CrackBerry Confessions....

CrackBerry Confessions...
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Mar 2009 09:43 am EDT

Time for some Hump Day Humor! This Rudy Park strip appeared a couple days ago and tells it like it is.... Sorry Rene! Big thanks to spotmark for sending this in.

[ Rudy Park via ]



Lol, good way to start my morning. Thanks for that. Felt the same way, but then one day I went all the way and got a CrackBerry. Been loving it since


I read this strip every day. It often mentions Apple products, and what glutons for punishment their owners are, but this one had to be seen by the masses. :)


hahaha... that's funny.


The comic is great..

I too have spoken ill of the my iPhone.
Waiting for my contract to end before getting a new blackberry.


Thats me all over. One reason I returned my iPhone was of poor signal


The repeated "I've...I've..." could be a dig at Jonathan Ive. Or maybe I'm overthinking it. :)


LOl i think i actually e-mailed a picture to you guys... ah well c'est la vie... but yea even now i still find it funny...


This was funny and man is it true. Come to the dark side iphone users.....


Thats funny I dont care who you are


I come to this site often and i love blackberrys. But I also have had an iphone 3g since launch and have never had any problems with the phone. it's amazing. internet is super fast. I think it is far superior to the storm. if i had to go with a blackberry it would be the bold (which is sweet) but i still think the iphone is better then that.


lol that's frakn awesome that's just 2 funny


That's great lol. Thanks for the laugh.


New to the Blackberry, love it, 1 wk into it, amazed everyday! Love the strip!


1 Wk into Blackberry ownership, love it and am amazed everyday! Love the strip!
I drive truck over the road most of the 48, Love the connectivity and access.


Fail to see the humor. Interchange the word iPhone with Storm and you can publish this in TiPB.


Haha this is so me. I have an iPhone now which I love and Im totally addicted to, but I used to have a blackberry, which I also happened to love at the time. There's just things about both that I really like. If they could just somehow incorporate the two...