Turns Two Years Old Contest!

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry Curve 8900!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Feb 2009 10:04 am EST

Let the partying begin! Thursday, February 26th marks two years since we fired off our Hello World Press Release and officially opened up for business. We partied it up for our first birthday with a week's worth of giveaways, contests and deals and we're doing it again this year! Our second year has seen the site grow by leaps and bounds as word of has spread around the planet! It's because of our awesome readers and members that has grown to become the massive BlackBerry resource and community site that is and we thank you for it! We have a lot of great plans to take the site to the next level over the coming months... it's going to be exciting to see what we look like when we celebrate our third bday. But now it's time to celebrate our terrible TERRIFIC TWO's!

ColorWare BlackBerry Curve 8900 Contest

It wouldn't be a birthday bash unless we put a phone up for grabs, and the folks at ColorWare have stepped up to sponsor our top prize for the week - an unlocked BlackBerry Curve 8900 custom painted by ColorWare any way you choose! Thanks ColorWare!! Take note that they recently revamped their 8900 offering and are now painting between the buttons on the keyboard. Sweet! You can jump over to ColorWare to start mocking-up your device.

To enter, just login to (if you're not a member yet, now is the time to register (it's free!) and leave a comment to this post! GOOD LUCK!!

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Reader comments Turns Two Years Old Contest!



I love this site. Now i have an addiction. I CANT STOP LOOKING!!! : ). And its really cool that they have giveaways. Good job CrackBerry!!

I am a relevantly new user of CrackBerry (for 6 months now I believe) and I really enjoy this website... very helpful reviews and the forums are even more helpful too. It made my blackberry curve even more enjoyable!

So I wish CrackBerry a very happy birthday and my congratulations to the staff for their hard work on successful 2 years of operation.


Just wondering.... Who's kevin? Are you trying to pull a string?
Lol that's hillarious!!!
Congrats crackberry

Just wondering.... Who's kevin? Are you trying to pull a string?
Lol that's hillarious!!!
Congrats crackberry

love this site!!! new to the scene but i visit everyday on both my storm, and laptop. My choice would be candy apple red :)

I don't know where I would be without you guys, probably still fiddling around with brickbreaker, but now my blackberry runs my life!!

Happy Birthday! Glad to have found this site! Being a fairly new BB addict, the info found on this site has proved invaluable. Thanks!

I've been wanting a Curve ever since my old 8330 kissed the pavement, please CrackBerry let me in on this!

Oh and btw Happy Birthday!

Ooo, me me! Pick me! :o)
Ooo, me me! Pick me! :o)
I so want to try it.
yeah buddy!
·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ ><((((º>

Let the party begin for what repeatedly proves to be the best BlackBerry website world wide! Happy Birthday to

please please please let me win this. i am trying to figure out which new blackberry to get and this would take care of it. please let me win the new unlocked curve 8900

March 1st is actually my 34th B-Day so an unlocked 8900 would make an awesome gift. I wish I had something as awesome to give you! Keep the awesome work and I love the sight.


This would be a great birthday present to me since my BDAY is on Feb. 25th! A blue and black one would be sweet since I went to GVSU!

I wouldnt mind winning something, last time i won something was a 13inch tv at my highschool prom.. lol gd luck everyone..

Since May 08 I fell in love with this site. I use it everyday to learn new and great information. I wish you many more birthdays.
Keep up the great job!!!

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!! Happy Birthday Dear!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!
(Please let me win!)

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!! Happy Birthday Dear!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!
(Please let me win!)

I want to say happy B day to cb !!!!!!!!!!! This site is amazing and has helped me learn alot about BB and I have met some great peeps through this site. So thank you crackberry !

LONG LIVE CB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry, and the orange 8900 would look great on my desk, belt and in my hand . :)

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication, without your outstanding effort this wouldn't be the best on the web for BlackBerry information.

Good Luck Everyone!

I'm a new user, and I find to be invaluable. It's my up-to-the-minute news source on everything affecting BlackBerries. The software reviews are great -- I've bought several items based on the reviews. Keep up the good work and let's celebrate another birthday!

Wow - great wat to start the celebration!

And I must add - what a great site - I am a newbie, haven't had my crackberry 30 days yet. I am grateful for the wealth of information available. I know more than some of my friends who have been BB users for years.

That sure would look good sitting here on my desk, so that is my comment... I've thus entered the contest... and will keep my fingers crossed. BTW, Happy Birthday Crackberry !!

This site has proven time and time again to be THE source for Blackberry/Crackberry information. Helpful moderators keep things in line, and everyone helps eachother out.
From the newbie to the expert, the developer to the theme-creator, this site has something for everyone who has a Blackberry device.

I am proud to be a Crackberry member.

This would be SO cool to get a 8900!! Especially with the colorization offer....I have an 8330 now and I love it, but the 8900 has been getting such rave reviews, it would be nice to have it on hand when I outgrow my 8330.

I wonder if Colorware does leopard spots.....

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!! I don't know how I would've become a knowledgeable BB user without you!! You guys rock!

Who do I have to kill to get this phone?!?! I have never won anything on here and this would be the perfect time to win. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!!! Now... where's my lucky rabbit's foot, horseshoe, four-leaf clover and budda at?!?

I can't imagine how life could have been without this website.

Good times in here. Although I'm not a frequent poster, I've definitely been present.

Good times. Looking forward to many more years with

I have had the opportunity to play with the 8900 at work and it is so much better than the 8320 I use for work. I would love to have this device.

I have had the opportunity to play with the 8900 at work and it is so much better than the 8320 I use for work. I would love to have this device.

Its amazing that in two years this site has become the go to place for Users... and Abusers.. Cant wait for the Birthday Bash Podcast!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Congrats to everyone, the site goes from strength to strength :)

Congrats. What a great service you provide!!!! Each blog is informative, fun, and a great way to spend a few minutes when things are not so, shall I say. . . exciting at work.

Crackberry is hot, I love this site. U guys keep doing what ur doing. Happy 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what an amazing look! I just picked up my first Blackberry (the 8900) Saturday for my birthday, and it was love at first sight. A custom-painted 8900 would take it over the top!

As if this site didn't help me enough with my lack of ability to use my blackberry as a whole, I wanted to say thank you to the administrators and those that take part of this web site. My girlfriend thinks I'm a loser, lol, because I always go to this website now, but hey I'm not a loser, I'm a crack(berry) addict! Once again thanks for a couple months of chronic use, and hears to more years of the same thing!

Still waiting on Cincinnati Bell to start carrying this...hopefully by the end of the month like they say, but I would surely take this 8900 of crackberry's hands :)

First of all happy birthday CB! Great website and its grown unbelievably in two years! If I were a newbie I'd think this place was at least 5 years old! Looking fwd to seeing many more exciting news bits and information here in the many years to come.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I just celebrated my birthday the other day I still have some left over cake if you want it!

They keep giving and giving... Ever since I discovered CB a year ago, this has been a daily trip for my browser. And to make it better, they give you cool opportunities like this to celebrate when they have a chance too! Keep up the good work CB!!

This one is mines !!!!! I can already feel it in my hands. A Dark brown leather, marble or woodgrain look would be awesome !!! Or better yet, a deep dark midnight blue. Thanks for the new Crackberry !!!! I love it.

Oh, and how can i forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There would be no better way to celebrate than to give me a custom 8900!

(...okay, have some drinks, too...)

Here's to many happy returns!



I have to check this site several times a day and I've only been a blackberry user for a little over a month now...

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Here's to many many more!

that is a very nice colour!!! wish could get one for my wife, she will be happy to replace her storm with that orange jave!! me? just a regular bold lover..

Absolutely love this site :) i think id be lost without it!
and the shop well thats my fav section :P
Please count me in for one of these curves! i absolutely love this phonee!!! :D

The 8900 already looks good to me, so I'm not sure what colour mods would be good. But an unlocked 8900 in a funky colour is still an unlocked 8900, so I'm not going to complain.

Dear Crackberry-

Happy Birthday you dashing 2 year old! It seems like only yesterday, when we first met, you were merley four months old. And now today, already two and growing fast. I wish you only the best and look forward to watching you grow as the years go on.


I've been browsing this website for probably about a year and a half and never registered until a few weeks ago. And this is my first blog post - come on Curve!

Congrats and Kevin from your best frenemies forever at TiPb!

2 awesome years so far, and many more to come for sure.

Thanks for always getting cracky with it.


I am so addicted to this site..and have been for almost the whole two years. Thanks a million for all you do.

New user to crackberry, but I gotta say, this place has become a great resource for me. I am not new to blackberry's but the more complex thy get, the more I can do with them and the more resources I seek. Crackberry fo life. Official addict since '05

I love my Storm, but wouldn't mind having a 8900 Curve to mess around with. Every morning I look forward to going to and seeing whats new in the blogs, keep up the good work guys. Also, good luck to everyone.