Podcast Episode 005 - CTIA News and Fun!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Apr 2008 12:05 am EDT
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Coming off of CTIA Wireless 2008, there was a lot for Craig and I to talk about this episode. In the past two weeks we have seen the announcement of several BlackBerry smartphones, new software releases, and many cool leaks - new 9000 images, Rogers UMA details, Viigo "Project Tango" info and more. I also give the blow by blow on my time in Vegas attending CTIA in person.

A big question posed this podcast is on our podcasting frequency. We've had quite a few requests to turn it into a weekly show vs. following our current biweekly schedule. Be sure to send us your feedback and let us know what you'd prefer. Give Episode 005 a listen after the jump! And if you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed and let us know what you think!

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  • Recorded: April 6th, 2008 @ 5pm CST
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Reader comments Podcast Episode 005 - CTIA News and Fun!!


Kevin or Moderators,

The iTunes download is only 19.54 min long and cuts off after the "Win Mobile, Copy and Paste comments"

Also the pod cast would not automatically download to my iTunes, I tried to force it but it could not find it.
I searched the iTunes store and hit "Subscribe" and it downloaded the file.

The direct file from CB is complete, so it looks like you need to repost to the host for the iTunes server.

Good Luck

Should already be fixed (we were probably working on this while you were typing this message). Had a glitch in our xml feed. All good now. You may need to unsubscribe from the feed in iTunes and re-subscribe to make sure you pull the full file again.

Let me know that's it working for ya!

A listener (thanks Paul!) emailed in this photo of the GoodLink G100 (the *could* have been a "BlackBerry Killer") Craig mentions on the podcast. Here it is! Too Funny :-)

Kevin, I must say that I enjoy listening to the Crackberry podcasts very much. I would love to see you do the podcast on a weekly basis. Having said that, I also like how the current podcasts run about 70+ minutes because it matches with my commute time to work almost perfectly. If you do have a new podcast everyweek, I hope you will have enough material to cover the 70 minutes of airtime.

Also, I hope doing a podcast everyweek is not going to cut into your RC car, curling, and formula 1 time too much. :)

Thanks for the comment and input. Here's my thought right now... if we did a weekly podcast we would change up the show's format a bit on a bi-weekly rotation still.

Week #1 - Banter, CB News, BB News and try and have a good guest join us on the show or else put our time into a feature - like this past Episode with CTIA, or the one before and Craig's feature on the 8320 Curve and UMA.

Week # 2 - Banter, CB News, BB News and then focus on more community/help type stuff - feature a BlackBerry 101 tip, do a software/accessory review, focus on hot forum posts, and then feature & answer the messages left on our Podcast hotline.

I think with the above, even if we "aim" for the 45 minute mark, my guess is that each show will still come in at 55 - 70 minutes.

As for the cutting into time - no worries, I've working on sleeping less! I figure the body only REALLY needs about 4-5 hours. Am getting into workout mode again too - signed up yesterday for a half marathon relay in 3 weeks!! Decided spending too much time sitting in front of a computer is not good so have to bust into action.

I'm still having trouble subscribing to the podcast. The first episode downloads only 16 mins. 4 and 5 seem to work fine 2 and 3 were only 30 mins.

Will look into it more, but have checked on quite a few machines now and it seems to be set-up ok. Try unsubscribing, closing down iTunes, then reopening and resubscribing. Worst case, for now at least, you can always pull the mp3 file directly from the blog post above.

Keep the frequency at the every other week rate and have new topics to discuss each podcast rather than try to come up with rehash of previous material.

A note, I enjoy the podcast, but can you tighten up on the presentation. I just listened to 004 and of the hour plus, at least a third was personal conversation with you and Craig. While this gives a different approach, I found myself wanting to skip through various sections to escape.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the note. So far from the comments and emails I've received, you're on the minority - everybody seems to want a weekly show.

I agree we have a lot of room to tighten things up - I'm a rookie at this and we're very much in beta mode (can't wait to get our full suite of voice overs in there).

If you look at the comment a few above, where I go through what the rotating schedule would be like, I think if we followed that we could do a tight show, not much rehash, and it would have enough different things to appeal to a broad audience. I think it's impossible to appeal to everyone. Some would like just a news show, others don't want the news (they already read it) but would rather have more of the personal/conversation side surrounding bb that brings up insightful/lesser known things... others want more how to. I think the proposed bi-weekly rotation could achieve that. And of course, if something doesn't appeal to a person, people are always more than welcome to skip ahead - we won't take offense...that's the beauty of the medium!

Loving the podcasts Kevin & Craig. A lot of the content doesn't apply to me being a UK BB user but its always interesting to hear what's going on with BBerry, hopefully a lot of the items you disucss will someday make their way over the pond :)

Great stuff, keep up the good Work.

I have to say Kevin, I keep enjoying the podcast more and more every week man, and I have to hand it to Craig as well, I love him on MCA, but their seems to be that little extra that he brings to the table on the crackberry podcast, theirs not one so far that I have listened to that I didn't learn something that I never knew before..last week it was the 3G 8707v that was released for vodafone, this week it was the Good G100, you guys make an awesome collaberation, as for going weekly rather then bi-weekly, I think if you pulled some reviews and stuff from the forums, it would make for a well put together weekly show...keep up the great work.