crackberry - they keep me updated with all the latest news and have all the goodies :-)


I want this, please choose me!


Loving the PB I bought in December and I think I'd like a backup. Who am I kidding? I'm entering for the accessories!


Playbook, what can I say. Stylish, Practical, Useful and Handy little gadget.

OS2 seems amazing. Flash support, who woud've known.

Now I may have only been a BlackBerry user for a few days. But from the moment I got my phone. I knew my life was going to change. It has eased the burdens of my shoulders, made my life a whole lot better and lets me socialize more often.

A BlackBerry Playbook would do that, and more.

So please, consider me.


-True, Loyal, BlackBerry (AND crackberry) Fan.


I would LOVE a PB to join the 'craziness' !!! lol.... im leaving #teamiPhone & going back to #teamBlackberry this week & a Playbook would compliment that nicely !!!! ;-)) ...the PB was the only thing i asked for my Bday gift (my bday is April 19th, same as launch date for the PB), but i didnt get it...

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Thank you Crackberry for your coverage of the BlackBerry PlayBook and OS 2.0! I would love to have one so can video chat with my father when you goes away for treatment. It is hard to stay in touch and this would give us a chance to see each other face to face. Either way thank you so much for keeping me informed and keep doing what you're doing!

Mike S