From the Editor's Desk: The CrackBerry Community

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2014 09:31 pm EDT

Weekends need to be longer. I think that's something we can all agree on. With that out of the way, it's time for another From the Editor's desk here at CrackBerry. This week I don't have much to say about BlackBerry specifically that hasn't already been touched on. Instead I'll be focusing a little on the great community we have here at CrackBerry and realistically stealing a bit from my colleagues at WP Central and Android Central.

Since taking over as Editor in Chief of CrackBerry I've been reading through a lot of comments and forum posts with suggestions of ways we can improve CrackBerry for everyone. I want to know what we can do better, what we can improve, and what it is everyone would like to see from CrackBerry over the next few months and in the long run.

It's something I've always been involved with but given my new position I can actually address some of the concerns better now. In reading over the comments and feedback I'd like to offer my own insight on some things that have come to light for me. It's in no way an exhaustive list but it's just a few things I'd like to mention.

  • Stop it with the stupid help and how-to posts! - Often we post How-To articles. These are for people who just picked up their first BlackBerry. These articles are not for our veteran readers. Please do not disparage them with the "We already know this!" and "Really? You need to write this?" comments. The longer answer: If you go on Bing or Google, you are often asking a question e.g. "How do I…." If you do that with BlackBerry questions and CrackBerry is not the result you find, we have failed as a site. CrackBerry is not just for enthusiasts. We want to serve the new person too. We're not going to change that. We're here to help everyone who needs it. In fact, it was part of our mission when we launched CrackBerry back in 2007. If you don't like those articles? You don't have to read them.

  • You need to do more Enterprise posts! - I agree. Given the direction BlackBerry is taking, we do need to cover more of the Enterprise things. However, there's a fine balance there that needs to addressed because the majority of our readers are consumer based readers. So no, we're not going to turn into an Enterprise site over night. We're going to continue covering new consumer apps, both native and Android, and everything else that is consumer based -- but we'll also be improving our Enterprise coverage. We'll have more on this later, and will be looking for folks interested in writing about Enterprise content.

  • WTF is the CB10 update? You guys don't care! - It has been a while since we pushed an update for the CB10 app, and we know this. That said, we've not given up on the app or anything silly like that. In fact, we're all testing a new build right now as you might have seen on my BBM Channel. The change log is extensive thus far, so I'll save it for a dedicated post when we're ready to roll it out. Will this update cover everyone's problems with the app? Probably not. But again, it's a pretty hefty update and it's coming soon so there's that.

  • Do something about these stupid FIRST! posts! - If you post "first!" or any variation on this site, you are automatically hated by everyone else. This is a fact. Do not be that person. First, your comment going forward is going to be deleted, so it is a waste of everyone's time, and second, this is literally the most idiotic thing you can post. Stop it. On top of that, you're contributing to derailing the comments. It's annoying.

  • Get rid of the trolls! - We're the largest BlackBerry community on the planet. In reality, that makes us a target for people just looking to disrupt things. Over the past few months we've gone to great lengths to clean up the forums and get rid of a lot of accounts that were created to just cause chaos. That clean up effort continues right now. Our moderators are hard working volunteers so please, if you come across something that doesn't belong, use the report post function and the mods will get to it ASAP. At the same time, please do not call people 'trolls.' Nothing good has ever come of it. The accused have never had a sudden revelation, falling to their knees and begging for your forgiveness because of your label. A troll is also not someone whose opinion you happen to disagree with; or who is unhappy with BlackBerry. We can disagree here, and we encourage debate. Keep it friendly. This name-calling goes for 'fanboi' or whatever other spelling you want to give it too.

  • You folks are biased and hide the reality of BlackBerry - I find this one especially funny because really, the name of the site is CrackBerry. Perhaps Kevin cleared this up the best. 'All of our sites are arguably "biased" by definition. CrackBerry is biased towards BlackBerry, just as iMore is to iOS, Android Central is towards Android, etc. Which by the way makes us completely unbiased, as you know coming into our sites what our positioning is. Bias is a problem when you have a site who claims to be unbiased blatantly pushing their own bias.' Are there times we opt to not write some depressing news or that Bob whatshisname got laid off? You bet. But it's because our readers (for the most part) don't give a damn.

  • WTH did you post that negative article? Some fan site you are! - I feel this is an important one for a few reasons. Over the course of CrackBerry we've posted some articles that were negative (or at the very least perceived as negative) towards BlackBerry and in some cases, even I didn't agree that they should have been posted. That's neither here nor there now, but I do want to address it because I've taken a lot of time to ensure some of that similar stuff never gets posted again, simply because CrackBerry readers don't want to see it. I heard you loud and clear. However, that doesn't mean we're never going to post something that could be perceived as negative ever again. We will always be a spot to point out things that we believe BlackBerry could be doing better at, be it marketing, the implementation of the BlackBerry Android Runtime, or the fact that BlackBerry 10 contacts still needs some work. This is important because if no one ever tells BlackBerry what's wrong, then they'll never know the things they need to fix to keep their customer base (Hey, that's you and me!) happy. I highlight this because as BlackBerry 10.3.x is soon to roll out, we're going to be looking at what's fixed, what's improved, and what's still possibly broken and letting BlackBerry know the sometimes brutally honest truth. It's not going to be us 'hating' on BlackBerry; it's us wanting them to succeed and improve upon the things that are important.

Anyway, I'm sorry for such a long post yet again. But I feel it's important for you guys to know that I see all the comments, read a lot of the feedback, and take it all under consideration, especially if it's things I can change for the better of the community. Some might even say that's a fault because at the end of the day, I know I can't make everyone 'happy', but I sure as hell try when it's possible to do so.

I also think it's important to note you ALL make up this community and without you all here taking part in the forums, reading the stuff we put up, engaging in discussion, and so on, there wouldn't be much to CrackBerry at all. Plus, most of us are all here for the same purpose and that's to share our joy of the product BlackBerry offers. Be good to each other.

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From the Editor's Desk: The CrackBerry Community


Pure chance I clicked into crackberry app as he was posting! I'm normally about 3 days behind. Lol.

One thing I would say is that I have sent various items to the tips@ address which seems like one of the only ways to reach CB? and there 's not even an auto response reply.

Posted via CB10

Apologies to Zaba, but first posters do have more enthusiasm and pride in it with just one liner:

Anyway, congrats also to Zaba for being first. LOL.

ॐ BBM channeling at C003910CB

My first FIRST ever. Purely by chance. I can't believe I was the only one to comment within the first 2 minutes! The community is slowing up. Lol

Posted via CB10

Please stop encouraging them. It is stupid and not at all relevant to the topics being posted about.

Posted via CB10

Oh lighten up. Its okay to have a little fun every now and then

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

That's for sure Bla1ze has got this Editor in Chief thing in the bag.

Posted via the everlasting  Z30 and of course CB10

+1 don't be sorry for the long post - this was overdue and I'm glad you've addressed these issues thoroughly! I know it won't stop all the whiners and negative nancys' but they can't say you never said anything about it. Excellent post! We appreciate all that you guys do so keep up the great job!

Posted via CB10

Thanks Bla1ze for bringing some sanity into this CrackBerry madness!

Thanks especially for your encouragement towards those like me who want to keep it friendly (and fun, even though not everyone agrees with my type of humor!)...

Yeah, I'm a fanberry... no hate, please! :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 


It's ashame you had to say some of what you did, but it definitely had to be done. Here's hopes that it has the impact you, and those of us supporting your efforts, hope it does.

Posted via CB10

I literally came on just to post "Fifth" can't believe someone got there before me!

Good work!


Posted via CB10

Good one! The gripe is only to those of post "first;" there is no mention to any other place (second, third,...) =0)

Ahahaha! Mabey Beezy will write another article about it.
I don't think the first post thing is a problem. I think it just sets off a barrage of people commenting on it that derails the entire article. But hey, if deleting a first post helps in keeping the people who want to waste their time writing an autobiography of rude comments about it...then so be it.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Lmao. As an ems worker believe me, those unpopular, illegal cures for stupid have crossed my mind.

Posted via CB10

So much for paying attention to the name calling portion of the post. Your 'hope' implies to whom, now? ;-)

Posted via CB10

Probably those who

"...are a bit harder to love..." :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Agreed. Enjoyed reading it. Am surprised there was no mention of the Q10 double typing issue. That's a really long thread in the forums.
Some still hoping for a "CrackBerry" recommend way to deal with it since so many are out of the warranty period.

Frosty white Q10/

Glad to see you are looking forward and continuously trying to improve. I would say with Mr. Chen at the helm, BlackBerry is well on its way to the same.

Posted via CB10

You are doing a top notch job by giving it your all. Keep it up and try to see the positives from the critics

Posted via CB10

@uboodoo..I'll 2nd that.Now get back to work and pump out something that you feel could make BB gain some market share!!! lol..keep up the good work.

Excellent Blog. Spot on! Keep up the good work. It really wasn't that long ago (when I got my first BlackBerry, a 9800) that I was one of those newbies who looked for and appreciated the "How to..." articles on CrackBerry. I learned a lot so keep all that stuff coming. All the new BlackBerry owners who come on board with the Z3, the Passport and whatever all touch device BlackBerry releases will be needing them.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Way to say what was on your mind. I do agree. I was a brand new BlackBerry z 30 user switching from an apple iPhone 5 and I am glad that I had your site to learn about my new BlackBerry 10 z30. I asked a lot of questions that I thought I needed to k of and your site answered them all. I thank you Kevin and blaize for everything you have done to make my blackberry experience an enjoyable one!!!! Cheers :)

Posted via CB10

Same here, only I came from android. I appreciate the new folks posts. I don't like seeing when a BlackBerry newbie asks a question and the pretty much get told that are stupid. New people will ask the same question over and over. To those of you who cheerfully help, hats off. Be different if it was the same person asking the same question.

Posted via CB10

To Unleash the Z and Medic, the BlackBerry and CrackBerry communities. Hope you're both enjoying your phones. (yeah, I know, slightly off topic)

Posted via CB10

Looking forward to seeing pretty much everything you touched on. This is a from the editors desk that should have been written 6 months ago though. We had a different EiC back then though that didn't write from the editor desk so this in itself is a positive development. Keep up the good work

I really like where the site has been going since you took over Bla1ze. I think the spirit of this post captures why. Keep it going.

The only thing I miss is the podcast. You should pull together a cadre of good speakers to start the podcast up again.

Blaze, here is another one. Copying and pasting of entire articles. People copy someone's work and post all of it. They should be posting a few paragraphs and a link. The author and originating website deserve that respect.

Posted via CB10

I've kinda left CB lately (like a lot of people who have become frustrated with CB & left), but this article gave me some hope that I may one day return...

Posted via CB10

Its good to see you guys recognizing and acknowledging some concerns of your readers. Thank you. But you forgot one important one. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE EPIC POSCASTS???

BlackBerry 4Life

You're right, man, but watch your spelling, :-)


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Bla1ze, you going to kick Kevi's butt when he sneaks in a first into his "first" posts? Granted, he usually sneaks it in with a rational / worthwhile comment when he does it.

Saw same "clean up" post in WP Central. Good to remind some posters what's acceptable.

Posted via CB10

Re: the negative posts and 10.3 release :

I'm kind of hoping that the 10.3 beta testers will uncover a lot of bugs and that BlackBerry will fix them before release.

I also hope that BlackBerry, when they ask if it is ready for release - like they do with facebook app - listen to the testers if they say NO and don't go and release it anyway! Just for it to be publicly slated with all the faults that the beta testers highlighted.


Posted via CB10

Regarding the consumer and the enterprise part of your post, I think that some users believe that when they say “enterprise“ they mean 100+ devices but in reality the “enterprise“ could be used for a small company of 1-5 person if they need some of the functionality that BES is providing. It could even be used by “power home users“.
I could compare it with what Microsoft exchange server used to be for companies and suddenly office365 came out and a lot of users have more functionality instead of just pop3 email accounts.

Posted via CB10

Don't feel too badly about the long post, as you copied and pasted a bunch from WP or Android Central ;)

Always good to give fair warning though. I must say that I rely on CrackBerry and good or bad, I want to know about it so I hope it's few and far between when the news stories that are less favorable do not get posted.( heck close comments to that article if you feel the need) The last thing I need is to be unprepared when news hits and I don't want to be side-swipped by someone from IT without an adequate response or work-around if the news is bad.

Posted via CB10

I kind of liked the first posts. They were fun and never hurt anyone. Let's not lose sight and become too serious.

Posted via my QNX Z30

In mod-eration, and if well executed, it can be delightful ...

I'm not pro and I'm not anti.

Let's just savor good ones and ignore the bad ones. It was probably to a large extent not the first posts themselves but the huge fuss that was created around them that put people off...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I have been told that I "automatically hate" anyone who posts the dreaded "first" word on a first post...Orwellian be this newspeak.

Why not just ban the word "first" from this that would bring the conversation to a HIGHER level...just ALWAYS lower than FIRST.

You know what, I think for myself ALWAYS and I never automatically HATE anyone...your all inclusive statement is INCORRECT.

I do DISLIKE the commentors who only chime in when they want to cry about someone stating "first" in their post...they never seem to add anything worthwhile to any article.

Murray Squire Marr

I posted the same thing on the first page and then I see your comment. Good to know we see eye to eye, mate.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Keep on keeping on Bla1ze. You are doing an absolutely great job with the direction of the site. Jolly good show.

I'm on my 4th Android phone, and I'm really tired of it. I've been really interested in the Z10 or Z30. I keep hearing excellent reviews for them. I know the media is addicted to bashing BlackBerry, but I think my next phone will be a BlackBerry.

I can't say this without bias but I will still say it. BlackBerry makes the best communication devices. Period. They keep improving on what they put out and find ways to make things more efficient all the time.
The Z30 is the best phone that I have ever owned.
And the Crackberry community rocks and it makes a huge difference to be able to participate, however small, in having a voice of what changes you would like to see in the future.
The only thing Android had on BlackBerry was the apps but that gap has quickly become almost obsolete. (Oh Snap!) Make the switch, you will be glad you did.

I have had every bbry os since the 4.5 but I am learning something new every time I come here.Crackberry is the best place to come for info.

Good article, Chris.

The enterprise angle is interesting to me, as a small business owner. It would be interesting to read about options for hosted BES, Office 365, or other things being done by others to make the most of their BlackBerry devices and other technologies in a cost effective way, in a small business environment.

Posted via CB10

I second your opinion. I too am a small business owner and I'm always looking for ways to improve all of my business processes. Nice to hear there'll be more coverage going forward.

Posted via CB10

I am just setting up my business and being a forensic accountant, security is important to me. Looking forward to information on how BES could work for me and my one person office!

Posted with my Q10 on CB 10

Forgot to mention, it would likely cut down on shenanigans to come down hard on multiple accounts. Most sites will permanently ban a user for this.

Posted via CB10

I agree to your view on Enterprise content as I see that this site is crowded with people who are 'Users' and most of the times its better to sail with the wind.

Having said the above, I should tell you this that I had been testing the BES 10.2 during the last quarter of 2013 and shockingly discovered that there is not much information out there in ANY of these so called Berry sites, and that includes the BlackBerry forums... that would aid enterprise level administration/troubleshooting.

But, I was able to survive because of the excellent direct support from BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

OK, now THIS was a pleasure to read. I feel like I know you a little better, Bla1ze (doesn't hurt that I almost totally agree with you).

I sure have appreciated CB's troll patrol efforts. I think it has made a huge difference. There will always be a few children whining and snarling over a bone, but you really can't beat the CB Nation. I have often thought about how much less I would be getting out of my Berries if it wasn't for the generous people here. When I fried my phone a few months ago, I needed expert help and fast. It was here for me, and made all the difference.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

Too much "I". I this... I that.

Protip: use more "we". (I know it's really you Bla1ze holding it all together, but it just reads better with less "I" and more "we")

Aside from that, solid post. Keep it up EiC

Posted via CB10

Good job on this well written editorial piece. You made a lot valid argument and points. Kevin will be proud. Keep up the good work Blaze.

Posted via CB10

Keep up the good work EIC, don't worry about trying to please everyone because it won't work.
I like this post and some of it needed to be said.

Posted via CB10 on the BB Z10

@bla1ze you forgot to complain about link

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my brand new Z30 or my great Q10 or my beautiful Z10

I hope the CB10 update addresses the app freezing from time to time and adds the ability to stop receiving notifications for posts we're no longer subscribed to.

emPowered by 

I really enjoyed reading this! CrackBerry has been my number one BlackBerry enthusiasts site for so long, and it always will be, as long as people like Bla1ze work here. Thank you so much Bla1ze! CrackBerry rocks!!! Been waiting for a CB10 update so yeah I'm excited!

Posted via the CrackBerry App running on my Z30

Awesome post Blaze! I like the fact that you mentioned the How To's. It's been CrackBerry and neither Bing nor Google that has helped me with all of my questions and I'm sure a ton of stupid ones at that. But it is exactly as you say this awesome collective that allows everyone to learn and love BlackBerry. Again awesome post! Keep up the great work by the way.

Posted via CB10

I agree 100%, I have been on here a while now and it seems to be more negative than it used to. It was a huge help when I have needed, and still does. I would like more enterprise, maybe when things are slow in consumer side. Fridays and Saturdays seem consistently slow, idk. I never want to hear people ripping into BlackBerry when they don't know what they are talking about. However if the news is relevant and accurate, I want to be informed, sometimes things happen we don't like but burying my head in the sand is not the way I want to behave.

Posted via CB10

Great post Bla1ze. I'm glad you added the necessary housekeeping points.

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10

Thanks Bla1ze. I appreciate everything u guys do to make this site as informative and educational for users. I also appreciate the awesome community that is always ready to help. Keeping it positive would be even more enjoyable :-).

My Z10 - an extension of me

Thanks Bla1ze,
I'll try my best to avoid being a "first" toter - it's just that the instinct to do so went well with the amount of times that I refreshed my screen to see if there were any new posts.
It's great to see that you have a passion behind what you do and it's the reason that you are successful at it. It's very appreciated.
And, it would be nice to hear a bit more about what exactly BES can do. I am a small business owner and would love to hear if BES is something that I should be looking into more seriously.
Thanks for all the hard work and the terrific articles that keep us coming back.

We want to hear about BES12 and QNX. Not as sexy as new phones but at least as relevant to the future of BB!

Posted with my Z30

This is great. I would encourage the continuation of "negative" articles provided that at their heart they offer a realistic perspective. No need to harp on doom and gloom theoreticals but realities can and should be acknowledged in a responsible way when relevant. If I could put something on the wish-list it would be for a bit more proof-reading of articles before being posted. While it doesn't impact the merit of the content I think a renewed conscious effort on that front would reflect well on the perception of the site. Thanks for your consideration!

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the excellent work you have all done and continue to do.
I found Crackberry when I was in need of some help and using the app on my z10 I check in often. I've picked up a few awesome apps thanks to the advice here.

If i may offer a couple of suggestions...
Using the app and making a comment, it would be great to be notified of any replies.
That goes with the forum. Yes I get notified, but the notification opens the browser rather than the app, which I'd prefer.

A dedicated help section where some experts can offer help, and have them listed so we know who and where to go to.

A feature or improvement section where us users can offer ideas about improvements to our devices and hopefully BlackBerry get to see and even discuss with us our ideas.

Posted via CB10

Great Post.

Nice to know that a CB10 Update is in the making. Take your Time.

And Yes Trolls and First Comments are sadly part of the Internet. There is an saying:

"The good Side of the Internet:
Everyone is free to write whatever they want.

The bad Side of the Internet:
Everyone is free to write whatever they want."


Glad to be a Member of the CrackBerry Forum. I am here to stay as long BlackBerry will exist.

Via CB10 App / Z10-2@ Alien

Always been impressed with your intelligent comments and matter of fact attitude. Glad you're term as EIC is going so well. Thanks for listening, reading, commenting, helping, and supporting. I know this is what's expected, but that doesn't always mean it will happen, so thank you.

Posted via CB10

I'd still visit CrackBerry regularly, contribute regularly, and even purchase products from here, if the moderators on this site's forums didn’t speak to people with such a lack of respect.

Unfortunately my personal experience with them is that their demeanor is usually not only disrespectful, but extremely arrogant as well.

Because of this I began to get most of my news elsewhere, and have purchased all my phone's accessories elsewhere as well.

It's unfortunate, because there seems to be some good people on the CrackBerry team. It's too bad that it appears a few were given positions they don't have the proper decorum for.

Posted via CB10

That's called volunteers.

Sadly it happens everywhere!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


Some of them need to be trained because they are to trigger happy (delete button) and don't know what they are doing or what is or is not allowed on here.

And yes a link (1 only) is allowed as your signature etc, that is what I was told many many months ago, when I used to have two in there.
So ease off the trigger finger.
Whoever you are (mods)

Now a quote from Bla1ze.

"A troll is also not someone whose opinion you happen to disagree with; or who is unhappy with BlackBerry. We can disagree here, and we encourage debate. Keep it friendly."

Mods please re-read Bla1ze's quote above a few more times. Thanks.

Take care. ┌▸└▸ ⇰ ☎  ✆ ✉

I gotta admit I had so much hate for as there was no passion from the writers and full of negativity which inturn made me negative also. Ever since you've taken over you've made a conscience effort to change the culture for the better from top down. Good job EIC!

Posted via CB10

Great post. Glad you're getting rid of the "first" B.S... now we can actually read the posts than seeing others bitch at them for saying first.

Thanks for addressing this.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Personally, I loved seeing those "first" posts. It's entertaining to see some members getting so furious over something small

In the case of 1st comments to be deleted, does that mean that those of us that are part of the comment mod crew permitted to complete such a task? 

Let's all be enjoyed and inspired by this marvelous article, word after word.
Keep up the good faith, Mr. Bla1ze, and carry on doing what you're doing, taking into account your level of insight. 
Thank you, and your readers for their considerations.


This is a great post Bla1ze. I think you are doing a fantastic job since you took over. Here are my two cents:

1.) WTF is the CB10 update? – I hope that the update includes the ability to check PMs. I heard (although not tried) that the Android version of the CB app is more robust than the BB native, That is very ironic.

2.) You need to do more Enterprise posts! – I don’t necessarily think “enterprise,” but more like file sharing on a home network. An example of this is that I see my Z30 as a device listed on my network under “Computer” and “Media Device” in Windows 8.1. However, when I click on it from my laptop, the web browser opens and takes me to the IP address. However, the message is “Service not available” if I happened to click on the icon in “Media Device” or another error message when I click the icon under “Computer.” The only way I seem to be able to access my Z30 is under “This PC” where Link maps the drives and Windows places an icon for my Z30 (as a media device), but then I receive a “This folder is empty” message. So, I have no idea how to make this work. I believe this could be one item under “Enterprise” or the simple “How to” section, since I believe this is a common scenario faced by users that are not necessary “techies” like me (as supposed to professional enterprise managers or advanced users/programmers).

The CB10 app is maintained by volunteers that maintain the app in their spare time. Instead of bashing on the fact "I can't read PM's" and all other things the app can't do (yet), be happy there are people who do their best for the community.

If you want PM's so badly, nobody stops you from joining the developer team and implement it yourself... But I guess you rather bash on those things then making yourself useful for the community.

Posted via CB10

This is hilarious; I guess someone got his toes stepped on. =0)

No one is complaining about or “bashing” people for the absence of PM. If this is an absolute must for me, don’t you think I would use the Android version? Be that as it may, I think if you cannot handle input or comments from others (or respect their opinion), you probably should not visit the site. Improvement requires input from others; otherwise, how would you make something better for the public?

If you are developer and volunteer to CB, kudos to you. I am not a developer, techie, or pretend to become one. However, with that attitude, I do not think you would go too far ahead. So relax.

Cheers! =0)

It just looked like you wouldn't be happy if the update does not bring PM.

I am indeed contributing to the CB10 app and there are a lot of things that can be improved and added to the app. We are always open for constructive feedback, but you'll have to admit that saying "I'll hope it brings PM because the android app has it" is not really constructive because it is asked a lot by others as well. You'll find the list of feature requests in the forums.

A little heads up, PM's are not included in this update.

Posted via CB10

Now there's a blog post I thoroughly enjoyed reading. +1 to all the thank you's.

Via my simply amazing  Q10

Being relatively new to this community I did find the numerous how to on articles annoying. Usually it would be no difference between the Z10, Z5, Z30, or Q10. But I guess to be the top of the google search results you have to do that. I do just usually skip over them now though.

Posted via CB10

Great article, it's not too long. Yeah and people complaining when you post how to's? I couldn't agree with you more, how to's are always nice. Thank you for all the hard work.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

I just checked and before this editorial post I was the last person with the "first comment" thingy.

It's stupid I see, in fact I clearly stated right after that post that I was seeking attention. So most of these people (myself included) wanted attention. I will never do it again. However, I don't think the mods should be looking out for such post so to delete them, instead the users shouldn't pay attention to such posts, thus not replying to them.

This way, the community will learn how to behave, and groom itself in a manner that will be fruitful in the near future.

If you delete such posts, or remove such users, there is always something that will come up of some sort, so instead of quarantining the site in this manner, you may allow users to grow at least until most of them (us) have good morals, although there will always be some idiotic thing like I did not so long ago.

White Z10

"Nice" is the new first, if not already, it will be. My guess. Something is going to take its place.

You are right, I agree we should not pay attention to it too much, and it will die off all by itself or even itself out on an acceptable -- or even fun :-) -- level that all of us can live with ... !

Keep it friendly.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

You articulate well, explain stuff very nicely. Glad you wrote this article as you hit some very good if not great points. I am so looking to your next article.

Crackberry Genius on Verizon STL100-4

Tx Bla1ze. Great post. I hope, even if we're a larger part of consumer based, we can help BlackBerry with our observations and remarks. It's the Best we can do (for us and them).

Posted via CB10

As a returnee to BlackBerry from Android I think the post hits the spot KEEP up the great work

Using my Beautiful Z10

Posted via CB10

Good post Bla1ze.
Don't worry about the length. Sometimes it's necessary to use a little extra words to explain.

Posted via CB10


Posted via CrackBerry App / LOU LIZARD S.F.GIANTS / S.F.49'ERS ON MY BLACKBERRY Q10

When Kevin first suggested he might be stepping down I was a little upset wondering what would happen to CB. But after however many weeks it's been with Bla1ze at the top, I think it was a great move. Not only have the articles increased but he also frequently comments in the forums and comments sections and engages with the community. Sometimes he's a smart ar5e but hey I am too - I like that - and generally it's for a reason. And thank god for the ban on first posts.

Well done Bla1ze. You're doing great as far as I'm concerned!

Posted via CB10

Good post. I am not one for "I am first" posts, but I think editing them out is a mistake. Some in the community are like this. Accept it. They add some fun and enthusiasm. I really like the how to least somewhere they should be part of our discussion. In some way it relates to all we do with our devices. BlackBerry itself does a poor job on this. Whether just me, or do I sense less discussion on issues that "Umi" used to do. Finally, I do like your video discussions...keep them regular.

Posted via CB10

Well said Blaz1e. Well written. I agree. I get tired of seeing those "first" posts and also, people disrupting things. When I see something like that, it usually gets the report button. Plus I never label people as trolls, it's just plain stupid.

Regarding the enterprise segment I believe many wanted quite and smooth, many businesses are made underground and have several secret agreements.

via  Z30

Good post.

I really like the post about disruptive posts. I agree that the name calling should stop. I don't participate in forums because of an agenda. I participate to be part of a conversation.

On another note. I think that it would be great if the cb10 app would make it easier to find my own comments.

Well said and more so, we need 2 disagree 2 agree on some issues if nt all. D issue of bias has no basis cos we're all bias 2wards one thing or d other. As we're looking 4ward 2 OS 10.3.x, d fun jst started :-)

Posted via CB10

Thanks Bla1ze, great article. As far as the how to articles, I do read them and on occasion I have one of those moments "Damn I didn't know I could do that". Keep up the great work team CrackBerry.

Nice post. Can't believe I read it all thru and that's simply cos it's an interesting one. Nicely written.

Your points are highly considered.

Posted via CB10

Well written, especially on the last comment about negative articles. I think CrackBerry has a great influence on BlackBerry and they must have people reading everything posted on the main page. Simply because market research is being done for them and it would be stupid not to listen. That's why you should be brutally honest when needed, if something definitely needs to be fixed. Please continue doing this as it can only help BlackBerry notice the issues and fix it a the next software update.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I agree with all. But the "FIRST" posters are something that makes fun!! It cracks me up!!!

Whats all the hype with "it's annoying"??? Come on. It's like the "How to article". if you don't like it, don't read it!

Funny to see people arguing about it! FIRSTERS are legends, funny and entertaining! The "moral police" who says "oh, how political incorrect and annoying" are the ones who should chill down.

It's for the LULZ. If you wanna be serious about life, head over to a news website and mourn over there, ffs!


One of the issues I would like to see would be larger font and radio buttons used for the polls here.

I truly hate how my Q10 is increasing its double typing. TTRULY frustrating!

Posted via CB10

Great Bla1ze! With all that is happening behind the scenes I think it has become better and will continue to be the number one site for BlackBerry enthusiast and abusers. Keep up the great work.

The best practice is to view your comment as a private conversation between the columnist, and yourself, largely ignoring other bloggers. Profanity sometimes can get my attention but not nearly enough to get baited over it.

Thanks for the update regarding actions CB has been taking in eliminating those unwanted community members; they likely have been subscribing to the competition all along.

They can be a real pain.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I would not mind at all if you deleted the name calling, waste of time reading this. Excellent post, thanks again.

Posted via Z30. Don M

Good post. One thing I'd like to see is BB10 apps for the rest of the Mobile Nations sites.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

Great editorial. I found myself thinking "Yes!" when reading a couple of your points especially the one about the how-to articles. I first came to Crackberry when doing a how-to web-search. I honestly don't remember what exactly I searched for first, but I remember doing a lot of hunting for that 8820 and I remember sometime then I made Crackberry my go-to place for all that stuff. I also remember thinking how very appropriate the name of the site was.

In any case, without sites like Crackberry I'm pretty I, and many others out there, would not be the BlackBerry addict I am today. Everyone has to start off somewhere, but even now I still find myself reading the newbie articles, if you will, simply because I never know what I might learn and, if anything, perhaps there is something someone missed or I discovered that can be of help in addition to the article.

I believe that BlackBerry phones are the best phones out there. I find it amazing that they can run on hardware that simply doesn't stack up with the competition, yet perform just as well if not better in most cases. I find it amazing that the legacy BlackBerry devices are so much more efficiency oriented than even modern day Apples and Androids. I find it amazing that among the phones and other devices that we carry around and have been carrying around only BlackBerry puts security first.

There are many more things I find amazing about BlackBerry as well as many things I find infuriating. But, there isn't another phone out there for me that I feel more safe with given the amount of security issues out there and there isn't another phone that simply works when I use it and they way I want it to.

I've used Apple devices briefly and mainly because we have kids in the house that were gifted them by other family members and, of course, I'm the go-to guy that has to solve any issues. And, I used a Samsung Android device for several months (a Note 3). Both experiences leave me wondering how anyone can even consider either platform beyond activities like playing games, watching videos, listening to music, or other media oriented chores. Anything that requires me to type anything beyond two words becomes a chore. That, for me, means productivity is not an essential function.

Anyway, I could probably keep going, but I think I've made my point: I don't think there's another mobile device out there that was built to be used for everything at once while still putting security first and I was helped led to that conclusion staring from the how-to articles here on Crackberry.

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

Another really good post, Bla1se. Not just because I agree with what you wrote, but also how you wrote it.

Most likely posted via CB10 from my amazing Z30, but may have been posted from my awesome PlayBook.

Personally, I appreciate the interaction you are having with the community, Bla1ze. Also, I like what everyone here has been doing. Very good post.

Keep up with the help and how-to posts. They have helped me a ton when I got my first blackberry (a z10).

Posted via CB10

This missive is exactly the reason why I keep up with BlackBerry news pretty much only with CrackBerry. As I'm a BlackBerry stockholder (at levels which pale compared to others...but which, at one time, was a significant amount of money) I'm interested in both the good and bad news related to the company.

As I've also been a BlackBerry user (since 2005 and the Pearl 8100) I've had many occasions to consult CrackBerry to get the most out of my devices.

But just in the last couple of days I've experienced two of the subjects covered by Bla1ze. My wife's Z10 stopped making sound, suddenly, and a quick search brought up this article on CrackBerry:

Now, I'm still curious as to what the "buzzer" is below the battery, but I pressed it and, viola! Sound restored.

As for the other subject, my wife is rather dismissive of CrackBerry due to its acknowledged "bias" towards the point of saying that the Z10 is her last one. Hopefully I can convince her otherwise, but she does admit that, when it comes to getting the straight dope, this is the only place to go. I have to hope that the news here will sway her opinion...but of course, BlackBerry has to step it up for that news to be available.

I enjoy the site and the debates. Thank you for your time and effort Bla1ze as well as those who come here to agree, disagree, or read others opinions.

Good job. Another one is, posts that have nothing to do with BlackBerry. I don't understand why these get posted and I hope they don't in the future. There are plenty of other places to read TV show reviews or to read about what profit a certain carrier posted this quarter. That's why it's called CrackBerry.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Great read, all issues addressed.

I for one caught on to the CrackBerry how to articles when I got my Torch a while back. Even a year ago "Sideload" was a foreign term for me, and I am happy to say that I have learned a great deal here.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to the updated app.


Thank you for this post. Healthy! Very informative also about how CB operates. Question: how are suggestions to CB passed on to BlackBerry group? What is the portion of feed CB feedback that BB group considers? Adopts?

Posted via CB10

What happened to the Podcasts? It could just be me but it feels like forever since I've watched a Podcast.

Well done. Thank you for the time and effort you and Kevin have given to support the Blackberry community.

Posted via CB10

Crackberry has always been a good read for me. Its a must on each BlackBerry handsets. Your app should be included for preload so at least everyonelse can join the community.. what do you think?

I've always love BlackBerry!

aNz loves BlackBerry

Actually Blaz1ze, you covered it perfectly. Great to hear about the forum clean up. That was definitely on the top of my list.


The how-to articles are essential for grabbing the users from other platforms. Without those how-to there will be people who gets upset that they are no longer using an idiot proof iPhone and jump right back. (I was one of them who got sick of being treated like an idiot)

Posted via CB10

Thank you from us beginers, I am 50 cannot use a computer. Have learnt & learn everything on my Blackberry. Looking forward to the launch of the Passport & Classic. All the Best..........

Professionalism of the moderator is important.
A a condescending attitude finds it's roots in arrogance.
I can think of quite a few instances where one moderator has spoken down to the participants in a thread as though they were of a lower caste then him and then closed the thread.
I understand from experience that moderating forums can be a lot of work, but when you start to exhibit a God like attitude, you become as much of a problem as the ones you're trying to mollify.
Unless that's the way Crackberry wants to be represented, it really sends the wrong message

Posted via Q10 CB10