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Birthday Contest Grand Prize ColorWare BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Apr 2008 01:46 am EDT

Back on March 3rd we announced the winners in the Turns 1 Year Old Birthday Contest. Today I received from member Rhupf the photos of the grand prize winner's prize (what a mouthful)... a BlackBerry custom painted by ColorWare!

Rhupf chose a BlackBerry 8310 painted it a combination of Jet Black and Midnight Blue. You can click here to see exactly how it was configured using ColorWare's Design Studio tool. Congrats Again to Rhupf and Thanks Again to ColorWare for sponsoring the prize. 

The good news for everyone is that our 2nd Birthday is only 327 days away. That gives plenty of time for you to think about what color you'd paint your BlackBerry should you be the lucky winner next year! So what color combo would you choose?

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Reader comments Birthday Contest Grand Prize Winners Prize!


Man, i'd love to have my curve done by colorware, nice shade of red and black hell ya..if Kevin don't hurry up with the crackberry gear :P, I may have to put a call into colorware to make me one with a CB logo on it...then of course that will entice Kevin to do the same, cause theirs no way I could have a CB colorware BB and him not Muahahahaha!!

I'd totally paint mine a red/white/black combo, like my county's Trinidadian flag, I just can't be without my BB for 3-4 weeks!

Anyone got an at&t spare I can borrow?

Red Black silver and gold combination if possible if not i'll do the red and gold together that would look hot :-D