CrackBerry Contest: Win 1 Of 100 BlackBerry Curve 8520 Unlock Codes!

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2009 06:24 am EDT

Leave A Comment Here To Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes!!

CrackBerry And CellUnlock 8520 Contest!

The 8520 official launch date is nearing ever so quickly and reports have been coming in of users who have already been able to pick up a sexy new 8520 at certain WalMart locations. Heck, even an unboxing video and officially the 8520 will launch on August 5th at all T-Mobile locations and supporting WalMart locations. Since the 8520 is being launched as a cost effective device ($48.88 at WalMart with New 2/Yr, $349.99 w/No Contract), many of those who it may interest may be grabbing more then one.

So was kind enough to provide us with 100 unlock codes for our users on T-Mobile or who have--plan on grabbing an 8520. Just leave your comment on this post for your chance to win and of course a big thanks to our sponsor--CellUnlock for making this happen for the CrackBerry community.

*Contest will close on Friday the 7th at 12am PST and winners will be announced on Monday, August 9th - please only leave one comment - multiple posts won't count!*

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CrackBerry Contest: Win 1 Of 100 BlackBerry Curve 8520 Unlock Codes!



I should have the Blackberry 8520 tomorrow :o) so I would love to get a unlock code for it. Hope I win. thanks Crackberry & Cellunlock

and 8700 unlock code for vodafone
would be good
but doubt full that i will recive it

however i wanted to comment on something for my first time :D

If I get a code I will be tempted to pick one of these up for my wife. I just bought a bold, or it would be for me! Since Im at&t this would come in handy!

A good price for introducing a New BB 8520 to be sale at Wallmart matter the plan as the client will apply, the price looks like cheap. A competitive price to scope a market almost infected for the "Blackberry fever".....good look to RIm in this new odessy and a Crackberry for the promotion..!!

Rocks my socks!!! To all of you who want the iphone but can only get a blackberry, GET THE CURVE 8900 with the iBERRY theme. Pick meeeeeeeee :o)

i am going to replace my wifes 8100 for this one, she on AT$T and i would like to unlock it, thank you crackberry for this opportunity.

I could use the unlock code. Going overseas in a few months and this would be great. Don't feel like dealing with AT&T customer service to get the unlock code.

T-Mo's releasing one to two new Berrys a year, this is the first one to intrigue me. Maybe it's the trackpad in lieu of a trackball I dunno, but I've had a Curve 8320 since Jan '08 and this is the first new one that's piqued my interest.
Long story short - can I please has one?

i say you enter me in this contest, and rename this site dopeBerry because this site is dope son ;p.

I'm in love with this phone! the optical trackball, the style, everything about this phone! Please pick me!

ps: thanks CellUnlock ;)

please let me win i need this phone unlocked bcus i am going to buy one on the 5th and i am on orange and really need one unlocked i would be eternally gratfull crackberry i love this website so much it is my god dam home page for pete sake let me win!!!!!!

Hi my name is Andres I'm a big fan of your site Im currently based in Iraq but I live in Jersey I've been a blackberry fanatic since for ever and right now im on leave back from the states and I got this crummy 8830 that looks like crap it would really mean a lot to me if I could have this phone to flaunt to my friends and I really excited about keeping my social life in track. Please consider me as a candidate I would really appreciated it.

I am really tempted to pick up a T-Mobile BB 8520 in a couple days. I've been looking forward to trying out the optical trackpad and the out-of-box mac compatibility. I would love a free unlock code with my new phone!

I am new to the BB family and I am loving it. I recently got the Curve 9800 and it is a great phone. I was introduced to CB by the sales agent and I think it is great to have a site dedicated to the BB owners. I know I will have a blast with it.

Please pick me!!! I want a Curve to give to my Mom. She's the only one in the fam without a BB!!? She needs one!! Please! -Thank you,