CrackBerry Contest: We're ending this Black Friday on a positive note - Leave a *positive* comment for your chance to win!

Sowwwy Guys
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2013 08:15 pm EDT

It's been a sh!tty day for CrackBerry Nation. If you're shy on all the details, read this, this, this and watch this and this.

Ok, with bad stuff covered, I want to head into the weekend in a good mood. Or, at least a slightly better mood. Giving away stuff makes me happy... hopefully the chance to win stuff makes you happy... so we're going to have a contest here for good 'ol CrackBerry Nation to try and cheer everybody up.

The Prize? 

Since PlayBook owners officially won't be getting BlackBerry 10 for their beloved tablet, and so many of you have already picked up your BB10 phones, we're going to go outside our usual sphere of BlackBerry device prizes on this one.

Instead, if you win this contest, we're going to let you pick your tablet of choice from any that are on the market today. Win this contest and we'll give you an iPad, or iPad Mini, or Nexus 7, or Surface whatever... you want it, you got it. Or if you don't have a BB10 phone yet and want one (or want another), we'll get you one. Heck, maybe we'll give you two (Z10 and a Q10!).  Put it this way... we're giving you an awesome prize of your choosing. Simple as that.

How to enter? Leave a comment saying something POSITIVE!

To enter this contest is easy... LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING SOMETHING NICE. SOMETHING POSITIVE. About BlackBerry. About BlackBerry 10. About BlackBerry people. About CrackBerry. Spread some love. Spread some cheer. Enter as many times as you like, so long as what you say is awesome (anything negative will not be counted as a contest entry and may be deleted at our discretion). We'll let this one run until Midnight PST on July 1st, and announce the winner on July 2nd. 

Good luck, and stay classy CrackBerry!

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CrackBerry Contest: We're ending this Black Friday on a positive note - Leave a *positive* comment for your chance to win!



Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine? Since you think BlackBerry is dead, perhaps you should give up your BB10 device to someone on Crackberry that actually cares about BlackBerry.

It's just the beginning for BlackBerry and bb10, can judge anything with a new os out less then 6 months

Posted via CB10

there IS still hope! And I'm sad to say i have not had the pleasure of using a Playbook as of yet. so if i were to ask for a Playbook, would that as well be an option?

That's the spirit! And at the current price point you can't get a better tablet. It's still good hardware for browsing the web, reading a book, watching and recording videos (yeah that too! It's so good that you don't have to worry about an AutoFocus which is jumping around and messing with your scene, in that case EDOF is brilliant!) and so much more. The stereo speakers are nice! BB7 in conjunction with the PB still rocks! So: Long live the Playbook! Now that it's been put on ice you should treat it even more like a rare gem.

This one is really good one!!!

Kevin's thoughts.

Sometimes I think, "screw this job
I'll just quit and be a stripper".
Than I remember I'm fat and can't dance.
So I stay and continue running the Crackberry Nation.

Posted via CB10

So when he did his half naked "Sexy & I know it" dance he was practicing for his fall back career? lol

Playbook is an excellent tablet (especially when it's free). Have I told you how utterly charming you look today?

As a business owner, I would still buy the Playbook 3G - if it was available here in India. It actually is that useful in business/ professional setting.

If people were blown up with first generation BB10, then wait until 10.2, it's going to be a nuclear bomb. Those who wanted to get BB10 on Playbook paid less than 200$ anyway (me too), it wasn't promised when it was launched and people who paid full price didn't have that in mind, so it's not that disastrous. In the meantime, I wish BB a smooth future product releases and luck, it's just beginning with BB10. and I wish I had Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 if I win this contest.

Don't forget, CB is the best and original of mobile nations. Here are only true fanatics can be found.

Love crackberry. Great contest CB. If you pick me that would be cool. I wouldn't object. :)

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I don't believe any of the people who claimed they will leave the platform today. We care a lot for things we like and don't bother being sad for these we don't like.
outsiders may have seen everyone on CB bashing on BBRY today. i saw something more similar a family Reunion to talk about why we will go camping instead of a journey Disney world. Some agree, some don't. Some feel sad and even frustrated about the decision to abandon the BB10 launch on PB. Some understand that ....
we will go camping this summer so we can keep money aside for a xmas in cuba.
at the end of the day, may we agree or not, we all agreed to come here and talk about it. thats what makes CB so great.
The journey is still young and held a lot of surprises for the platform this year.
those who are sad will surprise themselves enjoying the camping this summer and will be so happy we kept some money apart for a trip to Cuba when the holidays come later this year ;)

Yep this is an awesome contest! Spread the joy with bb10 devices at least the winner would be able to enjoy this crazy cb10 app!!

Posted via CB10

I already bought a tablet yesterday, and the chance for me to get anything from here is, well less than the chance playbook get OS10 lol.

I just need to say this again and again for now. BlackBerry should list all die hard fans they can find out there and use them. Alicia Keys is not shouting BlackBerry loud enough. Make die hard fans upgrades to OS10, then enslave them. All the way. Everywhere. Now.

Posted via CB10

I still have high hopes for Brickberry, I mean Blackberry especially the Q10 I haven't got one, but I feel its a solid QWERTY device coming from a Blackberry 9900, I think they hit the mark for being the best communicator device but poor on battery life.
with the Q10 based on initial reviews, it has a solid battery life where smartphone's are draining power especially Android ones. pfft how can it be a Solid Communicator if finding a charger to plug it.

I love challenges and this is what I called the biggest challenges that a company might ever faced, Apple and Android are huge. even Windows are gaining traction.

So this is my Bold Positive Prediction :

1.) Blackberry - BB10 is a fresh OS started from scratch I have high hopes with the Q10 being the "poster" boy of Blackberry for the Business People, as for my 9900, it does what iPhone can't. Robust Email and QWERTY messaging. the 3rd and 4th Quarter is Critical Thorsten Heins need to get his team to take that " Ray Allen" 3 point shot to win a Championship how? they need to push 90% of effort for advertising and keeps Blackberry in the hands of let's just say 1/4 of Smartphone market

I believe they can still reinvent the communication wheel again. it's that bread and butter of Blackberry. push email BES and BBM or maybe a new and revolutionary app that will Blow our minds, they will make this thing turn around and make a second look for RIM

2.) Crackberry nation - As for Kevin and the Crackberry nation team, more and more Blackberry subscribers will take notice of the power of Z10 and Q10 via this website and they will scream "oh. Blackberry is a cool phone again"

I still believe the Blackberry Nation is on the Right Track. Instagram,Vine and Netflix will be on BB10 up on the 4th Quarter shot. (Positive Thinking)

Remember Apple WAS in the dust before pre-Steve Jobs Era, they thought it will die and never regain traction. but with the iMac 1998 it was in Pop Culture, it was not too late but revolutionize the Internet era. Apple needed that big hit and that was their chance

Blackberry needed that big hit.
Q10 and Z10 was their chance

I believe Q10 will regain it's Pop culture with Celebrities and other TV shows will feature Q10 on their program

that's my Bold Prediction

it's the 1st Quarter why so gloom!! get up! there are 2nd up to the last Quarter, always take that shot every second and never give up I believe Blackberry will win the Championship like Michael Jordan

I agree with Marvin's comments; it is only the 1st quarter and there are many challenges that require time to overcome. And the number of units shipped is still impressive for a brand new device.

Business users haven't had enough time to evaluate OS10 devices / software tools and plan a major transition let alone implement it. Smart businesses will stick with BlackBerry because it proven to be the phone that improves productivity and ensures security. Nobody wants the scandal of customer data "leaking". But this will take time; perhaps another 6 - 12 months and then those sensational stories of people leaving BlackBerry will turn into sensational stories of people returning to BlackBerry.

When comparing market share, OS10 and the new hardware isn't available for purchase in all markets which of course is going to skew adoption figures. In addition, the cheaper Q5 (which will be a key to unlocking some of the developing markets) is not yet widely available so it would be fair to say that a fair percentage of individual consumers can't yet afford to purchase one of the new series of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry is in a good position to profit from the BYO device trend; if it goes up or down. I personally believe it will be dropped (and businesses will make people use BlackBerry handsets) but being in a position where the device management software can manage third party devices ensures BlackBerry will make money either way.

I think there is more to the PlayBook announcement than meets the eye. It seems the current management team has a very clear policy of not launching products that don't meet minimum quality standards, which is an exceptionally good policy and is going to increase customer satisfaction.

And at the end of the day, there is only one brand of phone that has a form factor with a QWERTY keyboard; the BlackBerry Q series. There is no competition at the moment.

Thank you stuartel, I have to agree with you, Business doesn't want to "transition" to a new OS or migrate to something that is not tried and tested, the reason why Old units are selling faster is because it is the unit that they're comfortable with.
"Missing" Wall Street Estimates doesn't mean that a product failed, Media for instance are not good with Blackberry. when the first Generation iPhone was launched it sold 0.27 million, if that estimates right now I would redeem it as a "failure?" 2.7 million estimated shipped for the Blackberry OS10 was not too shabby, we really have to wait for the OS to mature. keeping up with Apple and Android will not take overnight, I predict 1 to 2 years for Blackberry to be profitable.

Well, whatever happens to BlackBerry, win lose or draw (?????), I hope stays forever as I love my CrackBerry email address.

Posted via CB10 on my awesome Zormtrooper

BlackBerry sucks and don't worry about giving me a tablet of choice. I will take great pride in buying my own non Blackberry devices for my personal and corporate use. I had full Bridge function, I buy the cell phones and tablets used here at my company, great tools, I upgrade the phones to z10 devices just to find we all lost full bridge function. We wait patiently for Heins to return it and we continue to support BlackBerry and what does he do? Shit on the most loyalist BlackBerry supporters. Ya any other phone and tablet will do. Can't wait for the demise of BlackBerry now!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

So here is my take on these things:
I am catching up on these happenings on my playbook using the cb app. What does that mean? It means the device isn't dead. No hell fire and brimstone, dogs and cats ARE NOT living together. It is not the end of the world. So bb10 isn't coming to the playbook. Does that mean they aren't going to work on the post at least for a time to work out a few bugs? Nope. I love bb10, and my z10. I would rather use my phone now, than my tablet for most things Web related when not in a wifi area. But I still use my playbook more than my pc. They still function as designed. As an early adopter, I am disappointed, but you see, my life is more than blackberry, and bb10. These are simply tools that still do make life simpler, and honestly a little cooler.

There is no competition for the BlackBerry physical keyboard!

Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10 developer

yup! Q10 and Q5 should fare a lot better than the Z10. Z10 got crushed by strong competition but like you said...the keyboard phones don't have any competition. So I really don't think the Q phones will disappoint.

Here's my positive comment - bring me a new BB10 slider and a new 300+ ppi PlayBook, and I am back on the bandwagon. Until then, I'm not buying the promises anymore. USB sync for BB10 to Outlook is the next huge broken promise, just wait and see..

BlackBerry will survive! Next earnings will be much better, after all, they have the best products on the market!

Posted via CB10

Bulls? Bears? I thought those were sporting teams? I could care less about earnings long as my beloved Blackberry keeps cranking out exceptional products that's all that matters to me!

Haha... a resource hungry beast of an OS? A lot of buzz words and future mobile computing bla bla and in the end they do not deliver! Don't even manage in half a year to bring BB10 to their own device. Seems this company hasn't changed a lot and the market sees them clearly as the first loser candidate in the mobile OS race after yesterday!

Not about computing resources, it is about developer staff resources... The company has more important projects right now and Playbook with OS10 will not make them money. We will just have to wait for an indie hacker group to put something together.

Rough quarter but it will make the comeback that much more glorious.

BlackBerry all the way!

Posted via CB10

I sure hope so bro.

RIM had it coming though. They were late to the game with BB10, and didn't release the Q10 until much later than the Z10. Now that they have that behind them, I hope they have a good marketing campaign and regain the spotlight.

CrackBerry and all of its community are amazing. Sure, we agree and disagree and feel very strongly about our personal beliefs, but at the end of the day that's what makes us such a powerful and effective community :) Love you brahs and galz

No matter what, BlackBerry fans stick to their great devices. Love my z10, but would love to have a Q10 as well.

Posted via CB10

I have my Z10 and its well done. PlayBook was well put together and software was great at the time

Posted via CB10

I've been invested in BlackBerry for a while now, back when they were RIMM and used a BlackBerry since 2009. I feel like I got stomach punched seeing my paper losses today. But I know I'll make it back, and in BBRY at that. Because they can do it...and I believe.

I could use a present :)

Posted via CB10

It'd amazing to see blackberry progress from a black and white display, to the mightiest enterprise machine, and finally the pinnicle of smartphone innovation today.

I've been using my BlackBerry PlayBook for a year and I have to say it's going to keep on being my daily driver. It has amazing speakers and so far I'm enjoying all the apps I have on it. For the $130 i spent, it's great and I got my money's worth. Looking forward to more years on my PlayBook. However it'd be nice to have an iPad Mini or BlackBerry Q10 ;) Hehe

BlackBerry 10 is the best OS!!!! I will ALWAYS use a BlackBerry as my choice of smartphone!!!!

Posted via CB10

The bad news was only limited today and from Monday onwards, BlackBerry will keep moving to keep us moving! Now isn't the time to lose the confidence we've built in the company in the lead up to BlackBerry 10. We know that BlackBerry 10 is awesome and will get even better with 10.2 and the future!

Posted via CB10

Love my Z10 and BlackBerry. I still think they will make it back. Far from dead in my opinion. Thanks to for all your hard work bringing us the details ASAP and for your great contests. Hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend!

Posted via CB10

Blackberry will still be there for several more years, even if we lost BB10 on the Playbook, we still have that awesome flagship successor to the Z10 by 4Q 2013!

Posted via CB10

I understand the frustration but I'm still a die hard blackberry fan. I had a Z10 and now rock a Q10. I've had 5 9900's, a 9700, a 9000 and an 8900 and they've all been amazing devices. I've also had an iphone 4s, 5 galaxy nexus', and 2 S3's (and this was just in 2012). By far my Q10 is the best phone I've ever used! I've met Thorstein and he seems like a great guy! Looking forward to the end of the year to see where blackberry ends up!

Regardless of how crappy BBRY decisions can be at times, Crackberry and its people are still the most classy forum out there, period. :)

Posted via my Z10 all the way from SE Asia :)

Posted via CB10

This is not their worst earnings report they've had. This is actually not that bad except people overreacted. I will never forget the earnings report last year when they announced that BB10 launch was being delayed from fall of 2012 into early 2013 and the share price tanked all the way down to $6ish. That was the "blackest" day for blackberry. Those days are now over and bb10 is here! The device shipment numbers are climbing up again and bb10 devices are being launched almost every quarter. I think people just need to look at things in the right perspective. This earnings report is not the end of blackberry. Far from it. :)

No matter what sales say, I still think BlackBerry 10 is the best operating system on the market. Go BlackBerry!

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry is still in this race like people are assuming they are done but they are not. What about Windows Phone? How much of a fan base do they have? What about Nokia? BlackBerry still got this.

Posted via CB10

Well, its time to move forward :) to bigger, better things. A10 phone that will do tablet tasks!

Posted via CB10

yup. I think they will be fine too. Q10 and Q5 and A10 and BES10 and BBM across platform. I'm not worried. This earnings was just a bump on the road to recovery.

I trust THeins is doing what's in the long term best interest of BlackBerry. He has a daunting mess to fix and is making great strides so far. Keep it up BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Users, Crackberry users specifically are the most loyal users I've ever met. They're willing to go with Blackberry through thick and thin. Although today was discouraging, the love for the BB Platform will keep us going! :)

My PlayBook is still the perfect platform for casual Web browsing and especially comic reading. I get 5-6 hours use out of mine on my overnight shifts, and an hour or two on the bus daily. I'm not going to ditch it just because it's not getting the latest OS, since it's still fine for me.

That being said, I'd love a Q10 to go alongside my Z10. Might even give the Z to my wife! Don't really need another tablet.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

This is true, the Playbook is great for a bunch of things. I never guessed I'd get so much use out of it when I bought it, even now today.

No matter what phone I use, I always have a hankering to pick up my Bold 9900. BlackBerry did the combination of a touchscreen and real keyboard right with the 9900.

This quarter report only had Z10 sales involved. The next one will have 3 bb10 minimum involved. The Q phones will be picked up by BES10 users and will show great improvement next quarter.

Posted via CB10

I pray I win this one as my tablet just got destroyed in the Flood and we don't got any flood insurance. BUT KEEP POSITIVE!!!!

Posted via CB10

I never had the chance to own a PlayBook and even though it won't get the BB10 treatment I'd still love to own one.

Posted via CB10

We have FOUR z10's in our family,not because of the stock price is good, but rather we want to ge things done.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry may be seeing tough times but the OS and the devices remain the best there is for many of us. So long as BlackBerry devices are on the market there will be one in my hands.

Via CB 10. Bits C000C6078 for news, science, and technology links.

BlackBerry 10 is so awesome I haven't even used my PB since I have gotten a Q10.
Not saying that I wouldn't have loved BlackBerry 10 on my PB, but at least I can still enjoy the greatness on my Q10!

Posted via my Q10 via the awesome CB10 app!

I still love and use my PlayBook every day. Nothing has changed except people's expectations and perceptions.

Just one quarter of losses won't matter much when they start to gain traction...Rome wasn't built in a day, the end matters more than the beginning...let's watch the next quarter and judge from there.

Posted via CB10

I love my blackberry z10 and my husband rocks a Q10. It would have been nice to have the upgrade for the playbook but i still use it everyday to read books and the paper and load it up with movies when i travel. We got an ipad mini for work but it is rarely tuned on. With a side load of netflix on my phone that can hook to the tv if i need it to i am all set. I guess i will keep loving my blackberry. Looking forward to BBM going cross channel so that i can use my favourite method to communicate digitally with more people. An what other platform out there has someone as cool as Crackberry Kevin in their corner?

No one cares about the quarterly report I'm a big computer geek and most people that are somewhat tech savvy no that blackberry is the money hence why my computer geek buddies are flocking to blackberry for all the custom shit you can do on a qnx system and why my silly sheep friends are flocking to the new bloat ware version of the iPhone *cough* Samsung *cough* lol BLACKBERRY FTW!!!

Posted via the Batcave

Of course we care, I just lost value on my shares as well. But rather than cry about it and complain, we need BlackBerry nation to pull together! This is not the time for knee-jerk reactions. BlackBerry devices still give me some of the best mobile experiences ever and we have to stay strong and positive!

I agree with you. I don't agree with Inked18 that no one cares about the quarterly reports. When a stock loses one quarter of its value in one day, it shows a LOT of people care; and that's not only the shareholders.

It affects everyone from the CEO to the Board to the engineers to those in the factory supply chain... plenty of people care.

"iPhone yuck, Windows Phone sucks, BlackBerry all the way!" No other platform I know of has a nice song to it! Hehe still stuck in my head from Christmas, like I said we're the best users.

I would have to say that the Crackberry blog and staff make for one of the greatest tech sites available for perusal!

The A10 is going to rock the world. Then the Crackberry Nation will have the last laugh!!! Viva la A10!!!!!??

Posted via CB10

With the Q10 and Z10 laying the foundation for BB10 the real redemption of BlackBerry is still being built.

In the long run, not putting BB10 on the PlayBook was for the best. Regardless of what they did, there would still be complaints as you can never make everyone happy. BlackBerry has obviously learned a valuable lesson from the PlayBook and the lessons that were learned were applied to BB10.

playbook took one for the team... without it we didnt have our awesome BB10 :D... and all the new devices we have now... BB10believe...

I'm buying even more shares. They are on sale.

They are not updating the old play books. That's good news to me. Out with the old and in with the new. Why support something that will just be dead weight.

They are not dead. But reborn. Every new company loses money. Sometimes it takes even a couple of years to return a profit.

Bb10. Is a new product. one I believe in. To hell with the market. They sold 2.7 million bb10 units in one quarter. Not bad for a new product.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should release the kraken aka TRIBE....lets see more of them in 10.2....that would shut lots of people up

Posted via CB10

Give me a break, it's been just 6 months since the Z10 release. We still got another 5 years to develop a really really good BlackBerry device that will kick asses

I got a great 64GB tablet for $150 which is amazing. Now BlackBerry can better allocate their resources to new devices.

And I love you all <3

I check crackberry multiple times a day - on my PC, playbook, or phone - because the blackberry community is amazing. And BB10 supports that community, choosing to focus on features that have drawn people to blackberry for years.

On a positive note, it's a good time to buy BBRY! :)

BlackBerry has to be the number one mobile brand for me, loved all da qwerty board models, and now the touchscreen version, I have a z10 and love it,

Posted via CB10

The one good thing to come from the PlayBook going on the slow road to the graveyard is that we're now 100% balls to the wall on BlackBerry 10. I don't know what the future is going to bring but I'm excited to see it and I'm riding to the end!

P.S. Better believe i'm not picking anything other than the Z10/Q10 combo if I win this.

The Grizco Channel: C0011F20B. Music/Movies/Sports/Gaming. Check me out

Once you go Black(Berry) you never back! Been using Blackberry since the Torch 9800 and not about to stop today!

Blackberry still works for me and wifey :)

Wifey and I continue to rock our Bbs (the legacy type).

We do because it just works for our needs in this fast changing world.

So, we're keeping the faith!

I love the Z10!! The virtual keyboard is the best i have ever used. I trialed it for two days for a customer. This is coming from an iphone 5 guy!!!

Been a user since the launch of 8320. I love what BlackBerry can do to get my job done.

I am 100% positive that BlackBerry as a company with thrive. I look forward to gr8 things bb10 will bring for any more years to come.

Well if I am lucky enough with this contest, it will be a white Z10 so that I can hand that to my wife :)


Posted via CB10

I enjoyed my PlayBook and still will remember buying it on the first day and feeling so proud of it. lol I still actually I still find it very usefully for plane trips and my gf loves to use it on the train to work.

Once BES10 starts raking in $8 per android and Apple product on its service than things will look much better. A major advertising push towards young people would go a long way also. Get them young and keep them for life

Posted via CB10

More positive news: my work sent out a note a few weeks ago that the BES10 solution is ready and we can finally get BB10 on the corporate network! So hopefully they buy a bunch of shiny new Q10s - I haven't tried one yet.

My Z10 is running better and better as "unoffical" updates roll out. Battery life is amazing, flow is smooth. All in all, I am happy and looking forward to the future!

Posted via CB10

The sun will come out tomorrow and you never know what the next wave will bring. BlackBerry has given us a great Z10, and helped to give birth to a great website...CrackBerry.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

BB10 is by far the coolest mobile OS! When I win I will take a couple Q10's for one of my brothers and my sister. After that I will buy a Z10 for my other brother so we are all on BlackBerry devices.

Have an amazing Canada Day Weekend peeps and be safe!

Posted via CB10

It's a sad day for BlackBerry. The only thing that will keep me from migrating to another company is if the A10 knocks the socks of anything that has come before it. I'll stay loyal till then and keep rooting for the B -team

Posted via CB10

Palm was good, and if HP had handled it better when they bought it, that might be another story.

On the upside (relative to webOS hardware), there are new BlackBerries available! Looking forward to getting a Q10--no way I'm giving up a good physical keyboard (been there, done that, went back!).

This is not the R.M.S BlackBerry we are not sinking. What is going on is a rebound, we took on a lot of water over the last many years, and 5 months won't change that but we have done a lot of bailing the last few months soon to be floating again. Sailing away with our own part of the market.

Posted via CB10

While it us a sad day, I'm glad that we have a community of BlackBerry enthusiasts organized by the Crackberry team. We all keep each other informed, help each other with issues, and can recommend relevant services and products to each other. And that's all been a huge help to me since I joined the ranks of BlackBerry users, so thankyou to everyone for that.

Posted via CB10

It's still oh so sexy the q I mean mm, but the z is pretty sexy too even without the curves ah fuck it bb orgy.

Posted via CB10

In contrast to my old 9900, my Z10 should continue to be working even after there is no more BB. Fine with me, even better though if we get hand on the 10.2 OS. Since we learned about the (no-) future of the PlayBook, I can hand over it to my son who loves "NFS Undercover" on it.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Loving my BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry device # 6 for me, and my eyephone collects dust.

Posted via CB10

Despite having lost quite a bit of money today, my view about berry remains same. The fundamentals of the business remains as is. The market is always this way. Look at aapl, it's now trading below $400 despite its enormous market share. This will always continue to be. Be smart when investing and don't panic. Buy the when the less informed sells. But definitely don't gamble the funds you can't spare.

Posted via CB10

Regardless of what the analysts say BB10 is an incredibly powerful and efficient mobile device. I really like it and would buy it again today and still recommend it to friends.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10 is still an infant. It needs time to grow into a the power house OS I know it can be.

The BB10 platform is still fantastic!i keep using my other devices (PS3, etc.) and thinking what it would be like if they were funding BB10 instead. It should be on everything!

Posted via CB10

The improvements in BB10 (10.1, potential upgrades in 10.2) have been so good for the speed they've come out. That's pretty impressive given how glacial iOS features get added!

When walking or running always look forwards instead of the ground because on the ground is dirt and if you look at the ground you are dirt but if you look forward with your head held high you are looking towards the future

I love BlackBerry so much that I'm determined to make the most positive comments, just to get a Q10. #BlackBerryDedication

love my playbook, love my z10, I'm looking forward to the future of mobile technology and I know blackberry will be there)

I'm BlackBerry long, proud and confident. A Lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of Sheep.

Flicked from my BlackBerry Z10 using CB10.

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10. It is an underestimated mobile OS that people need to try to see how great it really is. I still have hope for Blackberry.

I should that I only reason my wife still hold off from Z10 is Instagram. But if it is free, she would give it a try.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry knows best. Can't wait for BB10 devices to spread like wildfire. Being a BlackBerry person, I know I and every BlackBerry person will keep moving forward. CrackBerry can't stop won't stop!

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry is great and will improve I'm the next few quarters, I know I bought my sister a Q10 for her wedding gift and she loves it.

Posted via CB10

I'm very happy with BB10 and it's only going to better.

They will rise again!

Posted via CB10

I think BB10 is a fantastic platform and cam potentially change the future of mobile computing. I personally love my Z10 as do all my friends that own one. I know it's tough times right now, but I for one firmly believe that BlackBerry is becoming a better company through adversity. I love the CrackBerry community and am always in awe of how loyal us BlackBerry fans are. We choose the harder path it seems, just like BlackBerry did with BB10 instead of going with someone else's OS. Keep the faith fellow BlackBerrians and let's hope better days come soon!

BlackBerry by choice!

Posted via CB10

Even though I ran the emotion roller coaster today in the end I still love BBRY and I still believe in BBRY

Posted via CB10

I love my Playbook. It has outlasted my kids beatings. They love it as we'll, they play angry birds and educational games.

I LOVE BlackBerry! StoryMaker is AMAZING! We had bedside mode first (lol) and no keyboard, physical or virtual compares to the amazing-ness of any Blackberry phone. I love my Z10 and my PlayBook...but I really wish the Q5 was available in the US. Might be a good prize.... :)

Kevin, after all the bad news today I went to Ai Fori (Chef Michael White owner of Osteria Morini) for drinks. Next time you're in town check it out.

I'd just like to thank CBerry for keeping it positive. I love my PlayBook, it has been a source of enjoyment for 8months now. Bberry is trying to stay afloat and that means no bb10 for pb, so be it. I love my z10, as I loved my first storm. Things could be a lot worse for BlackBerry. My hat goes off to blackberry for having balls and not packing it in or selling out.

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Don't have Playbook, don't have a Berry,
I have webOS, and life is KINDA Merry,
I got real excited when BB10 was announced,
I thought, "That's an OS that no one could trounce."
I'm right now on Sprint (and the problem you see)
No Z10 for Sprint, no BB10 for me.
I'm patiently waiting for a chance of using day to day
the OS by Blackberry that only in store do I play.
One day it will come, one day I can buy,
but right now is the time for other fun things to try.
Youtube, movies, Crackberry, Oh My!
So many other great things to do, so why would I cry?
(If anyone is gloomy, I know what you should do.
Go to Rehab & Off Topic-Lounge, and be silly too.)

Thanks Mr. Brito, or is that Mrs.?
For a gentleman a beverage, for a lady, some kisses!
My goal is to rhyme, and make you feel better,
like a cup of hot cocoa and a warm comfy sweater.
I think it was Watterson, and his Calvin's cool prose,
or a book by Dr. Seuss that everyone knows.
I'm happy you liked it, my post just above,
So please pass the smiles, the peace, and the love.

My PlayBook has been awesome! We use it to rent movies, check emails, Facebook. We hook it up to my NAD receiver while using the Nobex app to listen to radio stations all over the world. With just using Nobex alone, who needs to pay for satellite radio!

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Look i may win or not frankly I have lost to many of these to count. But every time I put my name in to win my hopes get up just a little bit. I am not going to stop using my PlayBook just because it wont have the same operating system as my phone. Im going to stop using it when the touch panel stops working. Ive lived with the thing for two years and sure it has its quirks and it gets me angry sometimes but Its like a child. Its annoying to everyone else and me but if anyone ever takes it from me they get punished. Simple as that. Im sticking with what I got because to me its the best I need right now, in the future, maybe a SurfacePro. I mean it kinda looks like a PlayBook

I will have my Z10 on tuesday (can't wait), I love my playbook.(I use it every day) BlackBerry for me and nothing else.

BlackBerry will always continue to create the best keyboard on the market. No one can make a keyboard like BlackBerry!

Once you use BB10 and become familiar with it, there is no going back. BlackBerry will survive, it's just going to take sometime.

Crackberry is so awesome! They give us the best information and put so much work into all of the fantastic and amazing articles they write! Keep up the good work Crackberry!!!

They lost 84 million. That's without the Venezuela consideration. So they list 12 million dollars. Compared to a 998 million dollar loss last year.


Not bad me heinz. Not bad work at all. Keep it up. Looking at percentages. Next year we should have a profit according to that history. That's fantastic.

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Okay, the market didn't turn around in one single quarter, but you know what, remember where we were this time last year, after hearing OS10 had been delayed till 2013. We're going in the right direction folks.

I have not owned a phone besides a blackberry since 2008 my first was the 8330 and I was hooked, I have had many devices since that one and I love them :D

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Same here, I had the 8330 at one point too and it might have been one of my favorite phones ever!

BlackBerry's aren't in season yet in Southern Ontario so let's be a little more patient. Good things come to those who wait.

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Blackerry and all of folks out there need to think of this like the "little stream train" story we all grew up with. The little train going up the hill struggling to the hill (competition), chugging away saying "I think I can, I think I can". Never giving up, and kept on trying, until he got to the top of the hill and then started shouting " i know I could, I know I could!!!" Keep going Blackberry, keep that "I think I can attitude" and we're all be saying " I know you could too in the future".

Why only get android phone when you can get a BB10 phone and have a 2 in 1. BlackBerry 10 the most efficient OS in my opinion, and all the apps of Android via the Runtime.

i would so love a z10 Blackberries are for people who do work ....and not spend the day playing candy crush

"Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A 'you can do it' when
things are tough." Richard M. DeVos. Blackberry has been through a tough quarter but we'll bounce back, we need to keep moving, keep innovating, and keep getting our products out there. Results come soon. We'll be on top once again. #BB10Believe

It's Canada Day long weekend, the weather looks to be fantastic here in Sask! Using Q10, kids gone to grandparents for a few BB10 on Playbook? oh well, not gonna cry over it...and just gonna keep moving forward!!!

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Every BlackBerry 10 user I know is addicted to their phones. I've pretty much dumped my laptop completely for my z10. There's hope for this phone, it's still only 5 months old.

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Proud blackberry supporter.. and i am going to send 100 positive BBM messages to my friends this weekend. Positive energy, positive attitude, positive lifestyle!

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