- Tag Line Call for Help!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Mar 2007 03:08 pm EDT

Help!Having launched less than a month ago, is by all means still a very new site. We've made a great start - thousands of visitors are coming to the site each day, registered membership is steadily climbing, repeat visitors are high, response from the blackberry community has been overwhelmingly postive and word is spreading worldwide. It's just a function of time before every CrackBerry user out there knows there is a kick-butt associated with the name.

When we launched the site, we needed a tagline to go with the domain.  Our initial tag line was - the #1 site for BlackBerry Users & Abusers. We thought it was clever and funny and great to launch with. But since our goal is to really turn over to the BlackBerry-using community, we want to get your thoughts on what our tag line should be.

Here's some potential ideas: - Uniting BlackBerry Users Worldwide - the #1 site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!) - Helping the BlackBerry Community One User at a Time 

What Should Go here?

The Next Step:

Post your thoughts/suggestions in the Comments to this Blog Post (you must be a registered member or logged in to do so). Once we have 5 - 10 good ideas, we'll set up a poll for everyone to vote on, selecting the ultimate winner. Maybe the current tag line will be voted in for the long haul, or maybe it will be something new - it's up to YOU!

Reader comments - Tag Line Call for Help!


The first thing that came to mind was: - Smoking RIM's crack

Unfortunately, it's not family friendly. ;-)

1) Adding sophistication to addiction
2) Crackberry addicts support forum
3) The Worldwide Crackberry group therapy session
4) Hooked since the first click
5) Where “Crack” and “Push” don’t mean what you think
6) When you think of crack...
7) Our addiction has nothing to do with glass pipes
8) Check here before bothering the guy standing on the corner
9) The world’s first stop for curbing that Blackberry craving
10) Better than the patch, and not as sticky
11) Once a Crackberry addict, always a Crackberry addict

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I think the tag line of "#1 Site for Blackberry Users (& Abusers) is the best one of the three and does a good job of summing up the goal of this forum.