Theme Updates: 8700 Series Love; Updated/New Pearl Themes; DM Installation Now Available!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Mar 2008 11:37 am EST
0 BlackBerry 8700 Theme Earlier this week we announced the availability of Free User & Abuser BlackBerry themes. Created as a Birthday present to the member community by JC Designs / GadgetBean, in just a couple of days the themes have gone on to receive over 6,000 downloads! Wow!! And in response to some of the desires by our members, I'm happy to announce the following:

8700 Series Themes  - Ask and you shall receive. The theme is now available for the 8700 series, running OS version 4.2.1 or higher. MAKE sure you meet these minimum requirements before installing the theme - if you install on a operating system version that is older you will likely "nuke" your BlackBerry, and I don't want that to happen to anyone (if you do nuke it, the fix is here). Get the 8700 User Version or Abuser Version.

Updated / New Pearl Themes - All of the Pearl themes have been updated to version 1.1. This update addresses some minor formatting issues in the original version (the Edge network graphic at the top could show up a bit squished). We've also added a third version of this theme to the gallery - the Abuser 2. For a few Pearl users, the BlackBerry Messenger Shortcut was not showing up on the homescreen dock, so John created a version that replaces this shortcut with the Web Browser. Get the Abuser 2 for the Pearl 8100 OS4.2.1 or Pearl 81xx running OS4.2.2 or greater.

Desktop Manager Installation Now Available - For those who don't have data plans or just prefer to install apps via BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you can now download the .zip for each theme that contains the .alx file for installation to your BlackBerry via USB and BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. Take me to the Free Theme Gallery.

** Please Note: We found there is a bug present for some people when downloading the .zip files when using Internet Explorer... IE will tell them the zip folder is corrupt (not actually the case) - quick fix is to use Firefox for DM downloads or stick with the OTA installation for now. It's a known IE issue (has to do with our content management system tracking download #'s and that kind of file type)... our programmer is on it and will should have the workaround in place come Monday afternoon. Thanks for the patience **

For any questions or support issues, use the User & Abuser themes thread in the forums.

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Reader comments Theme Updates: 8700 Series Love; Updated/New Pearl Themes; DM Installation Now Available!!!


The homescreen dock shortcuts can not be edited - that's why there are two versions of theme available that offer different homescreen shortcut combinations.

Click through to the theme pages and all of the details are located there.

under the heading : Updated / New Pearl Themes- the link for the Abuser 2 theme for pearl running OS4.2.2 or greater brings you to the OS4.2.1 theme. I noticed before i got as far as downloading it, I guess someone put the wrong address for that link. you can still get that theme but you have to browse through the theme page, and by the way it did fix the problem I was having with the missing icon and im very happy with it. Thanx = Dan

I just downloaded and tested every zip in the theme gallery and everything worked fine. Everything unzipped just fine.

You never specified which theme zip you were having problems with.

If anybody else experiences this, please let me know. Seems good to go though.

abuser curve zip file not working get header corrupt message and i have used two different decompression software programs alzip and winrar same message what version was used to compress maybe i need it to use file.

this is the message i am recieving when i try and open zip file Unexpected end of archive

ok, strange. like i said, double checked all of these and everything worked fine. tested on two machines and no problem - so not sure if there's something on our end or on other's local end that can be causing this.

just out of my office right now - will triple check/look into this when i get back. thanks for the patience. go with the OTA download for the time being if for whatever reason the desktop manager download doesn't unzip properly for you!


The new Abuser2 theme is just what i'm looking for.
thank you so much - fantastic theme :)

Brilliant website, amazing info :)

the fonts are too small and the standard icons are un-usable as I rarely used those icons ( i used the shortcuts)

OK, so for anybody who has been trying to download the .zip files for Desktop Manager installation for any of the may be getting an error saying the .zip file is corrupt when you try to open it.

The .zip files are actually fine - there's a known bug in Internet Explorer when it comes to downloading this kind of file from within our content management system. Our programmer is on it and a fix should be in place SOON.

The workaround - just download using Firefox web browser. It doesn't run into this bug. Other fix is to use the OTA install vs. Desktop Manager install.

Thanks for the patience!!!


You could also delete the application by going to options, Advanced, Applications, scroll down to the theme, hit the menu button and select delete.

just tried the user OTA theme and it didn't work. Said it downloaded and installed but i don't see it on the theme list.