Contest: Tell us the 20 apps you'd like to see come to the PlayBook and you could win 1 of 2 FREE BlackBerry PlayBooks!

Drop and Give us TWENTY Apps Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jun 2011 12:14 pm EDT

* LAST DAY TO ENTER: Ok, the truth is I love this blog post image so any excuse to run it again is fine with me, but we are down to the FINAL HOURS of this contest... so get in for your chance to win 1 of 2 BlackBerry PlayBooks. If you haven't dropped and given us your list of apps you'd like to see come to the BlackBerry PlayBook, stop what you're doing and do this now!! *

OK, so you don't actually have to drop and give us 20 pushups, but you will have to stop what you're doing, give it some thought, and let us know with a comment to this blog post the top apps/games/services/etc. you'd like to see come to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The time it takes will be worth the effort, as we'll be picking two lucky winners from among those who drop and give us their must-have app list to win a FREE BlackBerry PlayBook. For this contest we're not talking the small stuff here, but the big hitting apps and services and names you know and use that are out there on other platforms but not yet on the PlayBook. For example, Angry Birds, Skype, Kindle, etc...

  • Prizes: Two brand new BlackBerry PlayBooks are up for grabs for two lucky winners. 
  • How To Enter: Leave a comment to this blog post listing the apps/services/games you want to see come to the BlackBerry PlayBook in YOUR order of priority. If you can come up with 20, that's awesome. If it's less, that's ok too. Just spill your guts on what apps you REALLY want to be able to install on your PlayBook asap!
  • Contest Details: Contest open worldwide. Deadline is midnight ET on June 30th, 2011.  Please just leave one comment to this post. We'll announce the winners on July 1st, 2011.
For some more insight on where PlayBook apps are at, be sure to check out our PlayBook Apps Initiative thread in the forums. That's it. Now drop what you're doing, and give us 20!!!  Best of luck!

Reader comments

Contest: Tell us the 20 apps you'd like to see come to the PlayBook and you could win 1 of 2 FREE BlackBerry PlayBooks!



1: Fruit Ninja- gonna best on the playbooks screen
2: Skype
3: Nook- love this app
4: A remote TV app
5: Words with friends- constantly play this haha
6: A very nice GPS app that has voice guidance, and its free. maybe like a native app like Google's
what ever else that would be a nice application to put on the playbook :)
-playbook is awesome, quiero un playbook mucho!!! haha

No real order here...

Telnet/SSH client
Remote Desktop client
Angry birds (for my kid, honest!)
Windows Live Messenger
Native BBM
Native email

1. Kindle
2. Nook
3. Skype
4. Tango
5. Fring
6. SocialScope
7. Google Talk
8. Trillian
9. Photo Editor
10. DropBox
11. Open Office
12. FourSquare
13. Google Maps
14. Shazam
15. SoundHound
16. Hulu
17. KeePass password keeper
18. LiveProfile
19. Wordpress
20. Jango

Something else I would love to see is the ability to develop Playbook apps directly on the PB. That way, development and testing could be done without needing to use multiple devices. That would make travelling so much easier (just needing the PB and BB without bringing a laptop also). Expand that to develop BB apps, but that might be stretching it a little too much.

1. LastPass
2. Putty
3. Total Control App (Security Cam viewer)
4. Skype
5. Loudtalks
6. TrackR!
7. Photoshop
Fun apps:
8. Cut the Rope
9. Angry birds
10. Freddy Jump
11. Photoswap
12. I am T-Pain
13. Pocket God

That's about it for now.

Sugar Sync
FTP Client
Epub reader (kindle)
App for notes + drafts
angry birds
offline maps
native mail (exchange compatible)
native BBM (exchange compatible)
native tasks (exchange compatible)
native notes (exchange compatible)

playbooknis a vreat device!!!!!!!

log me in
merrill edge
BOA Online
angry birds

...great start w the playbook, now lets make it even better

I don't understand why RIM doesn't pay companies to produce apps. It RIM gave a company, say $100,000, would that company not built a Playbook app? They would be crazy not too--they get the revenue/exposure/customers from having more apps, plus another company is paying them! That extra money shelled out on RIM's part would be far more effective than any advertisements costing far more. I guess I'm missing something. That said...

1. Netflix
2. Hulu
3. Kindle
4. Whole Foods (for the gf, she loves the iOS app)
5. Google Maps
6. Skype
7. Native PIM apps

Angry Birds
Native Email Client
Native BBM
Microsoft Office
TuneIn Radio
Cineplex Mobile app
Google Maps
uber social

1. Kindle
2. Skype
3. Microsoft Office
4. Windows Live Messenger
5. Yahoo Messenger
6. Adobe Illustrator
7. Adobe Photoshop
8. Netflix
9. Angry Birds
10. Bejeweled
11. Garage Band type musical instrument app
12. Nook
13. Whatsapp
14. Google Maps
15. Fruit Ninja
16. A Cool RPG game
17. Scrabble
18. Dictionary/Encyclopedia
19. IMDB or Movie info type App
20. A Bible App

1. Twitter
2. MSN Messenger (video calling)
3. Angry Birds
4. Skype
5. Google Maps (offline mode)
6. WhatsApp
7. Google Navigation (offline mode)
8. Tunein Radio
9. Social Feed/News Feed/Rss Feed
10. Native email, calendar and contacts.
11. Netfilx
12. Hp wifi printing
13. OnLive
14. DropBox
15. TeamViewer
16. Blackberry Protect
17. Video Editing
18. Shazam (offline mode)
19. Tiny Wings
20. Fruit Ninja

Youtube HD video Download


Facebook Native client

Ubertwitter Or TweetDeck, Echofon too.. Twitter Client

What's App


Fancy Character

Gym Teknik

Calorier tracker

PDF and Document To go, (available for editing, and Presentation)

Anggry Bird

Tabel Tennis Pro

Golf Pro

Scrabble Games

WHat's Word Game (it is Like window, Arranged few word)

Solitare or Card Game, Maybe Poker

Thanks you,

1- Splashtop (or logmein)
2- Opera
3- Echofon (or any good Twitter Client app)
4- TAP TAP Revenge
5- Skype
6- IM+
8- Microsoft Photosynth
9- WordFoto
10- Whatsapp
11- Reminders!
12- Instagram
13- Shazam
14- Video/Audio editing software
15- App Like Numbers (apple)
16- app like Pages (apple)
17- app like keynote (apple)
18- FlickKick Football
19- SocialScope (flick , twitter , facebook ... etc)
20- Offline maps

1. skype
2. netflix
3. angry birds
4. native email
5. google maps
6. photo modifying app
7. scotia bank app
8. Nhl app
9. pocket god
10. tsn app
11. ebay
12. more kid friendly apps
13. twitter app

1. Flickr
2. Netflix
3. IGN
4. Chase Bank
5. Engadget
6. IMDb
7. USA Today
8. GasBuddy
10. Travelocity/ Expedia
11. Back Track
12. Apict
13. eBay
15. YouTube
16. Khan Academy
17. Slacker Radio
18. Shazam
19. Soothr
20. Photo Safe

Angry Birds,
TuneIn Radio,
Toronto Star,
Fruit Ninja
Cut the rope
Tiny Wings
slice it!
Living Earth

A few i would like to see....

Angry Birds
Skype (can't stress this enough)
Blackberry Protect
go to meeting
Plants VS. Zombies
Native Email
Basic power point editor
Navigation App
PDF editor/converter

Thats all I can think of right now.

Angry Birds,
TuneIn Radio,
Toronto Star,
Fruit Ninja
Cut the rope
Tiny Wings
slice it!
Living Earth

1) Skype
2) Dropbox
3) Tweetdeck
4) Wordpress
5) Google maps
6) A live football scores app (like Scoremobile FC on handheld blackberry phones)

This sounds like a pretty sweet contest and a great excuse to get a second playbook!!
In order:

animated push up app
angry birds
angry birds
angry birds
The Score Mobile
Settlers of Catan
Native email
Native BBM
proper spell check
Net Flix
PGA Tour App
CIBC Banking

1. Windows Live Messenger
2. Skype
3. Kindle
4. MovieMaker Live
5. WhatsApp
7. BlackBerry Traffic
8. Twitter
9. Social Feeds
10. YouVersion Bible
11. Picasa Uploader (not just viewer which there are a couple of)
12. Notepad with text recognition
13. PageOnce
14. WordPress
15. Native email/calendar/tasks/memos/bbm
16. Gmail integration to the Messages (like on phones)
17. TSN
18. Kindle (even though I primarily use Kobo)
19. TD Canada Trust banking
20. Groupon

1. Netflix - The biggest thing holding me back from buying a playbook
2. Skype - A must have
3. Words With Friends
4. Photoshop of sorts
5. Angry Birds
6. Dropbox
7. Remote Desktop/VNC
8. CIBC Banking
9. Full version of Microsoft Office - nothing comes close in terms of doc editing.
10. Full Sharepoint viewer

That's as many as I can think of -- really the only ones that I must have is Netflix and Skype, the lack of both has delayed my Playbook purchase

1) Good Reader
2) citrix
3) VPN
4) hand writing app for notes (I.e. Phat Pad)
5) Flip book
6) group wise mail app
7) epocrites
8) Medscap
9) e-CPS
10) wireless file share app (I.e. Air share)
11) Drop Box
12) Zite
13) Globe and Mail app
14) Dedicated mail/messaging/calendar apps if not already added (sorry if it has been)
15) Kindle
16) OverDrive (ebook software for library borrowing)
17) Olive Tree (bible reader)
18) free board games (chess/checkers/sudoku)
19) RBC banking app
20) Netflix

That is it. The first few would make me consider replacing my iPad at work but it would have to out perform it in a real world trial. If it is at least as good and the smaller screen size does not make it more of a chore to use then I would consider using it as my daily device at work.

Good luck everyone!!

1) Skype
2) TweetDeck
3) Native Email Client
4) Native BBM
5) Native Twitter
6) Kindle
7) Amazon
8) Google Talk
9) Fancy Characters (or any other free BBM emoticons)
10) PDF Writer (not only a viewer)
11) Android Apps (not only a anouncement, I need to became a reality)
12) Google Maps
13) Garmin App
14) Windows Live Messenger
15) Yahoo Messenger
16) Goods Interactive Apps with the comming new BB Touch
17) Angry Birds
18) Games, games and more games!
19) Shazam
20) WhatssApp

1. dropbox from dropbox
2. skype
3. msn
4. twitter app
5. google maps
6. angry birds
7. more games from large corporations
8. blogging tool
9. netflix
10. netflix
11. official ebay + craiglist
12. puZZed
13. graphical calculator
14. native banking apps
15. instant messages such as whatsapp, pingchat
16. opera browser
17. native email + calendar
18. travel manager app (like BlackBerry Travel)
19. Photoshop
20. solid financial app (like Bloomberg Mobile on BlackBerry)!

Hope I win and also see the above apps soon!

Native Email
Native Calander
BB Protect
BB Travel
BB Traffic
Barcode reader
Google Earth
MLB Baseball
Google Sync
Medical apps

1.Angry Birds,
5.TuneIn Radio,
10.Fruit Ninja
14.Cut the rope
17.Tiny Wings
18.slice it!
20.Living Earth

Here's my list:

1) Twitter For PlayBook
2) UberSocial For PlayBook
3) Skype
4) Native Email Client
5) Angry Birds
6) Instagram
7) Shazam
8) BlackBerry Protect
9) VLC for PlayBook
10) Words With Friends
11) Groovemaker
12) NetFlix
13) Wordpress
14) Google Maps
15) Stanza (E-Book Reader)
16) Native BBM
17) Printer Network App
18) Windows Live Messenger
19) Advanced File Manager
20) Google Map

Thank You CrackBerry!

My Top 20,

1. Netflix
2. Kindle
3. Google Music
4. Pandora
5. Shazam
6. Google Maps
7. Skype
8. Vontage
9. MS Sliverlight support
10. Movie editing App
11. Hulu
12. Amazon Cloud Player
13. BB Podcast App
14. Photo Editing App
15. Of Course Angry Birds not farm
16. Yahoo Mail App
17. Yahoo video Messenger App
18. Linkedin
20. FaceBook

My Choices:

Stock Tracker
Native eMail
MS Office
Canon EOS Camera Remote Control

Angry Birds,
Fruit Ninja
Cut the rope
Tiny Wings
slice it!
Living Earth
Pimp my Screen
Tuner Radio
Words with Friends
Google Maps
Swype 3.0

1) TweetDeck
2) Uber Social
3) Skype
4) Yelp
5) Netflix
6) NHL 12
7) Madden NFL 11
8) Score Mobile
9) Native Email
10) SMS
11) Angry Birds (just to shut people up)
12) Google app suite
13) WordPress
16) BlackBerry Protect
17) Standalone GPS
18) NFL
19) NHL

btw in for the win :)

1. Netflix
2. Kindle
3. Angry Birds
4. Hulu
5. Yoot tower
6. Skype
7. Vast aray of games
8. Task manager
9. Native weather
11. Office type app
12. BBM
13. Bank of america
15. Words with friends/droid words
16. Magazine app
17. Youtube
18. Groupon
19. Gasbuddy
20. Solid music player skin similar to ipod touches

i would to see these apps in playbook

1- whats app ( work on WiFi )
2- skype
3- BBM / blackberry travel (work in meddle east and in WiFi )
4- angry birds
5- more and more games in HD !!
6 -Photoshop !! (( hope it will be in PLAYBOOK ))
7- official twitter
8- microsoft messenger
9 - planets Vs zombie
10 -social feeds

i hope all what in blackberry apps world that work in meddle east !!
and thank you GUYS !!!

1. Skype
2. Google Talk
3. Angry Birds
4. Netflix
6. Photoshop Express or similar
7. Hulu
8. Shazaam
9. Sirius XM Radio
10. Pandora
11. Native E-mail
12. Native BBM
13. WhatsApp
14. IM+ (but I heard that is coming soon)
15. Google Earth
16. Kik Messenger
17. AIM
18. Google Mobile App
19. LoudTalks
20. Blackberry Protect
21. iHeartRadio
22. instagram
23. Twitter App
24. Hipstamatic
25. Fancy Characters

Sorry I made it to 25. I got a little carried away but I thought of all the apps that are really popular that I would love to see on the playbook. I think it would work well and help boost the playbook in sales. I like that its compact and easy to travel with since its so light.

I'd love to see the following:

1. Netflix
2. Skype
3. Hulu
4. Pulse
5. Shazam
6. BBM
7. Youtube HD
8. HBO go
9. Angry Birds
10. Multiple IM Client
11. Amazon MP3
12. Google Music
13. Pandora
14. Fandango (or a quality movie app)
15. ESPN ScoreCenter
16. Native RSS Client
18. Audible
19. Wordfued
20. IMDB

1) Native Email Client -- FULL FEATURED like my dekstop, spam marking, formatting, smart folders, etc.
2) Calendar app
3) Address book
4) File and memory manager
5) Google Maps -- with the ability to cache larger areas.
6) PowerAMP from Android -- but a "native" version for the PlayBook so it's fully Playbook happy.
7) ANDROID Bridge. :D
8) ScummVM <<< -------- MUST HAVE!!! :)
9) Emulators - A DOS Box would be freaking awesome.
10) More advanced version of Acrobat PDF viewer -- search, etc.

11) Easier way to to position cursor on text -- something similar to Android's option and also cursor keys.
13) Way to organize bookmarks better.
14) Folder option on home screen.
15) Option to create custom categories on home screen.
16) USB HID support.

Not an app or feature, but improved bluetooth support for keyboards. My tiny thumb board doesn't have key repeat and sometimes pauses when using it on my Playbook, where as it works fine on my other devices. Also improved mouse support.

Last thing I want is another Angry Birds, but I guess it's some kind of tablet status...

1. Angry Birds + more games (They call this PLAYbook for nothing)
2. Skype
3. Free eBook (=p)
4. Messengers (MSN, YM, BBM, all with the capability of camera over wi-fi)
5. 3D GPS
6. Cab / Taxi / Plane booker (yeah you can book online >.< with native apps pls)
7. Native Twitter Client
8. Native email client
9. Medical stuff, like tons of em and only few available (cardiac sound, lung sound, etc)
10. TONS OF ANDROID APPS please =p
11. Transfer files via Bluetooth (i know it could be done with file explorer for $0.99 though ._.)
12. Wallpaper auto changer
13. Youtube downloader + converter
14. Song editor / DJ software
15. Weather app that auto updates itself and have an icon in the upbars not just a shortcut + can talk!
16. Netflix (ofc!)
17. Presentation via bluetooth --> notebook --> Projector
18. Picture editor (gamma, contrast, sharpness --> adobe photoshop stuff)
19. Integrated facebook and twitter to photos (have an option to upload it when we browse photos in the library)
20. Automatic download updates options whenever you're in wifi =D (so you don't have to choose)

Here is my list in no particular order:
- Skype
- Netflix
- Slingplayer Mobile app or at least browser support
- Directv App
- USA Today App
- Flixster
- CNN App
- TheScore sports App
- Twitter App (fully integrated)
- Flipboard
- Kindle
- Plants vs Zombies
- Angry Birds
- Skeeball
- Little Things Game
- Fruit Ninjas
- Battle Bears
- Google Earth App
-The Weather Channel App

If we get half of this list, I will be ecstatic.

The List:
1. Netflix
2. Skype
3. Twitter
4. UFC Sports Bars App
5. Pandora
6. HBO on the GO
7. Google Earth
8. Pulse
9. Shazam
10. Hulu
11. Kindle
12. Scrabble App
13. Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football App
14. Watch ESPN App
15. Stella Artois Le Bar App
16. TweetDeck
17. Marvel Comics App
18. Groupon
19. Cut the Rope
20. Angry Birds

Thanks for your consideration! Can't wait to get my hands on the Playbook.

Like the push-up lady says...definittely Skype and Kindle. Also important:
A decent email client
TuneIn Radio
Angry Birds - never tried, but have heard it's fun
One of the Cal of Duty games
A decent chromtic tuner, like the ClearTune tuner for iPhone
It's a pipe dream, but has an iPhone app...I'd like to see them port that to Playbook
Google Earth / Maps

That's ten...please send me half a Playbook now...thank you.

1. Kindle
2. GrooveShark
3. LogMeIn
4. PogoPlug
5. Skype
6. Twitter
7. Words with Friends
8. Evernote
9. Screen Capture
10. XFinity Mobile
11. Pandora
12. Gmail
13. Crosswords
14. Emulators
15. Xbox 360 dashboard
16. Starbucks App
17. Google Voice
18. Hulu
19. Wordpress
20. Angry Birds

Angry Birds,
TuneIn Radio,
Toronto Star,
Fruit Ninja
Cut the rope
Tiny Wings
slice it!
Living Earth

Google Earth
Video Editor

Angry Birds
OPERA BROWSER for Playbook
Assassins Creed Game
Asphalt Racing
Bluetooth Photo Print
Fruit Ninja
Flight Control
Blackberry travel
HBO on the Go

4.Native Calendar
5.Word Press
5.Angry Birds
6.MS Office type applications
7.Native Email
8.Google Maps
9.The Score app
10.Fruit Ninjas

1 team viewer / LogMeIn / remote desktop apps
2 skype
3 Final Fantasy
4 Video streaming apps (like AirVideo)
5 Office Apps
6 tasks/notes/calendar/reminder apps which sync to cloud services
7 Expenses apps
8 Lonely Planet travel guide
9 EBooks apps
10 Email apps
11 Photo Editing apps
12 Shazam
13 Ebay
14 Plants V Zombies
15 Bejeweled
16 Final Fantasy
17 Wireless Printing
18 TapaTalk
19 WhatsApp
20 blackberry Protect

Would love to see something integrated messaging app.

Solid video chat app that is cross platform. (Skype, Qik, Fring)

Has to have dedicated Twitter and Facebook.

Photo editing software

1. Yahoo Messenger
2. Skype
3. Twitter
4. Netflix
5. Kindle
6. Amazon MP3
7. Print App for my Canon printer
8. Doodle Jump
9. NYTimes app
10. Words WIth Friends
11. Pandora
12. Plants vs. Zombies
13. Native Email
14. Native BBM
15. Photo Editor
16. Video Editor
17. Amazon (whole store app)
18. Something like Photobooth on the Mac/IPad
19. Turn by turn directions
20. Google Earth

1. Skype
2. Fuel Economy Calculator
3. Meterberry
4. YM
5. Facebook
6. Twitter
7. Angry Birds
8. Google Talk
9. IM+
10. Youtube
11. Social Feeds
12. Blackberry Travel
13. Wordpress
14. Shazam
15. TuneIn Radio
16. Dropbox
17. Pandora
18. Flixter
19. Microsoft Office
20. Liveprofile

I'm a huge Blackberry fan and want a tablet but I have other immediate financial priorities. When I get one, I'd prefer the Playbook as I'm not an Apple guy, Android is way too scattered, and I'm not a fan of HP hardware. The Playbook would be perfect!

Here are my app wishfors:

1. Amazon Kindle app
2. Tweetdeck
3. Skype
4. Pandora
5. LinkedIn
6. Flixster
7. Yelp
8. Flycast
9. Citrix Go To My PC
10. Netflix
11. Google Reader
12. AP Mobile News
13. The Weather Channel
14. Personal Assistant
15. Wall Street Journal
16. Flipboard
17. NASA App HD
18. Star Walk
19. Epicurious
20. Angry Birds

Android Player
Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation
Native email client / PIM
Blackberry Protect (not sure if it's available for the playbook already)
Social Feeds with better integration / notifications
FIREFOX browser ;)
Windows Live messenger
Google Talk
Angry Birds
Photoshop (would be awesome with finger gestures to modify pics)
Microsoft office

It's the great opportunities like these that make me a proud Crackberrian!

Skype- no one I know has a PB yet
Monopoly- it's an all time fav and EA owns digital rights
Netflix- I don't have an acct, but might if it arrived for PB
Nav app- even BB Traffic would work

My desires are simple- it's not a piece of work tech for me, it's a toy, a media consumer. I'm pretty happy with where it started, how far it has developed, and looking forward to where it will go.

1. Skype
2. Dropbox
3. Netflix
4. Lotus Notes
5. Kindle
6. SciFinder/Research Journal Tool
7. End Note
8. TuneInRadio
9. Google Talk
10. Google Maps
11. Swype
12. StumbleUpon
13. PageOnce
14. Shazam
15. Video Editing Tool
16. Scrabble
17. Photoshop
18. Vonage
19. LinkedIn
20. WhatsApp

Thats it.....Now the Playbook is mine!!!!

twitter, youtube, skype. berryweather (or equiv), kindle reader, facebook, AP news, calendar w/sync, address book, notepad, soliitare

In no particular order =)

1. Native MSN
2.Twitter App (not the website based one)
3. Skype
4. A update for the camera app (get some more fun effects and editing options)
5. Native calender scheduling/tasking/appointment book app with multiple update-able alarms that may or may not sync with your facebook
6.VLC player or something that would let me watch .mkv files
7. Netflix
8.Remote access of your bb keyboard to playbook
9. TD banking + Store/atm locator
10. Expanded bridge accessibility
11. Flickr App
12. Starbucks locator
13. Microsoft Office lite
14. More web browsers
15. More AAA playbook exclusive game titles and support for indie developers
16. Customizable skin/theme editor, or just a pb skinning app
17. Blackberry cloud like sharing system from your pb to be accessible to other user or any pc
18. Quick power management tool! simple click for long battery life, low power consumption to juiced up pb mode (which would have a direct effect on the various clock speeds)
19. Logmein type app that lets you remote link your laptop to your pb and remote control from your pb via. bluetooth profile and no wifi needed.
20. Android player

Since Kevin posted his inquiry about how many folks in North America have the PB... with a low result number... I would like to be one of those people to say "I have one" while walking the streets of Toronto, CDN but since I don't... I will try to win one!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!

Here is my list of 20 apps + 5, I would like to see...

1. Netflix's
2. Google Docs (Serves as your online productivity tool.)
3. Meebo (Chat application.)
4. Slide Rocket (Presentations are really vital tool for business, education , projects and more.)
5. Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (A powerful web creation tools for photo editing, logos, web templates, color palettes , audio editing and more.)
6. Mint (Access to your free personal financial and online management tool.)
7. JayCut (web video editing software.)
8. Unzipping Softwares (Uncompressed your files on the fly.)
9. File Conversion Software
10. TokBox (Video chat tool.)
11. Music Streaming Software
12. BitTorrent Client (Download your torrents.)
13. Wufoo (Building tool for your forms, invitations and survey applications.)
14. Vonage (VOIP)
15. HootSuite (Updating and monitoring your social activities such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and will be easy.)
16. Flight Control (Game.)
17. Data Recovery Tool
18. Google Chrome
19. YouVersion Bible
20. Google Maps
21. Battery Watch
22. Speed Boost
23. Scanlife (PR code reader.)
24. Zoompass (simular to paypal.)
25. Urbanspoon

Bridged Texting
bluetooth head phones
Score Mobile
Net Flix
two finger swipe standby
picture app with send options
camera app with send options
music app that rips your music from itunes
youtube app that rips videos
native file management system
screen grabber
banking apps
video editing app
picture editing app
real time stock market apps

Youtube XL
Plants vs. Zombies
Rhapsody or any of the other Music Subscription Services (Zune)
Amazon Kindle App
Hulu Plus

1. YouTube
2. TuneIn Radio
4. eBay
5. Foursquare
6. BlackBerry Travel
7. Native IM (MSN, Yahoo)
8. Angry Birds
9. Skype
10. Twitter for BlackBerry
11. YouVersion Bible
12. Google Maps
13. Bejewelled
14. RBC Our Daily Bread
15. BOLT Browser
16. Gmail
17. QuickPull
18. ScreenGrabber
19. Amazon MP3
20. BlackBerry Protect

my 20 in no specific order. not just apps but features as well

1 native email/calendar/notepad/bbm/contacts etc
2 highend full featured photo editing drawing app (like autodesk sketchbook)
3 skype or any cross platform video or voice chat client (voip app maybe)
4 twitter
5 usb hosting (external drives widi adapter etc)
6 canon wireless (or wired) view finder app with full camera control like the desktop version
7 dlna support to stream content to the playbook ( dmp dmc etc) dms is already enabled
8 different hdmi out modes (example desktop mode) video out with the screen off
9 native word substitution and auto correct
10 any app that makes use of the LED!
11 control content to/ on the playbook with my 9780 (play pause stop skip ff rr) through bridge?
12 bottom right corner - keyboard with a virtual trackpad buttons and typing area (desktop mode)

i could only think of 12 things that would make the playbook PERFECT for ME and i say me for a reason. i know everyone has thier preference, this is just mine. if i had to choose 8 more...

1 angry birds
2 google maps
3 this one obvious but better bridge functionality and features
4 a really good mmorpg or rts games that takes advantage of playbooks capabilities
5 a decent or amazing music studio app
6 something similar to apples photobooth (one thing i really like from apple)
7 cross platform game (example poker app on playbook where cards a dealt to smartphones)
8 fart app lol

tell me what you think of my list. give your opinions. dont forget your list.


2. Angry Birds
3. Netflix
4. Hulu
5. YouVersion Bible App
6. DropBox
7. Ebay
8. Shazam
9. Google Earth
10. Fruit Ninja
And so many more! That is all I can think of right now!

1. Google Navigation
2. Words with friends
3. skype
4. Google talk
5. MS Office Apps
6. Softphone app for VOIP
7. Mint
8. Tripit
9. Spotify
10. Remote Desktop

1. Skype (with video calling support)
2. Teamviewer
3. A TomTom or Garmin app for turn-by-turn GPS nav with the 7 inches display!
4. Sling
5. TOU.TV (It's Radio-Canada, the french CBC, we can watch most of the shows on the web, free of charge... only on Android and iEverything)
6. AccèsD (my banking service, from Desjardins)

Seriously, I was considering buying a Playbook for it's video calling features, but if I can only call other Playbook owners, it's pointless... Skype is the only must have app for me, the browser can do everything else on my list (except for the GPS)

E-mail Client
Android Apps
The Score
TuneIn Radio
BlackBerry Travel
BlackBerry Traffic
Documents To Go Premium
Mobipocket Reader
RBC Banking
VNC or Remote Desktop
GasBuddy or Poynt updated to include gas prices in Canada
Ascendo DataVault
Starry Night

The top 6 and then I might buy one.

native email
angry birds
you know what...I would just be happy to win one!

1. Twitter
2. Skype
3. Netflix
4. google Maps
5. Shazam
6. Angry Birds(even though it is coming soon)
7. Android Apps (i thought they could haven't seen any)
8. Hulu
9. Photobooth
10. Jenga(game)
11. DJ app (music)
12. Google earth
13. Blackboard Mobile Learn( for students)
14. Weather apps
15. Dictionary
17.Thompson Reuters
19.ebooks app(for textbooks renting etc)

1. Kindle
2. Windows Live Messenger
3. Android Player (transparent to end user)
4. Yahoo Fantasy Sports
5. TSN
6. Skype
7. YouVersion Bible
8. Netflix
9. VLC Player
10. Map App with maps loaded (so it can be used as a GPS in a car)
11. Angry Birds
12. World of Goo
13. Harbour Master
14. A Scrabble game
15. TAT Media App demoed in videos
16. BBM over wifi (no bridging necessary - through BBID)
17. Cineplex
18. Native Email
19. Native Calendar
20. More GOOD games (Game shows, board games, action, etc.)

On top of these, I'd like to see improvements to the music app and App World in terms of fluidity.

Google Maps
Angry Birds
An ebook app
Crackberry Baby!!!

Here are the apps (in order) that I really want to see available for the BlackBerry PlayBook:

1. Kindle
2. Skype with Video Chat
3. YouVersion Bible
4. At Bat 11
5. Pandora
6. Open Office
7. Twitter
8. BlackBerry Travel
9. TeleNav or similar full-function GPS navigation with voice
10. ScoreMobile
11. BlackBerry Traffic
12. Visual Voice Mail
13. Facebook with Check-in feature
14. Voice recognition (Dragon Diction or similar) that works with all apps
15. Android
16. All apps able to access internet through Bridge
17. File Manager (integrated with OS)
18. Nook
19. Shazam or SoundHound
20. LogMeIn

1.Optimum app
2. ubersocial
3.blackberry traffic or a good gps app
4.capture it
9.Video editing app
10.Blackberry Protect
11.Blackberry Travel
13.Adobe acrobat pro
14.valley national bank
16.xploding boxes
18.crackberry wallpaper changer mp3

1. Photoshop Express
2. Instangram
3. Skype
4. Kindle
5. Native Email Application.
6. Blackberry App Store
7. Tweetdeck
8. Angry Birds
9. Camera Bag
10. iWork
11. Dropbox
12. Google Docs
13. Opera Browser
14. Filemaker Go
15. Sketchup
16. Google Maps
17. Hulu
18. Bluetooth Printing
19. Adobe Acrobat Reader (or any native PDF reader)
20. Adobe Bridge (or any Photo organizer)

Google Maps
NHL gamecenter
Blackberry Protect
Blackberry Travel
Blackberry Messenger
Blackberry Traffic
XE Currency
The Weathernetwork
Documents to go
Globe and mail

Here is my wishlist...cmon lucky 13!!!

1. Skype
2. Netflix
3. GPS logger 2
4. Score Mobile
5. Twitter
6. YouVersion Bible
7. PageOnce
8. WordPress
9. Native email/calendar/tasks/memos/bbm
10. TSN
11. TD Canada Trust banking
12. Heytell
13. Tango

1. Angry Birds
2. Netflix
3. Hootsuite
4. Ubersocial
5. Ascendo Data Vault
6. ToDoMatrix
7. Pandora
8. iheartradio
9. Starbucks
10. Real Google Maps
11. Trillian
12. Skype
13. Kindle
14. Nook
15. Hulu
16. Telenav
17. Beejive
18. CNN app
19. BlackBerry Traffic
20. Scrabble

Google Voice
Skype (of course)
A send-website-to-playbook-browser app (pairing?)
A good traffic app
Hype Machine app
TuneIn Radio app
Angry Birds
Tiny Wings
An Awesome "Tower Defense" app
Formspring app
A Flickr-based photo discovery/slideshow app
Webcam viewer for home security
Robot Unicorn? ...kinda old now + Adult Swim app
A photo capture/editor like Instagram
An app that connects via Bluetooth or WiFi as a controller for home media

...And for study nerds like me......

Graphing Calculator app (imagine the nerd/coolness during class!)
A graphically pleasing School Organizer/Agenda app

1. Skype
2. Evernote
3. YouVersion
4. Kindle
5. Standalone GPS
6. Dropbox
7. LogMeIn
8. Google Map
9. Google Earth
10. Words wih Friends
11. Paypal
12. eBay
13. AIM
14. Linkedin
15. Scrabble
16. Marvel Comics
17. Urbanspoon
18. Sketchbook Pro
19. IMDB
20. Star Walk

1-Financial Times
2-Open Office
3-RIM Cloud Service
4-Microsoft Office
5-Purple VRS
6-My Smart Hands
9-Live TV
11-Wall Street Journal
12-USA Today
13-Business Insider
20-Intuit Quicken

1. Twitter App
2. PhotoShop
3. Video Editor
4. Torrent Downloader
5. Theme Builder (It's a push but I still want one. :P)
6. Google Talk
7. Google Maps
8. Team Viewer (THIS IS FREE [Logmein has NOTHING on this])
9. BlackBerry Protect.
10. Skype
11. Hulu
12. NetFlix
13. DropBox
15. Tumblr
16. Kindle
17. MineCraft Admin
18. GameBoy/Playstation/NES/Other Console Emulators
20. Text message Bridging.

Google Earth
BB Travel
Sky Footballl Score Centre
Sky Mobile ( to enable remote recording)
BB Scanner
Pocket Universe
An Audiobook Player that saves the last played position
Newpaper App
TuneIn Radio
Google Talk

BBM / WLM / Twitter (officials) workin on wifi!
Angry Birds
Skysports Mobile
News Apps like CNN BBC etc
HSBC Banking

1) Torque OBDII App
2) Lync for Office 365
3) A Beer Goggles app that uses augmented reality and replaces less attractive people with Angelina Jolie

^^ yeah, you' know that would be totally cool.

Photo editing/Video editing
Angry Birds
Zombieville USA
Fruit Ninja
Air penguin
Use your playbook to wirelessly access your desktop
HD youtube vids
Google talk
Huffington Post
AP mobile
Better Ebay app
Maps/GPS Logger
Native Email

BB Traffic
BBM (native)
BB Protect
Google Maps (official)
Google Voice
Team Viewer
NHL Gamecenter
Angry Birds

Plants vs Zombies!!
Angry Birds (everyone else is doin ' it :D )
Native BBM
More bridge stuff (SMS, Facebook, etc)
Hands-free phone app
IM (Yahoo, AIM, etc)

OK, here's my list:

Nuance (Dragon) voice commands

Tether (I'm thinking tethering the Playbook to a phone for a connection where there is no Wifi, but a 4G Playbook should also be able to become a hotspot or otherwise allow devices to tether to it.)

Blackberry Protect

SRS iWow

Google Earth
Google Goggles
Garmin GPS
The Opera Browser

The apps for playing music stored in the Amazon and Google)

And a couple more now that I've gotten into it:

VeriSign (two factor authentication. If you don't know what this does, check it out.)
The app to play TWIT podcasts
I really like diagnostic apps, like how hot the processor is, how much RAM is free, how strong each of the radio signals is.
Gina Trapani's ToDo

These are just merchants that have apps:

Bank of America On-Line Banking
RBC On-Line Banking (I just got an RBC account. I don't know if they have any phone apps.)
Airline apps
Amazon Store

Skype, AudibleAir, Kindle, Nook, Angry Birds, Advanced Audio distribution or AD2P, Ebay, Groupon, Android Apps, Urbanspoon, picture editor, slingbox, Webster Dictionary, Poynt, wireless printer app, bejeweled, autoshutoff, Hulu, amazon mp3 player, a good trivia game, logmein, flashlight

1. Angry birds
2. Smurfs village
3. Kids books
4. Facebook
5. Skype
6. Twitter
7. YouTube
8. Canucks app
9. Angry birds rio
10. Cut the rope
11. KP2 by bing
12. Fotolr PSP
13. Web MD
15. Messenger
16. H&M
18. Victoria Secret
19. Bakery story
20. Zoo story
21. Fashion
22. OG
23. Pet hotel
24. Night club
25. Farmville
26. Pocket tanks
27. BC Driving test
28. Vegas Towers
29. Remote
30. Turbo tax

angry birds
gmail app
tsn app
score app
native email

1. Skype
2. Kindle
3. Blackberry protect
4. PDF (Acrobat reader)
5. Microsoft Office (full functionality) or Office processing app
6. Google map
7.IM+ Pro for BlackBerry with IM Push
8.Advanced Call Manager
9. Ascendo DataVault Password Manager
10. Mobiola Video Studio
11. YouTube Downloader HD
12. MSDict English Pro Dictionary
13. Ascendo Money Personal Finance Manager
14. KeepFit
15. Prince of Persia
16. FIFA (soccer)
17. Twitter client
18. Facebook client
19. RSS feeds reader
20. Blackberry app world

1. Kindle
2. Netflix
3. Windows Live Messenger
4. Skype
7. Silverlight
8. True BES Integration – harder than it seems being that two devices PINS would access the same account (phone & tablet) – may require a BES enhancement.
9. Native E-mail client – non-BES
10. Native BBM
11. BBOS Virtual Engine*
12. Droid Engine and some initial App World Apps*
13. Citrix Receiver – rumored for June 30th
14. TeamViewer
15. BusinessWeek
16. CNBC App
17. Interactive Brokers mobile platform
18. Pandora
19. Angry Birds
20. Nook
*These two items could be the fix for many of these items. Come on RIMM.

1. Skype
2. Netflix
3. Sirius
5 Team Viewer
6, Google Earth
7. XM
8. Global
9. Garmin
10. Winnipeg Sun
11. photosynth
12. Google Earth
13. VLC player
14 Native Email
15. Whats app.
16. Fatbooth
17. Shazam
18 Photoshop
20. Winnipeg Jets App


Go Jets Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Wall Street Journal App
2. Kindle App
3. Reeder (currently on ipad)
4. Remember the milk
5. MLB.TV Application (that plays live games)
6. Weber's on the Grill
8. Optimum App (with live tv viewing)
9. Google Talk
10. GPS App
11. Entrepreneur Magazine
12. MS OneNote
13. Evernote
14. Sentinel 3
15. Hulu+
16. Netflix
17. LogMeIn
19. FactSet Application
20. Movies By Flixster

1. Skype
2. Netflix
3. Angry birds
4. Ninja Fruit
5. Twitter
6. Score Mobile
7. Blackberry Travel
8. Blackberry Messenger
9. Flight control
10. Office
11. Native Email
12. Social Feeds
13. Page Once
14. WhatsApp
15. Google Maps
16. MSN Messenger
17. Kindle
18. Google Earth
19. Shazam
20. Pandora

Please I want it!!!

IF I am dreaming and in order of priority

1:)Microsoft OFFICE!!! Suite
-> Microsoft Excel
-> Microsoft Power Point
-> Microsoft OneNote
-> Microsoft Word

2:) Photo Album manager

3:) PDF reader with Note taking, book marking, highlighting

4:) Colour coded Calendar able to sync/merge/ separate multiple calendars, download and save Bridged calendars making it possible to use 1 playbook with a group for a calendar merge by bridging 1 at a time.
5: Web Browser than enabled "Mouse over" so that one could use most of the flash based websites

6:) Robust file manager with on the fly compression and encryption, multiple file renaming,

7:) Scientific + Graphic Calculator

8:) Augmented reality application in conjunction with working GPS to put overlay data onto pictures

9:) Camera Application that allows you to fill out "Title, Tags, Comments" inside the picture properties after each picture

10:) Sticky note Widget application

11:) Scotia Bank Application that can run over BB Bridge

12:) Blackberry Travel planner : Everything Blackberry travel has + saving preferred Hotels, + preferred Rental car company's + preferred Air Port shuttle services, ( should also be available on phones)

13:) Amazon Kindle

14:) Skype

15:) VLC Media Player

16:) Financial calculator app: Mortgage, Margins, markups, Investment growths, all should be able to work forward and backwards

17:) OCR application (Photo to Digital editable document)

18:) SWYPE keyboards

19:) AutoCAD Application

20:) Photo Shop Application

1) Twitter
2) GMail
3) Gist
4) Social Feeds
5) Cineplex Theaters
6) BlackBerry Travel
7) Skype
8) Office - More Office apps (i.e. OneNote)
9) MSN Messenger
10) Yahoo Messenger
11) AIM
12) Adobe Photoshop (*for PlayBook) *Where it is optimised for PB
13) Adobe Acrobat Pro (*for PlayBook)
14) Abobe Premiere (*for PlayBook)
15) Comic book Reader (Marvel, DC)
16) Netflix
17) Wordpress
18) Google Earth
19) Quicktime
20) Intuit Quickbooks
21) Dictionary with Spellchecker
22) Speech Recognition software (build it within QNX OS)

mobile stogie
pdf writer
tune in pro
plasma globe
native email
visible vote
pinball deluxe
defender (old school game)
a pleasant reader
a photoeditor
bb protect

1. Angry birds
2. Navigation app
3. Yahoo Messenger
4. Shazam
5. Notepad
6. Currency Converter
7. MeterBerry
8. Opera Mini
9. TeamViewer (VNC)
10. ScreenMuncher
11. TuneWiki
12. Wifi-file transfer
13. VLC player
14. UnRar
15. Fancy character
16. Universal Remote Control ( for tv's, dvd player, computers, etc..)
17. Native BBM, Email
18. FaceTime
19. Microsoft Office
20. Winzip
21. Ringtone Maker (ringtone remix)
22. Paper toss
23. Built in tracker if lost so we could track it like BlackBerry Protect
24. Memory booster ( auto event log clear also)
25. Compass
26. Htc type lock screen
27. UNO
28. Photo cropper
29. App Locker
30. Facebook Chat
I knw I have to many wishes bt I can't help it :P and I wish I had ALL of these in my bb but no worries a playbook on its way :D
Thanks..!! :) Good Luck all

1. Netflix
2. Hulu
3. BBM (native app)
4. Tether
5. Kindle
6. Dropbox (official app)
7. BlackBerry Traffic
8. BlackBerry Travel
9. TeamViewer
10. SMS via BlackBerry ID login (possible tie-in with BBM for integrated messaging?)
11. OneNote & other Microsoft Office programs
12. Pandora
13. Sirius/XM Radio
14. PageOnce
15. Cross-platform Video Conferencing App
16. ScoreMobile
17. Words With Friends
18. Unreal Engine-based games (i.e. Infinity Blade, Dream:scape)
19. Epocrates
20. BrickBreaker (seriously, where's BrickBreaker?)

1. BlackBerry Desktop Manager ( Maybe i won't need a laptop)
2. Skype
3. Netflix
4. Hulu
5. Kindle
6. Adobe Acrobat Reader
7. Google Navigation
8. Google Maps
9. blackBerry Traffic
10. TV app( real live TV hopefully - FREE!)
11.Google Talk
11. Google Voice
12. ipad Killer app(lmao)
13. Quick Launch - Super Qwerty
14. App Lock
15. Phone App( to work with BlackBerry)
16. MS Office( Word, OneNote....)
17. Translator App
18. BlackBerry Radio
19. BlackBerry Protect
20. NBATv,,

1. Skype
2. Dropbox
3. Netflix
4. Photoshop
5. Angry Birds
6. Grooveshark
7. Ebay
8. TSN
9. Periodic Table
10. Package Tracker
11. Flight Tracker
12. Native Email
13. Native Calendar
14. YouTube
15. Remote Desktop
16. TD mobile banking
17. Torrent client
18. Google Maps
19. OnLive
20. Unit Converter

1. netflix
2. pandora
3. easy way to print
4. powerpoint
5. way to zoom in on videos
6. microsoft office
7. bb protect
8. android market
9. hulu
10. skype
11. kindle
12. angry birds
13. text message bridge
14.photoshop (for the old ball and chain) earth
16. native email
17. bb travel
18. social feeds
19. NFL
20. MLB

I already own a playbook but i'm posting for the hell of it.
Angry Birds
Google Anything
Youtube Downloader
Craigslist Pro
Wells Fargo Banking please

Thats all that I would need for my playbook for now.

1. skype
2. back up assistant
3. twitter
4. facebook
5. social feeds
6. live profile
7. documents to go
8. angry birds
9. whats app
10. kindle
11. themes
12. facebook chat
13. msn messenger
14. yahoo messenger
15. email client
16. customization app
17. wheres waldo
18. hockey
19. baseball
20. tiger woods

Here are a few of the apps on my BB Playbook wish list:
Wells Fargo Bank
password keeper
words with friends
Android apps
TD Ameritrade
Southwest Airline
American Airline
wireless printer
Papa Johns
and so many others....

1. Netflix
2. Hulu Plus
3. Kindle
4. Evernote
5. Nook
6. Bookmark Sync with BB Smartphone, Cloud Bookmarks
7. Bridge Text Messages
8. Twitter
9. Send/Share to App for Picture and Videos
10. IM Client
11. Skype
12. Universal Search
13. RDP Client
14. SSH Client
15. File Explorer (that can transfer files between the Smartphone and Playbook)
16. Car Mode App
17. Star Trek PADD
18. Car Nagivation
19. On Demand Video Store
20. Kitty Soundboard

1. support for activesync
native email app
pdf editor
native calendar app
memory management/cleaning app
cisco web ex
video editing app
photo editor
google maps
words with friends
angry birds
score mobile
cut the rope
20. slingplayer (slingbox)



Here is mine! Thanks for a great contest!!!!!

1.PIM - app like Outlook or MS Entourage
2. Netflix
3. Angry Birds
4. Yoono (or all in one social app like it)
5. Blackberry Protect for Playbook
6. BlackBerry Travel
7. Kindle
8. Twitter
9. Social Feeds
10. DJ
11. Robust Photo Editor/Program
12. Sticky Notes/ Note Pad
13. PageOnce
14. Skype
15. Wordpress
16. MS office
17. BBM
18. Chase Banking App
19. Robust Password Keeper App
20. Quicklaunch type Program

1 Tunewiki
2 skype
3 Asphalt Racing
4 Pro evolution soccer
5 Native email
6 musical instruments applications like garage band
7 Virtual dj will be so sick!!! We need it
8 Documents to go
9 banking apps
10 Varieties of themes
11 More browsers than the native browsers,google chrome and stuffs
12 Google earth
13 Gmail app
14 Dropbox
15 More music players, flash based
16 Tap Tap revenge, will be a massive hit!!
17 Pandora radio/slacker radio
18 Netflix
19 playbook bookstore (like apple's Ibooks)
20 Livestation
21 interactive apps for kids (where the character on the apps repeats words u say and also do some tricks) its good for children
22 language translators(voice enabled)
23 A better OS build to support all apps mentioned by me and my crackberrians
24 An App that can make me win this Playbook, hehehehehe
I hope and pray I win this

Angry Birds,
TuneIn Radio,
Toronto Star,
Fruit Ninja
Cut the rope
Tiny Wings
slice it!

Angry Birds
SoftMaker Office

3-google talk
4-air penguin
5-angry birds
6-real racing
7-fifa soccer 11
8-madden 11
9-cut the rope
16-Microsoft Office
19-Red ALert

A couple that come to mind,

1. Skype (like most)
2. Slacker Radio premium services (caching!)
3. Blackberry Travel
4. Blackberry Traffic
5. More EA quality games
6. More bridge apps, like whatsapp

Scoremobile FC (already on BB smartphones)
Guardian Witness
Sugar Sync
Sportsnet Fantasy
Formula (its available for BB smartphones)
Google Earth
BB Travel
pdf file convertor
pdf writer
Kobo update
Cross platform video chat like facetime
Urban spoon
Navigation app such as garmin
Connect to pc and share files
Auto maintenance tracker

Wow, having a playbook would just be awesome and oh so helpful. Here is my list of what would be superb apps for the playbook device. I hope I got a good balance of productivity and fun :)

Crossing my fingers!!! :)

1. Native Email/BBM/CAL
2. Skype
3. Tweetdeck
4. DropBox
5. MLB At Bat 2011
6. Google Talk
7. GMail App
8. Google Voice (would be awesome!)
9. SocialScope
10. Wordpress
11. Evernote
12. Social Networking Native (twitter, linkedin, youtube)
13. Maps
14. Photoshop
15. Audio Mixing App (to work on my protools files on the go :) }
16. Kindle
17. SalesForce
18. Netflix
19. Microsoft Office
20. Hulu

Flare Scratch
Digital Bassline DB-303
Idrum Sequencer
Industrial Drums
Gabber Drums

(And for my daughter):
Make Me a Princess
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
ABC Maze
Barbie: When I Grow Up
Fairytale Legend
Glow Apple Catch
Bubble Popper
Kitten Jigsaw
Iroach / Ant Squash
Highlights: Hidden Pictures

Ok, so they're not top 20 for the market, but equivalents would be awesome as opposed to an iPod. I'd love to see the PB get software for people that produce electronic music, or could use a tablet to DJ a live mix.

1. skype
2. MSN live messenger
3. Whatsapp !
4. Unified inbox, native email client
5. Pulse
6: Social networks integration programme
7. Kindle
8. Amazon
9. Dropbox
10. Shazam

1. Native e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks
2. Pocket Informant
2. Citrix Receiver
3. A good RDP/VNC app
4. Google Maps
5. Worldmate
6. Bloomberg
7. Vlingo
8. Livestrong Calorie Tracker
9. Blackberry Traffic
10. PDF Annotator
11. Zinio
12. Netflix
13. Exit Strategy
14. Skype
15. Score Mobile
16. Tango

1. Skype
2. Microsoft Outlook or at least a planner app that can sync with outlook.
3. Franklin Covey brand planner.
4. LogMeIn Ignition.
5. Quicken with sync capability.
6. Native email.
7. BBM that would seamlessly integrate all of my sms contacts into one messenger.
8. Kindle.
9. Audible.
10. Angry Birds.
11. Train Conductor.
12. The Game of Life.
13. Navigon GPS
14. Garage Band clone.
15. TablEdit TefView
16. Picasa.
17. MyNetDiary
18. C25K
19. Bible app.
20. Financial calculator.
21. Database app that pins photo's taken with playbook to inventory items with ability to sync, or at least export to Microsoft Access.

1. Skype
2. Yahoo messenger
3. Better ebook reader (kindle)
4. Dropbox
5. Doodle Jump
6. Angry Birds
7. Opera Browser
9. Video Editor
10. MKV (HD Player)
11. Better Office Suit
12. Fruit Ninja
13. ESPN Live
14. Bluetooth File Sharing App
15. Better File Explorer with USB OTG
16. Photoshop
17. NBA Gametime
18. Native email/calendar/BBM
19. Maps
20. Netflix

1. Skype!
2. Slingbox Media Player!! Would be a great addition to the blackberry community
3. Native Email Client
4. Native: BBM / WLM / Twitter (officials) workin on wifi!
5. Angry Birds
6. BerryBuzz
7. MyWi (to turn your playbook into a wifi center)
8. TuneIn Radio
9. Plants Vs Zombies! Awesome game!
10. WhatsApp
11. Shazam
12. Winamp!
13. Winrar/zip
14. Kaspersky Antivirus Scanner
15. DLNA capability apps!
16. Curency Tracker
17. Movie Maker
18. Photoshop Editor
19. YouMail
20. Banking Application

BlackBerry Apps
1. BlackBerry Travel
2. Social Feeds
3. BlackBerry Protect

4. Skype
5. UberSocial
6. WhatsApp
7. Yahoo Messenger (or IM+)

8. PDF Printer
9. LogMe In (or PC remote)
10. Fancy Char
11. Evernote
12. WiFi Print

13. Garmin

14. Zinio
15. Kindle
16. CNN, FoxNews, Reuters etc.
17. Mobile Banking

18. Angry Birds
19. Plants vs Zombie
20. Chess

Skype, Angry Birds, TuneIn, Pandora, eBay, Native email, Bluetooth Photo Print, Kindle, Netflix, Hulu, Twitter, Real DropBox, Maps w/ GPS, Swype, Microsoft Office, Crackberry Store, SMS via internet, Android apps, BBM, Google everything

1. Google Talk - using the cameras!!!!!
2. Native e-mail/calender
3. Any Donut Games game
4. Skype would be cool
5. Netflix
6. google maps
7. a way to turn on the playbook vs trying to use the button - mabye a double tap???
8. Everything else cool

Social Feeds
Angry Birds Rio
Drop Box
Google Maps
Cut The Rope
Adobe Illustrator Viewer
Google Maps
Final Fantasy Series
Fruit Ninja

1. Netflix
2. Hulu
3. HBO OnDemand
4. Civilization Revolution
5. Angry Birds
6. WiFi Hotspot Finder
7. Adobe Reader
8. MS Office
9. Wireless printer
10. Red Alert
11. Cox OnDemand
12. Universal Remote Transmitter
13. Wireless Media Sync
14. Scoremobile
15. DirectTv Sunday Ticket
16. Redbox
17. Travelocity
18. Google Earth
19. Tap Tap
20. Weatherbug

1. The coupon app
2. Nook
3. Netflix player/app
4. Angry Birds
5. Words with Friends
6. Native email/calendar
7. Gmail intergration
8. YouVersion Bible
9. Notepad
10. Social Feeds
11. Mancala Game
12. Skype
13. Hulu
14. Google docs
15. Uber Social
16. Tunein radio
17. Fruit Ninja
18. Google maps
19. Pulse app
20. Amazon cloud

Hope I win!!

video editor ala imovie for iPad
google maps
fidelity app
logmein or gotomypc or the like
wireless printing
movie and picture uploading native support in Facebook app
BB Travel
BB Traffic
DLNA support

1. Email (without BIS, BES :D)
2. FreeRange (read rss)
3. IM+
4. Mobipocket Reader
5. Dropbox
6. Document To Go
7. XE Currency
8. Gmail
9. Gmap
10. Gsync
11. QR code scanner
12. Skype
13. Jad Builder (make jad file on Playbook)
14. Fotmob (Football mobile)
15. Lunar Calendar ( East Asian very like)
16. Social Scope
17. Crunch SMS
18. BB dict
19. BB translate
20. GPsed

1. GlobeInvestor Gold
2. CIBC online
3. Bell TV
4. Active X
5. Roboform
6. Netflix
7. BNN (Business News Network)
8. Skype
9. Evernote
10. Flight Control
11. Slingbox player
12. OurGroceries
13. Flixster

1. skype
2. netflix
3. logmein
4. mlb at bat
5. hbo go
6. bofa online
7. google maps
8. kindle
9. pandora
10. hulu
11. cnbc
12. mobile flickr
13. espn live
14. ebay
15. cnn
16. bloomberg
17. aim
18. flipboard
19. dropbox
20. teamviewer

I haven't purchased the BB Playbook yet, but can see the need. I'd like to see the following applications or features before purchasing:

Ability to add notes to photos as they are taken
Stylus for editing documents or marking up photos
Handwriting recognition

With these applications or features, I could see using the Playbook daily for work and play.

1. Skype
2. My Card Star
3. Barnes and Nobles Reader
4. Amazon Kindle
6. unRar
7. unZip automatically for emailed files that are zipped
8. Wireless printing
9. SMS reader/writer
10. Shazam
11. TeleNav (could be used w/ a wifi hotspot while traveling)
12. QuickLaunch using gestures
13. SocialScope
14. Hulu
15. Splash Money
16. Splash ID
17. Linked In
18. Splash Shopper
19. Netflix (not just the queue app but to rent and play movies)
20. Lumosity app

1) Movie renting app - let's give the PlayBook some AppleTV capabilities...
2) Skype
3) Netflix
4) EasySign Mobile
5) Goodreader
6) Browser capable of emulation - "Perfect Browser" for Ipad has emulation
7) Kindle and/or any ereader app that lets you bring in non-DRM files. Plus Ipad-like version of KOBO
8) Early Edition
10) Evernote
11) Ascendo Datavault
12) TED
13) Dropbox
14) BellTV app - allows you to view PVR and what's taping
15) LogMeIn
16) DocuSign
17) Tiny Wings
18) Zinio
19) Urbanspoon
20) Pogoplug
21) Splashtop Remote

- Netflix
- Kindle
- Google Talk
- Gmail (multiple logins)
- Native email
- Live messenger
- Yahoo messenger
- Google maps navigation
- Skype
- Engadget

1. Skype
2. uTorrent
3. Blackberry Protect
4. NES or SNES Emulator
5. Angry Birds
6. Cut the Rope
7. VLC Player (or any player that allows multiple tracks of audio and subtitles, and mkv files without remux)
8. WinRar
9. Kindle
10. Flash Builder Interface editor (see your App interface and modify it directly on the tablet)
11. League of Legends (maybe full game since is all made in AIR should be easy)
12. Super Street Figther 4
13. Plugin support on the Browser and Bridge Browser (for sites that require it for streaming like
14. Audio Editor (pitch, tone and multiple tracks)
15. DJ like Audio player. (Play at least 2 mp3 and swap between them with different effects)
16. Munchkin Level Counter
17. Windows Live Messenger
18. Themes or more customizable UI
19. Arkanoid or something like Brickbreaker
20. Fruit Ninja
21. Photo Editor (correct light, white balance, color, etc)
22. Audio Equalization
23. Native File Browser
24. Gaming keyboard (Arrow keys, and keyboard detectable by flash sites like
25. Guitar Hero or Rock band

this is my top 25 beside the obvious Native Blackberry Apps that should be here already.

1 - Pac man
2 - Frogger
3 - Pinball
4 - Brick Breaker 2
5 - 680 News
6 - Banking App
7 - Calorie counter app
8 - Gps - like Tom Tom
9 - Full explorer
10 - Angry Birds 2 the pigs fight back
11 - Bubble Bubble
12 - Dungeons and Dragons
13 - Basketball
14- Playbook only chat room
15 - Slot machine
16 - Press Your Luck
17 - Trouble
18 - Product Scanner
19 - App to trim video
20 - Family Feud

That is my list.

I really would love to see Skype coming to the its a good communication tool. Also Whatsapp to stay connected to all the OTHERs. Great would see blackberry and playbook to be included in schools like University of Phoenix for apps to access the ecampus quicker. And fun games to explore the fun side of the playbook like monopoly is nice




plants vs zombies

twitter app


yahoo messenger with video


dropbox native

google maps/navigations


chrome to phone


barcode scanner

and of course crackberry app store

****** not in order but top 5 are. native email, calendar, pim apps are a given.....

Here is my List:
Skype, More power in PowerPoint, Speech to Text, Photo Tagging/Organizing
BBC World Service, Economist, Foreign Affairs,
Nike Training app, Smart Measure, FCC SpeedTest, WiFi Analyzer
Starwalk, NASA, TED Mobile, Flight Control, Kingdoms Live.

Native Email
Native Calendar
Native BBM
Password keeper
'Playbook' Protect
Backberry apps player
Android apps player
Wireless printing
Google maps app
Google email integration
File viewer/organiser
Antidote (French grammar analyzer)

Native BBM
Native Email
PDF Reader/Editor
Remote Desktop Client (via WiFi)
Google Maps
MS Exchange Email Client
FTP Client (via WiFi)
Blackberry Protect
Blackberry Travel
Paypal App
Ebay App
Password Vault

...that's all i would NEED.

If I had a BB Playbook I would like to see 1) Microsoft Office Online 2) Windows Live 3) Gazelle 4) Aetna Mobile 5) Zuma 6) Aces Solitaire 7) Cubis Gold 8) Martha Stewart 9) McDonalds 10) Walmart 11) Target 12) Home Depot 13) Lowe's 14) Wawa 15) Turkey Hill 16) Mobireader 17) Poynt 18) Crackberry 19) 20) Icon maker.

1) Angry Birds
2) Cut The Rope
3) Skype
4) BBM
5) Crackberry Homepage Link
6) Facebook Chat
7) Oovoo
8) Microsoft Office
9) Photo editing software
10) Sketchbook Application
11) World Clock
12) Vortex
13) Fart making noise app
14) Air Print
15) Netflix
16) Rogers on Demand
17) TD banking
18) Turn it in (student turn in site)
19) Barcode scanner
20) Shazam

1. Email
2. Calendar
3. Microsoft Office
4. Twitter
5. CIBC Banking
6. Evernote
7. Shoutcast
8. Shazam
9. Soundhound
10. Meetup
11. Urbanspoon
12. Dropbox
13. Whatsapp
14. Kindle
15. Opera Mini Browser
16. LinkedIn
17. Cineplex
18. BorderWait
19. IMDB
20. Toodledo

1. Dropbox
2. Google maps
3. Adobe Reader
4. Some sort of game hub
5. Wallpaper hub
6. Bridge for all phones, not just blackberries
7. Allshare (DNLA)
8. Kindle
9. Video chat (Skype, oovoo, etc.)
10. Unified email center for all emails (Also microsoft exchange support)
11. Microsoft office (Word, Powerpoint, Spreadsheet)
12. Lookout mobile
13. Weather app by accuweather, not weatherbug
14. Sports center or ESPN
15. Screengrabber
16. BBM
17. Theme packs
18. VOIP apps for calls over 3G and wifi
19. Opera browser
20. Music streaming apps (Pandora, Slacker, etc.)

Please give me a playbook crackberry, i would really appreciate it

1. Dropbox
2. Google maps
3. Adobe Reader
4. Some sort of game hub
5. Wallpaper hub
6. Bridge for all phones, not just blackberries
7. Allshare (DNLA)
8. Kindle
9. Video chat (Skype, oovoo, etc.)
10. Unified email center for all emails (Also microsoft exchange support)
11. Microsoft office (Word, Powerpoint, Spreadsheet)
12. Lookout mobile
13. Weather app by accuweather, not weatherbug
14. Sports center or ESPN
15. Screengrabber
16. BBM
17. Theme packs
18. VOIP apps for calls over 3G and wifi
19. Opera browser
20. Music streaming apps (Pandora, Slacker, etc.)

Please give me a playbook crackberry, i would really appreciate it

****Sorry for the repost

1 wlm working on wifi with video
2 bbm working on wifi
3 facebook 2.0 working on wifi and video uploads
4 twitter working on wifi
5 WeatherTrax
6 mlb 2K11
7 Nba live
8 NFS Shift
9 Google Maps
10 Waze
11 video editor
12 photo editor
13 Documents to go
14 PDF to go
15 Opera mini
16 Angry farm
17 Tower Bloxxx
18 WhatsApp
19 Bejeweled Twist
20 PES 2011

1. Hulu
2. Angry Birds
3. Words with Friends
4. Cut the Rope
5. eBay
6. Netflix
7. Tiny Wings (BEST)
8. Pandora
9. Doodle Jump
10. Fruit Ninja
11. Google Maps
12. DropBox
13. Wells Fargo APP
14. a legit GPS navigation app
15. Shazam
16. Wordpress
17. Social Feeds
18. Tweet Deck
19. Amazon

My top 20 are:
Native email
TubeIn Radio
Google Maps
MS Office Business Suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
Score Mobile
Pageonce Pro

1. SkypeTeam
2. Angry Birds
3. Dropbox
4. Native Email Client
5. BBM
6. Twitter
7. Facebook
8. Tom Tom
9. Netflix
10. eBay
11. Cut The Rope
12. TuneIn Radio
13. MeterBerry
14. WhatsApp
15. Photoshop
16.Blackberry Protect
17. Google Maps
18. Poynt
19. Youtube
20. Foursquare
21. QuickPull haha!

I want a playbook soo bad, ill videotape the destruction of my iPad with the playbook if i win

I really don't ask for much.... Wyse Pocket Cloud, Evernote, Droid TV, Zinio, and PressReader. See easy, only 4....
You could add Navigon, Kindle, Fring, Skymap, Torque. and Angry Birds but then I'd just be greedy....Joforg...

Apps I am waiting for

1. Skype 2. Angry Birds 3. Natve BB email app 4. Native and better configured BBM with video 2 way support
5. Kindle , 6 bluetoth enabled printing app 7. good realtime poker app. 8. good chess playing app. 9. crossed platform Android Apps player. 10 .Netflix
11 Hulu 12 Poynt app 13 Toronto/City Traffic advisor app 14 Shazam 15 cheap functional GPS app 16 Google Earth app 17 various banking app eg IngDirect, RBC etc 18 BlackBerry Protect
19. TSN 20. Picasa viewer and loading app

2. Skype
3. Full Twitter client, not just website
5. Share Builder
7. Angry Birds
8.Polaroid Pogo printing
9. Adobe light room control
10.Linked In
11. Zumo Drive
I know there are more.

1. WeatherBerry
2. MeterBerry
3. Blackberry Maps
4. Documents2Go
5. Google Earth
6. TopoUSA
7. BBM
8. Alarm Clock by Bulbera
9. Dropbox
10. Opera Mini or Firefox Mobile
11. Email Client
12. BlackStar
13. YouVersion Bible
14. Novel Groupwise Web App
15. BlueTooth Keyboard App
16. ScannerRadio
17. CNN App
18. CrackBerry App
19. PowerPoint App
20. Outlook App

1. Skype
2. Google Maps
3. Dropbox
4. Evernote
5. Twitter
6. OliveTree Bible
7. TeamViewer
8. RTM (Remember the Milk)
9. Windows Live Messenger
10. Kindle
11. Microsoft Office (something better than the current Docs2Go)
12. Logos Bible

1. Air Video
2. SynoDS
3. Reader
4. Navigon
5. TuneIn Radio
6. Skype
7. iCam
8. DropBox
9. iNet
10. Jump
11. Super Stickman Golf
12. Angry Birds

1. Kindle
2. Netflix
3. Hulu Plus
4. Skype
5. World od Warcraft Armory
6. Civilization Revolutions
7. Sparkle
8. Tiger Woods Golf
9. Order and Chaos
10. Chase Bank
11. Sim City
12. Monopoly
13. Risk
14. Audible support
15. Gmail (threaded emails)
16. Amazon MP3 Cloud Player
17. Amazon Window Shopper
18. Amazon Store
19. The Daily
20. The Economist

I work for a firm and we would like to deploy playbooks for onsite work. we need CAD viewers. PDF editing capability (even if it is simple mark up). A native RDP app would be nice.

As an IT person I would love some special MS server connectivity apps but I know that's a pipe dream

Oh, I also play Ultimate and would love to see some more apps related to that sport.

anyone saying angry should be kicked off this contest. go enter a crappy tablet giveaway instead. the playbook is the tablet for those who get things done... so here goes (with some slight out of box thinking;

(media streaming), amazon on demand, tivo (yeah tivo - develop! stream from my home dvr!), sonos (same as tivo! stream on the road, not just at home), sirius xm (baba booey), nhl (hey the person choosing is probably canadian!), comcast/xfinity, and on and on... hell - even apple iCloud, im game....
dropbox - all round winner
photoshop/illustrator - hey this thing is powerful
bb bridge speakerphone - useful, especially with the charging dock for the office!
aston martin app - ha
skype - not original but it makes sense
wifi print drivers??
every app on the app store! not everyone has an ipad.
but right now - id just settle for email/bbm!

What up Kevin?

here we go...
1) Words with Friends
2) Tiny Wings
4) Angry Birds
5) ESPN (Fantasy sports, Streak for the Cash)
6) Yahoo! (Fantasy sports)
7) Voice to Text
8) Flight Control
9) Google Maps w/ 3D Navigation like on android
10) Skype
11) HULU
12) Native email
13) DropBox
14) Cargo Bridge (the game)
15) NESoid (NES simulator)
16) Google Sky Map
17) PayPal
18) Weber's On the Grill
19) Shazam
20) Layar

well the list goes on but there are my top 20. great contest

1. Skype
2. Netflix
3. Torrent (i.e.Vuze)
4. Native email
5. TSN
6. BMO Banking
7. Tom Tom/Garmin
8. Native Calender
9. Google Maps
10. Twitter
11. Hulu
12. Air Canada/Westjet
13. TML, NHL

Go To My PC
PDF with edit capabilities
PowerPoint with edit capabilities

1. netflix
2. yahoo messenger with video call
3. skype with video call
4. twitter
5. shazam
6. a turn by turn GPS navigation app
7. grooveshark

1. Skype would be nice.
2. BMO online banking app (though I don't think they've done this on any platform, so I'm not holding my breath.
3. University of Alberta (one of two apps I actually miss from my iPod Touch, the website is TERRIBLE).
4. Netflix
5. A full featured .pdf reader.
6. A full featured e-reader that allows side loading of epub and maybe pdf files.
7. A more fully featured word processor (ideally full Word, but I'm sure that's a couple of generations off).
8. Lastpass & Xmarks.
9. Windows Live Messenger
10. Native Calendar that syncs with the phone, so I don't have to turn on Bluetooth or use the phone for checking/editing my calendar.
11. Native BBM/SMS, synced with the phone via wifi.
12. An app/update that provides printing capability.
13. Blackberry Protect or similar service.
14. Powerpoint editor
15. File converter.
16. Ebay
17. Paypal
18. Strong note taking app (Evernote or similar).
19. Widgets (don't know how possible this is, but home screen widgets for weather, news, stocks, etc. would be really nice.
20. And I guess I'll jump on the native email bandwagon, just to reach 20. I'm hoping that any native email app will have full imap capabilities, allowing better interaction with folders other than the inbox than is available on the phone.

email for people with non BB phones, skype, logmein , pandora, netflix, print ability, backup, microsoft office, sql studio, visual studio, eclipse, newsroom rss reader, photoshot, kindle, better games (nfs quality) , youversion bible, craigslist app, animated backgrounds

good luck everyone

1. network access to all files on my server
2. media player for network files
3. full SMS integration over bridge
4. use playbook as speaker phone over bridge
5. all bluetooth services enabled
6. e-mail client native
7. skype
8. good full function gps satellite navigation app with maps
9. voip app
10. ebay

Ebay for playbook
Amazon app
PlayStationNetwork app
Video store (series or short films)
Angry birds
Call Of Duty :D
An app like VCast (hears a song and tells me which one it is, link it to music store)
Native/sync notes and tasks
Native/sync calendar
Blackberry Presenter driver
Improvements to YouTube app, the browser streams better
Improvements to the actual alarms clocks (make them like 'Musical Clock')
Remote desktop application (no going to the browser to do that)
Any other web browser (mozilla, opera,...)
'Think of me' for playbook (working on bridge or with a contacts app)
Windows Live Messenger / Trillan App
Media BB Bridge
Native Email
Android Viewer!

2. Kindle (though I'm started to use Kobo)
3.Angry Birds
7.Twitter (by RIM)
8.Hootsuite or Tweetdeck
10. Photoshop
11. Gist
12. WordPress
13. CNN or FoxNews App (like iPad versions)
14. Nursery Rhymes with Storytime :)
15. ESPN or NFL app
16. E Trade
17. The Sims
18. Google Earth
19. Video editing app
20. Vevo App


Netflix streaming
Movie streamer
Screen Grab
Theme creator ( to make themes for phones also)
Free navigation
Sex offender registry
The hangover 1 & 2 movie preloaded apps. (lol)
Battery savor

1. Kindle
2. Skype
3. Navionics Mobile (marine charts and navigaiton-already on Android and IPad/IPhone)-does not use internet
4. Good Auto Navigation App that does not use internet
5. PDF reader that will open large files, i.e. 4-5 Mb
6. App that will open wmv videos
All need to run either stand alone or with Bridge Browser

1. Skype
2. Ebay
3. Angry Birds
4. Netflix
5. Kindle
6. Dropbox
7. Photoshop (or the equivalent)
8. Hulu
9. Good GPS map program
10. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Well with over 1200 comments already in, i think just about every app/service/game etc. has been covered! I second all of them! Also, i want to be able to make a theme for my PB!

1.Native Email App
2.Twitter for Blackberry Playbook
6.Blackberry Protect
9.Android Apps Player
10.Crackberry App
11.Zune App
14.Capture It
15.Blackberry Travel
18.Cool Call Of Duty Installment
21.And one more, iOS App Player, seriously, it would be awesome for players like me
Thanks Crackberry

Please Pick Me, I wish that playbook, it would be awesome

1) Native BBM
2) Native email
3) Netflix
4) Skype/ooVoo
5) Garageband like native app
6) Imovie like native app
7) Twitter
8) Ebay
9) Amazon
10)Fios apps
11) Kindle
12) Pandora
13) Espn scorecenter
14) Social feeds
15) Bb travel
16) Bb traffic
17) Chase app
18) Cnn/ usa today apps
19) Dropbox (will probably be higher the more I get into it)
20) Tumblr

1. Plants VS. Zombies
2. NES Emulator
3. SNES Emulator
4. Skype
5. Facetime
6. Yahoo Messenger
7. Twitter
8. Blogger App
9. Photoshop Express
10. Kindle
11. Aldiko
12. Native Email
13. Native BBM
14. SMS Bridge App
15. Teamviewer App
16. Torrent App
17. Download Manager App
18. NDS Emulator
19. Android App Emulator
20. Checkpoint VPN App

1. Kindle
2. Native email
3.Native BBM
4. Password Keeper
5. Memory cleaner
6. a Defragmenter of some sort.
8. Google Maps
9. Skype
10. Clean-up app for junk files
11. Quicken(pocket)
12. Dropbox not blue box
14. Google earth
15. Native spell checker for all word processing apps.
16. Weatherbug
17. Amazon Mp3 app
18. Amazon shopping app
20. a good remote desktop app.

I cant wait til the BB PlayBook gets all these apps, so i can finally buy it!
1. Skype
2. Netflix
3. Hulu
4. Angry Birds
5. TuneIn Radio
6. Photoshop
7. Microsoft Office
9. Photo to PDF
10. LiveProfile
11. Cut the Rope
12. Guitar Hero
13. ScoreMobile
14. Google Earth
15. Scrabble
16. Monopoly
17. Video Editor
18. Photo to Text
19. Kindle
20. (My local newspaper)

Here are my 20 choices:

1. Skype
2. Stick Golf
3. Angry Birds
4. MS Office PowerPoint/Excel/Word/Publisher
5. Instagram
6. Photoshop/ PhotoEditor
7. Mobipocket/Kindle/Kobo as long as they have built-in dictionary
8. Netflix
9. Wifi Printing app
10. Mike Tyson Boxing app
11. Hidden (app that can take picture of the person who steals it and sends location info)
12. Signature app (ability to take signatures on documents)
13. Google Talk
14. Google Voice
15. WorldMate
16. LinkedIn
17. Expense Tracker
18. Amazon/Ebay app
19. Dictionary app
20. Business Card Reader/Document Scanner

I hope I win; good luck to everyone.

Native BES Access WITH Server file access
Alternative Web broswer that would capable with most websites
Bridged SMS services
Microsoft Office
Native PIM stored directly on the device

1. Maufait Mobile
2. MorseMe
3. MyAlarm
4. NetworkTrafficControl
5. Opera Mini Web Browser
6. QuickNote
7. QuickCompose
8. Ramble Instant Messenger
9. Screen Saver
10. Shopper Shopping list application
11. TIPMaster
12. TopoExplorer
13. ScreenShot
14. VR
15. Yahoo!
16. Zome
17. Bejeweled
18. Miner Speed
19. Skype
20. Log me in pro

My favorites apps for the playbook are: BerryBuzz**, Google Maps**, WiFi File Transfer**, ScanLife*, Photoshop*** (perhaps in the playbook 2), Flash Light*, MeterBerry**, Fancy Characters**, Ebay*, Bejeweled**, BBM**, Native email**, Microsoft Office**, more need for speed games**, Force Close*, Resident Evil**:D, CrackBerry app***,Gmail*, Google Earth**, Tunein Radio*... Luck To All!!

1. Skype
2. Pageonce
3. Blackberry Travel
4. Garageband type app
5. Amazon
6. Crackberry
7. Xfinity/Comcast
8. Wordpress
9. BBM
10. Tweetdeck
11. QVC
12. Microsoft Office
14. Major banking apps
15. Costco
16. Gmail
17. Poynt
18. Netflix
19. Paypal
20. Tumblr

1. Bell Mobile PVR
2. ScoreMobile
3. Angry Birds
4. Angry Farm
5. Lookout
6. BlackBerry Wallet
7. BlackBerry Travel
8. Shazam
9. Netflix
10. Canada Post Mobile
11. Flight Control
12. ZonaSnap
13. BlackBerry Protect
14. SocialScope
15 .FourSquare
16. GetGlue
17. UrbanSpoon
18. Ebay
19. FML
20. Cineplex

Tap Dj
YouVersion Bible
Metal Slug
Chase Bank
Urban Spoon
Timeout NYC

1. BlackBerry Protect
2. BlackBerry Password Keeper
3. Twitter
4. Skype
5. Windows Live Messenger
6. Pandora
7. Angry Birds


1. A decent VNC
2. Native Gmail and Hotmail app
3. Shazam
4. Kindle
5. Blackberry protect
6. Blackberry travel
7. Google Maps
8. VLC
9. MicroTorrent
10. Vent
11. Skype
12. Netflix
13. Hulu
14. or something similar
15. A way of coding for the playbook on the playbook (thus removing the pc all together)
16. A wifi cracking program
17. More Ea Games
18. Gps that uses the blackberry phone as the data and displays it on the playbook
19. Full powerpoint
20. A video editor

1. Market Scan - stock technical analysis
2. iBooks (well a rendition of it) / Kindle
3. Monster Anatomy HD
4. Oxford American Dictionary
5. Penultimate
6. Wolfram Algebra Assistant
7. Mathboard
8. Epicurious
9. Time, CNN or ABC news apps
10. Flight Track
11. Kayak
12. Garmin or TOMTOM
13. Skype, Tango or Qik
14. Etrade or CNBC live
15. Fruit Ninja HD
16. Bento
17. DaVinci
18. TSN / Sports Net / The Score / Versus
19. Native BBM and Email
20. Shop Savvy