Birthday Contest - Prize Overview!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Feb 2008 10:13 am EST
0 Birthday Contest! If you haven't entered for your chance to win in the Turns 1 Year Old Contest yet, you'll want to get a move on... doors close tonight at midnight PST. Entering the contest is easy - all you need to do is Login to and make a post on our Birthday Contest thread.

What can you win? Thanks to some awesome sponsors, there are a lot of great prizes to be won, including a new BlackBerry of your choosing, custom painted the way you like by ColorWare! You can take a look at all the prizes after the jump...

Grand Prize:   A New BlackBerry, Custom Painted to Your Liking by ColorWare!

A New BlackBerry, Custom Painted by ColorWare!
Since we first dropped word on the site that ColorWare was now painting up BlackBerry smartphones, it has become a hot topic in the forums and a sought after item by the community. You can also check out some great shots of a member's ColorWare Curve here.

Some more info on ColorWare from our original post:

ColorWare has setup their website to accept custom BlackBerry paint jobs! You can either send in your BlackBerry, or order a new BlackBerry (for $50-$100 over retail) sent to you direct with a fancy new paint job. Not bad! ColorWare is even offering a standard 1 year warranty with the unlocked phones they sell, and an option to upgrade to a 2 year warranty for another $149.

The ColorWare designer allows you to create custom colors for the Pearl, Curve, and 8800 Series. Click here to try out their designer. It's very cool, fun...and seems like a great way to customize your Berry.

For customizations, the base price is $99 for one color throughout the device. You can also choose colors for the sides, back and bottom for $15 each. The color palette to choose from includes 15 solid colors and 20 metallic colors. Pretty cool!

Huge thanks to ColorWare for contributing this prize!!! 

More Prizes....

Personalized Skins from really stepped up our contest prize pool - they gave us 10 x $100 coupons and 15 x $35 coupons for use at The easiest way to see MyTego in action is to head over to their site and build yourself one. The coupon codes are good for any item in their store, so in addition to doing up a cool skin for your BlackBerry you can do the same for other phones, audio players, gaming systems and other gadgets. You can choose your colors or even upload images to be applied to the skin. The final product is slick, and MyTego has a solid guarantee in place to ensure you're always satisfied. Thanks MyTego! Designs! Accessories!

We're also giving away 4 prizes of $50 worth of accessories from our very own store. There's no shortage of accessories to choose from, that's for sure! In fact, maybe there's too many options here - you better start thinking about what you want now in case you win this prize! Prizes


The good folks at aBs JMicro have sponsored 10 Copies of their popular SuperBlackjack game. Addictive and fun, you'll want to check it out.


Awesome Prizes, huh? A huge thanks to all our sponsors. For all the contest details and your chance to win any of the above, head on over to our Turns 1 Year Old Contest thread. Good Luck!

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I am so happy I found this site the day I got my Blackberry, you guys have the answers to everything I'm lost on, and the things I haven't even thought of yet!! Keep up the good work, and you now are an Icon on my desktop!!!!

I am new to the sight and just got my first Blackberry. I am really enjoying it. Thanks for all the helpful info. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!

tks for the great site! Love the ring tones and always pass on your web site to my customers who have BB.
Keep up the great work!

I am new to crackberry and the blackberry but I have found this site to be really helpful. Keep doing a crack job.

I am new to the Blackberry world...but I have to say I will never go back to a normal cell..I would be lost with out mine now. And this site is an awesome tool for any one with a BB.

i check this site everyday since like half a year ago when i got my first crackberry. great way to keep me informed from new stuff for my bb. happy b-day crackberry. keep it up.

I just stumbled onto this site today. Its pretty amazing! I will be spending lots of time here checking stuff out.

May you outlive the devices that you are helping support!!!

As long as there are blackberry's in the world there will be a need for crackberry.......

Happy first birthday and may you have many more

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!!!! This is the ultimate Blackberry for Dummies! This website has all the in's and out's you could ever want!!! Keep up the awsome work!!

This site is all that any BB user could wish for, everything I need or my customers need is right here on this site, keep it up!!

There are a number of blackberry sites around but Crackberry has got to be the only one that has it all. It's packed with all the best goodies/downloads anyone with a berry could ask for. Keep it up!

Happy Birthday!

It's my first post, I just got a bb the other day and already this site has given me so many answers, thank you!

I tried to post on the thread multiple different times on multiple computers without success (after I logged in, the thread wouldn't load, I'd just get a blank page), so I hope posting here will work.
I've only had my BB 8100 for 1 week and really like it. It's my first and WOW is it neat. There are just so many things that can be done with it, I'm glad I stumbled across this site because people on here have helped me figure stuff out (like upgrading the firmware to get my browser icons back).
Thanks for being here and Happy B-day! totally pimped my pearl out! too bad my pearl crashed =( when i buy a new one im comin here! happy bday!

If you need a place to make sense of it all...
Come to Crackberry and you'll have a ball...
With software, advice, and plenty of rumor...
And even a little fun and humor...
This is the best place on the net...
Insight and info is what you will get...
Happy Birthday to you is what I will say...
Now gimme a prize and have a nice day.

Thanks for all the good reads and software...


Happy Birthday Crackberry. Thanks for the free ringtones. Now I won't get in trouble for having cool ringtones on my work blackberry. :-)