Takes a Siesta!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2007 03:51 pm EDT
- takes a SiestaTalk about CrackBerry Withdrawal!! If you're a regular at, you will have noticed the site was down! It turns out our server maxed out its capabilities and had issues getting going again. We were down from about 1:15am CST and came back online at about 2:30pm. It was the longest 13 hours of my life! I must have clicked refresh about 1700 times.

Here's the Good News and the Bad News. Let's start with

The Bad News: The site will be going down for a few hours one evening later this week as we move the site over to Smartphone Experts' Data Centers.

The Good News: Once we're relocated we shouldn't run into problems like this again. We've been planning a move for a while now, but our recent outage has prompted us to get it done NOW!

More Good News: To Buy Back some Love, we have setup a 20% discount coupon in the Software Store. It's good until the end of this month. To take advantage of the savings, enter the code SIESTA when checking out.

More More Good News: If you're one of our unlucky regulars who suffered from this outage like I did, we want to hear how you coped with your withdrawal. Respond to this post with your outage story. Did you hit refresh 1000+ times like I did? Did you play with your BlackBerry? Did you go outside for some fresh air? The best story will win a JAWBONE Bluetooth Headset. Make sure you are logged into the site when you post your comment (so I'll be able to email you) - the Best Story wins!

Thanks for the patience guys and gals!! Keep Crack'n!!

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Reader comments Takes a Siesta!


I musthave hit refresh at least 1000 plus. I'm new to crackberry and was rather lost with out it this morning. Glad to see you all back on.

Last time I was this crazy was when I left my BlackBerry in my car when someone borrowed it! I had off school today, so here was how my day went:

8:30 ~ Woke up, grabbed my BlackBerry off my night stand to a bunch of emails saying was down.

8:31 ~ Done reading the emails, I had to check for myself. So I went to the home screen on my BlackBerry and clicked the CrackBerry shortcut. No luck. It is indeed down.

8:32 ~ Panic sets in. What am I going to do???

10:30 ~ By now I have gotten ready and eaten breakfast. I figure the site must be back up by now. No dice, it is still down.

10:30-12:00 ~ Continuously checking the site on my BlackBerry. Still not there.

Noon ~ I sit down at the computer hoping that will make a difference, it doesn't. I am in full withdrawal now.

1:00 ~ Still checking the site while watching a movie on my computer.

2:15-2:30 ~ The site is finally opening when I click refresh. So I click on the forums and get page cannot be displayed.

2:35 ~ The site seems to be back up for me. Now I am thanking the CrackBerry Gods!!!

2:45-present ~ Glued to my computer checking out to see what I missed.

It was terrible! Not only was I not on the site earlier today, I was busy all last night and didn't get to check it once. Last time I was on the site was about 7 am yesterday. That is WAY to long without CrackBerry.

Lets get that new server so we don't have to worry about this in the future.


Checking has become part of my daily routine. is actually marked as a tab at the top of my browser. I constantly checked back to see if there was any progress, and I could resume my addiction. As a result of there being no site to peruse...I had to actually do some work at the office. I missed it terribly and hope you guys never miss a beat again...

it seemed like an eternity that's for sure. i had just got done working a 24 hour shift and as usual looked for crackberry to get my fix. after refreshing about 100000 times and searching the net all day for any news about what happened, alas, behold, like the skies opened up and you magically appeared. now i can proceed with my day.

So I just moved into a new crib about 2 weeks ago and I've been having COUNTLESS problems with my cable modem and wireless router. It seems like every night when I come home the only way to get my internet working is to reset both the modem and router. So after tending bar for 9+ hours last night, I arrived home at about 3am to visit my old standby Crackberry before passing out. I fired everything up and saw nothing. I reset my modem and router, still nothing. Reset my PC - nope. Crackberry has been my "test page" for the last two week and I new if it didn't load my net must not be working. I did my triple reset again - nothing. I thought maybe it was the router so I rooted through boxes for another and found my old wired one. I hooked it up after searching for a spare CAT cable and I thought I was set - Nope. Needless to say I gave up at this point. When I woke up this morning I gave it another go and still no lovin. I finally attempted another site (I'm a slow thinker) and realized it wasn't me at all. So after mch frustration I was mixed with both sorrow and joy since my net was now working but I have no Crackberry to visit - so what was the point?

I just got on the phone to you Mr Michaluk. I told you it was a fuse that had blown.

I think every site member should have your contact details - ok that would be fun just for us.....

Glad the site it back up, and the email redirect. I really missed that the most. Knowing that i give that email address out is so much fun.

Welcome back!

I've been a crackberry owner for just a few weeks, but immediately became addicted to not only the phone but I began sneaking late last week while I was supposed to be working. Sometimes I'd pull it up from the restroom, sometimes from my work computer.

So here I am today staring at my computer, waiting for some building temperature to jump out of limits. There was nothing happening so I reached down to my hip... where was my blackberry? I began freaking out, and later realized that I had left my blackberry at home because my wife wanted to use it to call her mother just moments before I left for work. I began silently cussing under my breathe, no blackberry to play with. As the hours went by my heartrate began increasing, my palms sweating (ok minor exageration).. I knew how to get my fix -

Well here I go attempting to pull up - page not available... constantly "page not available you doofus!" Suddenly it hit me, work had to be blocking my access to the site. It has a public forum - that must be why, but I reasoned with myself - it's a technical site with accessory supplies that alone should prevent it from being blocked. I stormed into my bosses office, demanding with a raging temper that he explain why the site was blocked. Before he could open his mouth, many nearly vulgar words flowed from mine as I explained to him why it should not have been. After I calmed myself, he looked at me and politely asked, "what is"

*That's when I really let him have it :)

Ok, this one probably will not win me a headset, but thought I'd share how the crackberry downtime impacted me.

I needed some help connecting my Curve to Wifi @ home. An hour-long call with Tmo tech support followed by an hour-long call with Linksys was unsuccessful. I "knew" I could turn to my new source at, but no, nobody home! Site down?? So I gave up and went to Starbucks for a pick-me-up. After a doppio con pana (two shots of espresso and a little whip cream), I was alive again and raced back home, eager to sit on the phone again with another half-tech schmuck from Linksys who was going to talk down to me in broken English. But, before I made that call, I googled the error message my Curve was giving me and I came across a crackberry forums link. The link worked and the site was up. The info I found was helpful to the tech person. We determined my fix and my Wifi connected. And, of course I shared my fix (not the coffee) in the crackberry forum. Glad to read about the move to a more stable server... this site has become an essential part of owning a new bberry.

"I supposed to be the Guru of Blackberry here in my Organization, My boss considers me as the best Blackberry Engineer / BES Administrator & I must Thanks my buddy for that.. "

Yesterday ,... seems like the Worst Day ...

My boss changed his opinion of considering me hero to zero..

He was facing a very weird problem... so he called me.. when i reached in his room, he was in a very bad moood.. he told me that whenever he received a call, he didn't received a NAME as Caller ID, he just recieved the telephone number, even the contact was saved on his handheld... he didn't want to pick the phon up of his x- girl friend who was disturbing him .. I took my time chked alot because that was first time i saw such kindda problem.. but couldn't resolve the issue... I asked for a time & quit frm his room, ran straight towards my laptop to get immediate help from my buddy, crackberry, as soon as i hit enter, I received a msg "Page Cannot Found".. I was surprised because it was just a hour before i was surfing on it.. i thought something was wrong with my laptop settings... i tried umpteen times to somehow get there but invain... i also tried to access it from my colleague's laptop but same issue... I thought something might be wrong with my Proxy Server... SO, I quickly called my friend,, & asked her to access but got the same reply..

In the meantime, my boss started calling me to resolve the issue.. when i said "i am trying" he started shouting on me & I started cursing crackberry (sorry for that, no hard feelings) ..

then i asked my Lord to help me out & started troubleshoot the issue & after spending some time I came up with a solution... I took my boss’s Blackberry & edit the smart dial settings.. & finally done with that what exactly he was lookin for.. he didn't said anything to me as he was in anger condition...

But today when he came he said "U MAKE MY LIFE, MAK"…… howcome.. dont know.. but I made his Life ..hehhe lolzzzzz

But to be very honest, It was crackberry’s knowledge that leads me to troubleshoot some weird issues. Crackberry’s absence really felt & I felt something missing in myself when I couldn’t access my homepage, crackberry.

Missed ya Crackberry & Good to see U Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok so I wake up and immediately jump onto crackberry to get my morning fix. Can't function without it... refresh... refresh... REFRESH... heh heh, it's cool. Take a shower, the site will be back in a sec. Yeah, that's the ticket. Check again just to be sure, still down. Walk away, breathe deep, relax. Think about all the cool newness this extra time away will bring while I lather, rinse, repeat. Check the site again. Crap, that water on the keyboard probably isn't good. Screw it, it'll dry, and I need an excuse to get a new laptop anyway. WTH! NO NEWNESS! NO SHINEY BLACKBERRY GOODNESS! Start pacing and biting my nails. What am I gonna do? WHAT AM I GONNA DO? It's me. It's my connection at home. Stupid DSL. Work! I can go to work! I have the key and know the alarm code! GO TO WORK! Jump in the car. Remember I hadn't dressed yet. Run back inside, grab clothes (roll eyes, stupid clothes getting in the way of my fix). Jump back in waiting car. Peel out of the driveway clipping the wife's flowers planted near the mailbox. Mental note to make angry phonecall to post office about irresponsible mailmain tearing up my flowers in front of wife. FLY to work. Pray to God that the cop on the corner was sleeping. Skid into parking lot. Jump out of car. Jump back into car, apply breaks and shift into park. Jump back out of car, stub fingers on doorknob as I struggle with keys. Stupid keys. Mental note to suggest magnetic keycards and doorlocks at next office meeting. Fly inside, sit at desk. Answer phone and give annoying lady at the alarm monitoring company the password. Give annoying lady at alarm monitoring company short answer why I set off alarm. Explain to annoying lady at alarm monitoring company that "yes I understand the importance of preventing false alarms, NO I will not discuss the issue further as I have pressing issues to handle, now GET OFF MY PHONE LADY!" Furiously tap mouse trying to get company computer to boot faster. Input wrong password 3 times, boot boss' computer just in case. Curse Bill Gates and his infernal "security scan". Click internet icon. Start to itch. Nervously mistype url. Make mental note to check "that OTHER site again later". Type correct url. STILL NO BLACKBERRY GOODNESS! DAMMIT! Pace again. Nervously pull at hair. What am I gonna do? WHAT AM I GONNA DO!!! Jump in car. Peel out of parking lot not knowing where I am going. Itching more now. Notice open office door in rear view mirror. Dismiss open door, "reception will be here in what, 4 hours? pft, no problem." Drive aimlessly looking for answers. Wear out trackball while reloading page again and again. See group of transients standing on corner under streetlight. Powerslide car near transients. Scratching arms and face furiously now due to uncontrollable itching. Grab collar of nearest transient. "When is the new OS due? Which is the best third party spellchecker app? Who has a Smokey and the Bandit theme for my 8100? ANSWER ME DAMMIT! ANSWER ME!!!!" Feel sudden dull pain at base of skull. Wake up naked short of 2 sizes too big boxer shorts next to large sweatty man in small room with bars across one wall. Head hurts, BAD. Looks at sweatty man, he smiles. Feel suddenly uncomfortably dirty and scared. See payphone in corner of room. Collect call home, waking up wife. Collect call wife again, explaining I am the one "calling from a correctional facility". Dismiss questions of "Are you ok? What did you do? Why did you break into your office? When did the car get stolen? Did you see what the mailman did to my flowers?" Honey, honey listen, HONEY, DAMMIT WOMAN WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME???? Good, go to the computer. Open the internet icon. Type this url.... *whew, it's up... read me the headlines... and bring me some clothes. And a delousing kit. Hurry."

While waiting an refreshing the Colorado Rockies website over and over and over again, I thought I would see what is going on at my very favorite site! Oh behold, what do my eyes say but DOWN! It is down! For the love of PETE! Down???!!! Friend! Not only did I get kicked out of the Rockies website because some fricken yahoo thought it would be funny to create a program to freeze the rest of the world out, but I couldn't find out what is going on in my addiction's world? I live, die, and breathe Crackberry. Bad enough that I almost came close to crying. Sigh......

No Rockies tickets and no

Trying to purchase a couple items and the promo code "SIESTA" is not working. Gives me the following message: This promotion code is not valid for the product(s) in the cart

Please advise, so I can make my purchase. thanks!

Hey DTD,

The SIESTA code only works on Software Purchases (not on Accessories). The message you mentioned occurs when you only have Accessories in the shopping cart and no software titles.

I just double-checked, and the SIESTA code is working properly.

All the best,


As a senior nursing student, our advisors sent emails out to make an appointment to make sure that we are on track and ready for graduation next semester. Registration for spring semester was in a week, and I still haven't done it.

I woke up that morning sick, unable to make it to class. So i decided to start my ritual about 5 hours early. It was not loading. I thought it was my computer. I checked other websites. They loaded fine. I went back. Hit refresh about 10 times. I even left my computer to eat breakfast with my roomies. I came back and it still hasn't loaded. Restarted my computer. Tried again. Nothing. Maybe it's the college network? It can't be. Refreshed. Nothing. Wow. I'm sick, missing class, and my roomies just left for their classes. I obviously could not work on my nursing care plan because I have not received my patient assignment just yet.

With nothing to do, I decided to visit my advisor.

Thanks to's siesta, I found out that my advisor had me unregistered for the Fall 2007!!! I was panicking, I had one more semester to go, and she does not have me on file. She pulled up my transcripts, read through them, and then her mouth dropped. Here I am sitting in the chair thinking "Yes, I've been a nursing student for 3.5 years now. I have one more semester to go. Please do not do this to me." I was about to cry. We got it all straightened out. It turns out that she made a mistake. She apologized, and I picked up my application for graduation. =)

It hasn't sunk in yet, but looking at this completed graduation application makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. If all goes well with my classes, I'm going to graduate next semester!!!

Imagine if I didn't see my advisor? I would have been in deep trouble. Unable to graduate for something that silly? Gosh. Thanks


And the winner is.... MrVoodoo

MrVoodoo's 'CrackBerry Outage' story was selected as the winner by's head programmer Tom Kaminski. Tom was nominated 'official judge' since he was the one who got our server gears turning 100% again. Tom decided his criteria for picking a winner would be "drama, originality and believability" and Mr. Voodoo's story took the Headset!

Congrats MrVoodoo!

Because till I came here, I didn't even know the system was down. I am a poor excuse for a Crackberry addict