"Propaganda" Used in iPhone Attack!

AT&T uses CB to attack iP!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jul 2008 01:48 am EDT

Now this is good for a Friday morning laugh as we head into the weekend...

It turns out unbeknownst to us here at, some of our stories have been used as anti-iPhone 3G propganda! You'd think everyone at AT&T should be in love with the fruity phone of the moment (they are selling like hot cakes after all), but apparently that's not the case. Here's what Gizmodo uncovered earlier this week...

When reader Dennis' mom went to the AT&T stand in the Moorestown Mall in New Jersey to ask about iPhone insurance, they laughed in her face. They then handed her a bunch of articles written arguing for the BlackBerry over the iPhone, printed from places like and Pocket PC Magazine.

Check out the scan Giz posted - it's of the Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is Still No BlackBerry article I published shortly after the iPhone 3G was announced. That was a fun piece to write, but never would I have imagined it be used in a smartphone hate crime! Besides, the best way to sell a BlackBerry isn't via propaganda - it's to let a person use one for a few days. Once they get a taste, they're hooked. It's not a called a CrackBerry for nothing.

Over at our sibling site TheiPhoneblog, they're *trying* to battle back with their own anti-BlackBerry literature. Copycats :-) But hey, it's all in good fun - what would family be without some squabbling?! Little do they realize that CrackBerry Kevin picked up an iPhone 3G last week (can't be ignorant - gotta stay on top of the competition!) and while it is an improved device over the iPhone 2G (read: iPhone first impressions; final impressions) and there are aspects of the device I do like, push come to shove my list of things to bash is growing and growing and growing. Look for an indepth article in the near future. Here's a weird one for starters... why the hell would you put a scientific calculator on a phone but not give it a backspace key?! Mistype one character and you're starting your long-azz formula from scratch. DUMB. 

So if you're a diehard BlackBerry Addict and are sick of the iPhone 3G buzz and want to vent, use the comments to this post to have at it!!!

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Reader comments "Propaganda" Used in iPhone Attack!


iPhone 3G looks good in marketing pictures. Real Life? SMUDGE CENTRAL. And most people put skins on it because they are scared to scratch it and drop it. And it is EASY to drop because it is so slippery. By the time you smudge it and skin we are talking one UGLY phone.

This whole situation has me rather perplexed,, I guess its just really strange. Seems that use crackheads aren't the only ones sick of the Iphone hype,, AT&T's own employees,, interesting. :)

Scientific calculator and no backspace key. LOL!! That made my morning. I would be so fumming if I had to enter all the calculations all over again if I hit one wrong digit.

I don't disagree. I've always thought of it more as a BlackBerry AND iPhone world instead of a BlackBerry vs. iPhone one.

But that sort implies that people should buy both. Which some will, but most won't. Which then means when it comes to the buying decision, it is more of an either or, which means they are in competition for *most* people.

I completely agree that it is not BB vs iPhone but rather BB and iPhone.

My company is offering the iPhone as an alternative to our BB's and I originally was going to make the switch. But I have later decided that I cannot forgo some of the functions that I have been depending on with my Curve. So I will stay with the BB as my office device.

That said, I will be getting an iPhone for my wife within the next couple of weeks. The BB excels as a communication and planning demon for work purposes. But outside of the office, the BB simply cannot touch the fun factor that the iPhone possesses. So the best solution is to have both and enjoy all the values these two awesome devices can offer.

Before the iPhone, AT&T employees used Blackberry.

What's still missing: The consensus is that the iPhone still has some significant deficiencies.

No voice dialing
No video recording
A limited camera
No memory-card slot
No copy-and-paste function
No MMS for sending photos to other phones
No Bluetooth stereo audio
No support for Adobe Flash, Windows Media Video, or Java

Sick about reading and hearing about the iphone everywhere I go. Enough already. We need more celebrity sightings! LOL

...that AT&T employees aren't allowed to buy an iPhone until 30 days after the release of the iPhone 3G. It could be that the employees are just bitter about the delay or it could have been an AT&T-dealer store that's privately owned (usually those kiosks in the middle of the mall walkways) and they aren't allowed to sell the iPhone....only the AT&T-owned stores.

Either way, I follow both and very closely (because I have both phones) and I feel like is really starting to hold up its reputation as having an inferiority complex. Though it isn't the actual bloggers that say anything bad about the iPhone, it's definitely the people who visit and say things that make it seem like the BlackBerry community feels threatened by the iPhone.

I love my Curve and I love my iPhone! I'm not a hater, I just like to tell it how it is.

I've read some post at the iphone blog and every single one has something negative to say about BBs, and defending the restrictions of the iphone. Most of the people on this site will agree that we don't hate the iphone but we're sick and tired of everyone acting like it is the best thing since sliced bread, and every other phone is junk compared to it. However the posters at the iphone blog seem to see the BB as there iphones sole competitor, not tero or WM but BB, and go on about how much better the iphone is because it has a bigger screen. While here on CB most posters don't consider the iphone and BB to be in the same category the BB is a smart phone the iphone is a media phone end of story. Here we are just tired of hearing how the iphone is better than the BB when they aren't made for the same purpose.

Personally I'm sick of everyone and there iphones I hate apple with a passion and while I'll admit they made one cool phone that is tons of fun stop trying to act like it's the best phone period. It's like the "Smug Attach" episode of South Park I'm waiting to see a guy holding and iphone fart and bend over to smell it.

That being said The local att store buy me pushes BBs hard and they are all CB users. Lets put it this way my friend went to get a new phone and would not take me with because I'm a CB addict and she hated Berries with a passion. The last conversation we had on her old phone she said "I'M NOT GETTING A FN BLACKBERRY" and hung up and hour latter she called to let me know the At&t rep talked her in to getting a Curve just like his, and you know how the rest goes.

I'm pretty sick of all the arguing about which is better, and there's no reason for it. It's like trying to convince someone that canoeing is better than kayaking--it's whatever you want for yourself. A bunch of techno savvy guys arguing about this seems silly to me.

I had the same experience. This was followed by the reason this AT&T location prefered the BB (not that there are not other reasons). Only a small % of stores are allowed to carry the iPhone. A fact they were not please about.

I bought my bb Curve 2 weeks before the iPhone came out in Canada and I'm so sick of hearing "why would you buy a blackberry instead of an iPhone?" BECAUSE I HATE THEM! Well...hate might be to strong of a word...I generally LOVE mac products, my iPod included. But I run my iPod and my BB down fast enough as it is, why on earth would I run both off ONE batter? I'd get halfway through the day and need to re-charge. No thank you!

When the iPhone can do things as BASIC as MMS, video and a flash for the camera, I'll get excited. I had my iPhone for 4 whole months before I got tired of all the things it DIDN'T do and had to move on.

Me and my BlackBerry are happy and staying that way.

last weekend i went from the BB pearl to the iphone. four days later i switched to verizon and bought a curve.

the iphone is a gorgeous gadget, but i just can't use it. impossible to make a quick call while driving, or to do practically anything unless i'm giving it my full attention. not to mention AT&T's abysmal coverage in the major city in which i live. no one has open wi-fi around here, so that wasn't even an option. everything was painfully slow. the thing looked like i was always eating fried chicken before picking it up. smudgealicious.

i still think it's a fun gadget, but it's just not for me.

I work at an att authorized agent myself. We sell only att and because we are not directly owned by att we are not allowed to carry the iPhone. Just like last year when the iPhone was introduced authorized att stores were selling the blackberry in compatition of the iPhone. I liked the article and use it when trying to get a customer to not get an iPhone. Stores such as mine, who don't carry the iPhone loose out on sales, so when we pin the Blackberry up against the iPhone we have better results keeping our sales and happier customers in the long run.

I am in the transition from going to High School to College this summer which means of course that a lot of people I know are getting laptop computers and stuff for school. The one thing I notice about people who get macs (i am just saying this with a sample from my group of friends...not saying it is true for everyone) is that they are way too Mac Happy. What I mean by that is when people get Macs that is all the world runs by for them. They have it, they want you to know they have it, and they push and push and push you to do the same. People get the macbook then they "have" to have the iphone just cause it is apple and everything apple is better to those people. Just in my experience people who have BBs are a lot less "in your face" about it. The people I know who have BBs just go along their daily life as it is but with the added help of a BB to get their stuff done. Part of the reason I wouldn't get a iPhone is just because I wouldn't want to be in the same group of people as who have iPhones and macs... Now on the flip side I have a friend with a Mac and iPhone and they are totally cool about it but for the most part the "Mac ego" is what turns me off.

OK, OK, OK Just one example.

ORB video software on my "Home PC" $20
Inexpensive webcam pointed at my $3K notebook
Click ORB in to Motion detector mode when leaving home

"When", not "If" the big, fat white cat climbs on the notebook to curl up,,,,,

BB Browser wakes up and tells on kitty.

I call call home, wait for the machine to kick in,,

Then SCREAM at the cat.

only 4 training sessions, no more white hair on my dv9208

Make an iPhone do that.

However, I really DO like my iberry blocks on the curve,,,