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BlackBerry still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, Bridge update now available

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CrackBerry Contest: We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks!

We're Giving a Way a PlayBook a Week for Four Weeks!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #1: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now available, things are PLAYBOOK CRAZY around CrackBerry right now (take a step inside our PlayBook forums to witness it first hand). If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you're loving the chaos. If you don't own a PlayBook though, well, we understand that you're maybe finding the content a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we're sure the craziness will die down at some point...

In the meantime though, in true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of the release of OS 2.0, we're going to give you a chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Better yet, we're going to give you FOUR chances to win, with a new PlayBook contest coming up each week for the next four weeks! You'll want to keep it locked to Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #1 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest ends Wednesday, February 29th at Midnight PST.


me plz!!! I cant afford a PB but would love to rock one, OS2 seems like tha bomb!


Thank you to Kevin, & BB for the oppurtunity at an amazing giveaway! With that being said... I would like to take this time to congratulate myself, along with the other 3 contest winners! #HumbleBrag

Docktur Todd

This is quite an impressive piece of technology for some very lucky individuals. I have been a BlackBerry fan every since the first one, and has had a new one about every year. I would love to test the OS and make it more compatable, to put BB back on the map. So, to whom ever receives this wonderful gift, please share you knowledge with the rest of the community.
Docktur Todd

Please count me in!!!
I just love the PlayBook as it's an all-around powerful tablet. Other tablets are more of toys for me. But the Playbook is really something else! It blends entertainment well with productivity.
Thanks for offering this contest, Crackberry!!!
Please please please pick me to win one of the four PlayBooks!!!


I would love to have one. Not a fan of the Ipad.



I have a playbook but the battery wont stay charged. I've had it sent away 2 different times and returned with the same issue. I run multiple businesses and need my playbook back. Carrying a charger everywhere i go, is a bit troublesome at times and really wants me to toss the thing.....pleez let me be the winner

ps: i haven't been able to download new os, due to lack of battery. fml


you'll just have to keep 9900 was returned thrice before I got one without a battery issue...


No return needed here, no battery issues, good life, charges properly on charger or slowly on USB.

Love my Playbook 32 with OS 2.0 which I've been running for ages on the developer beta.

I love the android apps, html5 browser, using my Bold 9700 as a remote, integrated email of os2.

My only complaint about the Playbook is that it needs more RAM IMO. If RIM makes a 2GB model I'll upgrade for sure.


@PBJ1981: I had the same problem with the one I bought last week. Customer support at ran me through a bunch of tests & reboots, but ultimately I took it back to Office Depot & exchanged it. They were very accomodating & the replacement...SWEET! Charges super fast with the rapid charger. Very stoked about this tablet due to the portability, multitasking, intuitiveness, graphics, web-access, & more. Yes, I want the skype app, but it pretty much does exactly what I need. Want one for my wife next.


It really is. I have to say though that the fuss over version 1 was completely unnecessary-- as I only bought mines yesterday at best buy and I thought this was way beyond what the expectation was. With the update, personally its just adding to an already awesome tablet. By far, I think this is my best buy at 199; such a steal. I'd love to win one for my mother's birthday. I know she'd love it.
---sent from my new playbook :)


I am really hoping that this 199 price point continues because a 200$ tablet in my point is the sweet spot for pricing a tablet. Considering two years ago a comparable tablet would cost over 600$. Heck my mp3 player cost that much 4 years ago.


plz me!! i want a playbook!!


I use email via tethering when my computer display is tied up with a webex or other presentation. Very handy. Just downloaded 2.0.

Ruslan Botsyurko

One BlackBerry to rule them all, One Berry to find them,
One BB to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Waterloo where the Berries grow. :]

--- That's what first came to my mind early in the morning today when I opened CrackBerry and read an article how Bridge Remote on BlackBerry smartphones literally rules all the devices one can imagine. To be honest I was waiting for this feature even more than for the PIm apps (but must agree it became 50/50 once I saw a hands-on video from DevCon). I think this is it !This is the time for the RIMpire to strike back, the time to Rock'n'Roll this and show the world some RIMpower :)

In Kevin we trust, cheers !


I would love a playbook!

I come from a workplace full or apple lovers and they are making fun of me and my new 9900 and my response is always the same

"tools not toys"

Please let me show them that playbook is just as capable and just as impressive!


Bought one for my daughter and now with 2.0 I want one too!

Big Baller

Playbook stands out in the crowd. Not only because of its size but also it looks more professional just like blackberry phones. Also, I love the browser and the flash compatibility which sets it apart from all the other toys that people have. New OS update also makes me love my playbook more as I have access to even more applications and the native email client just won my heart.
I was up all night waiting for the update and was really excited when I got it. I am in St. Kitts and Nevis right now going through my medical school and this really helps on a daily basis. Now I don't have to carry my laptop to every class and use my playbook for group study too when I have to project something on the big screen. I can go on and on but I just want to say that for me, my playbook has helped me so much during my medical school up till now and I recommended it to most of my class mates. That is all.


I'd love one - just to show my Android 'friends' ow much better Blackberry is!


I'm the winner no. 3 :D


I'm in my first week of PlayBook ownership and this is my first CrackBerry post -at least, in years, since I haven't owned a BB phone for years, although I will be shopping once I brush up here at CB.

I am very happy so far with a 64GB model and expect to look back on this as the best buy I ever made. I sure would love a second PB for my brother who is hearing all sorts of good reports from me. Thanks.


I love you Crackberry!

This is the only place I need and want to come to when it concerns my jurrasic bold 9000.

Thanks for all you've done--the free apps, OS updates, insider info, tips, tricks, etc.--and this opportunity!


I hate to admit it but, I bought my oldest son an iPad for christmas. It was the only thing he wanted and the only thing I could get. It would be so awesome to show him what a REAL tablet can do!


I love my new 2.0 playbook!


I can afford another PB, but I'm just plain cheap and selfish. This is just too much fun to have only one.


Awesome.....i would love to win a playbook with os2.


I've been on the fence on the fence on the fence... I want one... keep hoping and praying... finances are a personal issue (having sole custody of my eight year old son)... A friend was so kind to give me, not lend me a computer so my son would have something to use after my old laptop crashed and died.

And my son is happy... I've been contemplating getting a PB... every day I come here reading the threads, the news... the new OS is out... What to do? What to do?

For me I think it would do everything I need... and allow my son all the time he needs for schoolwork on the computer ... as much as I want to check my e-mail, surf the web... the PB would sure be just what I need. If....


It is da bomb. Playbook OS 2.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. YEAH!


I really like connecting at N speed finally.


Just everything!

(ok thats a lie but its pretty awesome ;) )


im glad 2.0 has kept us crackberry loyalist up to date with everyone else...and crackberry is always first to report!


I want I want...... CB rocks~!


I love the new remote feature!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo


I'm in for my 1/100th % chance of winning... :D

If I win, I promise to walk around with a CrackBerry screen background for a year...

Hey Kev I definitely want one of those PB's Yay CB.


Thanks crackberry for the Chance to win this.


What I hate about Playbook:
- I do not have one, here in Bolivia telco's do not have them.

What I love about RIM's Blackberry smartphones/playbook:
- I am astonished, just adore them.

Crackberry, thank you very much for the oportunity. I am also so adict to Blackberry,
Have a question who is reading all these 5000+ comments?


I LOVED my old Blackberry so much. And then my daughter parked her wheelchair on top of it :( Neeeed this one!


This would go perfect with my new bold!


This would go perfect with my new bold!


One playbook and two kids,just not working. Lol one more would be great!


I have a 9900 and its magic. Simply put Crackberry/Blackberry allows me to quickly find app's when I need them and best part sharing ideas, info, tech knowledge and issues is the fastest way I find answers. Why go to tech support when you have crackberry..Keep up the work...a die hard fan!


I love developing for os2.0. Blackberry makes it so easy and accessible to create apps with all their tutorials and free tools. I can't wait till QNX comes out on all BB telephones.

it would be lovely to own a Blackberry Playbook.. It would match my Blackberry Torch.. Thanks Blackberry..


I have had my Blackberry Bold 9700 for less than a year, but really like it and think I would really like a playbook if I had one.


Yeah I can use when in the living room


Playbook rocks now!! Omg! 2.0 was way well worth the wait rim!! I want to marry bberry!! Awesome! You have exceeded all my expectations!! Finally a company that listens to the people!! Go canada go,go rim go!!


please you guys! there is no real reason why you should pick me apart from the fact that I am Austrian! so -- pick me!!!!!


The goods:

-A2DP support with my Bose Soundlink
-Prints to go works Grreeeeeeeeat!
-Smoothness of the orientation change
-Native e-mail App
-Battery life seems to have improved
-Predictive text

The bads:

What is missing now, was also missing during the older OS so nothing new to report. No Bads! love PlayBook OS2

I have been so happy today that I allowed my 2 year old daughter to play Alphabet Goop on her own. lol, I usually hold the PlayBook while she plays it.


i would love to have one too, as i am following playbook price for quite sometime and waiting if it gets discounted anymore further


Why do you have so many emails!!?


please make my PB dream come true!


Not this time honey. Sorry :D


I just bought a Playbook this week, because I have faith the 2.0 update is going to make the PlayBook a force to be reckoned with. Here's hoping I'm right, and loving the experience so far!

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield


looks like you just yielded to the blackberry itch?


PB OS 2.0 wet dreams, OS 2.0 is awesome because it out performs all other OS'


Love the portability and the speed of the PlayBook! CrackBerry keeps me up to date with the Blackberry News!


Detective M Downs

Everything....pick me, please!


Would love to get a PB. OS 2.0 sounds pretty good.


RIMPIRE strikes forward !

Love it more. Thanks RIM and CB.


I need a Playbook for my work. I think it has the best hardware among iPad and those Android tablets. Was gonna save some to buy one, even if there isn't an OS 2. But OS 2 birth is just makes it more perfect :)


Woo!! Can I get one of those PB's!?!?! If not, can you get ATT to release OS7.1 already!?!?!


I Love Blackberry, I Love PlayBook, I Love Crackberry and I Love this Contest!

OS2 rocks! Especially the Native Mail Client!


I need a Tablet in my life and what better tablet than the Playbook.
*crosses fingers*


i would to own another playbook so my girlfriend and I can video chat when I go to the military :) but what I love already is some of the new layout, I really like the little things like the red illumintaed corner in the left. also love the native email!


Just added my business email - unbelievably great!


Love the PB and another one for my wife would let me use mine that much more.


I would love to get another PB for my wife! OS 2.0 has shown to have been worth the wait, so far I am really liking the messages, contacts and SwiftKey input. Very nice! Now I can't wait for the Android apps to start hitting AppWorld!


I love the ability to make folders now! It sounds like such a minor feature, but it makes a huge difference to me!


I have wanted folders too! I can't wait to organize some files : D


Lovin the PlayBook OS 2 coverage and guides ... oh and this contest rocks too! ... pick me, pick me


I love the remote feature. Crackberry is all over showing us what OS2 can do. Thanks guys!


OS2 IS AWESOME!!!!! way to go RIM :)


Love the portability of the PlayBook. Love the OS2 upgrade. Love the Bridge 2.0!


i love the playbook and i bought it because of the size! yes size matters!i love checking my email on the go in the house and everywhere i go and surf the web. i love the crackberry app and also games but thats really when im not busy wich is almost never. this tablet is the best security.


Thx 4 a shot at winning a Playbook.....could really use some good news so fire away and let me know I'm a winner
Much appreciated.


With OS 2.0 the PlayBook is awesome! I'm speechless!


Add me too please. Why have one when you can have two.


I could use a new Playbook!


are you kidding me? im in


holy moly................... im deff in on this.......


Count me in as wanting one. I have a nephew that want's one bad.


Loving OS 2.0 so far!


Please Pick pbftw, need one for my girlfriend to chat with me on the video chat!


Wow, this awesome, thanks Crackberry. I'd love a playbook. Especially with the new features that 2.0 brings with it.


I would love to have a playbook I have been looking at buying a tablet and playbook crossed my mind. This would be great for this deployment.

you sir name

Sweeeeet! Lovin the new OS!


GO 2.0!!!

Wisdom Like Silence


I want one to sync with my new 9900. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love os 2 for new bridge remote, i love how bb is canadian and all other canadian things about thanks for everything here on this site guys, thanks for all these wonderful contests.


Love the versatility of the Playbook and's super dope yo.

R Dale D

I have been telling myself that I don't NEED a Playbook, but all this hype is making realize that I WANT a Playbook. Nice features with 2.0! Kick down Kevin! Send me that free Playbook and I'll put it to good use!!!


Would love to get my hands on a Playbook!!!! This is coming from someone who can't afford a tablet right now, but would love one.


I would love a tablet that not only can bridge to my Bold, but also use that pillow soft keyboard for typing!


Yes Please - I would live to win. Your awesome!!!!


I've been setting up native email accounts and playing with the bridge remote. I love the unified inbox! I love the bridge remote. I can't wait to hook up my playbook via HDMI to my TV and control it with the bridge remote! It's a shame that work is keeping me from playing more!


I live and breathe blackberry,my 13yr old would love to have a playbook!! Bberry rules!!!


Very apealing contest. I can't recall logging into CB so fast! Damn you Kevin (Just kidding)

Please consider me.



Please, Pretty Please, Pick Me, Pick Me (Hand up like a 5-year old kindergartener)


I have a feeling I will win this time! Got my hopes up.


I would love one, the remote feature is amazing!


OH-MY-LANTA! I need one. If I ever ever win anything let it be this.


I think that the addition of having a native email is wonderful and that the access to Android is a huge bonus to all user's of the playbook.


OS 2.0 looks amazing! I'd love to have a Playbook now more than ever. Thanks for the opportunity Crackberry


Even though, my luck doesn't work with kind of contest I will submit my request. Pick me !!!


Haha almost my Bday and a second PlayBook would be nice.


Always with amazing giveaways.


OK! Count me in on this contest. WOOHOO!


Oh wow, I am so excited to use OS 2.0!


My wife needs one. Whether she knows it or not.


does this mean Kevin loves me?


Do I NEED a playbook? No, I fully admit I have no need for one. Would I like one? sure, it would be nice, but I've got other priorities. Would I like one FOR FREE???? Heck yeah! I'll take one if they're being handed out! I have no problem with that! :)

Congrats in advance to whoever wins, although I hope its me!!!


If I brown-nose can I have a PlayBook? Okay so thank you CrackBerry for keeping on top of all the latest playbook OS 2.0 news! This is my go-to site for anything BlackBerry related. Thanks for all your hard work!


I would love one. Love the android support especially for apps like Pulse!


Woo Hoo!! 2.0 Awesome1


Love the native email, love the folders, love social integration, love new apps, love love love. All you need is love.


BlackBerry OS 2.0 is awesome,I am loving it so much,I am on my couch now controlling my PlayBook connected to my Tv and controlling it with bridge...CRACKBERRY is addictive,I have spent the last 9months glued to it because I find out everything blackberry from here. THANKS CRACKBERRY


wow, thats awesome! Please pick me! I would love to have a PlayBook


Winning would be nice... and would be appreciated. ;)


As a BB devotee, please consider me. The remote feature is really cool.

Thank you.


I love the updated interface of the PlayBook, I highly enjoy reading the vibrant forums here on CrackBerry and I'm a total BlackBerry nut!


Best thing undocumented feature of PB 2.0 - haters can't hate. :D


Long live to crackberry !!! i want that playbook !!!


im currently probably the only playbook evangelist here in jamaica tho i dont have one i wud love to show off this device to get moe people behind it, im loving the messages app. in 2.0 plus my birthday is on the 24th


LOVE everything on the playbook - KEVIN... really.....PLEASE pick me, i never won something yet... ;-( would be so nice...thank you!!!!


Have always loved the Blackberry, ever since I got my first. Would love a PlayBook too!


I want to make my entire life digital, I already have a PB I use for work so I would love to get one for personal use. 2.0 is amazing as in OS7 and how easily it links together.


This little machine is a lot better than the new iPoo 3, and the iPoo 3 is not here yet. I love it!!


Loving the OS2....Now I am sure I can sell the rest of my family on it. Just need one for my wife first!!!


KEVIN! When I become Design Director or Head Janitor at RIM, which ever comes first, I will return the favor by allowing CB exclusive access to new product!


Thanks for this contest. Always look at Crackberry for info and accessories.
Love to have a new PB.


Oh, the things I could do with a Blackberry Playbook! Blogging, winning fantasy sports titles, networking so I one day have my dream job, become insanely rich and rule the world!!!!


Loving the new additions in 2.0! Hopefully I can try it in person, pick me Crackberry!!!


I want one!!! My wife has one since its launch! I need one for me! :D


Would love to use Video Chat with my family when I'm on the road. Skype is soooo hit and miss.. :) Loving 2.0 so far!


Sweet, HOPE i can finally WIN something!


I'd love to get my hands on a new Playbook running OS 2.0! Thanks for the excellent release coverage, Kevin!


Great update from RIM. Love the email!


Please guys I would love one!l


Loving the new OS on the playbook!


What a great day for Playbook owners and want to be owners. New OS is outstanding, although a bit of a learning curve. I will look to CB to help with that, and hopefully to send a new Playbook my way please.


Loving OS2. Would love another PlayBook for the better half.


Awesome job crackberry ! OS 2.0 is awesome


in love with the remote thing about the bridge. everytime i use it, it gives me goosebumps. the native messages, calender and contacts.... simply mind blowing. updated all the accounts, my facebook, my twitter, my emails... the os 2 is beautiful...

to be honest.. for the last 20 days.. i've been into crackberry like crazy.. i'm loving evry minute spent on it.. love the quick updates..

p.s. i would love to gift 1 to my bro, his b'day just passed a few days back.


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os


I'll enter. Hope I win!

Thanks for all of these contests!


What i love about my playbook OS 2.0 is that now, i love it even more ^^
Pick me! Do the right thing :D
+1 crackberry team.


Crackberry is the only source for BB news! And OS 2.0 is more than I was expecting, fast, smooth and smart! WELL DONE!


how can you not love os2?


I could use one to go with my 9800 and help with college and work. Pick me please!!!


Yes please!! Everything that I use daily is finally integrated!


Aw yeah OS 2.0! You guys are the best, always keeping informed with the RIGHT info!



Love how CB keeps me up to date with bb news in general and love how CB keeps giving me chances to win a PlayBook, this might be the one tho *fingers crossed*


I'll jump on that so I can convince my iPad crazed cousin that BlackBerry is the way to go!!


Crackberry is awesome. TImely, helpful, accurate Blackberry news. I was a fan well before was a BB user, and now, I check it every day!


ENjoying the native email so far. I still like typing on my 9900, but reading emails is better on a larger screen. Also, I really like PrintToGo!!

I think I could use a second PB, so please, pick me!!


Sadly, I'm still waiting to update mine. It turned into a debacle involving a security wipe and bricking it. Now I have to wait until I get home from work to finish the setup and then try the upgrade again. Still want another PB though.


Having a playbook to rock the OS2.0 would be a great treat.


I'm Dutch so I just comment on this and I win a Playbook WOOOHOOOO!


Add me to the list as well :)....

White Feather

WOW !!! You guys are awesome !!!


This is a great contest. Crackberry is always raising the bar with their contest :)

With the new OS 2.0, it allows me to do my work so much easier and I would be really happy to win one of these. I would put good use to it :)


I love CB for all the up-to-date info they provide


I would love to win a PB. So pick me please. (I did ask nicely)


Playbook is the best ever Multitasking tablet till date. would love to win this from crackberry..thnx a lot Crackberry kevin and the team


OS 2.0 changes the Playbook completely!! I could use another....


Great to see the progress of the OS.


I love the size, much better than 9.7, 10 or more!!!


I would love to win a 16GB BB PB, the SFF is perfect.


2.0 is pretty sweet.


I love CrackBerry because there is a trove of info here...and lots of fun! Plus, CrackBerry Kevin is kinda cute.... :)


I've been visiting Crackberry for the past month or so trying to get info. as I considered buying a Playbook. I think Crackberry is a well-managed site .... great efforts. I've purchased my own 64 GB Playbook a few weeks ago and am really happy with my purchase. It'd be great if I could give a 16GB PB to a friend - what a great gift that would be. Thanks for the opportunity. Have a great day.


This would be the ultimate prize to win!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my blackberry and love crackberry. OS2 is super solid and makes me love the playbook all over again.


as a BlackBerry faithful, I would LOVE to have one!


HEY...OS 2 is here and i am crazy to have a PB for my holidays... Love all the new features looks like RIM and Blackberry are back in the GAME!!!!
Please get me one of those


I like the contest you guys put on!


I would love to have one of these..please pick me...


A Brilliant chance to win a PB! Keep the contests coming (:


First website i visit when i wake up to check new BB News, Love reading through the forums. Awesome website. :D


I love how the Playbook is great for both personal and work sides of life. And the integration of your BB phone is awesome! I would love to win one.


I love how I can use my BB 9900 as a remote control for the Playbook along with the native e-mail, calendar and integrated video chat :D


I'm just a blackberry addict. Purchasing a playbook with my budget right now doesn't make it possible. Winning this would make my year lol

Nascar Dog

I love Great site, good info.
I love all the new features in OS 2.0
Nice to have native e-mail, calendar and contacts.


Love the playbook with a passion!! the video chat feature has been my favorite!!! I converted 6 people and counting to the Playbook so we could all speak..the problem now is that my girlfriend took over mine!! :-( I need another one!! this is the time crackberry to grant me with one!!


Well, now I'm I spent part of my tax refund on a PB next week, or wait to see if I can win here?


What I love about Playbook 2.0? To quote Phil from Android Central: "...That's SwiftKey."




What im loving about the OS 2.0 is that i can finally check my emails on the Tablet! lets not forget about the Bridge 2.0 which is super awesome too!

Good Luck everyone


oh yeah, put it right there :-)


oooooo plzzzzz kevin pick ur biggest fan!!


My PB broke 2 weeks ago and I've been dealing with awful RMA support from RIM to get it fixed, I could really use a new PlayBook!! I've been waiting since pre-order a year ago for 2.0!


I love!! They have so many things to offer!! Like a free playbook!!!


Startup animation is amazing :)


Loving OS2.0, well worth the wait


Awww yeah! I love playbook with os2. It makes playbook a brand new tablet again...totally worth having


I wanna win!!!! I REALLY want a Playbook!!!! Please!!!!!


though I think the PlayBook should go to someone who cant afford it right now, I think my parents might like one as they seem impressed with the one i have, could be a good Bday present for dad that I couldn't get otherwise


If you pick me I will name my next child CRACKBERRY!!!! Please ...


That would be nice :)
At least if I can have it for my girlfriend, that would do someone to discuss on video chat.. :p


I think the playbook is the most underestimated tech device of the decade.


Loving the look of app store loving the remote with my bold 9900, LOVING 2.0


I love the remote control using my BB phone!!!


I love the Crackberry community. Everything is really starting to look up for RIM, and this OS 2.0 release really has people excited! Great feeling looking through the forums seeing what people are loving about BlackBerry! I would love to win a PlayBook, best tablet ever!!!




I'd love one, it seems awesome and would be great with my 9900. Pick me please.


I think the PlayBook is a fantastic device, with its awesomeness enhanced by OS2.0. It would compliment my (aging *ahem ahem*) Torch 9800 really well, and most importantly, I'd be able to wipe those smug smiles off of the faces of my iPad-toting buddies. Failing which, I could knock them on the head with it and demonstrate how a little "rough handling" doesn't break the screen, like it would on an Apple iAnything.


i'm getting the most out of the remote feature for my bb to pb lets me us my pb as a computer and media cetner when hooked up to my tv loving PB 2.0!...


I upgrade my PlayBook at 6:00PST. Almost couldn't sleep last night because I was too excited. I save a lot of lyrics on my PlayBook both in English and Vietnamese under Word format. Up to yesterday the PlayBook couldn't display Vietnamese character (probably in Unicode format) correctly; however, today it displays all of them beautifully. This will enable me to use the PlayBook 100% when I play guitar. I like the new keyboard layout. I noticed when I was asked to enter my password, the new keyboard display a number row right on top. It's super convenient. I also noticed the Swiftkey text on top when I typed. Utterly beautiful. Calendar app looks great. Print-To-Go is an awesome feature. This is when I had to stop and go to work. :-)


Loving os2.0

I am impressed with the overall experience the playbook now offers.... Everything seems to be a notch faster, snapper, less bugs etc.

I am very very impressed with the printToGo app, the ui is refreshing and frankly quite pretty....

I would love to win another playbook....


HELP! I need another BlackBerry PlayBook. My kids keep taking my PlayBook away from me. The kids are ages 2, 4, 4, and 7. Yes, I typed 4 twice because I have twins.

I'm loving the BlackBerry Bridge remote control functionality of the PlayBook. Another cool feature is the integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Now that there is a native email app I might have to lock the PlayBook down and keep it out of the hands of my kids. That's why I need a new PlayBook.


OOOhhh, I've never won these types of contests... Go Crackberry!


I would love to win this contest. I really like the remote functions that 2.0 has....just a really cool option.


Three awesome things that all work together...playbook, OS 2, and Crackberry! I can't pick just one as I love everything about all 3!!!!!!


Just upgraded to a torch 9850, a new PlayBook would be awesome with it! Love everything about os2 on the PlayBook and os7 on the torch....thanks for this great contest!!!!!


I've been using BlackBerry phones for years, starting with a 7520... and my Bold 9700 is the best phone I've ever owned from any company. Hopefully I'll be upgrading to a Bold 9900 when I'm eligible next month, and it would be beyond awesome if I were able to bridge it with a PlayBook rocking 2.0!


I'm really enjoying the OS 2.0. This is completely sick. I want to have more integrations like the one we are seeing with native emails, contacts and calendar, this is really nice!


Oh my god oh my god, I've been saving to buy a PB but something urgent came up so I had to cancel my dream of having a PB :( , I really hope you consider me ... Number one indonesian blackberry/crackberry addict here !!!


I wanna win a 16G PlayBook 2.0!!


OS 2.0 is awesome!
PlayBook Fever!!!!


I love how powerful, how portable my PlayBook is. And how it is NOT a toy!


Pick me, pick me. I would love one, but all my money is spent on my son's hockey.


Lovin' the new OS. Downloaded it this morning. I would love a Playbook for my Mom so she can be more productive at work. Playbook has needed native email and now it has it and I love it. I have already sent a few this AM. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the new home screen layout. Thanks Crackberry for helping us abusers with our addiction.


would love this and to share with hubby!


Love the new Messages App fantastic!!!! Long was the wait for it but well Rome wasnt built in one day!!! Get me one of those PLEASE!!!!!!!!!