The CrackBerry community reacts to the Fairfax Financial news

By Adam Zeis on 24 Sep 2013 02:21 pm EDT

We're only a few days in and it's already been quite a busy week here on CrackBerry. Between the ongoing BBM for Android/iOS saga and yesterdays news, the CrackBerry community is taking to the forums to weigh in on the situation. 

"Taken private in this case is not a good thing. BBRY will be sold off in chunks. This is just the beginning"Shlooky, CB Member

If for some reason you missed it, yesterday BlackBerry announced that they have signed a letter of intent with Fairfax Financial for a $4.7 billion deal that could potentially make BlackBerry a private company again should everything go through. While it looks like it will all pan out, things could still change before the deal is done. It's uncertain what will happen to BlackBerry as we know it from there. The company could carry on as normal, leave the consumer hardware business or even be broken up to various parts such as BBM Inc. It's all still up in the air for now.

"Blackberry going from public to private doesn't change Blackberry's major problems with selling BB10 smartphones, nor does it mean that profitability is no longer critical for the company"CHIP72, CB Member

The news is getting mixed reviews from BlackBerry fans across the board - some think it's great, others not so much. There have been some very active threads in the forums about the news with everyone jumping in to say their piece, but as Chris already explained, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It will effect everyone differently and in different ways - from shareholders to developers to average consumers. Either way there will be a long road ahead for BlackBerry and we'll have to wait it out to see what happens.

So if you haven't already, be sure to hit up the forums and tell us where you're at. Do you think the Fairfax Financial deal will be a good thing for BlackBerry as a company? Do you think it's a bad decision? Let's hear what you have to say.

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The CrackBerry community reacts to the Fairfax Financial news


What about the alternative of marketing BB10 properly (advertising and lower prices) instead of hoping to have someone buy them out?

They're being shorted to death.

They need to go private to get away from the shorters. Turnarounds don't happen overnight and won't happen at all if every quarter even good news is spun negatively to force down the stock price.

They could spend their entire cash pile on marketing and it wouldn't make a jot of difference.

Netflix went from almost $300 to $53 and back to $300+. During that time, they just proceeded with their plan to expand their business. They advertised a lot. People who use Netflix could care less if the stock went up and down like it did. They cared about the service, what they got from it.

BlackBerry should do the same Netflix did instead of this stupid 4.7 billions take to private that is not solve any problems they face. What a rip off shareholders?

Posted via CB10

I had no idea about Netflix until you mentioned it. But ask anyone around the world what is going on with BlackBerry and they know.

Media works great propaganda and car at cell shops keep pushing BlackBerry buyers to buy iPhone and Android.

So give an example of another company in the same situation as BlackBerry instead of just business models which are irrelevant!

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Going private isn't the big story here.
Abandoning the consumer market.

Atleast for me(a long time blackberry consumer) that means move on to another device. I'm not enterprise, and have stayed over the years and I've seen the consumer part pick up drastically, especially with BB10. But now that's in the past so there's nothing to look forward too.

Android or IOS, that is the billion dollar question right there

Posted via CB10

Well they're not abandoning consumers, they're just giving prosumer high importance. Perhaps the new owner will want to do more for consumers?

If it's not Fairfax, who already said they'll be concentrating on enterprise and security...

I think that you've used BB for so long makes you a 'prosumer'. The question will be pricing on future handsets and whether it is in your price range.

Given the people involved, I'd expect them to try as best they can to keep the company intact and operating in the businesses it currently operates in.

Tagging on to Buck's comment -
absolutely ! This is the BEST possible outcome - if we want our friendly 'Berry to keep its integrity, as it were. A Canadian company helmed with a FORMER MEMBER of the Blackberry Board is leading the group to take them private. They are not being sold off to the Chinese. They are not being swallowed whole by a Mega-Corporation, such as Google or Apple (competitors). With the pending release of Z30, they are clearly (at least planning) on staying in the hardware game, which is what most of us care about. How many die-hard Nintendo fans here would be just as happy with playing a new 2-D Mario game on an Xbox ?
For me, this is by far the best outcome because I wanted the integrity of Blackberry to stay intact, to stay home-grown, North American as apple pie. If this deal goes through it looks like that will happen. Getting back to profitability is of course the next step, but they can only go one step at at time.

We only know that Prem might keep them intact, but he and his funds only hold a small percentage of the stock. What do the other investors want? Since it's sounding like they'll be bankers... it sure doesn't sound good...

Could anybody tell me what is the point of releasing Z30 now ??
It would be epic fail.

Everybody laugh when they know that I'm still using BlackBerry. No one would care about the Z30. Just BB fans.
I think it is all over. BB market share has dropped dramatically from the last Q to this one. They will not sell more then 2 Million phone in next Q.
All of us knows that BlackBerry is done with hardware, but we are keeping dreaming. So, let's face the truth.
I'm really so sad.

Actually the epic fail would be to keep running BlackBerry into the ground. Going private can't be any worse that it is now.

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

Because the hardware and the manufacturing agreements are already under way. Don't release it, and now they'd be sitting on a ton of useless inventory that devalues them even more.

This phone will fail. They'd be better off cutting their losses now. When you add in the cost of P&A it's only more money down the tube. I can't understand for the life of me, why some think this phone is going to be some kind of run-away hit. It's a larger Z10. That phone didn't sell.

Yes, the probability is there that it will fail. But when the money or contractual commitments are already there, you don't just drop it. You follow through and recoup what you can.

All of my co workers rock iphones and think they are the best thing since sliced bread. I am more than happy with what my phone can do. I dont need to follow the masses.

Posted via CB10

Or sucker? iPhones are good phones - be a fan of all tech and phones including (but not only) BlackBerry, life is more fun that way :)

The words rock and iPhone shouldn't be used together anymore. Nobody rocks an iPhone anymore, they just have an iPhone. :)

Went to a training out of town today. Apple map vs BB10 maps. Who found the location in 12 seconds and which one got stuck and not automatically recalculate route?

Seems wonderful ios7 may look pretty, but not get you where you need to go

Posted via CB10

...and BB Maps traffic monitoring is great too, can't count how many times on the highways BB Maps has shunted me off just before a jam, and then put me back on when it's clear...

Aren't you to old to succumb to peer pressure? I mean if you make decisions based on what your friends will think, well that's sad

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

Why are you worrying about what others think of a phone that YOU use? Is owning a smartphone, or any other object for that matter, only important to you because of what other people think? How old are you?It may be time to grow up.

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I think You are right, he needs to grow up, but there is another point of view: sales. If they dont sell, then, there is no bussiness, therefore there is no reason for BlackBerry. What others think about blackberry is therefore very important.

Not on an individual basis. It only matters what "others" think when you look at it from the perspective of BlackBerry, the company, to the consumer collective. Personally, I couldn't care less what other people think about my loving BB devices.

"Everybody laughs when they know that I'm using Blackberry."
But do YOU enjoy using BlackBerry? Do YOU like using the phone? I couldn't care less what others think about my BlackBerry. It works for me, I like it a lot, and I get busine$$ done when using it. That's the only thing that matters to me.
If BlackBerry stops existing and my phone stops working then I'll move on to another phone that helps me get business done.

Just this weekend someone was glad to see a BlackBerry in action. I showed him everything and now he's wanting to buy one.

Posted via CB10

Exactly what I was going to say. I have been showing off my phone and people are listening. The way bb10 moves and acts is different and now that I can say I am a veteran bb10 user and explain the differences with other phones. Only problem is that the message is not getting across about how great this phone really is. My gf has a galaxy 3 and even when that phone came out I was not impressed. Maybe this is just my opinion but I was also hoping that would be others too lol..... also being a BlackBerry shareholder I am feeling the punch. not sure what to do from here in regards to that.

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I think it's a good decision. Out of the public eye, they have some time to restructure without the constant bashing in the media. Maybe now they'll be able to focus on their product as opposed to PR... oh wait....

I guess only time will tell how this will affect users... and BlackBerry's next move.

I don't understand some of the fearmongering; what past actions has Watsa taken that would lead some to believe that his intention is to carve up the company and part it out? I truly believe that given the circumstances in the current mobile space, this was the best decision for the company's long term viability.

It's unfortunate this didn't happen sooner, think of all the people that decided not to buy a bb10 because of what they've heard on the news.
Sorry to those that are losing $ on the stock but realistically it was never going to recover. Now BlackBerry can without constant media bashing.

Posted via CB10

Watsa might not want to break up the company, but what do the other investors want? Quick return on investment? It's not Watsa going into this alone.

First and foremost, i feel like I've been cheated and lied to by the CEO. Never mind all the money i've lost in the stock, it's the feeling that the company threw in the towel without a fight.

Posted using my amazing Z10 which caused me to lose 59k in stock value.

I've seen this type of response a lot throughout the CB site. I totally agree that $9/share seems like a low valuation but there's a valuable lesson to be learned... Never make market investments with your emotions involved. Buy low, sell high if at all possible or minimize your losses and, when you're only staying in it because you "care about the company," then it's probably time to sell your shares and show your support by buying the end product/service instead.

I could be wrong, but I suspect the $59K is from the highest his BB portfolio was worth minus the valuation at $9 a share. After all, he said he lost "share value"

You guys are unreal! We were lied to and all you are sitting around like ducks. Whatever some people like to think the boat hasn't sunk go right ahead. Not my neck on the line. Stop bringing money into this -- and trolling people for their 'stock experience'

I've seen this type of response a lot too. Start by taking responsibility for your own choices and actions, they're the only things you can really argue you have any control over. From there you can start learning from your mistakes. Then you'll feel better. And you won't post angry. And people around you will feel better.

Then you'll truly have the BlackBerry spirit.

Posted via CB10

You guys are unreal! We were lied to and all you are sitting around like ducks. Whatever some people like to think the boat hasn't sunk go right ahead. Not my neck on the line. Stop bringing money into this -- and trolling people for their 'stock experience'

I wasn't lied to. I bought a Z10 and loved it since day 1. I bought it knowing the future was shaky for BlackBerry. My Z10 works better than I expected, and I wish all the best to the company. Mostly because after trying the top four OSes, I'm going to cry if I have to use one of the other three.

I also don't gamble away my money, so I have no way to relate to the sense of injustice you must be feeling at being wrong X 59,000.

Posted via CB10

+1 some people just need to learn how to take hit. Man up and on. No need for whining. What has been done is done. Nothing you can do.

PS this is towards the shareholders.

Posted via CB10

how were we lied to? you have said this a couple of times with out clarifying your statement. TH said he would bring BB10 to market this year and he did. He said they would release a keyboard version, and they did. Yes they missed on the sales estimates, but guess what, that has happened plenty of times before with plenty of companies.

lets look at another tech company that went through the same thing....Dell....just went private, guess what, they are still making computers. BBRY will still make phones, and still have sales, they just won't have to report it to Wall Street.

Yes he lied, a vision that he had right from the beginning it was an enron/nokia/etc rundown. We will read about it in a business book one day. As for Canada just sitting around, not happy either. I guess you need to be a bank to get a bailout.

Again we should've seen it when the marketing was an utter disaster. -- CrackBerry is also to blame for the false info. More about "Case of the Day" and stupid "games" than actual news about product development, even BB Blogs were lame.

No worries man -- It's money. :'(

Sorry to hear, Hopefully this is not your only investment. BlackBerry patents and other assets are not worth anything at this point. The best thing if they want to recoup their money is to build equity in the company then parts could be sold. But this maybe more than money for Canada. It's a national symbol like most tech nation have. ie apple(usa) siemens (germany), Samsung (south korea) etc

Posted from the most powerful smartphone,z10

The OP said excluding the money he lost, he felt the company "threw in the towel without a fight". Given that the advertising was lackluster, BlackBerry refused to price the BB10 phones competitively (or even drop the price to increase sales), *and* it hasn't been a full year with BB10 yet, they're already looking to sell the company off. What about rethinking the marketing strategy? One bold move would be to lower the profit margins per phone, which will lower the price. Sure, the stock market analysts will freak out with "lower profit margins", but BlackBerry will sell more phones. They need more people to try the phone and some, not all, will like it. The increase sales would make developers happy. It seemed like BlackBerry was keeping the high margins per phone just to make it look good on paper, while sabotaging their sales.

I wouldn't say "threw in the towel' ... i.e. that would imply they just gave up; the optics created by Herr Heins' "diamond-handshake" - which only just came to light recently - gives rise to the notion (already implied by others) that he had ZERO real interest in making an actual, honest effort to create success in his turnaround. IMO THAT constitutes an undeclared Conflict of Interest.

Since we don't know (yet) what his actual compensation would have been, had BBRY succeeded in its restructuring, it's hard to gauge how overwhelming his own urge to succeed actually was, but it's hard to imagine a combined pay-out, over 5 years even, adding up anywhere close to the reported $56 million 'C-ya later' jackpot.

I say it's not inconceivable - though also not an established fact! - that "deep-sixxing" (or "submarining") the company was just financially more lucrative and easier than making even a reasonably honest effort.

THIS, BTW, isn't far from the theory floated by some about Stephen Elop's role at Nokia: sent in by Microsoft to sink the ship, only so that they could then "buy it up FOR A SONG!"
Elop, BTW, is now also speculated to be the leading contender for Ballmer's old CEO job ... much like Mike Lazaridis' name has been touted for a possible return to the helm.

Call it what you like, sabotage, incompetence, etc., etc., what THIS process has done, above all, is effectively KILLED the BRAND. Funny thing about Brands is that they CAN indeed be re-made and become successful again. It's been done before, though not often and with limited success.
No matter what, whoever owns and leads BlackBerry going forward has an unbelievably gargantuan, nearly impossible, task ahead ...

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!

i hope they stay in private and continue to provide a blackberry experience for the consumers.

It's not all bad. Just because they're going private doesn't mean that they are going to get broken up. They're a debt free company with a huge potential. The companies that get broken up are the ones who are in debt and are on the verge of failing. This doesn't describe blackberry. I work for a privately held company with a outside financial group that does yearly audits, and get a portion of the company as a share. This creates an employee owned company, and you can believe that this a good thing. If they do the same thing with BlackBerry, it will increase moral, and overall profitability. A lot rides on the decisions from this point forward. Hopefully all goes well.

Posted via CB10

Your company is probably doing well and not needing cash to stay operational. BlackBerry has just started to burn its cash reserves. It may need some injections of cash to rebuild itself. Will the new investors provide that, especially since it sounds like they'll be investment banks/individuals?

The problem is they don't use their potential... and that's the only sad part in the whole story... the rest is best practice in mismanagement...

They have an amazing product (BB10 is a breath of fresh air in the mobile OS landscape), they could have launched this product to the 'consumer' masses from an underdog/maverick position (sort of "I'm not like all others, because I peak flick 'n' hub... i use a BlackBerry 10, blablabla)... if you play a marketing campaign well from this position it could turn out big... bam! But yeah, Boulben...

Instead Thor thought that launch a complete new smartphone platform was all about having an apple like chickymicky event in somewhere New York, a super bowl ad and jet around to give some interviews (after having chosen out of the THREE planes)...that's it!!! Where at he was by the way right, this story is about 'tens of millions'... around 95 tens of millions in write offs...! Or, just out of curiosity, do we have to expect 'billions' instead of millions next Friday?

No strategy at all... or better said, to many self contradicting strategy plans at once with a really poor planned execution and an even worse PR handling the numerous missteps... accompanied by... NO MARKETING... don't blame it on the media they're escaping from by going private(who by the way will anyway continue bash BlackBerry with every Gartner/Kantar/IDC report coming around...)

And the worst thing... this story will teach a lot of PR/Media Relations/Corp Communications/Investment Relations students how you screw it up... for the next couple of decades... just like Enron in terms of "creating accounting"...

Posted via CB10

I am a FAN of of BlackBerry going private. It worked for Chrysler and I think it will work for BlackBerry too. Just need to stay out of the news.

Posted via CB10

Obongo stole taxpayer money and gave it to Chrysler for his union-thug buddies to survive long enough to sell the American company to the Italians. He also stole over $60 billion to do the same for GM, including abrogating the country's bankruptcy laws regarding bondholders.

In other words, it was a greedy, corrupt, socialist political payoff.
Not exactly the same as BlackBerry.

What a convoluted mess this statement is. And please don't use the word socialist if you don't know what it means. I am not American so I don't care for your politics but which head of state would have let the whole car industry go bankrupt including all supplier jobs? That would have been a real crime and pushed the economy even deeper in the shit and would have cost the taxpayer even more money in the long run. This way the Chrysler workers and suppliers have at least still a place to work.

Just listening to CBC News. They said, (an I paraphrase)..."CIBC commented, Fairfax may not be the only offer to come along". BTW: Lazaridus apparently has acquired (5%) more shares.
This IS going to be interesting.

From Z 2 U via CB10

Along the lines of a Watsa/Lazaridis merger of shares to thwart another bid?
I can see the old hats uniting to keep the company away from true outsider hands.

I think it all depends how much faith Prem has in BB. If he has little faith, it'll be carved up and sold piecemeal. If he has a lot of faith (that BB will make more money as an entity than parted out), he'll keep it together. He may do stuff like maybe sell off BBM or TAT (why I don't know).

just hoping that they don't overlook the average BB users as they have always supported them in their thick and thin.Otherwise still cannot say whats in the store for future,at least to give a boost ,they must immediately start timely 10.2 update

BlackBerry should focus on corporate business, and get healthy.. and still build phones but not that much so you have a full inventory...

BlackBerry also needs a 200usd phone that can combat against the Android trash!

BlackBerry should wake the fuck up!

Posted via CB10

The Z10 will likely be priced around $200 off-contract any day now. What would be awesome would be if they find some innovative way to spin that fire sale in its marketing.

They did it before with the PlayBook. Why wouldn't they do it with the Z10? I can actually see what happened to the Palm Pad happen to the Z10 to pull up sales.

Posted via CB10

Speculation on the fire sale price? Yes. Based on any reasonable grounds though? Yes. The PlayBook fiasco has shown us how blackberry will react after a massive inventory write off. As I noted in a forum post before by ban, I also think the $200 price is likely for the z10

I often think they should take all the written down inventory, and pay sales reps to go the schools in the US and sell them for 100 unlocked. Get them into the hands and expose 10.2 to the younger class.

Posted via CB10

That would be the best idea it's a great phone they just need to get it out there.

Instead of wasting money on commercials use that 1 billion inventory write off and get the phones on the street

Posted via CB10

I hope they do that with the Q10. I already have a Z10. Even though I like the virtual keyboard on the Z10 I'd still like to have a physical keyboard phone.

It is a strech to say Fairfax is proposing to "buy" the company. They are proposing to keep their shares and let other private equity investors and/or lenders take out the remaining shareholders at $9/share. At the proposed price outside investors would need to chip in an amount equivalent to about one times (or less) the company's last twelve months' cash flow from operations. If the financing comes completely from lenders then Fairfax wouldn't have to contribute a single penny yet would turn their 9.9% ownership into a 100% ownership of BlackBerry.

It's just a ploy to entice other offers. Remember, Fairfax currently doesn't have all the backing it needs for the deal to go through.

It's way too early for CrackBerry to say this deal will all pan out.

Investment firms typically don't know how to innovate with technology, so I am not hopeful. I think BB10 will still be supported for a couple years, but long term, money will drive decisions. It's a shame how the shareholders were treated.

One question that no-one has dared ask yet - where was CrackBerry when JFK was assassinated? I've NEVER seen anyone provide an answer to that. Suspicious? Draw your own conclusions...

Good decision to withdraw at this stage, they really did well in the business side of things and whilst it was good to go into the consumer side, they went in with too much of a corporate mind in my opinion. Trying to sell business to the average mobile phone user on the street. I think with a different mindset and great product marketing they would have stood a real good chance. Now is the time to go back to the roots, build up the reputation again and come back fighting. They have a great product and a great team behind them. I'm still going to buy BlackBerry that's for sure.

Posted from my Z10 with CB10.

This is a smart move by BlackBerry. It's hard to sell devices when everyone says you're dead. This will allow BlackBerry to continue to innovate and allow all those raving reviews of BlackBerry 10 to surface from Google. Right now, type in BlackBerry and you'll read 30 articles from shorts saying it's dead before you read one from an expert that says the product is very good. BlackBerry 10 is a high quality OS, they need to shut off all the noise and allow their products to do the talking. That's what going private does.

Posted via CB10

I think the plan is good if that is indeed what will happen.

In my view: have a few devices, innovative M2M solutions, and re-focused security and enterprise solutions. Keep BBM on top in the consumer software side, sit quietly and tend to the BlackBerry people, and slowly win back the customers beginning to need/desire M2M and prosumer solutions instead of BlackBerry trying to shake the negative (and these days even more negative) sentiment in a quick and risky push.

Posted via CB10

Just posted this comment in more detail on another thread, but I am hopeful that Blackberry has come back to their orginal vision, they got caught up in trying to be a consumer phone, and forgot what they are good at, business tools.

And IF they are working on the next big business tool (maybe it's their MDM?) and Prem thinks it will be a huge success, then this move will make him and Fairfax lots of money. Let's hope they get stuck their and are ready, because once it's rolled into business the public won't be that far behind in adaptation. That's a big IF though, time will tell.

Oh, I think BBM will become the expert in consumer demand, and if lightening ever strikes again they will be ready to capitalize on it.

Maybe if BlackBerry tried to market BB10 and re-build the brand, we wouldn't be in this mess. But instead, it appears to have been more focused on calculated management blunders to deliberately drive down the value of the company.

Posted via CB10

Tons of bitterberries here. I don't know why there are tons of people here bashing blackberry phones. BlackBerry doesn't deserve to bashed like they produced the worst device ever. Its not the best but its better than most android device I had used.

Posted via CB10

I believe going private is the best thing to do for BlackBerry right now. Takes a lot of eyes off the company and they can focus on rebuilding without trying to please Wall Street at the same time. It does hurt to read all the negative articles about BlackBerry. That being said, my only worry is APPs. I'm sure everyone can agree a big part of BB 10 failing is due to the lack of apps. Now that BlackBerry is going private, how does that affect the current apps on BlackBerry World plus any future apps?

Posted via CB10

If Fairfax's strategy, focus on enterprise and security, is implemented, chances are, games will stop being made in the future.

If companies want to buy Blackberry devices for their workforces, Blackberry should be working with them to roll out custom apps. On a company-wide (fleet-wide) basis, it makes sense as part of the sales pitch, and Blackberry will be much more efficient at it since, from company to company, a lot of the requirements will be similar. Do that enough times, and you have most of the components of a full app ecosystem.

Habria que ver las intensiones de Fairfax al comprar Blackberry, es decir que es lo que pretende acerca del Hardware o del OS10, que pretende con los desarrolladores, que pretende financieramente a largo y corto plazo, no es como si supieramos de antemano por ejemplo que Lenovo, Acer o Microsoft obtuvieran via compra a Blackberry Limited, todo es una incertidumbre, lo que si no cambiaremos nunca es el orgullo de poder portar un Smartphone Blackberry. Translate if you can!!

This is great.....BlackBerry will be fine, it just sucks that some people lost their jobs and stocks. It will be a 2-3 year process before BB10 is back. The seed is planted now and it will take some time before it grows.

Posted via CB10

See the thing with BlackBerry is that unlike Dell where Michael Dell is attempting to buy the company back. BlackBerry is getting bought by a bank and that's what's making us uncomfortable. If so will Thorston be in charge? If not who?

Posted via CB10

Goin private hmmm..... wait was jaguar n land Rover bought by an Indian company (TATA) n look where dey r now..... so goin private wouldn't b such a bad thing I guess it's a finance company who else would know better on how 2 spend money Dan dem .....time BlackBerry saved on some cash n got us some good phone aka strong hard wear...... OS 10 totally awesome

Posted via CB10

Tata is an Indian auto-giant with many other multi-billion dollar business apart from auto, it is foolish to compare Fairfax with a 100 billion dollar conglomerate like Tata.

I love BlackBerry as a company despite the shortfalls in recent years. BlackBerry is all about the experience not a bunch of apps and games. BlackBerry is so much more than that it stands for greatness amongst business and consumers. A split will No doubt change the landscape. If going private to regroup and work out the kinks is that plan I'm all for it. BlackBerry has made several acquisitions in recent years which I know will help the hardware side of business. I feel if the implementation of these acquisitions along with the BlackBerry elements which currently are in place if done correctly will outshine any offerings the other handset makers in the world will ever be able to deliver. I'm a consumer build out bb10 implement and execute properly. I will be there to buy and if you build it they will come. Do not break up this beautiful system build it up. I love my Z10 and I will love the Z30.

Posted via CB10

This is good.

Watsa is an advocate of BB10. The company will go forward and carry on.

The only other saviour would be Lazzurus (spelling)... :)

Z10 till the end!!

Its a possitive thing, BlackBerry can live without bad news, have financially strong owner and can continue on bb10 devices. Go BlackBerry! :)

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For those who concerned about a private BlackBerry being sold of in pieces, does it happen often with a private company? It seems pretty clear the goal was always to keep BlackBerry intact but the market was hoping otherwise looking for the short term gain. I think that the consortium will keep BlackBerry together because it may provide a higher risk / higher reward over the long term as private company versus the short term view as a public company.

It's a GOOD thing this is happening. Steve Jobs was a brilliant innovator in terms of product and marketing. In fact, Steve Jobs and apple are the sole reason for lighting a fire under the management at BlackBerry. They were put to the test and failed miserably. This whole "keep moving" thing is terrible marketing, implying people with iphones are unproductive or not prosumers, unless of course all those executives at Apple are using Blackberry's to get their work done....doubtful. Fairfax made a bad investment decision by holding 10% and riding it down to just $9, that is a HUGE loss. BlackBerry never listened to its most dedicated consumers nor did they listen to Fairfax in the past. For retribution, they are going to recoup as much of their losses by breaking up the compnay. You don't hoenstly think Merrill Lynch is going to finance 4.7 billion with a business built arounf "going to turn things around.". Turn what f**king around. It's all retoric to keep people from toally fleeing. Those days are GONE. Time to move on and rid yourself from a platform with uncertainty. Lastly, what if BlackBerry was as dedicated to the consumer as the consumer was to BlackBerry. Never in a million years, public or private.

Posted via CB10

It's better than out of business, but I'm taking a good hit in the stocks, and I came in when it was (at the time) an all time low ($138 lower than previous years) so i now there are a lot of people getting the shaft.

There are 2 types of ppl on Crackberry. Those who lost money on BlackBerry and those who didn't .

Posted via CB10

There are 2 types of ppl on Crackberry. Those who (lost money on BlackBerry and those who didn't .) what he meant was,

Those who have been around a long time and those who joined a year ago...

BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia or Palm?

Your choice Crackberry Forum....

As we use our phones for all manner of things...SECURITY Will be the Key!!!

Apps or security..? Security every time.

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If the deal is with Fairfax, I want to know what they want to do with BlackBerry before I trade my stocks. Future of the company and its services are more important to me that some crappy money. I want BB on its two feet; and I'm sure I'm not the only shareholder in that case.

Yesterday, I thought this is the end, as private equity usually just wants to make a quick buck, but today I think this could be good for BlackBerry. No longer do they need to wash dirty laundry in public and can go about restructuring and getting the company back on track. I called onto Car phone warehouse today looking to buy a 2nd Z10, and the guy told me the don't stock it anymore. So an uphill struggle for sure.

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Whatever happens I hope they do not leave the consumer market altogether. Nov 4 can't come soon enough - interesting times ahead!

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If the company remains as a whole and goes private to keep the noisy press out then it's a good thing!

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I think it is bad for the company. The company can survive by itself. Taking private doesn't solve their problems; it only take it away from the public eyes. BlackBerry can survive... they have to replace all management. Establish a new management team and hire the best marketing guys and spend some money to buy the best apps that consumer need.

All I can say to most of the negative people is "troll, troll, troll your boat gently down the stream..."

I suspect many of the outlandish and overly negative comments are from people who are not BlackBerry users. Perspective my friends, perspective.

You are wrong. I have been a BB user since there were only a few. And I am also developer and share holder and former employee. I can tell you going private kills BlackBerry completely.

@ MobileSync
Would you care to offer a detailed argument for your position? As stated it's just an assertion. Do you perhaps have insider information the rest of us are not privy to?

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I'm thinking blackberry need fresh air. The customers must be accept this because blackberry didn't make good marketing for his products os 10. Nobody don't now exactly what is os 10. Maybe the problem is inside in company. Somebody want to crash because don't want os10 for normal customers like me only business. Android,Ios have good market for normal customers, blackberry had only business before os 10. Now BlackBerry want together normal and business clients. This is good, but normal customers need attractive apps and good marketing. For business bb was the best phone, but if they whant to go ahead- need mach more capital to go on. Maybe that is the problem- chash!
sorry for my bad English.

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Another bid seems likely. Lets do the math.The $4.7 billion buyout led by Fairfax Financial valued BB at an 80% discount to book value and 0.17x sales. This is the lowest valuation multiple on record for similar sized deals in North American telecommunication or technology industries, according to Bloomberg. The recent acquisition of Nokia’s handset business by Microsoft was valued at 0.42x trailing sales.

The nervous nellys out there need to stop worrying. BlackBerry will prevail. Cost structures is getting crushed and new management will get the job done down the road. #havefaith #BBMnation # BlackBerry.

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All this is going to do is keep analysts from hammering them and not having to answer to investors. They will still have BGR, and other tech blog sites beating them up at every mistep. They will still only have limited cash on had to operate with and attempt to make BB10 successful. They may still have the same inept marketing department untouched through this. They will likely get sued because if you look at the events and misteps that have occurred since Thorsten took the reigns, combined with Watsa being a friend of Mike L, and Mike L hand selecting Thorsten, all finishing off to a low ball buyout buy Watsa, it almost could be looked at as a well orchestrated plan (tank company and take private). Either way I'm already distancing myself from BlackBerry and will not be an advocate for them. When my Z10 is ready to be replaced we'll see if they are worthy of my repeat business and if they learn how to run a business and how to treat the customer and user base.

I'm happy to see them going private, maybe it will work out and be the right decision all along. Better than seeing them going straight to being picked clean of patents and forgotten.

For me as a Canadian I am glad the company will stay in Canada it would be devastating if a Chinese firm bought Blackberry, and there is major security implications.
Blackberry has to go back to their roots, go back to what got them their success, the problem is I believe is Blackberry decided to jump in with Apple Jacks, and it's a completely different operating model.
I can understand shareholders, but the markets is a gamble, you buy you sell you loose you win, it's gambling, to be a proper stock market ace you understand the markets you read the market stories, so loosing money is all part of the game.
I believe Blackberry will be back, right now, they must get their house in order, they must work on getting business back on board, start building that trust. Blackberry is still the most secure platform, that is a key selling point for business, and that is something that will bring business back

Am an ex videogame developer turned stockbroker/sales trader whatever you want to call it. Now a CEO. Security and convincing people blackberry will not sell on or store peoples data is a massive selling point. Facebook is loosing its sheen simply because of this.

I hope BB10 doesn't become too stale now in the app market. I hope it can continue to evolve and move forward. I love BB10 and the devices that it runs on. I would love to see the Z30 do well, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who purchased a new BB10 device on contract this year and won't be able to upgrade for another year and a half or more.

Quote from Gabriel Garcia Márquez, novel price in literature: "you are not what you are, but what other think you are" translated into English obviously.. I dnt think I have to expand on that.. I've always been using BlackBerry but I think the end is coming, hopefully the strategy works so we can keep using BlackBerry products

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I don't see how it would split or even be sold by chunks with all the plans of expanding and scaling bb10 ( apps,os,hardware,cross-bbm).

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youre right nobody knows what BB10 is. 99% business people I get on the phone and asking for a free phone with a business subscribe thinking blackberry is still qwerty, OS 6 and BIS subscribe. To tell them it's not like that is a NO Go because it will cost time to explain and discussion that BB10 is not OS6.

the must advertise :)
you like android - that is good
you like apple- that is great,
Then we just focus on you because we build a new os from scratch that looks the same
with icons but much beter.

wtih all your social media and email trafic at on place , a placee we call the hub and a great new virtueel keyboard which rocks. Blackberry 10 all you know from your android or apple phone but much beter.

The worst thing is to sell BBRY at $9 a share. This is a dirty setup between BBRY management and FairFax.

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I'm angry that I have lost so much money on my BlackBerry investment but at the same time relieved I MAY not have lost it all. I'm praying for a better offer, though given my investment track record with Nortel and now BlackBerry my prayers probably won't be answered.

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Thorsten Heins trust Prem Watsa this "mission impossible" to avoid several problems ...
1st avoid make the company fell into bankruptcy and was sold in pieces as happened to another Canadian company Northel Networks.
2nd. avoid choking financial situation by trying to innovate on a classic product that turned obsolete against competition - this is known as "the time Coca-Cola" because the same thing happened when they try to change their own product and not got the public response accordingly.
3rd partly mimic Dell's strategy in its own capital market rescue.
4th. get a financial political umbrella presevar allow the company as it as was to avoid having to split it into individual servings wanted private buyers.
The plan succeeded - now it's time for Heins to leave because the only thing that made ​​the ... what went wrong. I should have covered the backs of Watsa with silence.
If the agreement had been secretly would have been a total success.
But instead ... there were heavy losses of jobs and value of the action.

I'm on my 6th BlackBerry, a Z10. Best BlackBerry hardware yet in my opinion!

Today I took a 2 hour spin on my friends Samsung G4, and it is a different breed of smartphone. My Z10 feels a tad bit sturdier, and the slick rear cover of the G4 puts me off a bit.

However, when I look at the overall capabilities of the G4, I'm impressed. The two phones do things as different as night and day, but that's nothing more than a familiarization learning curve.

Sadly, given the weakness of the entire BlackBerry ecosystem (beyond apps, tablet choices, calendar/map integration, etc) this will be my last BlackBerry.

Security isn't an issue for me and I can see how to 'lock down' an Android, and avoid threats by being cognizant of them. So what's left, sheer stubborn loyalty to a brand that isn’t keeping up with the times?

Best wishes BlackBerry, hope you survive and eventually thrive. It's just time for this user to move on.

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The company sells all in one piece, and left alone to Fairfax in operation when other investors learned that part of the plan was not contemplated abandoning the project of mobile. Canada Government is heavily involved in this, Not so the capital market would have pressed until the company into bankruptcy. Also had a strong interest in Microsoft that this last happened, like a wolf in the henhouse hoped to purchase the rotting remains of BB for almost nothing. The announcement of the purchase of Nokia was rushed with intent to harm - they knew that the negotiation had problems and wanted to cause the failure of the same. Was a way to take chances in the way the domain of mobile telephony. to me within a few weeks began a reorganization strategic and business functional, Prem Watsa should call for his resignation Thorstein Heins, who is primarily responsible for that lost jobs and have filtered the entire operation ad sales and rescue to the press - were it not so - and have negotiated fast - the value of the action would not have fallen so much and probably would have bounced on the rise. The item most controversial of all thism even more for investors are the mobile phones - doubt it - to survive.

First of all,if for example,iphone would have been the only device corporates used,mandatory,this would have been apple instead BB.

The biggest problem is too many options for smartphone users which are essentially not needed. The so called competition and innovation has killed the real race and has spoiled the customers.

I think BlackBerry should now prepare a gameplan in order to fight back. They didn't have plan B and could fight with all so called Wall Street analysts.

I still don't think that they have any plan. They could not convince the end users that they have superior hardware and software compared to toys aka iphone and androids.

They are destined to be doomed if this time same mistake happens. One more thing,they MUST kill this APPS euphoria by providing quality native software. People are just mad about apps which serve no purpose at all.

Else,the coffin is ready.

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Going private keeps the press at bay, and that's a good thing? Is that so the price of shares can remain high when they shouldn't be? I don't get that. The light of the press, even the blogosphere, did not cause Blackberry's woes; it just exposed them.

We as BlackBerry supporters need to realize that this is really no different than the life cycle of any viable business. To say that BlackBerry must survive is an understatement. And for its vision to migrate forward to enterprise or 'niche' territory says a lot for a struggling iPhone or Android competitor with a drive for success. If BlackBerry (under the financial control of Fairfax) can saturate a niche market with their enterprise software AND those specific customers with the necessary hardware (i.e.: Z10, Q10, Z30, etc.) the world would soon associate anyone with a BlackBerry with being either in I.T., or high-end business enterprise mgmt. Not a bad association if one thinks about it for a minute. Who knows what new positive stigma could go along with it. Then in that way, it could truly become the "Ferrari" of both software enterprise and/or even smartphone hardware for that matter. By then, who WOULDN'T want to be seen with a BlackBerry. Wouldn't take long, the way I see it - and I AM a BlackBerry believer.

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If they can get BBM up and running, it will probably prove to be worth more than the entire company worth right now. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with the new phones. When I bought shares, I thought BlackBerry had done the hard part, and would not make such a profound mess of their other job: to engage with the public, and give them incentive to come back to BlackBerry. BlackBerry did nothing of the kind.

It's been a disgrace. I don't think they have learned a thing about this, though. Again they have chosen to price their new flagship too high, and should have priced it £100 pounds cheaper so that shoppers going in will take a chance on the company everyone is calling dead. BlackBerry are still probably too arrogant to realise this, however.

They could start to be smart by purging the stock of Z10s for Christmas at very low prices, but will they? I honestly wonder whether the BlackBerry people have hired a single person who actually knows how to SELL. Perhaps being the only real option in the business world has left them without any 'game'?

BlackBerry have faced considerably more friction or drag due to having to overcome the bad rep from the old phones, and the negative press, etc. This sale might do something to reduce that drag in the short term, but if BlackBerry don't learn how to create a culture around their brand, like Apple knows so well, they will fizzle and die for no good reason. We will see.

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This is the best option that Blackberry could ask for considering the alternative. The potential new owners seem to think they can turn it around over the long term. If they fail to turn it around, they can break it up and sell it off. It also keeps everyone from losing their jobs.

If they keep the company together which I think they'll do, could be good, no more bad press, no more BBRY bear 20%, at least financial bad news will be out of the public, so people may decide to buy a device for its functionality and not thinking that they may not have support for the device in a near future.

Hope the firesale of the inventory gets the phone in a lot of hands and people like it and have as an alternative to iphone and android.

All I can say is you can tell TRUE BLACKBERRY users from Trolls on Here! BLACKBERRY TILL THE it! I get teased all the time from IPHONE users...I'm not a follower, I make my own choices! I still feel that the BlackBerry Z10 is a better phone than the iPhone! No matter what I will not go IPHONE....

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Some love to share, something free for you! After the delay in the cross platform BBM launch, and as BlackBerry is potentially going private (sold!), we have decided to offer our app for free! It’s available for all BlackBerry devices including legacy devices and the PlayBook. There’s no excuse not to get it and be on top of some great recipes, entertainment, travel, technology and stock-market news with original photography and restaurant reviews. Get it here:

best news re: blackberry in years. They can now take risks and enter uncharted territory. I hope they bring a recharged Lazaridis back.

Also, I believe that I read that Fairfax doesn't have the cash for this deal and would need financing. What does that mean? Does that mean they want to, but don't have the cash, or does it mean they have the cash but we aren't sure where it's coming from? How do they make an offer if they don't have the cash.

My thoughts as well right from when I heard the news. I believe the company will be sold off in bits as well.

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I was hoping that a strategic partner would step in to leaverage BlackBerry's secure infrastructure. But perhaps it's too early for this. A potential partner may look at BlackBerry, in its current state, as too much of a mess to take on. There's WAY too much baggage. The legacy BBOS, massive layoffs, massive write-downs, failed BBM launch. Nobody wants to touch this company with a 10-foot pole.

In come the vultures (i.e. Private Equity)

What's going to happen is Watsa and his consortium of private equity will clean house. First the company will be stripped of all the money-losing units. This means even more lay-offs, selling the BB legacy line. Reducing the number of handset models. What remains (Patents, QNX Car, Secure Network, BBM, BES10, BB10) will be the units with potential. And these will be spun-off into individual companies. You can see it in BBM already. It's pretty much run like a separate organization within the company.

BlackBerry will re-emerge as several companies. Each becoming it's own distinct and specialized company.
These companies would then be sold for a nice profit to Samsung, Google, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, Lenovo, or whoever.

The reason for my theory is this: The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. If there's one thing Private Equity is good at, it's finding value in their assets. Private Equity is just like a butcher shop. Like when you go to the supermarket, you don't buy a whole side of cow. You buy the steak you need. Whether it's a prime rib, NY strip, filet mignon, you don't want to deal with the guts, the hide, and all the other crap. And you're willing to pay more for the exact piece of delicious meat you need. Private Equity will sell you your choice of steak and make a sh!t load of money while doing it.

For the sake of BlackBerry fans, I'm hoping other bids will come in. We need alternatives to iOS and Android. (And Windows ain't it)

This epic failure is due to BlackBerry 's bad management and failing to figure out Plan B.

Now they must ensure that all the top notch apps are available as native software along with State of the art Hardware.

Unless an average consumer or so called prosumer comes out of this APPS euphoria, they can't survive.

Also, they must work finetuning the hardware.

Z10 got killed due to bad mouth to mouth publicity as well as flawed hardware. You can't expect your top notch software running on a phone which gets hot even after. Very little use.

Else,you are already dead.

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"failing to figure out Plan B"

This is Plan B.

Plan B is get the hell out of the market so that the short sellers can't manipulate the price and control the message.

The Z10 was killed because the short sellers pronounced it dead on arrival.

Unless you dropped your Z10, I don't know what flawed hardware you are talking about.
Side note...can everyone stop using the word "epic".

RIP BlackBerry smartphones for individual Customers [*] Long live the BBM and - maybe - the hub for all...

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

I'm not against BlackBerry going private, just not by Watsa and his consortium of private equity partners.

There are definitely advantages of going private, but Watsa and his consortium have very little experience in technology companies, which leads me to believe their intention for BlackBerry is not good.

They aren't going private for the sake of "selling more phones". They're going to try and be a sustainable business for a market that needs a company like BlackBerry to serve their needs. No, the companies and organizations that need BlackBerry cannot just jump ship to another platform, nor will they have to do so. BlackBerry is not out to be bigger than the big two, not at all - that was never their stated goal from the beginning of building BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry is not going away, so give it up on the doom and gloom BS.

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On the brighter side, we won't have to listen to all the failing numbers and stock prices, investors will at least keep real value instead of perceived value based of a less than interested market, and we may soon see what's been inevitable for longer than we care to admit! Still love the Z10!

" Watsa and his consortium have very little experience in technology companies"

Which is why they'll leave the current management to sort things out.

Heins has made good progress by getting costs under control and delivering on BB10. Now he needs a couple of years to fulfill the mobile computing vision.

$9/share is insulting. I would rather my shares dwindle to $0 than watch an ex-BOD steal them! Watsa looks like a snake in all of this, and TH might have acted negligently if not criminally in his guidance leading up to this ER. 

Blackberry is a great product, thats about to be sold to the wolf for scraps! QNX, xBBM, BES10 -- all things still in play, why not use some of the 3B cash to buy back shares and force shorts to cover!? No debt, borrow some like apple? 

This is crazy and SEC, FBI and FTC are on notice of this charade. 

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The new phones are great but what did blackberry expect! That millions of iPhone owners would instantly ditch their iphones? Certainly in the UK they pitched their price at just short of an iPhone when Samsung and Nokia were basically giving away their phones free. This was stupidity beyond belief they should sack their marketing director instantly. If they had not been so arrogant and greedy they could have sold many many more phones..

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First of all,if for example,iphone would have been the only device corporates used,mandatory,this would have been apple instead BB.

The biggest problem is too many options for smartphone users which are essentially not needed. The so called competition and innovation has killed the real race and has spoiled the customers.

I think BlackBerry should now prepare a gameplan in order to fight back. They didn't have plan B and could fight with all so called Wall Street analysts.

I still don't think that they have any plan. They could not convince the end users that they have superior hardware and software compared to toys aka iphone and androids.

They are destined to be doomed if this time same mistake happens. One more thing,they MUST kill this APPS euphoria by providing quality native software. People are just mad about apps which serve no purpose at all.

Else,the coffin is ready.

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Who are you to determine what apps people need or that they don't need?! It's that arrogance that got BlackBerry in this mess! That is like saying a Mercedes is superior to a Honda, until you find out the Mercedes only has two wheels and no air conditioning. People will choose the Honda- it rolls, and they will stay cool. Superior OS is in the eye of the user- not the hype of the company or The BlackBerry fan.

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Shorts are responsible for most of this. Great thing getting out if the market. Lesson to any public company.

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I have been using BlackBerry for many years and I will keep on using them, the BlackBerry 10 phones are very good phones, at least as good as anything else on the market and in some features even better. If the Z10 did not sell as expected then it is not due to the phone, it is due to the bad press BlackBerry has received in the past two or so years. The phones that sold were mosty phones sold to people like me, they buy a phone because they know what they want and do not care what others say. Unfortunately we are in the minority, 8 or 9 out of 10 buy a phone because others buy it, they go with the crowd and most importantly, who wants to buy a phone from a company they have only read negative things about if you depend when buying on the opinión of others? For me BlackBerry going private might be the only solution to this lack of sales problem, once they are out of the limelight they can start over with their good customers and start over without being bashed all day. They have now an excellent product and keep on making it better and then they will get a fair share of the market, I am sure of that, even it will never be again what they were in the past. They will have to make a special sales effort, especially in the USA where the negative press has been especially bad, in order to convince customers that they are there to stay.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel once it has gone into private hands... all the share holders should be glad they getting $9 per share back... it's better than $0 if it goes into administration... I would really rofl if this happened as then those share holders would be saying gutted... should have taken the 1st offer... now I'm broke and got debts to pay off...

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If I have to read ANOTHER article, such as one on CNN today, where the "reporter" talks about the "old" technology and how BB's are the old thingys with keyboards, I'm gonna beat the shit out of them with my Z....I'll freakin' take on ANY phone with my Z in terms of speed......browser, typing, opening, closing, and moving between apps....the fact that NONE of these morons even know that BB has such a kickass touchscreen phone is MORE evidence of the total complete failure of Frank Boulben....take your millions Frankie and GTFO and don't ever come back

I agree, work better marketing. Resize the company, with the new reality of the market. When the income not come, you have to reduce your expenses. Marketing the markets that love blackberry instead of markets that hate it! You have a 70 MM of loyal users. 70MM! In diferent parts of the world. Fight!!

Blackberry is a Canadian Flag? For me is like American Airlines go private. Come on Canadians be proud of what you have got.

Make BBM goes to Iphone and Android, is not a good signal 1.1 MM downloads in one hour?

I am sure once the company is sell that will be sell on parts.

Don't fight any more with applications. Fight in what you are good. Corporate comunicación Service! Make an agreement with Android and make a upload transparent with Google Market. Get from there a volume commission.

You have 70MM users will support you, plus many more millions that potentially will use BlackBerry MSN.

And please update PlayBook many children are waiting! By the way Z30 is gar the best tablet phone. I'm a tech tester, nothing like blackberry!

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Prem Watsa's first order of business....give the loser exec team their millions for failing....then boot them the hell out.
Watsa may not know about tech companies himself, but I'll bet he can find someone who does. Thorsten was a "tech insider"....and that worked out just great, didn't it?

Prosumer or consumer is just semantics. If BB wants to focus on enterprise and still have handsets to offer the IT depts they will still have to offer something that the employees want (e.g. Full touch with all the apps available on iOS and Android).

Still work to do :
Step 1. Fix the app gap in the short term with android ports.
Step 2. Convince app developers to write native apps.
Step 3. Start using some celebrities who already use BB to market the phones (Usain Bolt, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham , etc). These stars have all been spotted using BB10 why not use that?

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For arguments sake, why would any developers want to look at Blackberry now and write native applications or release android ports for our devices when, the overwhelming impression being given these past few days, is that Blackberry has abandoned the consumer market in order to focus on the enterprise and business side of things?

It was hard enough to get developers to write apps for Blackberry when there was at least a chance that BB10 would convince people that Blackberry could compete and was still in the game. Imagine how hard it's going to be now.

Let's take Skype as an example; just how long is it going to remain in "beta" for us while just about every other device on the planet including Samsung TV and Vita have received multiple updates to the app. I do agree with you that applications are important, but in all honesty, I think what's occurred these past few days will in effect shut the door completely on obtaining any AAA titles. At least we got lots of maps though <--sarcasm

Individual (consumer) applications won't work. Fleetwide applications will. Blackberry needs to be pitching, not consumers but, say, Fedex. Build Blackberry-based devices (hardware and software) for the next generation of Fedex's scanning and pickup tablets, build the full Fedex logistics ecosystem around it, it's all QNX-based, and as a bonus you have solid bones to build the next fleet install on. Rinse, repeat. If successful. you can eventually go back to consumers on mich more solid footing.

It makes me sad that BlackBerry isn't doing well. I love BlackBerry and I've never switched from any other phone, but I'm starting to lose hope in them. I've had a BlackBerry for almost 8 years. If they officially drop their consumer side I'll probably end up buying an iPhone.

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Having followed the BlackBerry saga the last few years, not as an insider but but as an interested customer just following along in the news, I have to say the events of the last few days don't look good at all. The timing of the news alert about the disastrous results, one week before the official 2nd quarter financial reporting is troublesome. So is the agreement with Fairfax Financial coming a day later. If I was a BlackBerry shareholder I would be extremely upset. The relationship between BlackBerry and Fairfax is just too close, an insider relationship. One has to believe that ex director Prem Watsa knew exactly what financial results were coming and just the right time to get the agreement in place. I see the shareholders very disadvantaged by this timing, they have not been well served by BlackBerry management and the BlackBerry Board of Directors. As a public company they owed their shareholders more openness and disclosure than this......

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I think it is a mostly positive result compared to the obvious. We will see if it impacts services and software as much as analysts think it might. If they handle things right BBM can be profitable and QNX needs a big push in the Automotive sector to gain more wins.
The biggest worry I have is the push toward Android.

I think releasing Z30 still is a brilliant idea. Keep the wheels turning, show that the company is still capable of producing quality products. Also, the process is probably too far along to stop anyway

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I will use my BlackBerry products until they become unusable. my wife will do the same, my company will do the same.
I will support this Canadian company because I want to support canada's economy in some positive way. blackberry is a quality product made by skilled workers in Canada who have jobs and families to support. And I want to do my part to help support those families...
BlackBerry has made a hiccup here and there, what company hasn't? but they have always made a quality product. My z10 gets used to death! My PlayBook is used to death. My wife's curve goes through hell each day-want to torture test phones? Give it to your wife...:) at the end of the day, they're just the best.They are quality products that just Work.alll the time, every time.
Taking the company private is a good move-and I fully expect blackberry to grow and prosper under private ownership.i expect them to roar back to cellphone dominance within 5 years.
Why? They're on the right track and going private will allow them to grow, innovate and prosper. BB 10 is amazing- i can't wait to get my hands on a Z 30. Think how innovative it really is, and imagine the possibilities as it is further developed.
Yeah, I'm a BlackBerry fan-but I'm also a realist. There is genius in their products, and there always has been. Going private will give them the space and funding to keep building on their genius.
BlackBerry isn't done-not by a long shot.

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Heard on news 1130am radio about how cheaply BlackBerry is being sold off for :( No one in the media has anything positive to say about BlackBerry just satisfaction on it's demise. Media is Weird.

I just wanted to say I could care less about who lost how much $$$. I care mostly about all the employees who have or will be affected by this turmoil surrounding the company. More power to the little guys and girls. I hope you all land on your feet and God bless.

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It is definitely good for BlackBerry!
Fairfax is not a competitor so will not shut down the company. doesn't buy BBY for fun, they would like to make money out of it and this can happens only when they manage to grow and bring the company back to success and not to sell it in parts.
They have the necessary funds to back the company and the passion to wait!
If they will succeed or not it's another story. It will depend from the people they will put to manage the company.

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Two options. Either get out of selling devices. Or reorient to selling devices on a fleet-by-fleet basis, all based on QNX, and use the infrastructure and apps developed for various fleets as the base for a rock-solid business ecosystem.

I don't care weather they sell of the company or what. What I do know is that I love my Z10 and I love Blackberry. Period!

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It's all about the band wagon....the media feeds off bad news and the sheep follow!!!
Superior products ALWAYS have their place and always will!!!! The sheep will follow but the lion always eats!!!

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Common sense -- you gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them.. at the rate the economy is going I see why they did what they did.

On The Underrated Never Duplicated Z10

Anyone know how BlackBerry 10 handsets sales compare to the likes of say Sony, HTC, Motorola"pre Google "? How often do you see one of those in someone's hands?

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No confidence in current Board. They are the ones prepared to sack 4,500 loyal staff while they went of and spent $30 million on a new corporate jet. These people have got to go, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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2 things to ponder

1) if Fairfax deal was planned. TH and the board would have expected the market to suspect this with its timing of the announcements and the risk of lawsuit and rejection by shareholders
2) if Fairfax is unable to raise the funds for this buyout who losses more than anyone else when the shares collapse.

Therefore unless the Board knows something we don't or have planned this earlier. It's really a stupid move that risk legal lawsuit and huge financial losses to its biggest shareholder.

2 things to ponder

1) if this exercise have been planned, TH and the Board would have expected very negative reaction and possible lawsuits based on the timing of the announcements
2) if Fairfax is unable to raise the funds for this buyout or is not real in buying up BlackBerry, who will suffer most when the shares prices collapse on Nov 5th.

Seems like a real risky and dangerous move if all this were planned ahead, unless of course they Board knows of something that we don't.

The company is toast and are the crumbs. The current Z10/Q10 products suck, as indicated by such miserable consumer sales, and the Company has announced its intention to exit the consumer business. I doubt that strategy will succeed, but that's certainly bad news for all of us Z10/Q10 owners, let alone other Blackberry concumer product users. I don't see how they sell a single device going forward? Whop would ever pay for this disaster of a product, let alone make a two year forward commitment?

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I am a shareholder of Blackberry and I love the product so I continue to hold my shares but I think this whole situation stinks. This letter of intent to purchase is a joke. It leaves the door open for Prem to walk away from it with no penalty yet he gets a $160 mill thank you gift if another offer hits the table. Why would they agree to such a one sided deal? I can think of 56 million reasons why Thor would agree to it. It's as if Thor is being motivated to push the company into a take-out position. I would like to put in an offer of $9.25 per share but I want the same deal Prem is getting. Join me and we can split the $160 million thank you gift when a real offer hits the table.

Must be something better than $9, I have almost 1k of stock bought summer 2008, mega loss for me, rather see another player in the game and get the price up a bit. How about the Chinese? they have the largest market, pick up BB for a song, sell the phones in China under cutting Apple and Samsung and keeping all the cash in Chaina rather than sharing with the U.S. and Korea.
BB Management got their cash out and will get a lot more before this is all done and us stock holders will get zip.
Imagine, I don't even have a BB phone, my daughter wants a Q10 now and after10s of thousands in losses for me, if I am going to get her one I got to pay hundreds more for it!

Given the power of 20/20 hindsight, taking BlackBerry private is long over due. They should have done it before launching the BB10 devices. Perhaps while RIM shares were trading at $6 a share.

BlackBerry's share price decline and recent heavy financial losses have done nothing to help its image in consumers' eyes. I hope it does not infect the enterprise prospects. In any case, managing public perception while sustaining some reasonable financial losses may have been easier to do as a private entity.

Perhaps there is still time for a BlackBerry turnaround... but it is hard to imagine them staying in the handset market much longer.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

Oh, because the CB community is accustomed to acquisitions and conversions. Right.

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no because it makes sense for the CB bottom line. why allow hundreds of billions to go to others when you can keep it all for yourself.