Turns 1 Year Old - Contest Winners!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Mar 2008 12:58 pm EST
- Turns 1 Year Old - Contest Winners!!!

What a Birthday Celebration for! Our week of festivities were all a big hit - over 8,880 free themes have been downloaded so far in less than a week, CrackBerry Viigo is a runaway hit, our BlackBerry PIN Exchange application for Facebook now has over 3,500 users and is growing by the minute, and...... I'm happy to announce the lucky winners in our Turns 1 Contest are... after the jump... drumroll please...

A New ColorWare BlackBerry

$50 of Accessories from
nhp1, Country13, Racerx04, Solachica

$100 Coupon from
pyschoelaine, stanzii, PanaSama, Scott403540, Annedav, Alienware_51, boxsetz, dsump, conmetal, Umm Yeah...

$35 Coupon from
singer2912, MattBerry08, John-Fox, Nando, Ebby_Stevens, PaulZilla, stephcbuser, audit, marcusallencv33, Galvatron, kane1600, DBABerry, Kissel, pwparks, KJ3214

Free Copy of SuperBlackjack
jchien, mhaddad18, valeries, ScopeAspect, route472, the_elf, xshawx, mrsadkins9399, nextgates, shane3547

Head to the contest thread to see more details on the prize winners. I'll leave the forum thread open so members can comment and show off their new Birthday Presents as they receive them. 

THANK YOU to all the sponsors, Congrats to All of the Winners, and if you didn't win this year don't fret... only 359 days until we start celebrating our 2nd Birthday!  

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Reader comments Turns 1 Year Old - Contest Winners!!!


Congrats to all the winners!!

rhupf: You will need to take some NICE pics when you get that beast, I wish I could get one but...funds don't allow for it.

Well done all!

I'd like myself an orange 8800! Might get my MacBook Air from ColorWare - I don't like the silver shell + Black keys :S

Congrats to all thw winners!
Can I at least have "something..." ?!?! PLZ?!?! PLZ?!!!!!!!!

thanks vm, but i wiped the email you sent me about getting the prize, yah im a moron. can you update me on how to get it?
thank a mil.