CrackBerry Colorware Bold 9700 Finds Its New Home

Bold 9700 Colorware
By Adam Zeis on 22 Jan 2010 12:16 pm EST

If you remember back to last year (not that it was that long ago) we ran a huge CrackBerry Colorware Contest so one lucky member could have the best Christmas ever and get a new custom Coloware Bold 9700.  Well its been a few weeks, and our grand-prize winner missginacandy sent me an email to let me know that her new 9700 had made its way to a good home. She went with a cool "pink all over" design and it turned out great. Many thanks again to everyone who took part in the contest, and congratulations to missginacandy. We hope you enjoy your new device and you make stock 9700's everywhere pink with envy. Check out some pics of the custom device after the jump.

Colorware Bold 9700


Colorware Bold 9700


Colorware Bold 9700


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Reader comments

CrackBerry Colorware Bold 9700 Finds Its New Home


is it just me? Or does that Cabbage Patch doll make this look really creepy? Everywhere I move, the eyes follow.

Congrats!! You've managed to encompass my fav colors on my fav BB and allow me to look at the pictures and DROOL!!!! haha--thanks

thats probably the worst color combo ive ever seen on a blackberry. those colors dont match at all. way to much going on. really don't see how the pinks match? but...but...but...yeah I'll just assume you are (and since when must colors match?)

It looks sweeeeet, I'm not even a pink kinda girl, but I'd rock this!

i dont see how the pinks match, seeing as matching refers to a complimentary color, meaning that for it to match it would be opposite pink on the color wheel, not just a deeper shade.

colors dont have to match, but they are much more pleasing to the eye when they do. take it from an art major honey.

my ass.

if you were one, you'd recognize the shades of pink are made from one pink, just one lighter and one darker.
they call this "contrast." just sayin'.

moving forward, the phone looks nice, and I agree with the other posters suggesting the white keyboard. It would soften the look, and would add - there's that word again - contrast instead of sharp variance of pink to black.


pink is just white with differing amounts of red added.
what your idea of contrast has to do with the fact that pinks of differing values dont compliment eachother, im not quite sure. but yes, i am a studio art major.

personally i love having the government pay me to go to school surrounded by cute art chicks so i can learn to paint and express my creativity. yup i think that sounds muccch better than stresing myself out studying and getting no sleep so i can regurgitate some info ill never need again to a teacher that doenst know my name.

i feel sorry for you non art types, it must be hard to express yourself when you have no means or know how of doing so.

have fun at your desk job.

Cute art "chicks"?? Yeah, I wouldn't date you if my life depended on it. Such arrogance.

Signed, Miss-Manager-of-two-very-busy-medical-practices-making-more-money-than-you'll-ever-dream-of-making, you starving-riding-on-the-coattails-of-the-government-loser.

Now i'm not a Pink person(Nothing I own, whatsoever is Pink, LOL) but I give Kudos to Colorware and the Lucky Winner of that 9700 for their combination and beauty.

Congrats on your win, and your choice of colors! Hope they all treat you well :)

Wow, sorry to say but that just does not look good. Different strokes for different folks.... Just my opinion

If only Colorware would come out of the darkness. They really need to offer colored keypads and control buttons. The only part of that phone that should be black in the screen!

Looks good for what you could get though :)

I think it looks great! But you don't have to please us, as long as you love it that is all that matters.

i get it! if it was not for my fear of killing the phone as soon as I got it, I would "pimp" my berry (not in pink mind you).

Thanks for being truthful and harsh. I really don't f***ing care. I love it and color scheme is different shades of pink so it does not look washed out. I tried doing one color just was ugly. I'm happy I finally got t-mobile to setup the phone running. Long story short phone was set on 3g and had no signal thankful that t-mo setup on edge.

The first pics are the same as the ones below right? Because the ones on the top really look good. Especially the back portion. I am not into girly pink stuffs but it looked terrific, but when on the more elaborate photos below, the colors are way *ughz*. Especially the photo of the back of the blackberry. The color doesn't look as pink as the previous one.