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By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Feb 2008 12:52 am EST

Just a quick note to let you know our Podcast feed is now available through iTunes. If you subscribe to the Podcast feed in iTunes new episodes will automatically be downloaded to your computer as they are published! And if you enjoyed our first Podcast, be sure to comment on it in our iTunes' page!

Topics: News & Rumors

Reader comments Podcast Now on iTunes!


I just happened to stumble upon the podcast this morning, and was really pleased with the content. Good first show! I loved the "addict & expert" views on products, rumors, etc. and I wouldn't have found out more than half of the stuff you mentioned if I hadn't listened to your show. Absolutely Scrumptious!

I purchased my first Blackberry (the 8830 World Edition) in late December 2007, and I can't imagine using any other platform now. My Windows Mobile SmartPhone platform would crash every couple of days, and was a battery HOG. Palm never really did anything for me. My, Blackberry is so reliable and user-friendly in comparision!

Very nice, thanks for making it audio too, Kevin. Video is nice but listening to audio while I work is so much better. Looking forward to the next one.