200,000 Members Contest Winners!

Contest Winners!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jul 2008 09:10 pm EDT

Sorry for the delay in getting this announcement up folks - I had an *interesting* day to say the least (you'll hear all about it next week). I know the suspense is killing some of you! So in appreciation of your patience we decided to put up for a grabs a 6th runner up prize...

And Now... I'm pleased to announce the winners in the has 200,000 Members Contest...

GRAND PRIZE: A New BlackBerry of your choosing... congrats to member constabl!!

RUNNER UP PRIZES: $100 in Accessories from the six lucky winners are tritan, Dinehdog, crackvegas78, SOADFreak1989, ywbyun, and senishaboo!!

HUGE Congrats to all of the winners! You will be receiving an email from me shortly with details on receiving your prizes. And THANK YOU to everyone who participated. When we started the contest we had 200,000 members. As the contest ends less than three weeks later we already have over 230,000 members! Keep spreading the word like you all have been doing and we'll be at half a million before you know it! I think that will call for an even BIGGER celebration! 

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Reader comments 200,000 Members Contest Winners!


Sweet. I've never won one of these before but then again the only "contests" I've ever participated in were trying to win the cars at the mall. I don't know if anyone wins those...

Thanks CB!

Congrats to all those who won, dam lucky bast***s joking joking lol. I have a question though, how come nobody won after like the 27th I believe lol. Im a sore loser!

Thats so unfair, us people in India have to pay like 650$ for a standard pearl and you give away the nice ones to the people who have the option to buy one on contract.

Just kidding, congrats to everyone who one. Till next time :) Manav Crackberry addict from India

Congrats to ALL!! Can't wait for the 300,000 Members Celebration Contest!... (There will be one, right!!??? Pleeeaaassseee!!! =)

CBIs awesome!!! This is like the first 50-50 like contest I've ever won! Hahahaha. Thanks for the opportunity and the $100! Here's to being on the way to 300k members!


NICE JOB Kevin with the thoughtful contest. Congrats to all the winners!! I know I must have checked the CB site 10 times yesterday waiting for the results. Hey, but guess what, I am now an official new owner of a BB Curve from Verizon. I went out this morning and purchased it!! I still have a lot to learn, but I know if I run into any questions, and I'm sure I will, I can always count on the CrackBerry site!! Hey, where do I sign up for the 300,000 member contest? It won't be long:)

Congratulations to the winners!! Sure you didn´t skipped me on the winners list??

noo just kidding, congrats!