Podcast Episode 002 - Talking with Jibi!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2008 10:36 pm EST
0 Podcast: Episode 002"You are now listening to, home of the #1 Podcast for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!), with your hosts, the Addict and the Expert, Kevin Michaluk & Craig Johnston!"

This podcast we are joined by a special guest - the BlackBerry World Famous Jibi, as we talk BlackBerry outages, BES 4.1SP5 and more! Huge Thanks to Jibi for taking time out of his Sunday afternoon to come on the show.

We also spend some time talking about the new BlackBerry PIN Exchange for Facebook application and I pretty much spill the goods of what we have planned for's 1st Birthday this week. You're going to want to stay glued to the site... trust me, this is an Online Party you won't want to miss! Show notes and links after the jump.

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  • Recorded: February 24th, 2008
  • Show Length: 1h01m07s
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Big Thanks To:

  • Jibi - for taking an hour out of his Sunday afternoon to join Craig and I for some BlackBerry talk. Be sure to check out Jibi's posts on BGR.
  • Craig Johnston - for another job well done! You can listen to Craig's other podcast at

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BlackBerry Discussion & News: News:

  • This week is going to be huge. Visit the site Tuesday and all week to see what's cooking! Contests, Sales, FREE Stuff, Surprises!

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Reader comments Podcast Episode 002 - Talking with Jibi!


Great job on the podcast. I liked the BES talk. And I am heading to facebook right now to check out the pin exchange.

Keep up the great work. 2 for 2!

This episode was awesome, throughly enjoyed it, a little bit on the "techie" side so the average user may get a little lost in somethings but Kevin, Craig and Jibi do an awesome job of clarifying things up as much as possible. Keep up the great work guys :)

Awesome. It cut off before the end (shortly after talking about ABC news) on the media player on the front page.

and I like Mooty's idea of 'CrackCast' - it "flows".