CrackBerry Confessions....

CrackBerry Confessions...
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Mar 2009 09:43 am EDT

Time for some Hump Day Humor! This Rudy Park strip appeared a couple days ago and tells it like it is.... Sorry Rene! Big thanks to spotmark for sending this in.

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CrackBerry Confessions....


Lol, good way to start my morning. Thanks for that. Felt the same way, but then one day I went all the way and got a CrackBerry. Been loving it since

I read this strip every day. It often mentions Apple products, and what glutons for punishment their owners are, but this one had to be seen by the masses. :)

The comic is great..

I too have spoken ill of the my iPhone.
Waiting for my contract to end before getting a new blackberry.

LOl i think i actually e-mailed a picture to you guys... ah well c'est la vie... but yea even now i still find it funny...

I come to this site often and i love blackberrys. But I also have had an iphone 3g since launch and have never had any problems with the phone. it's amazing. internet is super fast. I think it is far superior to the storm. if i had to go with a blackberry it would be the bold (which is sweet) but i still think the iphone is better then that.

1 Wk into Blackberry ownership, love it and am amazed everyday! Love the strip!
I drive truck over the road most of the 48, Love the connectivity and access.

Haha this is so me. I have an iPhone now which I love and Im totally addicted to, but I used to have a blackberry, which I also happened to love at the time. There's just things about both that I really like. If they could just somehow incorporate the two...